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Nexian Galley

Kajehase's page

7,934 posts (8,702 including aliases). No reviews. 2 lists. 1 wishlist. 22 aliases.


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I'm also thinking about starting a Hell's Rebels Play-by-Post campaign in a bit.

...Yes, you don't get to level up for a year, but you'll have plenty of backstory when things start to get serious.

...probably a bad idea.

Voted two weeks in advance (my passport expires at midnight, so pre-voting was the option with the least hassle involved).

May write up a post about how the Swedish election works for tomorrow.


In Swedish, "sextant" could also mean "sex aunt."

Scintillae wrote:
So I've been informed I am no longer allowed to hypothetically repurpose carnival rides for world domination and/or the forced extinction of life on a planet.

That's okay. The real potential is in the spun sugar concessions.

Rawr! wrote:

Owie. exactly what I'll be saying when I put on my left sock for the next six weeks...

Ran my little toe (that's been a bit askew since I broke it five years ago) hard into the bottom of the bathroom door.

Pretty sure expressing my reaction would cause a swear-filter overload.

For non-special snowflakes, I'd recommend Juliet E. McKenna's books set in Einarrin, Ellen Kushner's three Riverside novels (Swordspoint, The Privilege of the Sword, and The Fall of the Kings).

While Django Wexler's series The Shadow Campaigns does have its fair share of snowflakes, the point-of-view character are mostly just protagonist-special.

Anf, of course, a lot of D&D and Pathfinder tie-in fiction feature characters that's low-to-middle in power and specialness (although less so in later books wit recurring characters, obviously) - for some utterly mundane characters involved in good stories I'd start by looking at Rosemary Jones's Forgotten Realms novels.

And happy birthday, Jeremy.

Try some of the French Cider while you're down on the continent - they make some excellent brews.

Drejk wrote:
I immediately sent a second mail with the attachment. Well, it was the tryout I was the least interested in anyway...

Good luck, though. (Is this one of the Green Ronin ones we're talking about?)

The Tug-o'-War World Championships are currently being decided in Madison, Wisconsin.

And as I write this, both Liverpool and IFK Göteborg are ahead in their respective league games. Wooo!

Which is what I enjoy about that meet - sometimes the hero isn't the olympic medal contender who gets an expected win, but the unknown athlete who finishes one or two places higher than they're supposed to.

Lazy weekend spent watching the annual Sweden vs. Finland arhletics meet.

The women's meet was especially exciting - Sweden went into the last event (1500 meters) four points behind, and ended up winning with two points after a their third best runner won a final straight battle for fourth place in the race.

Aberzombie wrote:

The worst was, he'd say stuff like "Don't worry, this'll hurt you a lot more than it hurts me."

Now if it was something serious, like a root canal or extraction, he might numb you up. But a cavity - hell no. Drill, baby! Drill!!

"I vuns inspired a character in a movie starring Dustin Hoffman."

The soundtrack from American Hustle..

Lots of good 70's rock and disco.

Strife2002 wrote:


But...I thought Pazuzu and Lamashtu HATE each other

New monster idea: Marriage counsellor demon.

"There's a massive goat in my living roo, and you forgot to mention it!?"

Dogfort Communications Officer wrote:

In my skillet.

ebon_fyre wrote:
Drejk wrote:

Pfff... I am surrounded by Trekkies and Browncoats... *sigh*

And I have to suffer because even with reboot of B5, without G'Kar it will never be the same :(


They're rebooting B5? Without G'Kar? HOW? WHY?

Apparently JMS has gotten quite a ways towards being able to make a movie.

Not sure if it will have G'kar or not, but Andreas Katsulas is obviously out, so...

Judy Bauer wrote:

[Redacted]: "Gibbering complimenter."

[Redacted]: "Hugging lurker!"

"Crusty jugglers!"


Well, maybe if the Ennie voting was all done in Chicago. :p

FOX, Sky. Same crappy owner.

What about Irn-Bru?

Gloria in excelsis!



One of the actors in Rush is called Julian Rhind-Tutt.

aeglos wrote:

Malron was in 2014 the 49th most used boy name

Jasper has climbed to a top 150th place

What about Jesper? ;)

aeglos wrote:

a moose walked into an office bulding in Dresden today

he stood there in the lobby and refused to move,
they tranquilized him, but him into an garbage container and brought him into an woodlad area where he will be save

the apporximate moose pupulation in Germany is : 10 Moose

We had one walk into the town hall/administration center a few years back. With the moose population of Trollhättan being decidedly higher than 10 it was treated rather less politely (also, it was drunk on fermented apples, and moose are mean drunks).

