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Karrin Kind's page

1,752 posts. Alias of Guy Humual.

Full Name

Karrin Kind




10th level Duskblade




medium, 5'4", 129lbs



Special Abilities

Darkvision 60ft, Darkness (Sp) 1/day, resistance 5 to cold, electricity, fire


Chaotic Good




Common, Infernal, Draconic, Elven, Orc



Strength 18
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 8
Charisma 10

About Karrin Kind

initiative +3
Hit Points: 120
Listen -1 Spot -1
Move: 30

CMB 14 CMD 27
Ferissirion +2 frost Great axe, +16/+11 (1d12+8+1d6 cold)
Mitt +1 Spiked Gauntlet +15/+10 (1d4+4)
Shortbow +13/+8 (1d6+3)

Armor Class 20 (+1 Mithral Brestplate +6, Dex +3, Dodge +1)
Flat-footed 16
Touch 14

Fortitude +9
Reflexes +6
Will +6

Class Features:
Arcane attunement
Armored mage (light)
Armored mage (medium)
Armored mage (heavy shield)
Combat casting
Arcane Channeling
Quick cast 2/day
Arcane Might +2

Power attack
improved unarmed strike

Acrobatics +15
Climb +15
Bluff +14
Knowledge Religion +15
Spellcraft +15


Spells Per Day:
0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |
6 | 9 | 8 | 4 | 0 | 0 |

Spell known:
0 level spells:
acid splash
Disrupt undead
ray of frost
touch of fatigue

1st level:
Defect. lesser
Kelgore's fire bolt
Shocking grasp
swift expeditious retreat
True strike

2nd Level:
Swift fly
Bull Strength
see invisible
Swift invisibility

3rd Level:
Protection from energy
Dispelling touch

+1 Mithral breastplate
+1 Spiked gauntlet
Masterwork composite short bow (+3)
20 arrows
10 cold iron
10 silver
belt pouch
flint and steel
hempen rope (50 ft.)
water skin
spell component pouch
disguise kit
jewelry (worth 300 gp)
2010 gp
10 S
5 c
Magic items:
Belt of Giant Growth
Crystal of life drinking
Everlasting rations
Boots of Dimension Stride
cure light wounds X2
Protection from evil X2

Karrin's horns have been trimmed and capped with silver, her skin has a slight reddish tinge, and some of her teeth seem slightly longer and sharper then a normal human - especially her canines! She is slender and slight but her body is deceptively strong. With her hair down and her teeth hidden Karrin could pass as human in the right lighting . . . Unfortunately the girl seems to be perpetually smiling.

Karrin has recently gotten tattoos and piercings in hopes of fitting in with some of the more rough and tumble mercenaries she's come to work with.

Karrin never knew her real parents. She was found naked in the woods, covered in blood, and chanting something over and over again in infernal. As near as the dwarven hunters who found her could tell the young tiefling was around six years old and there were no tracks leading to or away from where they found her. The dwarves took Karrin to a nearby mountain monastery devoted to the flan god Rao. There she spent most of her life. Karrin remembers nothing of her life before comming to the monastery or even the events of that morning. It was as though her life began from that moment forward.

For a while, life was quite sheltered for her at the monastery, but having known no other lifestyle it seemed pleasant enough for her. She was sort of adopted by one of the aged monks (Kron the Kind) and the small group of monks even formed a strange kind of quasi-family around the young girl. They taught her common, math, science, history, and religion. Although not all were the most loving or kind to the young girl many of them looked after her and saw to her continued growth. At about the age of twelve Karrin began to grow immensely strong. The monks set her to work doing the men’s chores and the long hours of hard work helped shape her body into the powerful weapon it is today.

