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King Cobra's page

35 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


You don't need the proper caster level. You don't even need to be a caster. CL just sets the craft DC of the item.

Yes you can craft an item without the spell. Each spell required that you do not provide will increase the craft DC by 5.

The only thing you need is the proper craft feat.

It is just.. wrong. Your character has the speed and skill to swing a weapon competently once per round (with BaB below 6). The magic you are casting does something in particular (creates an electrical charge if Shocking Grasp). It does not enhance your speed to let you swing the sword again. Claiming it does is absurd. Thematically broken. If you want to make 2 attacks in one round swing the sword and put the energy on your hand instead of the sword and poke them just like a regular touch spell.

Sorry, you're wrong. Completely wrong.

Silent Image (large cage with a slowly lowering ceiling)
Cause Fear
Touch of Gracelessness
Web (situationally in a cave or building)
Unnatural Lust
Frigid Touch
Frost Fall
Hypnotic Pattern
Ghoul Touch

WarrenCraftlocke wrote:

just because I dont see him does not mean I dont know where he is.

He used a move to draw an item and used his standard to be invisible. he couldnt move anymore that round(had to 5foot out of AOO range too). I knew exactly where he was... but even if I did not... a mind effecting language dependent spell giving one a command could be debated as to being able to work around corners or through windows provided the target hears it.

He's not 5 feet wide. You only know which square he's standing in.

Also, you're trying to use logic to argue about MAGIC. Come on...

LazarX wrote:

Well when a cleric casts a divine spell the divine focus will always be present.

Is there a reason it matters?

Usually but not always. Command, for example, is verbal only.

You can figure it out logically most of the time. Several spells are divine or arcane only. Divine casters can cast in armor where arcane casters usually can't. Divine spells frequently require a holy symbol as a focus where arcane never does (unless there's an extremely obscure arcane spell I'm not aware of).

You can also use Arcane Sight to tell if a caster is arcane or divine.

Item caster level is not a requirement, it is used to set the skill DC. The only requirement is the item creation feat.

I don't like the summoner spell list. They completely ignored the impact on crafting scrolls and wands. Summoners should have been given wizard or sorcerer progression with a limited selection.

I don't like how much they nerfed the polymorph spells. They went overboard and many of them are now useless, especially with the material component requirement.

A wand of mage armor is often overlooked but should be essential for wizards. The level 1 duration is plenty for most work days, so it's a cheap +4 AC without wasting a spell slot casting it. 50 charges will last you until you can afford bracers of armor +5.

Pearls of Power are must have for wizards.

james maissen wrote:
King Cobra wrote:
Duraxis wrote:
I'm not sure if this has been mentioned, but spell storing weapon is a must for my magus. Free shocking grasp? (usually once a combat) hell yes
For extra nastiness, put Frigid Touch into a spell storing weapon and wait until you crit with it.

Because you can wait to activate spell storing after you hit (and crit) doesn't mean that you automatically get it as if you criticalled with it.. It's a nice hope, but not the case.


Source? By RAW you do.

Duraxis wrote:
I'm not sure if this has been mentioned, but spell storing weapon is a must for my magus. Free shocking grasp? (usually once a combat) hell yes

For extra nastiness, put Frigid Touch into a spell storing weapon and wait until you crit with it.

Are wrote:

No. A full-round attack is a special action used for attacking with weapons or with natural attacks; it can't be applied to spellcasting.

You can cast multiple spells in one round only if you can cast one of them with a swift action (for instance with the Quicken Spell metamagic feat).

Or with Time Stop. OP, the spell level on both of these options should tell you how powerful casting multiple spells per round is.

Don't be mechanical with treasure rewards. Roaming worgs probably wouldn't have any treasure on them, but the local governor might pay the PCs for their service is ridding the land of a threat. Or the worgs might be working with a tribe of goblins that have more treasure than a single goblin encounter is normally worth.

Heavy armor is being way overrated in this thread. A magus in celestial armor with the dex to fill it out is higher AC than a paladin in +5 full plate. It allows for better maneuverability and higher touch AC, which is more important than higher flat footed AC (especially because the high dex boosts initiative).

Potions of Mage Armor should help early to mid game. Maybe a wand if you have decent charisma and pump UMD. Also a wand of Shield might be worthwhile with UMD.

Blindness/Deafness. Permanent, and you can choose to dismiss it if the target atones.

My magus is doing a pretty good job tanking. She can buff herself to have the highest AC and HP of the party (which contains a paladin and fighter). She has other defensive buffs as well, like mirror image, displacement, and invisibility. She can crowd control with spells like web and black tentacles to prevent monsters from reaching the squishies. And she can burst damage really well with spell strike to keep the attention on her.

Nicos wrote:
Evershifter wrote:

Granting your shield's bonus to Reflex and Touch AC.
this is a rule i would like.

4th edition does something like this. I suggest however that this bonus does not apply to incorporeal attacks. If ghosts can pass through armor, they should be able to pass through shields.

I consider weapon focus a must have feat for weapon users. You generally use a primary weapon anyway.

