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KestlerGunner's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Dedicated Voter. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne. 1,278 posts (1,421 including aliases). 38 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 8 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.


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Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

Had a great time running this today.

-Tough job creating stat blocks for these monsters.
-It runs super long. Try six hours.
-The Behir fight at low tier was one of the best I've seen. It would have been very effective as the 'boss fight'. The players have to really wring every drop out of their abilities to get out of this without some serious blood being spilled.
-The light 'puzzle' is one of the worst written and most ambiguous 'puzzles' in PFS history. Worse yet, so much of the word count is lost trying to explain they dynamics of it to the GM.
-The party was deadlocked in the assembly room, even with the Osiriani votes cast. Kafar and Nefti were allowed to enter the assmebly room, and with some jostles and suggestive winking to Tahonikepsu (in her comely human form) they voted for her, allowing her to seize power. Bring on the dragon faction! I was secretly really pleased, as I've long had hopes that Amara Li was also a dragon.
-Two party members conducted the ritual. Muahahah.
-Kafar and Nefti are hilarious. Nefti nearly beat an old man gunslinger senseless with his human bane sap while mirror-imaged.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

Played this on the weekend. Ran with a fairly optimised party of six on high tier. We suffered from too much debuffing and not enough damage. Only just got past the brain spiders when time ran out. Reading the mod afterwards, I am confident we could have finished it in it's entirety if there was no hard time limit. The five foot passage with DR'ed up clockwork soldiers was particularly drawn out, even with access to adamantine damage.

Is it just me, or does it seem like an unrealistic expectation for a party to get through all of Level 2 within the time limit? Do people just go numbers savant? Are all the fights reduced to Save vs Death with improbably high DCs? Bonekeep level 1 seemed to be a reasonable ask, but number 2 seems like too many 'slog' fights to eat up time rather than any particular dangers (though the necklace was a nice touch).

There's a message above that says a group of 4 got through all of it within 2 hours 17 minutes. Really?

I would also like an answer regarding where the Bonekeep Malady 2 applies. I assume from the ruling from Part 1 that the Bonekeep maladies only apply to the dungeon, but the chronicle sheet doesn't state this. What's the situation?

From a game design point of view, if Malady 2 applies outside of Bonekeep, it is a great way to painfully punish all non-optimisers who never wanted to touch Bonekeep. You've just corralled all the optimised damage dealer Pathfinder characters into getting a negative boon that will make them go confused and attack their fellow PCs in regular PFS play. For this reason, it is vital that the malady only applies to Bonekeep play.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

As a GM and a player, I like the ITS.
My only suggestion would be to make the text and boxes smaller to get more action happening on one page.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

QUESTION! My good-hearted Ifrit blacksmith put on a certain ring, and now finds himself under a certain magical compulsion...
However, in his roundabout way, he sees that having this magical compulsion will make him a more honest and truthful person in the long-run, and he doesn't actually want the ring removed.
Is he able to keep on adventuring with his Jim Carrey themed ring?

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

bugleyman wrote:
Stupid Zen Archers. ;-)

Zen Archers can full attack and bring down fun from any range.

We all know the classic Butthurt One Star Reviews make up 25 per cent of all PFS reviews now. So many entitled whiplash reactions.

I played this today and had a great time. The cursed items brought a *lot* of hilarity and the bodies of the Scarab Seekers had a lot of mystery to them. Adding the carving on Nethys, the burnt man, was a nice touch as well.

Grand Lodge

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Just remember that casting while strapped to a Charging Dire Tiger/Dire Lion/DEX 18 Chainshirt/Shield of Faith bandolier Barkskinned Stegosaurus is violent motion (Concentration 15 + spell level).

