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Member of the Whispering Way

Karval de Longinous's page

825 posts. Alias of DSXMachina.

Full Name

Karval de Longinous








Nar Shadda


Basic, Mandolorean, Zeltran, Hutt, Lekku



Strength 18
Dexterity 18
Constitution 18
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 10
Charisma 10

About Karval de Longinous

Class: Soldier/5
Brawn - 3
Agility - 3
Intellect - 3
Cunning - 2
Willpower - 2
Presence - 3
Soak Value - 4
Wounds - 22
Strain - 11

(10)(br)Athletics -2
(5)(Pr)Charm -1
(5)(Int)Computers -1
(5)(Pr)Cool - 1
(5)(Ag)Co-ordination - 1
(5)(Pr)Leadership - 1
(5)(Int)Medicine - 1
(5)(Cun)Perception - 1
(5)(Ag)Piloting (Planetary) - 1
(15)(Br)Resilience - 3
(15)(Ag)Stealth - 2
(0)(Will)Vigilance - 1

(35)(Br)Melee - 4
(25)(Ag)Ranged (Light) - 3

(5)(Int)Outer Rim - 1
(5)(Int)Xenology - 1

Maurauder Talents:
(10)Feral Strength
(10)Heroic Fortitude
(15)Lethal Blows
(20)Feral Strength

Old Stuff:

Vitality = 9/82 (d10+4)x4 + 10 + {(6+4)*2} (first aid used, 10+ rounds since first hit)
Current = 18
Wounds = 18
Fast Healing] - Heal 1 Vitality and 1 Wound Every 5 rounds. The number of rounds reduces by one every 5 character levels. At level 5 it is 4 rounds, level 10 is 3 rounds, 15 is 2 rounds and 20 is every round you heal.
Reputation = -4

AC/DB = 19 [+1 Vs a target] (touch=19,ff=15)
Melee: VibroBlade +10 (2d6 +4, S or P, 19/x2) → +8/+8 (2d6+4/2d4+2)
Ranged: D17 Blaster Pistol +9 (3d8, 19/x2)/Blaster Pistol → +7/+8 (3d8/3d6)

Force Points: 0!

Fort = +8
Reflex = +5
Will = +1

Initiative= +4

B = Weapon Focus (Vibro)
B = Exotic Weapon (Wrist weaponry)
B = Weapon Focus (Wrist weaponry)
1 = Infamy
2S = Dodge
3 = Ambidexterity
3S = Two Weapon Fighting
4 = Power Attack

Weapon Group (Blaster Pistols)
Weapon Group (Blaster Rifles)
Weapon Group (Heavy Weapons)
Weapon Group (Simple Weapons)
Weapon Group (Vibro Weapons)
Armour (Mandolorean)

Skills (* =Class Skill)
Acrobatics/3 =7
Computer Use*/7 =10
Climb*/1 = 5
Demolitions*/2 =5
Entertain(Fighting)/2 =2
Intimidate*/4 =4
Knowledge*(Nobility)/3 =6
Knowledge* (Aliens Species)/1 =4
Know (Wilderness Lore)/1 =4
Know (Medicine)/1 =4
Know (History)/1 =4
Know (Streetwise)/1 =4
Pilot*/5 =9
Profession*(Gladiator)/3 =3
Repair*/4 =7
Stealth/1 =5
Swim*/1 =5
Treat Injury*/8 =8


Stormtrooper Rifle
*D17 Blaster pistol
*Minimal Data pad
Three power packs
A Knife
*Medical Kit
*Glow Rod
Helmet and Vest
All-Weather Cloak (worn)
*Vibro-blade x 2 (500)
*Med-Pac x 1 (700) (7 Used)
*Medical Kit (25)
Datapad (1,000)
Heavy Blaster, mastercraft +1 (1,500)
*Blaster Pistol, mastercraft +1 (1,000)
Blaster Rifle, mastercraft +1 (2,000)
*Grappling Spike Launcher (50)
*Liquid Cable Dispenser x5(25)
Energy Cells x5 (50) (1 USED)

10025CR + 2800CR

Stormtrooper Rifle Specs::

Cost BM = 1000
Damage 3d8
Crit 19-20
Range 20m
Weight 2Kg
Stun DC 18
Type Energy
Multifire/Autofire: Both
Size: Medium
Group: Blaster Rifles

D17 Specs:

Cost = 750
Damage 3d8
Crit: 19 - 20
Range = 8m
1.5 kg
Stun DC 15
Group: Blaster Pistols

Credits: 13050


Homeworld – [b]Nar Shadaa

A Hutt world, Karvals’ parents were ambassadors to the Hutts. He was born and raised amongst a small enclave on the planet. The Mandolorean codes of honour and valour were instilled into him from a young age along with the martial aspects of the race. But living on a den of iniquity where lives are bought and sold made Karval come into conflict with the Alien authorities.

The Reason for your class

By the time he was a young teen he acted as honour guard for his parents on visits and Ambassadorial duties. Often to show their pride in their youngest child they had him fight gladiatorial duels with other creatures, peoples. This the Hutts found endlessly amusing, they would often bet large sums on the outcome. Although never within sight of the youngster, for his pride could demand retribution.
However, during one such contest an assassin set-up by the Hutt organizer tried to kill Karvals mother. He spotted the killer, first as the others watched him fight. Karval turned from the fight and saved his mother warning the rest of the retinue of the betrayal. They managed to escape but Karval suffered a long back-wound from the fight.
From then on Karval acted as body-guard to his parents and entered the arena when required. Of course like any young person he left the compound and tried to make his own way in the world.

Physical Description

The piercing eyes, through a swath of dark hair, drill into the skull. One blue, the other green bob as the figure moves quickly towards the viewer. They’re eyes of a gunfighter or a professional warrior, looking everywhere, constantly moving so as not to loose any advantage. The heavily muscled body moves with the sinuous grace of a dancer as he draws his weapon. Shoulder length golden hair, and a warm golden skin-tone. Karval is clean shaven, requiring little upkeep of regularity with the razor despite it being drilled into him. His is a melodious voice capable of harsh commands; reciting the soft eulogies to fallen comrades or sweet poetry to a paramour. Karvals features are not delicate but the solidity of them lends a reassurance.

Skill Explanation

The enclave had an old weapons master he taught the young Mandolorean the use of weapons in the hope that he would be able to Honour his parents tradition. The training was tough in the weapons halls, but not as tough as the streets. Whilst the others from the enclave rarely went too far amongst the general populace Karval knew doing that was hiding from the problems of the planet. He traversed the lower city, the dens of vice, the streets and alleys there he learnt the brawling techniques that his master would never teach him, but were essential for survival on a battlefield.

Motivations (What are you character’s goals and what motivates them to do stuff, anything)

The pride of his people are a strong motivator, he wishes to prove that nobility and tradition are important to the Empire. His code of honour drives him forward to learn, improve, help the people in need and trouble.

And finally why you are joining this faction?

He sees the Empire as a stabilising force in the galaxy, fearing that were it to fall what would replace it would be worse, lawless. Thus all the planets would be so independent that they become like his home planet.

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