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Karui Kage's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 2,599 posts (2,963 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 5 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.


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I use a similar setup to the one posted earlier, digital. Cost is not that much. TV was $400-500 if I recall. Uses plexiglass with some spacers to keep out most dust/hair. MapTools is hosted on one computer, the player monitor joins from a second instance.

Been running this way since Legacy of Fire. Can't go back to marker and mat. Being able to track stats/statuses/hp on tokens is so much easier then the previous methods. :D The learning curve is a bit high, as GM-JZ mentioned, but not impassable. The Pathfinder Framework makes things *much* easier.

After years of doing it this way, I now have a nice collection of token images for monsters/NPCs from half a dozen APs and four Bestiaries, so grabbing a monster on the fly is simple. The latest framework also knows how to parse a statblock, so I can just copy one in from the Archives of Nethys, it converts that into the token stats, and away I go.

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Mark Seifter wrote:
Thomas LeBlanc wrote:
BigP4nda wrote:

>_> ahhh, now I'm confused....

Ogre Fighter

City Watch Captain

Where does Weapon Training go??? It's under SQ for the Ogre Fighter, but under SA for the City Watch Captain. Which is it?

** spoiler omitted **

Mark, why don't people show love for the PRD? Do you miss the old look of the PRD? I did at first, but have grown to enjoy the awesomeness that the web team has created.

I have found issues with all of the online sources, and things to like. PRD is the most accurate, but it's only the RPG line, and the presentation makes look up by book easier but search via browsing harder. d20PFSRD has the best ability to do a browse search through lots of material and solid linking, but removing the flavor, while necessary, takes out a crucial RP component of character building that I enjoy, and the way different materials are integrated sometimes makes it hard to realize the source, especially for newer users. Still, I used to be able to look past that much more, but the new trend of horrendously annoying pop-ups that appear every page and tell me some inane thing that d20pfsrd wants to tell me (over and over and over and over) is obnoxious enough that it might push me over the edge and wean me from ever using the site again some day soon. Archives of Nethys is the best database of rules stuff that covers all the books, period. But it's not always as browseable to me as the others. I'm not sure why.

I'd be happy to hear suggestions sometime on improving the design if you have some ideas (nethys at archivesofnethys dot com) Thanks so much for the compliments! :D

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Scott Wilhelm wrote:
Cao Phen wrote:
Cao Phen, from yesterday wrote:

With Clarification:

The Jiang-Shi has a Flurry BAB of +3. It also has Weapon Finesse, with a DEX of 23 (+6), resulting in the +9/+9.

Its bite attack, which it can use during the Flurry of Blows, has a BAB of +3. Because the Bite is considered a Light Weapon, Weapon Finesse applies to it, adding +6 via Dexterity, giving it a total of +9. However, in the statblock, it shows that the attack bonus for the Bite is a +4. This possible reason for that is that it took the Secondary Natural Attack penalty of -5.

The Jiang-Shi is in Bestiary 3.

It does seem that the Archives of Nethys thinks that I am wrong. But I believe the Archives of Nethys is misquoting the Bestiary3.

It seemed a little fishy, since The Archives combined not Unarmed Strikes and Bite, but rather Flurry and Bite, which I'm pretty sure is illegal.

Archives of Nethys wrote:
Melee flurry of blows +9/+9 (1d8+3/19–20 plus grab), bite +4 (1d6+4)

This actually happens when errata is put out and I haven't updated my database with the new data yet. The Bestiary 3 errata is something I planned to get to this week, now that the rest of my books are caught up. For now though, I've at least made the update to the Jiang-Shi, so it should have the correct data now.

"Page 278—In the Jiang-Shi stat block, change the Melee entry to “Melee 2 claws +9 (1d8+3/19–20 plus grab), bite +9 (1d6+3)”. In the Feats entry, add “Deflect Arrows,” after “Combat Reflexes,” and “Power Attack,” after “Mobility,”."

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Still getting the PSD file in a place I want it, but I did add on some functionality for the Mara's Eye font in addition to the Chinese one.

