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Karui Kage's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 2,672 posts (3,037 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 5 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.


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Thanks so much for the shout out John, I'm looking forward to contributing more to the project in the future! Can't wait to see the great things that Tabletop Giant will develop into. :)

Scarab Sages

Hah! That's an oldie. Well, I can guess a couple reasons:

1. I somehow missed that when I first went through the book
2. You're the first person to notice

It's up there now, sorry about that! In the future, if you ever see I'm missing something, just email me ( and I can fix it much quicker (usually) :D Thanks!

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Talked this over with some others as well, had a few more points brought up:
- One idea that I really loved was to have an interaction with Hellion. I had Meyanda bring in a charged battery and a broken monitor. She then used a spell I made up (basically "contact AI overlord") that required a charged battery. Consumed it, manifested Hellion on the monitor. Got to drop a few info bombs here that surprised the players:
-- They found out that Hellion was from Sanjuro's "homeworld" as well and that the language was his home language (until now they had no idea if these pieces came from other planets at all, let alone a single one).
-- As part of his backstory, I had him be a bodyguard of Casandalee before her fall near Iadenveigh. Sanjuro (having been "born" 3 years ago in the same body) recalls caring for another person and a great battle.
-- Because of this, Hellion recognized Sanjuro, asking if he remembered Casandalee then demenading Meyanda bring him back to Scrapwall alive.

So after all that, got to showcase Hellion a bit, namedrop Scrapwall and Casandalee. All felt natural, but big pieces of information.

Now Sanjuro is locked up in a separate room from the others. Another idea that I'm going with was:

- Sometime after the PCs don't return, something happens to the relay. The PCs had recovered it from Garmen and had Khonnir holding onto it.
- Idea is that Garmen, on his way to flee town, decides to stop by and break in. A fight breaks out and the power relay is knocked aside and damaged, then Garmen flees.

This will knock the relay offline, let Meyanda notice, and send her along the same plans as if this had happened earlier. She will heal a couple of her half-orc guards in the morning with some spells, then take Gruethor to go investigate while the half-orcs stay guard. I'm going to have her setup some crappy backup relay that was a last resort, but will extend the time they need to transfer the power.

During this time, the PCs should be able to come up with some plan to take out the half-orcs and get out. At that point they can recover their gear and setup an ambush for Meyanda when she returns. Epic fight scene, maybe she can get to the reactor and set it off, end of book.

Thanks for the suggestions all!

Scarab Sages

Obligatory my players KEEP OUT warning

Alright, so a plotline has developed at the end of book 1 that I'm not entirely sure how to proceed with.

Elijah - Alchemist 3, brother of Wren, learning some gunslinging
Ruetallia - Witch 3, kind to her friends, violet to her enemies
Sanjuro - Bloodrager 3, Android, Lawful Good, almost paladin-like
Wren - Rogue 1/Wizard 2, brother of Eli, heading towards Technomancer prestige

Exploring the final Engineering level, our four heroes bested the gang of half-orcs/ratfolk and barely overcame the gargoyle. After passing carefully by the repair bots and encountering the Gearsman, they made the wise choice to activate the reboot they had noticed earlier.

This, of course, alerted Meyanda when her own robot shut down.

They spent some more time exploring. I ruled that she left the reactor, noticed the unconscious gargoyle (who they had left to stabilize), healed him up, then checked on her men in the other rooms (still unconscious, not worth the spells to bring one up now).

She headed back to the central area with Gruethor, encountering the PCs as they left the southern room.

After a brief exchange of words and unpleasantness, the group surrendered. They had barely taken Gruethor before (yay magic DR) and definitely knew they couldn't take him again plus this new android in their current state. All spells and bombs and rage were gone, it was not a good fight to try.

Meyanda took all of their gear/weapons, everything except armor and the witch's familiar (who had managed to hide inside Rue's clothing). She then took all of them but the android and locked them in one of the bedrooms (no key card of their own to get out with now).

At the moment her and Sanjuro are discussing his place with them. He's a fellow android, and with her experience I figured she'd show him more respect than the others, try to convert him to Hellion.

