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Katherine Sizer's page

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My friends fear me


Was very happy to see this come out on Free RPG Day and ran it almost at once. My friends have log laugh at all my silly Goblin characters but this was the first time I was able to talk them all into playing one themselves. Most of them now have a Goblin character so I think it went over well. We now alternate between regular and the lighter (though evil) goblin adventures. I would recommend this this to any Goblin fancier or people who just wanted to have a quick bit of fun and try something different.

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Very Please


Was looking forward to this book ever since playing "We Be Goblins!" on Free RPG Day. Read the entire book first day, it is a very quick read. I was please with the amount of additional flavor that had been added to my favorite green race. Also it answered some of my previously unanswered questions about goblin society and how they view religion. The specialized Goblin feats and magic was a huge bonus as well. What made me happiest though was that it almost perfectly with the guesses I had made about this small green menace's way of life.

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