Britteny Solari (White Access)

Extraterrestrial Intelligence Specialist, Pay Grade C5, Rank Second Lieutenant

Game Location:
Book 1, page 50, Area D7

Chinese Version
Mara's Eye Version

Scarab Sages

Yeah, I have to agree with Jeff. I don't see how it's metagaming to reference the table. You could have someone who's made good use of the spell Confusion enough to know what each result means, I'd think it's just as fair to let someone with Technologist and experience to just reference the tables.

Scarab Sages

Sure, I've seen that language plenty of times too. Are you saying you think that second part was a mistake to add in though?

There's basically two ways to interpret this feat.

1. You get to reroll the "did you glitch or not" check (#1 in my OP)
+ This is supported by "You must choose to reroll before determining the specific glitch"
- The part about "you must keep the second result, even if it is worse" doesn't make much sense, since the only negative result is the same one that led you to making the reroll.

2. You get to reroll the "what is the glitch" check (#2 in my OP)
+ The part about "you must keep the second result, even if it is worse" makes sense now, since there are varying degrees of badness.
- The part about rerolling before determining the specific glitch no longer makes sense, as you would know what the specific glitch was.

So you're saying that you think it's #1, and the "even if it is worse" line was just left in because of copy-pasta? I could buy that.

Scarab Sages

I guess what I'm trying to say is: by the book, there's nothing that says someone with the Technologist feat and experience can't just reference the timeworn table. They can know, on a single page, what all the results of each glitch are.

The whole "You must choose to reroll before determining the specific glitch" is what gets me. They have access to the table, if they roll on it, they will know the specific glitch. Thus, the decision to reroll needs to be made prior to it.

What's the other reroll ability, Jeff? Maybe I could check that out to help narrow this down. There's just two sentences in here that seem to conflict with each other and it bugs me :)

Scarab Sages

"You must choose to reroll before determining the specific glitch" <-- Doesn't this part mean that you need to choose before any roll to determine the exact glitch is made?

If it was done in secret or by the GM, then why ever bother using it? You'd decide to use it, the GM would roll twice, and only ever use the second roll "must take the second result".

Seems weird no matter which way I look at it.

Scarab Sages

The Feat

When your check for using a piece of timeworn technology results in a glitch, you can roll again. You must choose to reroll before determining the specific glitch, and must take the second result, even if it’s worse. When you use timeworn technology, it doesn’t automatically glitch on a natural 1.

As best I understand, when you are using Timeworn technology and hit one of the "triggers" that starts a glitch (item first used after a month of inactivity, for example), you make two rolls:

1. 50% chance to see if a glitch actually occurs
2. If #1 determines a glitch, then you do a d% roll on one of the four tables to see what the glitch does

When first reading the above feat, I took "When your check for using a piece of timeworn technology results in a glitch, you can roll again. You must choose to reroll before determining the specific glitch" to mean that you get to reroll that check made on #1. Basically Blind Fight for glitches. If 51+ means a glitch happens and you roll that, then you roll again hoping for non-glitch. This is supported by the "before determining the specific glitch" line.

However, the part after that bugs me: "and must take the second result, even if it’s worse." How could it be worse? On the first roll, it's either not a glitch (feat doesn't apply) or it was a glitch and there's no way for it to be worse (if you roll a glitch again, then you're back where you started). The only way you can get a "worse" result is if you're determining the specific glitch itself...

Anyhow, just kind of confused on this one. Would appreciate any help parsing it out.

Scarab Sages **

Nefreet wrote:
Flutter wrote:
Nefreet wrote:
Actually, crossing fiery barriers requires its own trick: cinderbrave.
Where is that trick out of?

Legacy of Fire Players Guide

(though I can't find it on either Archives of Nethys or d20pfsrd)

Tricks don't exist on the Archives at the moment, though I've entertained the thought of adding them. Going back through all 200+ sourcebooks at the moment looking for new tricks isn't feasible though. Perhaps I'll start it as a group effort at some point :)

Scarab Sages

Chakat Firepaw wrote:

The problem with using Chinese is that it heavily overlaps with Japanese, (Kanji are Chinese characters). Since, as you note, Japanese is already in use, Chinese is probably not a good choice for an alien script.

