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Sorry for the broken link earlier, even though it would not have been impossible to look at the adress bar and remove the part that obviously does not belong into the URL.

Here is the working link.

There is a 3rd party class for that.

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I have a houserule that every magical weapon, shield or armor has some kind of "focus" (a gem, a bone, a holy symbol) in which the actual magic resides.
Those can be separated from the weapon and attached to another one in a process that takes one hour per +1 enchantment, costs 100 gp per +1 and needs a spellcraft-check with a DC of 15+ enchantment bonus.
Every item can have only one focus attached and must be masterwork.
Foci can be merged in a process that takes 1 hour for every +1 of the end product, has a spellcraft DC of 15+1 per enchantment of the end product and needs magical materials worth the difference between the combined worth of the original foci and the end product.
While combining or transfering foci, the crafter can decide to keep the original magical effect or turn it into a flat enhancement of appropriate strengt (so a +1 flaming focus could be made a +2 focus). None of these rules can be used to exceed the usual limitations on item enchantment.
If the spellcraft check fails by 5 or more, the foci are imbalanced by the process and are inert for 24 hours.

This solves the problem of believability, lets the players keep their "ancient familiy heirloom sword TM" and even gives them the option of switching a focus between weapons if they have a lot of time to prepare for a fight and know about a certain DR or somwthing but also carries the risk that they botch the roll and are completely bereft of their magical weapon for a day.

Also it adds cool details to the weapons, because every Focus is unique and you might end up with a fighter in shiny armor who has a focus made from a human fingerbone attached to his weapon, because he took it from a goblin chieftain.

That would be a Point Buy way over 100. How in the world did that happen?

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Just because he charges the illusion does not mean he rugby-tackles it. He just uses the momentum of his run for his swing.

There is neither a RAW nor a "common sense" reason for him to fall over.

There is a feat in 3.5 called subduing strike that just flatout removes the penalty for all melee weapons. I as a gm wouldn't see any problem with allowing it at my table, there are way more powerful options to spend a feat on.

You could try the Lyrakien. While it's not technically a fairy, you could easily give it a bow and some more castings per day for the CLW spell.

RAI it's probably not supposed to provoke, but RAW the clause that says it doesn't (like for example in Hydraulic push) is missing.

My Paladin of Cayden has a tankard that, every time you set it down, refills with ale. He plays his character as constantly in different shades of drunkenness. The ale can not be put into other containers, you can only drink it.

Hm, can't find the rules I had in my head either, I guess that's what you get for GMing in 3 different systems...

Afaik, taking the aoo against the wizard would "discharge" your readied action, since you can't do anything else while having an action readied, so Cyrads idea wouldn't work.

Since when is being able to voluntarily fail saves a houserule? If I don't jump to the side, when the big boulder falls, i get hit and if i don't resist the mind control, it succeds. It can get a little hard to explain with Fort saves, but as far as I know you can voluntarily fail a save, at least as long as you know you have to make it, the same way that you can voluntarily miss on an attack...

Ah, thx. DR stacking hadn't really come up in my games yet.

Are you sure it becomes DR5 /cold iron and silver?

I would have said it becomes DR5/cold iron and DR5/Silver, meaning:

DR0 against a weapon that is both,
DR5 against a weapon that is one of them,
DR10 against a weapon that is neither.

Since you all seem to agree, could you point me to the relevant rules text?

First level is always full HP

Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll run the ideas for modifications by the players.
If I would want to allow them to "buy" him a "con score" for HP purposes, how would you price the increases?

I think it should be reduced in price compared to a con belt, because it doesn't affect fort saves, but increased since it wouldn't take up a magic item slot. What do you think about letting those two cancel each other out and give them the modification for the price of a con belt? (+1hp/hd for 4k, +2 for 16k.)

Since my party lacked a proper Tank, I gave them an NPC construct with the lifespark subtype (he and his awakening are tied into the story of the campaign) and it worked quite well, they started teaching him about the world, about his newly found emotions and the magus started giving him melee training which resulted in the construct gaining levels of fighter. This started at level 4, now they have reached level 8 and have grown very attached to their metal friend. The problem is, without a CON score, his HP are advancing very slowly, a problem I hadn't considered in the beginning. Even with generously rounded 6 hp for each fighter level, the PCs are overtaking him one by one and there have been some very tight situations for him on the frontlines.
Now my players are searching for ways to buff him, so he survives, but since the normal +CON items don't work, I'm rather short on ideas.

They are willing to spend a considerable amount of money on their friend, so I would like to give them the option of actually succeeding.

How could this be done RAW and if there's no way, which houserules would you propose?

tl;dr: Need a way to raise the HP of a lifespark construct with fighter levels.

Nothing in the rules that I am aware of says that a small character can't ride a large horse. There's only the rule tat says the mount must be one size larger than the rider. So just ride a combat trained Horse or use the mount spell.

It helps to clarify what you are talking about. What is a shadowkhan?
And depending on your gm, you could just refluff one of the already existing summoning spells.


