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722 posts. Alias of Joshua Matherne.


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Majuba wrote:

You can only bull rush a creature straight back/away from you, not at an angle. There are different combat maneuvers for different directions (Drag, Reposition).

Rapanuii wrote:
Also, being tripped, disarmed, or sundered considered being "hit"?

No - it says hit by the shield slam attack. Even if you can use your shield for those actions, that's an alternate use of it, and not a slam attack.

Rapanuii wrote:
Charge an exception to movement after the hit?

No, not by the rules. That would be more of an overrun. That said, I would allow it personally.

Majuba you can push diagonal bullrush says the target has to go strait back and if the target is in diagonal square to you. you push them Diagonal strait back. This just prevents you from trying to zig zag targets around stuff. Your post makes it sound like like you can't preform the maneuver to targets in diagonal sqaures.

Rapanuii- Majuba in the rests of his post is 100% correct, if you want them to end up in total different squares other then strait back from where they were. you have to use the other combat maneuvers.

Rapanuii in your first example you can only bull rush in to the two X squares behind the target. if there was no wall right of the player
and the player was diagonal to the target. you would bull rush him into the wall causing him to falling prone
see this
w p

one the 2nd only this spot can the target end up in that y

in the 3rd in that y

1. no you can only follow as far as far as movement you have. provided you did not use your move action or 5ft step already. example if you have not taken your move action yet or 5ft step. you can shield slam. you push the target 15ft. you can then use your move action to follow the target while you push them back up to 15ft.

2. yes moving with the target uses up the move action or 5ft.

3. No you can’t move you already used up your move action.

4.Yes if you do for movement out of a threat square by other creatures that threat those squares, but not the target of the bull rush.(because it is part of the bulrush and shield slam allows you to bulrush the target without provoking) This goes back to involuntary movement does not provoke but voluntary does provoke.(example of this is bullrushing with out greater bullrush.) You are choosing to move and you don’t have to so you provoke

5.If you push 15ft you can push them to the 2nd diagonal if only 10ft. or 5ft. you can only move them 1 square diagonal. Movement square rules do not change unless you switch to hexs instead of blocks for your maps.

The point of the feat is to use a push targets away from you and your party members as a free action, and maybe postion your self a little better. had a memeber in my group do this it was very effective at toping full attacks on party. he shield slam the person in front of him knock him back 15ft. then 5ft step. to the other to targets that where out of reach. Then attack them and push them away. it was very effetive for battle feel control, Shield master is a much more powerful feat.

some of monsters rules did change, from 3.x to pathfinder as well as hit dice used and skills and xp is different. all creatures are worth static xp now, based on their cr. you have to be 10 levels over something before it does not give you any xp, while in 3.x i think it was 4 or 5 levels. even then if your 10 levels over a creature the amount of xp it gives you is so small based on what is required to level. it not going to affect the outcome if you do or do not give it to the pcs. ability scores maybe slightly different now also as are DR functions. creatures have more feats now in pathfinder version. So while you can use the old tomb of horror, you may have to make a few manual changes as some monster will be strong or weaker based on cr and these changes.

The biggest ones are increasing the number of feats and skill monsters have and adjusting immunities and adding in cmb and cmd functions now to them, like undead and constructs are no longer immune to sneak attack and critical hits. Someone correct me but I believe undead where originally immune to cold by default unless otherwise stated. Now they are not. Also undead are reduced to d8 hit dice from d12, but treat Cha mod as con now. Animals where nerfed big time by pathfinder cr wise. A T-rex cr was a lot higher in 3.x then it is pathfinder.

I think originally they were not expecting so many changes but as more pathfinder books came out more issues end up showing up so they fixed the books they had. Pathfinder was a 3.5 system also for a little while, the first 3 or 4 Adventure paths where all written in 3.5. until they decided to come up with their own rule set.

The fully converted books cleaned up all this extra work a gm would have to do on his own and actual added a few things.

You can use the pathfinder PRD or to get access to monsters free from the web.

just remember it takes two to 3 rounds to even get that sneak attack damage.

it a full round action to dazzling display no attacks no damage you just sit there and take a 5ft step and hope you have a really good intimidate. because you have to beat it by over 5 to make sure you can pull this off. because intimidate only last for 1 round so shaken end when your turn started next time around if you don’t beat dc by 5.

round 2 if you have only one attack you don't get sneak attack until the next round, because shattering defenses require you to hit something before they become flat footed to you. If you do have more than one attack, every attack after the first successful attack will be considered flatfooted. Otherwise you have to wait till round 3 since shatter defense last til the end of your next turn I think. Also you have to hope your target is still with in 30ft, unless you have sniper goggles or some other way to extend range of sneak attack.

All of this is very conditional, and possible, and feat heavy to try and make it effective. If you can find a way to intimidate as free action it would be a good tactic. you’re better off just full attacking every round especial with a gunman touch ac is easy enough to hit.

You may want to house rule that onxy actual can have a value greater then the 65gp max (as listed in ultimate equipment guide) or more then one stone can be used and the total gp value just need to be met per hit dice of undead. as it is written now animate dead only allows for 2 hitdice zombies and skeleton to be made. really weakens the power of the spell. Also create undead only works up to Juju zombies anything that require caster to be level 12+ can not be created do to onyx never being valuable enough and greater create undead can never function. create undead undead are not under your control most of them are intelligent and may even attack the creator. it is risky magic either way.

you only divided by pcs and story line npc/Hireling that may level up.