Grand Lodge

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Archdruid: Hey guys, thanks for coming.
Druid 1: No probs man. We love what you've done with the grove.
Archdruid: Thanks man. But ah, I have some bad news.
Druid 2: What?
Archdruid: It sounds like because of multiple item enchantments, archetype and bestiary cherry picking shenanigans, all armour will now hinder us when we polymorph into animals.
Druid 1: No way man. My hide armour gets magically absorbed into my body. That's so not cool.
Druid 2: What are you saying? You don't mean that after I give my Prophecy of Doom to the logging camp, I can't turn into a raven and fly away?
Archdruid: Oh sure, you can do that just fine. It's just you need to spend a few minutes removing your armour before you turn into a raven and fly away. Otherwise you will be flying like a bird wearing heavy armour and that would be *ridiculous*
Druid 1: Hrmn. But at least we still get the protections of the armour, right?
Archdruid: Only if you buy Wild armour.
Druid 2: Isn't that at minimum 16,000 gold? Even if you don't take into consideration special materials for heavy armour?
Archdruid: Ayup.
Druid 1: Hrmngh.
Druid 2: Could this be a byproduct of the fact that we as a class are best positioned to gain all the different armour bonuses and stack them willy-nilly?
Druid 1: Not to mention all the strangely worded rulings over natural-natural armour bonus and enhancement of natural armour bonuses?
Druid 2: And the Dexterity 18 Stegosauruses.
Druid 1: Can't forget them.
Barkskinned Stegosaurus Herd, All Wearing Chainshirt Barding with Bandoliers full of Potions of Shield of Faith: *deafening roar*
Archdruid: Sometimes I question my decisions in the forces I have assembled.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

Rakim, of House Darshud

He's amazing to play. Roleplaying a magically bound sycophant who has to constantly take orders (not all orders being wise) has been great fun.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

I'd just like to say this scenario critically curb-stomped me today.

7-8 party, lots of death-spiral healing, aimless PVP area effects on fellow Pathfinders, useless melee damage potential and barely any actual efforts to hurt the harpy enemies. It was probably over before it even began. Two deaths, would have been a full TPK if it weren't for Dimension Door.

But if I had prepared Wind Wall, it could have been so *so* SO different.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

Cheers. This means I don't need to ration games for my Stonemother :)

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

Well-deserved Chris!
You might need to hurry up with the new Venture-Officers, my socks are getting soaked even now.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

Herzliche Glückwünsche! Sie sind jetzt ein Kapitän!

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

The Morphling wrote:

So, use that info to upgrade the stats for whatever the "default" Skeleton/Zombie is.

This is where we hit the problem. The class ability refers to two templates, rather than the default base creature, or whether this base creature can be changed.

I do appreciate the effort you took to help me out though :)

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

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This is why I hate fighting Xills.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

In recent news I have absolutely zero idea how the advancement for the Bone Oracle's 'Raise the Dead' revelation works, but somehow we still manage to have fun.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

I recommend running short and sweet scenarios and season 0s on weeknights to 'train up' some of the newer players. Many players will want to play once a week at maximum, if they get their fix during the week, that will loosen up space on the weekend.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

PFS Organised Play has really lit up under your direction John. I hope there's plenty more years to come!

Grand Lodge

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Surely this is a scenario where common sense overrules RAW?

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

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7) One attack of opportunity is preferable to standing and receiving a full attack from the angry guy with the greatsword.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

Mike, that was a great example with Shades of Ice part 2, but what about scenarios where the local town guard stats aren't listed?
Would you oppose the GM introducing NPC Codex town guard squadrons to a scenario? Is that reasonable if the party is being what would be considered a violent threat to the peace? Let's say, a squad of 4 'Guards' from the NPC Codex lead by a Paladin 'Hammer of Justice' plus a 'Investigator Wizard'?

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

Given that Vengeance at Sundered Crag is Grand Lodge specific, I think you might be seeing a certain tattooed Dwarf along for the ride as well.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

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Acedio wrote:
4. Channel Force is a surprisingly fun and effective way to make Negative Energy Channeling viable. Check it out!

Another shiny present for Aasimar. Fuhgeddabowdit.

Acedio wrote:
5. It is almost impossible to make a bad eidolon (I've tried).

Yep. Your Summoner options basically are:

a. Win the game.
b. Win the game and irritate your GM.
c. Win the game, irritate your GM AND your friends.

