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Ramoska Arkminos

Kinetic_cards's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Dedicated Voter. 59 posts (1,973 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 24 aliases.


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Dedicated Voter Season 6

Thanks very much the several people who have critiqued my item. I truly appreciate your time and the thought you put into this.

My take on the swingsaddle:

I thought go big or go home. My personal criticism on myself was I didn't add some bells and whistles to this piece...value added. I did a little copy/paste of riding saddle language at the end to add to the word count (I thought of adding a 'swing from treetops' mechanic, or a 'charging up castle walls' mechanic, but didn't trust myself to necessarily make that work...*sigh*) Based on feedback, not sure that would have mattered. But still, for myself, I played it conservatively regarding design.

When I originally came up with the idea, I thought the concept of upright mounts (or at least was pointed out I could have broadened this) would have more impact with the voting public than it did. I still think it's a great idea conceptually. I just didn't sell it. The name and creator qualification muddled things. Admittedly, I originally thought of this as something halflings invented and used. But then I thought by taking the 'small' rider requirement out of the description I was broadening it to all races. That did not communicate. I thought it was the equivalent of an "Elven cloak of..." that wasn't just used by elves. Hrmm...

Also, I think conceptually this item read to my audience like it was meant for jungle campaigns (natural ape habitat?), where I was thinking apes in snowy Irrisen...or wherever...across Golarion. I thought I was pushing a line in the Golarion world, but I think in this context that was too big a risk to take on. (And simultaneously, ironically, too niche).

Also, I'm taking my own notes and putting together some thought about all of the items up for review. It will take me a little time.

Dedicated Voter Season 6

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Halfling Swingsaddle of the Gorilla

Aura faint transmutation; CL 5th
Slot --; Price 8,000 gp; Weight 30 lbs.

This brown leather saddle is embroidered with stitching in the shape of a four-leaf clover. The saddle permits its owner to ride apes as mounts, even up vertical services when the ape is climbing. The ape's climbing speed is unimpeded while bearing the rider. The saddle is flexible and weighted at the bottom, and maintains the rider in an upright position at all times. The saddle provides a +2 circumstance bonus to Ride checks related to staying in the saddle, and the rider does not take the -5 penalty for Ride checks for non-standard mounts. If knocked unconscious while in the saddle, the rider has a 50% chance to stay in the saddle.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, cat's grace, creator must be a halfling; Cost 4,000 gp

Dedicated Voter Season 6

+1 loved the Lonely Man's Party.

Dedicated Voter Season 6

Thank you. :) Lesson learned for next year.

Dedicated Voter Season 6

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I liked the signet that showed you who opened the letter. Simple, well-written, would use.

Hey, what about that cool saddle that let you ride gorillas? Oh yeah, that was awesome...


Dedicated Voter Season 6

Thank you for your posts (Sean and everyone). I agree with this? I don't want to talk past it, back myself into a corner of sophistry, or become known on here as flame war Freddy, lover of Tinker Gnomes. I guess I saw these races in Pathfinder, or this particular issue, a little differently and thought to throw my two cents in. The criticism made me question my understanding of the game in a huh do I own the same books, I know in Pathfinder gnomes are fey, but I didn't know they were NOT madcap inventors. How did I miss this? Did I take the word 'quirky' too far? But like I said, food for thought. I suppose I have some things to revisit.

Dedicated Voter Season 6

Not exactly the same. This is different than the Twilight example though, because sparkling in sunlight isn't part of traditional vampire lore. It's criticized as a hokey derivative of the "can't be in sunlight" thing. Pathfinder is the more recent development, as was Twilight, having derived from traditional D&D lore, Tolkien, etc.

I agree some items don't show the participant has a grasp of Pathfinder races, which is the point of this competition, and that is valid. My response tried to address when people are commenting on items, these threads drift all over the place, use imprecise language, and end up sounding like you're not just saying, "This item doesn't conform to Pathfinder", but that you reach through the item to the person behind it, to say "This person is ignorant" or clueless or inexperienced...etc, etc. Variations of a put-down. It's possible to haggle over whether I'm being too sensitive, and maybe I am. But if we were to criticize people's ability to criticize with the energy we put toward criticizing their ability to create, well just sayin...

