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Kanoa Nahele's page

5 posts. Pathfinder Society character for Fractux.

Full Name

Kanoa Nahele











Special Abilities

Rage : Fast movement : Darkvision : Intimidating : Orc Ferocity




Cayden Cailean


From the outskirts of Sandpoint, in Varisia.


Orc, Common



Strength 17
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 8
Wisdom 10
Charisma 14

About Kanoa Nahele

Kanoa Nahele was found as a young child wandering out of Mosswood Forest on the outskirts of Sandpoint in Varisia. He was, in fact, captured by a local farmer in an attempt to save the young boy from certain death. The young half-orc had been stealing and killing local chickens and small farm animals for several weeks. The local farmers, who had finally gotten glimpses of the boy, were planning to deal with him ... using their freshly sharpened axes.

Kanoa was lured in by this sympathetic farmer, using a freshly killed swine on the edge of the forest. Being a keen observer who had worked as a field operative for the Pathfinder Society in the past, the farmer had noted the young orc's preference for stealing small swine. The young orc had thought no one would ever catch him, but the farmer's ruse worked as planned.

The child struggled to free himself for weeks. All the while the farmer tended to his needs and spoke kindly to him. The bond of trust that would develop between the two grew slowly, and sometimes painfully. But it grew nonetheless.

What could have persuaded a human man to have taken on such a task? The farmer and his mother were the only two people in the world the boy would know well for several years. Other neighbours knew of the boy, and there was much ill will towards him. But none would ever attempt to harm the boy, as their knowledge of his adoptive father's past was more than enough to keep them at bay.

The man had once had a family of his own: a wife and a young son. He had lived in Absalom for many years working for the Pathfinder Society. Back home, his mother would tell her fellow neighbours about all the adventures her son, the Pathfinder, had been involved in. But her son's correspondences never told her the entirety of his experiences. And for good measure. There were some things he had to do for the Pathfinder society that made him an enemy to many.

When the mother arrived home from the market one day, and found her son alone and crying by the hearth, her worst kept fears about the life he had chosen to lead were realized. Despite his immeasurable loss, he did not give up. The man soldiered on as he was trained to do. He left the Pathfinder Society to live out the rest of his life in as much peace as he could find. Until the young half-orc boy came into his life.

His personal motivations for adopting the half-orc were mixed. Perhaps even warped, some would say. But these motivations were his alone, and the young boy would grow up only knowing an adoptive father who stood for everything good and right in the world. A man who saw the boy struggle daily with his temper, and who would teach the boy to harness it. The boy would learn to rein in his anger and apply it when needed.

Kanoa was not without his own faults. As the boy grew, the laborious task of chopping firewood would no longer quell the anger inside of him. The young man would turn to drink. However, the boy would not become a menace when he took to drink, but he would, rather, find his anger subdued. This would lead him to worship Cayden Cailean. If the god could find the source of his power at the bottom of a glass, then Kanoa knew that the use of spirits an ales to quell his anger could be a source of strength. In his own form of worship, Kanoa taught himself the basic techniques of a cooper, and became a novice at crafting the casks to hold the spirits that, he felt, put him in control of his temper.

While never having anyone whom he could call a good friend, those who knew Kanoa for some time felt that the half-orc could be trusted. He would never be called a friendly person nor ever be invited for a family dinner. But at the local tavern he would spend his nights talking with his neighbours, playing games, and arm wrestling those in a deep enough stupor to think victory feasible.

Despite a growing sense of normality to his life, fate itself is not one to deal an easy hand to those who could use it most.

At the age of 17 a massive spring flood of the Turandarok river would flood Kanoa's father's farm, destroying the few livestock and fowl he owned, and killing his crops. With little money to rebuild, and a renewed flood of anger at fate for being so cruel, Kanoa decided that he would help his adoptive family in the best way he could. He would use his talents and curses to make his fortune by adventuring. He planned to send his surpluses back home and pay for rebuilding the family farm.

His grandmother had put him to sleep as a child with grand stories of adventure and danger. Through the years Kanoa would realize that his adoptive father was the source of many of these adventures. The man never spoke much of his time with the Pathfinder Society. Despite the pain that flashed through his eyes when speaking of his life in the Society, Kanoa's adoptive father always ended by saying that the Society only wanted to work for good. But, he would caution, that people always had to be mindful of others' true motivations.

As Kanoa left his home to journey to Absalom, the last words he heard from the man he considered his true father, were spoken softly, but with the power of an army one thousand strong. "Do not blindly trust in those who would put you in harms way. I did not name you Kanoa 'the free one' without reason. Focus your anger and always be strong. The ferocity of a lion will aid you in battle and in your adventures. But remember that it is the hidden kindness in your heart that will save you when you need it most, my son."

As he walked away from his home, Kanoa wondered if he would one day run into the man whose blood ran through his veins. He would like to meet the man whom he had long forgiven for his heinous act ... and then kick him where it hurts. This kindness his father spoke of would only be reserved for those who deserved it.


Weight: 248 lbs.
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue(left)/Grey(right)


[1] Adopted: Scholar of Ruins Knowledge(Geography)
[2] Fortified Drinker

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