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KainPen's page

879 posts. Alias of Joshua Matherne.


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He could still use the tool just not with spell craft check, the tools limit what you can craft with them. So a weaponsmithing set could be used for making magic weapons only and he would have to use his craft weapon skill to make them instead of spell craft. you don't need master craftsman feat to use that skill to magic items.

using spellcraft is to magic items can be used to replace all the other skills. So these tool help casters and non casters with master craftsman. they just don't work will spellcraft when used it to make magic items.

all master craftman does is give you an effective caster level so you can take feats to actual craft magic items.

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read the delay and ready action rules. 1st off you can only ready a standard action if your trigger does not happen with in the that rd or your next turn it is a forgo and wasted said action. Time uses bonus rds for you they function as full rds for you. Thus if you ready a action for something that does not happen in that round you lose it and go on to the next one. Considering you are the only one that can act in those rounds ready actions do nothing for you. if you delay you waste even more time to adjust when you go in the round.

What Mike said, there is no way to really know.

I think it is fair as DM to rule that pounce allows creature to move it normal distance and attack with all natural as 3 act action.

oh yeah you will do way more damage do the math, no need to even take the feat, with their reach you are not going to have to worry about Aoo, or non lethal will work just as well for putting down a foe. you can always eat them while unconscious. a -5 is nothing when you have over +30 to hit not to mention spell buff you can do to increase those numbers. most dragons have multi attack at some put so it reduce even further.

and the dragon, bite, gore and tail slap keep it 1.5 str damage because specific trump general. (tail slap is perfect example of this as it is already stated as secondary attack and still does 1.5) claws get reduce to .5 str, but that is ok.

you just got 6 more attacks at that do 2d6 maybe 3d6+ str mod and maybe even power attack. most damage in the games come from static numbers. the dice really don't matter, this is why the OP looking to get those 4 extra attacks.

Imbicatus wrote:
KainPen wrote:
you can't kick with unarmed strikes with out being a monk as far as I know. a Monk armed strike called out that it can be made with any part of the body, while all other unarmed strike uses your hands, thus no claw combo.

This is false. Anyone can make an unarmed strike with Kicks or Headbutts.

From the Core Rulebook Combat Chapter on Pg. 182

Unarmed Attacks wrote:
Striking for damage with punches, kicks, and head butts is much like attacking with a melee weapon, except for the following:

Good I am going to totally use that cheese. This would give a dragons 6 more attacks in a round, + Claws, bite, wings, tail, and gore depending on dragon type.

you can't kick with unarmed strikes with out being a monk as far as I know. a Monk armed strike called out that it can be made with any part of the body, while all other unarmed strike uses your hands, thus no claw combo.

what do you mean all of your claws?

Also note that Claws are not secondary weapons, a creature can have more then one primary attack. So there is no minus to those attacks, but attacks that do receive minus do apply to sunder attempts even two weapon fighting. Also note most people forget this you can lose you dex and dodge bonus to CMD if you are flatfooted

Hell Knights class ablity: Fearsomeness (Ex; any order): A Hell knight who uses the Intimidate skill to cause a creature within 10 feet to become shaken can instead cause that creature to become frightened. only thing i can think of that allows the increase of any kind.

All I got to say that movie was Awesome!

Claxon wrote:
Imbicatus wrote:
The main reason is that it's effectively an impact weapon (a +2 equivalent) for a flat 2500 gp.

With the further problem of being able to stack lead blades/impact and enlarge person enabling you to get a weapon 3 size categories larger. The damage progression die start to get wonky around that point. With a bastard sword it becomes 4.

Assuming EWP(bastard sword)

Large bastard sword - 2d8
Impact - 3d8
Enlarge - 4d8
Effortless Lace - allows you to move up to a huge bastard sword - 6d8

Bonus cheese points if you're a tiefling who happens to get the oversized weapons ability. You move up to 8d8.

Now, be a Sacred Fist warpriest and take crusader's flurry as a worshipper of a god who's favored weapon is a bastard sword (Ragethiel) and you've now recreated the Conqueror Ooze (monk/druid) with a sword instead.

Curious on this how are you getting to 6d8 with the effortless lace? I though it only make the weapon count a light if it is sized for you. it does not change handedness just reduce the penalty for weapon that are to large for you?

I my self am playing Oracle of Metal now, and considering large bastard sword as option, since I plan on doing hit and run tactics with vital strike still not sure I want to do that though. I so I have access to lead blades and lots of spell that will enlarge me, also doing orc bloodline EH feat chain so that will add to it also.

Sunblade is a good idea as someone mention for getting it to huge since it counts as short sword would not have to waste feat on it either. As my feats are going to look pretty filled up.

Their level is their hitdice,and Class is Animal/Vermin ect, but the once they are familiar they don't advance normally, but instead take your stats or their base what ever is better.

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but it does not mean they can't use them either, that what use magic device is for and it actual that make it very easy to use them. Easier then getting this feat.

Late access to stuff is a method of trying balance stuff in the game system it self. Also the game was never made to be balanced at all or abilities and power would be the same. It was meant to be group experience and use of team work the various strengths and weakness. Players verse environment.

An all balanced system was tried in 4th edition D&D it failed. People decided to play an unbalanced system called pathfinder instead and it became a success.

is the feat/Power really good yes no one will argue that. Was it need to be completely crippled as a option no. Could it have been tone down.

+2 to all saves would have been perfect option and you know what that was the exact number and option That was used in D&D for paladins pre 3rd edition. Still would have been a good feat considering requirements, would have been something for everyone to run out and want to take no.

maybe not but they could if they could take it easily if they did. Some may have invest in it if they wanted to use Eldritch Heritage feats and orc bloodline. easy way to make up for not putting as many points in STR from the start. I do it with my fighters, the Extra CHA give them the ability to do more then just be normal fighter. Same could apply for war priest. Then it becomes a no brainier for them that have a decent CHA.

now the way the feat is, No one would won't even consider taking it.

maybe allow 3.5 feats into the game there where a few that did fiery fist that lead to throwing mini fireball in the game. Also for anyone that going to play Goku Race has to be Vanaras, He is the monkey King After all. Racial Archetype was made to be Goku, Wood Affinity spend ki point to "Power Pole Extend!"

