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Golem in Progress

Ken Marable's page

482 posts (675 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 12 aliases.


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EltonJ wrote:

I can handle up to six, but I haven't gotten characters from everyone who is interested. Unfortunately.

I'll set a deadline for this sunday.

Cool, I was wondering how much time was left. Good luck to everyone! Sounds like a fun campaign!

This should be fun! I love psionics (even going back to the AD&D having to roll 00% to get psionics - funny how often my friends and I were able to do that!).

I am rather familiar with the Dreamscarred psionics and even moreso with the 3.x versions it is based on. (Was even really close to writing Races of the Mind: Dromites for Dreamscarred, but real life conflicts didn't leave the time back then).

I definitely want to submit a dromite, but am debating the class. I had a war soul soulknife dromite I rolled up once but never go to play. But psions are also a ton of fun, and I recently have been drawn to giving the cryptic class a try. Hmmm.... decisions, decisions...

Joseph Bakerson III wrote:

Alright, I'm a bit late to the party, but under the deadline. Details in the profile. Still tweaking languages and considering swapping out a skill or two.

And before anyone says it, I KNOW a strength based rogue is a terrible idea, especially with the unchained rogue practically trying to force you into maxing dex, but thematically it's the only thing that fits this guy.

Some of my favorite characters are ones that play against type! :)

Plus, I'm a firm believer that a character isn't really interesting for me to play without a weakness or odd incongruity.

EltonJ wrote:
Ken Marable wrote:

Here is Malavakri, a kalashtar soulknife (yep, more melee! Ah well, I really like the concept. Also, I plan to multi class into psychic spellcasting for what it's worth.)

** spoiler omitted **...

Boy, the things I get into. I don't like all of the Occult Classes, but I said if it's in Pathfinder, it's in Eberron. Your background is wonderful, but let me see others first.

No worries. I'm still unsure on a lot of the Occult classes, too. But the spiritualist seems to have a lot of flavorful fun to it, so I thought about giving it a try. Given the kalashtar background, I figured it could be interesting. If it winds up not fitting your vision for the campaign, no problem.

Here is Malavakri, a kalashtar soulknife (yep, more melee! Ah well, I really like the concept. Also, I plan to multi class into psychic spellcasting for what it's worth.)


Female Kalashtar Soulknife 1
LG Medium Humanoid (Kalashtar)
Init +3; Senses Perception +0

15 touch 13, flat-footed 12
hp 8
Fort +0, Ref +5, Will +2

30 ft.
Melee 2 light mindblades +2/+2 attack, 1d6+1 (19-20/x2)
Ranged 2 light mindblades +3/+3 attack, 1d6+1 (19-20/x2), 20 ft.
Melee light mindblades +4 attack, 1d6+1 (19-20/x2)
Ranged light mindblades +5 attack, 1d6+1 (19-20/x2), 20ft.

Melee one-handed mindblades +2 attack, 1d8+1 (19-20/x2)
Ranged one-handed mindblades +5 attack, 1d8+1 (19-20/x2), 15ft.

Melee two-handed mindblades +2 attack, 2d6+1 (19-20/x2)

Melee or ranged dagger +4 attack, 1d4+1 (19-20/x2), 10 ft.

12, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 11, Cha 16
Base Atk +1; CMB +2; CMD 15

Wild Talent (racial bonus)
Unlocked Talent (racial bonus)
Psionic Talent (class bonus)
Two-Weapon Fighting (class bonus)
Weapon Finesse
Spiritual Force (Eberron bonus)

Natural Blade (psionic) - You add +2 trait bonus to your soulknife level to determine the strength of your mind blade enhancement and access to blade skills as if your soulknife level were two higher (this does not improve blade skill effectiveness, only your ability to meet prerequisites). Your effective mind blade level cannot exceed your character level. The character must have the enhanced mind blade class feature (or its equivalent) to actually receive the magical enhancement bonus to the mind blade.

Trickshot Soul (Combat) - +1 trait bonus to ranged attack rolls using throw mind blade or equivalent ability (i.e. mind bolt, etc). You gain the trick shot talent and can manifest this power with a manifester level of 1. If you have manifester levels from a psionic class, you may instead use the manifester level from that class.

Worldly (social) - Once per day when attempting a skill check for a skill you're untrained in, you can roll twice and take the better result.

Headstrong - Whenever you witness an action or hear an argument that contradicts your alignment, you must attempt to stop or correct that action or argument. If you either don’t try to stop it or fail in your attempt to stop it (as adjudicated by the GM), you are shaken for 1 hour.

Acrobatics +7
Bluff +6
Diplomacy +5
Intimidate +9
Perception +0
Sense Motive +1
Stealth +7

Background Skills
Artistry (Philosophy) +4
Linguistics +1 (? still deciding)

Languages Common, Quor, Draconic, Rierdran

Dagger, leather armor, + more after roll for wealth

?? gp

Racial Abilities


Dream Warrior: Many kalashtar train their minds to fight the darkness of quori. They gain Mind Thrust as a psi-like ability, usable once per day. The manifester level for this ability is the kalashtar's character level. Charisma is the related attribute.

Naturally Social: +2 racial bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy and Intimidate.

Soul of Taratai: Some kalashtar are more connected to the original source of Dal Quor, for good or for ill. They get the Unlocked Talent feat as a bonus feat.

Class Abilities

Form mind blade
Shape mind blade
Throw mind blade

Psionic Powers - 6 power points

0 level Talents
Trick Shot - Your ranged attacks defy the laws of physics.

