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Kerney's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter, 7 Season Dedicated Voter, 9 Season Star Voter. FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,822 posts (1,861 including aliases). 5 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 16 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.

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Shadow Lodge

Theory crafting here to see why this wouldn't work.

1 Agathion blooded enlightened warrior trait gets you NG or N. Possibily using adopted.

2 1-2 level dip in Vigilante then allows for a chaotic persona.

Does this work for for pfs?

Shadow Lodge

Looking for a teamwork feat to share skills.

Shadow Lodge

Not the Monk archetype, but in general, particularly trip and dirty trick. Am thinking either Brawler or Lore Warden fighter. Would prefer a dex build but I think it costs too much in feats. Race, human or half elf but will look at others.

Looking at 20 pt buy.
For Brawler

Str 18 (10 pts+2)
Dex 14 (5pts)
Con 14 (5pts)
Int 10
Wis 12 (for the weak will save)
Cha 8

Feats 1)Dirty fighting, Improved dirty trick 2)Kitsume style 3)Kitsume tricks 5) Combat reflexes 6) Kitsume Vengeance or Greater dirty trick 7) the other


Str 12
Dex 19 (13 pts+2, 4th level increase)
Con 15 (7 pts, 8th Level)
Int 10
Wis 12
Cha 7

Feats 1)Dirty fighting, Agile, 2) Improved dirty trick 3)Kitsume style 5)Kitsume tricks 6) Kitsume Vengeance or Greater dirty trick 7) the other

Am thinking of putting some unchained rogue levels (no more than 3) in the latter build.

What am I not seeing?

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Let's say pathfinder players suddenly manifest the abilities of the character they are most emotionally attached to in the real world. Let's say it happens in one moment in time to everyone who has previously played the game even once.

Changes are permanent.

Shadow Lodge

This is a idea that amuses me as a pfs idea. Multi class Oracle with clouded vision curse and gunslinger, probably mysterious stranger for obvious reasons. Race, most likely half elf.

All the rest is open.

Shadow Lodge

Might sound silly, but I need some advice for Kellid, particularly Sarkorian clan names.

Shadow Lodge

Trying to find out info on the machine gods. Looked through the first of the AP and read references but could not find more info like domains etc online.

Shadow Lodge

The Mission:
Give the original text with the standard built in reason for "why" a character has an alternate racial trait. Then give a character specific version as to why which may or may not fit with the "standard" version.

Race(for these examples) Half Orc

1)Skilled: Second- and third-generation half-orcs often favor their human heritage more than their orc heritage. Half-orcs with this trait gain 1 additional skill rank per level. This racial trait replaces darkvision.

Character Specific Version: Character was raised by Sisters of the Golden Eryines (Asmodean Nuns). In order make sure she did not develop the "unfair" advantage of darkvision she was made to sleep in a room with a light spell always lit. She took advantage of this, reading books late into the night. They were her comfort and solace. But never exposed to dark enviroments until adulthood, she never developed the darkvision she would normally have acquired.

2)Sacred Tattoo: Many half-orcs decorate themselves with tattoos, piercings, and ritual scarification, which they consider sacred markings. Half-orcs with this racial trait gain a +1 luck bonus on all saving throws. This racial trait replaces orc ferocity.

Character Specific Version:Same character was whipped by the sisters on a regular basis, in order to "beat the orc" out of her and punish her for infractions, real and made up. To this day her back is filled with scars (like slaves pre civil war). Fortunately, a good spirit was attracted and continues to watch over her.

Shadow Lodge

Know it exists, can't remember name of it.

Shadow Lodge Star Voter Season 6, Dedicated Voter Season 7, Star Voter Season 9

After reading and observing the top 32 and then the entire contest there where times where I thought, this part should be easy and other times, reading the requirements and said to, if this were me I'd be so screwed.

My thought on myself--

Round 2--Came up with two great ideas, a Kaer Maga dining establishment and an Osirian temple complex. Either would probably have me advance.

