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KestlerGunner's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Dedicated Voter, 8 Season Star Voter. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,441 posts (1,593 including aliases). 52 reviews. No lists. 2 wishlists. 11 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.


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Grand Lodge ****

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Congratulations Venture Captain!

People have always had nice words to say about you on these boards. I'm sure in your new position you'll be able to take PFS organised play to even greater heights and build our hobby even more.

While I'm sure you've got a big to-do list, could we get you to take a peek at sanctioning Iron Gods? We wrote up some first draft chronicle sheets for this epic adventure, but they could use your editorial help!

Grand Lodge

Oh god, Sam, that sounds really, really bad!
I can't believe your players weren't more distraught!

Grand Lodge

Just chiming in on what Wraith235 said.

Grand Lodge ****

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While her hologram is deceiving me,
she steals my technology.
Her Robojack got control of me
I turn to her and say:

Don't draw a Nullblade in the town of Iadenveigh; oh no!
Don't cast Aid on the Yaoguai hiding in the shade;
(oh no) (I can't believe it)
You got it made if you're packing chainsaw blades; oh no!

Grand Lodge ****

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I wear my veemod goggles at night
So I can, So I can
Ignore the Dominion of the Black while they collect their claim
And I wear my veemod goggles at night
So I can, So I can
Praise to Brigh that's right before my eyes

Grand Lodge ****

I like cybernetic eyes.
I like irradiated liver.
Please deliver.

Grand Lodge

Name: Zinzin Jin
Race/Class: Tengu Sorceror
Adventure: Fires of Creation
Location: Central Reactor
Cause of Death: The final boss battle with Meyanda.
The fight didn't start off well as Zinzin pulled the pin out of a bang grenade and ran at the nefarious android priestess. He clearly wanted to die. The resulting explosion blinded the Tengu but Meyanda was relatively unfazed.
What followed was an endless torrent of negative energy as Meyanda took turns firing at the reactor and blasting the entire party with the evil energy of Hellion.
Of course, all Tengu have hollow bones and not even a sorcerer's will could protect Zinzin from the horrifying damage. He was still stuck in the channel radius when she let off her last 11 damage blast, shortly before being cut into pieces in the corner of the reactor.
Thankfully, Torch had a debt to repay, and the plucky bird was restored to relative health, though now with a heart full of vengeance for Hellion.

Grand Lodge

Solomani: I'd have patrols of two Myrmidarch robots escorting a Giga-Gearsman on Silver Mount borders. Let the party use a telescope of V-mod goggles to see the horrifying patrols from a distance before any attacks occur. Ash giants bribed by the Technic League are another option.

If they want to close down the patrols, they have to shut down the Technic League controls in Starfall. That can be your hook to see them meet the Mockery.

If they want to continue, on their heads be it.

Grand Lodge ****

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Choking: Ever since I saw artwork of the Aurumvorax cloak I've really wanted one for my characters. Both the Black Sovereign and a certain sniper in the Scar of the Spider have one, I love how it's become Numerian fashion.

Divinity Drive: Battleaxe seems strange. Chainsaw would be a better fit. Hah! What about one-handed firearm (any)? ;)

Reworked Nutrient Paste boon for Choking Tower:

This is easily the most controversial boon written, so I am smacking it hard with the nerf-bat.

Nutrient Training Node: You are obsessed with the colorful patterns and increasingly complex logical progressions of the paste-dispensing Nutrient Training Node. Your obsession with the patterns has done something exciting to your brain.
If you select this boon, the nutrient paste treats your skill ability modifiers for all Intelligence skills as if your Intelligence score was two points higher. This does not grant extra skill ranks to spend, it merely boosts the ability modifiers of all Intelligence skills.

Nutrient Training Node: You are obsessed with the colorful patterns and increasingly complex logical progressions of the paste-dispensing Nutrient Training Node. Your obsession with the patterns has done something exciting to your brain.
You immediately gain five skill points to spend as you see fit. This boon does not allow you to bypass the one skill rank per hit dice limit.

These options keep the Int boost but removes the most broken element (DCs for int based casters). I think this is a better fit as it keeps it cool without making the Choking tower chronicle sheet a 'must get'.

Grand Lodge ****

Codanous wrote:

In response to KestlerGunner’s request(I hope you are in for a bit of reading, this pushed 1200 words):

S'all good man - appreciate it!

I am following Campaign management on access to batteries, recharging and lasers on chronicles. They have been very conservative on this, so I thought it'd make their lives easier to follow their lead. So, this means most advanced beam weaponry hasn't made it onto the sheets. I can see the long-term planning and reasons for this and I'm following their lead. We could have 'trap option' beam weaponry put on the sheets but I think that would hurt both the lovers and the haters of sci-fi and be a messy mistake.