Cohorts use leadership feat rules on determining how much xp they get and it is not divided by total that the pcs get.

undead creatures never level if created by spell ect. so they don't get xp but cost 25gp onxy per hit dice creatures or other material components, and when killed are destroyed and gone forever.

Summon monster are most often gone after the fight never get xp, because they are consider an ability/part of the classes cr of the wizard that cast the spell.

same goes for familiar and animal companions they are not supposed to grant any xp if defeated with the wizard in combat because they are a class feature of the wizard. It is suggest that in the familiar or animal companion gives cr if they play significant and actual cause pcs some trouble or if encounter away from said wizard or druid.

example 1
Elven king sends two of his spys to assistance the pcs infiltrating and enemy giants strong hold. These spys have 4 combat based encounters with while assistance the pcs. those 4 encounters xp are dived among party +2

edit: you may want to house rule that onxy actual can have a value greater then the 65gp max (as listed in ultimate equipment guide) or more then one stone can be used and the total gp value just need to be met per hit dice of undead. as it is written now animate dead only allows for 2 hitdice zombies and skeleton to be made. really weakens the power of the spell. Also create undead only works up to Juju zombies anything that require caster to be level 12+ can not be created do to onyx never being valuable enough and greater create undead can never function. create undead undead are not under your control most of them are intelligent and may even attack the creator. it is risky magic either way.

example 2
Elven kings sends Druid to help the pcs on a quest to kill giant king.
The druid has a Tiger as animal companion. the party xp for the giant king encounters is divided by pcs +1 as the druid is npc that can level but the tiger gets none as it is a function of the druid class along with any creatures the druid may summon.

example 3
The party attacks Giant Prince on there own. one of the pcs has a cohort from leader ship. and another ranger has an animal companion. the pc for the Giant Prince encounters is just divided by pcs. the cohort get xp based on his level and the pc level and the amount that pc acquired after it was divided by party number. note that the cohort can never be = that pcs level it must always be at least one level behind the pc. Pc can recruit a cohort that is two levels or lower then him self. the rangers animal companion gets no xp as it is function of the ranger class.

It is Typo's in mythic adventures book left over the play test that was not edited out, but as is there is no clear answer.
see this tread It not just dragons that are effective by this typo or typo if all the example creatures are wrong. My guess is the creatures are correct and the the subtype information is incorrect. the SR more then likely just increase by whatever the cr is increased by adding 1/2 mythic rank.

TGMAx has it correct, but because it is still an arrow fired from a bow, you can apply weapon training, STR damage, magical effects placed on bow ect. you can also rapid shot, many shot them. all normal bow effects apply. expect you only have to roll to hit the square the creature is in. after that is confirmed. targets gets easy save to negate all damage.

the only thing I would question working as GM is deadly aim, because how do you deadly aim an aoe? just like you can't deadly aim a touch attack, but this is not a touch attack, and it does fill all the requirements of the feat, is it a ranged attack, yes you fire an arrow from about targeting a square. Does it do hp damage yes it does. so RAW it works. Is it silly that it works yes. is it over power or game breaking not even close it is under powered if anything. because everything is negate through a low level save. So for pathfinder system it should work. is there any thing official on how it works no. you are going to see gms judge it differently from table to table.

As I said before it is hardly a death bomb of doom. DC 18 reflex negates all the damage possible by it. That is an extremely easy dc to make and it never gets any higher. It quickly lose it effectiveness after level 6. It is nothing compared half orc alchemist force bombs doing over. over 50pts of damage with a single bomb all you have to do is hit easy touch ac, then about 30 points of splash damage dc 27 for half, then doing that again on the 2nd round to the actual target of the bomb all force damage so effect incorporeal goes through dr, no resistance to it. no you can't use deadly aim with it but you don't need to. you can stack other effects on it to if you want. you can two weapon fight, along with rapid shot and many shot. if creature are effected by fire you can make them fire double the blast radius and catch people on fire with out a save. Bombs are cheaper, Vials cost 1 gp one of these arrows 25gp

So it something that cost more does less damage subject to dr, less possible attacks, and damage can be completely negate with a simple save. not a really a bomb of doom. It is an effective low level option for dealing with low level swarms for warrior classes. That is about it. It hardly a broken tactic. when you compare to something like a real bomb expert.

It is really not that strong bombs are much worse than this even if you had str to it and other bonus. note the reflex target gets, if it makes save it take no damage what so ever.

I am not sure for a PFS ruling how they work, considering Elves of Golarion is a 3.5 book. they may not even be valid choice for use in PFS because of that.

To tell it is 3.5 book look at the stats on magic items, they require xp to craft them this is no longer required, also the stats for the queen elf in the book has archmage which is a 3.5 prestige class. Mythic teir now in pathfinder and she wears gloves of dex, this is no longer the item in pathfinder it is a belt of dex. She also has no CMB or CMD listed in her stat block. and none of the power that come with being a level 13 wizard. Cure Minor wounds as spell like ablity trait you can get. This is no longer a spell in pathfinder rule sets.

d20pro and HeroLab are about to have a kickstarter soon to promote there partner ship and the next version of d20pro, the devs from herolabs will be working on it along with the d20pro staff. So there may be some realworks plugin coming soon to d20pro. You can already imporat hero labs characters to d20pro.
There are a few errors that don't match up and need to be fixed. I guessing this imporat will be seamless after this this kickstarter.

running combat through d20pro is easy and speeds up the game a lot. My group regular gets through 3-5 high level encounters in a night and at low levels 4-8 so if you want a faster paced games use the combat in the system.

