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Kat's Eye's page

425 posts. Alias of Charles Scholz.


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Lunch is served. And some reading material to boot.

I went as a mouse trap.

The next poster likes a weird food.

Pulg waxes his scalp.

The inspiration for all the creepy clowns across America.

Mr. Too much lighter fluid.

the beginning of

of their sleep

KK is opening a opossum road pizza hut.


FB just flipped the bird.

KenderKin wrote:
That darn cat!

...KenderKin's rats constantly saying "Here, kitty, kitty, kitty."

ZZZZ's: 5d500 ⇒ (293, 255, 114, 315, 478) = 1455

Damage to Bunny Slippers: 2d6 + 5 ⇒ (4, 3) + 5 = 12

Cat Naps per day: 1d24 ⇒ 20

...Bernard and Bianca


Hey, what are you doing to my bed?

I spy, with my little eye, and it begins with W.


...Pulg hunting truffles.

9. The Cat: Sleeps all day and doesn't care about you at all.

GoatToucher invented the chia-pets. The reason is better left unsaid.

Yes, you are.

Nectanebo did not see me, I was not there.

UltraGeek is banned for staring at me.

Ultrageek is banned for really being a cyclops. All the other eyes are glued on.

Banned for being a dog.

Hey, that is MY hiding place. Go find you own.

Gutting the chicken
Very difficult job, so
Don't cut off your thumb.

That is because cats rule while dogs drool.

The next poster has a foolproof plan of ridding the world of all dogs forever while leaving the cats alone.

Don't forget the streamers and Kat Nip.


Ah, the field of catnip.

The next poster had a unique experience with the Tarasque.

Molten Dragon didn't want anyone saying anything bad about him, so he hid this thread for 12 days.

I'll have you know that my pet human empties it every day.

That made even me lose my appetite.

But not the win.

Uh, about that. I thought it was a new toy. I batted it around some, then knocked it down some rabbit hole. That thing was deep.

The next poster has a suitable replacement (and it is not my head).

IHIYC is banned for taking pride in his hiding ability.

I, the great Kat's Eye, do summon my new play toy.


Cheese Grater

Banned for making Captain Picard's "Tea, Earl Gray, Hot".

Pulg is what you get when you crossbread a yeti with a swine.

Grandpa Wonderbra wrote:

* glares at Kat's Eye *

And you - you're being a very naughty kitty! You will behave yourself! If you're hungry, just ask - I have plenty of food for everyone. There is no need to eat poor Bill or John.


(Translation: But I'm hungry and you never serve anything a cat can eat. You teleport me elsewhere. Are you trying to get rid of me?)


[Translation: Lunch]


John the Rat wrote:
Kat's Eye wrote:

The Cat Came Back


That was funny!

The Cat Came Back


Eat all you want. I love fat mouse-kabobs!
[sound effect]Snikt[/sound effect]

1 to 50 of 425 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | next > last >>

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