I sometimes use this page here, but their stats tend to be a bit wonky, so be careful with it. (The page doesn't work in some browsers, so try another if it doesn't)

There is some kind of spidery undead demon or daemon creature whos entry mentions a connection to the negative energy plane in the heart of the plane of shadow. I searched for it, but I can't find it right now.

Sadly the Fortress is not extradimensional. The only extradimensional solution that comes to mind is the Rod of Security.

Or a custom item of rope trick.

That is mainly, because truly considering the implications of magic on everyday life leads to the tippyverse and most people don't want to play in that world.

Other than that, check adventures and regional books for flavourful magical items for everyday use. (The taldor book has some great luxury items for the bearded of oppara)

Sadly it's very high level, but with scrolls, Spellbane could work. Set the contingency and spellbane to Mages disjunction and you're good to go. Sadly, since Spellbane is to high level for you, it requires the expense of 3825 gp every (CL of the contingency) days, since that is the cost of the Spellbane scroll

I don't know about the price, but the "usable x times per day" seems weird to me. Just make them use up some kind of fuel that needs to be refilled after x uses.

If it isn't mentioned, it isn't changed, simple as that.

Yea, you are right. It's actually weaker than the vampire template. I Just took a quick look at it without comparing them and thought "put this on a pair of goblins and they'll slaughter an APL approppriate party, that can't be right." But it's the same with them vampire template, it's just very powerful.

Just shows again how using templates is not an exact science but rather an artform.

The missing CL on the scorching ray is still a thing 'though.

Just a spontaneous reaction, but this should be worth way more than CR+2...

And there is no CL for the scorching ray ability.

That would be Blightburn radiation from Blightburn Paste and the resulting Blightburn Sickness, I guess.

Depends on how the GM rules carrying. I usually handwave it, as long as it doesn't get absurd, but 10 suits of armor would fall into that category...

Rules wise, there is nothing against it 'though.

(It's funny how bags of holding and the like have weight and space limitations, but a high str character can RAW carry an elephant on his back...)

Some things come to mind.

First: One cubic foot of material is not much to encase the feet of the giant with. The resulting construction would probably be pretty thin, considering how big the feet of the giant probably are. The ginat should be easily able to sunder the "shackles" in one round. Or he could just remain stationary if that is not a problem for him. The player essentially used up a 5th level slot for a one target, one round (assuming sunder) entangle with no save. That seems by no means overpowered to me.
If you compare it to stone shape, it could have been worse.

Second: The spell allows the player to fabricate an item, but how does he attach it to the ground below? The Item must be physically seperated from everything else, otherwise it would not be an item but a part of the bigger structure.

Third: Nowhere in the text of fabricate does it say that he can choose to move the location of the final product relative to the position of the raw materials. Therefor one could argue that the stone shackles are created where the stone was beforehand, UNDER the feet of the giant, not around them.

Fourth: The Spell has no SR or save, because it's not used on creatures or magic items. The giant isn't hit by the spell but by it's consequnces. Arguing that the giant doesn't get a save based on the fabricate spell is like arguing that you don't get to avoid a stone dropped on your head via mage hand because the spell doesn't have SR or a save.
Therefor it's your job to rule on the outcome. I'd give the giant a reflex save to step aside. Considering how you get a reflex save when a substantial part of the floor below your feet suddenly vanishes (see pit spell line) you should definitely get a save to avoid stone shoes being put on your feet.

rich parents trait + muleback cords would solve the problem. Wouldn't leave an awful lot of money for the actual gear 'though.

If 3rd Party is allowed, a scroll or wand of Reverse Gender would do the trick.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The System has Craft(Basketweaving)... NOT everything in it exists for powergaming purposes. Maybe somebody wants to make an NPC Gunsmith-Expert?

Somebody on these boards made an posted a melee and a ranged orc troop before. I copied them for later use, but sadly forgot who made them, so sorry for not being able to give due credit.

You can just use multiple of those until the CR is high enough.



XP 1600
NE Medium humanoids (Orc, troop)
Init +0; Senses Perception +0
AC 19, touch 10, flat-footed 19 (+3 Armor,+6 natural)
hp 6d10+18
Fort +6, Ref +2, Will +3
Defensive Abilities troop traits
Speed 30 ft.
Melee - troop (2d4+6)
Space 20 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks - Brutal charge (Ex)
Str 17, Dex 11, Con 12, Int 7, Wis 8, Cha 6
CMB +20; CMD 34
Feats - Toughness, Iron will
Skills …..
Languages - Orc
Equipment - St.Leather and falchions
Brutal charge (Ex) orcs troop collides with the enemy in a brutal onslaught. The troop makes a charge attack as per charge rules, only instead of getting +2 to attack they double their STR bonus to damage in the resulting automatic attack (Reflex DC 15 for half).


