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RPG Superstar 2013 Dedicated Voter, 2015 Star Voter. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,410 posts (1,562 including aliases). 52 reviews. No lists. 2 wishlists. 11 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.


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Can any budding entomologists weigh in and let us know how long it would take for a hollowed-out humanoid head's worth of bitey insects to suffocate to death?
We also need to know how much remaining air can pass through dead tissue to reach the insects within, and how this might change in an extradimensional space.

Are these ridiculous questions?

Grand Lodge

Post Paizocon, this scenario is now only runnable by 5 Star GMs or Venture Officers, is that correct?

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So lately I've been heading to games and have been pretty weirded out by seeing lots of 'respectable' Pathfinder Society agents with belts packed full of humanoid shrunken heads filled with live, biting insects.
Needless to say, I have some questions.

What is the price of a Stingchuck?
Are they PFS legal?
Where do the severed heads come from?
Why are the insects inside the severed head always alive?
How long does a Stingchuck last before the 'best-before' date?
Who prepares the severed heads and why don't they charge for their services?

Grand Lodge ****

Played it today with a low level Sloth Mage playing up - had a great time.
Got very scared during the fight with the Apocalypse Knights, loved the flavour of the tests. Really memorable scenario.
Of course, all the juicy plot developments with the Jeweled Sages were very welcome too.

Grand Lodge

I've been thinking about this and my thoughts was that even with the tech creation feats, you don't have any idea of WHAT you can make. Unless of course, you find an example of the creation. There's a big difference between being able to create tech items and being able to invent tech items.

So while you can't browse through the Tech guide and make whatever you like, you can say 'Oh, I know how a Laser Rifle is meant to work because we've got a crappy old broken version of one. I'm going to create a brand new laser rifle that works great!'

Maybe some NPCs from Brain Collectors onwards would be able to provide new recipes though?

Grand Lodge

Klokk wrote:

Raise dead is a 10k diamond thats required. and knowing a priest that will cast it.

I think your priest is a gold digger... Raise Dead only requires a 5,000 gold diamond.

Grand Lodge

Actually, with the Divinity crash you could argue that trapped exhaust particles localised in Numeria, compounded from 9,000 years of e-waste chemical fumes have created a heat-trapping greenhouse effect in the country centered on Starfall. CFCs destroy the ozone layer in the nation and then pollution in the air traps the heat and wards off the snows.

I do like the idea that Numerian farmers and scavengers would welcome the rains because all the metal-based robots would go into hiding during the wet season. Except when the rain turns out to be acid, of course.

Grand Lodge

I'm running it as having the climate of the Nullarbor Plain of Australia. Lots of dead trees, spinifex and dried up creeks amid rusted tin and corroded glaucite. Hot dry days, cold nights.

And before any geographers or meteorologists start complaining, let me say: One word - Magic.

Grand Lodge

Bladerunner soundtrack is amazing. <3 Vangelis.
Yeah, I play it low in the background in certain areas. For instance 'Music has the Right to Children' in the buried giant. Never play anything with vocals, it takes folks out of the game.

Grand Lodge ****

As a Iron Gods GM, I have been chronicling all the loot (tech and otherwise) on an excel spreadsheet for this entire AP. If this would be helpful for the chronicles, let me know and I can email it through.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I want another Tech AP to follow Iron Gods.
Except I want this one to be just INSANE. Multiple worlds, multiple timelines, physic-tearing magic and science and alternate reality versions of the Inner Sea.
Basically I want an Inner Sea Chrono Trigger.

Grand Lodge

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I have been using lots of music to create the atmosphere and mood of this weird fantasy/sci-fi adventure. The usual whole Wagner-esque epic battle fantasy music really doesn't fit right at all.

For me, the feeling is very much of lost technology and weird glimpses into a future that never really came true. I've been digging lots of synth, particularly John Carpenter. Judas Priest's famous track 'Hellion/Electric Eye' is also a must-listen.

