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Nexian Galley

Kajehase's page

8,499 posts (9,292 including aliases). No reviews. 2 lists. 1 wishlist. 23 aliases.


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Snow day means no communism

Well, that explains how the Soviet Union turned into such a disaster.

Who keeps Atlantis off the maps?

Try to avoid the attention of the Office for Cosmo's Lost Bodyparts, though.

In 1888, the American publisher Joseph Stoddart had dinner with two British writers to see if he could reach an agreement to get them to write his company a novel each for publication. And while the younger of the two Brits almost missed the dinner, Stoppardt was successful, and could a few months later publish The Sign of Four (The Sign of the Four in the US), and The Portrait of Dorian Gray.

Icyshadow wrote:
I am wondering what a fallen seraph should look like. That, and how their powers would change, considering that whole "so shiny with holy power they have to cover their true form with their wings" shtick they seem to have.

Shrunken like an old man, and washed out, as if the colour has disappeared from it when it fell.

Nathan Nasif wrote:
Any Caananite/Phoenician love in there?

You might find a bit of that in Green Ronin's Testament, though it mainly focuses on the Israelites.

Fallulah - Out of It

Freehold DM wrote:
Drejk wrote:
If I stop posting after leaving for today it will mean that dust wraiths got me. Or vegepygmies.

is it wrong to want to eat vegepygmies?

Because every time I look at them I get peckish. It's not cannibalism, is it? They're plants. Delicious looking semi intelligent plants. I just want to try one. Yes, Sharoth, with blue cheese dressing.

Vegepygmues are fine. Blue cheese, much like mayonaisse and vegetarian bacon, is a crime against the laws of gastronomy, however.

MMCJawa wrote:

Finished off World of Ice and Fire. Definitely a fun book with lots of factoids, most I don't think will be relevant for the actual novels, but still make the world more complex and complete.

Also a surprising large number of Lovecraft references, which I really wasn't expecting.

I did expect some mythos references, but Ser Kermit, son of Ser Elmo was a surprise.

Oh dear. What did I say this time...

Didn't realise the old wave had broken. ;)

As for elves and dwarves on earth, I'm just gonna mention that I live a 40-minute drive from Alvhem (Elfhome).

Yeah, Dalsland can be a bit rough. Plenty of trolls in the forests, too.

Celestial Healer wrote:

Oh look, it's a snowpocalypse.

Thanks, Freehold!

Feel free to shift some of it this way. Looking outside at the moment is like watching a black-and-white TV.

In France, you may not name your child Nutella.

Chapeau, France.

Tom Rex wrote:
Major_Blackhart wrote:
Rune giant! I am officially pumped for this AP. Now, the big question is how many rune giants will be involved overall. A handful, a small family, a clan? Will these be the grand overlords or ate they themselves serving a higher power?

From the DoEM (Department of Expectation Management)...

I'm pretty sure there are no rune giants in this AP. They're pretty deeply tied into Varisia and Thassilon, and Giantslayer is not set in Varisia and doesn't really have any Thassilon ties whatsoever. We WILL be illustrating at least one rune giant in the AP (as evidenced) but not as an illustration for one of the adventures.

Giantslayer is about something else other than rune giants and Thassilon, and that's on purpose, because we want to tell a different story than what we told in "Rise of the Runelords."

So what's the scoop on Giantslayer, then?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

And then there was a new socialist feminist.

Isger has so far been left unexplored, so the entry in the Inner Sea World Guide is pretty much it.

Dear neighbour. Please stop your car alarm from sounding off every five minutes.

Rawr! wrote:
Ambrosia Slaad wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **

Good to have you back, Badgah.

The picture link seems to be broken.

*unfairly blames Mark Moreland*

If I'm holding a tiger in my hands, that'd be a minor worry.

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Christopher Rowe wrote:
Elrawien Lantherion wrote:
This is really getting old. People might begin loosing interest in the book.
Yeah, well, those longshoremen had been working without a contract since last July and had a number of other clearly legitimate grievances. I want this book, too, but the world is wide, eh? I'll wait.

