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Conwrest Muralt

--Kharn--'s page

138 posts. Alias of bignumbers.

Full Name






Special Abilities

Holding a conversation with inanimate objects






Wherever I may roam



Strength 7
Dexterity 9
Constitution 12
Intelligence 11
Wisdom 14
Charisma 20

About --Kharn--

This is Kharn. Kharn is a cleric. Kharn is stark raving mad.

Born on the island of terror into a group of crazed devotees to a god whose name is known to very few outsiders Kharn was certainly not conceived in love. Kharn was more or less bred into existence by the cult elders decision to produce offspring who were so deeply devoted to madness that it was all they knew, and would by their plans grow up to be a terror to everyone . Kharn, already predisposed to insanity, was raised in an environment that some would say could shake even the most devout follower of cthulhu. It was not long until they realized that things were not going to plan, as when Kharn was to pick a mentor he surprised them all when instead of choosing any one individual within the group he instead made his decision by getting into an imaginary argument with a small statuette that he found on a dead soldier after one of their raids. Despite this, Kharn still managed to learn to come into his own within the group, but never quite fit in with the group completely as even for a group dedicated to madness it was still perceived as unusual for someone to devise a plot against a nearby tree with a statuette and then carry out that plot by holding a staring match with the tree culminating in running and grabbing a fish from camp only to run back and slap the tree with it. But, it was this madness that ended up saving his life one day when the cult went raiding near Korvosa and got ambushed by the captain of the guard who had tracked them down. Seemingly disconnected from the world he sat down to get into a staring contest with the statuette completely ignoring the world around him. When the battle had ended all of the cult save Kharn were dead. The soldiers simply dismissed him as a raving lunatic, which is mostly true, and left. After finishing his staring contest he looked up to the carnage around him, and for reasons known only to him he went about magically decomposing several corpses only to take the skulls and tie them to his garments. From then on, without the cult to direct him into battle he simply wandered from town to town going about whatever the madness within directed him to do.


Touch AC: 9
Will: +4 (+2 against confusion and insanity)(+2 against disease, and mind affecting effects)
Reflex: -1
Fortitude: +3
BAB: 0
CMB: -2
CMD: 7/7
Init: -1
Speed: 30
Resist Level Drain (Ex): A dhampir takes no penalties from energy drain effects, though he can still be killed if he accrues more negative levels then he has Hit Dice. After 24 hours, any negative levels a dhampir takes are removed without the need for an additional saving throw.



Bastard sword: -2 to hit, 1d10-2, 19-20 x2 S



create water
Inflict minor

Level 1:
Cause fear
Murderous command x2



Acrobatics: -7
Appraise: 0
Bluff: +7
Climb: -8
Craft alchemy (+1): +4
Diplomacy: +5
Disguise: +5
Escape artist: -7
Fly: -7
Heal: +2
Intimidate: +5
Perception: +4
Ride: -7
Sense motive: +2
Spellcraft: +4
Stealth: -7
Survival: +2
Swim: -8
Use magic device: +6

Traits & feats:


Mathematical prodigy: knowledge arcana
Rich parents

Selective channeling
Armor (L)
Armor (M)
Command undead
shield proficiency
simple weapon proficiency



Scale mail
5 skulls
alchemists kit
Cold weather outfit
Masterwork backpack
Buddha statue
Jar of dirt
Flask x2
Interior breast coin pocket
Common perfume
Trail rations x10
Underwear coin pocket
100' twine
Wand bandoleer w/ weapon cord leashes for each wand space
69 pounds total



All wands are stored in the bandoleer and tied securely to it with a leash of weapon cord.
wand of air bubble (4)
wand of false life (5)
wand of ghost sound (6)
wand of hideous laughter (3)
wand of inflict light (6)
wand of mage armor (4)
Wand of silent image (5)

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