Here are some of the music recommendations I've been using so far:

Com Truise - In Decay (fuzzed out 70s/80s synth)
Com Truise - Galactic Melt (not as strong as In Decay but still cool as hell)
Boards of Canada - Music Has The Right To Children (very haunting and perfect)
John Carpenter - Lost Themes (great for battles)
Perturbator - I Am The Night (a little too many verbal breaks but still great)
Syndicate Wars OST (So dark and sad, I'm going to use this for Starfall and put the city in perpetual night)

As always, support the musicians by buying their amazing work on iTunes or ordering their albums.
Do you have any Iron Gods music recommendations?

Grand Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Having digger conveyor belts that move 10 feet in one direction (towards certain death) every round could be cool.

Rusted iron spikes that can transmit tetanus in certain parts of the floor?

Hellion could open fire on the ceiling, resulting in an area attack of heavy falling glaucite debris against a tightly clustered party.

Puddles of shimmering pungent machine oil that explode into flame if a spark gets near them?

Hanging chains that can give PCs a bonus to acrobatics to jump or tumble if they use them?

Grand Lodge

You are a cruel and terrible God, Joe Homes.

Grand Lodge

Just handle it X-Com style.

When you're fighting them, no check is allowed unless someone has encountered them before and disseminated that data (usually, no).
After the creature is dead, if the body is still in one piece, allow an autopsy using the heal skill and relevant Knowledge skill to come up with some findings on the ET.

That way the smarter PCs in the group could write up their own logbook of all the alien autopsies they've led - valuable data indeed.

Grand Lodge ****

Whoo! This is awesome news! I am chuffed.

Grand Lodge

Just for others who stumble into this thread.
I would hold off before reading the Technology Guide.
You want a lot of this content to be a surprise!

I would also add that certain playstyles are favoured in Iron Gods

-Make sure you understand feat requirements for tech, including the Technologist feat as well as weapon proficiencies.
-Have a discussion with your GM about crafting feats and the campaign.
-Ranged damage characters get a lot more toys than melee, but the toys that melee gets are AWESOME.
-If you can find a way to become a Technomancer, do it.
-Brigh, Zyphus, the Dark Tapestry and the nature of divinity are all important in this adventure.

Grand Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Last night I got started on a major edit/rewrite of The Choking Tower.
Basically I am cutting a huge amount of dungeon crawling from the Choking Tower itself and writing an extended investigation into the Aurora, Iadenveigh and it's residents.
The chop and change should present no difference in PC wealth or challenge rating encounters.
The aim is to remove the no complexity combats and instead have a really tense, flavourful roleplay investigation that could only happen in Numeria. There will be a small number of tough fights rather than lots of average difficulty combats. There will be sweating. There will be personal questions.

Working title for now: The Voight-Kampff Project.
I'll be posting it all up when I'm done.

Grand Lodge

But djezeteel is an alloy of djezet, which is so magical small doses of it can pump up spell levels. I reckon it'd definitely add an affinity for magic.

Grand Lodge

Hrm, good point.

Dr Vahlen Marrow, tweaks:

Maybe her backstory could be tweaked a bit. Maybe they were demon-worshipping hobgoblins from up north, a clan that was being manipulated by fiends, and Marrow chose solitude and a life of lesser evil.

Maybe she had a scientific rival who cast her out from her original clan? The important thing is that the PCs get some information about her before they barge on in and enter a world of high level necromancy hurt. I'd also recommend moving her zombies to bolster the woeful lobotomites - otherwise even with her 'disrupt, not kill' spell set she might be too nasty.

I would imagine that Redfang suspects Marrow is vivisecting Whiskifiss and would happily lend 1-2 grenades to get revenge. However as the rules work, it seems difficult to use grenades on a flying target?

I would also recommend that conversation continues throughout combat, and if the party can reduce her to under 35 hit points, she becomes open to a conditional surrender - subject to the surgically altered PCs taking out the Lords of Rust. If you want to play up her 'evil' factor, she might even demand a steady stream of live subjects for the PCs to provide to practice on.

Grand Lodge

So I surgically altered Marrow to give a very X-Com Enemy Within-esque 'dark path' to cybernetics in the first arc of Iron Gods.