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Was I reading the original printing of Divine protection wrong? everyone make it seem like it was easy to get. I did not think it was over powered. Was it really good yes over powered/broken I don't think so.

Yes it was a no brainier feat for oracles, cleric and war priest, but for other class to it, it require huge level dips to get it or a long wait for the with small dip for the other divine caster classes.

4 levels of war priest, 3 levels of cleric, 4 levels of oracle. to get the 2nd level divine spell portion of the requirement along with one of the other requirements of blessing/mystery or domains. That a huge dip for any other cha base character to get a bonus to your saves.

I glad they made this change before I got to 5th level with my Oracle of Metal, because I am not going to take it any more because it is worthless.

Maybe they should have weaken the feat a little bit to static +2 or +1 Sacred bonus to all Saves, or leave it as is and make the Requirements little higher like you need to be able to cast 3rd level divine spells. It strength is supposed to be equal to 1/2 2nd level power, but odds are most classes are not going to get it until 7th or higher anyway because of the level dips.

I think the real reason this took a hit and other feats in this books is that they encouraged multi classing and level dipping, and pathfinder really does not like you doing that.

as others have stated Scalpel would would have fixed the issues there was no need for hammer.

I am running it now just finished chapter 2 and taking a break, because I use VTTs and there are important maps missing from chapter 3. So i need to create my own.

But I see what peter is talking about it, if it where not for my players it would not really seem all that evil. If anything my players actual kill less in this game then in my good ones.

I had to make up some on the fly rules because my players did just what they did in Peter's, they wanted to torture survivors and lore them to the dark side. Through various ways. They where able to get different cohorts this way instead of suggested ones.

I think it is still a fun game and would have loved to play in it but I got stuck as DM.

It does not matter when fabricate come in to play per FAQ. You can use it to make any special material full plate. It is one check with in the spell for special material. not one then another for master work component. The FAQ does not come out and say but underlines that special material do not require as masterwork check. As stated by in the material nature it is already past that that point. the question is what is the DC for special Material when crafting. there is no clarification on that or underling txt that say other wise.

In my game I just take the higher DC Master work is or item being crafted. that is the DC for the whole process. It would actual be nice to have some rules or DC for crafting with special materials. Like maybe make master craftsmen feat a requirement for working with them and having them only take the amount of time it would take the base item with not total cost. It would fix poison crafting taking forever. It would make Master craftsmen feat actual worth getting.

I don't think they stack according to this FAQ

cartmanbeck wrote:

I've added the Ghoul bloodline from the Monster Codex to the guide!

Bloodline Guide

I just came across this and figured I would check it, out I did find a slight error with one of your assessments of the Abyssal bloodline and Eldritch heritage. You state that the minimum level to get Strength of the Abyss is 15, but that is not true you only have to be level 11 to take Improved Eldritch Heritage, which allows you to take the 3 or 9th level power you don't have to take them in order. So you can get it at 11. If your in mythic game you don't even have to take improved Eldritch, because Mythic Eldritch Heritage feat will actual give you all of the powers.

your thinking of throwing improvised weapons that are not meant to be used as throwing weapon such as throwing a great sword. For the type of action it takes up, throwing as spear normal attacks, you need quick draw to throw more then one because it a move action to draw another other wise.

There are several feats that will allow you throw improvised weapons faster. Also you can throw a spear two-handed but you only get normal str damage, to get 1.5 you need two-handed thrower feat.

I think Mobile fighter is better option then weapon master for a two weapon fighter build, and also better then the two weapon warrior also.

you get to move and full attack -1 attack roll (mini pounce) at level 11, also while you don't have weapon training it, trade off ability that does the same function, Leaping Attack, but can be used with all weapons, even bows for when you need to make ranged attacks vs those flying bad guys, all you have to do is take a 5ft step and you get bonus to hit and damage. you keep armor training one and two so you can still have full speed while in heavy armor and get dex increase, combine with sash of war champion to decrease AC check penalty further and increase max dex more. better AC and more damage and more flexibility to situations you may run into by not focusing on one weapon.

I find all re roll ability rather weak Reliable Strike and your limited to the number of times you can do it. it better just to increase static stats and make it to the point you don't ever have to use it. When you can hit on rolls of 2 through 5, do you really need a reroll? save your re-roll and swift/intimidate action for other things like reoll save or suck roll or that will save you are going to be lacking in.

Weapon Guard: blah (human favored class bonus and pick these two if they are that important to you and raise it to point your basically immune to it) if you don' already find away to be immune to it. CMD is one of the easiest things to raise. dodge bonus, rings of protection, insight bonus from ioun stones, most bonus that effect your ac also effect your CMD.

Mirror Move is wasted ability how often do you run into bad guys with the weapon you have chosen (unless you have natural attacks as your choice).

Deadly Critical is ok, but odds are note likely to use it much even with high critical weapon, unless you are having a hot dice night and even then you may not even need to use it.

Critical Specialist by the time you get this it is blah. +4 to low dc for effects that most creatures are immune to or already have super high save to.

Unstoppable Strike - even more blah, by the time you get this odds are you can hit almost any creature on roll of 2 or 5 any way so touch ac really not all that different anyway, needing a 2 to hit is the same as needing a 2 to hit. it is a stranded action only, so one hit that is it at highest Attack bonus, full attacking is better and you should have +5 weapon with a +1 ability mod at that point anyway, meaning DR is none issues also. Dr 5/- is better even at this level.

early access to weapon training is the only good thing about the weapon master. but then again it only applies to one weapon. instead of entire group of weapon or all weapons like the mobile fighter leap attack.

bookrat wrote:

Remember, the cohort can be a maximum of two levels below the PC. How is an 11th level character outdoing an entire 13th level party, even with buffs? Are their characters really that poorly built?

Also, do your intelligent recurring foes recognize this level of loyalty? What would the cohort do when the bad guys started targeting the PC - especially an underpowered PC since the player is giving his magics items away to the cohort? Or targeting the cohorts family back home? Heck, this can even lead into some good adventures!

read leader ship

"If a cohort gains enough XP to bring it to a level one lower than your level, the cohort does not gain the new level—its new XP total is 1 less than the amount needed to attain the next level." So it can be with in 1 level of you and other party members. Only when recruiting it does it have to be two levels lower then you.

to the op

The problem you are have is not leader ship problem since the PC is using it how it was intended to be used, the problem is a the fact the pc is a caster and focusing all his buffing on the cohort. He is not spreading the love. Spell duration are being abused or you are not giving enough encounters in the day. This is the problem with all casters, and most GM's not give enough encounters in a day to actual use up the casters spells. Especial at level 13th up or spreading them to far a part allowing for 4 or 5 rounds of buffing instead of 1 or 2.

