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Larur Feldin

Kelgan Cragbelly's page

319 posts. Alias of heliopolix.

Full Name

Kelgan Cragbelly


Hill Dwarf


Fighter 5




Medium Humanoid (Civilized)






The Estren Highlands


Common, Hill Dwarven, High Elven


Infantry Field Medic

About Kelgan Cragbelly

Kelgan is a short, bald, rotund, red-bearded, pipe-smoking, whiskey-drinking, good ol boy - er, dwarf. His fingers are stained, he's missing more than a few teeth, and he smells of smoke, but his long axe is sharp and his armor well oiled. He moves like a walking wall on the battlefield, administering aid and felling foes like trees.

Male Hill Dwarf Fighter 5
Medium humanoid (civilized)
Init +2 (+2 in mountains); Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +10 (+2 in mountains, +5 to sense allies)

AC 28 T 12 FF 19; (+9 armor, +2 dex, +7 shield) [+2 vs missiles, surprise, and critical hits]
HP 52 (26/13); (5d10+20con) DR 4/-
Fort +8 Ref +6 Intu +3 Will +3; +4 vs Affliction; [+2 Ref & Evasion / Improved Evasion, +2 Ref vs surprise]
BAB +5 CMB +7 CMD 19; [+2 vs. Weapon Maneuvers]
Str 14 Dex 14 Con 18 Int 12 Wis 14 Cha 9
Speed 20 ft.

Melee Glaive: reach
2H +8 1d10+5 20x3 [phalanx with shield: 1H, -1 dmg]
Trip +8
Ranged Autarch's Arbalest: range 120 ft., reload move action, feat (Fell Shot)
2H +9 1d8+9 19-20x2 [phalanx with shield: 1H, reload SoH DC 11]
Deadly Aim: -2 attack / +6 damage
Fell Shot: standard action, denies target armor, natural armor, and shield bonus to AC
Ranged Dwarven Firebomb: touch, fire, range 10 ft., 2 splash, Ref DC 17 or damage repeats once
1H +7 2d6 20x2


Athletics (5) +10 (+2 in mountains)
Diplomacy* (1) +3
Endurance* (5) +12
Heal* (4) +12
Perception (5) +10 (+2 in mountains, +5 to sense allies)
Sleight of Hand (1) +3
Stealth (0) +2 (+2 in mountains)
Survival (0) +2 (+2 in mountains)

Craft (Alchemy) (4) +10
Craft (Carving) (1) +4
Knowledge (Lore)* (5) +11
Knowledge (Warfare)* (5) +9

ACP: armor -0, shield -6


Combat Expertise (Stance)
* defensive fighting -2 attack & +2 AC
* total defense -4 attack & +4 AC

Favored Terrain (Hills and Mountains)
* +2 Initiative in terrain
* +2 Athletics, Perception, Stealth, and Survival in terrain
* +2 CMB vs bull rush, drag, reposition
* opponents denied Higher Ground attack bonus
* gain Higher Ground attack bonus on ranged attacks
* normal speed through scree, rubble, steep slopes
* can run or charge down steep slopes w/o acrobatics
* unnafected by altitude sickness
* endure elements (cold)

Skill Synergy, Secondary (Dwarven)
* +2 to Craft and Knowledge (Lore)

Skill Focus (Heal)
* +3 to Heal

Phalanx Fighter
* Can use polearm one-handed with shield
* Can fire crossbow one-handed without penalty

Deadly Aim
* Ranged attacks: -2
* Damage: thrown +2, bows +4, crossbows +6

Fast Recovery
* Rest: 2 HP/lvl. Bed Rest: 6 HP/lvl. No Rest: 1 HP/lvl
* Double HP from Heal skill, breather
* All magical healing recieved empowered
* Attribute damage: 1 + Con Mod/day
* Recover from fatigue and exhaustion twice as fast

* +2 Dodge bonus to AC and Reflex saves during surprise round and vs. critical hits, even when flat-footed.
* Cannot be caught flat-footed, even by invisible foe. Can still lose Dex from feint or if immobilized.