Mergy wrote:
Pfft, Force Bomb. Confusion Bomb is way more effective, and there is NO SAVE. :)

There is a save see FAQ Force bomb alone are enough to take out most creatures combined with sticky bombs and = death, alchemist is over power class. if not careful GMed.

remembering range penalties, cover and the fact that vials cost 1gp each. See ultimate equipment book. not as bad ammo for guns. but it is something something had does add up.

the class by it self is weak but in group 2 it is really strong, if 3 or more are present very powerful. the last few comments by SKR and group during play test. Where SKR was going to talk to the devs about making a few major changes the class. there was just not enough time to do another play test with suggesting. That SKR was likeing and thinking should be made to the class. Hope some of them make in they would work well at empowering the class a little bit.

I play test this class and a Slayer class, my friend also played a hunter at the same time, and our two hunters where the best character in the group and very very powerful together.

Power attack damage is at 50% less because the bite becomes Secondary attack on the bite so the power attack damage would be +2 on bite not +4

read this Thread! It is not recommed you add more then one template to creature.

yes, see ranged attack rules.

add your FAQ to this thread. it is the oldest one i can think of.
ThreadI have comment on 3 different once dealing with this is issuse. This is 4th time, I have seen a thread about this so I suggesting FAQing to try and getting official ruling. you can see both arguments in the above thread. as well as a cost break down how the robe is vastly under powered per cost comepared to monk robe, who has a similar effect and is cheaper and works with any class.

Edit> I take it back this is the 5th time it showed up in the play test of new Advanced race guide because people wanted to know how it worked with the barbain sorc. hybrid class. But it was ingored.

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SPCDRI wrote:

So if fighters get 12 bonus feats, but Rangers get 5, you have to ask yourself if 7 feats, Bravery, Armor Training and Weapon Training and the capstone ability are worth all the Ranger abilities as stated.

So the 12 feats thing applies to going to 20, how many feats do you think the Tracker package of Wild Empathy, Track, Endurance, Woodland Stride, Swift Tracker, Camoflague, Hide in Plain Sight, Favored Enemy bonuses when tracking, Quarry bonuses when tracking and 4 Favored Terrains is worth?

In a point-buy system you'd easily see that the Fighter has spent less points on his character but is meant to keep up with the other characters.

He's spent 200 and the Ranger, Paladin and Barbarian have spent about 300 and the full casters have spent about 350 to 400 or more.

Yet 1 Level of Fighter is supposed to be "worth" 1 level of Ranger but no point-buy system would shake things out like that.

yes this is why in 1st and 2nd edition each class had its own xp table for leveling. The fighter leveled up faster than ranger and paladin, and the thief/Rogue leveled up the fastest. Casters also leveled up faster in the earlier levels but slowed down massively at upper levels, to support the power of high level spells. There was actual balance between the classes because of this. The classes where not meant to level at the same time and where made to work as team and each one fill a different role. 1st and 2nd editions multi classing system was not easy to use and it could be a bit over powered at times depending on race. To fix this and simplify the game and have it run at a set pace, we have the everyone levels at the same time xp tables, but all it does is show power difference and imbalance of the classes. Because they always stay weak.

Another major difference was rangers, paladins and barbarians got less attacks in a round and did a little less damage per attack compared to fighter. they all got the same number of skills back then and now they don't futher changing the balance even more.

There is no fix expect powering up the fighter by giving it more skills and maybe another ablity or two. I am happy with the fighter for the most part and I prefer to play them more then anything else. I enjoy the completely customization of them. I do find my self wishing I had a few more skill points not many. That why I really think if the fighter and even all other 2 skill point per level classes even the all powerful wizard should be getting 4 per level before bonus.

dotting to look at later.

doting so I can look at this later going to use some of it.

Dark Vicar wrote:

So is the sai a "monk" special quality weapon ?

yes, you can flurry with it and you only need one of them. two offers you no kind of bonus other then having another one you hand. You actual don't even need the Sai. you just uses unarmed strike as backup weapon, it should actual be your primary. weapon as it will do more damage and go thru more damage reduction then the weapon sooner and do more dice damage.

they mean monk weapon property not proficiency. Dogslicers are not monk weapons, thus you can't flurry with them. look at weapon tables and look on that to see the word monk on it. next to some of them like quarter staff, or the sai as stated above. While you are proficiency with them via GM you can't flurry with them and you are gimping you self even more.

Two of any weapon does no good for you. As monks can flurry with a single weapon, flurry is like two weapon feat chain and double slice rolled in to one ability that can be done with one weapon, keeping cost low. As monk you do not need weapon they actual weaken you. As you do more damage with you unarmed strike. This is why the weapon master is not a good archetype.

again don't skimp on str you want at least a 13 and you will want power attack feat or you will easly get out shined by any fighter, barb, bard ect. it is kind of a mandatory feat for melee.

Fighters can also two weapon fight and full attack with out leveling dipping with mobile fighter.

Also the fighter has feats to spare to actual make use out Eldrich heritage feats, granting them all kinds of stuff if they don't use cha as dump stat. with orc blood line is the best option by not dumping cha you can actual have a fighter that out preforms a strait out of the box STR or dex based fighter. nets +12 to str + 4 con , immunity to fear 6 natural armor, large size, reach, extra damage from large weapons, +6 to survival so you can still track. and because you did not dump Cha use magic device is very viable. especially if you take dangerously curious as back ground trait. Also number feats also make is possible if you play half elf(cost a feat but you have a lot to play with), or another race with a arcane spell like ability, the to take arcane strike and add more damage as swift action.