Detailed feedback:

Fires: Yes, I agree that level 2 characters would be thrashed.
As for TW items, I think a TW nanite hypogun and the TW proximity helmet would be great choices. Would they have 10 charges each (to make them less of a trap?) or less?

Lords: The party actually receives a fair few gas grenades in LoR and as they are written to work closely off an existing spell effect, I didn’t think the restriction had to be so tight.
As much as I like the separate gang boons idea, PFS is neutral and good aligned. This would cross out anyone working with the Smilers.
It could be cool to have a Redtooth’s Raiders boon that could give a limited access to some ratfolk racial style fighting abilities for one combat.
The Steel Hawks aren’t really expanded upon enough as I don’t think the author expects a fight with them. I don’t know what we’d do for their boon.

Choking: I haven’t GM’ed this one yet, but reading dungeon floor after dungeon floor filled with traps that don’t seem to combine in devious ways made me pretty bored, to be honest. For this AP, the tech items are the new and exciting part – not traps.
The nutrient paste boon is strong but to water it down would essentially make it unrelated to the tech item described. Unless you have a boon where you chow down some paste and gain bonuses to your knowledge skills? There’s a few options to water this one down.

Valley: Thanks for the positive feedback! I think the cert is a reflection on the quality of the adventure!

Palace: You’re totally right – the white lens veemods should be added. The single use of a charge lasts for an entire day, so it’s a good use.
As for Magus Bane, I’ve played a character with the feat up to level 13 in PFS, and my experience is that it is not overly powerful at all. I don’t think it’s something to be worried about.

Divinity: I love this idea, giving players to make their own custom deity to make a new Cleric character for PFS! It really adds the special factor without as raw a power boost as a stat bonus.
However, and this is a big however, how do we handle choice of favoured weapon? Would every Casandalee favour the greatsword or earthbreaker and would it lead to power creep with some divine classes? And would the boon be useless if people have no desire to play a divine character? It would take some power-gamers to narrow down the options, maybe. Just need to develop a plan to avoid folks cherry-picking the best domains and best weapons for the new Goddess.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Download pdf here.

I put together a handy inventory sheet to help track battery usage in weaponry, armour and devices.
Also contains a handy section for magic item slots and nanite canisters.
Feel free to download and use.

Grand Lodge ****

So, aside from arguing about Paizo's no-retrospective-credit rule, does anyone who has read or played the Iron Gods adventures have any feedback on the draft chronicles I wrote? Any other boon ideas? Or have you spotted any mistakes?

Keen to hear more feedback to tweak the chronicles a bit.

Grand Lodge ****

Done. Done-done-done-done.
Finishing this made my head hurt. I am 86% sure I can think up some better boons for this adventure, but dear Unity above not right now.

The Divinity Drive chronicle sheet:

Sanctioned areas:
Area D onwards, including A15 and the shuttle bay (A17).
Under the section 'Crippling Unity' (p50 TDD), ignore the following victory point requirements:
- Bastion (C21)
- Fengar (B4)
- Inhibitor Facet (Lords of Rust)

This reduces all requirement thresholds for victory points by four points. For example, it only takes four victory points before Unity loses direct control over ship systems beyond the computer core. Unity loses use of laser turrets as spell conduits at one victory point.

The reactivated teleporter in area G6 leads to area A15. The discovery of section A15 should not start exploration and adventuring within the Secondary Engineering Deck, but should instead be a means to direct the PCs straight to area A17 for the showdown with Unity's Overlord Robot. Please remove all encounters and treasure from the Secondary Engineering Deck except for area A17.

The Divinity Drive
Level 15-17
Slow gold: 47,500
Normal gold: 95,000

Arms of the Iron God: You sacrifice your own arms and spine to assimilate a favoured creation of the dead god Unity. For 40,000 gp you may purchase and install the Arms of the Iron God (p60 TDD).

Manipulated the Godmind: Following the death of Unity, you spent weeks to months within the Godmind, obsessed by the possibility of a technological path to divinity. From this empowered realm, you practiced the manipulation of fate, benefiting the rare individuals you favor. When you select this boon, choose one of your own Pathfinder Society characters who shares the same alignment or religion with the hero that completed this adventure.