You want to fix the problem try 13 or 15 encounters in the day all spread out through out the day even encounters during camping, Don't give the players time to buff. hit them back to back with 3 or 4 encounters in 30 min time spans then nothing for a hour then again. Combat and spell casting makes a lot of noise and is going to attack a lot of unwanted attention. This may cause your pcs to stealth a bit more meaning they are moving slower and allowing more buffs to wear out before next encounter.

You need to plan the encounters based on where pcs are, such as on the road in the woods, maybe a Troll or two goes to investigate the sounds of battle. Shortly after picking up loot and doing a little healing (you don't want to tpk them, you just want to challenge them and let they all shine) The pc are attacked by the just arriving trolls. It does not have to be hostel creature to make pcs burn spell or resources. maybe they stumble upon a wounded npc party and they ask for aid, and in return they give the pcs a magic item or some gold. This cause the good cleric in the party to burn some spells or channels. thus reducing the number of spell they have in the day. This will allow the other pcs chances to shine and give RP chances.

Another thing how long does it take to count 1,000gp.(Really see how long it take you to count 1,000 pennies) How long does it take to apprise all that treasure, ID those magic items. Start using that in your game. All the buff will start wearing off faster on the pcs, this will allow the other pcs to shine that are not getting buffed all the time it may also make the caster cast less buffs, allowing the cohort to out shine the pcs. look at how long it take off armor, now they want to remove that armor from 5 a dead body as treasure. It take them 5 times a long. The clock is one the biggest tool the GM has don't let player control it for free.

just upped my pledge a little more want those boat tile lol. I can never find a good ship map when I need one.

The sentence means a lot, it mean you can't use used ranged combat feats with it. thus you can get point blank shot and stuff like that with these feats.

LazarX wrote:
KainPen wrote:

DM call, I would say yes it works. As objects has and should have weak points also this is the whole point of Martial artist monks archetype find weakness ability that allows them to ignore DR and hardness of objects.

Damaging object rules state they are only immune to.
Objects are immune to nonlethal damage and to critical hits. Precision damage is not listed

You can't do precision damage on something without vital organs.

Then if you are correct you can't sneak attack a golem as it has no vital organs. last time I checked you can. guess you can't sneak attack a skeleton as it has no vital organs. I believe you can. no were in sneak attack or mention of precision damage does it say vital organs it simply says a vital spot and must have a physical form. The monk ability proves that objects have a vital spot or weak point. The only things immune to precision damage in any listing are elemental because they have no standard physical form it can come in any shape or size(one fire element can look like a man while the next looks like horse almost amorphous in natural), incorporeal things because they have no physical form, and amorphous creatures because they are shapeless. object do have a physical form and a standard shape and they are called out as only being immune to critical hits and nonlethal damage.

CriticalQuit wrote:

While being immune to precision damage and being immune to critical hits are separate things, I can't find any entries that either confirm or deny that being denied your dexterity bonus to AC applies to your held items as well.

Personally, I'd say the sneak attack damage doesn't apply, because it's not an attack, it's a combat maneuver that just happens to have the effect of doing damage to an object.

you can lose your bonus dex to to CMD which is what the OP is targeting.

"A creature can also add any circumstance, deflection, dodge, insight, luck, morale, profane, and sacred bonuses to AC to its CMD. Any penalties to a creature's AC also apply to its CMD. A flat-footed creature does not add its Dexterity bonus to its CMD."

because the creature has been denied it dex bonus sneak attack applies to the sunder attempt. I don't think this was the devs really though of this coming up.

Objects have vital points it confirmed Via the Martial Artist monk and one of Brawler Archetypes but their is a check to find that weakness or vital point. It makes sense. Sneak attack is doing the same thing but target has to be deny dex to find that vital point.

Exploit Weakness (Ex)
At 4th level, as a swift action, a martial artist can observe a creature or object to find its weak point by making a Wisdom check and adding his monk level against a DC of 10 + the object’s hardness or the target’s CR. If the check succeeds, the martial artist gains a +2 bonus on attack rolls until the end of his turn, and any attacks he makes until the end of his turn ignore the creature or object’s DR or hardness. A martial artist may instead use this ability as a swift action to analyze the movements and expressions of one creature within 30 feet, granting a bonus on Sense Motive checks and Reflex saves and a dodge bonus to AC against that opponent equal to 1/2 his monk level until the start of his next turn.

This ability replaces ki pool."

RAW sneak attacks works because dex is denied and objects are not immune to that type of damage. but it up to DM to determine if object has a vital spot and the rogue can find it. Dm may require a perception check.

Face it rogue needs as many buffs as it can get. It is not game breaking thing. When a wizard can disintegrate an object just as easily or burn it up with a fire ball or flaming sphere. That can do it with no save if the objects are not magical. Hardness still applies as do hp. so not like rouge going to be plumbing through 3ft thick stone walls any faster the a fighter or barbarian. Who get to add all there normal bonus to the damage on the wall.

I honestly think leaving objects can't be critical rather silly just like how it 3.5 you could not critical a golem or undead because it was treated as a objects. They still are in some instances. see the line about fort saves effecting objects. I think they may have forgotten to take that line out.

DM call, I would say yes it works. As objects has and should have weak points also this is the whole point of Martial artist monks archetype find weakness ability that allows them to ignore DR and hardness of objects.

Damaging object rules state they are only immune to.
Objects are immune to nonlethal damage and to critical hits. Precision damage is not listed

Now Precision Damage says

Precision Damage: Precision damage is a special type of damage, which might more appropriately be called a "category" of damage because any of the other damage types listed here might also be considered "precision" damage under the right circumstances. Precision damage is usually dealt by classes like the rogue when he is able to catch an opponent unable to fully protect itself. Precision damage assumes that the target has a somewhat normal anatomy or at least has a physical form which might have weak spots which could be detected or taken advantage of. Previous editions of the game (prior to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game) limited what sorts of creatures are vulnerable to precision damage more than the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game does. This was a deliberate change to make a key class feature of classes like the rogue more frequently usable. Attacks which affect areas (such as splash weapons) usually do not deal precision damage.