1st level powers
Mind Thrust 1/day - You instantly deliver a massive assault on the thought pathways of any one creature, dealing 1d10 points of damage to it.

Inevitable Strike - Gain an insight bonus on your next attack.


Malavakri's grandparents were freedom fighters within Rierdra, attempting the near impossible task of ending the reign of the Inspired one sabotage at a time. As their efforts brought little difference and facing several very narrow escapes from being caught, they fled the continent along with several of their compatriots. They found themselves on Khorvaire gripped in open war. Selling their services as mercenaries, they familiarized themselves with the various factions and eventually moved to Karrnath, finding their regimented efficiency a good fit. In their lifelong insurgency in Reirdra, they knew some enemies could not be defeated unless you were willing to go to any lengths imaginable. A nation willing to send their dead back into battle seemed the ideal place to train their children for war.

This second generation of kalashtar were raised in Karrnath on stories of Adar and Rierdra, and then trained in Rekkenmark Academy, before finally being sent to war. Their commander was aware of their background and regarded the kalashtars' ability to work together as a cohesive unit a powerful asset. In the later years of the war, this second generation of Karnathi kalashtar returned to Rekkenmark in an attempt to train native Karrnathi in unlocking any psionic potential. Finding very few who could unlock that potential, and still remembering their ancestral home, they decided to arrange a marriage between the two greatest warriors among those still alive in hopes of even greater children. Malavarki is the oldest of the three children born of that union.

Malavakri carries the burden of three generations of kalashtar, and millennia old quori spirits on her shoulders. They expect greatness from her and have trained her accordingly. The stories of Adar, Rierdra, and the Inspired have grown into legends, and Malavari must become a legend herself so that she can lead an army from Khorvaire to free the kalashtar and destroy their enemy. If this task is too great for her, then she must pass on their heritage to another generation, and raise them to be even greater still. But they hope, and expect, with the nations now finished with warring against each other, but many battle-trained warriors remaining in their prime, that the time is coming for Malavakri to unite many of them as a force to crush the Inspired.

One would think that growing up with this oppressive burden to end a millennia old conflict and free a nation of people she has only heard of in legend, that a youth would rebel against those expectations. If one would think that, then they are not kalashtar. Malavakri's entire life has been geared towards unlocking her potential and becoming a fierce warrior and leader, and she has embraced it fully. Her human and quori spirits both yearn to see the hills of Adar filled with jubilant kalashtar, and the cities of Rierdra celebrating their freedom from the crushing grip of the Inspired. This has left her quite overconfident in her abilities, as well as unable to walk away when she sees a wrong being committed. All her life has been regimented training of meditation and exercise to perfect and mind and body to save the weak and free the oppressed - and now, she can not turn away when fate leads her to those in need.

She has already started to master her mind blades, constantly training with them and even throwing them with unnatural skill. Unfortunately, her being born of the greatest warriors and being trained all her life for combat, has left her mind more honed as a weapon than other kalashtar, and she is unable to make the telepathic link that they seem to be able to do with such ease. Instead, her mind in able to lash out and strike others with lethal efficiency. That regular disconnect from the other kalashtar minds has also led her to become more private in her meditations, and focus ever inward rather than outward to other minds. In that, she seems to be finding something strange. Possibly the joining of her human spirit with the fragment of quori within her mind. When she first tried to explain this to her parents, they said such a thing was impossible, that the kalashtar are one and not two joined, and that perhaps she merely imagined or misunderstood it. But Malavakri continues to explore inward, deeper inward than other kalashtar understand. She is a warrior, and warriors find weakness - weakness in their enemies, and weakness within themselves. When she finds that weakness, she will strike at it and pry it open. As with all wounds, either she will heal stronger, or she will die.

What she does not know is that a third option awaits her. Soon, she will find that seam between human and quori, and she will slice into it, not completely severing the link, but creating a very different bond between her two aspects. This will free her fragment of quori into the world in a way no kalashtar would imagine possible. At level 2, I plan on multiclassing into spiritualist (fractured mind) and likely alternating levels between soulknife and spiritualist with the phantom flavored as the fragment of quori within her if that sounds good to you.

Just gotta finalize equipment after I roll for wealth, and then double check that I didn't miss anything or get numbers wrong.

Starting gold: 5d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 5, 5, 2) = 18

I do have two traits from Dreamscarred's Psionics Augmented Soulknives 2. I cut and paste them word for word (except for flavor description) from that since they aren't in d20pfsrd yet, Please let me know if you have a problem with them.

Thank you for your consideration!

EltonJ wrote:
AdamWarnock wrote:
As bonus feats?
As long as they are Eberron specific (from the sources. for example: ECB, Dragonmarked, and Secrets of Sarlona)

Would feats from Races of Eberron be ok then?

In particular, I was thinking of taking Spiritual Force for my Kalashtar soulknife (and possibly Strength of Two at some point as well). There's a pretty direct conversion of them here as well.

I have the crunch done and am just working on the background and personality tonight.

Anton P. Merovach wrote:
I feel like, with a Recruitment as active as this, if I don't keep up some sort of dialogue, I'll appear disinterested, or, worse, boring.

I hope not! I am quite interested, but have just been working on finalizing my submission well before the deadline and din't have any questions. Hope that's not a problem or could be construed as lack of interest. Just the submission guidelines seemed clear enough for the concept I'm working on. :)

EltonJ wrote:
Browman wrote:
I need to brush up on my eberron lore which may take a couple days. When do you want characters finished by?