This adventurer gains a permanent +2 to a stat score of your choice.
In addition, this new hero can benefit from a Cure Light Wounds spell (CL 5th) cast as a swift action. This ability may only be used three times before all benefits, including the stat boost, are lost.
__________________ PFS ID:_________-____ GM Initials: ______
□ □ □

Cybernetic Arm (TG) (4,750 gp)
Cybernetic Leg (TG) (8,500 gp)
Dermal Plating (mark III) (TG) (36,000 gp)
Implanted Weaponry (TG) (10,000 gp)
Wirejack Tendons (mark I) (TG) (8,000 gp)
Cylex (TG) (3,600 gp)
Gravity Grenade (TG) (2,250 gp)
Inferno Grenade (TG) (750 gp)
Soft Grenade (TG) (750 gp)
+1 shock chainsaw (TG) (11,000 gp)
+1 chainsaw (TG) (5,000 gp)
+5 dancing greatsword (162,350 gp)
Staff of Healing (29,600 gp)
Major Ring of Cold Resistance (28,000 gp)

Grand Lodge

Howdy Mike Shel,

I don't know how familiar you are with the chronicle sheet system for Pathfinder Society Organised Play. I gave writing a chronicle sheet a crack for Valley of the Brain Collectors. Thought it'd be worthwhile seeking your feedback!

Chronicle sheet posted here.

It'd be awesome if you could have a read and offer some feedback, or some alternate PFS boons if you had any in mind while writing this adventure!

Many thanks,

Grand Lodge

Hi Tim,

I don't know how familiar you are with the chronicle sheet system for Pathfinder Society Organised Play. I gave writing a chronicle sheet a crack for Palace of Fallen Stars. It's an awesome adventure and it'd be sweet to have sections of the adventure sanctioned for PFS gamers.

Chronicle sheet posted here.

It'd be awesome if you could have a read and offer some feedback, or some alternate PFS boons if you had any in mind while writing this adventure!

Many thanks,

Grand Lodge ****

Whoo-hoo! Writing this chronicle sheet was exciting.

The sanctioned area of Palace of Fallen Stars works really well. It effectively makes a high level 3XP module where a crack team of Pathfinders has to infiltrate the Technic League headquarters to find and assassinate Ozmyn Zaidow.

Palace of Fallen Stars chronicle sheet:
Sanctioned areas: Part 3 (The Technic League)
Swap the locations for Gryne Rasik and Ozmyn Zaidow. Gryne is in E13 with three Gearsmen Battleguards while Ozmyn Zaidow has adopted Kyton bodyguards at H5.
The PCs gain access to 'Surrendered to the Scalpel' if they slay Krimox the Thrice-Flensed. The PCs gain access to 'Zernebeth's Lessons' only if Zernebeth survives the module. If they do not meet these conditions, cross the boons off the chronicle sheet.
Level 13-15
Slow gold: 27,500
Normal gold: 55,000

Select one of the following boons and cross the others off your Chronicle sheet.
Magus Bane: You defeated Ozmyn Zaidow, leader of the infamous arcane Technic League. Enemy spellcasters find it hard to concentrate in your presence. As a swift action, you may choose to gain all the benefits of the Disruptive feat for ten rounds. When you use this ability, cross off a box. Once all three boxes are crossed out, cross this boon off the chronicle sheet.
□ □ □

Surrendered to the Scalpel: You fought a bloody path to gain full access to the Technic League's medical laboratories and you intend to make the most of this resource. You may purchase and gain the full benefits of any grade of Dermal Plating (p37 TG). When you do so, you gain a 20% discount on the purchase.

Zernebeth's Lessons: You spared the life of the Irriseni Technic League Captain Zernebeth. In exchange, she tells you of her near-death experience within the technological dungeons of Silver Mount. When adventuring within Silver Mount, you gain a +2 bonus to initiative and perception checks.

Azonite Pellets (TG) (100 gp)
Cardioamp (TG) (4,550 gp)
Hemochem (Mark III) (TG) (750 gp)
Hemochem (Mark V) (TG) (1,250 gp)
Torpinal (TG) (300gp)
Zortaphen (TG) (2,250 gp)
Frag Grenade (TG) (750 gp)
Soft Grenade (TG) (750 gp)
Zero Grenade (TG) (750 gp)
Biofilter (TG) (16,000 gp)
Cybernetic Arm (TG) (4,750 gp)
Cybernetic Leg (TG) (8,500 gp)
Implant Mesh (PoFS) (5,000 gp)
Thoracic Nanite Chamber (Mark II) (TG) (32,000 gp)
Nullblade (TG) (58,835 gp)
+3 martyring O-Yoroi armour (28,700 gp)
Scroll of Lightning Bolt (CL9) (limit 1 only) (675 gp)
Scroll of Greater Planar Ally (Interlocutor Kyton only) (limit 1 only) (3,000 gp)

Grand Lodge ****

Here is the Valley of the Brain Collectors chronicle sheet.