But beyond that... what now?

- I've established that the reactor work will be done in about a week's time
- There's no reason that she wouldn't prep a few more cures tomorrow and start getting her gang up all and healthy
- The PCs have meager resources now, just a familiar and armor. PCs could prep spells, but against Meyanda plus gargoyle and gang? She's also pointed out that them trying anything dumb will just get one of them killed, guaranteed. She's also implied that the lives of town depend on them behaving too.

Initially I figured Sanjuro might be able to convince her to see things differently but... now I'm realizing that is unlikely. She's fanatically devoted to Hellion, Sanjuro has meh for Diplomacy... hrm.

Anyhow, just looking for ideas on what to do here. Maybe I should have Khonnir and some others come rescue them? I've always avoided NPC rescues in the past, feels like it's taking away from PCs as the focus... but I really don't know here.

Scarab Sages

One of my players started a line of questions near the end of Book 1 that had me wondering, what exactly does most of the populace in this area know?

1. How much do they know about the Rain of Stars? A lot of information can be lost in 9000+ years.
2. Do they know that what fell was a single ship? One player has a theory that there was a fleet.
3. Do they know if there were any survivors? Certainly some non-Androffans survived... is there any reason to believe that the original crew didn't? There's other theories that some of the "buildings" found could have been installations set up after they crashed.

There's lots of ways to disprove this. The fact that all of the access cards ever found all have the same name... I'm pretty sure the Technic League knows a lot more.

I guess I'm just wondering what the default assumption is for most people concerning the above. How much should I tell my player is just "known" info?

Scarab Sages

Boomerang Nebula wrote:

They haven't lost their memory, they never had any. The PCs and a whole island full of creatures are copies of creatures who exist on Golarion. The island is effectively a zoo created by a powerful outsider on one of the outer demiplanes.

I really like this idea.

Scarab Sages

Evil Midnight Lurker wrote:
Ascalaphus wrote:
... you may be overthinking it.
Our rechargeable batteries, here and now, are apparently better than those made by a starfaring civilization. This isn't overthinking, this is transparently obviously ridiculous.

I'm not sure that's entirely fair.

The Silver Mount event happened in -4363 AR, over 9,000 years ago.

Entropy does a lot. Perhaps back when they were new, their batteries could be recharged indefinitely with no problem. Now, they have problems retaining a charge. This is why there are Timeworn objects. During that time they've been subject to a crash, the weight of earth, general decomposition, getting tossed/jumbled around, and more. That's an enormous amount of time. The fact that there are some that still work perfectly after that long is astounding.

For a fair comparison, we'd need to have a 9,000 year old battery of our own.

Scarab Sages

To help others, here's things as far as I've figured them:

Battery (fully or partially charged, 1-10): 100 gp
Battery (empty, but capable of being charged, not burned out yet): 100 gp
Silverdisk (empty, cannot be recharged): 10 gp

All weigh 1 lb.

Scarab Sages

Just go with what's presented, imo. Power of the shard plus a ton of time trapped in the tower plus bound-ness = a bit more control over shape shift.

Scarab Sages

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New material has been added to the Archives.

Main Page - Archives of Nethys
Facebook | Patreon

New Additions
[RPG] Pathfinder Unchained
[Site] New PFS Symbol added (see below)
[Site] Search Engine refined

Coming Soon
[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #93: Forge of the Giant God
[Campaign Setting] Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom
[Player Companion] Cohorts & Companions
[Player Companion] Heroes of the Wild

New PFS Symbol
I've added a new symbol to the Archives that looks like the usual Pathfinder Society glyph with a red ring (you can see examples of this on most of the non-core Races). This represents something that is allowed within Pathfinder Society, but only if you accept/meet certain caveats. Mouse over the symbol to find out what these caveats are. I'm working on a better solution for mobile devices, but for now it's an indicator that you should check the Additional Resources page before you use it.

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Ascalaphus wrote:
Karui Kage wrote:
2. Search - I developed the entire engine myself for fun, but if there are better already made engines out there that I could plugin, I'd love to know about them. I've thought about sticking a google search engine on the site for one.