Round 3--Monster round, came up with a great idea but realised my experience in making monsters would make it hard for me to fully realise my vision. This is the round I'd probably go out. If I didn't, I'd probably go through like Crystal did i.e. with no judge recomendations but lots of "this idea is so dang cool I have to vote for it." More likely, I'd get a wtf reaction and come in dead last in the voting.

Lesson for me, create more monsters.

Round 4-- I'd probably have a 50/50 shot of advancing do to stiffening competition. I would not use the bridge.

Round 5-- I've always had this great idea for when I make the finals. Unfortunately, it's set in Mendev and the Worldwound. Oops. I'd think over adapting it but if I I'm smart, reject the idea.

So I go with my list of cool ideas and probably settle on the one about a Changeling child being kidnapped and the pcs going to rescue her.

I'm sure no one else would think to include that in their final entry.

Regardless, I'd loose. Nicks was much better than mine.

Shadow Lodge ***

I'm going to be working somewhere between West Palm Beach and Port St Lucie between November 9th and December 22nd.

What is the PFS scene like in that part of the state like?

Am availble to play or gm. Also, at least part of the time I will be on public transportation and my assumption based off past experince in that part of the country that its poor.

Am I wrong about this?

Shadow Lodge

A spell caster's equivilent of Spring Attack or Shot on the Run, which allows you to move cast move.

Shadow Lodge

Watched the first two episodes and have read the books.

A little disappointed that they didn't stay with young Uhtred longer and cover his transition from Saxon to Dane better. Also the Danes are fun in the book in a bloody minded way compared to the Saxons that you really sometimes feel the world would be better has Wessex had been snuffed out.

I like that Alfred is dislikeable. They simplified Breda's character unfortunately and downplaying the religous conflict a little too much for my taste by Thor.

Basically the show feels like it is on fast forward, and I guess I was hopeing for a little better.

As a Pathfinder player I can't help but think Uhtred would be a great modle for a half orc or half elf.

Shadow Lodge

Background: The first part of Snows of Summer takes place on Earth: Forest of Dean, England 1941. All pcs are evacuated kids between 10 and 14. Soulbound Doll is one of their schoolmates. It is evident that the gate is to expand into Earth.

Special rules:

Characters are human...apparently and intially. Will probably apply one wookie rule.

Initally, everyone has access to improvised weapons, clubs etc and no magic. When they meet the rider he will provide standard equitment, familars, spell books, etc. Once in Irrisen characters will intuitively know how to swing a sword, cast a spell, etc. Combats will be simularly adjusted to account for weaker characters.

Players will pick class destined for at start of campaign even though they will initially be npc classes.

Ancestors will show up in Rastputin Must Die.

What I'm looking for:

Suggestions for sources, ww2 era equitment, british slang, etc.

Tie inns etc and anything else that might be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Shadow Lodge Star Voter Season 6, Dedicated Voter Season 7, Star Voter Season 9

Question to the judges?

I've noticed the last few times you've done monsters rather than npcs in your create a npc/monster round where as before it seemed (without looking) that it was 50/50 as the contest has evolve into its current form.

Is there something to this?

Shadow Lodge

Note that free rpg day modules tend to do unique things, like play goblins, kobolds, or aspis agents or whatever. So, what would you like to play that's weird warped and wonderful.

Dark Archive ***

It is obvious that the deceverite framed Grandmaster Torch. Only I am yet to figure out how. Perhaps this pernicious plot can be exposed and the Shadow Lodge restored.

I look forward to hearing your leads.

Shadow Lodge

How do these work in the Archetype. I'm looking to do a wood school savant and am wondering whether I need 1 or 2 opposed schools. Since this is a pfs character I'm looking for something offical.

Shadow Lodge

By this, I mean classes like witch where every one has either the misfortune or the slumber hex and all witches cackle. Or summoner (either version) where most eidolons are dpr monsters with an occasional skill monkey but making a manuever master or ranged eidolon is not practical. (In fact, I think the lack of these concepts are part of the summoners image problem)

Basically, I'm wondering what classes fit this criteria, where many options exist on paper, but which for all practical purposes only one or two see play.