The only problem with fighter is lack of skills. If it had 4 skill points a level no one would complain about him.

edit also: eldrich heritage saves you about 135k in a tome or wish spells and actual break the limit on wish for ability scores by allowing a +6

It not going to matter if they stack currently, it is going to get rule via faq and change that they don't. It the same augment for improved critical and keen spell that was done in 3.x before it was changed to how it is now. I feel they should stack because one is untyped bonus from feat the other is spell which is also untyped. but that not the way it is, and if they do rule it stacked. It would just open a door of more question and request to have thing like improved critical and keen changed, so the simplest thing to do is just say don't stack.

I you’re better off taking multi weapon fighting over two weapon fighting. more attacks at high bonus. I would not even worry about sais and skip on the weapon master. you will do a lot more damage with just unarmed strike and disarm just as well. I am more partial to martial artist monk.

Also you can't two weapon fight or multi weapon fight and flurry. in of itself is superior no off handed can be done with a monk weapon single weapon. And give the monk bab = to class level. There is actual no reason to play a race with four arms because of that. If I was to play that Race I would do mobile fighter. That way you can move and full attack with all those arms. you can still Specialize in sai then. you will have more feats to play with also.

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Mythic = Rocket Tag one hit kills. Don't allow it if you don't want damage to get crazy. Since that is a mythic AP, expect the roles to reverse them later levels. When monsters have the same ablitys and dual init which is supior to amazing init.

number 1 is for item creation if you are going to make a +1 flaming sword you must be level that of the flaming property to make it. I think it is level 6 or 9. If it a +4 Flaming weapon you would use the +4 level requirement for making the item as it the higher level requirement. As that is 3 time the enchantment bonus for level 12. This is also the property level that effects the items saving throws if it is left alone or if you fail saving throw on a 1.

2) you pick what you want as gm. or you can use the random generator in ultimate equipment book

3) Matt answer this one for you.

4) take the highest one as stated in your first question.

here bit of bonus for you. caster level can be ignored in item creation. by adding +5 to the dc of crafting the item.

Fighter, rouges are not to bad, but play more fighter then rogue, you really should be fighter with dips in rogue.

Since you are doing 15 point buy, i would reduce my dex,and raise my str. Check with DM and see if he will allow Agile weapon property first. if so then keep the drop the dex about 2 points and raise your str or wis. you are paying so much to specialize in dex and get it that high you are actual weakening your self more then you need to for a +1 or 2. You are also restricting your feat selection. you really really want to have at least a 13 str so you can get power attack. It is kind of mandatory for melee character it increased your damage more then sneak attack will. if you are going to stick with the character as he is.

My Suggestion to you would be to play a Scout based Rogue and mobile Fighter. It is a hit and run kind of build. And switch to half elf this will get rid of minus you have from theifling. Give you two favored classes So you can take hp every time you level so no need for toughness feat. and you pick up skill focus.

Str 14 +2 = 16 From Race half elf increase at level 8,12,16,20
Dex 14
Con 13 at level 4 increase to 14
INT 12
Wis 12
Cha 8

11 levels of fighter 9 Rogue

1 Rogue 1 Dodge, skill focus acrobatics (better for hit and run) or use magic device.(open up what you can do in and out of combat.)

2 Fighter 1 Power Attack (no penalty on 1st swing of power attack)

3 Rogue 2 Minor Magic(suggest read magic one less use magic device check when reading scrolls) feat: Furious Focus (no penalty)

4 Fighter 2 Mobility, bonus to saves vs slow, entangle stuff like that

5 Rogue 3 Spring attack

6 Rogue 4 Fast Stealth and Scout’s Charge (sneak attack on charge attacks I don't like this one as it puts you in harms way with minus to ac and your ac is already going to be bad, just cause your a rogue in light armor.)

7 Rogue 5 feat Arcane strike since you have minor magic(extra damage as swift action)

8 Rogue 6 Any Rogue talent you want

9 Rogue 7 Fleet (stacks each time you take extra 5ft of movement +boots of speed and haste and hit and run with spring attack becomes easy.)

10 Rogue 8 Skirmisher(move 10 + feet and 1st attack consider sneak attack) any rouge talent you want.

11 Fighter 3 Armor Training 1 (and can move full speed in medium armor but you won't do that other wise use lose fleet feat bonus movement)Feat Fleet again or maybe improved critical.

12 Fighter 4 any combat feat your choosing I would say deadly aim, Because I like doing decent damage with a bow. weapon specialization if available. normal feat: iron will cause your will is going to suck or fleet again.

13 Fighter 5 Leaping Attack move more then 5ft and you get +1 to hit and damage works any weapon even bow, that why i said deadly aim earlier. Feat: your choice

14 Fighter 6 Again combat feat your choice, and another feat your choice

15 Fighter 7 Armor Training 2 and can move full speed in heavy armor.

16 Fighter 8 your choice of feat

17 Fighter 9 your choice of feat leap attack jump to +2 to hit and damage

18 Fighter 10 your choice of feat

19 Fighter 11 feat your choice (this is the icing on the cake rapid attack full attack and move. first attack again is the only sneak attack unless you have improved invis or they are actual flat footed)

20 Rogue

I am sure I can optimize this more but this is just on the fly build. it will get you some decent damage and you keep lot of rogue style in it.

Vital strike chain could work well with this build also, combat expertise and whirlwind attack are options also reach weapon and lunge.

