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1,096 posts. Alias of Joshua Matherne.


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yeah can kind of do what you want to do, just not with two weapon fighting. you swing with your two handed sword for your 1st irrative attack, then on your next one release your grip as free action and punch them in the face.

The only thing I would see that maybe could be debatable is changing the option during the 2nd irrative attack. I think you would have to start with two weapon fighting 1st that way the penalty applies to the rest of your irrative attacks, such as using armor spikes and punching a target using two weapon fighting and on your next attack attack with two handed weapon. because per the FAQ you are allowed to change weapons during your irrative attacks.

ok few things

you don't need two speed weapons also speed is a really bad property to get because it does not work with haste, or any of the many abilities or spells that give you the extra attack. So save your money there

Mantle of spell resistance also useless. SR is a joke in the game most casters are going to beat spell resistance with rolls of a 4. So save your money there. use that money to make your belt of dex into belt of of dex and con +6. HP is important

skip the bracers also and go with celestial armor as stated above. and pick up I think it sash of the war champion to add to your armor training and saves vs fear. you want as much ac as possible. with the rouge archtype you took. I personal think it bad choice of archtype, but you are multi classing with fighter to fix the flaws in the archtype. Go strait fighter or mobile fighter or with this build don't go into two weapon warrior archetype it is a trap archetype. the only reason to ever go into is if you want to dual wiled non sun sword bastard swords. even then it is rather bad choice.

well bards already can learn the cure spells and is already a spontaneous caster. so there no need for this to work.

now if you had some kind of bard Archtype that made them a you prepared caster this would work and have a use.

it is up to you to decided. the whole new action Economy a lot rulings have falling to be GM choice. Due to page limit in the book. they where working with. I would have loved to see more and maybe we will one day. I am surprised they covered as much as they did in the number of pages they had to work with.

I ruled it as 1 act, that can only be used on 1st attack subtype. I honestly don't think it that bad if you allowed it on every strike. Considering the main point of the new action economy is to help martial be more mobile. Most martils I see making is 1 or 2 attacks in around anyway. I don't see a lot of 3 more more attacks. I find my players doing other things they could not do before or would not because full attacks was to important. Also making it 1 act allow you use it with a charge.

The reason I ruled it 1 act limited to 1st attack subtype of the round was the txt in the feat about being at the highest attack bonus. I feel it was also within the spirit of the original feat and the spirit of how the new action Economy is supposed to work, by granting more mobility to martial.

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kevin_video wrote:

While GMs may like it, I know players who HATE it. So much so that they'll actually quit a game or not even join.

As for the XP progression, I have to disagree. If you're 9000 XP behind, you will always be 9000 XP behind. Unless you miss more sessions, in which case the gap only widens. The original system was in place for people to catch up if they started at a lower level. MMO's and various other RPGs have a proper system in place, but Pathfinder is lacking. As good as the Earn XP during downtime is, if a GM finds it to be too much work to come up with something, it'll get ignored.

yeah but at level 15 9000 is a drop in the bucket. much like the people who take rich parents as a background trait and getting 900 gp extra at level 1. by level 5 - 7 that 900 gp became nothing. the most you will ever behind is 1 encounter from leveling behind. which can be fixed with what thewastedwalrus stated about down time. that performing that down time action once at level 10 and all of sudden you are caught up with the rest of the group, you are actual ahead of them 600xp now. there are lots of ways to catch up if xp is used.

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You actual be surprised how quickly you catch up. there no need for the system, the XP amounts required to level are balanced so that you can catch up quickly. this is based off medium progression. Lets say you level 1 and the party is level 10, by the time the party reaches level 11, you will be level 7 by the time they reach 12, you will be 10, by the time they reach 13 you will almost be 12. it will pretty stable at that point.

but As Ascalapus said the essayist thing any gm can do is just remove xp from game and level up at X point. I did it love it, my friend that played in my games, did it to his games also, because he like it so much.

I would say it move with the character. as the square you threaten normal move with you when you move. only difference is with this you can only move when someone provokes AOO. Combat Patrol can be a risky thing to do. you use your full round action and may not get any attacks, and if you do get one and move to attack your target you could very well provoke your self. which could be used as trip preventing you from even getting your AOO

If i preorder this book do I get pdf copy to?

It a GM call right now. there been a few post out there that people have clicked FAQ on trying to get answers but none to be found yet. because people are not sure what the DC should be either should it be 20 because it is mithril and it is considered a master work material. Or do you do the item's DC, then the 20 later. just like the mounted combat rules the crafting rules are a mess, I think they have been cleaned up in unchained a little, bit. you may want to use those rules, look them over.