A quick bit of digging turns up the font "Mara's Eye", which is actually pretty close to what we see of Androffan:

Mara's Eye at 1001 Free Fonts

Or we could figure out just who to poke at Paizo to find out if they made a complete character set and if they'll let us use it for home made player aids.

Were we using Tian more (it may help to say this is for a PBP game), then Chinese as alien may not have worked. As it is, we haven't used Tian since Jade Regent, so it works. Admittedly, it was part Firefly-reference, and part-no one in my group understands Chinese. :)

Mara's Eye is *very* cool. Sorely tempted to replace the current work with that. The main problem I had with a direct a-z translation is I liked the idea that Androffan, like Thassilonian, used more of a rune -> word system then a direct letter based system. At least, that's the impression I get. Chinese/Japanese/other symbol based languages seemed to fit better, with one or two symbols representing one or two words.

Not that I couldn't still do that with Mara's Eye, of course. Will need to ponder.

As for the photoshop files/more of these, I shall put all of those up soon. My weekend is coming up (Sun-Tues) so I'll be posting more then.

Scarab Sages

JiCi wrote:

Great work dude ^_^

Here's something that's been bothering me a little however:

Has Iron Gods ever gotten a Player's Guide? Every AP before it had one, except this one.

It got one, I just missed adding it. Fortunately, all the information it has is already up on the site.

Technologist Feat: Up there from the Tech Guide
Android: Up from People of the Stars, Bestiary 3
Campaign Traits: All up from People of the Stars

I'll upload the Player's Guide stuff in a bit, though it won't add anything new, just a new source piece to each of the above.

Scarab Sages

Drejk wrote:
In the description of Feranth, the Fort, Ref, and Will show instead a pieces of description instead of values, at least for me. I tried to reload to check if it's html loading bug but it changed nothing.

Bug with the tool I wrote to parse the entries into SQL. Both it and another one that got hit with the same bug have been fixed.

Scarab Sages

Well, someone take the examples given so far and make an entire font. Go! :D

Scarab Sages

Georgian was considered, but it and similar languages have been used for Celestial and Elvish and such for so long that I wanted something very different. We used Japanese for Tian, but Chinese hadn't been used for much yet, so... and yeah, the Firefly bit helped. :)

Nothing completely matches the example runes for Androffa sadly, so in the end it's just a placeholder. Meant to be something no one in my game understands and looks like symbols, which Chinese does a great job at.

Scarab Sages

Going to post more of these later, but figured the GMs would want to know some of the details about what they actually say/mean:

Banner (Top Right):

This is an art deco piece to represent the Voyager spacecraft. I would have preferred something more bulbous for Divinity like you can see in Book 6, but I'm no artist.

Language Choice:
As an homage to Firefly, my "secret space language" is simplified Chinese. I just use the characters in normal left to right language, however, as I'm really just using them for the "foreign symbol" aspect, and as something I can easily get to on Google Translate

Words under Banner (Top Right):
This text tells you what group or division the person is associated with. I'll need to check at home to see exactly what I put, but I believe a few of the Brown cards are "Research Internship Program" and others are "Alien Habitation Studies", or something close to that. The single black card is "Custodial Services". Again, not precisely what I put in here for anyone that speaks Chinese, but that's close to the intent.

Words under Portrait (Middle Left):
This is their name. Last name, first name.

Central Words (Middle):
On the left side is Pay Grade. The top part is the header, always says the same. Bottom is a - on all the brown cards (they aren't being paid), and C3 on the black card (kind of guesstimating military style here). The right side has the header "Rank". For all the brown cards, this is Guest. The black card is Private.

Bottom Words (Bottom Middle):
These all say the same thing. "Divinity - Identification Card"

QR Code:
You'll just have to scan it to see where it goes ;) It's a safe URL, I assure you.

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arcanine wrote:
Ipslore the Red wrote:

Yes, you must be within one step of your god to receive benefits from worship. The 'good deity' is Desna as found in Faiths of Purity, but d20pfsrd can't use that name.