Dr Vahlen Marrow:

Female Hobgoblin Necromancer 9
NE Medium humanoid
Init +3; Senses Darkvision 60ft; Blindsight 10ft; Perception +4
AC 18 (+3 dex, +1 dodge, +4 shield)
hp 74 (9d6+36)
Fort +7 Ref +7 Will +8
Speed 30ft
Melee Dagger +5 (1d4+1/19-20)
Special Attacks Channel Negative Energy 5/a day (DC 14)
Necromancer Spell Like Abilities: Grave Touch (4 rounds) (CL9th; concentration +10)
Necromancer Spells Prepared (CL9th; concentration +10)
5th overland flight, waves of fatigue
4th enervation, contagion (leprosy) (DC17), arcane eye
3rd hold person (DC 16), lightning bolt (2) (DC16), vampiric touch
2nd blindness/deafness (DC 15) (2), command undead (DC 15), daze monster (DC 15), ghoul touch (DC 15), shatter (DC 15)
1st cause fear (DC 14), charm person (DC 14), magic missile (3), shield
0 (at will) bleed (DC 13), light, mending, touch of fatigue
Opposition schools: conjuration, illusion
STR 12, DEX 16, CON 16, INT 16, WIS 8, CHA 10
Base Atk +4; CMB +5; CMD 19
Feats Command Undead, Dodge, Iron Will, Scribe Scroll, Toughness, Technologist, Skill Focus: Heal, Craft Cybernetics
Skills Craft Alchemy +10, Fly +11, Heal +12, Knowledge Engineering +15, Knowledge Nature +15, Perception +4, Spellcraft +10
Languages Common, Goblin, Hallit, Orc, Androffan
SQ arcane bond (dagger), life sight, power over undead
Combat Gear: same.

This upgrade significantly increases the threat that Marrow poses to the PCs. In order to balance out her difficulty, allow the PCs to learn a bit more about her before the final battle. Before the PCs arrive in Scrapwall, Dinvaya (p.54) and Marrow have struck up an unlikely kinship. Marrow has fled her brutal race, who favour rigid hierarchies and martial violence rather than scientific tinkering. Dinvaya has fled the Technic League, who order that only amongst their number can learn the ways of science. They are both outcasts.

At one point Marrow had visited the temple of Brigh, keen to learn the skills of construct crafting from Dinvaya. Dinvaya can tell this story if the PCs donate technological gear worth 1,000gp or above to her. Secretly, the skills were to create the weapons required for a Rust-Risen, but Marrow didn't share that detail. Dinvaya's neutral nature and utter loneliness in Scrapwall warmed her to Marrow, and Marrow's appreciation of someone who could teach her something didn't hurt. Dinvaya learnt that Marrow was fascinated by the secret flesh-warping technology of cybernetics and craved to experiment and improve upon still-living flesh. She's bored of necromancy.

Marrow let slip to Dinvaya that her scalpel (dagger) is her arcane bond with great sentimental qualities to her. If the PCs somehow take the scalpel from Marrow, not only does she suffer the penalties of the Arcane Bond class feature, but she pleads to the PCs to not destroy the precious tool. If the PCs are open to severe bodily modification, and an uneasy alliance with a bored foul necromancer, a trade and ongoing business relationship may be on the cards...

Grand Lodge

I would totally use Many-As-One to warn that the Dominion of the Black has landed in Numeria, and that one of the Neh-Thalgu has achieved 'enlightenment'.


Grand Lodge

Mushu - It is made out of magical material and has spent enough time on Golarion to have experimented enough with magic - I would let it cast spells. A good precedent for this would be the Furkas apprentices.

Rinn - 3,000 charges per hour is... a crazy amount of power for ten by ten feet of hovering vehicle. Without having the text on hand, I imagine this means not even the super advanced geothermal generator complex could power a floating vehicle.

I would recommend having a transport vehicle with either an in-built reactor (dangerous if damaged or destroyed!) or multiple solar panels/solar sails to alleviate the power use problems.

We can also alleviate the weight/gravity issues by enchanting the vehicle to have multiple 'floating disc' spells remove a lot of the gravity problems. This will make the device fail to function in an antimagic field though.

Otherwise, if we want to go down the fuel route, we will probably need a sor/wiz/alchemist spell that allows use to use raw materials to synthesize a biofuel. For instance, you buy enough pounds of lead from a smelter or blacksmith, cast the spell and generate the fuel.