Did they not take a 10? by the time you can afford to make something out of mithril they should be able to take 10 and auto pass the dc 20?? you can almost do it at level 1 1 rank +3 tranined, +2 master work set of tools + int bonus most people have. Not to mention any race bonus or assistance helping via aid other action? There even a spell as wizard could cast that is 1st level that gives +5 to the check. could easily put a crafting at well over a 20 with take 10 at level 1, so failing should be impossible.

then you run into the other problem with crafting something out of mithril, it take for ever to make anything out of it due to it's cost and the crafting rules. the only really effective way to make something out of mithril in a decent time frame is via fabricate spell which is 5th level or with the magic item amazing tools of manufacture. which cost 12,000 gp in them self. This should give you an idea of when a players should be getting access to mithril gear. which is often around 7th to 10 level by then.

If you are the GM, and they are around 7th level, and depending on what situation, you may want to be little lenient on your player considering how messed up the rules are. Is he aware he could take 10, is aware the npc or another PC could have aid other on him or cast 0 level spell guidance on him as option. Are you as GM aware he could take 10 on this check?

Now would a take 10 even pass the check for him. If he did not have any hardly any ranks in craft and could not take 10 and pass and had to roll and knows about aid other, spells ect. I think he lose half of the potential work he could have done on a successful check.

yeah but those don't fix the problem, the problem is still there when you get in anti magic field you are going to be shut down and ineffective as martial in full plate based on dex. Since that is the main topic seems to be moving fast and full plate and being a build dex build and dumping str. The only real fix is the portable hole, it weight 0, in anti magic field it just become inaccessible. Muleback cords are good for caster if you don't mind losing save bonus from cloak of resistance, but and arcane caster is not going to be wearing full plate. it is a bad item choice for all dex martials, expect a dex based paladin or urban superstitious barbarian. that need the cloak of resistance a lot more then they need the carrying load.

This topic also goes to show you how few GM actually enforce encumbrance rules if someone with 13 str in mithril full plate and a shield can get by with out having problems in a game. I understand why they don't just like most gm I notice don't enforces number of spell in spell book. it is a lot of book keeping.

I enforce those rules strictly it effect casters and alchemist greatly and helps balance out the game little more with those classes. Most of those classes don't use str as dump stat in my games any more. They have low STR, but I almost never see a less then 10 str any more.

I fixed them by using unchained Rogue and two following abilities. I let rogues pick two martial weapons of their choice to add list of proficiency. I add an ability at level 8 I call resilience, I gave this to fighters also. It gives them +3 comp or circumstance bonus(I don't remember which one it the one that does not stack with others of it type.) to one of their weak saves.

the only way around this is with monk two-handed weapons during a flurry.

voska66 wrote:
Cantriped wrote:

Hellknight PrC gets full movement in Hellknight Plate, but it takes a lot of levels and unrelated opportunity costs to get there. Variant Multiclassing Fighter would work regardless of your class selection, and a 3 level dip in Fighter would work for any Mithril Heavy Armor, and also grants enough proficiencies and feats to hit Slashing Grace as early as 2nd level if you really want it...

However I fail to understand why anybody would want to put a Dex Build in heavy armor. The weight of mithril heavy armor alone will bring most dex builds near or to a medium load; killing your movement speed unless you're a dwarf, limiting dex bonus to AC, and applying a worse Armor check penalty than the armor does (one that cannot be reduced mind you). If the build also has a fairly high Strength, weight isn't an issue, but the benefits of Slashing Grace are greatly reduced or even nonexistent. Unless you can get a +3 or better to damage from Slashing Grace or just absolutely have to be able to use/regain panache from a Bastard Sword or Katana than it just isn't worth it.

I don't understand why many players are so obsessed with Dexterity that they are willing to feat tax themselves into oblivion just to do with their Dexterity what Strength could give them much less expensively.