I would not worry about combat reflex's unless you plan on use a reach weapon tripping people or have some one else in the group that has a way of helping you provoke aoo. Especially since you are in a smaller group and using only 15pt by. leadership is option on boosting the party.

also Eldritch Heritage feats and orc blooding is great for build also if you don't skimp on cha. and change the skill focus bonus feat to survival. will net you +12 to str large size reach, + 4 to con, -2 dex =( immunity to fear and + 6 natural armor.

you could also go strait elf it will get you the ability to use elven curved blade as martial weapon it is finesse able has a high crit range and does 1d10 damage. also bonus damage on power attack since it two handed weapon.

Mostly focus rogue I think is going to be bad for your group as you already have multi class based ranger druid. you going to have weaker healing option because of that and no tank to absorb damage and keep them people of your spell casters. That why you dip in rogue or as others stated pick another class with archetype that gains trap finding.
Also since you are short a player I serious talk to GM about increasing the point buy to at least 20

Adjule wrote:
Tholomyes wrote:

Post got eaten by bad connection, so I'll keep it short and sweet:

Two more I thought of,

Curses being mandatory. They're too restrictive on RP, and would serve better as a feat (modified) anyone could take, but oracles get for free if they want, so people who aren't oracles can take them for flavor reasons. Alternatively, if Paizo put out more low-impact curses, this could be better, but optional would be preferred.

Secondly is more of a "lack of rules" than a rules that bug me, issue, but it's the lack of a Sorc/Oracle, Bard/Inquisitor or Magus/Warpriest option for Druids. I thought the Shaman in the ACG would be it, but no, it's still a prepared caster (who, honestly IMO, should have been an archetype). I get that the base flavor is less open than for clerics and wizards, but there are a lot of spells unique to the druid, or hard to get otherwise.

Hunter from the ACG is the 6th level druidy class, while the ranger is the 4th level one (which I am sure you already knew). But there doesn't seem to be a spontaneous druidy caster like there is clericy and wizardy. Paizo produced, that is. There is a 3rd party spontaneous druidy caster.

until we see the book, there was a very heavy discussion and debate on how prepared casting did not work well for the hunter at the end of the play test. The idea was that making them spontaneous caster like the bard would work better and use the bards spell progress and spells known but make a combined druid / ranger spell list. SKR was involved in the debate at the end of the play test. Said they where going to consider it. The more we talked to him about it seemed like the more he was into it. So we may get our first divine 6 spell level spontaneous caster in that book. He did not seem to hot on giving them ranger and druid spell list. I know they where not going to over hauling during the play test, but several of the classes where over hauled some more then other in the play test and one was out right revamped before the end of it. Keep your fingers crossed.

CHA = Orcbloodline = better than normal fighter, by not using cha as dump stats and starting with a lower str 15 or 16 and raising cha. you net +12 str, +4 con, large size, reach, +6 natural armor and immunity to fear. you could even end up with a few points to actual put in int giving you more skill points making the fighter useful outside of combat and it is just as strong as if you went str fighter. take dangerously curious back ground trait and now you have decent us magic device score leading you to be able to get permit see invisibility through scroll and other spell, use magic in general. All based of CHA. building intimidate based fighter don't skimp on cha or str and with this bloodline you end with intimidate skill check in the 50's before you even roll your d20. nothing you can't intimidate unless immune to fear.

Looking for STR boost and bonus to poison saves small energy resistance = Cha will get you that through Abyssal blood line

CHA is not just a dump stat anymore. want a fighter who can fly at will try any of the other blood lines. want 15ft reach touch attack, spell resistance and fortifcation. CHA will get your that.

I used d20pro for my VTT. It does most of this and more, it is also open and flexible to program and adjusting for more games than pathfinder. It also included hero lab and pc gen character generator importing. does auto rolling if you want damage. It really speeds up the game. My guys get through 3 to 5 high level encounters in night because of it. 7 to 10 low and mid-level encounters. D20pro does cost 20 or 30 bucks for GM lic. So you can do all the programing. They also have huge 3rd party support from the Frog God Games. They are starting to publish their adventure in side d20pro so all the maps monsters fog of war is all setup for you so you just drop characters in and play. They recently had a kickstarted for this and add every monster from tomb of horrors 1-4 into the program. This is all pay content, you could very well do all of this yourself but it take a lot of time. So you basically pay for not having to program all this yourself. Save you tons of time.

I don't think you are going to find nice 1 in any program because it limits the program, to something that does not exist in the game world. as in all game system at some point creatures can climb, swim, fly, burrow, and even feats that ignore difficult terrain. So there is no such thing as impassable. It just not currently passable. A lot of VTT will give you markers to place on the ground to mark such terrain. so your players know it is difficult terrain and you just have to do the movement math the same as before that you did on old table math.

I never used rolld20 so I can't make any judgments on that or compare it to anything. I have played around with fantasy grounds and while it looks really pretty and has all the fluff I eventual want to see in other VTT, such as grabbing dice and actual see them roll across the screen. The menu I it find pain to navigate around in and it also cost money.