I haven't given that some thought. In three days maybe?

Are you going to open up an official recruitment thread for posting characters, or will this be it?


I'm interested! Been looking for an Eberron game for a while. A strongly themed one like this is even better!

Now with both vigilante and psionics are available, it's a tough choice for PC ideas! (And 1st level is fun - no worries!)

Not sure on my time, but consider me interested.

It sounds like an interested way to re-focus the game, plus I certainly like the idea of being able to play a character concept as I imagine it rather than trying shoehorn it into existing classes!

Oh, and as an aside, take it from someone who started playing even before the AD&D era, no one I knew played "only the GM rolls", and there were plenty of rules debates even back then. Yes, 3.x's shift to a rule for everything mentality certainly amped it up, but the "good ol' days" weren't necessarily all that different from now. Focusing more on fluff or crunch is more a factor of the group than the rules, in my experience at least. :)

Aerin Whispersson wrote:

Well, well, well...

I recently kicked off a Savage Tide game and was going through back issues of Dragon magazine for the monthly Savage Tidings articles when what did I find but an article on Modrons by one of our very own players! (*waives to Ken* *and is further chagrined that my game was full by the time Ken submitted a character*). No wonder Wyaph fits the setting so well. Very cool.

Tony DiTerlizzi's art and Zeb Cook's amazingly different setting are what got me hooked on Planescape. I'm fortunate that Zeb comes to a small, local, old school Con here in North Texas every year and I've gotten to play in his games. I am half tempted to actually try *running* a Planescape game at the Con, but then I imagine Zeb sitting down to play...

Hey, thanks! It was pretty exciting to write that article. (That was my 3rd Dragon article, but the first two were actually thanks to an offhand joke at GenCon by one of the editors. It's odd how you can find opportunities.)

No worries on Savage Tide, I did get that submission in a bit late if I recall and he was an unusual one anyway, as most of my PCs are. Probably why I love Planescape so much!

That'd be awesome meeting Zeb Cook especially at a small con! (Or Tony D for that matter - only meet him once briefly for a typical "Love your work!" "Thank you." and buying a very small signed drawing.)

GM Bookrat wrote:

How cool!

Depending on what you want to run, I can convert another planescspe adventure to 5e. Obviously modron March is done. So is dead gods.

I'm working on Tales of the Infinite Staircase right now. Just finished chapter 1. Well of Worlds is after that unless I get a specific request for something else.

Hmm... I might be interested in looking at those someday if you don't mind. It won't be starting for at least a year or more from now, but I'm hoping to run a big Infinite Staircase/Modron March/Faction War/Dead Gods campaign for my home group and I'm still debating PF vs 5e.

FYI: Just saw on Facebook that EN World might have lost 3 months of posts (again) which sucks especially for PbP. Now Paizo is a full business with actual staff, but just in case, I saved copies of all the Gameplay and Discussion pages as well as all the character profiles.

Think I might start making that part of my routine for checking my games - every time a new page is started, I will make sure I have the previous one saved. Working in IT, I'm painfully familiar with the risks of data loss. Yikes!

GM Bookrat wrote:
I'm going to have to set up a map for this many combatants. It may take me a couple of days, as I have an extremely busy week this week. No daycare for the kids, so my wife and I are splitting shifts; I get in at 5:30 and leave at 2, then she goes in for the swing shift. That means as soon as I get off work I'll be busy all day with the kids. If I can get them in bed at a reasonable hour, then I can pull out the computer to work on a map.

Hey, family always comes first! No worries.

FYI - I think I am all set except for equipment and spells. But this should be a clearer picture of my character's stats. Aam

Quick question - given his background would a desert/Osirion region variant of the Veteran Jungle Guide trait be ok? Just seemed fitting and I was looking for a Survival boost.

Thank you again for the consideration!

leinathan wrote:


This is the final roster of characters that I'll be considering. Because I like his concept, I'll give Aam's player a little bit of leeway in finishing up his crunch. As I said, I'm not in a hurry... and I also don't want to let the recruitment drag on forever. I plan to select five of these eight.

I do have one question for you guys - several of you have very small posting frequencies or post-counts, indicating that you haven't been on the boards very long or that you don't post much. I plan for this to be pretty consistent, and pretty long-running... ideally. What can you tell me to tell me that you plan to stick around, despite evidence perhaps to the contrary?

Thank you for the consideration. I will try to get the crunch finished up soon.

Also, I'm not a very high post count, so to answer your question - I have been on the Paizo boards for years, but mostly as a reader than as a poster (although I did have some freelance credits back when Paizo ran Dragon magazine, which shows both that I'm pretty involved in RPGs and that I'm an old timer around these parts). ;)

As for PbP games, I only started giving them a try earlier this summer and have been really enjoying the games I'm in. I post regularly (although random weekends are spotty when visiting family) and despite only participating in PbP for a couple/few months now, I'm all for a long term game and especially like these "high concept" style campaigns.

Am out of town this weekend, so I didn't get all of the details worked out. Was aiming for Monday finishing when I'm back home. I will try to get more of the crunch worked out in the morning if possible since I'm still missing a lot of details, sorry.

But I did try to flesh out my background quite a bit and answer your questions. I hope that's enough for consideration, but if not, that's cool. There's plenty of interesting characters submitted!

