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Nexian Galley

Kajehase's page

8,223 posts (9,013 including aliases). No reviews. 2 lists. 1 wishlist. 23 aliases.


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Welcome, Joe. Here's hoping you'll have a long and fruitful time at Paizo (and doesn't pass away in a freak accident involving human resources and/or dogslicers).

And personally I'm in a can't decide what to start next mode. I have some Alastair Reynolds and Guy Gavriel Kay in the not-yet-read pile, but I'm really in the mood for something lighter.

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Five other words: Internet has an off-button.

Don't know what he asked for it, but yes, Picasso did the second movie pister of his career for it. (I hadn't gotten that far into the documentary I was watching when I made my first post.)

Also, Picasso's first movie poster was for a Buñuel movie in 1928.

The starring actors in the Yugoslavian film Neretva includes Yul Brunner (as a Communist partisan), and Orson Wells (as a royalist leader who don't like the movie's her, Marshal Tito).

Also, whatever became of Sissy Spacek?

All of his hair!

Got home from work and turned on the telly while I wait for the aftersweat to start and discover that today's matiné is Coal Miner's Daughter, and daaaang Tommy Lee Jones looks young! He's even got colour in his hair!


I don't care what anyone says - that should've happened!

Lech Walesa singing I am the Walrus?

Limeylongears wrote:

Most UK supermarket's online arms seem to hold it - Amazon do too, though what it'd cost to ship to Sweden I don't know.

You could find out what blend they use and recreate it (Assam, Kenyan and Rwandan, according to the website, though it doesn't say in what proportions a) if you can be arsed and b) if there's somewhere near you that does loose tea...

Loose-leaf tea involves a £15 train-ticket these days, sadly (if I want something not sold at the supermarket [i.e. anything that's not Earl Grey or the Lipton's take on English Breakfast]) - so it might even be cheaper to look into importing it.

I'm down to my last three Yorkshire Gold teabags - and I've yet to find a Swedish store that sells the blend. :(

Exceedingly small.

Based on previous statements on the subject, I'd say the likelihood of that is very, very small.

According to market research website YouGov, supporters of the far right British National Party (BNP) are more likely than the average population in the UK to be fans of rapper 50 Cent.

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Wow. One 48 word paragraph, five statements, three of which are wrong, and one of which is a sweeping generalisation of 350 million plus women


I see it more as a fantasy New York.

How come all pasta packages always end up with 1/4 of a portion in the end?

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Yeah, back then, the visions. Yeah, most of the time I was convinced, s**+, I'd lost it.

But there were other times. I thought I was mainlining the secret truth of the universe.

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Next week's screen-staring: True Detective rewatch.

Scintillae wrote:
I need to readjust for winter.

*sends hot cocoa and tea*

Achy shoulder. Gotta stop sleeping on it.

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Bikini Kill - New Radio

Don Juan de Cornelius wrote:

Elvis Costello and the Attractions

Ah, the video they tried to learn the Temptations dance for.

Sounds more like nationalists than communists to me. Admittedly, once they got into power, the bolshevijks didn't take long to start incorporating that into their ideology.

Gah! Who put a flipping enema in my morning tea!?

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Skeld wrote:

You need to research a new spell: create echochamber.


Power word: Twitter?

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That explains the space ship sequence in Life of Brian.

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

College Athletes of the World Unite

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in Jacobin?

It won't be long now, comrades!

Down with the NCAA Plantation!
Organize the Unorganized!
Finish the Civil War: For Black Liberation through Socialist Revolution!

Vive le Galt!!!

While you're at it, could you please educate some American sports writers about the differences between oligopoly (how the MLS is structured financially) and socialism (what they keep describing it as).

Heja heja Blåvitt!

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drunken_nomad wrote:

Yeah...Lil Wayne uses the only thing he can also...his tatted-up abs and that ridiculous grill. He knows hes not known for his intellect.

Both are reaching for low hanging fruit. Easy rhymes, sexy (or shocking) images, contagious beats (based on something familiar from the recent past). Its what pop music does...a person has to dig deeper to find something worth listening to. Most of the top10 of anything is like Nickelback, or Poison, or the Monkees, popmuzik has a time and place, it's just too easy to make.

Part of my rant is based on my jealousy, they both have money stacked to the roof. I wish I had half dat cash!

Don't go dissing the Monkees - they had Carole King as one of their songwriters!

If you could pick anyone you wanted, regardless of their fee, to paint the cover for your next novel, who'd it be?

I'm on a Donato Giancola kick at the moment, myself.

Dantoine is to remote to make an effective demonstration. We will deal with your rebel friends soon enough.

Goats for Tor!

Chamber pots.

Are blue robes/dresses obligatory for the White Witches of Irrisen?

I'm too lazy to make a thorough check, but it feels like all the ones illustrated are dressed in that.

"I had to pick a side George. It was as much an aesthetic choice as a moral one. The West has become so very ugly."

*character played by Patrick Stewart doesn't say a word, just tosses a lighter at the feet of Alec Guiness's character*

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"Crusty jugglers!"

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Sméagol lied.

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So, I've been reading one of Lindsey Davis's detective novels set in 2nd century Rome, and lo and behold:

Cosmus did it!

Draco Bahamut wrote:
As a brazilian, i would like to remember that there are non-hispanic latinoamericans.

Yes, let's not forget the French- and Creole-speakers. ;)

LordSynos wrote:
No problem, but, you know, it's been a few millennia now, you mind if we switch positions for a while? The wind is really biting.

We'd be happy to, but the Finns have only been independent for a century or so, so they're still a little nervous about being left on their own.

Sissyl wrote:
Heck, it would certainly be... Interesting. Maybe, though, you ought to try your hand at California first? I hear they have had some very odd governors...

Or Minnesota.

Possibly most common line in Swedish weather reports: "And a low pressure front sweeps in from the Atlantic, but it will weaken as it passes the British Isles."

LordSynos wrote:
Good morning FaWtL folk. :) Hope everyone is well and had a good weekend. I hope yer days treat ye well. Wet, windy, and 48F/9C here atm. The winter adaption isn't quite kicking in as it normally would, actually feeling the cold. Brrrr.

God morgon.

Sameish here, but less windy. Thanks for shielding us from most of that by the way. ;)

DSXMachina wrote:
Malicious Rumourmonger wrote:
*ponders applying for the job as manager at Leeds United* At the rate this chairman is sacking people, eventually he will get that far down the list!


Did they actually appoint the 'second-team' coach yet? Since of course some of the fans think he's amazing (they have only won games under him this season, not the other managers (iirc)).

I think he's still in charge, but I haven't been to any sports-site for ten minutes, so it's anyone's guess.

Current news in Sweden: Amber fever in Skåne.

It's like gold fever, except... You know... with amber instead.

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She's an idealised depiction of Lady Liberty, aka Alysande Benedict, a hero of the Andoren struggle for independence from Cheliax. See the Andoran player companion for details.

(She's also, clearly, inspired by Delacroix's painting "Liberty on the Barricades")

Jon Stewart of The Daily Show fame appeared as love interest of the week on an episode of Nanny.

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