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Nexian Galley

Kajehase's page

9,090 posts (9,924 including aliases). No reviews. 12 lists. 1 wishlist. 25 aliases.


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Mine's pretty simple - my family used to have a big saturday-breakfast together with heated-in-the-oven homemade bread from grandma, and to drink: tea (or cocoa, which is almost as good). One day I tried tea, and I liked it.

Perks of finishing work early on Wednesday: I get to have pizza and grown-up beverage for breakfast.

I'm sure the Prince-Consort would have been delightfully horrified if he'd been around to see it.

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One city per place won't be enough to get a proper feel for the larger areas they're in, so I'm kinda disappointed we don't get something more focused on just one of the continents instead.

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Kalindlara wrote:
Tacticslion wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Questions, darn it! Now I have to think of another one...

1) Are chokers and thin men related?

On a not at all related note, which Golarion culture would be most likely to have chokers (the, for lack of a better term, neck-clothing kind that is) as part of their typical costumes?

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Celestial Healer wrote:

Gah! Where is this rain we're supposed to get?

Curse you, allergies!!!

Probably falling on me for about seven hours (starting in about two hours).

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Among the prisoners saved when US forces reached Buchenwald were 900 children.

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Also: If John Scalzi declares that he's editing an anthology of Licoricepunk, it's my fault.

That was indeed in the old Andoran book. (And then again in the Inner Sea World Guide.)

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Celestial Healer wrote:
I have to take a state insurance licensure exam this afternoon. Wish me luck!

Good luck!

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While not a common feature, the almond-shaped eyes normally associated with East- or Central Asian heritage, is fairly unremarkable on Swedes.

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Things I'll never do again: Watch Game of Thrones with my parents.

Damn sexposition scenes.

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Weekly Swedish football news:

IFK Göteborg played two games in the past week, a 0-0 draw away against Gefle IF in what's apparently the last ever game at Strömvallen, and a 2-1 win against Falkenberg, leaving them in third place after their best start to a season in 21 years! SORT-OF-WHOOO!!

6 5 1 1 10-4 16

Meanwhile, IFK Trollhättan travelled to Mariestad to play an IFK-derby against IFK Mariestad and went down a devastating 4-0, leaving them in what would be their worst position since 1990 if this had been the end of the season. Booo!

3 0 1 2 3-9 1

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And, of course, everyone smokes.

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Admittedly, it's the kind of film where the leading lady sticks some money down the top of her stocking before heading out to meet with her escaped convict ex-boyfriend, so some salty language should be there.

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Wow... This Swedish film from 1949 has had enough swears to get a US R-rating in five minutes of screen time.

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Philipp Fabricius, one of the three men that were the thrown out a window in the Defenestration of Prague which set of the 30-years-War was later ennobled for his pains and given the title Count of Rosenfeld and Hohenfall.

Hohenfall is German for "high fall"

As of last season I've realised the show just works so much better when you watch it all in two-three sittings, so I'm waiting for the DVD to come out.

Ross Byers wrote:
What's wrong with microwaved water?

Somehow it fails to steep the tea correctly. It's weird, but true.

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Of course, in practical terms the Imperial Crown became an heirloom for the Habsburgs who (with a brief interlude in the 1740s) held it from 1437 until the empire's dissolution in 1806.

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The emperor of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation wastraditionally elected by seven electors: The king of Bohemia, the margrave of Brandenburg, the duke of Saxony, the palatine count of the Palatinate by the Rhine, and the archbishops of Köln (Cologne), Trier, and Mainz.

Lord Havelock Vetinari - so good he sometimes has to remind political opponents that he is a tyrant. When thrown in a scorpion pit he made the scorpions turn on each other.

Pulp: A Movie About Life, Death, and Supermarkets was on TV today, ad my verdict is that if you like movies made by people who like people, you should watch it. Also if you like watching someone who looks like a 50-year-old Geography teacher dryhumping a loudspeaker this is the film for you. But yeah, I was chuckling the whole way through, and with it being a movie about Sheffield and Pulp, there's some great music in it as well.