So it is up to DM to determine if object has a weak point. This is why you can sneak attack undead and constructions now. unlike before in 3.5 as they had no anatomy or weak point. This reduced only elemental, incorporeal creatures and ooze to out right immunity.

he might be thinking apply the logic of alchemical weapons with siege weapons on a smaller scale to get his stick idea. they work in a similar fashion as his stick idea but on a larger scale and require a crew, and catapult or trebuchets 10 lbs. of alchemist fire 200gp worth. Even then it only does 4d6 at the most in 5ft area then half damage for 5ft to 30ft if save is made. So there is no way his stick is going to be stronger then a siege weapon. to not spoil his fun to much, you could let him tie them together on a stick and throw them but he only gets splash damage for each weapon with standard save. after hit the square AC 5 with few penalties for not being proficient -4 for throwing a stick and for use and improvised weapon -4, then range remember it is a -2 to hit per increment of 10ft max of 5 increments, your looking at a -8 to -18 depending on distance on throwing said item. odds are by the time you add on all that he not going to hit and won't even get splash damage, but you should at least let him try.

yes and no, it goes through epic dr before the enhancement bonus +4 version of the weapon would be enough according to the rule changes on epic dr in the mythic rules book. +4 + a +2 mod = epic in mythic rules

none mythic rules requires the bonus to be any actual +6. Furyborn limit the increase to +5 so fury born actual has no effect on a +5 weapon. if you have a +5 bane or furious weapon I think is the one that increased when raging. there is no limit on the increase. so the weapon may actual get a +6 or higher bonus allowing it to go through epic dr.

No power, Just a big supporter like you. Don't work for them or anything, never even met the guys. Cause I don't go to cons, but I was pretty active on their message boards and a guy selected to beta test several of the upgrades a few times. They help me program the system to run 2 edition AD&D. I did have a few of my suggestion make into 3.4 upgrade. Such as dice fudging ability on dm conformation. you know where you click the d20 and can manual type in the number on the roll and it changes it before it shows up in the log. I made that suggest because you have something scripted for an RP encounter and pc gets pissed off and attack the npc. So how you let the player actual do his attack make him feel like he in control of his character and still miss the npc. Well actual let him pick attack and roll. Just edit the number rolls he see a lower number rolled and feel comfortable with his miss. Or maybe the dice are just rolling to good you as a dm and you almost TPK the party. You can manual adjust the dice roll.

I think I can see their vision and understand it. It was the product I was looking for and hoping for a long time. 3.5 came out and wizards was trying to do a VTT and then talk about it again for 4th edition and it just completely fail and become a dropped project. My friend even tried using never winter knight video game for a while, to run games but it took so long to build all the map and it played like a video game because that what it was. loss the feel of table top game. I also see that they actual listen to the support of gamer who user their product much like pazio does with their play test sessions. So I make suggestion that I think would make me want to spend money on the product or improvements I like to see as gamer.

I made the suggest for 3d dice rolling across the screen as fluffy content, after giving Fantasy grounds a try as it was the recommend VTT for all The White Wolf games I found on white wolfs message boards. Since those games were d10 oriented. But I found it a pain, but loved the dice toss effect and could help balance out that fine line between video game and DM tool that d20pro was walking. It also give the player some feel of they are still throwing dice as that was a big thing in my group, they want to roll their own dice. I let them do it for a long time but once they got into higher level and they were taking way too long. Few of complain all the time about getting a string of low rolls and blame it on the program but never praise it when it rolls a string of high rolls. Most of the ones that complain are the ones who tend to fudge normal dice rolls any way. So it prevents a lot of cheating. I have a feeling that will go away after they add that feature with touch panel work. Which it more important to get programed then the actual dice to me. Since d20pro does not do confirmation rolls on saves yet, it just does pass or save and you can manual change it to fail or pass. I have my players roll their own saves. So I will enjoy it when d20pro add it next year all those features.

I did send my suggestion and directed them to this board maybe they will have someone come on here and answer question for people and tell other people about the product better than I can.

I am going to make a few other suggest for them, they need to have other rewards to reach some of those stretch goal, I know they have partnered with 3rd party pathfinder publisher in the past. maybe they can do $150 reward for Rappan Athuk by Frog God Games you could maybe get all the download content as well as pdf copy of the adventure. It would require no work on both the 3rd party or D20pro guys as all that content already exist. That way you have easy ready to go adventure. It just you have to get them separately pdf and d20pro configuration of adventure encounters.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Automation is d20pro big thing, thus making the game faster and setup for on the fly encounters a lot faster also. Unlike other VTTs which require you to build macros,macro nesting or scripts. It is already included in D20pro. They are how ever going to add options for that.
Because of this focus there fog of war lack dynamic lighting. Which seems to me one of the only good things I have seen on other VTTs, but even then those VTTs require extra programing on GM part of setting up that lighting or making macros for it. Most of them quick and easy fog of war system preform just like d20pros. D20pro will be fixed that feature in new version at some point.

This is the point of the kick starter is to get these things add these sooner by be able able to higher more developers or just devote more time on the software.

It keep track of all things a character can do. Spell per day, bonus spells all skills, all your attacks and special attacks, there saves dc and when you use them everything is done automatically, with conformation being sent to gm to confirm fail pass or even adjust damage delete. DR and regeneration is already implemented into the system . Even critical hit effects such as shocking burst that only go off on a critical. you do not have to write a macro for any of it, you just input the number amounts.

Also hero lab and other pc character generators are supported can be imported into the system characters and monster built in those system into d20pro. Thus all monsters in pathfinder system if you have access to those things are already created for you. You just important them to the system from those program are from another gm or player on the net.

