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Kaldair_Fastfoot's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 8 posts. No reviews. No lists. 2 wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters.



Want: Kitsune

Offer: since I havent been to many cons, all I can offer is my eternal gratitude. ^^


I've seen some posts about this from a while back and believe it is time again to bring this into light. There are many gamers here on the east coast who would love to go to a large convention like Paizocon, but it just isn't in their budge to afford plane tickets to seattle. I do believe that Paizo can gain alot from opening a new convention somewhere here in the east. Atlanta or somewhere close would be a central hub here in the east and alot cheaper for people. I hope this opens discussion and new possibilities for everyone, including people in charge at Paizo.


i would love to play a kitsune if someone would be willing to send one my way. :D


Kyle Baird wrote:


Shade-Blooded (Wayang)
Elemental Ancestry (Fire)(Ifrit)
Elemental Ancestry (Earth)(Oread)
Graveblooded (Dhampir)
Triple Option x2 (Nagaji, Wayang, Kitsune)
Xenophobia x2 :-)

Exceptionally cool players at my table.

Goblin - Already applied. Sorry kids!
Fetchling - Attached to chronicle of existing character, unable to trade.
Tiefling - Sent to Jiggy before v4.2 came out.

wish i could play with you. I'd really love to create a kitsune. ^.^


*a small halfling in a dark purple cloak sneaks in while everyones attention is on Marvolio and sits at the bar*

*smirks* whatever he's been drinkin, i'll be havin' some of that.


I was wondering if the Pathfinder Society has ever thought of possibally bringing games to furry conventions. Alot of friends i have in the furry community either play pathfinder or have expressed interet in it. So what do you think?


ever since i found the PFS at last years dragoncon i've really enjoyed playing. unfortunately i can't get to many cons further away, so getting boons is somewhat difficult. if anyone might have an extra kitsune boon they arent using that would be so awesome. i would try to find some way to pay them back even if it might just be friendship till i could possibally offer them a boon.


Joshua J. Frost wrote:

Gary and Ross are working on a tool for me that will allow me to make just such a chain. Send me an email with the details from this post and I'll add in to the waiting list to correct your issue as soon as the tool is ready.


i just got back from dragon-con and have done something similar. i sent you an email but it came back. the number i need it changed to is 24337.

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