Dedicated Voter Season 6

I get the point being made here, and everyone is entitled to their preference. I just think accusing people of things like prejudice against short races or being unfamiliar with Golarion is really overstating your point and unfair. Different people enjoy or emphasize different things. I like that all the submissions we are viewing reflect that.

Dedicated Voter Season 6

Yet, at the same time, some of those racial items capitalize on the ingenuity of the smaller races exactly because of the challenges (or strengths) they have due to their diminutive stature, which is disingenuous to pretend doesn't exist (or that in the realm of fantasy/RPG doesn't distinguish and define those races).

Seems more like your issue and not that of those items.

You are unsure how stylish the clothes are, relatively speaking. They look very modish and expensive, if somewhat youthful. Your appearance blends in seamlessly with the rest of the party. You look like a strike team: urbane and slightly intimidating.

You can tell that Sabina uses a combination of spider silk and some signature spells that are altered specially for her purposes: darkness, faerie fire, and suggestion. The glamer is stable and well-crafted. Clearly, she has backed it with the reputation of her fashion house. It is transferable, but she would have to perform the transfer. Otherwise, in unskilled hands, it would be the equivalent of ruining a good suit.

fyi, I started the gameplay thread with a "prologue"/game starter post.

@Sharmune - fyi, I sent you a PM.

@all - everyone please post your character sheet to your profile before we start, thanks.

Nameless, child of Original wrote:
I have been considering swaping away the Magic Linage trait and Persistent Spell Feat. I think Extend spell will be my replacement, in this scenario. However, for the trait, what I would like most is one that gives Sense Motive as a class skill. Does anyone know of a trait like that?

(Religion trait) Divine Courtesan (CN): You worked in one of your goddess’s temples as a sacred courtesan, and you know how to flatter, please, and (most of all) listen. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Sense Motive checks and Diplomacy checks to gather information, and one of these skills (your choice) is always a class skill for you.

(Social trait) Suspicious: You discovered at an early age that someone you trusted, perhaps an older sibling or a parent, had lied to you, and lied often, about something you had taken for granted, leaving you quick to question the claims of others. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Sense Motive checks, and Sense Motive is always a class skill for you.

(Human racial trait) World Traveler: Your family has taken the love of travel to an extreme, roaming the world extensively. You've seen dozens of cultures and have learned to appreciate the diversity of what the world has to offer. Select one of the following skills: Diplomacy, Knowledge (local), or Sense Motive. You gain a +1 trait bonus on that skill, and it is always a class skill for you.

Once per day is the baseline. However, if someone misses some posting, I won't get heavy-handed with DM control. I can account for it here and there without much intervention. I just reserve it as an option as necessary. It will help to for us all to just stay in communication about things.

@Sandru - Given that traits are pretty negligible, if you want to take Aid Another as a trait, that would be fine.

Kinetic_cards wrote:

Everyone has put in a lot of work and given the July 4 holiday, I think we'll say the campaign will start next week on Tuesday July 10 (I will be away on Monday.)


I suggest for the campaign everyone is expected to post at least once daily.* The exception is Wednesdays and Sundays (to give everyone a break a couple of days.) This is a minimum. Everyone can post as many times a day as they want to.

I will often contribute DM posts before 8 pm...but I will sit down and have a DM session in the evening, which means you have until 8 pm EST to post if you have expectation of feedback the same evening** (I will rule on things by midnight EST and the story will move on.)

If you do not post on a given day, your character is subject to DM control.

If anyone has concerns with this, please PM.

To clarify, since players are in different time zones

* "at least once daily" means at least once per your day whichever time zone applies

** the feedback schedule still applies - if something is posted before 8 pm EST, you may expect feedback the same evening (i.e. by roughly midnight EST.)

Sandru wrote:
Also, as to INIT... was thinking to swap out "Reactionary, +2 INIT" for "Helpful, +4 Aid Another". Seems less super soldier and more in tune with his uncanny observation skills.