I find the issue is maximizing Dex for AC along with the benefits to skills and reflex saves. As fighter you get armor training that give you +4 to Max dex and lowers ACP by 4 at 17th level. You can increase that +5 max dex with sash that increase you armor training and bravery by 4 levels. Then wear mitheral plate at 1/2 the weight for another 2 increase to your Max dex. Then with armor master guide book you can add 1 more to you max dex with a feat. So you can get Full Plate with a 0 ACP and +9 max dex at level 17. So you might want that 28 Dex and since you have 28 dex then dex to damage is very appealing. You only need 13 Str as that qualifies you power attack and your light load is 50lbs. So 25lbs armor,...

umm 13lbs is not a lot and can get eat up very easily, backpacks way 2 to 5 lbs. each potion weighs a 1lbs. Cloak of resistance another lbs, belt of stats another lbs. head ban another 1lbs, food clothes, bed ect. your 13lbs is way gone, but this is what master work back packs handy havard sacks, portable holes and getting + something to str ioun stone or that belt is for. this is why others say dex and full armor is bad.

RaizielDragon wrote:
Doesn't it have 1 less ACP?

yeah it is already considered master work, so you can't master work it again. The only reason the armor exist is for the hell knight prestige class. basically they pay extra 350gp or what ever the difference is from master work plate and hell knight plate so their special class powers can work with it.

There are a few new feats from the new hellknight book that you could take that function with it also. but i did not see them on your list.

Why Hellknight plate??? It is no different from full plate expect to hellknight prestige class. save your self the extra gp.

Also that a stone wall normally is made of up many stones normally not just one big stone, So even if you ruled A, it should still work on a wall to make a door. I would rule with B the due to the reasons said by Gauss, it make more sense with the txt about making coffers, door ect.

if he treating it as cohort, via leader ship. the stat boot can be explained by monsters with pc class levels rules. The moment the get PC class level they get a boost to lot of stats. This is because monster stats are based on like 8 point buy or something, really low. this increase put them in line with npc hero point buy.

Cornielius wrote:

When were Bracers of Falcon's Aim changed?

I don't see a FAQ and Ultimate Equipment on the PRD stills lists nothing about daily uses
Is it in the errata for the second printing of UE, which isn't up on the PRD yet?

yes new errata because of 2nd printing of UE, just about everything was nerfed in it.

I don't see why it should be distance it self from the assassin, it can get the assassinate ability, which was originally only available to Assassin class. that was the whole point of going into the PRC class. the name it self slayer suggest it does that. it kills things. i think the slayer was actually made to replicate/emulate the assassins from assassin creed game.

Olaf the Holy wrote:

Ways to get trapfinding, which is needed to find magic traps:

Trap Finder campaign trait. Cheapest one. Campaign traits are not usually allowed in other games, though.
Trapfinding Slayer Talent. Slayer 2.
Seeker archetype Sorcerer 1.
Trap Breaker archetype Alchemist 1.
Brother of the Zeal Monk PRC 2.
Archivist archetype Bard 2.
Pathfinder Society Field Agent (or whatever) prestige class 1.
Guild Agent prestige class 1.
Trapfinding talent Ninja 2.
Patient Hunter archetype Hunter 1.
Alchemical Trapper archetype kobold alchemist 4.
Trapper archetype Ranger 1.

That's about it, I think. See if you like something from in there.

Also maybe see about co-opting the Trap Spotter rogue talent via somewhere. 2 level rogue dip if you have to.

And you'll need an unreasonably high perception bonus as well as disable device.

Druid is an excellent trap finder if you're allowed to take the trait.

why does everyone forget the total awesome Urban Ranger they get it at level 3.

but as other stated you don't need this at all. To spot them or even disable them. Summon monster 1 wands do the trick just fine, if you can't just walk around it. you only have to worry about magical traps the auto reset and those are few and far between and for those that do 3rd level spell dispel magic or and anti magic field crush them. This is one of the reasons for why rogue suck threads, they are not needed at all in the game. This class ability is not even needed and it is so poor of a choice that it is all it is worth a trait. hence why you can get it as a trait.

no to get spells it need to be your primary class.

urban ranger

As Kolokotroni said, most of them have been redone as archtypes or as whole new classes. Slayer fits the Assassin role also. The rest need to follow suit and become alternate class, hybrid classes or Archetypes

Hell, knight could easily become archetype or alternate class of Paladin.

Red Mantis assassin: slayer archtype

ect. ect. This is how they need to unchain the rest of them. More PRC are not needed just new archtypes are alternate classes.

note the Gaze attack, happens when pc looks at the Dracolisk, but the Dracolisk can spend a standard action to force another save with it's Gaze attack.

Gisher wrote:
Rysky wrote:

I think that's an error, I'm not seeing that note mentioned (outside of d20) on either Archives of Nethys or Cohorts & Companions.

A search of the boards isn't showing anything either.