I never used roll20 because I found d20pro long before it. Does is require you to be online to use it? I could not find anything but seem like it does as you need to log in to accounts to access your information. Also the lack of software installation also suggest it requires online only as everything is saved in cloud format. Does it support LAN games? D20pro does install software, but does provide lan support for and that is what I use it for. The internet option is there and my players use when they physical can't make a game because work sent them out of town. They can still join the lan system d20 pro work with both networks seamlessly.

roll20 does have innate video and audio conference. d20pro you need extra software for now. but it is on the list of add ons for next year, could happen sooner depending on how this kick starter goes.

roll20 has a limit of 5mb size map (the video chanting may be the cause of this limit as there is only so much bandwidth internet speeds), d20pro size is limited by ram and bandwidth and video card. LAN games you can have 20meg maps load a lot faster with Gigbit switch and nic cards or AC wireless standards which are all faster then internet speeds, but this limits will be similar for internet play internet bandwidth being the huge limiting factor.

Roll20 does also have 3d dice that can be rolled across the table, and a sound board system. This is fluff stuff and take up time of develop of actually rules interrogation and automation function which are much better choices in saving time for both gm and players. but guess what it is on the list to add next year for d20pro. could happen sooner based on results this kick starter.

d20pro also runs in 64bit java giving the software more access to system ram and more use of your processor.

is roll20 really free? no there is a monthly subscription cost for extra cloud storage space(biggest gimic and scam in the world and is going to cost people tons more money then an actual portable thumb drive. with the end of net neutrality. But that a completely different topic and debate.)access to features early and so on. d20pro no extra cost I been running the software for 6 years now I have not paid for a single upgrade and even got to beta test every version upgrade be able to give input on changes and suggestion before official release of updates as do most users do. This is the first time I have actual had to pay for and upgrade and it $10 to upgrade $5 if you catch it during this kick starter. But this upgrade cost make sense as it is a complete rebuild of the systems core to make it even more flexible then it already is.

I have checked out all the other VTT that you pay for and all of them are not much different then roll20 and roll20 is partly free. So they are lacking compared to d20pro.

I watched a few videos on roll20 and while it seem and looks simple at first glance it is really clunky for DM and time consume during game time. D20 pro seem smoother especially after you learn the hot keys on keyboard. chat windows in roll20 seems to you to have to put in special commands to do whisper and tell functions ect, while you can do that in d20pro you don't have to that. It is just simple right click of the player name in the chat log or character on game table to add there conversation to log.

It not that roll20 is bad it is very good consider it is mostly free and has some nice visual to let the game still feel like a table top game and not so much a video game. It a fine line D20pro people have been walking between d20pro playing like a video game and just being a tool for dm and they done it wonderful by keeping the system open and trying not to confine it to just one rule set despite it original programing. I would recommended roll20 for people on a budget and don't mind extra work and programing macros and scripts ect., but you are going to spend 30 bucks anyway. I going to say go with d20pro, you get what you pay for and get to be lazy and save your self some time. That ultimately what it boils down to you pay to be lazy.

The only real reason would be for Gen con content and early access if you are not a programer. $50 seem like the best idea for those that are not programers. Just upgrading would be a good idea and helps support it. It would really be nice to have all the stretch goals done when the program gets release instead of having to wait few years for all the content. I made the suggestion to them that they maybe add some Mesa Mundi hardware as rewards, like the water proof LCD touch panel over lays, like the table they used at Cons for display. As for non-programer only way to get more then $50 would be for stuff like that. Looks like they added some FAQ to the kick starter page explaining some things. Also responded to my suggestion and I am sure others made the same suggestion. That they are brain storming possibility of hardware rewards. I have a feeling if they hit 55K stretch goals or close to it they may add hardware rewards. As that stretch goal deal with touch screen, and several users.

Check out the new D20pro kick starter. I backed it and can't wait to see what these guys come up with next for improvements. The Virtual Table Top, or VTT has as it always been open to any game but was limited to only d20 rules so you had to work with in them. Looks like they are trying to open it up more to the community and allow self development so if you wanted edit the system for a white wolf game that uses only d10 tens you can develop it your self and put it on market place for others to get. D20 Pro is also now owned by Mesa Mundi Inc. I checked out their site these guys make water proof Touch screen and panels. looks like the aim is to get d20 pro working with touch screen technology, so your player could run the app on maybe tablets phones, as well as P.Cs and the touch screens Mesa makes. I seen a you tube video of the guys run D20pro on a Mesa touch screen panel Table made by Geek Chic at the conventions. It looks awesome, The kick starter video talks about some of the stuff they are trying to do and shows some demos of it, There is also a demo of new and improved fog of war system D20pro guys have been working on. Check it out support if you want.

I know from my person experiencing d20 pro and VTT as whole has speed up my combat section of games dramatically instead of 2 to 4 encounters in a 4 hour game session at mid levels, I get 4 to 7 done at high levels now. I seen people on these boards even talk about 1 encounter takes several game session. image doing 4 of those in one session. VTT improved the game speed a that much. Never having to hand draw maps again saves a ton of time. So check it out, you got nothing to lose.



search these boards for grab and flyby attack and you will find many threads that majority seemed state a creature even with flyby attack and grab which is free action, cannot carry off a person in the same round. This will help prevent the player trying to abuse this. It end up taking two rounds to move someone even if willing. not all agree but most of those threads are fairly old and there never has been a clear ruling, it is something you will have to judge for yourself, but you may want to take note that an official ruling would more than likely support the people say that it cannot be done as in the mythic rules book, the evidence of this is an ability mythic wyverns have that allow them to do just this thing and it cost them a mythic point to do it. supporting it even further as it is requiring a mythic ability to perform the function in a single round. Which is published after most of those threads.

your GM is right and wrong at the same time, it is depends on the situation, as others stated it can be several jump checks in a single move action, the only important thing is total distance traveled and if you fail any of the checks and fell prone which does top movement for you anyway. Other Class have to worry if they run out of that 10ft of running room needed. If plat form, A to B is 60ft. Then the platform B to C is 60ft also, then two jump checks and it a double move. See Spider Jump and Cloud Jump feat chain. I think that is what they are called, they let you run/jump up walls or run across air without having to make the actual jump checks for total distance = half your slow fall in move action, you can use them twice in a row confirmed by a dev in a post somewhere around here. Before you only have to touch the solid service at the end of the total movement including the 2nd action move action. But since you don’t have those feats you have to touch solid ground in between each jump check.

Glad to see lot of the changes we recommend went through on this the class was fairly weak before and needed these things we suggest as a boots and they happened it is awesome.