Karrin’s life almost faded into obscurity as she labored away her life as a glorified servant but as luck would have it a visiting elven swordsman was forced to spend a week in the mountain monastery (due to bad weather) and he saw great potential in the young girl. She was extremely agile and intelligent and he believed that if she was properly trained she could be an exceptional duskblade. Unfortunately Karrin had been born a Tiefling instead of an elf. Still as Karrin grew older, stronger, and tougher, the elf (Torreen Quickblade) found himself returning to the monastery and he felt himself more and more inexplicably drawn to the young woman. It wasn’t without good reason though, Karrin was a free spirit, she loved life, found joy in the simplest things, and seemed to see the good in everyone. Torreen didn’t see it at first, but Karrin was a kindred spirit.

Torreen finally made up his mind to train the young Tiefling . . . and he asked for Kron’s permission. Kron naturally refused. Kron didn’t want his ‘daughter’ to grow up and see the horrors of the world. He believed that her tiefling blood may lead her down a wicked path, and the path of a warrior, that of death and violence, would ultimately be her undoing. He had hopes that Karrin might one day become a priestess of Rao. Saddly his love of his ‘daughter’ clouded his mind in missing the obvious: Karrin had the self composure and willpower of a troll or grimlock. Torreen was forced to train the girl in secret.

By her eighteenth year Karrin had learned the arts of magic and knew how to wield nearly any weapon she could lay her hands on but the relationship with her adoptive father had suffered. Karrin, due to her tiefling blood, was exceptionally good at sneaking about and bending the truth and Kron was good at looking the other way as long as Karrin said her prayers and did her chores, but they both knew that the time of confrontation was close at hand. Torreen proved to be the catalyst as he returned one day announcing that there was a war to the south and the world needed great warriors to put an end to the evil once and for all . . . it was tripe of course, there would always be war, but Torreen, being an elf, and Karrin, being young and foolish, both believed it to be true. Harsh words were said . . . and Karrin soon found herself leaving the only home she had ever known.

The early days of her warrior carrier were good, Torreen kept her shielded from much of the horror and evil in the world, and Karrin had a way of keeping his spirits up. Karrin knew that she was viewed with distrust and fear in most of the lands she traveled through but Torreen was able to quell most people’s suspicions of her. Then, after nearly a year of constant travel and adventure, tragedy struck. Raiders struck the village she and Torreen had chosen to stay at. Karrin and Torreen rose from their beds threw on their armor and rushed out to defend the village like the heroes they imagined themselves to be . . . Karrin was roughly eight feet from Torreen when his head was taken from his shoulders . . . she screamed . . . knowing true fear and seeing true horror for the first time. The village men began to fall, the tide was quickly turning, and Karrin had always promised Torreen that she’d never be taken alive . . . Torren never explained why that was, but Karrin knew now to run.

Karrin didn’t know if her attackers were following her when she found the door in the dark alleyway but she wasn’t taking any chances. She burst through the door, ran blindly down the hallway . . . and then strangely . . . into a bar! The patrons regarded her curiously but there didn’t seem to be any panic, no one seemed upset that their village was under attack, nobody even seemed to be holding weapons. Then Karrin noticed that few (if anyone) at the bar was even human.

Karrin would later learn that she had stumbled into the world serpent inn, an extra-dimensional transitive plane (whatever that meant), and her chances of finding her own way home were slim to none. Thankfully Karrin discovered that her skills as a warrior and duskblade were valuable in this place, which earned her money (if not friends), and for the past two years Karrin has accepted jobs for various individuals in hopes that one day she might see her home again, or at the very least, make some friends and companions.

Thankfully one of the contacts Karrin made was an aged mercenary named Renkar Sha'Hagmid, a man that had seen much of the cosmos and for some reason he took a shine to Karrin and offered her a job in his newly formed mercenary company. Karrin was happy to join. Now stationed and living out of the copper cauldron in the cage Karrin is part of the newly formed silver rose mercenary company and is currently it's longest serving operative.

Karrin has only recently discovered that she is of fiendish decent. Her mother's name is Jezebel. A powerful devil who lives in a realm on Avernus known as the Palace of Poisoned Snows. Karrin is a scion of the Aristocracy of Hell. Her grandfather Ba'al rules the Blasted Plain of Avernus as a Duke of Hell. Karrin isn't at all pleased with this knowledge.

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