I couldn't find it anywhere else either. I searched the C&C pdf, the messageboards, the Golarion FAQ page, the PFS additional resources, the Campaign Clarifications document, and the Archives of Nethys. I couldn't find anything like that statement. I don't have HeroLab, so maybe this was one of those secret FAQ's that d20 found by using the software.

got to love those Herolab FAQs. lol

Check out the FAQ Jiggy posted above. It basically tell you check with your GM and see how they are running things. It does effect carrying capacity. Should your GM not mind using full rebuilding effects. The things listed in book that are effect are meant as quick build kind of rules. to make the game go faster.

I was in on the posting boards that lead to that FAQ happen. It basically boils down to it should effect all things, but changing a character to sheet to apply those effects take a lot of time. So they listed only a few things to effect to make it save on game time and book space. But now that Tablets, phones, and VTT are being heavily being used in gaming along with auto calculating character sheets and things like hero labs. You can actually now apply the full intended effect with the click of a button and not even have to look anything up. It is actual faster then using the temp rules, in those instances. I know I would not want to use the full effects if I had no access to those systems, and quick calculations. So I would use the method listed in the core in with the limited effect.

So in one GM's game this spell could be very powerful while in another have a very limiting effect, and both considered not a house rule.

Pasting Archive of Nethys.

"Your spells erupt with the searing light of the sun, blinding or burning creatures of evil.

Benefit: Any spell you cast with the light descriptor is fortified with the cleansing energies of the sun. If the spell creates an area of light, all creatures are dazzled for as long as they remain within the spell’s area. Oozes, fungal creatures, creatures from the Shadow Plane, and undead must also succeed at a Will save (DC 10 + the spell level + your Wisdom or Charisma bonus) or take a –2 penalty on attack rolls, damage rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks for as long as they remain within the spell’s area. If the spell normally dazzles or blinds affected creatures with a duration other than instantaneous or permanent, the duration of that effect is increased by a number of rounds equal to the spell’s original level. Saving throws to remove the effect early still apply and can bypass this increase.

If the spell deals more damage against oozes, fungal creatures, creatures from the Shadow Plane, or undead with a specific vulnerability to sunlight, the spell deals 1 additional point of damage per die against such creatures.

A solar spell uses up a spell slot 1 level higher than the spell’s actual level."

1st bold section. Tell you right there it works will all light spell that have light descriptor.

2nd bold section all suggest that this feat works with light spells as it calls spell that have a light radius.

3rd bold section is the dangerous part as it is not just evil creatures it is everyone including as party members (as the description suggest how it should work only evil creatures)

4th bold section tells you how it works with light spell that does damage. If the spell does no damage then this effect does not apply, but the others may.

So this feat may have been FAQ, PFS ruling or something somewhere to only work with damaging spells or something else. but based on web posting it should work with normal light spells. just be aware RAW it effect everyone with dazzled in the radius no save.

Book 7 is some forgotten battle maps from book 1, and Gazette or what ever it is call of the town in book 1, and maps of the town. new more personable hand out for the the players, extra events and personality for NPC cohort that can be found in book 1. More NPC character images for important NPCs that just did not make it into the other books.

3 mini quest based on events that happen, so you can run the event in a bit more detail then it being just a foot note or a single roll check. Where the pc play the followers of their character. to give a break from the main quest line. that can be run in book 2, 4,and 5 I think. they do give you some bonus items or rewards that are better then the originally listed event reward. Which the their main character takes from the minion in typical evil fashion. I only gotten to run the extra event on book 2 and it was quite funny, so far.

note that ap is missing a lot of important battle maps from books 1 and 3. Books 7 fixes book 1 map problem but book 3 maps are still non existent, so you will have to make up/find your own to use. Also the 1st few books do not have PC friendly version of the maps, So if you use VTT you will have to edit those maps. Books 4-6 handout package has PC friendly version of the maps hiding all the secret doors ect.

silverrey wrote:
KainPen wrote:
I hope the leather get reprinted to count as hell knight plate or Hell Knight PrC gets reprinted and hell knight armor gets rewritten to count any set of armor with the word hell knight in it as hell knight armor. As I said before this book was great chance to do that, with the extra stuff and would have been worth it.
The PrC already uses the wording of "Hellknight armor" for class features which Amanda Hamon Kunz confirmed means the Hellknight leather would count for those. The Faceless Enforcer I think is the only place that directly calls for "Hellknight Plate" now that I am looking back through things

Glad to know Amanda says that it supposed to work, but the PRC has tons of flaws and mess ups in it. it is RAI but RAW is going to be very very different

like it 2nd level ability

"Hellknight Armor (Ex): At 2nd level, a Hellknight earns the right to wear Hellknight armor (see page 290). While wearing this armor, the Hellknight reduces the armor check penalty by 1, increases the maximum Dexterity bonus allowed by 1, and moves at full speed. At 5th level, these adjustments increase to 2. At 8th level, these adjustments increase to 3."