Yes, this is fully within the rules.

Can you show me that FAQ or RAW? The feat seems to be very flexible. I really just want to cheese :). The feat dose not say you have to be with in one step. I know divine casters have this issue. But me being a martial class I see no reason to be within one step. I could be evil and still like desna right?

The actual text of the feat. Keep in mind when using d20pfsrd that any reference to an actual deity from the books will be replaced by a generic term, so it won't be accurate enough for PFS needs. As mentioned above, PFS requires worshipers of a god to be within one step, so you'd need to be Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, or Neutral Good for this feat. Not to mention that, flavor-wise, you'd have to come across as a Desna worshiper, which will vary from GM to GM.

Granted, if you're evil then I imagine this isn't for PFS, which means it's just entirely up to your GM. :) In general, the worship feats still assume a step of one away, but it's always more flexible in a home game.

Scarab Sages

Hehe, I'm glad someone caught that.

I used a military ID as kind of "base" on how to do it. I thought about making the entire card color itself reflective of the security level, but ended up deciding on a more subtle measure. No real reason behind it, I just liked the way it looked :D

Scarab Sages

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So even though I had intended the audience on these to be small and wasn't planning to share them for any kind of credit/profit, I did think about it and wanted to make sure the artists got credit. So you can see the pictures I used above in the links below.

Scarab Sages

gbonehead wrote:

There's two general categories of books I'm looking forward to seeing:


As mentioned above, it's getting REALLY hard to find the source for spells, feats and the like. Sure, they'd get out of date, but having feat and spell compendiums would do wonders for me. And when WoTC announce the rules compendium, I frankly thought it was stupid, but it quickly became one of my favorite 3.5e books.

It compiles all the mechanics from every Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Module, Player Companion, and RPG book. Free, up to date, nicely organized, has source info. Hope this helps!

Scarab Sages

Added in the first Black card to my original post.

Scarab Sages

The sigil for Divinity is an Art Deco piece I found for the Voyager.
The watermark is an insignia from Star Wars.
The individual portraits are just from various google searches. I hadn't intended to share these out much beyond my own private boards and here, so hadn't gathered the artist names. Just searched for "sci fi portraits" and went from there.

Scarab Sages

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Hi all! I wanted to have something physical to show my players when it came to access cards. They offer such a cool opportunity to show this advanced race that the PCs only know little about at the beginning. So I came up with a template in photoshop, added in a number of sci-fi easter eggs, and started making my own.

I've made the original five brown cards that the PCs can gain from Sef, and will be doing the black card they can find in the room with Hetuath next. I'm going to look ahead and see how many of each type I'll need to make based on what can be found. I'm not bothering with ones they want to purchase, I figure those will only be a lower level but can make new ones on the fly if I need to.

Hope you like them! I'd be happy to answer any questions about what various parts mean or the design choices too.

Brown Cards - Found on Sif

Black Card - Found in room with Hetuath

Scarab Sages

Gratz wrote:
Regarding your spoiler: I can't remember it of the top of my head, but he could have forced them open.

It's possible if you go a bit light on the Strength rules, but I wasn't sure here. He has a +4 STR, and the DC is 25. Personally I was hand-waving it as "he's undead and can spend forever on trying, so eventually he can get that extra +1 to open it".

KestlerGunner wrote:
There's a black card in that room. He has presumably been using it.

That's true, and was something I was playing around with too. He only has Int 8 and no knowledge (engineering), so I wasn't sure, but eh.

leo1925 wrote:

I am away from my books right now but, I am pretty sure you can use disable device on a door with no power.

I am also pretty sure that you can't "lock" a door in order to stay open.

I'm not sure on the Disable Device part. It doesn't say it specifically, but I assumed DD couldn't be used on an electronic lock without power, since the door's opening mechanism is entirely power based. I've been ruling it that way in my own game, but admit it doesn't clearly state.

As for the locking a door open, that part is actually spelled out on page 24 of IG #1: "A door closes automatically at the end of any round in which it is opened unless it has no power or it’s locked in an open position with a tap of an access card on its panel."