I don't know of any Drow noble traits, nor could I find one. are you talking about the Drow noble feat chain? Or as Jeraa said just strait Drow noble. You should never let player play strait Drow Noble directly,they are to powerful, you can let a player start as a Drow and take feats to become a drow noble via the advanced race guide book.

you notice the difference in drow in that web page. A drow race is worth 14 RP points, and noble drow is worth 41 rp points so unless all your players are playing races that are worth close to 41 points the game will be very unbalanced and fall a part.

If they play a normal drow 14/rp points they can take a feat chain that will give them all the drow noble powers over a long period of time. this is recommend way of going about a pc wanting to be noble drow.

all the races in core rule book are in between 8 and 11 rp point. should be 12rp points because the dwarf is stronger then listed in the book to being slow and steady and not just slow like halfling or gnome.

so you can see a normal drow is already more powerful then standard race, but it really not a huge gap much less a noble drow. A noble drow is a 4 times stronger then normal race. and your other player will notice and feel left out.

Zardnaar wrote:
andreww wrote:
Zardnaar wrote:
Probably could have clarified. In BECMi the ratio remains constant ie the wizard is always behind the fighter. AD&D the wizard did level up faster for a few levels. By level 18the fighter was 2 levels ahead IIRC and the thief 4 levels ahead of the wizard.
The AD&D Magic User levelled faster than the fighter for the majority of the mid levels of the game. The Druid levelled faster than either of them, often hitting about 12th while they were still around 9th. Only the Thief was faster and that was offset by the Thief being a mechanically terrible class who would be lucky to make it past 3rd.

The AD&D Druid was not the CoDzilla monster of 3rd ed and the fast leveling thing hit a brick wall at level 12.

I have been playig retroclones and the ones I play have mostly fixed the issues around the AD&D xp tables. Wizards only level up faster from level 6-10 IIRC. The AD&D wizard was less broken still than the 3rd ed one due to the various drawbacks, difficulty of getting bonus hit point via con score (15 required), can't easily create magic items and the various things I listed earlier. They also lacked a lot of spells that entered the game later. Most AD&D spells were not broken either except maybe boom spells above level 11 or so in BECMI/1st ed (2nd ed capped them), it was more spell combos that broke wizards in AD&D ir fly+ improved invisibility (wizard could not do this in 1st ed btw).

A few spells that are really good in 3.5/PF could kill you in AD&D such as haste, casting limited wish or wish could also kill you.

By comparison healing was limited, magic items were limited, hit points above level 10 were limited. being raised from the dead cost you con points, creating a permanent magic item cost wizards con points etc.

Removing those limitations and letting wizards level up as fast as rogues and the saving throw changes were the big offenders IMHO or at least the main ones.

Go and play Pathfinder, cap DCs at 20, give all...

you forgot to very important buff to caster per 3.x

Concentration did not exist so if you got hit casting a spell you lost it.

The ability to move and cast spells. And the invention of the 5ft step. This could not be done before.

While on the other hand weapon attacking characters could move and full attack all the time, there was no need for pounce. but the full attack back then worked kind of like dual initiative in mythic rules. With you attack happening at start of round and all the extra at the end. This made monsters also more of a threat back then they are today. As they still got a chance to screw you up. They also had the ability of stand still feat for free nor could you over run past them. This allowed them to protect the caster that could not move. This made them pretty epic and enforced team work.

the creation of concentration was very much needed to balance the game. but with weapon attacking class took a huge debuff, they lost the ability to move and full attack, and the ability of innate standstill feat (which included whatever area you threaten meaning the greater your reach the more area you could protect) Stand still is a joke now only adjacent square. Things just walk around you. I think if they changed these things back you see a lot less people complaining about martials and it would be a bit more balance. They also be appreciated more by casters. Concentration was the only thing casters needed as a buff.

Edit: I forgot another huge buff, no longer being locked into action before you turn in initiative. this was a big gain for caster, was a buff for martial also but not as big. it was the cause for many lost spells, it is also the main reason Concentration was needed as a buff.

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Mrakvampire wrote:
KainPen wrote:

I think you missing the point that Harsk is supposed to be successful, the cap does just that increased his odds. The price is right for the item, someone compared it to improved iron will, it obviously better then improved iron will but not a lot better because it always on ability is reflected by it only working on mind effecting ability, but not all will saves. Average cost of wondrous item that grants you a feat like is what 8k to 10k, so 12k is fair price for what it does since it is better than improved iron will.

Also in your example Succubi are very smart creatures 18 int, the moment they realize Dominate is not working on this person they would move to other tactics, more than likely flying about Harsk each summoning a babau to aid other action to help in grappling Harsk,It a...

Actually in my example one item (only one!) shuts down main abilities of monster. Ok, yes, they can fly... yes, wizard enchanter also can attack with staff/dagger instead of casting spells. You miss my point entirely. What you propose is (as I see it right now, please do not be offended, no intent from my side) - "Oh, it's not a problem that there is a one item that completely shuts down melee attacks, that barbarian can probably... start throwing javelins with crappy attack"

And about steal maneuver. Yes, it can probably work, but in order to do that they have to identify this item first? How do they know that this cap is Cap of the Free Thinker? :) GM whispered? :)

there are item and ability that can shut down melee attacks by giving Dr, as stated in my example of the succubus, Harsk has to roll a critical to even hurt them. They actual have a better chance of dominating him with all of that then he does of doing any damage. Adamantine armor on a armor master fighter can all but shut down the succubus melee attacks. So stuff does exist to do just that effect. Necklace of adaptation in another example this grants our right immunity to harmful vapors and gasses. Cost 9 k cheaper then the hat which does not grant immunity but lets you roll twice. There are many more items that do similar things, most of them cheaper. Why is the hat more expense as you stated it treats a broader range of effects. But it is not granting immunity. So the effect are not completely shut down. But they are weakened greatly.

