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Kain The Seeker's page

27 posts. Alias of Kyrie Ebonblade,.



I ran this for four players this weekend. They had a blast


They were really tired of alchemists fire by the end of the session though. Though the rogue and wizard were happy to 'return' fire. The fun point at the end was the group brought Ekkie with them and the bug bear demanded she turn on them in goblin.

Had he ordered her to do the Rogue.. it might have worked but she told Ekkie to kill the wizard. Her FRIEND! The person who gave her fire and daggers and more fire.. She

Fun was had by all. The Rogue even laughed as Ekkie kept trying to set him on fire with an Everburning torch.


Shivok wrote:
20gp for the 1st GM to kill a goblin PC!

Doesn't that break the 'don't be a jerk' rule of the board calling for out of hand killing of PCs like that?


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Lab_Rat wrote:
I think the Pathfinder Society runs all new recruits through a CSOL (Common for Speakers of Other Languages) class or two before kicking them out to their death. You may know the words but your grammar is horrid.


I can see it.. (Language and Manners lessons)

"No Gottic.. the answer isn't 'I sets you on fire!'"

"No.. you use the salad fork.. not the candle'"


I say..put aside the hate and let them have heir fun (hopefully for 12 levels but I figure a few of them will burn/blow up along the way).

Still wish James would try out Gob-Zilla the 12 fire breathing alchemist/master chemist, but after running with his Cleric and Rogue I know ANY gob he plays will be a hoot and useful.
So looking forward to seeing what flavor of pyscho he makes.

Remember, the folks that got the boon had to (mostly) survive one of the deadliest specials ever!


Scott Young wrote:
Scribbleface from "We Be Goblins" could write; so could Vorka the cannibal (who also kept dogs, *and a horse*!). There, canon supports it! ('Course, it didn't end too well for either of them...)

Well it could be argued the 'Heroes' of We Be Goblins didn't end well if you follow the story with the Adventures Path that followed after it.


IF I had one, which I don't. I think I'd go with the story,"There was this gnome with a scroll of reincarnate ...." and the story would end with .."Okay maybe burning the WHOLE town down was a mistake but I was feeling a bit put upon. ..."

With the details changing every time because I'd be playing lying goblin rogue.


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Given that i have PbP for years and have seen all sorts of things happen. Player burnout, as well as GMs, real life intruding and such. One thing I can say for my gaming habit, without PbP a LOT of my military career would have been without gaming. And even more of some of my gamers in games I GM'd would have missed out.

I think some concrete rules or statement on PbP might be needed but please don't bring the banhammer for a some folks only way to play PFS.


Jason S wrote:

There's a number of flip-maps that are getting low on stock.

If you're looking for long term needs (as opposed to needs for the next few scenarios), I'd look into getting these flip-maps before they're gone.
- Swamp
- Waterfront tavern
- Forest
- City Streets
- Village Square

I might order a few of those but I try to get Minis and Mats from my local store. I do my hardcover stuff through subscription so I figure that the rest should be at my FLGS like Hammer Hall


Corax "the honest thief" wrote:

I am debating what to do with my Goblin as well. I asked my friends, new and old what they planned on doing and so far a Fighter and Gunslinger. The rest unknown. I am leaning toward Ranger myself, but a Goblin Oracle with Fire seems to call to Mince Firetooth. I see a goblin who talks in tongues and loves fire too good to pass up. Sorceror seems like fun too. I was thinking a Goblin abandoned by the warmth of clan and tribe and turned to the cold. A Rhime blooded. Gonna wait and see for the rules on resources :D

"Broketown Boys & Girl"

An goblin 'anti' Pyromaniac? I like it. Could also wait to see what comes of the winter witch archetype. I sudden have this image of a goblin running around with liquid ice flasks and the new ice blade widget from UE.


Wabajck wrote:
Achija wrote:
Willing is different from able Master Mortika. If it was a large local game-day I could certainly attend the further out from blacksburg one goes the more difficult it would be for me to attend and once one goes beyond Roanoke VA it's all but impossible.
Organize a game day in your local area then and ask Mike Brock just what you need to do to get some special boons in your area. If you find getting to the bigger events an issue then simply just bring the events to you.

Define 'Game Day' in size.. one of our organizers has been doing a once a month three table event (1 afternoon/2 evening) gig for 3 months now.. is that big.. or do we need to get bigger?


I got Blank..

And I am waiting on the local store to stock up 'Boat' but I was curious about the others.



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I'm starting to DM for my local PFS group and was wondering which mats might help me out.. right now I'm looking at starting with the Intro series..then moving into the Shipyard Rats.

Still haven't gotten access to the PDF.

Sara Marie wrote:
Would you like me to move it into a regular order so it goes out faster or leave it be for the comics subscription that will be shipping soonish?

Whichever gets me access to the PDF before this weekend. :D I'm going to be stuck with nothing to do but read :D

Sara Marie wrote:

The sidecart is a place for subscribers to put items so that they ship with the next subscription shipment available. If there is a particular item you need shipped as soon as possible, let me know and I can process it separately.