In general I like the search as it is now, as opposed to the google model. While google search is pretty clever, it gets harder and harder to do non-fuzzy searches. Your search engine allows "solid" searches which are really convenient if you know what you're looking for.

One thing that does irritate me: if you click on a search result such as an alchemical discovery, you go to the top of the list of discoveries, rather than to that specific one. I've noticed the same behaviour with rogue talents and rage powers. If you used anchors and linked the search results to those, we'd arrive more on-destination.

Apart from that, the new search interface is more user-friendly. Great work!

I wanted to do bookmarks/anchors originally, but it's not as much a thing with ASP. I do have plans to give individual pages to every item that is on a group right now (like rage powers), it's just on my To Do list. :) Thank you for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoy it otherwise.

Scarab Sages wrote:
As Karui said, his site earns money. Now if you want to call it "non profit" because the money it earns goes into paying the expenses of running the site then is non-profit too because one of the expenses of running the site is keeping me alive- or in other words providing me food and shelter. So I think it's really a matter of semantics what "non-profit" means.

I was speaking more akin to this definition, albeit loosely (just skimmed the first sentence or two). The site makes enough to pay for server costs (some months), that's about it. If it was ever generating enough that I could support myself as well, then I don't think it's really nonprofit anymore.

100% Revenue -> Business/Product/Website = Non-Profit
Any Revenue -> People = Profit

Granted, it's a moot point anyhow, and I'm definitely no business expert so I'm sure my understanding of the above is a beginner level. Paizo obviously doesn't base their CUP decisions around Profit or Non-Profit anyways since they're okay with ad revenue, so I probably just confused things by even bringing up "Non-profit" or not.

As Steve said, the important detail is commercial use. Once the site became associated with a store, that's all it took.

In the end, both sites are free, so just use whichever is best for your needs. :)

Scarab Sages

Nefreet wrote:

AoN does make some money. They have a banner ad on the bottom, and you can click links to buy Paizo books via either Paizo or Amazon (which they get like a few cents for or something).

They just don't sell 3rd Party Products, and so they don't compete with Paizo (which d20pfsrd does).

To clarify an important distinction: Yes, the site does pull in some money, but it is not for profit. This means that the money I get goes back into the site, paying for server costs and such. d20pfsrd had ads too, back under the CUP. As far as I know (and as you said), the tipping point came with the store.

Just don't want to give people the wrong idea :) All revenue generation on the Archives is passive, and it all goes back to paying for the site. I don't have any plans to ever change this model. If I did want to do something different and more profitable, it'd be a different website.

Scarab Sages

One of the common topics that comes up with my website is the choice of color scheme. I created a poll and would love it if those who used my site could chime in with their preference. Thank you in advance!

Scarab Sages

Lots of great feedback on all the sites! Curious on those of you who use the AoN, since it seems like the topic of the day is now on our 3rd party sites:

1. Background - Would a simple color swap of black and white fix most of the issues? I've been thinking about redoing the CSS to have the white background and black text, since it is a common request.

2. Search - I developed the entire engine myself for fun, but if there are better already made engines out there that I could plugin, I'd love to know about them. I've thought about sticking a google search engine on the site for one.

Scarab Sages

I got my interpretation from the same line:
"the PCs should simply deduct 1 point of plunder from their total each time they attempt to sell plunder"

An attempt to sell plunder takes 1 day, and sells 1 plunder. Not sure how else you could really read that. There's a die roll for every point of plunder, which is an attempt for every point. Unless you're making one roll for all their plunder, which isn't how the AP directs you to sell it.

I also illustrated above that even *with* the PCs giving up half their plunder, they still easily get the WBL and then some. Up to you what you do in your own game, just be aware the PCs will have a *lot* more money to spend then their WBL if you are only making them sell 1 plunder per trip. It also encourages them to make as few trips as possible (a weird metagamey thing).

Scarab Sages **

BigNorseWolf wrote:

I think "page 1" is a placeholder when they haven't updated it.

