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Kalgani's page

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But does it really makes sense?

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can a spellcaster with "control summoned creature" control the Eidolon of a Summoner?
By reading the rules this could be possible, but is this really intended to work with an Eidolon?

link to control summoned creature in prd


flash_cxxi wrote:
The Bases may cost cents to produce, but including them in the box means that the size of the box has to double in height. This will add quite a bit to the cost of the product, since boxes are a costly way of packaging. They are trying to keep the cost of the product down for the consumer.

You really want to tell that some bases will double the height of the box? don´t fool yourself!

Liz Courts wrote:
Note that adding more bases to the box will also increase the weight, which increases shipping costs (something that we've very much got in mind for our international customers).

in this case the volume weight is more important. and this wont rise too much with some bases inside. real weight is only considered when it higher than volume weight. But this happens only when have something like bigger metalparts (brake discs) in your box and not with some paperprints and plastic bases.

No bases = nearly epic fail

This bases costs only cents in production, so please be serious and put a bag of bases inside too.

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