That's a halfling trait!

Everyone has put in a lot of work and given the July 4 holiday, I think we'll say the campaign will start next week on Tuesday July 10 (I will be away on Monday.)


I suggest for the campaign everyone is expected to post at least once daily. The exception is Wednesdays and Sundays (to give everyone a break a couple of days.) This is a minimum. Everyone can post as many times a day as they want to.

I will often contribute DM posts before 8 pm...but I will sit down and have a DM session in the evening, which means you have until 8 pm EST to post if you have expectation of feedback the same evening (I will rule on things by midnight EST and the story will move on.)

If you do not post on a given day, your character is subject to DM control.

If anyone has concerns with this, please PM.

Concept art of the PCs.

@ All re: Action Points - I think action points are from D&D (comparable or somewhat similar to Pathfinder hero points?)

In any case, we will not use either of them. There are some other bonus mechanics that your characters will come across in their adventures.

@Darious -

Languages - You can have Common, Elven + 1 more (because INT mod is +1 and no ranks in Linguistics)

Traits - You can have 8 listed, but you can only have 2 total.

Everything else looks good, the only thing I would suggest it looks like you haven't spent your 16K gold yet, you might want to buy a Ring of Protection +2 (8,000 gold) and a +2 magic bonus for one of your rapiers (also 8000 gold)

Or you might buy two Rings of Protection +1 (4,000 gold @ 2,000 gold each), the +2 magic for one of your rapiers (8,000 gold), and +1 magic for the other (2,000 gold)

Just a suggestion. But whatever you do, reduce those traits!! :)

Reviewed everyone's character sheets. @All - thanks for the clarifications. Need Darious info and then looks about ready to go.

Ok, +2 STR bonus. Thanks for the character sheet.

@Nameless (APAI) - You are using Alter Self to change from a human form into a different human form? In that case, you are already assumed to benefit from the the +2 STR (relative to a small creature), so Alter Self does not bestow that bonus upon you.

Thanks! You can PM or post here in an alias. I will reply to the questions in your PM soon.

That's about it so far...

FYI - anyone can feel free to PM me. I am flexible as to how we communicate during the campaign.

14. attack -

Sandru, Gaston, Caromarc - check

Ianez, Nameless - tbd

Darious - need math on weapons

13. class abilities -

Nameless, Gaston - check

Gaston - I think Law domain will work well for this campaign, imo

Sandru - what is your math for raging 11 rounds per day?

Ianez - per your CHA mod do you get an additional 1st level spell?

Darious - tbd favored enemies and favored terrain

Caromarc - need list of spells in your spellbook

RE 7. Initiative -

Gaston - sorry, nevermind I see you have the cunning initiative ability.

12. appearance/background

Sandru - is your companion going to be making an appearance?

Ianez - I hope for some long-winded pontifications. ;)

Nameless - I like the psychological complexity of your character

Gaston - great noir concept

Darious - great steampunk details in your description

Caromarc - like the references and how you're incorporating lore

for ALL - you must start out the campaign either with

1. an excuse to be on the streets in the dead of night


2. a reason to be in a hospital (as patient, staff, visitor, etc...also of course, in the dead of night same hour)


Ianez, Nameless - check

Sandru - CMD 21 (including +BAB)

Gaston - BAB 4, CMB 13, CMD 19

Darious - BAB 6/1, CMB & CMD tbd

Caromarc - CMB 3, CMD 15

10. armor class -

Nameless, Sandru, Darious, Caromarc - check

Ianez, Gaston - tbd

8. hit points -

Darious your HP looks low, it would on average be around like 36-40 or so. You can redo to get closer to that if you want.

9. gear/equipment -

Gaston - check

Sandru - looks ok, do you have a magical weapon?

Nameless - with Craft Wondrous Item feat, can half cost of items you could make (if you have spell to create the item, such as the belt)

Ianez, Darious - tbd

Caromarc - will look over your list of items soon

6. saves

Ianez, Gaston - check, Darious - ok pending stats

Sandru, Nameless - what is the math for your will saves?

Caromarc - your WIS mod is -2, so should your will save be 3?

