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Katisha's page

142 posts. Pathfinder Society character for nosig.

Full Name

Katisha Lee




Bard 11 (Street Performer)







Special Abilities





yes I may worship me now


Bedrooms normally


Common, Infernal, goblin



Strength 12
Dexterity 12
Constitution 10
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 7
Charisma 28

About Katisha

(Info needs updating)
character description is PG... maybe R

everything below here is a bit out of date...

Katisha Lee
Human (Chelaxian Female)
Bard 10 (Street Performer)
5’10”(in heels), slender build
Black Hair, Green Eyes, Pale
Normally dressed…. in silver and black, leather and lace.
on assignment, a Mistmail chain shirt with a Continual Flame cast on it (have to ask the Judge about this each game - does the mist flame? or the light go out?), whips on each hip.

“Perfumed” Courtesan – if you need to ask, I’m too expensive

Tag-line “Usually this costs extra!”

Please call me “Kat” or “Tish”
NEVER call me “Kat-Tish”


Combat?!!: (need to update this section as I never use it)
Initiative +5?
BAB +5?
Offense (Never!):
Whip +7 (+11 to disarm), 1d3+1 non-lethal (x2)
Dagger?? +6 1d4+1 (I have one someplace - I know I bought it, it's here someplace [diggs in haversack, bending down - are you looking?])
Gemset, sliver inlaid Spiked Gauntlet (more jewelry than weapon). It's not like I would use it!

her looks!(this is out of date, and needs to be updated)
AC 18+(additional bonuses) (Touch 11, FF 17)
Fort +3
Reflex +7
Will +4
HP: 53

Feats, etc:

Feats, Traits, etc::
Trait1: Fires of Hell
Trait2: Extreamely Fashionable
FeatHD1: Combat Expertise.
FeatHuman: Improved Disarm
FeatHD3: Lingering Performance.
FeatHD5: Improved Init.
FeatHD7: Aditional Arcane
FeatHD9:??? don't remember
FeatHD11:??? don't remember


Hat of Disguise
Andorian Prostitution Licence
Taldan Prostitution Licence (Oppara?)
Magnamar Prostitution Licence
Osirian Prostitution Licence
Two other licences I can remember where for...
Miscellaneous stuff I can't remember
Circulet of Persasion
Headbad of Cha (+6)
Wand of CLW
2nd Wand of CLW
Wand of Water Breathing
Wand of Infernal Healing

selected skills - this needs updateing again!:

Acrobatics: 20
Bluff: 24+ (can always T10)
Craft Courtesan: 7+
Diplomacy: 24+ extras
Disguise:19+ (can always T10)
Fly: 20
Know (arcane): 5
Know (Local): 8+
Know (Planes): 5 or 7
Know (Religion) 5
Linguistics: 5 (Goblin)
Perception: 2
Perform (Percussion) 22+
Perform (Dance) 20+
Profession (Courtesan): 10+
Slight of Hand: 7
SpellCraft: 5
UMD: 20+


Bard Masterpieces:
Triple Time
The Dance of Kindled Desires (yes, exactly what it sounds like, only more so).

Scriveners Chant
Dancing Lights
Unwitting Ally
Mage Hand
Detect Magic
Ghost Sound

Unseen Servant
Hideaus Laughter
Lock Gaze
Liberating Command
Feather Step
Feather Fall
(SWAPPED to Triple Time!)

Gallant Inspration
Mirror Image
(SWAPPED to Kindled Desires)

Aura of the Unremarkable
Good Hope

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