What would you do for a player who wanted to buck "the concept" and what classes do you think fit this criteria. Where is it possible to work around it and where is it not so much?

Comments? Opinions?

Shadow Lodge

I'm thinking of a character for pfs with a based on a sexy librarian trope but am having some problems deciding which class to go with. Choices are (so far) some sort of witch, archeologist bard, arcanist, lore mystery oracle. Don't think I want to go wizard.

Any other suggestions?

Shadow Lodge Star Voter Season 6, Dedicated Voter Season 7, Star Voter Season 9

On a Delain, Nightwish kick and alternating between their albums while voting.

And I think I like Anette more than Tarja.

Anyway this is yet another pointless but fun thread.

Shadow Lodge ***

What are your to five to run/play of all time.

1) Godsmarket Gamble-
2) Pallid Plague
3) Feast of Ravenmoor (yea, a module, sue me) played and ran, both times 4 of 5 unconscious in the last battle).
4) Blackros Matrimony (for me maybe because my summoner's eidilon got to protest to an Andoran official of the GROSS oversight of the Eagle Knights not allowing eidilons full membership).
5) The Bloodcove Disguise

Shadow Lodge

Got an idea for a Witch or Carnivalist Rogue. Basically, I was thinking of taking Evolved Familiar feat, Skilled Evolution:Use Magical Device, and giving my familiar a wand have them sitting in the bushes or wherever. The mental image I have is a squirrel clutching its body around a wand shooting a lighting bolt.

I want to do this. I was thinking of doing it for pfs or saving it for a home game.

Wondering what people think.

All the best,


Shadow Lodge

3 people marked this as a favorite.

What this thread is not: Yet another thread to argue about the balance issues of the Summoner class or tell us how you hate the class. There are plenty of threads for that.

What it is A thread to give examples of fictional characters that could provide good origin stories for Eidolons, perhaps with some reininterpretation because, gee not all fiction is structured with Pathfinder rules in mind. If it touches on an argument about summoners, feel free to mention it, but only in passing.

Stitch--Lilo and Stitch, dangerous, comes from another planet but it would work as another dimension. Also good example of the "imaginarry friend" of a child summoner which isn't so imaginary and a good example to bring up as a counter argument to the idea that an inexperinced (low level) character can't have an eidolon.

Other Dimensional Magical Girlfriends--Two come to mind. Jeanie from I dream of Jeannie and Belldandy from the Manga/Anime Oh My Goddess. Both are supernatural and come from out there. There is tension with the human. Both but Belldandy in particular would have an archtype increasing mental stats probably at the cost of physical stats which Paizo has not given us (but should). While both too powerful for the standard Eidolon, they could be inspiration for an eidolon.

R2D2--Could be a good model for an Eidolon. Very Loyal to master Luke. Skill monkey rather than combat monster. Literally falls from another world.

Hope this is interesting.


Shadow Lodge

I've sometimes made nods to concept over mechanics, for example, spending a skill point every level in Profession: Orcish Barbacue for my half orc alchemist. I think doing so is a good thing in general.

However, with a half elf witch I'm designing, I found myself spending both traits on concept to give me the skills she needed to survive in such an environment (bluff and sense motive) raised by an abusive mom, a winter witch, who raped her father and then sent him to the bone mill. I found myself picking the ancestors patron (i.e. father) and was considering elven spirit as her first feat or getting extra traits to get the other things I need.

Basically, I found I was using everything to justify backstory and wasn't optimizing as well as I could/would normally do.

I'm considering dropping the character concept because I was using so much on background. So my question is, to what extent do your characters use thematic choices over the 'best mechanical option'.

Shadow Lodge

Is an unfettered Eidolon limited to the evolutions in Bestiary 3 or can he take other evolutions?