Good luck!

Aam, Kensai Pahmet Dwarf

leinathan wrote:

Roster #3!

Aramant Drakkuskail - N dwarf geokineticist 4 [geologist, miner, grump]

Thak Val Zsing - LN dwarf soulknife (gifted blade, nimble blade) [bodyguard, explorer, crazy?]

Gherz - LG warforged scout alchemist (chiurgeon) 4 [medic-bot, activist, artillery]

Torgar the Grotesque - LN duergar druid (saurian shaman) 4 [ugly]

Dargrin Sweetbreath - dwarf aerokineticist 4 [?]

Judge Balazar the Red - LN dwarf stalker (judge) 4 [explorer, Abadaran, zealot]

I will try to get mine posted today. Sorry, I wasn't familiar with Dwarven history in Golarion, so I have been reading up, looking for inspiration. Finally had the concept click last night and I'm writing it up today.

Quick question, however, what year is it? Is 4745 the end of the 20 years of work prepping the ship or is that when they started and blast off was in 4765? It's a minor detail, but I want to figure out my character's age and background right. Thanks!

This does sound fascinating!

I'm working up my character proposal and am currently leaning towards axe-wielding dwarf kensai magus seeking a purity and (dwarven-style primal) enlightenment that can't be found on this world. However, I have been all over the place with concepts (dwarf sorcerer looking for acceptance or some sort of crossbow sniper/big game hunter or or or...). :) Too many ideas! So we will see. Should get something detailed up in a day or two!

Great campaign idea! Should be fun.

DM_Kumo Gekkou wrote:
I would really like a wuxia teleporting around the battlefield martial class. Something akin to the swordmage from 4E, but obviously a huge rewrite on it.

Not to "me too", but me, too! Similar idea, but the one character concept I have wanted to play for years but haven't been able to hobble together satisfactorily is X-Men's Nightcrawler. I have sorta kinda come close, but a class that is designed around the short-range teleporting Dex-based melee fighter/acrobat would be incredible. I seem to recall the 4E Avenger had some of that, but I never got much chance to play 4e.

These are some cool ideas! Another interesting twist that occurred to me (either for Strange Aeons or not) is have their class be based on their actions. So, while they don't know who they are (either from amnesia or with the child idea) however they react to situations determines what class they should be. So someone who suggests sneaking, make them a rogue, if someone tries to protect someone else, then a paladin, etc. Might be tricky to have it happen naturally if the players know about it, but could be fun to try. Have them develop the character's personalities based on the events as they unfold and from that determine the classes. Just a thought.

But, as for the OP, I say go for it! Sounds like a perfect place to use that idea!

It has definitely inspired me to try something unusual like this someday. Thanks!

Legend-wait-for-it-dary GM wrote:
This leaves Aefpakka out in the cold coming from Kasath.

No worries! AefPakka is a bit of a linguist! Xenopidgin campaign trait activate! :)

Thank you very much! I'm not sure I could ever GM one of these - too many interesting characters. I could never actually pick! But this looks like a fascinating group.

Still filling in some details, but finally here's my submission:

AefPakka, Kasatha Guru

Basically, an alien space hippy who is looking to encounter and learn from as many alien races as he can. This rude awakening may actually be the most wonderful thing ever for him.

DM Lil" Eschie wrote:

FWIW, I'd be interested in any of these:

Curse of the Crimson Throne
Serpent Skull
Mummy's Mask

Not so much Rise of the Runelords (although probably in the minority there).

I would be fine with either the AP-selected iconics or pick any iconics (or combination for more than 4). Some of the later iconics could be really fitting for the earlier APs. Aric/Red Raven would be particularly fun with Curse of the Crimson Throne! Or relic-hunting Mavaro the Occultist would seem a good fit for Mummy's Mask. Etc.

Although I tend to gravitate towards arcane casters and dex-based melee types (as well as the more unusual & weird, the better), I'm actually open to playing any iconic. It would be fun to do something outside my usual style. (Although I just picked Mavaro and Mummy's Mask as an example, but the more I think about it, that sounds fun! But bottom line, I'm open to really anything.)

Sir Longears wrote:

This is actually a pretty cool idea! I think there is a party who already does this (not sure if in PBP or just as a report) but they go one step further: Each AP they play with the same iconic characters that the AP shows in their art... for example Serpent's Skull would bring the cleric, the fighter, the rogue, and the wizard, while Giantslayer would bring the barbarian, the inquisitor, the ranger, and the wizard.

Perhaps could also be nice to let the players change a couple things from each of the icons, like feats, stats, or skills for an example (picking only one thing to change).

You might be thinking about the Order of the Amber Die - just read about their start to Strange Aeons on the Paizo blog. If that's who you are thinking of, they actually go so far as doing it in marathon face-to-face sessions where they get through an entire adventure in one long weekend. Sounds incredible!

That is what actually got me interested in something like this, so it was great to see this thread posted. Depending on which AP, I might be up for it. Already playing in several PbP, but it's a lot of fun, so I could fit in another.

Plus with the Order of the Amber Die group, they even do 15 point buy and build the characters more based on the iconics' backgrounds than optimization. Basing character choices around their story always seemed more fun and interesting than fully optimized, but everybody has their own style.

Legend-wait-for-it-dary GM wrote:

Ken,not sure if you missed my earlier post, but there is no need to drop racial traits from published races. The 15 RP is only if you are designing your own race. I am fine with either the guru or the soulknife, which does not make your job easier, I know.