Grand Lodge

I was more talking about my own previous comments Mushu ;)

Grand Lodge

They are nocturnal creatures - they do most of their hunting at night to make the most of their Cloaked ability. While Kasatha has a red sky, at night their sky is just as black and star-lit as Golarion and Earth, except with three moons. Their underbellies are cloaked to night conditions, not day conditions. I am guessing the reference to azure colour is from moonlight, not the day sky.

The Numerians shouldn't have a name for Petromin as the only Petromin would have been on the fake Kasathan habitat on the Divinity. Unless they escaped?

Having said that, the flavour text makes it sound like a Petromin can adapt their coloration for any environment.

Grand Lodge

Amazing! Where is the artwork from?

Grand Lodge

Thanks Dragonchess - conversations always become a lot more on-point and constructive once we actually read the rules.

I've realised if I want to have my dream of Marrow being the only capable non TL cybertech surgeon for miles and miles, I've got to pump her up to being a level 9 necromancer. That's a spicy meatball for a low level party!

At least I'll be nerfing her feats with Skill Focus: Heal, Technologist and Craft Cybertech - all of which don't have immediate combat benefits.

Given that the party starts finding cybertech in book one, it's a bit of a shame the only viable mod-as-written cybertech surgeon is in the penultimate book.

Okay, now I've got to start brainstorming some requests Marrow can have for the hapless PCs, should they wish to have their bodies modified for the sake of super-science. There's got to be a new plot hook about why she might actually consider helping the folks who have single-handedly wiped out the Smilers.

Grand Lodge

There's a black card in that room. He has presumably been using it.

Grand Lodge

My understanding was that you need a laboratory to craft the implants, but there is no rules requirement about a location to surgically install them.

Perhaps any temple to a good, hygienic deity would suffice just as long as you have a surgeon with a decent Heal skill.
Personally I am thinking of having Marrow from Book 2 be the most talented surgeon on hand...

Grand Lodge

Hi there fellow GMs!

This thread is primarily for IG GMs, if you're a player, it might be an idea to not read any further...

IG: Fire of Creation is quite vague on the gambling games offered at Silverdisk Hall. I can appreciate that word limits mean that Paizo can’t write out Numerian gambling without word blow-outs. But I’ve also seen a few queries from like-minded GMs who are wondering how to handle the gambling RP that takes in place in this fantastic genre-fusion adventure.

So I’d like to share the game I used for my own campaign. It seemed to work very smoothly, and although my players beat the house, it also offers a deal of risk as well. Presenting, “Torch Take-All”!

The game is essentially 21, otherwise known as blackjack. All players are actually playing blackjack against one another, but they are also playing against simulated NPC opponents. I limited the number of NPC opponents to four. If you go higher, the winnings pool will be substantially larger.

0. The PC's are given 100 tokens by credit at the beginning, however give them the option to buy more tokens before the game starts if they want to risk even more.

1. Announce that the PCs are locked into the table for one round. One round equals five plays. Once the round is over they can cash out, however if they lose all their gold they must either buy more tokens or be thrown out of the establishment. PCs may not give tokens to their friends during a round. Nobody is allowed to show their cards to anyone else until the hands are revealed.

2. The table decides how much everyone has to bet if they want to play. I would recommend 20-50 gold per player. Everyone must match the amount (remember to include the NPC players!) The PCs get to decide this amount. If it is too much for them, they can sit out and not be involved in this play. You cannot sit out if the minimum bet of 10 gold is going ahead.

3. Deal two cards to each PC. They then get to check their cards.

4. Secretly roll a D10.
<Dice result of 1 to 4: NPCs hands have BLOWN!>
<5 – The NPCs highest score is 17 with two cards held>
<6 – 18 (two cards)>
<7 – 19 (two cards)>
<8 – 20 (two cards)>
<9 – 21 with two cards>
<10 – 21 with three cards>

5. Before the players have a chance to accept another card from the dealer, any PC with Sense Motive is allowed to make a check. Success means they get a sense of their NPC opposition and whether there is a 21 in play (a roll of 9 or 10) The DC becomes higher (DC25) if the amount bet is over 20 gold as the NPCs take more care to hide their emotions.
DC 20 - Either disappointment (blown), feigned confidence (17-19) or delight (20-21)

6. Once the sense motive checks are over, the PCs can then accept additional cards one at a time until everyone is either sitting, or blown.