Shadow Lodge

I was looking at making a new character for pfs and for so role playing reasons I felt it would be good if it were a half elf. But looking through the class guides for ideas I noticed a trend. The race, other than for Summoners usually came up as "green" option, meaning you could make a pretty good whatever but it was never the first choice. Looking at alternate race traits and all of them seemed lackluster in comparison to what I saw for other races and in many cases humans could do something similar only better. Particularly glaring was the lack of traits that replaced multitalented and were good.

Don't get me wrong, they weren't 3.5 bad (when the race just plain sucked) but there was nothing that made me go wow either. Finally, assimars seem to be similar enough from a rp standpoint that they fill many of the same character backgrounds while being straight out superior.

So, is this just me or are half elves being squeezed out both mechanically and background wise?

Shadow Lodge

Overwhelming Beauty Magic Trait

Your wiles are particularly potent against people who share a race with you, as your beauty is often held up as a symbol of perfection.

Benefit(s): The DC of your mind-affecting effects increases by 1 against creatures that have at least one of the same subtypes as you.

Source: Bastards of Golorian

Charming Social Trait

Blessed with good looks, you've come to depend on the fact that others find you attractive.

Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus when you use Bluff or Diplomacy on a character that is (or could be) sexually attracted to you, and a +1 trait bonus to the save DC of any language-dependent spell you cast on such characters or creatures.

Source APG

I'm thinking there trait bonuses won't stack, but they effect slightly different but not completely different areas and the wording (mind-affecting effects vs +1 save DC of any language-dependent spell) that they arguably might because they don't exactly match.


Shadow Lodge

Let's start with were I'm coming from.

The summoner is my favorite class and I have two of them in PFS (a more usual combat monster and a bickering married summoner/eidolon couple who is a skill monkey 'scout' eidolon who vanishes when combat starts as my feats are geared toward master summoner style play). I don't disagree that I think the developers have had a hard time figuring out options for the class.

I would say say the problem with the eidolon is some options are too limited from a cost/benefit ratio.

For example, all eidolons start with a 7 intelligence. That makes skill based build expensive and limits from a RP perpective the idea of an eidolon as intelligent equal. Magic options exist in UM. But they are too expensive and ineffective to be taken often once you figure in the cost of raising attributes. No archetypes ease these restrictions and allow for other styles of play.

Thus we have a bunch of similar combat monster types.

I think the key to making the summoner more popular and balanced as a class is to ease these restrictions.

I'd lower the str/dex slightly, say -2 on each and give but give the starting eidolon 3 more evolution points at 1st level. This makes the eidolon a bit more customizable and makes the combat monster less of a default build.

I'd add perhaps another feat or two built in at higher levels allow for more customization in that department.

Then, add some archetypes that play with the starting eidolon stats a bit more, perhaps restoring the original base stats or raising INT and/or CHA a bit, making skill monkey and caster eidolons more practical.

Hope that gets some thoughtful discussion going.

Shadow Lodge

I've been doing research about the idea of a 6th great extinction, basically arguing that [i]Homo Sapiens{/i] are to what current life what the comet was to the dinosaurs.

As depressing as that is, I thought it would be fun to speculate on what species radiates and fills all the ecological niches we are emptying.

Rats are one biologists favorite.
I like Corvids taking over because of a bird based religion a designed for a campaign. Besides, their Dinosaurs and Dinosaurs reconquering the Earth is kinda cool.
Random Girl I met today liked felines taking over. My Cats like this too.
Bats...they mentioned them in Primeval as taking over.

So, anyway, what are your thoughts?

Basically, the only rule is the species must be small and unassuming and a likely canidate to survive the world were screwing up.

Have a nice day,


Shadow Lodge ***

Question came up? Is the number of GM replays per star per lifetime, per season, per calender year (As in use them this week or next)?

Shadow Lodge

Any reason an Eidolon couldn't get weapon training to get simple weapon proficency and then use a regular feat to get martial weapon proficency or use a feat for simple and spend 2 points to get Martial weapon proficiency as an evolution?

Shadow Lodge ***

Will be in KC visiting from Denver for about 6 weeks starting Friday. Would love to play and perhaps GM. Where do I find out about games. One thing, on some days I will be using public transportation (which I've been told is pretty good).