When you look at page 290 it list Hellknight plate armor. the fact that it has the page number this means all the abilities that reference Hell Knight Armor in the Prc are referencing is Hellknight plate. in that book.

if you look further at the actual hellknight plate entry

"These distinctive suits of armor are a special type of masterwork full plate that, when worn by a character with levels in the Hellknight prestige class, grants additional effects." Note it says grant additional effects. Meaning it works because this is the intend armor to grant those abilities to PRC. no other armor is going to work.

This is why hell knight half plate calls out that it also counts/functions as hell knight plate. It makes and exception to let it functions as such. the leather has no such statement. Meaning it by RAW it does not preform the same function.

The Signifer PRC gets to avoid all this as none of it's abilities actual require a one type of armor. It is a better made PRC. The Hell knight is in desperate need of some clean up.

I am not going to comment on this any more here. If someone wants to talking about it further we can start a thread in the rules board.

Protoman wrote:

First, Year of the Sky Q&A Blog has the Design Team's ruling about robot hardness for Iron Gods.

How does hardness work for creatures? Does energy damage such as cold deal half damage to creatures with hardness (Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook 173-174) even before applying the flat numerical reduction?
When a creature with hardness sustains damage, subtract its hardness from the damage dealt. The rules for halving damage, doubling damage, dealing damage with ineffective tools, immunities, and the like only apply to damaging inanimate objects.
(This is apparently a question the Design Team has received a few times during the development of Iron Gods, so they were ready to go with an answer!)

They need to add that to FAQ under Core rule book section.

silverrey wrote:
KainPen wrote:

...HELLKNIGHT LEATHER??? what is the point of this, cost more weights more and does nothing? umm does it count as hell knight armor allow hell knight to user his armor based abilities? should it also be master work like hell knight armor. It actual states in hell knight half plate it still counts as hell knight plate. This armor does not. Missed opportunity to branch in to maybe dex based hell knights.

Armored Spellcasting, Hellknight Aegis, and Signifer Armor Training call Hellknight Armor "any armor with “Hellknight” in the name" so the leather armor would count for those and probably count for anything else that calls for Hellknight armor but doesn't directly say Hellknight Plate.

So really only use is Aegis, because the Prerequisites for the signifer Armor Training are all the arcane armor feats and heavy armor. which already knocks out that 10 failure%. With the 1st arcane armor feat for the same action the rest with the 2nd feat. there is no need to even take that signifer armor training unless you plan on going with heavy armor, and if you going with heavy armor why are you buying that leather????

I hope the leather get reprinted to count as hell knight plate or Hell Knight PrC gets reprinted and hell knight armor gets rewritten to count any set of armor with the word hell knight in it as hell knight armor. As I said before this book was great chance to do that, with the extra stuff and would have been worth it.

no clue how it works?? left to scholars to debate, lol. It may just raw unmodified mod bonus\bonus. the Actual the language dragon ferocity call for it to be a bonus. while this one use word additional damage, similar but not the same but good enough for me. to rule it currently works as an extra the unmodified mod bonus. this debate needs to be saved for when we can use full txt of the feat.

GM decides how effect damage is vs hardness. most GM's are going to take the default half damage from energy sources then apply hardness to reduce damage.

but considering robots are vulnerable as you state. it would be easier on GM math wise to let you ignore it. other wise he going to have to half the damage then apply hardness and give you. 50% more damage.

another mess up I am guessing just like the hell knight leather not including txt that it lets you use hellknight armor powers. They manged to include it in the hell knight half plate. but not in the leather. so it is more pricey and weight more leather armor that does nothing.

Did not even notice the feat, it belongs on my bad list I just posted about the book on the product page. looks like was it is a meant as feat tax for the feat on my good list Relic Breaker. Not realizing that you already add your str mod to sunder and breaking objects.

More hell knight options that are confusing and poorly written as the class it self. That will never be clarified. It is a shame because there is a lot of flavor and potential there. The prc really need to be fixed and reprinted. Maybe even turned into a base class, or Alternate base Class of fighter and/or paladin.