Low on skill points but own Seeker of Secrets and 1,000 spare gold? You can buy 5 Cracked Ioun Stones of various colours and shapes, stick them in a little velvet pouch and select one skill of each ability modifier to receive +1 competence bonus each.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

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Some players just don't get that *thrill* until they are on 7 hitpoints away from unconsciousness/death, have at least three [REDACTED] running through their body while a large [REDACTED] chases the party through a godforsaken [REDACTED] of [REDACTED]. And *that's* when the magically buffed [REDACTED] descends from the [REDACTED].

Good times, good times.
Yes, I had Mike Brock running it.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

Netopalis: It is a thrilling experience if you are sadomasochistic.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

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Aspasia de Malagant wrote:
I just don't see how you can worship a DEVIL and not be evil...

That devil has the portfolio of contracts, which is a hugely powerful source of divine power. In Golarion, if you are employed... Asmodeus is there. If you start trading with your neighbour... Asmodeus is there. When you marry your wife... Asmodeus is there.

His nature is to corrupt and cheat, but in order for that to happen, there needs to be a system, a set of game rules in place first. By filtering his power into 'the system', he's rigged the game so that he is always winning. It also means a large amount of lawful mortals are drawn into his web. They don't have to be stomping kittens in order to whittle away at the power of Good.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

If you're in the middle of getting eaten/swallowed by an apex predator carnivorous dinosaur, you can punch them in the eye or kick them in the tonsils without provoking an AoO.

(I learnt that from a local Hellknight. Go figure.)

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

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Iomedae? That kick-ass Goddess of Paladins and Righteousness who all the Mendevian Crusaders pray to? She's Chelish.

Activating a smoke-stick shuts down precision damage against you, as long as you stay in the smoke.

Closing your eyes to attack a spellcaster wearing mirror images is a great way to even the score.

A Gentleman's Agreement occurs when you have more than one caster in a party all make a pact to take 'Liberating Command' and use it on one another should a grapple-then-kill monster appears.

A First World Summoner can summon the dreaded Pugwampi :S

Your deflection bonus is added onto your CMD.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

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Matthew Pittard wrote:
There is a player over east, Andrei Buters who runs a Cleric of Asmodeus (whose name escapes me currently). His character is a Hellknight Signifier and generally in rp and in play is fairly Agreeable. The character comes off as lawful but even.. fair but generally that should be the case as that concept would have to be.


Randolf Culpher is my level 9 Hellknight Signifer.

He is a mashup of Grima Wormtongue, Draco Malfoy and Arnold Rimmer. He is a 22 year old virgin who has essentially been captured at an early age by a diabolic totalitarian government and moulded into a divine soldier for House Thrune – but this brainwashing has not removed the fact he is essentially a slimy grub who is worthless. If Asmodeus didn’t smile upon him, he’d have nothing.

I think a big part of it has been to play the character (LN) like his evil is ridiculous. Totally un-threatening. He is the kind of guy who would scheme and cackle from the darkness but as soon as you shone a ‘Daylight’ spell at him he’d scream and trip over his robe.

He has told a Shoanti barbarian that was probably around twice his size that his glorious motherland would instil some culture and education into the big brute.
If he sees a tiefling he’ll treat them like they’re hired help.
One time the party monk *had to* roundhouse kick him to the face to stop him from shooting negative energy everywhere whilst confused.
He has a +1 cold iron heavy mace that he’s named ‘Grimalkor’s Cudgel’. He has never actually summoned the bravery to hit a creature with it.
He once got an autograph from an ACTUAL Paralictor! *gleeee*
His father is a coach ticket inspector in Egorian and his mother is an accountant.
He went to a dinner party once and started encouraging the guests to begin a healthy scheme of war profiteering.
He is an instructing leader in the Charthagnion Boy’s Order for Upright Citizenry.

Basically, my thoughts are the whole angsty 'grim-dark' version of evil is quite boring and actually not suited to PFS play. My suggestion would be to go back and embrace that whole moustache twiddling version of evil which is fun, ridiculous and frequently hilarious.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

15 people marked this as a favorite.