Shadow Lodge

Idea for a concept. Summoner whose Eidolon is built to scout ahead, find traps, monsters, etc. When in actual combat, said eidolon is dismissed and summoner counts on summoned monsters and spells.

How would you go about this concept. Note that unfortunately (for me, fortunately in general) Master summoner is banned in pfs.

Shadow Lodge ***

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Briit wrote:

I hope some of the new races open up. I couldn't be more bored of the same old tolkien races. I also don't play maybe so much as many people but I do not see so many teifling and aasimar PCs that break the game and I see no Tengus.

Please allow us to play something other than the 40 year old way of seeing fantasy!

This was pulled from the current 'open up new races' thread. Since not everyone is going to get a boon tomorrow, I thought it would be cool to post character concepts and advice to come up with interesting characters so that even if you don't have a new race, you don't have to play 'the 40 year old way of seeing fantasy!'.


1) Look at a 'day job' and relate it to your character.

For example, make a sorcerer. Use a skill point on Profession: painter. Then make most of your spells something that can be "painted", be it color sprays or summoned monsters which you 'paint and then come alive. When you have the cash, buy marvelous pigments.
Do the same thing with a Ranger, make him a nature artist in his spare time, someone who goes into extreme environments to paint tigers or owlbears, or whatever and live to tell about it.

2) Relate the character to a Scenario:

I have a Bone Oracle. Before she became a Bone Oracle she attended the opening performance of Among the Living where many Taldan Nobles got turned into zombies by the Cult of Zyphus. But Zyphus fell in love with her. He brought her brother back as a Zombie, he haunts her, twelve people in front of her for a title experience sudden accidental deaths (i.e. She bought the Taldan Nobility boon).

Note, you could play this many ways, from "I don't want to be a Bone Oracle harassed by a Death God" to "this is fun".

3) Use your Race as an important part of your character.

Half Elven Summoner kept seeing her friends outgrow her. Her best friend was her imaginary friend who eventually manifested as an Eidolon.

4) Where did you grow up?

I have a character who grew up in northern Andoran near the Five Kings Mountains on an isolated ranch. They learned dwarven because they were the closest neighbors. They have a no nonsense 'frontier' attitude and speaks with a twang. They find big cities a little threatening.

5) Combine some of these.

My Tiefling was raised by her parents who are clerics of Sheyln. She was taught to see the beauty in and of everything, sheltering her to some extent from prejudice, much like the model parent of an Autistic child works very hark to help their kid. This caring upbringing wars with her pit spawned urge to destroy things of beauty.

Hope this is helpful.

Shadow Lodge ***

This is inspired by the race boon thread. I was listening to the complaint that they lived in X city which couldn't support a con big enough for boons.

This summer I visited another city for a month, got in touch with the VC, learned about the city, which is about twice as large as mine. I never got a chance to play in this city in part because of work, but in part because there was not even a quarter of the number of the tables offered in the city over a month. In fact there were probably two stores in my fair city which have more games than that entire city did in a month.

On the other hand I've seen some small places (Iowa City) which have fairly big PFS attendance.

So my question to the general community is this? What makes one city prosper and another have rather lax interest/attendance?

I have my ideas, but I'm curious about what others think.

Silver Crusade ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I am considering taking a break from GMing and/or quitting.

I have been GMing and playing for three years and have GMed in four venues plus local cons. This is in part because I have strong ethic toward community building and was always willing to step in, help out, volunteer etc. I stepped in on several occasions when no GM was available with little notice. I can proudly say that one store has PFS because a few of us stayed willing to GM.

But I've come to the conclusion that I was never the greatest GM and don't think I can be the greatest GM. I've had my share of moments of greatness. But I've also had sessions where nothing clicked, the players seemed bored etc.

I also think the moments of mediocrity are becoming more common and at the same time, the standard of GMing is getting better locally and I don't feel I'm keeping up.

I don't see eye to eye with the current VC. It's not a matter of animosity, but not seeing things simularly, not having the same priorities etc.