You don’t need to ID the item to know what to steal it a logical assumption and a creature with Genius level intellect is going to guess something on its creatures head is going to protect him from mental magic or be increasing his mental resistance some way. It could be a head band of wisdom. No gm whisper are need and it is not meta gaming. It is logical guess to form when a creatures does not get dominated like expected. Especially after to Succubus try the same trick and it failed. It role playing an intelligent creature as such. It would be the first target and may be a one-time try thing. The item may not even be magical that get stolen but is a logical assumption by a very intelligent creature take a chance. Then trying it mental effect again. I would not expect that creature to keep trying that maneuver after that 3rd fail. As the next logical assumption would be that creature is just that resistance to mental attacks. Now a pc could have very well combined with the other item say belt of dex and the hat power in a belt. To throw off an intelligent creature. I would never expect a kobold or hill giant to guess that the head slot could be protecting him from mental attacks. They are just not smart enough to do so. So you play those monsters as such based on their intelligence.

based on Harsk status in the book looking, he can't afford mind blank to be cast on him. you have to reduce his wealth by 12,800 to get this item and mind bank so this effects his stats, this means losing cloak of resistance +2 since he does not need it due to mind blank bring it to 8k, left to make up for item, the next logical choice would be amulet of natural armor +2. only his heavy cross bow is good enough to go through the Dr and he can only fire once a round. He going to provoke 2 aoo to use his only weapon that can hurt the creatures. Both the Babu and Succubuss have combat reflexs. He is no threat if you ask me to these creatures. once they summon the babu he is screwed. his melee weapon will not do enough damage to go through the DR most of the time. He needs critical hits to do any damage to the creature. because he does not have power attack. The 1 Aoo he gets around with his melee weapon useless.

They could try to grapple him all day and they will succeed. They only need a 13 or better with help from Babu they can summon He got a lot bigger issue to worry about then the will save effect from the hat.
Bluffing him in to taken profane gift could out right leave the at there mercy as he has no rank in sense motive they have a dam good shoot of doing especially since they can alter self to look like someone else. His cha is only 8 so when they remove the gift it does 2d6 CHA drain, this could leave him completely out.

Another more simply option is to just vampiric touch him to death it is at will and they can cast it defense easy enough.

You can say well we adjust his gear, to included cold iron weapon. here the ink Harsk has no rank in knowledge planes, so there is no way he going to know what there weakness are.

Well he could ask a the wizard he got mind blank from, true but he also has no rank in diplomacy, he may not be able to convince the wizard to tell him that information after all his CHA is only an 8.

on his own Harsk is dead in this encounter. the hat just help him vrs one the attacks he may encounter.

Mrakvampire wrote:
Pupsocket wrote:

Crazy hyperbole that refuses all arguments? Check.

No problem. Let's compare.

Default Harsk, ranger 12 lvl from NPC Codex decides to battle iconic monsters with mind-affecting abilities... Succubi and in order to make it as easy as possible hires 15th level spellcaster to cast on him Mind Blank. He can afford it after all.

Succubus is only CR 7 monster, so 1 vs. 2 fight (EL 9 for 1 PC of 12 lvl) is pretty ok

Without this super item he saves vs. Dominate Person (DC 23) on 5+ (he has total +18 Will save vs spell-like ability). So its 80% of success per demon, overall it should be only 64% per enemy round not to become their slave.
I would say it's pretty tough situation for Harsk!

Now introduce this "useless" item.
Suddenly Harsk saves rise up to 96% per Dominate! So it's something like 92% per enemy round not to become their slave.

So in 100 combats with 2 succubi without Cap Harsk will become slave 36 times after 1st round. With Cap its only 8 times. Survival increased 4.5 times.

Example above could be similarly applied to Hold Monster, Confusion and bunch of other save-or-suck abilities.

This is my argument for all that care.

I think you missing the point that Harsk is supposed to be successful, the cap does just that increased his odds. The price is right for the item, someone compared it to improved iron will, it obviously better then improved iron will but not a lot better because it always on ability is reflected by it only working on mind effecting ability, but not all will saves. Average cost of wondrous item that grants you a feat like is what 8k to 10k, so 12k is fair price for what it does since it is better than improved iron will.

Also in your example Succubi are very smart creatures 18 int, the moment they realize Dominate is not working on this person they would move to other tactics, more than likely flying about Harsk each summoning a babau to aid other action to help in grappling Harsk,It a nice way to quickly added +8 to 6 to your cmb or attack rolls, then grappling as team and draining levels from Harsk, thus weakening his will saves for every negative level they give him. All the game is doing is trading one weakness for another. for better will saves you force sacrfice other things.

It is still a rough encounter, only one of their abilities has been shut down. The encounter is still a strong one. Not to mention DR and because he spent money on this item instead of increase the + on his weapon it may not go through DR making the battle last longer or maybe he could not afford arrows to overcome the creatures DR when they fly out of his reach, now his CMD is not as high as it could have been due to lack of magic items. Or even his saves are lower due to him not buying a cloak of resistance +5 instead of a +3 Ect. there are tons of variables to consider. You have to also remember Monsters and BBEGs cause use this hat also, and because of that the game is balanced. If you don’t have your monsters using magical gear then you are short changing their CR.

There nothing stopping them from preforming steal maneuver and just taking the hat right off his head. See mad monkey spell it my favorite spell to use against wizards and other casters as you steal there spell component pouch, or head bands right off them. Look at how easy this item can be destroyed, it is made of cloth right. That means it has hardness of 1 hp 1, nothing is stopping it from being sundered in a single attack or being burned up by a fire ball spell if saving throw is failed on a 1. If it is rolled up as the random item effected. even if the item passes it’s own saving throw a minimum damage fire ball can destroy it. there goes 12k item in a second. Is the item useful, yes, is the item over powered no, is the item worth 12k yes.

the Item is fine camp for me also, one of my players picked up in random treasure I had rolled up, It saved the party from a TPK, because the level 19 two handed fighter is using it. when everyone else was failing will saves, only he and one rogue sorcerer were left and the sorcerer finally failed it will save, he was the only one left standing. the cleric and oracle did not make the game. That is right the weak and worthless fighter saved the day with his crappy will saves thanks to this magic item. He was able to avoid the psychic crush attack, and kill the remaining attackers, with his scythe and devastating blow ability. He just got the item the game before also. That why I don’t believe the weak fighter BS, I see fighters save the day lots of times especially at higher levels. Another thing the last thing is you want is a fighter like him under mind control, that why it was giving to him. If he ever got mind control you can count the whole party as TPK or retreat because he can one hit any of them and he is not going to miss.

Petty Alchemy wrote:
Full attack as a standard action.

it worked for 1st and 2nd edition that is with no minus on each attack roll, and creatures had a whole lot less ac and hp back then. now we have no full attack and -5 to each attack roll and creatures have better ac and more hp.

