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Full Name

Kelly Forester




Alchemist(Chirurgeon)-2 (AC: 15 (+4 vs AoO) [T: 13 FF: 12] | HP: 8/16 | F15, R16, W13 | Init: +2 |Perc: +7)









Strength 10
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 14
Charisma 8

About Kelly Forester


Str 10 0
Dex 14 +2
Con 12 +1
Int 18 +4
Wis 14 +3
Cha 8 -1

AC:15 +4 vs AoO
Touch:13 Flat:12



Racial traits:

Bonus Feat:Mobility
Skilled: Extra skill rank at first level and one additional rank whenever they gain a level.




Ships Surgeon:On a ship, a sailor often has to learn multiple skills, and this rule certainly applies to you. Your father was a woodworker, and you learned your first trade from him. But on your first voyage at sea you quickly found out that a carpenter is often a ship’s doctor as well—after all, who knows more about sawing off limbs than someone who saws wood for a living? People are a lot bloodier than wood, that’s for sure, but you haven’t had many complaints—those sailors who have enjoyed your services are either happy to be alive or dead, and there’s old salts who swear the peg legs you for made them are better than the real legs they used to have. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Craft (carpentry) and Heal checks, and Heal is a class skill for you. You were between ships in Port Peril, and after stopping for a drink at a tavern called the Formidably Maid, you happened upon a damsel in distress in the alleyway outside. Thinking you could help, you didn’t notice the thugs hiding nearby, and they caught
you unawares. You’ve been on enough ships to know a press gang by the blow of the sap on the back of your neck—you just hope whatever ship you end up on needs a surgeon. Although the majority of your equipment was taken away when you were press-ganged, you managed to hang on to a fully stocked healer’s kit, and you begin the campaign with it, regardless of your starting circumstances.

Accelerated Drinker:You may drink a potion as a move action instead of a standard action as long as you start your turn with the potion in your hand.

Skills (*trained):

+2 Acrobatics
+4 Appraise
-1 Bluff
+0 Climb
+9 Craft* (carpentry)
+9 Craft** (alchemy)
-1 Diplomacy
-1 Disguise
+2 Escape Artist
+2 Fly
+8 Heal**
-1 Intimidate
+9 Knowledge** (Arcana)
+9 Knowledge** (Nature)
+7 Perception**
-1 Perform
+7 Profession** (sailor)
+6 Profession* (surgeon)
+2 Ride
+2 Sense Motive
+6 Sleight of Hand*
+9 Spellcraft**
+2 Stealth
+2 Survival
+2 Swim**

Extract Formula Known:

Crafters Fortune
Cure Light Wounds
Endure Elements
Keen Senses
Long Shot
Touch of the Sea

Alchemist Items Prepared:

Mutagen (Str)
Infusion of Cure Light Wounds
Infusion Of Cure Light Wounds
Extract of Shield


Boarding Pike:+1 to-hit; 1d8 lethal damage Reach, Brace
Alchemist's Bomb:+3 to-hit; 1d6+4 fire dmg; 5 splash +4 vs reflex half dmg on miss
USED: 0/6


Encumbrance: 33/lbs
Healers Kit(6/10 uses), .6 lbs
Component Pouch, 2 lbs
Leather Armor, 15 lbs
Dagger, 1 lbs
Boarding Pike, 9lbs
Light Crossbow, 4 lbs
bolts x 14, 1.4 lbs
potion of Touch of the Sea

Healers Kit
Assorted Vials x 24
Bolts x 6
Dagger x 2

Money: .22 lbs
PP: 0
GP: 11
SP: 0
CP: 0


A fairly scrawny man of very mundane height Kelly, has an unkempt crop of stringy black hair, tied tightly back behind his head with a simple leather thong. His face is a perfect match for his personality, abrasive, but under the jaded and wisecracking exterior lays a true concern for the well being of sentient beings.

Rarely without his vials and medicines, Kelly moves with the smooth and practiced motions that come with years of practice as both a wood worker, and a doctor. Often preoccupied with various things, Kelly still keeps a wary eye out for dangers and medical emergencies to come.


Gruff and sarcastic, this young man was raised by a carpenter father who regaled young Kelly with tales
of his young life at sea. As the ships carpenter he was often called upon to perform meatball surgery,
doing amputations to remove mangled or infected limbs, then crafting crude wooden replacements.
This went on until his father met a similar fate and retired from the sailor’s life after losing both an arm
and leg.

Kelly was both abhorred and inspired by these stories, why settle for mere amputation when better care
could be easily provided. After a forced education in basic carpentry, young Kelly took to the road to
seek a better education, studying what books he could get his hands on, while supporting himself on
ships as a ships hand, and carpenter.