Yep, I saw that, but wondered if 20 RP would be pushing it. Thanks!

I'm another one who is interested but is still finalizing an idea. Am fixating on a kasatha (with a couple dropped race traits) and possibly a Guru from Dreamscarred's Akashic Mysteries if you will allow it, or if not, I'm also really loving the idea of a soulknife. (And of course many other ideas, but trying to keep it focused!)

I have always wanted to try using the leveling intelligent magic items rules from Malhavoc Press "Book of Eldritch Might" as an intelligent magic item PC. Might be an interesting ideas for building an AI character.

Also just about done. All set except for equipment and should be able to finish that tonight.

Awesome, thanks! Looking forward to it!

Would Dreamscarred's psionics be allowed? I'm considering a thri-kreen soulknife (and will post more info, of course, if you approve of soulknives). Thanks and it sounds fun!

baticeer wrote:

@Ken: A Mystic is fine. I'm sorry, I should have responded earlier to let you know but I forgot in all the other talk here. Nice character, thanks.

No worries! Thank you!

baticeer wrote:
I'm going to say most likely yes (I've seen the class played before in my home game and never had any issue with it), but I'll have to take another look at the psionics system and see if it would require me to change any NPCs' abilities to function as psionics. Like, if your mystic is doing proper non-magical psychic disciplines then it wouldn't feel right having them fight a mind flayer straight out of the monster manual who has "psionic spellcasting" ;)

I don't want to make more work for you, but if you are ok with it, I think this could be a fun character to try:

Krieger Stoneheart - NG male deep gnome awakened mystic, urban bounty hunter background (SCAG)

The svirfneblin of the Stoneheart Clan were well known for their stoic dispositions. They often seemed cold and heartless at first meeting, but others who knew them well understood that it actually was a reaction to the harsh reality of the Underdark. Deep in the caverns, it is easy to grow fearful of every noise and paranoid of every traveler. The Stonehearts, however, were like the stone under a waterfall - just letting it all slide off of them. They mined and performed their duty, and knew no fear. A founding philosophy of the clan is that one can often choose how they live but rarely choose how they die.

And died they did. When dark elf necromancers, focused on conquest marched an undead legion to the surface, the Stoneheart Clan's village was in their path. They were nothing more than a minor inconvenience that briefly slowed the undead army. As a band of adventurers who were seeking to stop the dark elf-led legion followed close behind, they found very few survivors among the Stonehearts. They knew the village was no longer sustainable, and therefore simply left to find another svirfneblin settlement to join. All except Krieger.

A young deep gnome with a keen understanding of people, he could sense the suppressed anger and depression among his few remaining clan members. He felt it as well. Also sensing within the adventurers a determination to stop the undead army, Krieger followed them instead, talking his way into their party. A ranger named Aleanor Pathsteader in particular took a liking to the bold deep gnome. Although he was only of minor use among the powerful and experienced adventurers, Krieger was there when the dark elves and their undead were vanquished. Underneath his stoic exterior, he felt pride, and he liked it.

Although traveling with Aleanor for a while, they both realized he was out of his league. So after making sure he was settled into a nearby town, they parted ways. Krieger soon found enough small adventures to occupy himself, and even had some success being hired to find highly wanted criminals and bring them to justice. He became good enough at it that some members of the City Watch he frequently worked with wondered if he might want to join their ranks. But Krieger preferred a less rigid life. Furthermore, he became more bold and self-motivated in his pursuits of criminals including exposing a noble who enriched himself in illegal slave trade. This scandal led to his falling out of favor with the Watch. Not quite an outlaw vigilante, but certainly far from sanctioned, Krieger finds his cold demeanor, and insight into the minds of criminals and stray monsters serve him well in helping to capture or destroy the evils that lurk in shadows and in the open.

Krieger has done good things for his community by fighting the criminal and monstrous elements, but he isn't motivated by good deeds. He may not have even admitted it to himself yet, but Krieger savors overpowering, outwitting, and destroying evil. It's not even a matter of making the world a better place as much as it is a matter of Krieger no longer feeling helpless and trapped. The bigger the enemies that he defeats, the quieter the voices of doubt and fear become.

This is a character I made for a Savage Tide campaign years ago that wound up never happening. I elaborated some details and updated him for this campaign. However, he is a binder from the Pact Magic section of "Tome of Magic." Would you consider allowing that class? (It's the most balanced in that book.) I just love how the class drips with interesting flavor. If you need more info on the class, let me know. If you do not want to allow it, that's fine, I can come up with another concept. Thank you for your consideration!

Tomar Dunadrien
Noble District, associated with the Seekers
Male Human Binder


The Dunadriens are a noble family that arrived in Sasserine shortly after the overthrow of the Sea Princes. Renn and Esme Dunadrein were scholars and infrequent adventurers from the North, who wished to retire in the newly revealed city of Sasserine with their young son, Tomar. They found a natural fit with the Seekers and possessed enough wealth to settle in as a minor noble family. In the years since, they have been a quiet family, with Tomar studying at Thenalar Academy, and his parents proving some value as scholars of particularly obscure and esoteric mysteries. So it has continued for several years, with Tomar doing moderately well in his studies and his parents being moderately beneficial to the Seekers' quest for knowledge. Overall, they are a moderately uninteresting family of middling status in a city large enough to scarcely notice them - which is exactly how they wish to be perceived.

Because the Dunadriens have a deep and terrible secret.