Its definitely in ultimate equipment in chapter 4. You're good.

Exactly this. Copying from the PRD was easier than PDFs, but I wasn't able to log page numbers while doing this (without following along in the PDFs, which was a nuisance at the time). I do plan on going back and fixing all those page 1's someday :)

Scarab Sages

For what it's worth, I've been running with "1 plunder for the crew per 1 plunder sold", as I believed the AP intended, and the guys have had no problems with money. The ships they can fight/win against sell for a *lot*, even if damaged. More than enough that just giving them effectively half the plunder is still plenty of money.

Scarab Sages

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rokeca wrote:
Karui Kage wrote:
Yup! Also, it's a Nissan Leaf. :-)
Ironically not a Pathfinder or a Rogue

Despite my love for a full electric car, you have no idea how tempted I was to get a Pathfinder just for the name. :)

Scarab Sages

MillerHero wrote:
It has got to be Blake Davis.

Yup! Also, it's a Nissan Leaf. :-)

Scarab Sages **

Not sure if it's been mentioned yet, but it looks like the mechanics allowed from AP #91 and #92 have been swapped (IE: the new stuff listed as legal from the Hill Giant's Pledge are actually from #91, and vice versa).

Scarab Sages

Paladin of Baha-who? wrote:
The fleshcrafts you can use with this feat are not listed in either the site, or the archives of nethys site, probably because they're considered outside the scope of what the OGL allows one to republish. If you're committed to using this, you may want to purchase that AP, or find a used copy to buy somewhere, or ask your gaming buddies to see if anyone has a copy of that AP. Well, look at that, seems that there's a sale going on for older AP volumes:AP#16

That's not entirely accurate. :)

Additionally, if you ever want to see if I've added something from a specific book, like Pathfinder #16, just go to the Sources area and there are handy links for everything.

Scarab Sages

Do a lot of GMs really stick that hard to the Diplomacy rules and treat it like Charm? I've always thought it was never intended to be a "forced" act, just... very persuasive if persuasion is even possible. I mean, there's this from the skill:

"Diplomacy is generally ineffective in combat and against creatures that intend to harm you or your allies in the immediate future."

Even with a skill trick that lets you do it in 6 seconds, that line doesn't change. If the guy is very intent on harming you, Diplomacy is probably going to fail.

Scarab Sages

I won't disagree there. May want to see it more in practice, but I could see upping those unlocks by a level or two each.

Scarab Sages

I think too many people are discounting the usefulness of these. The rogue's big buff is the Dex to damage and finessable stuff, along with a number of buffs to Rogue Tricks. These are minor buffs at best at 5-10, but that's still nice to have. :)

Scarab Sages **

There was definitely a LOT more from that book than I expected out of a module.

Scarab Sages **

I mostly don't agree just because it wasn't announced. The post made it very clear that Unchained Rogue and Rogue are both a thing now. Nothing about the Ninja, which is why I wouldn't recommend anyone do a rebuild for a Ninja.

My opinion on the Ninja not needing its own power boost is a separate thing. :)

Edit: Also, I'm dumb. This has been answered already.

Scarab Sages **

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Nefreet wrote:

I think that's being debated somewhere.

You should be able to. The 3 Alternate Classes (Ninja, Samurai, Antipaladin) are just extensive Archetypes of their base Classes.

Ninjas can take Rogue Archetypes that they qualify for, after all, and can choose Rogue Favored Class Bonuses.

I'm on the other side of the fence here. The Ninja, Samurai, etc. are still just the way they are, in large part because their base classes (Rogue, Cavalier, etc.) are still legal.

We now have Rogue, Ninja, and Unchained Rogue. Nothing about the announcement indicated the Ninja was getting an update. Imo, they don't need one as much as the Rogue did, and the lack of direction concerning *how* to update the Ninja (if they did want that) is rather unclear.

I'd hold off on any Ninja updates for the moment at least. I'm sure they'll make it 100% clear given time.

Scarab Sages

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Thanks so much! As always, I'm just happy to help out the community :)

Scarab Sages

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The following new releases have been added to the Archives.