Plenty of foundries in Sweden too, for that matter. The football stadium in Sandviken (the northernmost stadium to have hosted the World Cup, incidentally) is called Jernvallen (the Iron Wall) for a reason.

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There was that one calling itself a Jarl (of the North Wind, if memory serves) in Flight of the Red Raven - wonder if it dressed in a viking get-up?

The Sundsvall-strike would feature an antagonist called Curry.

So what would be the best setting for a socialism-influenced steampunk novella: English coalfield, or the Sundsvall sawmill strike (the first organised strike in Sweden)?


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Celestial Healer wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:

tips cow

How's about that?

Tho honestly I thought the mockery of New York "pizza" a few pages back would've been flagged, I guess the truth can't be censored, take that Fox News!! :-p

looks up from REAL BROOKLYN pizza lunch

What did you say?

I'd get defensive, but deep down I know that the best pizza I've ever had was in Naples, Italy. After that experience, the whole "Which region of the US has the best pizza" argument just seems silly.

And that's one reason I'm happy that SAAB and Volvo would literally drive buses down to Naples and pick up a load of people who wanted a job building cars.

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aeglos wrote:
Kajehase wrote:

They're cute too.

Also, they keep the Norwegians in check.

so, what is the job of the pacific puffins ?

Keeping the Korean spammers down. They've been slacking, obviously.

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captain yesterday wrote:
I'm gonna start flagging the Ninja ship I think>:|>

*flags all Captain Yesterday posts... tomorrow*

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They're cute too.

Also, they keep the Norwegians in check.

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I'm disappointed - I've been trying to insult people for years on the thread and not one post has been deleted.


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A message from Saladin Ahmed

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It's just a matter of time before he will start growing his first beard!

Dear Mr. Cleaver,

How is it that pugwampis are so amazing?

James Jacobs wrote:
DragoDorn wrote:
So, this is looking more like it is a fluff book, not a crunch book?

It was always intended to be more focused on the Golarion flavor of the races. Advanced Race Guide proved a LOT of crunch for the races, and we didn't want this book to just ape that one. Furthermore, Advanced Race Guide had ZERO information about these races as they exist in Golarion.

There ARE rules elements in the book. But the focus is the flavor of the races, not the rules. And the rules that DO exist are there to specifically support how the races work in Golarion.

The book is still in devleopment, but I'd say 1/3 to 1/4 of the book is rules. That can change.

I, for one, hope it changes more towards 1/6 or 1/8. Rules are not what I buy the Campaugn Setting books for.

I tend to circulate between Darjeeling, "Russian," Earl Grey, Chai Masala, and (when my parents have been to Scotland), Scottish Breakfast, and Yorkshire Gold.

If worst come to worst I'll use some Twinings bagged Earl Grey or Lipton English Breakfast (also bagged).

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Okay, one more:

Chapter One, we didn't really get along
Chapter Two, I think I fell in love with you
You said you'd stand by me in the middle of Chapter Three
But you were up to your old tricks in chapters Four, Five, and Six

And thus endeth Kajehase's overly long playlist-blitz

Because he was a bonny lad
she bade him kiss and come again

The candle in the window was yellow and remained unlit
The song had faded down low I never heard the end of it
Thete's a better role for me
If I can't be your chosen one I'll be your favourite absentee

I was a scared little kid
with a head filled of hormones and hope
There you were with your notebook of secrets
and genuine lies
Saying girl it's your party
But you sure as hell don't wanna cry

Asking only workman's wages I've come looking for a job
But get no offers, just a "Come on" from the hookers on 5th Avenue
I do declare there were times I was so lonesome I took some comfort there

When you're weary
Feeling small

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Hello darkness my old friend
I've come to talk with you again

I count the hours since you slipped away
I count the hours that I lie awake
I count the minutes and the seconds too
All I stole and I took from you

We were songbirds
we were Greek gods
We were singled out by fate
We wete quoted out of context
It was great

Grander than castles
Cathedrals or stars
mascara meltdowns
everywhere that we'd go
Electric guitars

You can tell me anything
You can tell me anything
I'll believe it
Shame the truth with lies
Say the sun won't rise
I'll believe it

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