This one needs the most direction for the GM as a large amount of the Valley is cut. The adventure is reduced to two sites. First, the original landing site of the invaders. After which, the PCs can track the otherworldly enemy to their new base.

Valley of the Brain Collectors chronicle sheet:

Sanctioned areas: Part 4 (Dominion of the Black)
The PCs begin with Area E (The Machine Caves) cleared of enemies and serving as a base of operations for the adventure. Binox and Isuma are alive and friendly towards the PCs, offering their gratitude that the heroes seek to stop the Dominion of the Black gaining a foothold in Numeria. This includes free access and use of Area E9 (Geothermal Generator Array) with an installed Power Cable (TG).
Level 10-12
Slow gold: 16,625
Normal gold: 33,250

Shattered Psyche: An oracle PC may trade out their current Oracle curse for the new Oracle curse 'Shattered Psyche' (p57 VotBC).
Shattered Psyche: Your mind is crowded with dozens of voices, fragmented snippets of your past lives. You take a -2 penalty on all Intelligence-based skill checks, Wisdom-based skill checks, and concentration checks. You gain a +4 competence bonus on saving throws made against mind-affecting effects. At 5th level, you're immune to charm effects. At 10th level, you're immune to compulsion effects. At 15th level, you're immune to all mind-affecting effects.

Select one of the following boons and cross the others off your Chronicle sheet.
Fighting That Which Lies Between The Stars: You have faced the horrors of the Dark Tapestry and are one of the few who have survived the encounter with both mind and body mostly intact. As a result, you have developed greater mental fortitude against such cosmic horrors. You receive a +1 bonus on saves against fear and confusion effects.

Flesh Valve Fighter: Fighting your way through the living interior of a Dominion base has left you calm and viciously effective when trapped inside another creature. When swallowed whole, you gain a +4 to damage. This effect persists for 1d6 rounds even after you escape a creature's insides.

Explode Everything: Before the Society took the artifact away for further study, you saw the destructive power of the weapon known only as a "rocket-launcher". From now on, you can choose to make your fire spells more explosive. Whenever you cast a spell that deals fire damage, you may choose to make half the damage as bludgeoning damage. In addition, the spell does +1 damage per damage dice. When you have used this ability three times, cross this boon off your chronicle sheet.
□ □ □

Fleshnet Cannon (limit 3 only) (VotBC p63) (3,000 gp)
Mouthpiece of the Dominion (VotBC p74) (8,000 gp)
Optical Turrets (VotBC p75) (6,000 gp)
Cybernetic Eyes (Cybertech) (TG) (4,000 gp)
Cybernetic Arm (Cybertech) (TG) (4,750 gp)
Skill Slot (Cybertech) (TG) (2,000 gp)
Mark IV Skillchip (Any Skill) (TG) (6,400 gp)
Thoracic Nanite Chamber (mark I) (Cybertech) (TG) (8,000 gp)
Filter mask (TG) (4,500 gp)
Arc Grenade (limit 1 only) (TG) (750 gp)
Gravity Grenade (limit 1 only) (TG) (2,250 gp)
Inferno Grenade (limit 1 only) (TG) (750 gp)
Staff of Healing (29,600 gp)

Grand Lodge ****

Cheers for the feedback Mitch.
Scarred by Soothe was only applicable for an intimidate check but yes, it looks like I deleted that important detail in editing!

I agree that book one should probably be Tier 2-4. That would probably reduce the gold to 4,800 (normal). Level 2 adventurers would have a very difficult time, but at the same time, level 5 adventurers would find it too easy. The Technologist feat and Hardness rules pump up the challenge a bit.

The Choking Tower boons are pretty powerful - it probably happened as a result of really wanting to get the Nutrient Training Nodule in there somewhere. It's a neat item and it'd be sad if it got cut from the chronicle completely. Yet, as written, maybe the boon is too powerful. I debated making the player subtract all gold and benefits derived from Day Job checks, but that seemed like too much work and I'm not aware of any precedent of that occurring on a chronicle.

I wrote the boons following from my own experience with the power level of 3XP module chronicles...

Feast of Ravensmoor, Carrion Hill and No Response From Deepmar
These modules give permanent saving throw bonuses against dangerous and common effects. So it seemed more specialised options aren't too bad.

Having said that, maybe the Medbay Cleansing boon should be reduced to a +1 vs disease with no reroll options.
Or keep it as is, and add the three tick-off boxes before the boon is used up.

Grand Lodge ****

Halfway there. Here is 'The Choking Tower' chronicle sheet.

This adventure is probably the least technological/sci-fi focused of the entire Adventure Path. Although some of the earliest parts of this adventure are the most interesting, the +3xp limit meant this chronicle focuses on the dungeon crawl taking place within Choking Tower itself. Still, the township of Iadenveigh can be used as a great base of operations during the delve.