Main Page - Archives of Nethys
Facebook | Patreon

New Additions
[Campaign Setting] Tombs of Golarion
[Player Companion] Melee Tactics Toolbox

[RPG] Strategy Guide - nothing to add from this source to the Archives

Scarab Sages **

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Bardic Masterpieces was a code bug. The header was using a pre-formatted plain text name, instead of the one I have with the PFS label. That's all fixed now, should look accurate if you visit the page.

Otherwise, I did some validation on all the animal companion entries from Bestiary 1-4. Few things I came across:

Bestiary 1 and 4: In terms of animal companions, no changes here. All are still accurate as of the current Additional Resources.

Bestiary 2: I think the legal companion here should be the "allosaurus" instead of the "compsognathus". The latter doesn't get an animal companion entry in the book, even though the back (page 312) implies they do on page 90. The entry on page 90 belongs to the allosaurus. I've left both marked as NOT legal for now until it's cleared up.

Bestiary 2 and 3: The rest should all be correct now. It seems like the largest change was in the megafauna being removed as an option, along with a few dinosaurs.

Scarab Sages **

Oh man! That's actually a legitimate bug that I hadn't heard of until now. Plenty of those performances are tagged legal, but not displaying as such. Going to fix that first, thanks for informing me! :)

Scarab Sages **

Thanks to both of you for the kind words :) I'm almost done with Tombs of Golarion, I'll look over the animal companions/Bestiary 4 once I'm finished.

Scarab Sages **

4 people marked this as a favorite.

There's a lot of this to dig through, could someone help me out and tell me what's incorrect on the Archives? Totally believe there is something, I don't catch every change to legality, but I'm doing work on it today and may as well fix the error. :)

And in the future, if you guys ever see anything wrong, please shoot me a mail and I'll correct it asap (nethys at

Scarab Sages

Awesome work! :D My guys are still going through the first book (being an online game), but I am saving these for use when we get to those points. Glad someone is running ahead of us :D

Scarab Sages

Not by the written rules, no. It has a chance to glitch when specific conditions are met, and that's that. With weapons, your GM might rule that you could automatically trigger a natural 1 when firing, but I'm not sure about the others.

Scarab Sages

I am envious of all who got to participate in this amazing campaign.

Scarab Sages

My personal preference:

1. The Combat Stamina feat has an additional prerequisite of "Fighter 1".
2. Only Combat Feats gained with the Fighter's "Bonus Feat" class feature grant the additional Stamina options.

Without #2, you're just encouraging a single level dip in Fighter. With #2, it buffs the entire Fighter class as a whole.

I'm half-tempted to make it a free feat for level 1 Fighters, or possibly a replacement of their 1st Bonus Feat.

Scarab Sages

I love Skill Unlocks. Just sayin'.

Scarab Sages

Kudaku wrote:

It's a little more complicated than just a to hit bonus.

I think the new system is a boon to fighter and helps the class be better. If you use the right archetype, combine it with Combat Tricks and the Background Skills system, the fighter is looking a lot better than it used to.

That said, after having read over the new barbarian... It's neat and it does fix the biggest barbarian issues (rage death, math), but I kind of wish they'd have gone with the Unchained Fighter instead.

Yup. My exact thoughts. An Unchained Fighter would have been neat, but honestly all I wanted was a way to make Combat Feats more useful *just* for Fighters. I now get that option :D Background Skills + Stamina for Fighters only, and the Fighter gets a nice improvement that puts it back on par with a lot of other classes.

I am happy.

Scarab Sages

Aelryinth wrote:
Karui Kage wrote:

Honestly, it's still a great improvement (if you restrict it to the Fighter). At it's core, the ability allows you to use your Stamina (which refreshes with a small rest, in minutes) to improve your attack rolls after they are rolled (before you hit/miss). That alone helps make the Fighter a more reliable combatant, especially once AC has been narrowed down.

All of the other uses are just extra options. Some help with damage, some saves, some allies... honestly, giving a "fighter-only boost" to all the combat feats is *exactly* what I wanted.