7. initiative

Ianez, Nameless - check, Darious, ok pending stats

Sandru - your initiative is +4 with the reactionary trait

Gaston - your DEX mod is +2, what is the other +2 to get +4 for initiative?

Caromarc - you haven't listed, but i think 2?

PS. I just realized I'm writing 'check', which could look like 'check your work', but it means 'ok' if that wasn't clear. :P

4. traits

Sandru, Nameless, Gaston - check

Ianez, Caromarc, Darious - select 2

5. languages

Sandru, Ianez, Gaston - check

Nameless - am assuming you put 1 rank in linguistics

Darious - tbd

Caromarc - looks correct, but question about INT modifier (see above 'stats')

3. feats

Ianez, Nameless, Caromarc, Sandru - check

Gaston - I count one extra feat but you list rapid reload/toughness on the same line, so maybe I misunderstand what you mean.

Darious - You get one more feat because you get three for your level and then 2 combat feats as ranger at level 6.

2. skills

Gaston, Ianez, Caromarc, Sandru - check

Nameless - can't see skills, assuming maybe on mythweavers sheet?

Darious - looks correct, but pending double-checking INT stat

reviewing character sheets all at once...piece by piece...

1. stats (20 point buy)

Gaston, Sandru, Ianez - check

Caromarc - 10 pts in INT would result in a 16 (add +2 racial +1 level 4)... I get 19. Is there an extra point?

Darious - Your stats seem too high. With +2 racial in DEX and INT and -2 CON, I keep getting a 24 point buy.

Nameless - I tried to access mythweavers but it didn't let me see the page you linked to. I also see a couple of character sheets posted in this thread, the first one I looked at the math didn't add up, but the second one it did if this is correct

Str 7 (-4 pts)
Dex 12 (+1 pt, and then +1 level 4)
Con 12 (+2pt)
Int 12 (+2pt)
Wis 24 (17pt, and then +2 racial and +4 headband)
Cha 12 (+2pt)

Is this right?

@Caromarc - Thanks. I haven't run this setting yet. I created and ran a campaign about a banished wizard and phylactery of five rings, etc, that went well and I liked the cinematic world-building aspect of I took other things I thought would be cool together like Lovecraft, Crowley, etc, and there were a couple main ideas for the setting that I just built upon and am excited about because I think the end result is gothic and creepy. :) You can never have too much gothic and creepy, lol.

I forgot to mention, your list of supplies was fine.

updated roster -

Ianez Gastnicht, NG male Human Bard (Archaeologist)
Graf J V Caromarc, ? male Human Wizard (Teleportation)
Inspector Gaston Blackacre, LN male Human Inquisitor (Ragathiel)
La Siréene Dorée, N male Human Druid (Urban)
Sandru, NG male Half-Orc Barbarian 1/Unbreakable 1/Rogue 4
Darious the Second, CN male Elf Ranger

@Caromarc - I may have missed it, but did you select an alignment?

@Darious - You listed eight traits. Were those just ones you were considering and are going to narrow down? You may select two total for your character.

@Caromarc -

You know, I think I was too tired when I read your previous post, lol, I don't remember why I was reluctant about your plans for the familiar (octopus/alter self.) I like the classic references you're incorporating. It sounds fine and if you would still like to do it I say please go for it.

I think this is an ok format for discussing character stuff. Should I send pm's? I am new to this board, so I'm learning etiquette. If I do something wrong it is me being awkward, I don't mean to offend. :)

@Sandru - I found this in another thread, which I sort of like.

a scimitar lacks a basket hilt, whereas a cutlass has one and gets a +2 bonus on CMD versus disarm attempts. No bonus on attempting such moves, just a bonus to defend against them. I also let the character wielding a cutlass punch for lethal damage and give him a +1 bonus on damage if he punches an opponent with the basket hilt.

You can use whichever one you want because otherwise we'll consider them the same. But my vote -


@redclover - Sorry to hear, but thanks!

@ Sandru - I really like your concept. I gave it a once over, and it looks good, but I will give it a second look in a couple of days.