I have some social ticks that have contributed to arguments with people in the community, some of which were needless and stupid. While I am still welcomed and liked (mainly) I don't feel I have the esteem I've had in the past. This I have earned.

So my question is, both for myself and others, when do you decide to put step away from the GM screen and being very involved and becoming just another player?

Shadow Lodge ***

I will be in LA, mostly in Orange County, from this Monday until Aug. 28th. I was wondering where I could sign up for games and such things. I am particularly interested in 5-2, The Wardstone Patrol, because I will be running it at a Con back home (Denver) Labor day weekend.

Take care,


Shadow Lodge ***

Going to be in Houston Texas for three weeks. Where do I find out about PFS there.

Wish to play and will GM if needed.

Shadow Lodge

Have soon to be 3rd level Cleric of of Cayden Cailen.
Azata Assimar
Str 11
Dex 16
Con 12
Int 12
Wis 15
Cha 15
Feats: Weapon Finese, Selective Channeling
Spells are things like Bless that don't require enemy saves and I intend to keep it that way.

Am considering at 4th level a two level dip in ninja for the skills and ki pool. If I do I'm putting the bonus point into Cha. If I'm going strait cleric I'll put it into Wis.

This a PFS cleric so I'll only be playing her until level twelve.


Shadow Lodge

Looked for a ruling on this, haven't found anything.
Logic works but is convoluted enough to double check--
Rogue talent is a legal ninja trick.
Therefore ninjas qualify as having access to rogue talents.
A ninja could therefore qualify for the feat extra rogue talent.
He could spend the rogue talent on ninja trick, and get a ninja trick.

Shadow Lodge

Let say I'm a multiclassed character with two 3/4 BAB classes.

First level is +0
Second level in the same class is +1
Now I multiclass, at first level of the multiclass does my BaB go to +2 (0+1+1=2, like it would in 3.5)or would it be 0+1+0(new class)=1.

Shadow Lodge

Basically, I'm playing around with the concept of an Sorcerer whose art comes from his drawings and paintings. In fact, his motive for adventureing is basically to see things up close, and paint them. He's basically a cranky older (in his 50's) man whose loves are painting, seeing new stuff, alcohol, singing when under the influence of alcohol, his four adult daughters (from three different mothers; the oldest two, a half elf and a human who are also PCs, and the Assimar twins who are NPCs).

Race is Human, Stats are Str 8 Dex 12 Con 14 Int 14 Wis 10 Cha 18.

Main spell are things like color spray and glitter dust with a lot of pretty colors or things like summon monster, with the implication/fluff that he sketched the wolf he summoned into existance.

Questions I'm considering:

Any better bloodlines?
Nothing fits very well. Right now, I'm thinking Celestial or Slyvan (animal companion is something he painted that came to life). Any other/better suggestions?

Spells, paricularly at higher levels
I'm looking at spells that have or could have a color/painting component. Obvious ones are things like color spray, summoning spells, all illusion (pattern) spells. I'm also thinking things like fog cloud (powdered purple paint).
Any other ideas?

Conjuration and Illusion specialization, what else?

Normally, it would be heresy to consider dipping into Oracle, however Awesome Display from the Heavens Mystery really fits the character concept and might be worth it. Opinions?

Thanks in advance.

Shadow Lodge ***

I live near two big good local cons (Tacticon and Ghengis Con) that were filled with Pathfinder i.e. 75 tables in four days last time as well as a couple of really good 'home brew' scenarios i.e. an excellent thieves challenge, and the 300 trophy.

However, they are not Gen con or Paizo Con or Comic Con or whatever. I'm curious as to which conventions are good second and third banana cons that, should, if I felt like a road trip, would be good to go to. Which cons do a lot of tables. Would love to see a 'top twenty' cons or something like that.

Shadow Lodge

I was looking for a way to accomplish this mechanically (fluff is no problem). Is there a way to make said eidolon either Celestial or Infernal/abyssal? Thought there was. Am looking and have not found.

Take Care,


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