Yeah, without knowing the specifics, but being aware of the general conditions for longshoremen worldwide, this is a reason I'm downright positive about getting to wait for the product.

I'd be quite happy to see a set for Tower of the Last Baron.

John Stuart Mill died from Erysipelas.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Would have been fun if the Giantslayer party had been all small characters. :)

Workers at the Kirunavaara iron ore mine has to travel over a kilometer down into the mountain before reaching their work stations.

Because of the way the iron lode is shaped, the whole town of Kiruna will be moved to avoid people's houses crumbling into the mountain as cracks start to form below the town's current position.

Sharoth wrote:
David M Mallon wrote:
Kajehase wrote:

Faramir at Osgiliath by Donato

Going through a serious Donato period right now.

He's a cool guy. I went to his alma mater, and his best friend from college was one of my professors.


Bruce Springsteen - Stayin' Alive

Faramir at Osgiliath by Donato

Going through a serious Donato period right now.

Nah. Rowing in snow is a pain.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Limeylongears wrote:

Good evening.

It is snowing. Great Britain is shut.

Thankyou and come again.

Hmm... time for a winter raid?

*puts out bowl of dried slaad pills*

Celestial Healer wrote:
For those not on FB, yesterday I rode on a train a few seats behind the Vice President of the United States. It was pretty surreal.


gran rey de los mono wrote:
I remember, when I was younger, driving past a SAAB dealer on occasion. The cars looked sharp, but I don't know what models they were.

And there, in a nutshell you've explained why the factory's no longer active. Everyone agreed they were great cars (even James Bond git one when they made an attempt to restart the book series), but then they bought a Toyota or Volkswagen.

You're building a fire, not inventing it!

The Wug Test was invented by Jean Berko Gleason to investigate if small children have absorbed and learned how to use grammatical rules by using nonsense words to describe what is on cards shown to the children.

This man knows how to zib. What is he doing?

This is a wug, *holds up a second, identical picture*, what are these?


I don't know enough about perfumes to weigh in, but I would say that Varian Jeggare is dandyish enough to be picky about his fragrance, and I suspect he favours scents with a lot of vanilla in them, as it reminds him of his library back home.

He can make a coconut smile.

Didn't Snodgrass use to work on some obscure sci-fi show?

285. Joiner's - Gotta be a lot of carpenters in a town for someone that specialised to have their own building/shop.

290. Travellers' campsite
291. Wrecker's yard for dealing with ships that are beyond repair.

284. Debtors' prison - pony up the cash or stay here. Longer visiting hours and less torture than regular prisons.
285. Joiner's
286. Large barrel housing a philosopher (who is often found at the lawyer and/or the prison)
287. Brickmaker
288. Megalith delivery service (staffed by people who fell in a druid's cauldron full of potion of bull's strength when they were young).
289. Broadsheet writers' office and print shop. (often doubles as hidden shrine to Milani in Golarion)

gran rey de los mono wrote:
When I was leaving work this morning something caught my eye. The car dealership next door was receiving a delivery. That's not too unusual, but since the cargo consisted of 11 (presumably) brand-new Corvettes, I had to stop for a moment and look. I would never want a Corvette (well, maybe a classic one if I had a s#$%-ton of money), but they sure are pretty to look at.

Strong fondness for the early SAAB 900 Turbo models (and the 9000 models too, but those are because I helped build some of them when I did work experience in 8th grade).

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I have managed to leave the cake I have in thd freezer untouched for a week.

How shall I celebrate this feat of strength of will, I wonder..?

Don't blame me, blame whatever arcane code snippet sent me to page 50-something when I exited another off-topic thread, revealing this poor, malnourished thread, crying for someone to care for it.

1 person marked this as a favorite.


Of the almost 700 people that have served as Lord Mayor of London, two have been women.

Of the stuff I've read, I'd probably go for Eternal Sky as well.

Can't say I've read/watched enough to nominate anything in a different category. I do feel podcastle deserves something in whatever category they've put podcasts in, though. And on that thought, Tim Pratt and Heather Shaw's christmas story for that podcast as best short story, perhaps?

Stay off the coffein-pills kids!

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