Scarab Sages

snickersimba wrote:
If you attempt to play a murderhobo, you will be forced to use the archives of nethys for your character.

This is bad? :)

Scarab Sages

I've been trying to explain to my players how doors/access cards/locks work with this, and have come with the below. It's a bit difficult to get full information on it (the info seems mixed between Iron Gods #1 and the Tech Guide), so some of this may be wrong. I'd appreciate a spot check on my facts. Things in italics are info that I thought made sense and added, so am not expecting it to be consistent with RAW.


Door Identification: Most doors have a gray panel situated on the wall near them. A color strip on this typically indicates the access level of the door. A single glowing light also indicates if the door is locked or unlocked (red for locked, green for unlocked).

Unlocked Doors: If unlocked, a person need only touch the panel with their hand to open the door (swift action). The door slides swiftly up into the ceiling for 1 round.

Locking and Unlocking: If locked, a person must swipe a card of the appropriate color or higher in order to unlock the door. Someone can repeat this to an unlocked door in order to lock it once again, and can lock it in either the open or closed position, depending on when the card is swiped.

Locked Doors without a key?: Most doors, if locked or unpowered, can be forced open with a DC 25 Strength check. If powered, Disable Device can also be used, though the DC varies depending on the security strength of the door.


1. Can someone use a swift action to tap an unlocked door's panel and close it before the full round is up? It seems to make sense, but am not sure if that's called out somewhere.
Edit: Actually, on second though, I'm wondering if this shouldn't be the case. I assumed that to "hold" the door open, you'd just tap the panel each time someone walked through (extend the time it's open). If it just always closed after 1 round and tapping the panel closed it faster, then we'd have to worry more about it closing on people (ref. below)

2. Do the doors have any kind of protection on closing on people, like modern day elevator doors?

Fully prepared to make up the answers to these if I need to, just curious if they ever come up.

3. (Spoilers Iron Gods #1):

How did the kasatha get into the room he's in? It's marked as locked with a brown card, wouldn't he have needed a card to get in?

Scarab Sages **

I chimed in on the other thread, and have to agree here. Your character, at least in my book, doesn't sound evil. No more than an angry barbarian trying to hold back urges (good example from above). The problem did likely stem from the whole Urgathoa thing, who is very much an evil goddess and not the normal "death" goddess people think of.

Re-flavor your character to Pharasma and I doubt you'll have any issues. Heck, or even Groetus (god of the end times). Not the first character I've seen that has used the end times as an excuse to kill.

Scarab Sages **

Pink Dragon wrote:

Is "evil" judged by a character's intent/thoughts or by the character's actions?

By the former, the OP's character is evil. By the latter the OP's character is not evil.

Who would your character rather adventure with - a character with vicious thoughts that you never recognize to be there because they are never expressed in action - or a character whose only desire is to protect the weak and innocent but would murder you in your sleep because he thought you were going to harm an innocent?

That's a very good question. Were I blessed with the same god-like abilities that the deities of Golarion are, or inter-personal knowledge about the inner thoughts and feelings of each PC, I'd say that alignment was more focused on the thoughts and intent.

As a GM, I'd say that's a pipe dream and that we can really only judge alignment on actions. After all, there's a reason a paladin only falls after he murders someone unjustly, not just because he's thought about doing it (and really, haven't we all thought about "bad things" like that before)?

In the end, I'd say that it's safer and easier to go with alignment by actions. Everyone has dark thoughts from time to time. It's whether or not we act on them that defines us as an individual. In the end, worship or thoughts aside, this character doesn't seem to act any differently from other Good/Neutral adventurers. Heck, if he's regularly sparing people on request and being a decent party member, that's almost closer to Good then anything.

On a related subject, there are some very interesting articles about people with homicidal thoughts (often having to do with a form of schizophrenia) that live with it and are, by all counts, good people. Just because you have a voice in your head whispering to burn the world doesn't mean you can't ignore it and persevere. :)

Scarab Sages **

I'm in the "not evil" camp here. If we didn't know about the character's back-story here, I don't think anyone would be making the question that he's evil.