Alert Bodyguard
* Allies within 30' gain my Dodge bonuses from Alertness

Precise Shot
* Shoot into Melee without -4

Critical Focus (Heavy Crossbow)
* +4 Bonus to confirm critical hits.

Fighter Talents:

Shield Other (Stance)
* ally gets +1 AC and +1 on saves
* take half of ally's damage
* spend AoO to take all damage from one attack

Armor Training
* +2 AC, +2 MDB, +2 ACP, DR 2/- to armor, shield, or both

Knightly Order (Order of the Shield)
* Grants: Skill Focus (Heal).
* Grants: Armor Training talent.

Strike Team Leader
* When I act in the surprise round, so can all adjacent allies.
* With Alertness, grants: Alert Bodyguard and extends feat's effects to all allies within 30'.
* Add Fighter level to Perception checks to sense nearby allies.

Class/Racial Abilities:

Armor Proficiency: all armor
Martial Weapon Proficiency: all weapons
Exotic Weapon Proficiency: heavy crossbow, tower shield
Bravery (1 step)
Weapon Training
Weapon Aptitude
Versatile Weapon Use
Grit 1/day

Hero Points: 1

Favored Class Fighter
* +4 on Critical Focus (Heavy Crossbow)
* +1 Skill Rank

Hardy +4 vs affliction
Endure Elements as spell
Slow & Steady not slowed by armor or encumbrance

Languages Hill Dwarven, Common, High Elven
Comeliness 8
Social Class 14 (Lieutenant)


Mojo Par [9000], Maximum [16000]

Emberwall [5100]
* Tower Shield: Base (+4 AC, +2 MDB, -10 ACP), Modified (+7 AC, +4 MDB, -6 ACP, DR 2/-)
* +1 AC [600*1 = 600]
* Custom Shoulder-Mounted Harness: -2 ACP [100*4 = 400]
* Cinders from Forge Explosion: Burning Hands, 1/day [900*1*5*(1/5) = 900]
* Bolted-on Bolt case: +4 to Sleight of Hand (reloading only) [200*16=3200]
** Armor Training: +2 AC, +2 MDB, -2 ACP, +2 DR/-

Traitor's Folly [1000]
* Breastplate: Base (+6 AC, +2 MDB, -5 ACP), Modified (+9 AC, +4 MDB, -0 ACP, DR 2/-)
* +1 AC [600*1 = 600]
* Strike Team Leader's Rigging: -2 ACP [100*4 = 400]
** Armor Training: +2 AC, +2 MDB, -2 ACP, +2 DR/-
** Endurance Skill: -1 ACP

Autarch's Arbalest [2400]
* Heavy Crossbow
* +2 to weapon attack [400*4 = 1600]
* Spring Steel: +2 damage [200*4 = 800]

Glaive [400]
* +1 to weapon attack [400*1 = 400]

Crafted Goods:

Dwarven Firebombs [1000]
* Augmented alchemist's fire (10): 2d6, DC 15, repeats once [100*10 = 1000]

Wyrmbone Teeth [3400]
* Carved, Scrimshawed, and alchemically treated in a tincture of vampire ash.
* Sustenance [2500]
* Command Word: Clarion Call, at will [900*1*1 = 900]

Mundane Gear
Bolt case
Scrimshaw pipe
Portable still (alchemist's lab)
Field Medic's Kit
Whiskey flask
Skinning knife
Iron rations (5)
Flint & Steel


Kelgan hails from the Estren highlands. Like most of his clan, he grew up "redistributing" wealth from travelers. One ambush went way south when their marks turned out to be disguised guardsmen. Some of his companions died, some got away, and some got captured. Kelgan was among the latter. A few days later, after a short trial, he found himself standing on the gallows, contemplating the long drop. The garrison commander offered the condemned men a choice: enlist and help defend the frontier, or hang. To Kelgen neither option sounded great. Die now, or die later. He chose die later.

A decade later, he's still alive. The frontier has been tough, but he's managed to get training as a field medic. Distinguishing himself, he is now a lieutenant, but his criminal background means he often gets the worst assignments.

Defensive fighter. Deadeye. Polearm weilder. Tripper. First aid. Stamina. Protective of archers and casters. Distiller. Woodcarver.

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