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Excellent, and well worth the wait


I'm really impressed with how much content this book included - I expected solid flavor (and got it), but the book is also full of amazing game content and written with an in-depth knowledge of the various options available across all of the product lines. The art is amazing - the lictor of the Pyre is one of my favorite Paizo pieces, and the art for the Godclaw's lictor is brilliant.

There's a lot of stuff I could see being great for any campaign, like Caster's Champion and Gate Breaker. Then there's the great Hellknight-specific options, like the Godclaw oracle mystery and the new Hellknight prestige class disciplines.

There are some minor disappointments. I wish the obedience boons had a method of early access, similar to that of the Inner Sea Gods prestige classes. I'd been hoping for unique content for the minor orders, especially the Scar and Coil.

All in all, though, an excellent book - well worth the price of admission. ^_^

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Brilliant Scenario


This is a truly excellent scenario. The setting is captivating, the NPCs are interesting, and the challenges are varied and exciting. I hope we follow up on the secondary plot of the scenario in the future (the one related to the character on the cover). I also appreciated all the little references to Golarion and Pathfinder lore. Also, a VERY big thank-you to PFS leadership - glad to see you're listening to us. I like how a certain long-hoped-for thing was implemented. My faith in you is complete. ^_^

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Still worth it

****( )

Crowe - high-quality, well-detailed face, excellent detail on tattoos. No complaints here.

Jirelle - the detail (other than the face) is more what I'd expect from the regular Battles line. The face is pretty good, though.

Lirianne - Body is closer to regular Battles quality, and the face is a little weird (probably as a result of the hat's brim dipping low).

Hakon - great detail, especially on tattoos and robe.

Shardra - I was initially surprised at how bulky her mini is. A lot of the detail is good, but the paint for her leg actually splashes over onto her armor... I've never seen an Iconic Hero with such a major paint error.

Kolo - surprisingly excellent detail for such a little thing.

Shardra's paint error and Lirianne's/Jirelle's decent paint jobs cost the set a star, but it's definitely still worth the price (especially with the subscriber discount).

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Great story... very challenging!

****( )

Thoughts after playing a 4th-level Seoni:


-As the only one without a statue (due to being a pregen), I was pretty well useless outside. That snowstorm is a killer.

-One of our party members got one-shotted by the multi-naginata trap. 53 damage was far too much for him to handle. See Edit below.

-I had to look up the swarm subtype for our GM (to clarify the weapon damage thing). As a swarm of Tiny creatures, it takes half (rather than no) weapon damage.

-The conjurer and mesmerist both have absolutely ridiculous spell loadouts - somebody knows how to optimize a control caster.

-The story was fascinating. Jujanil's journal entry (after her failure) was chilling to hear described.

-The Chronicle was cool, and very flavorful.

-EDIT: Apparently the naginata thing was a GM error; they mistook the x4 as meaning "four attacks" rather than "x4 critical damage". Not nearly as lethal as originally believed.

I'm surprised my Seoni survived... and very, very glad we didn't play up. ^_^

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Great set


Stupid forum ate my review...

Buy this set. Seriously. Merisiel and Amiri have great poses, Harsk and Ezren are decent, and there's a badger.

The Kyra in this set is gorgeous. It's the best prepainted mini I've ever seen - bar none - and even surpasses a few that I've commissioned from professionals.

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