Sissyl wrote:
Kajehase wrote:
That's still better than Bergen.
"There has been no rain in Bergen this last day." - Norwegian weather report (true story!)


1 person marked this as a favorite.

That's still better than Bergen.

John Kretzer wrote:

I would like to see a AP that does not end a great and powerful evil threat to Golarion...again.

I am kinda wanting to a see a...more morally grey AP...too many of them lately...and seemingly the next two have been really...EVIL vs GOOD. And while that can be is getting a little old for me.

While I don't mind a bit of capital G good getting to kick some evil butt, looking at the list I made makes me at leasr partially agree - pretty much all of them except the elf one would make for good grey vs. grey material.

Vikings vs Witches.

Vudra or Jalmeray

Taldor court politics

Absalom or Katapesh trade intrigues.

Elf-centric adventure starting out in the Mwangi Expanse or with the Snowcaster elves, moving on to Kyonin, then Castrovel for three instalments (Lashunta!!!), and finishing off at the Mordant Spire.


And some for Tor.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

And while I have on occasion used whiskey as a toothache remedy, also not a long-term solution.

Good luck with your pains and their relieving, Yuugasa.

It just doesn't taste as much after the second glass.

Freehold DM wrote:

Dear fawtl.

I am drunk.

That is all.

I have whiskey!

(So I'm clearly not going to get drunk, as drinking enough for that to happen would be wasting good liquor.)

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Set wrote:
Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
There are? Where? I thought turkeys were post-Columbus.

Golarion's eco-system is quite a bit different than Earths, even apart from the megafauna, dinosaurs and dragons. Jaguars, for instance, are mentioned to exist in the Mwangi Expanse, as are tigers, neither of which exist in Africa. Both prehensile-tailed new world monkeys and 'old world' monkeys and apes seem to co-exist in the Mwangi Expanse, as well. Plus those marsupial thylacines as far north as Brevoy, quite far away from 'fantasy Australia' / Sarusan. :)

I haven't looked too closely, but I wouldn't be surprised to see things like corn, peppers, potatoes, tobacco and tomatoes** existing in Golarion, outside of Arcadia, as well. (Whether or not such flora and fauna evolved 'naturally' in Avistan/Garund, or where introduced by Azlanti or even pre-Azlanti world-travelers, is up for grabs.)

**In Cities of Golarion, in the city of Ilzmagorti, for example, one of the sample drinks on p. 32 includes a tomato wedge, and another is mentioned to taste like tomato.

To which it's probably worth mentioning that Golarion is already in its post-"Columian" phase of history.

...Possibly for the second time.

Necromancer wrote:
Nobody expects the Chelish Inquisition.

Actually, I think Chelaxian is right.

Chelish describes something to do with the ethnicity (and so can just as well be from, for instance, Korvosa or Andoran), whereas Chelaxian describes things from Cheliax.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
aeglos wrote:

Hi boat


Hi Dwarf king.

*hums Grieg*

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Orthos wrote:
Also new avatars are in! Yay!

Any point in me looking for a different boat avatar?

(I've had people greet me as "boat" - so I guess I'm stuck with that.)

Sharoth wrote:
Orthos, I can also be generous. I will gladly give you my credit card debt. ~grins and runs~

And you can have what's left of my student loans!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

About 12 months from now. (After Iron Gods [5months left] and Giantslayer [6 months left])

During an inset of his lover preparinf for their tête-a-tête we get to hear a very nice version of Are You Lonesome Tonight in Brazilian Portuguese.

Bela noite para voar. (A good night to fly.)

About the Brazilian president Juscelino Kubitschek as he jets around his country, meeting with provincial governors, inspecting the construction of Brasília, wishing his adopted daughter a happy birthday, and putting in a visit with his secret lover in Belo Horizonte (in a nice change to what's usually the case on film, he's the one that's not married). And in parallel we see Marshal Botafogo (played by a Telly Savelas look-a-like) and several other members of the military plot to bring him down after the US ambassador has let it be known that he can't accept Brazil nationalising its oil industry.

*starts working on a filk version of the Pogues's Turkish Song of the Damned*

Also, once I stop whining about it here, I'm obviously going to get really wet.

Don't you love knowing you'll soon have to cross an open field so you can stand among a bunch of trees when there's a thunderstorm going on?


My paladin in the same game gets three skill points - which I'm supposed hto put inuseful skills and ones that represent her worshiping the goddess of art. Archetype needed! ;)

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