The Choking Tower chronicle sheet:

The Choking Tower
Sanctioned areas: Parts 3 (Smokewood) and 4 (Beneath a smoke-filled sky).
Level 7-9
Slow gold: 8,400
Normal gold: 16,800

Select one of the following boons and cross the others off your Chronicle sheet.
Nutrient Training Nodule: You are obsessed with the colorful patterns and increasingly complex logical progressions of the paste-dispensing Nutrient Training Node. Your obsession with the patterns has done something exciting to your brain.
If you select this boon, you forgo all future day job rolls, including any use of the day job reward from special boons or other chronicle sheets. In return, the nutrient paste grants you a +1 permanent enhancement bonus to your Intelligence score.

Where There's Smoke: Constant ambushes from the ghostly Technic League mage Furkas Xoud has made you experienced in fighting within low visibility conditions.
From this point on, whenever an enemy spell caster casts fog cloud, stinking cloud, solid fog or cloudkill, make a perception check. If your result is 25 or higher, you may ignore any concealment the fog grants.
Every time you use this ability successfully, tick a box. When you have used this ability successfully for the third time, cross this boon off the chronicle sheet.
□ □ □

Thoughts Harvested: The best minds of the Pathfinder Society repaired the Thought Harvester you defeated at the bottom of the Choking Tower. They offer to use the robot's unique abilities to remove your darkest fears from your subconscious. You accept their offer.
Your worst fear has now been wiped from your mind, captured and stored away in a glass bauble. From this point forward, you are immune to the spell Phantasmal Killer.

Blue Scatterlight Suit (TG) (3,600 gp)
Cureall (limit 2 only) (TG) (1,400 gp)
Cardioamp (limit 1 only) (TG) (4,550 gp)
Cureall (limit 1 only) (TG) (1,400 gp)
Hemochem Mark III (limit 3 only) (TG) (750 gp)
Torpinal (TG) (300 gp)
Hivebrain Symbiote (limit 3 only) (TCT p61) (1,000 gp)
Mark II Wirejack Tendons (TG) (32,000 gp)
Wand of Gust of Wind (18 charges) (1,920 gold)
Wand of Cure Serious Wounds (22 charges) (4,950 gold)
Gremlin-Skin Drum (TCT p60) (6,000 gp)
Rod of Gripping Smoke (TCT p61) (15,000 gp)

Grand Lodge ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Okay, I did Lords of Rust. Lemme know what y'all think.

Lords of Rust chronicle sheet:
Lords of Rust
Sanctioned Areas: Area P (Haunted Wreck) then the entirety of Part 3, run encounters as if the PCs have accumulated 8-9 Scrap Worth (see p35 LoR).
Level 4-6
Slow gold: 3,378
Normal gold: 6,756

Select one of the following boons and cross the others off your Chronicle sheet.
Scarred by Soothe: You have healed your wounds using the foul Numerian drug Soothe. Your scar tissue is noticeably severe as a result. Once a session you can subtly emphasize your misshapen scars to reroll the check with a +4 bonus. You must take the second result.

Spirits Above and Beyond: You have exorcised the alien undead residing in the ruins of the Chrysalis. Golarion's horrors no longer seem so bad. You gain a permanent +2 bonus to saves against fear effects.

God Killer: You have laid low the Iron God Hellion and in doing so, learnt there is little to fear in divine evil. At any one time during your adventuring career you may choose to completely ignore a divine spell or a channeling of negative energy. You may use this boon after you've determined whether you have saved successfully against the spell or channel or not. When you use this ability, cross this boon off the chronicle sheet.

Your Faith is my Armour: After you destroyed the Iron God Hellion, you collected blackened scraps of steel that made up his advanced robotic chassis. Sensing the power within, you hammered these materials into your armour.
You may enchant any metal magical armour or shield you own with the Energy Resistance armour property, however this enchantment only protects against negative energy. The cost of the enchantment is reduced from 18,000 gp to 9,000 gp.

Cureall (limit 2 only) (TG) (1,400 gp)
Soothe (LoR p63) (200 gp)
Cylex (limit 3 only) (TG) (3,600 gp)
Concussion Grenade (limit 1 only) (TG) (750 gp)
Gas Grenade (LoR p62) (750 gp)
Inferno Grenade (limit 1 only) (TG) (750 gp)
Plasma Grenade (limit 1 only) (TG) (1,600 gp)
Zero Grenade (limit 1 only) (TG) (750 gp)
Red Scatterlight Suit (TG) (1,400 gp)
Skill Slot (Cybertech) (TG) (2,000 gp)
Mark I Skillchip (Any Skill) (TG) (400 gp)

Grand Lodge ****

Good thinking Fox.
I like limiting the grenades to 1 each, to make them more of that really special "only for emergencies!" style item.