They did not recently arrive in Sasserine, but are actually the current members of a very old noble family whose original name was stricken from the city's records centuries ago. The Dunadriens are the remnants of a long line of pact magic binders. They have passed down the ancient practice of offering their souls up as vessels for vestiges - beings that exist outside of reality itself. The practice is shunned by most major religions as blasphemous (either for claiming the existence of beings outside the influence of the gods, or for making pacts with beings that have been cast out of reality by the gods - depending upon the theology involved).

Several times throughout Sasserine's history, these pact magic practitioners have been forced to hide themselves or face extermination. The most recent time began with the arrival of the Sea Princes, which lead to the surviving family members spending generations hiding within the Shadowshore and Merchant Districts under the guise of a couple different families over time. Now, with the Sea Princes driven off, the Dunadriens have created a new name, a false story of their arrival, and are trying to re-emerge into noble society.

Tomar knows very little about his true ancestry. There are whispers of being descendants of someone that now exists as the vestige Dantalion, although that being is still beyond Tomar's understanding. There are also vague memories from early childhood of a grandfather - stern and knowledgeable about so many great mysteries. Tomar also remembers him as profoundly twisted in appearance and somedays scarcely human. His scant memories of Grandfather end one night when Tomar was woken by screams and crashing sounds in the basement. Tomar laid terrified in bed until his parents came in. With their hands still bloody, they grabbed the young boy and said it was time to move to a new home and a new name.

"Is Grandfather coming with us?"

"No, Grandfather wasn't careful. He tried to find an answer where he should never have looked. We will not speak of him again."

Every time Tomar asked about his grandfather after that, his parents calmly told him that he never knew his grandparents and they all died before he was born. Tomar doesn't even know if the man was his paternal or maternal grandfather, or even his name. Tomar was so young that even now he doesn't even remember if his own birth name before then was Tomar or something else entirely.

Now with the Sea Princes gone and great change occurring in Sasserine, his parents felt the time was right to rejoin noble society, and especially the Seekers and their resources. They secretly hope there are other signs of distant relations or other pact magic binders in or near Sasserine, although they fear they may be the last within the city. If nothing else, the records of the Seekers may contain information on new and more powerful vestiges that they can contact.


Tomar can be quite friendly and easy-going, but this is simply a mask. It is a skill that he has learned growing up in hiding and living a lie. Underneath, Tomar is paranoid and confused, but he knows his survival may depend on hiding those feelings from others, and even himself.

He knows that that pact magic his family practices is taboo, and must be kept as secret as possible. However, he does not know who he needs to keep the secret from, and consequently worries that every city guard might be watching him, or priests walking by might have magical abilities to detect a vestige within him. Furthermore, from his studies of pact magic as well as other ancient forbidden knowledge, Tomar knows that this world is just the polish on the surface of unimaginable power and unknowable beings existing in impossible places. His biggest weakness in keeping up his facade is when he gets comfortable with others, he can easily slip into rambling about the great unknown lurking all around and within them, and leave others his age feeling disconcerted around him. But he finds these mysteries fascinating and underneath all of the deception and paranoia, he is basically an extremely curious person about what lies between realities.

So he keeps a smile on his face (but not too big of a smile), says hi to his neighbors (but doesn't ask about their day for fear they might inquire about his), and generally tries to be as ordinary as possible while seeing a reality that is impossibly far from ordinary.


For the past 10 years, life had been going well, and the Dunadriens felt they had re-integrated into society quite well. That changed when they found a simple note on their door one morning claiming "I know your secret" and demanding a sum of 1000 gp to keep from revealing the secret. Tomar's father Renn, claimed it was a hoax. "Likely every family in this district has some secret they don't want revealed. Make a vague claim on a random nice home, and you will eventually get someone panicked enough to pay. It's best just ignored."

Tomar's mother, Esme, took the threat seriously, however. After almost 10 years rebuilding their reputation, she did not want to see it crumble. So one night she had Tomar accompany her to the Shadowshore District near where they once lived when he was young. She asked him to keep watch while she met a rather shifty looking man behind a tavern. Tomar thought he looked familiar and may have been welcomed in their home on a few occasions in his youth. However, he was shocked when his mother and the man began to argue, and when the man reached for a knife at his belt, Tomar's mother killed him with an attack so quick, Tomar stood frozen trying to comprehend what just happened.

Esme then grabbed Tomar and began to hurry away, but unfortunately ran into the bartender escorting a drunk traveler into the alley for a quiet place to sleep off his inebriation. Panicked, Esme said that man tried to attack them, but Tomar managed to fight him off and save his poor, weary mother. Not knowing what else to do, Tomar played along. His mother spun a tale (of sufficient detail to appease without enough to detail to warrant corroboration) about seeking to find a shipment that arrived late and then becoming lost before being set upon by the man. The local city guard properly admonished them for traveling in the district after dark but congratulated the boy on saving his mother and sent them on their way.

His mother refuses to discuss the incident, and Tomar, again, is left wondering what really happened and why. He does not know if the shifty man left the message or if the argument was about another matter and the note was a hoax as his father claims. Either way, Tomar knows that asking his parents will not get him any answers.


Tomar is someone who has actually done very little. Most of his life he has had things happen *to* him, rather than actually doing anything himself. In the campaign, he will make the interesting transition to attempting to take control of his life and actually doing things and seeking answers rather than letting events simply happen to him.