Well Maptools have everything you want in and is free. It has a fog of war and dynamic lighting is un surpassed by any other VTT. But it is a not very user friendly for programing and adding extra features. While it can do it, it just not easy to do. I notice dm using it have to down load other program to keep track of hp, init order stuff like that.

recently the guys at d20pro have partnered directly with the guys that make hero labs. to help program it and make it even better. They also teamed up with a group that make LCD touch panel surface, to push VTT into the next steps for guys like you and me that Still actual play at a table. I used the internet features when a guy can’t make a game, there is also lan support for guys at the table that want to control their own stuff.

no matter VTT you use. Welcome to the new age of gaming. VTT helps make your games more fun and speed them up.

see optional armor rules p.198 of Ultimate combat book, there are rules for this by piecing a whole suite of armor together, basically full plate is made from breast plate and other pieces or armor. with these rules you are wearing more than one type of armor, but you can't get any higher than full plate. This help support over lapping rules and realistic construction of armor. As you wear chain mail then strap on a breast plate then add gauntlets , greaves ect. to make a suite of full plate

Kazumetsa Raijin wrote:
Shfish wrote:

Yeah this is one where the fluff really does bear on the item this time "Druidic elves use alchemical compounds to treat special leaves used in crafting armor for their warriors."

So, no you can't stack those.

But unless you are wanting +7 max dex, why not just do Darkleaf lamellar leather? Its +4 ac and will have +6 max dex, it really evens out to the same.

Unless you're a Finesse build. Then that's -1 attack and damage :P

Edit: Or if you have Snake Fang... that's one less AoO you can make :(

Max Dex does not work like that Raijin, All it does is limit the maximum amount of AC mod you can get to ac and touch ac. your init, reflexs ,cmd skill checks aoo are not affected by it. Otherwise you be talking double penalties on skill checks. So it does even out for total ac, but touch and flat footed end up different.

you should never let a pc play a noble drow. they are too powerful. CR does not match well. Note Cr of noble drow in the books are based off having low stat score build of stats. they are not actual rolled or useing higher level stats. Same when going into consideration when pc play monsters. you treath them as just that the monster. Noble drow have a RP of close to 40 or over this is 4 times a human. If i remember correctly the Advanced race guide tell you that every 12 points are so is equal to 1 actual level. so Noble drow come up are worth like 3.5 levels. If the pc want to play a Noble drow I suggest you have them rebuild the character as a normal drow and take the drow feats that make him or her a noble drow gives them all the powers over time. It is a chain of like 4 or 5 feats. this will help balance out the race. Then the template monsters become less of an issues..

ninja also have a larger weapon selection also, give them more option of attack.

ok Game system we all start with strait 14s in every score and can take points out of them and put them where ever. So long as we don't go over the score of an 18 before racial bonus kick in. Campaign is Curse of Crimson throne no spoilers please. DM has told us it is mostly a urban campaign. This is what I got so for tell me what you think and if I should change anything. For weapons I am thinking Armor Spikes and Shield, back up Bow

Level 1 urban Ranger
Str 14 +2 from race = 16
Dex 15
Con 14
Int 12
Wis 14
Cha 15

Favored Classes Ranger/Fighter (Have not picked bonus yet)

Bonus Feat from Race Skill Focus Survival
1st level feat Arcane Talent: Read Magic (3 times a day caster level 1)

Back Ground Traits Reckless (combat) and Dangerously Curious (Magic)

Favored Enemy Human
Track and Wild Empathy

Acrobatic 7
Disable Device 6
KN Local 5
Perception 8
Stealth 6
Survival 9
Use Magic Device 7

Level 2 Urban Ranger
Favored Classes Ranger/Fighter(Have not picked bonus yet)

Combat style Weapon and Shield, Improved Shield Bash

Acrobatic 8
Disable Device 7
KN Local 6
Perception 9
Stealth 7
Survival 10
Use Magic Device 8

Level 3 Urban Ranger
Favored Classes Ranger/Fighter(Have not picked bonus yet)

Trap Finding and Favored Community (Suggestion?)
Feat Eldrich Heritage Orc (Touch of Rage)

Acrobatic 9
Disable Device 8
KN Local 7
Perception 10
Stealth 8
Survival 11
Use Magic Device 9

Level 4 Urban Ranger 3/ Fighter Brawler 1
Favored Classes Ranger/Fighter (Have not picked bonus yet)

Increase Cha to 16
Bonus Feat Power Attack

Acrobatic 10
Disable Device 8
KN Local 7
Perception 10
Stealth 8
Survival 12
Use Magic Device 11

Level 5 Urban Ranger 4/ Fighter Brawler 1
Favored Classes Ranger/Fighter (Have not picked bonus yet)
Feat Arcane Strike

Hunters Bond (hunting companions)
Acrobatic 10
Disable Device 10
KN Local 7
Perception 12
Stealth 10
Survival 13
Use Magic Device 11

Level 6 Urban Ranger 4/ Fighter Brawler 2
Favored Classes Ranger/Fighter (Have not picked bonus yet)

Bonus feat Two Weapon Fighting
Close Control +1 Bull rush drag reposition and cmd vs those
Bravery +1 saves vs fear

Acrobatic 10
Disable Device 10
KN Local 9
Perception 12
Stealth 10
Survival 14
Use Magic Device 11

Level 7 Urban Ranger 5/ Fighter Brawler 2
Favored Classes Ranger/Fighter (Have not picked bonus yet)
2nd Favored Enemy Evil out siders ( not sure if the other +2 should be put on human or Evil outsider as this is the last of these I will get)

Feat: Shield Slam

Acrobatic 11
Disable Device 11
KN Local 10
Perception 13
Stealth 11
Survival 15
Use Magic Device 12

Level 8 Urban Ranger 6/ Fighter Brawler 2
Favored Classes Ranger/Fighter (Have not picked bonus yet)

Ability Pont Str 17
Combat style Weapon and Shield, Shield Master

Acrobatic 12
Disable Device 12
KN Local 11
Perception 14
Stealth 12
Survival 16
Use Magic Device 13