Student of Disaster, Drandle Dreng edition.

1 star: You have been awoken in the night by Drandle countless times. You receive a +2 on any saving throw against fatigue.
2 stars: Drandle considers it his personal mission to send you into total disaster zones without proper background information or briefings. You gain a +4 bonus to initiative if you are caught unawares in a surprise round. You expect pain around every corner.
3 stars: Essential Field Agent. Drandle reveals his dark secret to you. You gain the Vampire Spawn template.
4 stars: Vaults of the Ten. Drandle leaves you in the Vaults and forgets about you. You become hopelessly lost, but gain a +2 to survival checks to gain your bearings when underground from hereonin.
5 stars: Creature of the Night. Whenever a fellow Pathfinder falls in a mission you can, as a full-round action, suck all of their blood. This functions as both a Heal spell but also a Greater Heroism spell that last five rounds. Your hair turns white and frizzy and you cackle constantly while under this supernatural effect.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

Shifty wrote:


You were overwhelmed with amazement?


Please remember many players have only been playing PFS for a few weeks or months, and many scenarios contain a faction specific focus which limits the range of characters that can get brought in.

Similarly, fighters and rogues are openly mocked on the boards, so their numbers are waning. Wizards never get past level 12, so their numbers are low. Bards get laughed at if they haven't taken an archetype, so they are rare too. (Speaking from my region experience, YMMV) The pool of the skill monkey seems a little half drained.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

I agree with the sentiments that it is fun to fail. I do not want Pathfinders ripping through every mission like they're professional accountants sent back to do introductory mathematics.

But the game also rewards preparation for challenges, and sticking to your strengths.

Currently sticking to your strengths means that there are a number of PFS parties that will not have a dedicated historian.

By preparing for the upcoming challenge, aside from magic (which can, you know, subvert reality entirely) the best we can do is hire a 4 prestige 'scholar' whose chance of success at 1-2 tier is 55%. If you can prepare for werewolves, ghosts and swarms, why can't you prepare for... books?

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

I love the new faction mission system. I don't know why people are getting confused about the letters/reports - the goals are very basic.

GRAND LODGE - Punish betrayal and ensure every success in preparation for the Mission to Jormurdun.
CHELIAX - Acquire *any* and *every* dark advantage for Zarta Dralneen so that she may ingratiate herself back with House Thrune.
ANDORAN - Do what you can to expose and punish political and legal corruption within Andoran.
OSIRION - Reunite the jewelled sages, so that Amenopheus may ingratiate himself with the Ruby Prince.
QADIRA - War profiteering! Make Money Money Money! Make MONEEEE-EYY! *cash register noise*
SILVER CRUSADE - Strike down the demons. While doing so, act in a way that your choices create a legacy for further generations.
SCZARNI - Do everything possible to stop the assassination attempt on Cousin Guaril Karela.
TALDOR - Amass an Army of Exploration to reignite Taldor's military past.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

Shifty - we do not have a current gold price on 'get answers/help.'

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

Is there any chance The Merchant's Wake might be a social scenario, ala Blakros Matrimony and Hellknight's Feast?

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

I have eight current PFS characters. Of all of them, the lowest int is 10. So let's just cool it on the 'Min-Maxers Must Be Punished!' parade, please? Playing a 2SP class is not min-maxing.

GM Lamplighter wrote:

BUT... there are ways the campaign could evolve to address this. Maybe allowing (for example) membership in the Pathfinder Society to be optional? Maybe the Society is just a faction in the campaign, like the Silver Crusade? Perhaps there could be some new vanities released which would allow different ways of improving knowledge skills? Perhaps joining a faction actually provided some template bonuses, such as (for example) extra ranks in Knowledge skills for members of the Pathfinder Society, extra ranks in Diplomacy for Silver Crusaders, etc.

Or maybe the retraining rules which allow you to add skill points and languages could be made PFS legal (although at a lower cost than the current retraining rules), letting players spend prestige to acquire remedial Pathfinder Training in things like Knowledge, Disable Device, Stealth, etc.

But please - let's do it by making our PC's into the heroes, and not by making them middle...