He's an oracle of bones who:
1. Will kill the bad guys.
2. Will refrain from killing the bad guys when asked, or if they surrender.
3. Tries to be a decent person.

That sounds like the vast majority of non-evil PCs I've ever ran games for. Heck, this guy sounds nicer than a lot of the other CN-users I've seen.

Here's a question for anyone that thinks this is evil. Would you think he was evil if he left out that "twisted urge to kill" or "Urgathoa" bit? If not, why does knowing that make him evil?

Too often I think PCs are a bit kill-happy, it's actually refreshing to see someone take a bit better perspective on it. I would be totally happy with saying this guy was CN, especially since it seems like he's not disrupting any tables and he's not letting his backstory get in the way of party decisions.

Scarab Sages

You rock. Please keep this up :D

Scarab Sages

The following new releases have been added to the Archives.


Main Page - Archives of Nethys

New Additions
[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #88: Valley of the Brain Collectors
[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #89: Palace of Fallen Stars
[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #90: The Divinity Drive
[Campaign Setting] Belkzen, Hold of the Orc Hordes
[Campaign Setting] Lost Treasures
[Module] Plunder and Peril
[Player Companion] Familiar Folio
[Player Companion] Giant Hunter’s Handbook
[Player Companion] Ranged Tactics Toolbox

[Campaign Setting] Inner Sea NPC Codex
- 52% done

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UnArcaneElection wrote:
Samy wrote:

Tons of Campaign Setting material has made it onto Archives of Nethys and d20pfsrd -- in fact I'd probably say close to 99%.

But I'm still not talking about those two sites.

Would those sites really be allowed to have any Paizo stuff that the PRD doesn't have?

Yes, because of the OGL. The OGL allows the rules, the CUP allows the fluff (in simple terms). Also, the PRD just has material from their RPG line (with the exception of the Tech Guide, from the Campaign Setting line).

Scarab Sages wrote:
graywulfe wrote:
d20pfsrd has to sterilize out Golarion specific language because they are receiving money related to the site

Incorrect. Paizo stated that I am not eligible to use the Community Use Policy because I opened the STORE. They said if I did not operate the store I could continue using the CUP.

graywulfe wrote:
...Archives is covered under the Community Use Policy because he recieves no money related to the site.
Incorrect. The individual who runs Archives gains revenue from the site via affiliate earnings, just as I do.

To add onto this and clarify a bit more: Community Use Policy

This is the main relevant line: "If you make any commercial use of Paizo Material, your rights under this Policy will be automatically terminated, and any permission granted by this Policy will be immediately revoked." d20pfsrd has a store that sells Paizo material, which was enough to make them a commercial entity in Paizo's eyes and disallow use of the CUP.

Ad revenue is all well and good under the CUP. The basic idea, as Paizo has explained to me, is any site using the CUP remain not for profit and not be involved in any kind of "commercial-ness" related to selling Paizo stuff. That's a very dumbed down version, but for most cases its accurate enough.

Anyhow, I don't want to derail the discussion. Just wanted to help with the understanding here of how to use the CUP, since I know there is a lot of confusion in that regard (I see posts every couple of weeks asking about it). Hopefully this information helps. I'm always happy to answer questions if anyone wants to email me: nethys at archivesofnethys dot com

Scarab Sages

What's the weather like in Numeria? The campaign setting book mentions screwed up weather patterns, but not much else. Geographically I think it's close to north-eastern Canada, but am not sure. Does anyone have suggestions on real world places to use for examples of weather? Is the average day rainy, dry, or what?