I just got this hoping they be some good stuff in it and maybe clarification on the way disciplines work as per uses per day. As that is still very confusing with disciplines like pandemic faith, that grants domain powers, which some have their own users per day . very disappointing in it.

The Good
They added a good bit to the existing orders already and some have some really neat boons, that be acquired via Hellknight Obedience, but the abilities seem to come way too late. 12 hitdice +, the new disciples are Good to ok for the most party only one bad one in my opinion. I really do like the armor teleportation power, and Versatile Intimidation (which seem like it should be static, ability but if you read hellknight prc it should have limited uses per day.)

few interesting feats found under the Major order sections

Censoring Critical = Awesome even thou it late in the game. mute spell caster for 1 rd on passed save failed save is 1d4+1rd.

Relic Breaker is also pretty cool sunder something and maybe character the person on fire.

Caster’s Champion- is ok way of trying making up for removing SLA count as prerqu and not allowing more people to take arcane strike, even if this is limited times per day the fact that it is swift action make it a ok feat for martial. especial at earlier levels when you may not have a magic weapon. All you need is arcane caster in party, which most parties have.

Favored Quarry is practically useless. a very small bonus to skill checks vs 1 type of enemy. which is based of your prc level (should be based off total character level or grant favored enemy bonus also.) (also is this limited times per day? See the prc need a rewrite and lot of clarification. so this was missed chance at doing that.)

Hell knight barding, useless, it is just a handy cap, does nothing for a mount at all expect slow it down. just stick to normal barding. (maybe it should have been magic armor that grant the mount the same hellknight armor powers while the hellknight was mounted.)

HELLKNIGHT LEATHER??? what is the point of this, cost more weights more and does nothing? umm does it count as hell knight armor allow hell knight to user his armor based abilities? should it also be master work like hell knight armor. It actual states in hell knight half plate it still counts as hell knight plate. This armor does not. Missed opportunity to branch in to maybe dex based hell knights.

Minor Orders, waste of space. I was really hoping for more detail with this, but all it is nothing but nice descriptions, and list of reckonings, but what are the boons that go with that order, what are their Order base Disciplines? No clue So I am guessing I just pick any disciplines I want. Unlike the major orders who are forced into certain Discipline choice at X level? for the boons it says you can use associated parent order but not that you have to, but there is a minor order that actual has no associated order. So just cherry pick what you want?

Order of the Ennead Star. warning this is really for GM use only. the scope to declare your challenge is narrow or to broad(GM has total discretion on this.) to you actual witnessing a crime being committed, and also chaotic person. The same for the orders other too abilities. So in the wilderness or dungeon you odds are going to be pretty useless. Also it does not actual work well with the hell knight Prc, as you are going to lose out on all your caviler stuff, and end up with a weaker mount. would have been nice to have a feat or abilities in the older that let the levels stack for counting for few those things.

rat people can fight in the same square legally with a feat, also there is a mounted/teamwork feat that lets your share squares with another mounted person. It is probably mess up and don't expect a lot of support on it. As pathfinder has all but abandon Prestige Class (with the exception of Hell Knights they are too big of setting piece to throw out.) in core books and companion books\campaign based books, they don't get errata or FAQ's. They add one occasionally in companion books.

edit note. most Prestige Class are originally for NPC/GM use, So it is something that would more then likely only be used in a limit situation or encounter. hence why most Prestige Class abilities are weaker then most core classes. Hellknight is good example, of this, most the the ability mimic paladin only half as powerful, half the smites per day ect. the only reason to play a Prestige Class is for theme or if you want to challenge your self.

Erik Mona wrote:
Very interesting that you ask this question now!

why is it interesting now? lol

Thank's I like the idea of Kami Shikigami, it would fit that aspect. It would also be possible to get it via leadership more then likely, that way it could level up in some classes ect and have even more abilities as a cohort.

I was looking at some the archetypes

I notice Bloodline could be stacked with Emissary or Sage

I was thinking if i was try and make D with a hand similar to his.

urban/Cross blooded BloodRager with aberrant/undead lines would be good fit theme wise

then the hand could have sage/undead bloodline. I feel sage would kind of fit as the hand is kind of a note it all.

I was just looking for general idea and ways to do this. The Doru Div is a good fit also, I like that, and alignment is not a problem improved familiar feats says alignment can be 1 step off in each axis, so the D type character could be, Lawful neutral, Neutral and chaotic Neutral and still have that little evil familiar taunting and teasing him all the time, trying to get him to succumb to the dark side.