XP 800
NE Medium humanoids (Orc, troop)
Init +4; Senses Perception +0
AC 17, touch 10, flat-footed 17 (+3 Armor, +4 natural)
hp 4d10+8
Fort +5, Ref +1, Will +0
Defensive Abilities - troop traits
Speed 30 ft.
Melee troop (1d6+3)
Space 20 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks arrow volley (DC 14)
Str 17, Dex 11, Con 12, Int 7, Wis 8, Cha 6
CMB +20; CMD 34
Feats –Improved initiative
Skills ….
Languages - Orc
Equipment - St.Leather, Longbows, shortswords
Arrow Volley (Ex) As a full round action the troop can launch a volley of arrows at a distance up to 100ft, this volley covers a 30-foot-radius area, anyone caught in that area takes 2d8 piercing damage (Reflex DC 13 for half). This ability takes 1d2 rounds to recharge. The save DC is Dexterity-based.

I get that you're saying that, I understood that from your first post. But I still don't see which rules you're using as a basis. You read the description and decide that it's a new limb that replaces normal reach, but it does not say so in any part of the description of the Tanglevine Power.

As far as I see it, it can be interpreted in both ways and RAW determining which interpretation is right, is yet to be presented.

Also, I don't know where you get the idea that a reach weapon doubles your reach and therefor gives you 20 reach if you have 10 natural reach. Afaik reach weapons add a flat 5ft (or whatever they are granting, whip for example)to the normal reach of a character.

Edit for spelling

I don't know of any RAW supporting that claim, Kazaan. Since the tanglevine is used to make combat maneuvers, it most closely resembles a weapon that can not be used for a normal attack. If a Character normally has reach and the equips a reach weapon, they would be added too, so I'd say treat the tanglevine as a 15 ft reach weapon (like a whip) and add the numbers.

I had a ranger in my game, who's entire village had been killed by the undead minions of the BBEG to provide new corpses for said BBEG. He went and retrieved the spade of the local undertaker, buried all corpses that hadn't been taken and vowed not to rest, until all of the people in from his village had been buried. He then proceeded to use the spade as a weapon and enchanted it over the course of the game. (I allowed the player to use the stats of a greataxe because of the cool concept)

I plan on using a fey in my campaign that serves Ng. He will ask the PCs for secrets as payment for services. The worth of a secret is related to how badly those who know it want to keep it unknown and how many people know it.

If you want to keep players from attacking somebody, there is no REALLY safe way, since players will be players.

Things that might work:

- Have the NSC offer to talk
- Have the players find out that he has some kind of intel that they need
- Make the NSC extremely threatening (give him lots of bodyguards or sth, so they think they'll probably lose, if they attack. This should be quite eays if he is a king, since those tend to have armies and stuff...)
- If they know that they're going to need his help in the war, how would they NOT try to convince him?

I think that's not true at all.
If the players spot a band of goblins for example, I don't force them into initiative until the actual engagement begins. Maybe they decide to ignore them, or talk, or sneak closer first or whatever. Initiative begins when the first proverbial shot is fired and I try to avoid the stupidity of "you all move at the same time but for some weird reason flash the fighter is a full 60 feet in front of the others for a moment, before they catch up to him one by one" as much as I can.

If one of your players wants to sneak past a guard or something, do you really have them do it in initiative? Seems like a hostile situation to me...

Or are the rules different for NPCs and PCs?

Well that depends on the ruling. The GM decides when initiative is rolled and if the "bait" is far enough away that the players for example try to leave the to get closer to it, then I'd let them do it and just start initiative with the first attack. Which in turn would be a suprise attack by the other two sphinxes, if the players don't make the perception check.

If the other two get a surprise round by not being noticed, they get a standard action which can be used for a charge.

The way I read the entry for the Taotieh, each victim gets put into a seperate "stomach", since the extradimensional space is exactly big enough for the victim and it specifically mentions "stomachs" (plural) in the description. So no trapping a character together with an undead in there.

If the elemental has moved in the same round, I would have the wizard make concentration checks for vigorous motion. A Person carrying you around should be as bad for your concentration as a horse, if not worse.

All of this of course if the elemental CAN carry thw wizard. Wasn't there some rule about flying only being possible with a light load?

Just track the skills for them. Whenever a player roleplays trying to learn the language, just make a note, don't tell them, and when they try to translate something, you roll for them.
I also do that with perception checks and the like, to prevent the kind of metagameing you described.

I simply have a list with some skills for every player and they are obliged to tell me when one of them changes. If they forget, it's their problem. ;)

The "skills" are:

All 3 Saves
Sense Motive

Since those are the skills I tend to sometimes want to roll in secret.

Chemlak wrote:
Good Stuff


By just opening one thread after the other in this fashion, each further removed from actual pressing discussion and more of a corner case, you give the impression of somebody who either wants to troll (the motive most people seem to suspect) or somebody who has just read his_her first leftwing sociology article on the trans*-topic and is now excitedly running around, applying their new knowledge to EVERYTHING they can find.

Neither is very productive and both lead to people finding either you obnoxious (whether or not that is justified by further personal traits of yours may remain undiscussed here) or being strenghtened in some kind of opinion that declares trans* people to be whiny, self absorbed and/or overly sensitive. (In this case, your posts are not only unproductive, but rather counterproductive and a VERY bad idea.)

If a player wants to activate a Skill he did not have before or wants to raise a skill that can not be practised, like a knowledge skill, I have them justify it to me, by, for example, acquiring an appropriate book. That is not RAW 'though, only a houserule at my table.

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