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Arclord of Nex

Karethas ibn Faradin's page

1,777 posts. Alias of The Dorf.

Discussion goes here.

Living in a city is never quiet. Car horns, passing AVs, sirens, blaring advertisements, and the vast multitude of voices create the unnoticed hum surrounding your life. Whether you are in the combat zone or in the Corporate Center, the noise of millions of people crushed into the closest quarters surrounds you. Silence is a luxury, and luxuries are for the rich.

The first thing you notice is the unfamiliar silence. You listen intently until the blood pounding in your ears seems overwhelming. Finally you hear some quiet, muffled voices nearby. Opening your eyes, you see nothing but darkness. Panic sets in for a moment, How did I get here?

An intense fleeting image of the familiar interior of an AV-4 flashes in your mind. Three others are checking their weapons as the pilot calls back, ”Thirty seconds to Drop Zone.” One of the other figures in the back of the vehicle stands and looks at you and others, ”Don’t forget, we only get paid if we get this guy out alive. Quick and quiet, and it’s a cake walk.’

The memory fades, and you are left in darkness.

This is for discussing things and stuff.

More to come.

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