These are awesome suggestions and I really like the flavour angle of the training that the Grand Lodge provides. It would be awesome if Silver Crusade barbarians could learn about Religion, or Cheliax Hellknights become talented in Knowledge: Planes. I imagine most Osiriani and Dwarven Pathfinders care deeply about History too.

I would also like to see options for Profession: Researcher in PFS play. This could mean that every character who has lost 10 or so ranks into an esoteric Profession skill could specialize in a knowledge and still make 50 or so gold at the end of the scenario. It would reduce the area of the bread (skill requirements) so the butter (skill points) could spread further.

The combat requirements of Acrobatics, Intimidate and Escape Artist are still in the system, but perhaps spending PP to 'patch up' a classes inability to use certain Knowledge skills could mean that skill tax burden is reduced.
Okay, so thought exercise: I'm hearing a lot of support for the 4pp scholar vanity. Do you think there could be a 'mark 2' upgrade for the scholar vanity that could make the vanity more useful heading into higher tier play? Perhaps another 2pp spent to boost the independent skill to 10 and the assisted bonus to 4? Fame threshold on the purchase is 20?

I am predicting that Andrew Christian will post 'No.' directly under this post, as he has for the last five or so posts.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

518 The Stranger Within
519 The Horn of Aroden
520 The Sealed Gate
521 The Merchant's Wake
522 Scars of the Third Crusade
523 The Cairn of Shadow
524 Assault on the Wound
525 Vengeance at Sundered Crag

Oooh! What tiers are all of these at?
Vengeance at Sundered Crag is a BRILLIANT name for a death metal band, btw.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

Okay, so that Scholar vanity that keeps getting mentioned? That 4 prestige vanity gives a +5 independent bonus to one skill or a +2 on one of your existing skills. Frankly, I believe it’s a prestige trap. Even in a 1-2 tier knowledge scenario (eg Library of the Lion) you’re looking at a DC14 check for the primary success and DC19 for the secondary success. That means if you have invested prestige in having the ‘scholar’ (really, it’s a work experience student wearing a mortarboard) you have just received a 55% chance of success at the primary check and a 30% success rate on the secondary DC at the very beginning of your career! That’s utterly woeful! And it just slides downhill from there. By 6-7 subtier, I guarantee you will ignore your independent bonus scholar vanity. If you don’t ignore it, you’re going to see your scholar have very low odds of knowing anything.

False arguments abound. If my fighter swings and misses, he swings again next round. If my spellcaster shoots a spell and he misses, he uses a different spell or maybe a supernatural ability next round. If my Pathfinder attempts a knowledge check, if he fails, he does not know about it. He doesn’t rack his brain in the next round. That’s it. It’s done. He doesn’t know.

I can already use magic to completely sidestep the Knowledge skill challenge. I can summon a genius/dwarven ancestors/every library book in the world. I can magically communicate with a colleague who has maxed their knowledge skills. What mundane methods do I have of preparing for knowledge skill challenges? The kid with the mortarboard? You’ve got to be kidding me.

I get that Pathfinders are meant to be David Attenborough in the body of Indiana Jones. I get that we’re all meant to have doctorates in xenoarchaeology/planar travel/exotic flora. It’s just with my experience of the current skills system, the expectation is totally not matching the reality.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Let's come up with some workable methods of filling in the hireling rules hole in PFS. I'd love to see the following in the Guide for Organised Play:

"If a party of Pathfinders has less than six members and all members of the party agree, they may choose to hire a Pathfinder Scholar to serve as a hireling for one scenario only. This scholar is under the GM's control. Aside from shouting to the PCs the information gleaned from a knowledge skill check, the scholar is cowardly and will not participate in any combat or lead the way in any dungeon. The scholar flees from any source of danger, imagined or otherwise, as best as he can.
While playing a 1-5 tier scenario, a scholar has two knowledge skills at +5 each.
At 3-7 tier, the scholar has three knowledge skills at +8 each.
Finally, at 7-11 play, the scholar has four knowledge skills at +11 each.
The party may determine which Knowledge skills they require for their mission.
If the party hired a scholar, at the end of the scenario the GM must deduct 20 per cent of the total gold earnt. This gold is paid to the Society for use of a valuable researcher. This transaction occurs even if the scholar somehow dies during a scenario.
In certain scenarios where the PCs do not have adequate preparation time, a GM can rule that the scholar service is not available. If a GM must determine the AC, saves and hitpoints of the scholar, use the statistics for the Wise Sage from the NPC Codex."