Scarab Sages

I am such a dude, and you're most welcome! It's a labor of love and a resource I look forward to enhancing over the coming years. :) If you ever have any suggestions or thoughts about it, always feel welcome to shoot me an email: nethys at

Scarab Sages

It does! Thanks so much James :)

Scarab Sages

nate lange wrote:

technically its copywritten material not covered by the open gaming license (because things like people, locations, and specific gods are not OGL content)...

d20pfsrd is a business (they have ad revenue and what they make through their store), so they can't post that stuff or they could get sued; archives of nethys is just a dude with a bunch of time on his hands- he's not making anything off his site and probably doesn't get anywhere near the traffic of the pfsrd so he gets away with it.

the prestige classes are on pfsrd... at least one of them you may have to use the search function to find though. they're called 'Evangelist', 'Exalted', and 'Sentinel'. the feat is too (and i linked it above). the individual requirements and boons associated with each god's obedience are not of pfsrd but can be found at the archive of nethys link i posted above. hope that's helpful for everyone :)

The core answer here comes down to use of the Community Use Policy, it really has little (if anything) to do with traffic. The CUP is what allows people to make use of Golarion-specific names, religions, etc. It is allowed so long as the source in question remains not-for-profit. The Archives is not for profit, d20PFSRD got a store and became for profit. Simple as that. :)

CUP wrote:

This policy authorizes certain non-commercial use of the Paizo-related material specifically identified in the Permissions section of this policy ("Paizo Material").

When we say "non-commercial," we mean you cannot sell or otherwise charge anyone for access to content used under this Policy. If you make any commercial use of Paizo Material, your rights under this Policy will be automatically terminated, and any permission granted by this Policy will be immediately revoked. If Paizo believes that you are in the publishing business, you are considered to be a commercial user, and you are not granted any right to use any Paizo Material under this Policy. (Commercial users may be able to take advantage of our Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatibility License. Commercial users may also be able to use or license certain Paizo Material outside of this Policy and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatibility License with our express written consent. If you are interested in securing permission or a license, please contact us at

Also, as mentioned, all deific boons can be viewed by checking out the individual deities on this page.

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Is there anything in particular that's meant to happen if the Black Sovereign is cured of his addiction?

"See the beginning of Part 3 for details on how these events impact Starfall, or how the Black Sovereign acts if he’s cured of his addiction."

I looked in Part 3, but beyond "unrest" caused by him being killed/defeated/cured, I don't see anything additional that happens for him still being alive and cured.

Scarab Sages

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snickersimba wrote:

The archives of nethys has an entire page of gods, including all of them, the other pantheons and any rules they might have.

the only thing they are missing is the order of the godclaw pantheon.
Also, a page for the feats that affect channeled energy.
Literally, you can simply scroll down the page and see each domain the deity gives, but not the subdomains.

am I the only one who thinks that is the STUPIDEST idea ever?

I actually thought about making a sub-category for channel energy feats in specific, but I've held off so far on making my own defined categories. As the number of them grows and grows however, it is becoming more tempting.

Also, are you referring to the missing subdomains on the Deity pages? That was a conscious decision on my part. You can look at the reasoning in this thread.

Oh, and adding the Order of the Godclaw pantheon is possible. I need to look that up again.

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Still catching up from the holidays and getting over the massive hump that was the Monster Codex; here are some more updates!

Main Page - Archives of Nethys

New Additions
[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #87: The Choking Tower
[Campaign Setting] Ships of the Inner Sea
[Player Companion] Advanced Class Origins
[Player Companion] Champions of Corruption
[RPG] Monster Codex

Next Up
[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #88: Valley of the Brain Collectors
[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #89: Palace of Fallen Stars
[Campaign Setting] Lost Treasures
[Module] Plunder & Peril
[Player Companion] Giant Hunter's Handbook
[Player Companion] Ranged Tactics Toolbox

[Campaign Setting] Inner Sea NPC Codex - 52% done

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Saving Cap'n Crunch wrote:
Just checked Archives of Nethys, and it doesn't appear as if non-major gods have as full portfolios, and centers of worship aren't listed. When I checked Korada, though, I was surprised at the 1st-tier Deific Boon...what boon called Harmonic should let you cast Mad Monkeys?!

Yeah, I added center of worships and such if I got those in a "stat block type" like the massive Deities book did. I could probably pick places of worship and similar stuff out of the larger flavor bits, just something I haven't gotten around to. If anyone else wanted to do that, however, I'd be happy to update the entries based on that work (provided source/pages were cited and all). :)

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NobodysHome wrote:
Sara Marie wrote:
katina: what I learned in an episode of Pokemon last night is that sometimes it's best to not evolve right away

The saddest part of that quote is... I know *EXACTLY* which episode she just saw...