Zahir ibn Mahmoud ibn Jothan wrote:
KainPen wrote:
It a standard action to activate each element. that not an interpretation that is the rules. But some GM will allow you to activate them at start of day and leave them going all day, other dms will not allowing you to only have the active in dangerous area, such as dungeons ect. Because you don't always have your weapons drawn while walking in town and other places less dangerous. you would scare off all the pesents and surely get thrown in jail. They are mostly useless in the long run because of that and energy resistance in monsters build up quickly and it basically = out to almost no damage and a waste of 3 rounds to get started, best bet is to go straight to +5 weapon then dr becomes a non-issues, you are also more accurate with that allowing you to hit more often and power attack into the mix. Add keen speed or holy or even bane depending on what you been fighting in AP.
I wasn't looking for a discussion on how you interpret the situation, only how the OP's GM does. This is clearly a subject with a good amount of table variance to it, so no need to argue it.

it is not debatable see the development team made a ruling a while back see this thread and SKR post.

SKR Post in it he explains exactly how elemental weapons work, turning them on and off, and that activating each one is a standard action. It also explains that they do not turn off until you make them turn off. which is GM territory and common sense of making sure a player turns off weapon. It is a lot easier to assume your player turns them off in these situations, instead of asking them to every time. Such as you don't leave the weapon active while sleeping at night or you don't run around with the weapon active while in town. Meaning encounters in those areas are going to require you to spend a standard action to activate each one of the elemental abilities. Now if a GM wants to player to tell them every time they turn it off it can lead to some interesting things that will teach players to turn the weapon off. Such as maybe that flaming sword you put down in your tent you forgot to turn off catch the tent on fire. It just easier on GM and player to assume they turn them off.

It a standard action to activate each element. that not an interpretation that is the rules. But some GM will allow you to activate them at start of day and leave them going all day, other dms will not allowing you to only have the active in dangerous area, such as dungeons ect. Because you don't always have your weapons drawn while walking in town and other places less dangerous. you would scare off all the pesents and surely get thrown in jail. They are mostly useless in the long run because of that and energy resistance in monsters build up quickly and it basically = out to almost no damage and a waste of 3 rounds to get started, best bet is to go straight to +5 weapon then dr becomes a non-issues, you are also more accurate with that allowing you to hit more often and power attack into the mix. Add keen speed or holy or even bane depending on what you been fighting in AP.

IRONxTrueblood wrote:
I hadn't realized the multi-class restriction was gone. I wonder well a Rogue (Scout) / Slayer would do. Charge + sneak attack + studied target.

it would totally suck, to many levels in rogue you have to take to get the charge feature, you are better off strait slayer.

Having play test a slayer. I found it one of the better class in the book, it was very well thought out and balanced classes it did not need a lot of adjustment. Sounds like the fixed the main complaint. With study target just taking too long at lower levels. Even at higher levels as swift action, it eats up your swift action economy not allowing you to do other things with it but it is not a total waste of using because you want to use it and also help out side of combat. It is really nice and I prefer it to rangers favored enemy bonus due to it flexibility. Don’t let sneak attack fool you it is still situational at best. Unless something major has changed in the slayer it is not going to out damage the fighter consistently. Despite that line in the blog. Sneak attack has the potential to cause that to happen, but as stated and everyone knowing sneak attack is situational at best. As you try to make it less situational by added feats or other abilities you end up sacrificing feats and end up with less feats in the long run by paying in feat taxes or loss of levels. As in the scout charge feature example. It balances the class out nicely in some instants he is going to out damage the fighter but he not going to do it all the time. Weapon training and Weapon specialization or if you have a spell like ability and can take arcane strike and you quickly make up for offset damage and to hit difference between fighter and slayer. It is a great battle buddy for a fighter and you team up together taking stuff out quickly. This class is the new Rogue. The way the Rogue was meant to be. Also this class is a bit more MAD then it looks, as you need STR,DEX,CON,CHA,and INT as some of it talents are based of that.cha just to help support it skill set. It also the perfect class to do solo adventure for it is that well balanced.

GypsyMischief wrote:

I feel like a lot of these concepts can be produced with the classes we have currently. A few posts back I saw someone call for a 6 level arcane casting, 3/4 BAB, kinda sneaky guy, and his divine counterpart; you're asking for the Bard & Inquisitor.

I never played an artificer, so I'm not sure what they do, could someone educate me?

Just for the sake of class completion a 4 level arcane caster could be interesting. It could take form as a beefier hexblade, throwing around debuffs like a witch with magus style.

you are correct the only one that can't be done with the class we already have is the Priest and Warlocks as it 3.x fuction of them. but by definiation we already have Warlocks, all warlocks are male witches and we have a witch class.

One of two things should have happen to cleric back then spell levels reduced to 6 levels of casting to match Bard and dropped to light armor and light shield, and gained spontaneous cure casting. there was no need for 7 levels of casting or it should have been turned in to a Priest lost all armor use no spontaneous curing and 9 levels of casting. But that did not happen. Pathfinder tried to take care of monster CoDzilla, but I actual think they made things worse, by losing turn undead, which was mostly useless ability or over powered ability. Made undead encounter trial or no effective at all to channel, which is always useful either for healing or causing damage to undead As now the cleric does not have to drop as many spells for healing allowing him to buff a lot more. The Loss of heavy armor was not really that big of a deal because they were already over powered and now have more spell to buff themselves with since they don’t have to do as much healing. This make the cleric more fun and less of a heal bot, but also make them more powerful.

Cleric is still greater then wizard, better saves, more hp, spontaneous and prepared caster, full levels of spells, armor and some domain spells are wizard spells better weapon selection.

While the idea of priest is nice it is just not going to compare to cleric without become over powering. It would be model off the wizard and could be done easily as a wizard archetype that trade out wizard spell list for cleric list.

There is no need for Artificer any more, the whole point of the Artificer was a magic device crafter and specialist. The big selling point of the Artificer is it could use it Artificer points to build magic items without spending xp on them. Spending xp was removed with pathfinder, so that sell point is mute, the artificer could also for his level on wands and what not, this can already be done in the bard archetype magician. So if you want an artificer play that archetype and take the magic item crafting feats.

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