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Nexian Galley

Kajehase's page

9,262 posts (10,106 including aliases). No reviews. 17 lists. 1 wishlist. 25 aliases.


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On a scale of one to ten?

Rat Queens volume 2: The Far Reaching Tentacles of N'rygoth by Kurtis J Wiebe, Stjepan Sejic, and Roc Upchurch

Let me guess.

Ravine, volume 2 by Stjepan Sejic and Ron Marz

The sale of the boy had been carried out "conditionally, with the right of redemption."

The Black Count by Tom Reiss


Jag trodde länge att det var jag...

For a long time I thought it was me...

Med sänkt blick (With Lowered Gaze), original title Les Yeux Baissés by Tahar ben Jelloum, translated to Swedish by Mats Löfgren

If my authority is undermined by Sorgrad's defiance, my authority over all wizards is weakened, in the eyes of mageborn and mundane alike.

Dangerous Waters part 1 of The Hadrumal Crisis by Juliet E McKenna

I change the subject

Hammered by Elizabeth Bear

Hammered by Elizabeth Bear.

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Ah. The famous Kajehase workout.

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I just had to take it to eleven.

I'd say sorry - but why be sorry when I can blame Cosmo. He made me do it, your honour! The insidious power of Cosmo was too much for me to withstand! Not even my trusted "What would Cismo do?" poster could sway its unbending force!

No comic. :(

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*checks the news*

You know, if you're suspended from your teaching job for violent behaviour, hitting the head master with an axe is probably not going to help your case.

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Geez. One mention of Poldark and CH starts dropping his clothes. Somebody get him a scythe.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
Cevah wrote:

The judge denies the restraining order, citing he is powerless against Acts of God


I appeal the case to a Jewish or Muslim judge. Jesus is strictly human in their court.

Jesus saves, but Lasse Vibe scores on the rebound.

Just a pity it's been pouring down with rsin all morning. I'm wetter than a 1990:s teenage girl at a Take That concert.

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Overslept by an hour but still managed to finish work with 15 minutes to spare, so really I just got to sleep in. Booo-yaah!

Wow. That looks just wrong.

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David M Mallon wrote:
Feudal Japanese Game of Thrones

Love how goofy the dragons look. And he's absolutely right about how well the weirwood trees fit with a Japanese/Shinto environment.


He also shows up in Lord of Runes.

Set wrote:

While I'm not particularly in love with squirrel-folk, I remember a decent fantasy version that had the squirrel-peeps descended from Ratatosk, the squirrel who runs up and down the trunk of the world-tree Ygdrassil.

Were they infamous for spreading gossip?

Kinda fine with the races we have, but if there has to be more I'd like to see some bearfolk.

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But his finest performance is still in The Van

The Little House on the Prairie (and all the other books about the Ingalls family) were ghostwritten by Laura Ingalls Wilder's daughter, Rose Wilder - a professional author who supported her family through the Great Depression (despite having to deal with the more personal kind of depression herself).


Basically a very good (Swedish) hard cheese. As is Grevé, for that matter.

Back in the day, when the farmers paid at least part of their tithes in natura, it was customary to give the priest the best cheese of the year's crop, hence the name.

It tastes enough that three-four sandwiches of it is enough to numb the palate for a good while after.

(Don't get me wrong, apartheid was horrible enough that I wish the boards didn't have a swear filter to keep me from giving it it's proper description - but you can show that without hitting us on the nose with it every time.)

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The Stander Gang

Based on a true story movie about a police captain who gets fed up with serving the apartheid system of 1980:s South Africa and starts using his knowledge to rob banks instead.

Nothing innovative about it, but it makes excellent use of tried and trusted themes and ideas, has across-the-boards good acting, and has the advantage of being set in a milieu we don't see that often in my part of the world - and when we do see it, it's usually hagiographies like Invictus or Very Serious Films about the horrors of apartheid.

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The colors of the Dark One have penetrated Mira’s body; all the
other colors washed out.
Making love with the Dark One and eating little, those are my pearls
and my carnelians.
Meditation beads and the forehead streak, those are my scarves and
my rings.
That’s enough feminine wiles for me. My teacher taught me this.
Approve me or disapprove me; I praise the Mountain Energy night
and day.
I take the path that ecstatic human beings have taken for centuries.
I don’t steal money, I don’t hit anyone. What will you charge me
I have felt the swaying of the elephant’s shoulders; and now you want
me to climb on a jackass? Try to be serious.

Mirabai (1498-1565?)
trans. Robert Bly

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Odin as a stag, by Matthew Spencer

But gnochi are perfect with a good Bologhnese! :O

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I had a friend who used to put it on pizza...

Also, while I'm fine with using toast to clean the plate from baked beans, putting the baked beans on the toast seems like a good way to waste an opportunity to put some cheddar, prästost, or grevé with marmelade on it.

I honestly suspect that the Inner Sea map is as good as it can be considering the page size. Maybe it'd be better to use a map of either Avistan or Garund, or flip it 90 degrees and make it a two-pager (with a square or other appropriate symbol showing where the area that the novel-specific map is showing is)?

This doesn't have a page reference, because it's from the web fiction, but how about a riding dog?

Edit: And Appleslayer makes a good candidate because while he's cute as all heck, he also looks to have a bear somewhere in his ancestry.

Lord of Runes by Dave Gross.

Samy wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Varisia is really very much inspired by the Pacific Northwest and northern California, and fits in VERY well with those types of woodlands.
Okay, thanks a lot! I'm going to have to work on very heavily adjusting my image of Varisia. For some reason I had totally pictured it as a much drier region.

