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Kaspar Von Sturm's page

116 posts. Alias of Ruprecht Redwine.

Full Name

Kaspar Heinrich Wolfgang Werner von Sturm














English, German, Latin, Greek, Binary, conversational Vulcan


Starship Captain

Homepage URL

Strength 10
Dexterity 10
Constitution 14
Intelligence 20
Wisdom 16
Charisma 16

About Kaspar Von Sturm

Kaspar von Sturm was born in 2223, outside Munich, to a well respected and wealthy local family. Showing an interest in physics and space travel at a young age, he enrolled at Starfleet Academy at age 16, and quickly became a popular cadet due to his knowledge of brewing, and penchant for finding the loudest, most boisterous parties.

While serving as Chief Engineer's Mate on the USS HELIOS in 2248, he was given a field promotion and moved to Command, after the entire crew was struck with acute radiation poisoning, and he was the only fit officer that could get the ship safely back to a Starport.

After serving aboard the Helios for another decade, he was reassigned to the Aubrey, just a few short years before it was due to be decommissioned. Realizing an opportunity, he designed several untested designs for radiation plating and reinforced nacelle pylons. The USS AUBREY was retrofit according to these designs, and given a new lease on life, to be sent into areas of space where conditions were previously deemed "unfit" for manned space travel.

Von Sturm's heart still lies in Engineering, and warp drive mathematics remain his passion, despite showing a penchant for leadership and being well-liked by his crew. He still home-brews his beer, and loves a loud spaceport bar filled with good music.

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