I was seriously considering including the Inferno Pistol but then chose not to, for two reasons. The first was the number of folks who reacted poorly to the sci-fi genre being in their fantasy. While it's easy to conceal a Numerian brain implant, it's harder to conceal a glowing red crystalline laser pistol.

The second is the cost. 5,000 gp for 10 shots of 1d6+1 fire damage is a bit of a trap option IMHO.
Having said that, there has been a precedent set with Timeworn laser pistols on chronicles, so maybe it can get included!

Grand Lodge ****

I wrote a Chronicle for Fires of Creation, following the standard format set by Rise of the Runelords.
I chose to remove much of the 'zap-zap! pew-pew!' technology and retained the more subtle tech that's been featuring on Season 6 chronicles, such as hidden implants, advanced grenades and alien/Technic League drugs.
Be keen to hear some feedback from folks who have played or GM'ed FoC.

Spoilers ensue obviously.

Fires of Creation chronicle sheet:

Fires of Creation
Sanctioned Areas, C1 to D9 (including the warehouse)
Level 3-5
Slow gold: 2,400
Normal gold: 4,800

Select one of the following boons and cross the others off your Chronicle sheet.
League Agents Everywhere: After the betrayal of a trusted town member, you begin to suspect Technic League agents are hiding everywhere. Once per session, you can reroll a Sense Motive check and add 2 to your result. You must accept the second result.

Medbay Cleansing: You discovered a highly advanced medical bay, and after extensive repairs, managed to gain some benefits. Your body has been cleansed by a star-faring disease control system that uses a cocktail of nanites and chemicals. Some of this formula is still present within your body, making it more difficult for foreign bodies to infect you. Once per session, you can reroll a Fortitude save versus disease and add 2 to your result. You must accept the second result.

Petromin Familiar: You discover a cryogenically frozen alien animal. A caster with the familiar class feature may bond with a captured desert dwelling alien Petromin. If you make this bond with the captured alien creature, you must provide a copy of Fires of Creation following the rules for Additional Resources.

Pilo Animal Companion: You discover a cryogenically frozen alien animal. A character with the animal companion class feature may bond with a captured desert dwelling alien Pilo. If you make this bond with the captured alien creature, you must provide a copy of Fires of Creation following the rules for Additional Resources.

Spent Fuel Rod: You survived a battle in the core of a nuclear reactor and you found an unconventional weapon in that hellish place. You hold an irradiated nuclear fuel rod encased in a flimsy lead lining. You can throw this object like a thrown weapon - treat the square it lands in as if a 7th level caster had cast Irradiate (p9 Technology Guide) in that location (Fortitude save DC 17) When you use this item, cross this boon off your chronicle.

Vitality Serum (limit 1 only) (p61 FoC) (500gp)
Universal Serum (limit 1 only) (p61 FoC) (400gp)
Torpinal (limit 1 only) (TG) (300gp)
Bang Grenade (limit 3 only) (TG) (250gp)
Flash Grenade (limit 3 only) (TG) (750gp)
Grade I Hemochem (limit 1 only) (TG) (250gp)
Panic Suit (limit 1 only) (TG) (2,000gp)
Grippers (TG) (100gp)
Skill Slot (Cybertech) (TG) (2,000gp)
Mark I Skillchip (Any Skill) (TG) (400gp)

Grand Lodge

I agree Solomani. The Choking Tower itself is wayyyy too big and so many of the encounters, while flavourful, are just not Iron Gods or metaplot related. Especially when they come after Scrapwall. I am definitely massively cutting this dungeon down. My players are just at the start of Book 2, so it'll be a while before I post the replacement intrigue.

Grand Lodge ****

Mike, your record speaks for itself. You took Pathfinder Society Organised Play and massively and effectively expanded it in a way even the most optimistic industry watchers couldn't have predicted. You developed an enormous, international network of organisers, volunteers and contacts and worked hard to maintain and grow that world-spanning network. But it wasn't just numbers - you also held tenure over some of the best storylines of the organised play campaign with the greatest plot twists and turns that kept players desperate to find out what happens next.

It was an honour to volunteer as a VO under your leadership. I wish you the best. I know that your new workplace will appreciate having such an organised and passionate leader in their organisation.

Happy gaming.

Grand Lodge ****

Yup, my irradiated, mutated Numerian fingers are crossed. All twelve of them!

Grand Lodge ****

I am *guessing* Absalom native, but then as he grew up he became truly cosmopolitan?