Well, if you go north/east of the mountains and onto the Storval Plateau it is - which I think has some similarities to the Pacific Northwest as well (rainshadow is a b#+$$).

Why aren't there more fjords/firths in the Land of the Linnorm Kings? Vikings without plenty of skerries to settle holmgångs on is just wrong.

The bit after the question is mostly tongue in cheek. Mostly.

I have a 100+ pages book detailing the sorting system in Swedish libraries that says labels can be very useful.

Also, in my experience, while I haven't seen this in the current discussion, in a majority of cases where someone claims to not want to use labels for people's sexuality or ethnicity that I've seen, it's been to make the case that "we don't need any laws to protect group X, because that's covered by this law that applies to everyone!" So yeah, I get a bit wary whenever I hear that.

Edit: Swedish libraries. Not seedish. Although considering that a copy of everything that gets printed in the country hasto be sent to the Royal Library and the four biggest university libraries, I guess they all have sections that might qualify as both.

The house drakes are pseudodragons.

I presume this is one of those cases where Paizo can't use the original name in the fiction?

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During the summer of 1640, the regent of Savoy, Princess Cristina, found herself under siege in the Turin castle agter her relative Thomas had taken the city from her with the aid of a Spanish army.

His situation weren't much better, though, since a French army besieged Turin - while a Spanish army under the command of the Marquis of Leganés, Governor of Milano besieged the French.

David M Mallon wrote:

One of my favorite bands just released their first track in almost 20 years. And it's incredibly disappointing. I really hope that Refused doesn't turn into the hipster-er version of U2.

To be clear, this isn't a case of "I don't like it because it's different." I don't like it because it's preachy, ham-handedly political, and sounds like a rejected Lenny Kravitz song. Serves me right getting my hopes up.

Here's some good Refused to remind me of my younger hardcore years and get the taste of Swedish Bono out of my mouth.

Wait, there's been a time when Refused wasn't ham-fistedly political and preachy?

Always preferred the (not at all hardcore) Bear Quartet anyway.

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And happy birthday CH!

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Hmm... Fantasy legal thrillers haven't been done to death yet, has it?

It's not a specialist subject of mine, but I've pucked up a thing or two through osmosis and everyday curiousity.

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Freehold DM wrote:
David M Mallon wrote:
Why does it feel like I'm progressing straight from my 20s into my 40s?
that's usually how it goes.

Or you turn 35 around the time you become a teenager. Which sucks when you're a teenager, but feels pretty good when you catch up to yourself and your friends are having early mid-life crisises.

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Of course, the main protagonist is a bit of a sociopath who kills people because it amuses his lover...

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Pretty sure I've said it before, but Swordspoint by Ellen Kushner is easily in my top-10 fantasy novels. Lovely prose, and even most of the tertiary characters have enough detail to make you care (or very much not care) for them.

Can you say that a bit louder? I can't 'ear you, chum.

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Kirth Gersen wrote:
Oh, and post-time edit to my post: Fury Road, not Thunder Road (the latter is an awesome Robert Mitchum flick from the '50s that also included one seriously bad-ass car chase).

The title song, sung by Mitchum, is pretty badass in its own right.

Adam Daigle wrote:
Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
I'm more worried about HOW evil you'll have to be in Hell's Vengeance. I can handle playing someone who's ruthless and harsh, like Darth Vader, Lady or Julius Caesar (in my humble opinion the EPITOME of the Lawful Evil alignment), but I draw a line at sadistic stuff like rape, torture or systematic slaughter.
Ummm... didn't he blow up his daughter's home planet?

And Cæsar bragged in De Bello Gallica about the millions of Gauls he had his legion systematically slaughter.

While shooting the second Dumb and Dumber movie, Jeff Daniels also took time out to record the audio commentaey for episode one of the second season of Newsroom

Actually, weren't there one announced at about the same time as the Andoran book, or did I dream that?

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James Jacobs wrote:
Skeld wrote:

Cheliax isn't my cup of tea. An Evil campaign also isn't something I'm interested in running (after all, if I run an AP, I'm going to sink 2-3 years into it).

Both of those things I'm willing to chalk up to "not every AP is for me." However, part of the attraction of Pathfinder is the constant churn in theme/location. So I guess my question is, are we really going to dwell in Cheliax for a year?


We really are, yes.

It's arguably our most popular nation, and it's one we actually HAVEN'T done much with. It's past time, in my opinion, to explore Cheliax fully... that said, it's worth noting that the regions of Cheliax we focus on in Hell's Rebels are not what I'd call "classic Cheliax," since Kintargo is a much more free-thinking region than most of the rest of the nation.

Probably too late to say this (also, I'm just one guy, so...), but if at the end of the Year of Cheliax we haven't got a gazetteer style book for the place I'll be very perturbed. Maybe even cross.

The next time you taser someone, make sure they're already in the car, okay?

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Can we please leave the comparative religion tangent?

It's boring and irrelevant.

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Well, it's Monday here.

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Variant griffins!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Another bestiary - meh. Evil AP - meh.

Drejk wrote:
Drejk wrote:
Kajehase wrote:
Bad news for me: Sweden won the Eurovision. This means an extra month of yammering about it.
Well, I was bombarded with Polish song from last year. And we hadn't even won...
Is it me or is the winning song a bit on bland(ish) side?

The winners usually are, in my experience - even the Finnish heavy metal one.

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Bad news for me: Sweden won the Eurovision. This means an extra month of yammering about it.

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