Regarding the Black Blade, you should check with your DM. He might allow you to enhance it. The rules don't really say if it's allowed either way.

Cold Napalm wrote:

You can hold the bow in one hand, but the rules for a bonded weapon is that the weapon must be WIELDED...not just held to be used as a bonded object. You wield a bow in TWO no hands free for you.

A quarterstaff if a double weapon. A double weapon can be wielded in one hand if your only attacking with one side of the weapon hand wieldable.

The next line contradicts two hand wielding.

If a wizard attempts to cast a spell without his bonded object worn or in hand, he must make a concentration check or lose the spell.

A bow can be held in hand while casting a spell.

If two handed weapons couldn't be bonded objects, the rules would say so explicitly in the same way the magus can't use them for spell combat.

I think it's referring to the rules for designing custom spells. Though a DM could potentially allow a sorcerer to take a cure spell as a houserule too.

Instead of the shield and feat, buy a wand of shield with a spring loaded wrist sheath and spend your feat on weapon focus. +2 AC over the shield, +1 attack, +309gp, and immunity to magic missile.

Assuming you don't want to just narrate a capture, the best way to get them is at night in their tavern beds. They'll be separated and easy to overwhelm. Just dimension door 2 capable fighters and a wizard into each of their rooms, pile on a bunch of nets during the surprise round (so vs a 10 AC they'll virtually autohit), and let the wizard counterspell PC mages. They'll be easy to knock out with saps at this point. Efficient, quick, low risk, and no resources spent.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

When I DM I award the PCs experience for overcoming challenges, not killing things. Characters are not walking bags of XP.

I probably would not award XP for killing a PC accidentally or otherwise. It encourages a type of behavior I do not enjoy.

If the challenge was to defeat a NPC and the PC wanted to take them hostage, they would still get XP. If the challenge was strictly to take the NPC alive and they killed the NPC instead, they might get no XP, or partial XP if the NPC put up a fight.

Bows take 2 hands to shoot, not to hold. You can cast spells with somatic components just fine while holding a bow.

Shield. +4 AC for when your tank can't keep them off of you. Immunity to magic missile vs other mages.

jyster wrote:
I said spell strike not spell combat.

Wrong, you typed it. Saying something requires sound.

I was giving you advice. Using a 2 hander is foolish for a magus because you're giving up spell combat for a slightly higher damage die. Not worth it.

Keep in mind that you can only use spell combat with 1 handed weapons.

3 people marked this as a favorite.
sunshadow21 wrote:
The biggest problem I see with your player's stance is as someone said he's thinking like a soldier, not an explorer. Try to get the player to worry less about combat, and more about the whole experience of traveling.

Or don't tell him how to roleplay his character. There's nothing wrong with playing a PC that identifies more as a soldier than an explorer.

sunshadow21 wrote:
Longbows would not typically be able to be kept strung that consistently. That much constant tension on the bow would eventually cause the bow to warp, as would constantly being exposed to the elements and changing temperatures.

Magic items are much more resistant to damage than their mundane versions. If he's using a magic bow, which he will probably get very quickly if he hasn't yet, he shouldn't have to worry about it getting warped any more than a swordsman should worry about rust.

DnD is also a fantasy game, not a simulation of real life. Why is it such a big deal for him to carry his bow everywhere? It's not a game breaking mechanical advantage and he likes giving his PC a more militant flavor.

Let him carry his bow, and worry about more important things.

If there is conscious PC in range, the last attacks should go on him. Monster "motivations" can be justified either way to suit your agenda, and dying is not fun. The threat of dying can be fun, so I'm not suggesting fudging the dice, but you don't need to go out of your way to kill the PC as if to prove a point.

Various undead types are also templates. So you could encounter a vampire harpy, for example. The trick is that you need a piece of the creature you turn into as a material component. So you're boned unless at some point your DM pits you against what you want to polymorph into.

Also, I'm pretty sure that by RAW you do not get extra attacks from these types of spells. They explicitly list what benefits you get. This is a departure from the 3.5 polymorph cheese.

My group just discovered that an undead army is attacking the region. We also just earned a windfall from killing a ton of pirates, so we have plenty of gold. One of us had the brilliant idea of crafting a Dead Man's Shroud for each of us (or rather a cheaper, less time consuming to build version, that doesn't have the regular invisibility feature).

This dirt-stained cloak was woven in shadow from the burial shroud of a condemned murderer. It prevents nonintelligent undead from detecting you, as per the hide from undead spell. Intelligent undead can perceive you if they succeed at a DC 11 Will save. The warding is ended if you touch an undead creature, channel energy against undead, or attack any creature. Once per day as a standard action you can silently call forth the shadows bound into the shroud, rendering you invisible for 5 minutes. -z/shroud-dead-man-s

The problem is bolded. This works fine for the spell it's modeled after, but it's problematic for a constant use item. So how should we interpret this? Does it break the item? Does it ward you again if you take it off and put it back on? Does the warding only fail for the single undead you attack?

Try to convince your DM to let giants qualify. Even though they're technically not "monstrous," they really should be...

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