Level 9 Urban Ranger 6/ Fighter Brawler 3(Fighter from here on out)
Favored Classes Ranger/Fighter (Have not picked bonus yet)

Close Combatant +1 to hit +3 damage with shield and armor spikes
Feat: Improved Bull Rush
Skill increase not sure any more

Level 10 Urban Ranger 6/ Fighter Brawler 4
Favored Classes Ranger/Fighter (Have not picked bonus yet)

Bonus Feat: Greater Bull Rush

Level 11 Urban Ranger 6/ Fighter Brawler 5
Favored Classes Ranger/Fighter (Have not picked bonus yet)

Feat: Improved Eldritch Heritage: Strength of the Beast +2 to str

Level 12 Urban Ranger 6/ Fighter Brawler 6
Favored Classes Ranger/Fighter (Have not picked bonus yet)
Ability Score STR now base of 18 +2 from feat

Bonus Feat: Disruptive
Close Control now is +2

Level 13 Urban Ranger 6/ Fighter Brawler 7
Favored Classes Ranger/Fighter (Have not picked bonus yet)

Close Combatant +2 to hit +4 damage with shield and armor spikes

Menacing Stance enemies adjacent to me not take a -1 to attack roll and -4 penalty on concentration checks

Feat Improved Eldritch Heritage: Fearless: immune to fear +2 natural armor

Level 14 Urban Ranger 6/ Fighter Brawler 8
Favored Classes Ranger/Fighter (Have not picked bonus yet)

Bonus Feat: not sure what to take

Level 15 Urban Ranger 6/ Fighter Brawler 9
Favored Classes Ranger/Fighter (Have not picked bonus yet)
+2 more to str from feat now str = 22
Feat: not sure what to take

Level 16 Urban Ranger 6/ Fighter Brawler 10
Favored Classes Ranger/Fighter (Have not picked bonus yet)
Ability point in to cha raising to 17 need for next level feat.
Bonus Feat: Spell Breaker

Level 17 Urban Ranger 6/ Fighter Brawler 11
Favored Classes Ranger/Fighter (Have not picked bonus yet)
+2 str from feat now str of 24

Feat: Greater Eldritch Heritage: Power of Giants become large +6 to str, +4 Con and natural armor -2 dex size bonus for 17 mins a day 1 min uses

Close Combatant +3 to hit +5 damage with shield and armor spikes

Menacing Stance enemies adjacent to me not take a -2 to attack roll and -5 penalty on concentration checks

I doubt I get any higher level than that if I did figure not sure what I would level as Brawler another +1 to bull rush and 2 more feat

Urban ranger would get me evasion and a 2nd favored community and push thru and swift tracker and lot more skill points but nothing that is game changing at this point. Any suggestion.

they are flat cost only just like adaptive as i stated above, they are in those tables to reflect random location when rolling random treasure. if you look at cost vs cost of adaptive and those other props, you will see the price is much higher in the flat cost, so they are placed in the +2 table to reflect that difference when determine random loot.

those table are setup that way for random rolls based cost for treasure genration. Stronger ones cost more and end up as higher level powers see improved shadow on armor ect. they are flat cost and do not count as a +.

Doomed Hero wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

Here's Kreig's math. Can any of you smart rules people break this down and tell us if we're doing anything wrong?

{4d8+4 Base weapon damage while Vital Striking (+2 Large bastard sword)]

The part I put in brackets is wrong, Vital strike only double the dice not the + of the weapon so it would be 4d8+2.

Also Foe Biting I don't think works with vital strike as Vital strike is not a normal attack. You can do one or the other but not both.

I am not even going to try and do the rest of the math as mythic power attack and vital strike are a bit confusing. As some people feel it is RAW is broken and need revised or cleared up. see as Drakkiel comment above about the damage dice. a lot of people interpenetrated by the number of dice.

but to my understanding mythic is supposed to be a game of rocket tag who ever gets the first full attack or full attack equivalent will more then likely win. It you want to keep it balanced never give your character more then 2 mythic ranks use it as a flavor adder. If you feel mythic vital strike is over powering, you can give mythic monster the blocking ability, and they can block one attack around. kind of kills the ability.

Total defense is good to use for anyone without combat expertise, until about level 8 then it loses its effectiveness as you can combine combat expertise and fighting defensively, this gives you the same bonus as fighting total defense, without losing the ability to attack or use aoo. Yes you take a big minus the attack rolls but at least you still get them. Also as you level up more the ac bonus will get even higher. They also stack with mobility dodge, so you get a huge boost to ac and cmd for aoo. Normal I don’t care for stand still feat. But this is a good way to use it. This will prevent more meta gaming. As you can’t be so easily ignored.

How does a potion made permanent via eternal potion react with dispel magic or anti magic field? Are they dispelled for a turn then restart when out of field? Or do you treat them as they where made permanent via permanency spell? Or are they completely dispelled and the Alchemist would have to drink another potion to regain the effects?

As a GM I am kind of thinking RAI is permanent is actual supposed to be increases duration to no duration or infinite as you still have to use extend potion ability which only effect potions duration. But raw use permanent.

I ask because I remember reading some where that monsters with constant ability that get dispelled can reactive it as some kind of action the following round. Because it is also an at will ability. but potion are not at will ability they must be consumed it also requires a use of extend potion ability. So how do you reactivate something you can't will back or cast.

