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Kalsgrim Lodovka's page

1,013 posts. Alias of markofbane.

About Kalsgrim Lodovka

Kalsgrim Lodovka
Lawful Good Male Human Paladin 10
Medium Size (6’ 0”, 170 pounds, icy blue/light grey eyes, fair hair.
Age: 21
Move: 30’
Languages: Common

14 Strength
14 Dexterity
14 Constitution
10 Intelligence
10 Wisdom
22 Charisma

Initiative: +2
AC: 21 (Armor +7, Dex +2, Natural Armor +1, Deflection +1)
Greatsword (+13/+8, 2d6+4, 19-20/x2)
Ranged: +1/+1 within 30’
Longbow (+16/+11, 1d8+2, x3)
Longbow (+13/+8, 1d8+8, x3)
Longbow (+14/+11/+14

CMB: 12
CMD: 24
Fort: +17
Ref: +13
Will: +15 Immune to Fear. Immune to Charm spells.
Hit Points: 85


T: Noble Born: Lodovka. +1 trait bonus to swim and is a class skill.
T: Armor Expert. Reduce armor check penalty by 1.
L1: Deadly Aim. Can take -3 to hit for +6 damage.
R1: Rapid Shot. When full attack, can add one attack for a -2 to all attacks.
L3: Point Blank Shot. +1 to hit and damage when within 30’
L5: Precise Shot. No penalty shooting into melee.
L7: Weapon Focus (longbow). +1 to hit.
L9: Snap Shot. Threaten squares within 5’, no AoO against him when making an AoO.


+19 - Diplomacy: (10 ranks, +3 class skill, +6 attribute +0 other modifiers)
+13 - Kn: Religion (10+3+0+0)
+2 - Perception: (0+0+0+2)
+13 – Ride ( 8+3+2+0)
+13 - Sense Motive (10+3+0+0)
+6 - Swim: (1+3+2+0)

Race/Class Abilities:

Favored Class: Paladin (8 used for skill points, 1 used for hit points)
Human Abilities:
Bonus feat at 1st level.
Bonus skill point at each level.
+2 to any attribute (charisma).
Paladin Abilities:
Weapon and Armor Proficiency.All simple and martial weapons and with shields (except tower shields).
Aura of Good.
Detect Evil. Move action, concentrate on item or individual within 60 feet, to learn if evil, three rounds to determine strength.
Smite Evil Four times per day. Swift action, chose 1 target. If evil, +6 to attack rolls, +10 to damage. If evil outsider, evil dragon or undead, 20 damage on first successful attack. Automatically bypasses any DR. Kalsgrim gets +6 to AC against the target.
Divine Grace. Add Charisma bonus to all saving throws (added above).
Lay on Hands. Heal wounds by touch. Heal 5d6 damage and the Sickened, Diseased and Nauseated conditions eleven times per day. Standard to use, swift for self use. Can be used to damage undead.
Aura of Courage. Immune to fear, magical or otherwise. Each ally within 10 feet gains +4 morale bonus on saves vs. fear.
Divine Health.Immune to all diseases, including supernatural and magical.
Channel Positive Energy Two lay on hands uses. 30’ radius. 6d6. DC 21.
Divine Bond. Add +2 enhancement or ability to a weapon. Can use it to add: Axiomatic, Defending, Disruption, Flaming, Flaming Burst, Holy, Keen, Merciful. Twice per day, 10 minutes per use.
4 1st: Hero’s Defiance, Divine Favor, Grace, Liberating Command.
3 2nd: Paladin’s Sacrifice, Bull’s Strength, Instant Armor.
1 3rd: Divine Transfer.
Aura of Resolve. Immune to Charm spells and spell like abilities. Allies within 10’ get +4 morale bonus on saves vs. charm.
Code of Conduct. A paladin must be of lawful good alignment and loses all class features except proficiencies if she ever willingly commits an evil act.
Additionally, a paladin's code requires that she respect legitimate authority, act with honor (not lying, not cheating, not using poison, and so forth), help those in need (provided they do not use the help for evil or chaotic ends), and punish those who harm or threaten innocents. Limited associates.