Grand Lodge

I've levelled a Tengu Arcane Duelist bard to 13th level.
Granted, no flagbearer and no bodyguarding going on.
I've never, ever come across a table that didn't want the team buffs.
If you're worried about removing the challenge of the game, maybe don't let the buffs flood until they're truly needed?

Grand Lodge ****

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Just chiming in to say that I personally love androids and hate anthro cat people!
Everyone has 'em!
Hope this is useful for the campaign coordination!

Grand Lodge ****

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Eh. I don't buy into fans giving the developers/creators a free pass just because they have events on their calendar. PFS sanctioning should be written into the development calendar of every adventure product Paizo releases. Unless, of course, they decide that it's not suitable (eg WOTR).

If they don't have the staff to get the job done, delegate volunteers. There's plenty of open call authors/VOs/Superstar finalists that would happily take on the task.

Grand Lodge ****

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This is going to be a real challenge for the scenario writers.
By and large enemy humanoids with class levels always fall to the PCs because the wealth difference is so large, they are vulnerable to every status condition and their stats are comparatively poor compared to monsters.
Unless the Aspis agents outnumber the PCs, they're going to get rolled every time.
In the few times that an Aspis combatant has been scary, they've had half the scenario treasure equipped, the terrain is massively in their favour and they are at least two levels higher than the team of PCs. Also summoning.
Maybe the Aspis can hire some monster-tamers to keep the challenge up?
I appreciate the narrative direction to 'reboot' the Consortium, but I'm seriously expecting Season 7 to be easy mode.
Really hoping and praying that PFS didn't peak with the Lissala Season + Worldwound Season back to back.

Grand Lodge ****

Master Kuro Poe, formerly of the Lantern Lodge, has emerged from the other side of Eyes of the Ten.
Chaotic Good Tengu Bard (Arcane Duelist) 13.
As a result of his actions, he has been promoted by the Decemvirate to the title of Venture Captain.
He has spent the required prestige and is now building a new Pathfinder Society Lodge in the city of Hisuikarasu in the developing nation of Kwanlai.
At the same time, he is doing whatever work he can for Amara Li and Lady Sutarai-Gongen, ruler of Kwanlai
He is also keeping his dancing skills up by choreographing a major musical that will open in Goka in two months.

Some other promotions in Melbourne, Australia:
Venture Captain Telathelara - Elf Monk 13
Venture Captain Savroth - Tiefling Sorceror 13
Venture Captain Buck Beastwood - Human Gunslinger/Inquisitor 13
The Eyes of the Ten series was GM'ed by RPG Superstar Matt Goodall :) Can't wait for the next retirement arc!

Grand Lodge ****

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Can any budding entomologists weigh in and let us know how long it would take for a hollowed-out humanoid head's worth of bitey insects to suffocate to death?
We also need to know how much remaining air can pass through dead tissue to reach the insects within, and how this might change in an extradimensional space.

Are these ridiculous questions?

Grand Lodge

Post Paizocon, this scenario is now only runnable by 5 Star GMs or Venture Officers, is that correct?

Grand Lodge ****

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So lately I've been heading to games and have been pretty weirded out by seeing lots of 'respectable' Pathfinder Society agents with belts packed full of humanoid shrunken heads filled with live, biting insects.
Needless to say, I have some questions.

What is the price of a Stingchuck?
Are they PFS legal?
Where do the severed heads come from?
Why are the insects inside the severed head always alive?
How long does a Stingchuck last before the 'best-before' date?
Who prepares the severed heads and why don't they charge for their services?

Grand Lodge ****

Played it today with a low level Sloth Mage playing up - had a great time.
Got very scared during the fight with the Apocalypse Knights, loved the flavour of the tests. Really memorable scenario.
Of course, all the juicy plot developments with the Jeweled Sages were very welcome too.

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I've been thinking about this and my thoughts was that even with the tech creation feats, you don't have any idea of WHAT you can make. Unless of course, you find an example of the creation. There's a big difference between being able to create tech items and being able to invent tech items.

So while you can't browse through the Tech guide and make whatever you like, you can say 'Oh, I know how a Laser Rifle is meant to work because we've got a crappy old broken version of one. I'm going to create a brand new laser rifle that works great!'

Maybe some NPCs from Brain Collectors onwards would be able to provide new recipes though?

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Klokk wrote:

Raise dead is a 10k diamond thats required. and knowing a priest that will cast it.

I think your priest is a gold digger... Raise Dead only requires a 5,000 gold diamond.