That's not sad, that's not sad at all. What's sad is how Charmander's original owner treated him. What an a-hole.

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While I've always seen this interpreted as the "blanket protection vs. evil mind control", I do agree that it's a powerful 1st level. Marked the FAQ button up top since it does seem like some disagree on the wording, and it'd be good to get clarification.

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Tangent101 wrote:

How can you justify a level 1 spell giving blanket immunity to spells up to and including level 9? Here is a counterpoint example: the level 4 spell Lesser Globe of Invulnerability only blocks level 3 and lower spells. The level 6 spell Globe of Invulnerability only blocks level 4 and lower spells DESPITE being two levels higher.

Protection From [insert alignment here] gives a blanket immunity against Possession and Charm, no matter what the level. That ain't right. No level 1 spell should be that powerful. Indeed, there is justification for nerfing the spell so that it only protects against Charm Person, a level 1 spell. If you want a higher level protection? Do what I recommend and create level 4 and level 7 variants (and even a level 9 "Ultimate Protection From [insert alignment here]").

Having it apply against certain levels would make more sense, along with creating more powerful versions. No arguments there. I've never disagreed that the spell was powerful for a 1st level, just that it seemed like the blanket immunity was part of it.

As pointed out, even with the restriction that the immunity doesn't happen until after triggered, all it takes is a friendly wizard casting charm to "trigger" it. That seems more silly then just letting it have the blanket to begin with.

Tl;dr: I think the spell provides blanket immunity by RAW, but do agree that it'd be better if it were errata'd to only work against lower level spells, and make higher level versions of PfE instead.

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Le Petite Mort wrote:
Karui Kage wrote:

Would one of you mind letting me know which Feat/Ability has different text on the PRD then from Nethys? I compared a few of the Teamwork feats mentioned above, but am not finding anything.

And don't forget, if you ever see anything off on my site, you can shoot me an email ( and I'll get it corrected asap. I may not be able to always keep up on changes or errata they make, but I can at least correct it when it's noticed. :)

On re-reading your version of Paired Opportunists, there is none. I apparently had simply misread the feat. I can't tell you how many times I read it, I have no idea how I consistently glossed over several clauses.

BTW, Nethys is my go to for all things character building. The organization is incredible. As long as I have you here, are there any plans to make the custom spell search have a <= or >= for the spell level field? Sometimes I want to know every spell with a given descriptor of X level and below.

There weren't any, but I can't imagine it'd be difficult to do. Shoot me an email so I can flag it on my list and I'll add it into the next site changes I make. :)

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For what it's worth, I've always seen this spell used (by myself as GM and with others) as granting a blanket protection. Once the spell is cast, PCs get a new save against ongoing effects. Beyond that, it provides immunity to any new effects so long as it lasts.

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Would one of you mind letting me know which Feat/Ability has different text on the PRD then from Nethys? I compared a few of the Teamwork feats mentioned above, but am not finding anything.

And don't forget, if you ever see anything off on my site, you can shoot me an email ( and I'll get it corrected asap. I may not be able to always keep up on changes or errata they make, but I can at least correct it when it's noticed. :)

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I'm actually a GM. :) I ended up limiting things as I said in my OP btw, has gone well so far.

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If you cast the entangle spell on an area that includes both a shore and some water, it's already pretty clear that those on the shore in the AoE need to make a save. What about those swimming in the water? Initially I thought that they'd need a save only if they were close to the "ground" underwater. Would the spell manifest seaweed and other plants to entangle people that weren't close though, even at the surface of the water 20 ft. above the ground?

The radius is fairly large, I'm just wondering if the plants need to come out of something or if they can manifest in relative space (water space, but still kind of empty none-the-less).

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Is hardness 10 really that much of a challenge at 3rd level? I guess if there's not a decent melee tank, sure... but by now the PCs should be aware that robots have a vulnerability to electricity, and with Torch right there, stocking up on scrolls and wands won't be difficult.

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