7. Announce results! Of course, if you hold more cards, you beat someone who holds your score with less cards. If your results are still tied, both are declared the winners, and they split the pool. If everyone blows, the House takes the entire pool.

8. Shuffle the cards and start again!

Although this has worked well for me in-game, I’d be keen to amend it to increase the danger or include more skill usage.
I realise that this does not simulate a casino running at a profit. This is more to provide a simple, stream-lined gambling experience to the PCs.
Hope this helps!

Grand Lodge ****

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Venture Captain Valais Durant in Nerosyan.

Grand Lodge ****

A negative game option being a rules supplement not found in the Core Rulebook that has received a significant amount of negative feedback from PFS GMs and players over a number of weeks/months/years.


Grand Lodge ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Disk Elemental wrote:

No more Emergency Force Sphere. Rot in pit you unnecessary piece of rules bloat. You are the worst designed spell in all of PF, and that's an accomplishment. Arcane casters DO NOT need a get out of jail free as an immediate action.

*Thousands of men rise to their feet in applause. The sound is deafening.*

Grand Lodge

So excited for this one! And that cover artwork is damned scary too!

Grand Lodge ****

Just thought of something after playing The Technic Siege - cybernetics are subtle, unique and flavourful for Numerian Pathfinders.

On the chronicle sheets, why not trade out laser weaponry for dermal plating under the skin, undetectable skill chips slotted into neural matter, cybernetic muscles or enhanced optic nerves? This way the 'no sci-fi in my fantasy' crowd won't get alienated (no pun intended) as Numerian Pathfinders will look relatively normal - even if they do have 50,000 + gold of technological enhancements running underneath their skin!

Lazar: The Recharge spell has been banned from PFS organised play, in addition Timeworn items cannot be recharged and the Technomancer PRC (the only class capable of restoring Timeworn items) is also illegal. Every stop has been pulled to ensure tech items don't become a sustainable PC choice.

Grand Lodge ****

Just a note that the last Exclusive, Day of the Demon, came out Feb 26 2013.
In a month's time, it'll be over two years since an Exclusive was released.
A new Exclusive is well overdue.

Grand Lodge

Another point: Given that Memory of Function (a lvl 7 spell) can't remove the Timeworn condition, it seems silly that a level 4 spell like GMW with no material components can achieve it.

Grand Lodge

Technomancer’s Recondition Item (TRI)
Spell: Greater Make Whole (GMW)

As currently written, GMW is able to repair any piece of old, broken or damaged technology just as long as the caster level is high enough to cover the weight of the object being repaired (5lb per clvl).
However, there is a big question – can GMW restore timeworn technology back to perfect working order? RAW suggests that it does, as timeworn tech is described as being damaged. However, with the power of the spell being that great, what does it mean for the Technomancer’s Recondition Item class ability? Surely that becomes useless, as every piece of TW tech found would receive a GMW and thus become back to perfect condition?

One option which I am guessing, is that the timeworn status is also a problem for magic. The magic of GMW recognizes the timeworn status as an ‘original state’ and thus GMW could revert an item to be a new – but glitching – item as it still, technically, ‘works’ and is ‘whole’ (to a certain extent).

How are TRI and GMW meant to interact with one another?
Developer feedback would be adored.

Grand Lodge ****

Another mechanical side-step: Your porter doesn't have Charisma 15.

Grand Lodge ****

Eghhhhn. Technically, a scepter is a mace, unless it's a poorly made art object. I get that you wouldn't use it as a weapon but if a GM asked what you had in your hands and you said 'bomb in one hand, scepter in the other' I'd assume your PC was armed and combat could play differently.

Also, who gets inspired by a lowborn commoner holding aloft an art object? I think you're pushing the intentions of the reskin rules here and as a GM I'd redirect you to follow your feat as written.

Grand Lodge ****

That sounds like a mechanical benefit you're trying to gain there. Reskinning is simply for appearances. A reskin isn't allowed if the mechanics of the game are changed, which is what would happen if 'flag' got changed to 'mace'.