Kalsgrim Lodovka was by no means a favored child in the noble family. His fair features and height were a constant reminder that his Ulfen mother was from the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, the result of a marriage of alliance between the Lodovka house and a Linnorm clan as part of a trading pact. Also lessening his favor in the eyes of the nobles was his adherence to his mother’s faith in Erastil which is typically seen as more appropriate for commoners. Far enough removed from the head of the family, Kalsgrim was largely ignored and allowed to do as he saw fit. A youth filled with hunting and swimming gave way to young adulthood and a stirring within that he was destined for something greater. At his mother’s urging, he spent a summer away from the noble house in the company of a priest of Erastil. During this time, he discovered that he did indeed have something special about him, powers carried in his blood to be dedicated to the service of Erastil. No longer able to deny the inevitable, Kalsgrim returned home. He confided in his closest friends what he had learned, and none of them were surprised. Knowing that the worship of Erastil was not favored in the house, Kalsgrim set out to find his destiny in the company of his good friends. They had already departed for southern Brevoy when they heard the call for champions to tame the Stolen Lands.

Tall, lean and graceful. Kalsgrim has always been handsome, a trait that has only served to further separate him from the other nobility of house Lodovka. His eyes are icy blue or light grey, depending on the light, and his hair is a golden blond. Kalsgrim is friendly and approachable, and is more likely to strike up a conversation with strangers than let a comfortable silence sit. He is quick to help those in need, sometimes a little more impulsive than he should be. Unlike his companions from the north, Kalsgrim does not have a mount at this point. He tried leaving the family estate in the north unnoticed, on foot and without his most expensive belongings that would broadcast who he was. His loyal companions, however, would not stand for that and followed on horseback.


Encumbrance: 40.5#, Medium. 58/116/275.
Traveler’s Outfit
Erastil’s Helm, 1#
Headband of Charisma +2, 1#
Mithril Agile Breastplate +1, 12 ½#
Amulet of Natural Armor +1, 1#
Wooden Holy Symbol of Erastil
Signet Ring of Frieland
Greatsword +1, 8#
Stag Lord’s Bow, 3#
Bracers of Lesser Archery, 1#
Cloak of Resistance +2, 1#

Pouch ½#
-Ptn Cure Moderate Wounds
-Feather Token, Tree
-6 gp, 3 sp
-Alchemical solvent, ½#

Quiver, 3#
-Arrows (20)

Quiver, 3#
-Arrows, Silver (10)
-Arrows, Cold Iron (10}
-+1 Human Bane Arrow (1)

Handy Haversack 5#
-Mundane Arrows (140), 21#
-Silver Arrows (50), 7 ½#
-Cold Iron Arrows (50), 7 ½#
-Blunt Arrows (40), 6#
-Flight Arrows (40), 6#
-Smoke Arrows (2)
-Masterwork cold iron kukri, 2#
-Masterwork silvered heavy flail, 10#
-Flint and steel
-100’ silk rope and grappling hook, 14#
-1 pound of soap, 1#
-Whetstone, 1#
-5 sunrods, 5#
-Noble outfit, 10#
-750 gp, 15#

Unique Items:

Signet Ring of Frieland. Enchanted as Ring of Sustenance, Ring of Protection +1, Constant Endure Elements effect.

Stag Lord's Bow (masterwork composite longbow, +2 str mod, +2 enchantment, Adaptive)

Stag Lord’s Helm When worn, the helm greatly enhances eyesight and hearing, granting a +2 competence bonus on Perception checks. In addition, once per day the helm may be called upon to enhance any ranged attack made by the wearer to make an insightful shot. Activating this ability is a free action, and once activated, your next ranged attack against a target within 30 feet is made as if that target were flat-footed against you—this allows a rogue to gain the benefit of sneak attack with this shot. If you don’t make a ranged attack within 1 round of activating this power, the insight fades and is wasted for that day. A worshiper of Erastil who wears this helm may utilize the insightful shot ability up to 3 times per day.

Combat Pastes:

Greatsword (+13/+8, 2d6+4, 19-20/x2)
Longbow (+16/+11, 1d8+2, x3)
Longbow (+13/+8, 1d8+8, x3)

R1: Rapid Shot. When full attack, can add one attack for a -2 to all attacks.
L3: Point Blank Shot. +1 to hit and damage when within 30’
L5: Precise Shot. No penalty shooting into melee.
L7: Weapon Focus (longbow). +1 to hit.
L9: Snap Shot. Threaten squares within 5’, no AoO against him when making an AoO.

4 1st: Hero’s Defiance, Divine Favor, Grace, Liberating Command.
3 2nd: Paladin’s Sacrifice, Bull’s Strength, Instant Armor.
1 3rd: Divine Transfer.

Smite Evil 4/4 remaining, Lay on Hands 11/11 remaining, Divine Bond 2/2 remaining.
Spells: Hero’s Defiance, Divine Favor, Grace, Liberating Command, Paladin’s Sacrifice, Bulls Strength, Instant Armor, Divine Transfer.
Allies within 10’ of Kalsgrim gain +4 morale bonus on saves vs. fear, charm spells and spell like abilities.

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