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Friendly Fighter

Kayluss's page

240 posts. Pathfinder Society character for Evan Whitefield.

Full Name

Kayluss Baradin




Fighter 1/ Ranger 1




Meduim (6' 1" - 210 lbs)











Strength 16
Dexterity 13
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 14
Charisma 12

About Kayluss


A handsome man, in his early 20’s, Kayluss has dirty blond hair, light steel blue eyes and a proud bearing, which attests to his noble heritage. Normally a cheerful young man, at time he sinks into an ill-tempered depression in which he is tormented by memories of his life in Cheliax. Usually brought about by things that remind him of his family, and the depravity it has sunken to, or by of the terrifying experiences he had in the depths of Citadel Demain, these moods can last anywhere from hours to months depending on the cause.

Pathfinder History:

The Beggar's Pearl (1 XP; 2 PA)
The Pallid Plague (1 XP; 2 PA)
The Bloodcove Disguise (1 XP; 2 PA)


AC 19
Touch 11 Flat-footed 18
CMD 16

hp 21

Fort +6
Ref +3
Will +4
(+1 vs. Divine Spells)


Init +1
Spd 20ft
Base Att +2
CMB +5

Ixthalos Mwk Bastard Sword +8 (1d10+3/ 19-20/ x2)
Club +5 (1d6+3/ x2)
Dagger +5 (1d4+3/ 19-20/ x2)

Longbow +3 (1d8/ x3/ 120ft)
Club +3 (1d6+3/ x2/ 10ft)
Dagger +3 (1d4+3/ 19-20/ x2/ 10ft)

Special Attacks: +2 Attacks and Damage vs. Humans


Str 16 +3
Dex 13 +1
Con 14 +2
Int 10 +0
Wis 14 +2
Cha 12 +1

Class Abilities: Track, Animal Empathy (+2), Favored Enemy (Humans)

Feats: Iron Will, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Bastard Sword), Weapon Focus (Bastard Sword)

Traits: History of Heresy (+1 saves vs. Divine Spells), Heirloom Weapon (+1 on attack rolls with Ixthalos)


(2 Fighter +6 Ranger +2 RB)
Acrobatics -3
Appraise +0
Bluff +1
Climb +3
Craft +0
Diplomacy +1
Disguise +1
Escape Artist -3
Handle Animal +1
Heal +6
Intimidate +5
Knowledge (geography)+4
Knowledge (nature)+4
Perception +6
Perform +1
Profession (guide)+6
Ride -3
Sense Motives +2
Spellcraft +4
Stealth +1
Survival +7
Swim -1


Armor: Mwk Breastplate, Mwk Heavy Steel Shield

Weapons: Ixthalos, Longbow, Arrows (20), club, dagger

Wearing: Explorer’s outfit, Baradin Family Signet Ring

Backpack: bedroll, Rations (4 days), grappling hook, silk rope (50ft), flint & steel, waterskin, whetstone, sunrod (x5), healer’s kit (8 uses), anti-plague, Cologne (7 doses)

Adventurer’s Sash: Compass, Potion of CLW, alchemist fire (x2), tanglefoot bag (x2)

Belt Pouch: 8pp, 45gp, 8sp, 8 cp

Total weight 104lbs
(light load < 76lbs; medium load < 156lbs; heavy load < 230lbs)

Back Story:

The second son of a Rutilus Baradin, a sniveling Cheliaxian noble, Kayluss had always secretly despised his father, but it wasn't until Kayluss found a boarded up old room in his family’s estate that he began to actively defy him. The room housed a shrine of sorts dedicated to Kayluss's great-grandfather Akorian Baradin, a knight of old Cheliax who died battling the infernal armies of House Thrune, during the civil war that erupted after the death of Aroden.

Sickened by the depravity of his once noble house Kayluss began speaking out, not only against his father but, even more dangerously, against the House Thrune. Terrified by what the ruling house would do if it were to learn of Kayluss's heresy Rutilus arranged for his son to be forcefully indoctrinated into the notorious Order of the Scourge.

During his initiation Kayluss was able to escape and fled back to his fathers house. Arriving at the house just after midnight he broke back into the hidden room and removed Ixthalos (Azlanti for "Star Blade"), his family’s ancestral sword, from his great-grandfathers shrine. Brandishing the sword Kayluss stormed through the house screaming his father’s name.

Kayluss finally found Rutilus, cowering in upstairs bedroom surrounded buy the Baradin house guards. Before the first light of morning touched the Baradin family lands the guards lay dead and Rutilus stood whimpering against a wall with the tip of Ixthalos at his throat. Even at the height of his rage though, Kayluss could not bring himself to kill his own father and instead he ripped the Baradin family ring from his father’s finger and knocked him unconscious with the hilt of the sword.

Kayluss then gathered up everything he would need for a long journey and, using an oil lamp, set fire to his family home before fleeing east towards the dawn. A fugitive in his home nation Kayluss made his way to Andoran hoping to find a fresh start. Unfortunately Kayluss had made many enemies in Cheliax, enemies who do not forget grievances, and before long the Inquisitors of the Order of the Scourge had tracked him down. It was only through the intervention of Colson Maldris a passing Eagle Knight and Pathfinder that Kayluss managed to survive the Hellknight’s attack.

After that day Kayluss began to travel with Maldris, learning about the Pathfinders and aiding in their missions. In the Pathfinders Kayluss saw an opportunity to resort honor to the Baradin name and before long Kayluss inducted as a member. Eventually the two Pathfinder parted ways as Maldris went to sea to hunt slavers and Kayluss stayed in Andoran patrolling the Cheliaxian boarder. A few years latter Kayluss learned that Maldris had earned the position of Captain within the Eagle Knight and had then been reassigned to the pathfinder lodge in Absalom. Knowing the difficulty of such an assignment Kayluss caught the first ship to the infamous city in order to assist his friend.

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