With rules like this in place, it could open the way for future scenario boons/vanities that could lessen the cost of scholar hire, give the scholar an extra skill or even have the scholar auto-assist knowledgeable Pathfinder PCs to boost up the characters that do allot knowledge skills.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

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Mystic Lemur's post just multiplied my love of living in Australia by a factor of about 1000.

Grand Lodge

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I play an elderly female dwarf Stonelord paladin in PFS, and I am loving it.

Granny Edelsteen

In terms of character inspiration, she's halfway between Nanny Ogg and The Godfather. Except, when she refers to the family, she calls them her sweeties, and they are the members of the party. She is a massive defense, high constitution and uses the Antagonize feat to draw enemy attacks away from her party members.

I am having a blast playing her and there's been a fair few times where the hardiest member of the group isn't the 7 foot tall half orc brimming with muscles, but the 4 foot tall, 4 foot wide ancient dwarf matriarch strapped in steel.

As far as gender changing the way I roleplay her, I've noticed something pretty strange. Granny Edelsteen doesn't seem to actively care about defeating/slaying/beating down the enemy. She is far more interested in ensuring no harm comes to her kin/adopted kin, and in doing so, the enemies plans tend to fall apart anyway. She doesn't actively wish ill upon the enemy. She sees them as misguided souls that get what's coming to them as soon as they draw steel against the party/family.

Of course, the Lawful Good alignment comes into it a lot, but as a trope, I think the bloodthirsty woman trope, just as the bloodthirsty man trope, doesn't appeal to me. Characters who have more going on in their lives are a bit more interesting than folks who live just for revenge. Granny Edelsteen doesn't talk about what the Aspis Consortium have planned for the party/family, she talks about her husband Henry and her granddaughters Mora and Maureen. It makes adventuring SO MUCH MORE PLEASANT!

I think to roleplay an old woman adventurer successfully, you need to think outside the box, especially so far as mainstream action adventure entertainment goes. But if you realize the realistic, elderly woman motivations, which seem to be based a lot more on love, relationships and bonding, than old man motivations, which seem to be based on rejection of the mainstream, teaching the younger generation values and self-sacrifice against the others, you can have some real fun. Of course, this might be totally different for a pessimist old woman character, but even so, I think you must have that focus on bonding and the importance of social relationships. There is also a lack of selfishness - interest in others achievements becomes a lot more pronounced too.

Come up with a few strong old lady motivations, be prepared to not be too grim and you can really have a ball with old lady adventuring.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

I ran this last weekend. There was a Dwarven Cleric of Torag. Valais started freaking out and asking the PCs why they couldn't feel 'it' looking at them. They rolled perception checks and realised the Dwarf's holy symbol was bent perfectly upside down, as if gravity had been reversed for holy symbols only. By the time a swarm of rats ran screeching in the opposite direction of the desk, the PCs were high-tailing it as well. They kept firing the Sleet Storm wand behind them, to slow down whatever was following behind.

I tried to post a glowing review last night, but the site ate it. Anyone know what's happening with the review system?

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

Willing to trade:
-Ifrit Boon/Paragon of the Society
-Undine Boon/Paragon of the Society
-Lingering Resonance

...for one Grippli boon.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

Andrew Christian wrote:

Sages and other scholars are not adventurers. They aren't going to go on the adventure with you.

So yeah, the answer is "too bad."

So if I bring the information to the sage, your flat rate for sages in town is 5 silver pieces? Is that correct?