@Caromarc -

I understand where you're coming from, but that strays from the general rules. I like the creativity, but that would make your familiar too unstandard, at least for level 6 in the game.

Belle Mythix wrote:
Are there things like Airship?

Yes. But beware the harpies that burst into flames...

Background - The Ustalav you find yourself in is a world that has seen technological progress and industrialization, and yet...this has happened while beset by monsters of old.

Another folk saying...We have gas for our lamps, but the streets remain dark.

The more technological forms of transportation are steam-driven and/or have a romanticized element to them, e.g. zeppelins (airships), horse and carriage, steam locomotives, bicycles, trolleys, etc.

Small towns saw urbanization with its attendant problems of overcrowding, poverty, etc. Some citizens are able to rise above the common standard of living, but many fell below. Particularly influential are "gothic authors", "mad scientists", "handlebar-mustachioed entrepreneurs", artists, and progressive social activists...although the last group varies widely, ranging from people fighting slums to "ladies' societies" encouraging temperance. Problems of urbanization include disease, child labor, immigrant ghettoes, prostitution, and illegal gambling/fights, etc.

In the realm of science, many wild and exciting things are going on. Investigations into the study of space/time that weirdly coincide with crazy doomsday rantings on street corners, rumors amongst astrologists, and crazed ramblings of those suddenly taken with mysterious fevers. Mental hospitals overflow. The proverbial "cat lady" and "hermit living in the haunted house on the hill" are not uncommon. There are secret societies. Paranoia runs high. Children are kidnapped from their bedrooms at night, the only clues left behind are bloody claw marks of a beast. Scared townsfolk walk the streets at nights hunting for vampires. (There is speculation of a town council person being a vampire.) Parishioners flock to churches, although faith levels are low.

Some people have household servant constructs. Some people support the arts, some people condemn the arts. Some people are brilliant composers and ingenues, some people are circus side-show attractions. Some people curse the Tian shop of exotic curios, some people shop there for wards against evil. Some people fashionably drink absinthe, some people shamefully soak in gin.

The situation has been degrading for a while - the rational in denial, the superstitious in despair. You find yourself in a time when the air crackles with odd green and purple energies. Weather patterns are constantly unusual. Everyone feels closed in, distrustful. Magic is an old friend who visits, but you don't recognize anymore. Faith has consolidated to a preoccupation with death and Pharasma. People see themselves as avenging angels. They strike out at darkness, hoping to land a hit.

And by the way...

The darkness is hungry...and coming for you.

As for you La Siréene,

I think a couple of possible backstories for you that work might be that you have spent time in a mental hospital going mad from your inability to make contact with this disintegrating environment around you (which is sort of an oddly sympathetic response, especially for a druid.) Or perhaps you are someone who has some sort of espionage/agent of the streets kind of background, where your skills provide you a street smart that helps you survive (a la druid of the rats kind of thing, where you still seek balance but in a gritty "urban" context.)

@Caromarc - Another option (and perhaps simpler) for octopus is he can wear a little steampunk style mask that helps him breathe air.

@all - I will provide more background later today.

@Caromarc - rather than create an airbreathing spell, we will just say your octopus was originally an outsider that "blinks" in and out of this plane into an oceanic plane, but that the blinking is so rapid that it's unnoticeable and has no benefits other than to let your octopus familiar continue to live. The creature's anomaly means it is effectively trapped on our plane (even it subjectively experiences its blink phase on our plane as one discontinuous experience, and has no perception of the water plane other than to know that it exists...the mechanics of this are only known because at one time it was the property of scientists who during tests detected the blip (of the blink) as measured in the vibration of its cellular fluid.) Also, for the purposes of our plane, the creature loses its status as outsider and manifests as a normal animal of its type.

Too much? :)

Ustalav noble - ok

I think you can use a rod of lesser extend as a supplementary light weapon, but a more powerful mace would be something else in its own right.

I like the WotW steam powered carriage. Is this something that you would add to throughout the campaign to make it more powerful or would it start out pretty powerful? The components you listed seem adequate to me.

You can openly carry weapons.

@redclover - yes to kitsune

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