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Kethoth's page

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The Adventure I Wish I'd Written


I have to start by saying that I have been a DM since the early 1980's, and have written 100's of pages of adventures over the years. Furthermore, I have been a huge fan of HPL and his colleagues (RW Chambers, CA Smith, RE Howard and so on) for just as long. Finally, I have played 5 PF AP campaigns, as well as countless other purchased adventures for many game systems over the years.

This weekend, my group played through most of Book 1, and I can say that this is the best purchased adventure I've ever played.

This adventure conjures many of the core elements of the strange horror fiction that I love, creating a consistent and highly immersive tone.

In Search of Sanity begins with a very atypical opening, in which the characters are plunged into a dream world where they are relieved of control from the outset. It effectively establishes two of the main themes of the AP right away - horrific mystery and loss of control.

The opening setting could be criticized as 'cliche', but it is exceptionally well executed. If one imagines themselves playing this adventure in 1932, before the setting was exhausted by B-movies, it is most enjoyable.

Finally, as the title of my review suggests, I wish I had written this adventure. I am envious of how effectively it handles the Fugue State, both thematically and mechanically. Further, the integration of all the great strange horror fiction elements into a cogent adventure in an already-rich setting (PF) is an accomplishment that any DM who has attempted the same will appreciate.

Buy this and play it. The timing couldn't be better!

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