Also, although the "family secret" is an important part of his background and could easily play a role in the campaign, I know secrets rarely work well between characters. Once he feels comfortable with the rest of the party (which shouldn't take long if he doesn't scare them off), he will "out" himself very early on rather than trying to hide it from the other characters for long.

Couple ideas floating around, but quick question - what do you think of the UA mystic? Being the Illithid Trilogy, I wasn't sure if psionics would be a great fit or a bad one (or if the class is too beta). Since it only goes up to level 10, I might consider some multi classing anyway. It's just one of my ideas, but thought I would check and see. Thanks!

GM Choon wrote:
Ken Marable wrote:

Just saw this thread (away on vacation) so I definitely appreciate the few extra days! Thank you!

I am considering a summoner (unchained, of course), but am also toying with occult. I see you are "check with me" on Ultimate Intrigue, so do you have a preference on any of the classes from Occult Adventures since it's another newer and unusual book? Thanks!

I have no preferences with that book, no. I honestly haven't read most of it either, but anything save the kinetecist should work well in the setting.

Sorry I didn't see this sooner.

I am going back and forth on party size at the moment. Announcement will probably be sooner rather than later. No promises. :)

No worries, ends up I didn't really have time anyway. Good luck to the rest of you! Should be a fun campaign!

Just a quick note that I won't be submitting. It sounds like a fun campaign, and I might follow along and read it. But too much else going on to even get a character finished.

Have fun!!

This sounds like fun! Think I will give it a try:

4d6 ⇒ (3, 2, 3, 2) = 104d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 3, 5) = 174d6 ⇒ (2, 4, 6, 2) = 144d6 ⇒ (4, 4, 3, 5) = 164d6 ⇒ (3, 4, 5, 2) = 144d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 6, 3) = 214d6 ⇒ (4, 1, 6, 2) = 13

Whoops, should have put those on multiple lines. But that leads to:
8, 14, 12, 13, 12, 18, 12

Zowie! That's some nice rolls. Been a while since I had rolled an 18 even with 4d6 drop lowest.

Debating between some Kwai Chang Caine (from the old "Kung Fu" tv series) inspired monk walking the land, or a warlock. I see there's been mention of both, so I'm not sure now.

Monk might be an Asian-styled dragonborn to really stand out - named Tianlong Jie or something.

Although I was thinking more along the lines of a "Devil's bargain" Old West trope for the warlock than fey, but haven't developed it too far yet. Maybe some name like Montgomery Cardluck or "Lucky Gum" for short. Hmm....

Decisions, decisions - but either way, I gotta get crackin'!

Just saw this thread (away on vacation) so I definitely appreciate the few extra days! Thank you!

I am considering a summoner (unchained, of course), but am also toying with occult. I see you are "check with me" on Ultimate Intrigue, so do you have a preference on any of the classes from Occult Adventures since it's another newer and unusual book? Thanks!

Sara Moyna wrote:
I am already very attached to Congruence

Yay! This is one of my first PbP games, and it's been great so far. Congruence just wants to fit in, and that seemed like a nice angle to go for. It's wonderful that she is looking out for him. I'm glad we got paired. :)

Orla Pentastone wrote:
I'll be honest I have no idea what a Modron is. In fact until just know I've been pronouncing it as Mordrin in my head XP.

If you are curious, this is relatively what Congruence looks like.

FYI - I cleaned up some grammar and bad autocorrects in Wyaph Cloudrunner. Sorry I didn't review it earlier.

Wyaph Cloudrunner

Orla Pentastone wrote:
Congruence wrote:

Ok, settled on Congruence, but I will take the weekend to be absolutely sure.

Added the background. I have handwritten notes on 5 friends, 5 enemies, etc. I will get those typed up and his stats finished & formatted this weekend.

Congruence, Paladin of Primus

Is a Paladin of Primus different from a regular Paladin? If not are you using the Pathfinder Paladin?

Because if you are using the Pathfinder Paladin you get Smite Evil 1/day and Detect Evil at will under special abilities.

Nope, it's a standard paladin. For Detect Evil, that's a goof. I was typing things up quickly from handwritten notes and the "1/day" must have been for whatever was next to it. Smite Evil, however, is delayed to 2nd level for the Chosen One archetype. Chosen One paladins come into a couple of their abilities slightly later as they are just discovering their destiny.

But my stats definitely need some checking and clean up. I am settled enough on my choices that I am working on finalizing all the numbers now. I will post when it's done and definitely need some double-checking. Thanks!!

Not much there yet, but I will be adding to it throughout the day and then finalizing and formatting this weekend.

I will also update the link when I finalize the name. Currently a toss up between Congruence and Variable.

My modron PC

Sorry, rough and not much there yet. I have had some really fun ideas for the flavor, but have been going back and forth on figuring out the best mechanics to fit that flavor. But like I said, by tonight, it should be far closer to finished and include the background and NPCs. (Got it all pretty much settled in my head, just gotta get it on paper.)

No worries. Thank you for the understanding. Looking like things are settling back into a bit more normal now, so I should be able to contribute more.

I have been all over the place with ideas. Was inclined towards alchemist for a bit, but think I might have settled on a Modron Chosen One Paladin of Primus (cranium rat familiar - same stats as normal rat - that at 7th level is revealed to be a monodrone familiar - if approved). But why would Primus have a paladin?? Is it another God posing as Primus? Or is Primus balancing out a LG paladin with something sinister & scheming out there as well?