It's not huge. It didn't need to be. It's a small improvement that makes the class feel worthwhile. I love it.

Wait, you're saying this hyped stamina mechanic boils down to a simple bonus to hit on demand?

(rubs temples)

They really did give up on the Fighter, didn't they?


No... as I said, that's what the feat does at it's core. It *also* gives additional options with all the RPG-line combat feats and how they can interact with Stamina.

So if you take the feat (assuming it's open to non-fighters) and have ZERO combat feats, then yes, its utility is less. For fighters, who have a ton of combat feats, it becomes quite useful.

Scarab Sages

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Honestly, it's still a great improvement (if you restrict it to the Fighter). At it's core, the ability allows you to use your Stamina (which refreshes with a small rest, in minutes) to improve your attack rolls after they are rolled (before you hit/miss). That alone helps make the Fighter a more reliable combatant, especially once AC has been narrowed down.

All of the other uses are just extra options. Some help with damage, some saves, some allies... honestly, giving a "fighter-only boost" to all the combat feats is *exactly* what I wanted.

It's not huge. It didn't need to be. It's a small improvement that makes the class feel worthwhile. I love it.

Scarab Sages

The Summoner was absolutely a Tier One class, at least in my mind. Granted, I've had more than a few in my games, so I've had a good amount of players on all ends of the spectrum. It's just a very easy class to make broken things with. With a Wizard or Cleric, it takes some effort, but it's much easier with the Summoner.

Scarab Sages

For what it's worth: I love the Unchained Summoner. It does two things:

1. Adjusts the Spells to be more in line with other classes.
2. Nerfs the Eidolon. No question here, it's a nerf, but I think one that was needed. The Eidolon was the strongest pet out of all, hands down. The nerf forces some evolution choices now, but the eidolon is still *powerful*. Just not as much as before. :)

Scarab Sages

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James Jacobs wrote:
thegreenteagamer wrote:

I have a limited gaming income. We use all the rules, more or less, as they come available on d20pfsrd or Archives of Nethys. I purchased the CRB to support Paizo, specifically because 90% of the rules you need to quickly look up are there.

Given I probably won't buy more than a book a year, what would you recommend as my second hardcover? Again, since we use web references, this would be whatever is likely to get the most use.

Inner Sea World Guide.

As the guy that runs the AoN, I second this. If you use my site or the d20pfsrd a lot, then you're going to get the most value out of a big book of setting material, since that is the one thing that neither site has a lot of (d20pfsrd not at all, and my site just in the flavor of other items/feats/"things").

Scarab Sages

1 person marked this as a favorite.

By the rules, the Rage part of the Barbarian is just for the new Barbarian... *but* I personally apply the rules to any class that uses Rage in my own home games. I expect a lot of GMs that use the Unchained Barbarian would do the same.

PFS, I'm not sure on. We'll be seeing their own rules for it soon I imagine.

Scarab Sages

1 person marked this as a favorite.

As the title says: assuming you are the GM, which Unchained Rules will always see a place in your games? I'm curious which ones people seem to value the most.

Personally, my own list:
CH 1
Unchained Barbarian
Unchained Monk
Unchained Rogue
Unchained Summoner

CH 2
Background Skills
Skill Unlocks (no feat, access limited to Rogue levels)
Variant Multiclassing

CH 3
Combat Stamina (feat requires Fighter 1, additional stamina uses only apply to Combat Feats gained via Fighter Bonus Feats, so as to discourage dipping)


Scarab Sages

Sure seems simpler then what I do, thanks!

My linked method is for online games though, which are a lot easier to keep track of. I use a similar method for my one in person game, but stripped out of a lot of the gear-tracking and such. Your sheet would be much simpler for the live game.

Scarab Sages

You rock!

Scarab Sages

For what it's worth, I've been toying with the idea of an API that hooks into the database behind the Archives of Nethys. That said, while I've become fairly proficient with C# and ASP, I've never touched an API thus far.

If an experienced developer wanted to work with me on getting one setup, and was happy being extremely patient with my time constraints, then that is something worth looking into. :)

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