It just re-skinning the item Fretgod99 for group rp reasons not actual plot, if it was on the haft it the weapon it serves no actual function. If it is plot device they yes phlebotinum would be necessary. I don't think any gm would have a problem with a character going to local magic item shop or weapon shop and have smith or magic shop change out the haft for a few coin for something less offensive to the group, that does not change anything mechanically do anything to the weapon that servers no plot purpose. It would be equal to preforming a repair to the weapon or maintenance. Also if you wanted to change the half to different marital then yes phlebotinum could also be used. It does leave to a good idea for maybe a little side quest, but not something a GM has to do. Especial if he does not want the characters going off in a different direction then current story.

It all about what the GM wants to put into to it. The weapon is mechanically based on information we have is a Dwarven War Axe +3 Icy Burst and is perfectly useable by anyone the depiction is fluffy and actually has no mechanically effect. Mechanically and by the rules the only way for it to be evil is for it to be currently under magical effect such bestow alignment, it is unholy or is intelligent item or it a plot based artifact.

it sound like 100% reusable silverhair, the axe haft is more than likely made of wood so you can just re-haft it when you get back town, for rp reasons. no reason to destroy a perfectly good 50,000 gp magic item ooc. if the thing is not actual putting off an evil aura. destroying loot = weaker party in this game. This is why most pc hate sunder and rarely use it.

lmao @ chopswil, that is how my frist paladin became anti-paladin in 2nd ed.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

evil god is fluff txt and has not function unless it is artifact or cursed. Odd are you took it off some undead dwarf that worshiped and evil good or anti paladin, cleric ect. hence the fluff txt of the evil god it was flavor for the npc that used it. There are some items that get stronger as you level.(item in legacy of fire ap) They are usually intelligent items. The item itself is not evil nor are the picture. it just a picture of evil god. if it is a Dwarven War Axe +3 Icy Burst then that is all that it is.

Aboniks has stated is does it actual have an evil aura? if not that will help you eliminate the intelligent item bit and plot item device possiablity.

Aboniks, the weapon can go up to +10 so +3+icybusrt and unholy is very possible. It could actual be +5 Keen, icy burst, unholy and not be an artifact. The actual enhancements bonus can't exceed +5 for a normal magic item, there are artifacts and ways to break this limit the axe of dwarf lords or whatever it is called is +6, bane property ect.

Standstill does not work with reach also and because of that I have never seen it use expect in narrow hallways. The foe has to pass through the 5ft adjacent squares next to you. So it only works melee weapons.

Because of this it does not work with natural reach either. as the first reach square normally the one that triggers aoo thus they are not going to trigger in the squares adjacent to you. Also there are no bonus to add to this it is a raw CMB vs CMD check. It is a rather useless feat unless house ruled to work with any square you threaten.

Also Cleave feats are not going to be any good after level 6, and are not very good for battle field controller if that is what you are going for. Mobile fighter and whirlwind attack and effects extra added effect like trip or disarm do a better job.

Fighter brawler or Ranger focus on shield slam also does a better job. Deepens on party really, on how good you battle field controlling is going to be. If you have reach fighter like yourself that focus on damage and getting aoo from reach, a shield one and a monk all with decent dex and combat reflexes you all will perform a lot better as you feed each other’s aoo and cause lots and lots of status effects and damage. Was just recently in a party like this add we did not even need a healer. Just used wands. Brawler killed spell casting for bad guys because he was also had disruptive feats. Best part was none of us planned for the character to work so well together they just happen fit perfectly together. Real battle field control come from team work, get with other party member and see how you can feed each other ability’s and make each other shine.

you can go nova if that is what it does I don't have the mythic rules in front of me. But there was several ability’s in the plays test that it was capable of going all out on. but it leaves you with out use of it for when you may need it later.

Mythic rules are basically a game of rocket tag. he who has the first action usually wins.

The FAQ setup that way to prevent mortal combat trip lock meanuver. where you get the person at the edge of the screen and you trip them and keep doing it because they can't stand up or backup any more. You can just keep doing it over and over again until you win the fight. if you want to preform aoo when the person is actual prone there is another feat for that see vicuous stomp.

Eizenfaust wrote:

Talked to my DM. He's an old hat from 2nd Ed AD&D and he's going to allow Quick draw to work for sheathing as well as drawing a weapon. According to him, 2nd Ed had Quick Draw written that way and that 3rd changed Quick Draw to what it is now.

*shrugs* Whatever works :)

there was no quick draw in 2nd edtion, there where no feats in that edtion. But in 2nd edtion had quick draw built into it fuctions, you could draw your weapon, half movement 60ft. to 60 yards depeind if you out door or indoors (today 30ft.) and attack as many times as you had a attacks. there where no rules on sheathing weapons, because it is not something you would ever do in combat. Your dm maybe be thinking of droping a weapon to the ground and drawing another. This is still the same today if you have quick draw feat. Rounds where also a full 60second back then not 6. so the amount of time that went by made sense to how much stuff you where doing.

So it would fall in the catagory of inbetween which is why it is a move action today.

Any rule stating that quick draw also could do it as a free action or use in older edtion was more then likely a common house rule.

hitting faq, I am going to say no, since enforcer requires a melee weapon, same reason shadow dancer can't take dimensional dervish chain. It actual call out for a melee weapon.

Touch attack are consider armed attack but not weapons. Weapon Focus feat would call out touch attack is they where weapons but it does not, but it does call out Rays, which support the FAQ

Treated as armed does not make it a melee weapon. It make it exactly as it states you are treated as armed, you threaten squares and can make an aoo with that attack and you do not provoke and aoo when you attack.

unarmed strike is called out as weapon just as a ray is "An unarmed strike is always considered a light weapon" Despite not being armed it is still a weapon.

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