Grand Lodge

Actually, with the Divinity crash you could argue that trapped exhaust particles localised in Numeria, compounded from 9,000 years of e-waste chemical fumes have created a heat-trapping greenhouse effect in the country centered on Starfall. CFCs destroy the ozone layer in the nation and then pollution in the air traps the heat and wards off the snows.

I do like the idea that Numerian farmers and scavengers would welcome the rains because all the metal-based robots would go into hiding during the wet season. Except when the rain turns out to be acid, of course.

Grand Lodge

I'm running it as having the climate of the Nullarbor Plain of Australia. Lots of dead trees, spinifex and dried up creeks amid rusted tin and corroded glaucite. Hot dry days, cold nights.

And before any geographers or meteorologists start complaining, let me say: One word - Magic.

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Bladerunner soundtrack is amazing. <3 Vangelis.
Yeah, I play it low in the background in certain areas. For instance 'Music has the Right to Children' in the buried giant. Never play anything with vocals, it takes folks out of the game.

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As a Iron Gods GM, I have been chronicling all the loot (tech and otherwise) on an excel spreadsheet for this entire AP. If this would be helpful for the chronicles, let me know and I can email it through.

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I want another Tech AP to follow Iron Gods.
Except I want this one to be just INSANE. Multiple worlds, multiple timelines, physic-tearing magic and science and alternate reality versions of the Inner Sea.
Basically I want an Inner Sea Chrono Trigger.

Grand Lodge

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I have been using lots of music to create the atmosphere and mood of this weird fantasy/sci-fi adventure. The usual whole Wagner-esque epic battle fantasy music really doesn't fit right at all.

For me, the feeling is very much of lost technology and weird glimpses into a future that never really came true. I've been digging lots of synth, particularly John Carpenter. Judas Priest's famous track 'Hellion/Electric Eye' is also a must-listen.

Here are some of the music recommendations I've been using so far:

Com Truise - In Decay (fuzzed out 70s/80s synth)
Com Truise - Galactic Melt (not as strong as In Decay but still cool as hell)
Boards of Canada - Music Has The Right To Children (very haunting and perfect)
John Carpenter - Lost Themes (great for battles)
Perturbator - I Am The Night (a little too many verbal breaks but still great)
Syndicate Wars OST (So dark and sad, I'm going to use this for Starfall and put the city in perpetual night)

As always, support the musicians by buying their amazing work on iTunes or ordering their albums.
Do you have any Iron Gods music recommendations?

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Having digger conveyor belts that move 10 feet in one direction (towards certain death) every round could be cool.

Rusted iron spikes that can transmit tetanus in certain parts of the floor?

Hellion could open fire on the ceiling, resulting in an area attack of heavy falling glaucite debris against a tightly clustered party.

Puddles of shimmering pungent machine oil that explode into flame if a spark gets near them?

Hanging chains that can give PCs a bonus to acrobatics to jump or tumble if they use them?

Grand Lodge

You are a cruel and terrible God, Joe Homes.

Grand Lodge

Just handle it X-Com style.

When you're fighting them, no check is allowed unless someone has encountered them before and disseminated that data (usually, no).
After the creature is dead, if the body is still in one piece, allow an autopsy using the heal skill and relevant Knowledge skill to come up with some findings on the ET.

That way the smarter PCs in the group could write up their own logbook of all the alien autopsies they've led - valuable data indeed.

Grand Lodge ****

Whoo! This is awesome news! I am chuffed.

Grand Lodge

Just for others who stumble into this thread.
I would hold off before reading the Technology Guide.
You want a lot of this content to be a surprise!

I would also add that certain playstyles are favoured in Iron Gods

-Make sure you understand feat requirements for tech, including the Technologist feat as well as weapon proficiencies.
-Have a discussion with your GM about crafting feats and the campaign.
-Ranged damage characters get a lot more toys than melee, but the toys that melee gets are AWESOME.
-If you can find a way to become a Technomancer, do it.
-Brigh, Zyphus, the Dark Tapestry and the nature of divinity are all important in this adventure.

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Last night I got started on a major edit/rewrite of The Choking Tower.
Basically I am cutting a huge amount of dungeon crawling from the Choking Tower itself and writing an extended investigation into the Aurora, Iadenveigh and it's residents.
The chop and change should present no difference in PC wealth or challenge rating encounters.
The aim is to remove the no complexity combats and instead have a really tense, flavourful roleplay investigation that could only happen in Numeria. There will be a small number of tough fights rather than lots of average difficulty combats. There will be sweating. There will be personal questions.

Working title for now: The Voight-Kampff Project.
I'll be posting it all up when I'm done.

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But djezeteel is an alloy of djezet, which is so magical small doses of it can pump up spell levels. I reckon it'd definitely add an affinity for magic.

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