I'd just like to reiterate that in the instance in the first post the hireling was not directly involved in any combat and in no shape or form did they grant any combat advantage whatsoever. It was 'Knowledge: History' when called upon, nothing more, nothing less. We already have strange situations with sidekick boon-granted translators, prestige scholars, slave accomplices, porters, heralds and animals.

The best thing we can do in order to prevent shenanigans with hiring hireling scholars is to draft tough but fair payment plans to ensure there is some (yet limited) scope for what they can and can't do for payment. Let's get an idea of what confidentiality costs. Let's get an idea of the cost of a +10 skill rank. The core rulebook hireling rules do not accomplish this.

The most effective suggestion this thread has had so far is the idea that all Pathfinder clerics and oracles should befriend skilled characters, then burn a level 4 spell slot to gain instant access to the skilled Pathfinder friend's skill array via Sending. Paying a scholar actually seems more 'fair play', should an equitable system be put forward, rather than be rejected outright.

Grand Lodge

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I can't hear you over the sound of the rushing, picturesque waterfall of delicious player tears. I can feel the spray of the salty air in my face. It is beautiful.

Grand Lodge

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O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!
Paizo, this is why I love you.

Grand Lodge

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If this scenario does not include at least one form of incredibly dangerous high-speed underground travel, I, for one, will be greatly disappointed.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

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Redward: Great finds. Thanks for that.

June: That sounds like a terribly short sighted decision in terms of character viability. Organic, yes, I guess so, but jeez! If you build a character based on taking a level of what could have dealt with a situation in the previous scenario then you’re going to end up with a mess of low level abilities. The developers have written the game rules to favour single classing, so when you pick 2sp, you’re stuck with it.

Scott: I don’t know where you’re getting this idea that all my characters are min-maxed specialists for one purpose only and that I am trying to get campaign management to change future scenarios. Maybe you need to put more ranks in sense motive? I am trying to get some clarification on fees for hiring experts in PFS play.

‘Build an appropriate character’ you say. Does this mean you suggest every player who makes a fighter should ignore then other archetypes and make a INT 13 or higher lore warden?

The very nature of the D&D paradigm is that the team together can handle any situation, but individual characters cannot. In terms of game design, it’s pretty self-evident that baseline INT, 2 sp classes are not made to handle vigorous skill checks. Playing a ‘Pathfinder Society Hero’ does not suddenly make my INT become 15 or higher, gain additional skill points and become a versatile hero capable of dealing with any archaeological situation. You are telling your builders to build a railway system while they’ve only got the supplies to build an elevator. And guess what? My 2sp elevators don’t even reach +12 or higher on ANY skill checks, not even the characters who have reached 7-11 play.

If I go to the temple and pay for a disease to be removed, does the party cleric complain that I’m making him redundant? No? Then why should contracting a historian make the highly skilled adventurers call foul play?

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

The game rules currently actively rewards neutral characters.
Holy/Unholy weapon enchantments should probably give negative levels to those darn neutrals.

The neutral mind-control loophole should probably be patched up at some point. In terms of Golarion lore and it's focus on light vs dark, it doesn't make that much sense that the strongest enchanters are the ones that refuse to pick a side.

I still haven't had a chance to play Waking Rune, but currently my opinion on the Lissala boons is that they were poorly implemented. If you are going to slap evil on the wrist, don't give evil the opportunity to choose not to play '4-99 The Wrist Slapping'. Because guess what? They will choose not to play it.

In terms of Season 5, I was surprised to see that a recent awesome magical item was neutral aligned when all the flavour for it seemed to favour good.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

What if I cast Sending?

“Kreighton! Randolf here. Giant golem asking us name of third son of third dynasty of Gulgakathol family. Wrong answer equals dead Pathfinders. Any ideas?”

Better yet, the wise sage can sit outside the dungeon and periodically get harassed by Animal Messengers and Bird Feather Tokens carrying tiny scraps of paper with messages asking for knowledge help. Or he can get woken up by repeated particulary noisy and demanding Scrying + Message spells.

Do we get a discount on the flat rate if Grampa Knowledge doesn't have to leave his easy chair?

Grand Lodge

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A Warlock has become unhappy because he has no lair!

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