I may use this character for evil game.

I know this is a res of this Thread, but I want to note and ask a question, as some one else pointed out to me in my thread about trying to recreate Vampire hunter D's left hand.

that the Feat Aberrant Tumor now exist, and allowing Sorcerer and blood rangers, with Aberrant Bloodline, to get a tumor familiar, but they also have arcane caster levels, so would they be allowed to take improved familiar

What improved familiar do you think would fit his left hand best. I was thinking maybe Cacodaemon daemon?

reckless aim gives you a bonus to hit, but you can hit your allies on the roll of a one.

the Queen's Raven wrote:
What ever he is, it's level 20 and tier 10 mythic.

lol true, but I think lower tier abilities just to even see if it is possible. That way it can grow it's own abilities. does not need to actual be D or his left hand. could be the hand from Paryste anime, or the chin from the other guy in it.

I will look at the Aberrant tumor.

how would you guys build it? Are there any parasite or symbiotic based monsters you can may use leadership to acquire it, it so it can cast it own spells or preform it's own functions?

It was thinking Maybe tumor familiar, but it does not really fit, is there away to get it with out being alchemist? Maybe combine it with improved familiar to have it take more then an animal shape?

note the trait also say it ignores the effects that cause it, it does not cure or remove current effect. the curse is always active so it can't be ignored. as it is already in effect.

just use from the website.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

intrigue added archtype to anti-paladin that allows LE. there is almost no change to the class other then alignment change. This was done after Way of the wicked AP came out and everyone realized a LE anti paladin still functions and functions well.

They just remove the stupid alignment restriction. Consider 1st and 2nd edition anti paladins where Lawful Evil(the typical blank knight). Was not until 3rd until they changed it into a Prestige class called the black guard that it became CE, it kind of got stuck on it's conversion over to pathfinder when it was changed to base class alternate and rename back to the original name.

Honestly if you don't have time you should limit the number of books you allow in your game, classes and feats, until you master them over time. master one book then allow another.

edit here is link to FAQ with the other changes that goes with archtype, it was minor things they forgot to change because that how trival the aligment change is. Hopeful this will happen soon to the paladin. Their aligment you have to match their God's and not limited to LG LE and CE.

See if GM will allow for gestalt Characters, Do Slayer, if you can take high jump from monks as gestalt, Or if you can find away to get fly with out wings. you maybe able to emulate something with combined efforts of sneak attack damage, study, and some feats. I know there are feats that gives bonus to hit or extra damage from higher position or something like that. I just can't recall the names.

But even then the game does not allow you to get crazy stupidly high jumps. unfortunately the only way to get the kind of damage Kain and them where doing with jump is via a lance, while mounted with sprited charge. It is just nature of the way martials get treated by pathfinder.

your best bet is to build a whole new class from the ground up. did the advance class guide have rules on this? I don't remember and don't have the books on this. If not a book maybe coming out soon on how to do this. Maybe someone can verify.

edit the feats are already posted in the thread
Branch Pounce for damage and death from above for the hit.
you need to combine it with boots of the cat, so you are not killing your self to bad and negates landing prone from branch pounce if you miss.

thegreenteagamer wrote:

If you played the classic Final Fantasy games, you know what I'm talking about. They had spears. They wore HEAVY armor. They jumped an ungodly height and came to rain death on their enemies.

I first thought dragoon fighter would do the job - I mean, in FF4, the American version translates Kain's "Dragon Knight" class as "Dragoon", and this archetype gets spear specialization with double the damage bonus...but...

...what the hell is this "mounted focus but no actual mount" crap?! No, no, no, no, that will not do at all. Unless you count the occasional Chocobo, these folks did not do mounted combat.

So I'm trying to figure if I wanted to build a lancer type, how would I do it?