Your character needs to hold the flag.
Why not attach it to a long-spear or a lance? That'd be fine.

Grand Lodge ****

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Can I tick a box if I utter "I do this for Taldor" after copping a brutal critical hit?

This seems fun, but I'm a little worried a lot of the preconditions will be tied to combat. I hope you guys will still retain the faction storyline intrigue faction investigation that we saw in Season 5. For instance, the evolution of the Sczarni faction plotline was really nicely handled as Sczarni members tried to find out more about assassination plots. That seems a lot more richer and memorable than just ticking boxes everytime you flank a large opponent, or something along those lines.

Still, keen to see these cards come out!

Grand Lodge

Solomani if you do stat up a team of Technic League villains, can you please share? I'm doing some major alterations to Furk's base and would love to get the Technic League involved in this adventure.

Grand Lodge ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Iron Gods is an amazing Adventure Path and it deserves to be sanctioned.
At the same time, we're playing Pathfinder Society with Swords & Sorcery, not Nullblades & Zero Rifles.

In my mind, the best compromise is to sanction Iron Gods, but have a reward system for every piece of tech the PC manages to smuggle out of Numeria. The Decemvirate then repay the PCs handsomely on their chronicle sheets for managing to get items past the Technic League. They can't use them in vanilla PFS play, but they've been recognised as Numerian Smugglers.

There are around 23 technological items in Fires of Creation. Many are timeworn. What if the chronicle sheet gave vanilla PFS approved rewards depending on how many of these items the PCs manage to find as they progress through the first book of the adventure?

The best thing about the chronicle sheet system is it allows editorial creativity to bypass the immediate obvious barriers to AP sanctioning.

Grand Lodge ****

I would argue that you and your GM have ignored glaring sections of Iomedae's theology write-up. I would also say that your GM isn't running Iomedae or her church correctly by letting your PC get away with an Imp familiar.

Just curious - did you take the Evangelist cleric archetype? If so, you are supposed to be "voice of her religion in the world."
From the Iomedae wiki entry:
"With the exception of Asmodeus, she never associates or parleys with evil gods or fiends."
Not much room to wriggle there...

Even if you haven't taken divine casting benefits, your co-workers in the Church of Iomedae would turn that Imp into red paste in about six seconds... They wouldn't care if your character is 'subtly exploiting the imp.'

Why didn't you take a Lyrakien Azata? They're just as good at wielding wands and they don't want you and your friends to burn in eternal hellfire.

Grand Lodge ****


Grand Lodge Dedicated Voter 2013, Star Voter 2015

true_shinken wrote:

Brazilian here.

Has there ever been a non-north-american Superstar?

Matt Goodall is Australian.

Grand Lodge ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Another question: Can a medium sized cavalier take Undersized Mount and piggyback on the party barbarian as a mount?
Most barbarians could carry a fullplate wearing human cavalier with a lance and heavy steel shield and still be comfortably running around on a medium load.
We have already established precedent that bipedal mounts are fine thanks to the Society's love of Axebeaks.
The Barbarian could then gain from the Cavalier's Mounted Combat feat taking the pain away from their bad AC.
The Cavalier would benefit from a mount that is wayyyy harder to kill.


This is the logical stupid conclusion of the Undersized Mount feat so let's just go full gonzo and save everyone some time.

Grand Lodge ****

But then we would STILL have a character wealth imbalance as some characters would have played more dangerous, higher-tier missions and had to consume more character wealth in the form of consumables as a result. Your solution assumes that all liquid character wealth will be transferred to permanent, non-consumable assets. That's not what happens in the real world. Out-of-subtier rewards adjust for that likelihood.

Believe me! I've got a Signifer who's had to blow > 9,000 gold in magical consumables just to keep his snivelling hide in one piece.

Grand Lodge ****

Klair Loon Portrait

Klair Loon emerged from an ancient Haruka magic academy shortly after the Pathfinder Society's success over Runelord Krune. She and her sloth magic is widely distrusted by most within the Society, with the exception of Kreighton Shaine, who finds her lovely (Student boon).

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