Nice unplanned bonus is that a paladin could help with the healing as well.

However, I can easily come up with other ideas if it helps, for example with some ranged combat. Otherwise, I will work on statting up my paladin and see how it turns out.

Of course, now I'm wondering about ranged character ideas. Always wanted to try out a thrower - either fun times like a Captain America-style shield thrower or a character that makes prodigious use of Throw Anything. Hurm... a modron who is still trying to comprehend what is and isn't a weapon, so it carries around lots of random items that it throws - quite effectively - at enemies.

Blarg! Too many fun ideas! Just might need to stat up both ideas and see which has a more interesting background & personality occur to me.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Nice work. I don't recall what stats they used, but waaay Bastion Press has dolphins as a PC race in their Oathbound setting but that was probably 3.0 and what you have is likely better anyway.

Not sure how to fit it into stats, but if you want some other flavorful ideas that have some basis in reality, I have studied dolphin brains a bit and they are awfully fascinating. the Int penalty makes sense also because their logic/reason (e.g. Frontal lobe) parts of their brains aren't as developed as even some other primates, but the emotional parts of their brains are actually more complex than humans. So their emotional experiences may be even richer than our own. Not sure how to translate that into game terms, maybe bonus saves against emotion-based effects, or morale bonuses are increased by 1, or something, I don't know. At the very least a bonus to Sense Motive would be appropriate (land mammals are so emotionally predictable). :)

Personally, I would be inclined more towards a Cha bonus than Con, but whichever.

A fun little oddity is that dolphins can't smell, and there are doubts about taste but that hasn't been confirmed. I suppose if you wanted to be accurate, you could make them immune to stench effects. Those are rare enough that I don't think it would be a big bonus, mostly some quirky flavor. But it's not exactly a fundamental trait to them, and more like something that would come up in a trivia game.

There is also some evidence that their senses are far more integrated than ours, but that's not fully agreed upon and I'm not sure what that would work as except a Perception bonus which you already have.

Trying to Pathfinder-ize the Exiled Modron stats. I started with the PC race from the Dragon article, shoved it though the ARG (with a hat tip to this this thread), and then considered a dash of android traits which seemed appropriate (using numbers from Adam Diagle's comment).

What are your thoughts on this? I am open to any changes, just taking a stab at a first pass.

  • Outsider (I pushed for them to be outsiders, but dictate from WotC at the time was Living Constructs) 3 RP
  • +2 Int, +2 Con, -2 Dex, -4 Cha Mixed weakness -2 RP
  • Acid, Cold, Fire Resistance 5 3 RP
  • +2 Perception 2 RP
  • +2 Save vs Illusion 1 RP
  • +2 Natural AC 3 RP
  • Surprise Vulnerability Flat-footed until 2nd turn when surprised. -1 RP (?)
  • Constructed (Android trait) For the purposes of effects targeting creatures by type (such as a ranger's favored enemy and bane weapons), androids count as both humanoids and constructs. 2 RP
  • Emotionless (Android trait) Modrons have problems processing emotions properly, and thus take a –4 penalty on Sense Motive checks. -1 RP
  • Constructed Immunities (Android trait) Modrons are not subject to fatigue or exhaustion, and are immune to disease and sleep effects. Modrons can never gain morale bonuses, and are immune to fear effects and all emotion-based effects. 4 RP

Which is 14 RP if I'm adding correct, right?

I dropped penalty to Cha-based skill checks against Chaotic creatures. Seemed like extra bookkeeping for an unusual bonus, and Cha penalty was upped to -4 anyway, so seemed like double whammy. It is flavorful, however, so I am open to it, but wasn't sure if it is worth the extra tracking.

We don't have to use all of those Android traits, but I think they work better than Living Construct sub-type, although I can live with that or even the Half-Construct from ARG. They just seemed rather fitting.


Patrick Curtin wrote:
Ok. I didn't hear from Woran, so I am bumping them down to the alternate list. I am giving Ken the slot because having him ask to be a player in a Planescape game is the equivalent of having Jason Buhlman or James Jacobs ask to play in a Golarion game. Plus, I really want a well-played Modron character in this.

Wow! That is flattering! I certainly don't rise to the level of Jason Buhlman or James Jacobs - I was just a freelancer for a few years there, and a fan with enough web coding skills to take over Planewalker when Brannon moved on. That modron article was one of the highlights of my time freelancing.

I don't want to take someone else's spot but I would love to play. I already have a few modron character ideas popping into my head today.

If you are compiling a list of alternates, I'd love to be added to that list. I have plenty of Planescape background - I used to run the website when it was WotC's "Official Planescape Fan Site" and even had a Dragon mag article published (the one on modrons).

I have plenty of character ideas, so could fit in anything. If it could work with the concept you have, I'd love to try updating the modron PC race from that article (or other sources) to PF and give it a try with a confused rogue modron running with some orphans trying to find its place in the scheme of things. If not, like I said, I have plenty of other ideas and am partial to the planetouched races or powered-down gith (-zerai or -yanki).

Have fun! Sounds like a cool campaign!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Here is my submission:

Wyaph Cloudrunner, Bariaur Fighter, Godsmen

I'm still new to PbP, but if it's a chance to play some Planescape, I am all for it! Haven't tried a 5e fighter yet or ever played a bariaur, so I thought I would give them a try and the concept seemed fun.

Wyaph Cloudrunner will be a god. His only doubt is whether he can convince you that you will be a god, too.

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