I almost think a regular fighter would do it, using armor training to eliminate the AC penalty in heavy armor or get it as low as possible, and regular weapon training to boost spear damage, snag Death From Above, take Skill Focus (acrobatics) and Acrobatic or anything else that boosts jump, grab boots of striding and springing ASAP, and maybe power attack/furious focus?

yeah this is what happen when they try to mix the real world Dragg
Another route I've seen suggested is scout rogue, for the sneak attack on charges, heavy armor that way. :-/


yeah this is what happens when you try to combine real world Dragoon Noun (where all the mounted stuff came from)

plural noun: dragoons
1.a member of any of several cavalry regiments in the British army.
synonyms:cavalryman, mounted soldier; historical knight, chevalier, hussar; archaic cavalier "the dragoons charged"

and the Final Fantasy one, Spear\Lance wielding jumping Dragon Knight.

to blend the extreme fantasy with real world expectation they for some reason they hold the fighter class too. you end up with a Spear/Lance mounted Fighter (which does work well) that jumps off his mount (this is where it gets bad) to get a small bonus to hit. Most of the then the benefits of the archetype can be used outside of mounted combat,but the entire archetype is assuming you are going to be using a lance. Which give the most benefit while mounted. Then the 2nd highest level ability requires you to jump off you mount??? for only an additional +2 to hit (that still makes you take further AC penalty of another -2). That ability need to be reworked to maybe you are always considered to be mounted when wielding and lance and charging after and acrobatic check.

I have only gotten to play most of these as monsters/NPC in my games. but a few I have actually played

Arcanist: Fix to the horrible current casting system. With a next generation casting system, with out going into MP territory. I see the class as testing ground for a new much needed casting system, Sure if we ever get a pathfinder 2ed. this will be the casting system used.

Bloodrager: Still Blah no desire to play. Or even put in my game, if I want a blood line, I just use eldritch heritage feat. If am going to play a caster, I will play an actual caster.

Brawler: I use this one a lot in my games, I replace almost all monk that are not far eastern theme with these guys, fits better in the theme wise, really like the ability to pick feats on the spot too.

Hunter: still like this one, Played it and had one played in my game. They can become a problem and almost if there is more then 2 in the party that are built very similar.

Investigator: never played it no desire to. more then likely never will as I feel I have enough classes to master using already.

Shaman: Same as investigator

Skald: Still confused by this one, Guess if I wanted to play heavy metal bard, lol. Total Brutal ledge theme kind of character.

Slayer: Love this one, it has replaced any Assassin NPC's in my game as they fit better, I also always hope for a ranger Archtype that would preform like this, and get rid of spell in place of rogue talents, or sneak attack.

Swashbuckler: will more then likely never use it or play, I don't think it is bad, way better then archetype or prestige classes that try to emulated it, but feels paper work heavy. Same reason I don't use gun gunslingers. I would more then likely play in a 3 musketeers/pirate style game. I am more of a hyborian, style weapon combatant worlds. So it would never fit, theme wise. Same reason i prefer brawler over monk.

Warpriest: Still feel it was unnecessary, as it did not fill any new role, that could not have been filled by just remove alignment restriction from paladins. They are already doing this with the Anti Paladin, as we have lawful evil archtype. Time to do it to the normal paladin.

Diego Rossi wrote:
KainPen wrote:

The feat is already a niche feat anyway, Since they changed the SLA FAQ, and was never that powerful to start. I have rarely seen a full caster take the feat also, because they rather save their swift actions quicken spell, or class abilities. It get selected in the start of the game and quickly retrained as soon as quicken spell become a decent option. It will more then like be Nerf to even more useless and only A Melee Bard, Magi, blood ragers only ones that pick it. Caster will stop using it completely. Other Martial already got kick in the balls and are no longer allowed to get it via SLA. So why not Nerf it some more sounds like a plan.


Add ranged bard and all sort of arcane gish. Better than power attack for people with a 3/4 BAB, especially if they are limited to one handed weapons.

I should have said combat bard, because as caster focus bard or performance focused one is not going to touch the feat. Those version will use it until level 13 then it will get swapped out or almost never used, as soon as changing a performance because at swift action at level 13. It is a nice little sub for those class that don't have swift action abilities, but really how many arcane full caster level gish are there, to use it to sub out in place of power attack at the cost of a swift action. It is a handful. the feat is only worth it if you have a full caster level. if your are multi classing it is worthless.

Does it kill the game to apply it to rays nope, as the current FAQ seem to suggest it is a working function and previous DEV board comments which used to be official at that time. It is a feat that is used when you have nothing else better to do.

It already implied that with scorching ray you only apply bonus to the once per the two scorching ray FAQs, because the rays are fired simultaneous. The one about sneak attack and the one about AOO. I can't think of any fire more then one ray spells off the top of my head. I am sure there are a few but not many. limit the use of this feat even more.

I was more trying to make a joke about what ever it gets FAQ it will nerfed to be even more limited selection or limited use. Based on most recent Errata and FAQ, we have been seeing. More then like changed to something similar to Arcane Shield or Arcane Blast which requires the use of a spell level.

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