PDFs for subscription items aren't added to your account until the item ships.

sara marie

I THOUGHT I had set it up to ship the Paths of Prestige book out asap.. but it says 'sidecart' instead..that was why I was curious.

I put in an order and it went to something called 'Sidecart' so I can't get my PDF till next week?


Exactly.. I'm hearing the APG ones aren't.. (or the UC ones aren't according to some folks) and I'm constantly hearing that someone wants to play a pali/druid/bard/barb/ect and doesn't know how to build one (or have the time)

One of the biggest issues I see is GMs looking for options to get the game started and moving (I'm going to try my hand at it this coming weekend and I'm going through my stuff to see what I got on hand so to ensure the game starts on time, everyone has something they like and we can move along quickly).

Hence my question about more of the Iconis as Pregens.


I was wondering why we don't have ALL the Iconics as Pregen Characters (maybe divided up into nice packets).

I have the two current sets, and the one set for UC that is no longer current. I have heard folks ask about about Palis, Bards and Sorcerers and such

Part of the reason I'm a bit confused about it.. is you get to use a lesser powered version on ANY ranged ammunition from the Grenadier archetype.


Alhemical Weapon (Su)

At 2nd level, a grenadier can infuse a weapon or piece of ammunition with a single harmful alchemical liquid or powder, such as alchemist’s fire or sneezing powder, as a move action. This action consumes the alchemical item, but transfers its effect to the weapon in question.

The alchemical item takes full effect on the next creature struck by the weapon, but does not splash, spread, or otherwise affect additional targets. Any extra damage added is treated like bonus dice of damage, and is not doubled on a critical hit. The alchemical treatment causes no harm to the weapon treated, and wears off 1 minute after application if no blow is struck. At 6th level, a grenadier can use her alchemical weapon ability as a swift action. At 15th level, this ability becomes a free action.

This ability replaces poison resistance.

This is a low level version of Explosive missile and doesn't exclude one specific type of ranged weapon.

Trinite wrote:
So has anyone had their ship get sunk yet? I'm waiting for those ones...

No but after her first encounter with a bilge spider I thought em alchemist was going to start throwing bombs. Guess who knows her least favorite place on ship now?


noswald wrote:
You can give the sheet to any character you have in PFS and they get access to the items, but you still have to have the gold to get them. It doesn't break anything for PFS. :)


THANK You.. that makes MUCH MORE SENSE.

Thankee greatly sire! (and makes it even more important to pick and choose which to give to which character, not that any of mine will have the TONS of coin to buy them anytime soon!)


Okay.. I read a LOT (A LOT.. I typically meet the 50 book/year challenge by June) and I have pretty much every book, novel, shortstory and memo pad sticky dealing with Pathfinder I can get (well maybe not the stick pad bit.. but you get the idea)

So getting into Society Play a bit, I was reading through the book and found out that you can download chronicle sheets for the characters IF YOU OWN the books (which I do.. got those lovely watermarks at the top of each PDF)

My question is..


There are some abilities/gear that seem.. a bit.. HIGH for starting characters in some of them. This stuff DOES scale yes? A sheet to maybe buff up a character a point or two is one thing.. but I don't want to BREAK the experience for everyone else.

Not to mention I only get to use these sheets ONCE, that much I get.

One Question.. why are the Oread smurfs-sized?

I pictured them 'average to tall' and find out that they
literally can't break 5 foot. They are SMURFS!

Stratagemini wrote:
Fredrik wrote:
Cthulhudrew wrote:
Jeff Alvarez wrote:
It is currently on hold in customs and won't be delivered in time to make this month's subscription run.
Aasimar being held up in customs? Sounds like racial profiling to me! :p
Someone heard they were outsiders, and now they have to prove that they're native. ;)
That hurricane of puns blew me away.

Wow.. I'm.. just blown away..

A question I have about Android Tablets.. they are more consistent in layout and commonality than Android phones I hope? I ask because I've got a few friends who complain about having 'bloat' apps on their phones to the point one makes it a point to root any android phone his family gets to get a new, current and clean install.

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I think (as an iPad user) that the iPad should get some focus BUT I would suggest you continue to pursue the iPad AND Android focus since from what I've seen at my FLGS is typically a couple android units and several iPads (with a refurbished iPad1 making a handy game tool for folks who want a libary).

I don't know the spread of android devices as much since I use a kindle fire (it's a gift..and I like some of the free tools I got) but I have seen a LOT of rooted androids at the store.

My only gripe with the Sorcerer is the fact that they have to 'pause' to cast metamagic. (I've always thought that was ridiculous)

I think 3 'dead' levels that aren't really 'dead' is a minor point. Pathfinder in my opinion has made the Sorcerer MUCH more viable, bloodlines were one of the major selling points to PF for me. (That, clerics and Fighters.. )

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