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This made me think of a old saying I heard before. That you can't fall off of anything. You can only fall while in the process of falling. because something else is always the causes you to enter that state of being. does not matter it be jumping, slipping, stepping ect. you don't have a choice in falling, it is going to happen unless you are in 0g. it does not get any more involuntary then that. lol

Falling does not cause an AoO it is consider involuntary movement. All slow fall does is slow your fall so you take less damage, it is still considers involuntary movement. The only way involuntary movement cause an AoO is if there is something that says it does, much like Greater Bull rush. I know there are more feats and ability that do so, I just don't remember the names

Central, I am looking for local players. not sure why this thing moved to online games.

yeah looking at Fretgod99 post

Charge through I remember now was a feat created to fix the current charge and over run rules, instead of just fixing the rules. edit* it is also strong evidence that you can't charge and over run something.* because you need the feat to do it.

I really think your mount needs those feats also. because according to current rules you are both preforming the charge and both having to move through the creatures square. Talk to your GM about it. it obvious the intent is your mount is not supposed to have to take them. but arggg.

I would recommend switching over to unchained action economy, if you want to see less of this. Since full attack does not exist any more. You will see less of this reaction, because he will be able to move and get two attacks off no matter what 3 if hasted. or move in attack then move away, and even doing other things.

It is an inherit flaw with the current action economy by melee's losing all their attacks by moving. only fixes are pounce and the mobile fighter archetype.

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this is called smart tactics and is normal.

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technically over run and charging does not even work in RAW. and is impossible to do. Everyone know the intent and how it should work but the way things are written you can't charge and over run. it has only been fix with the unchained rules with the unchained action economy rules.

Rules best to avoid. Anything with mounted combat and anything to do with charging outside of pounce. With out seeing major table variation because those rules are a mess.

I am not sure what any of those feats do, you should provide link to them from the PRD. actual you may not even need the feats they may be required by your mount. like i said those rules are really really messy.

only way to get around the highest to lowest is with extra attacks that are not caused because of your base attack bonus, such as haste other such spells, Swift actions(mostly mythic stuff but are a few exceptions Monk ki point), Speed weapons.

See this thread for more detail

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There are a lot of problems with the Bracers of Falcon Aim, a price increase would have been the best fix. now they are worthless as others have pointed out.

That is not the real problem is not the Bracers themselves, it is the spell that is the problem, the spell should not be a 1st level spell. Edit the spell to the correct level it should be and the price would fix it self. The spell is 1st level but it is give the power 3rd level spell with the critical adjustment. See Keen edge. but the spell is also giving you +5 to perception checks and a bonus to hit. The spell level should be 4th level. Now make the Bracers as 4th level druid spell or 3rd level ranger and you have a fair price for the for what it provided. Much like how Blessing of Fervor is balanced against haste.

All items that use this spell is going to be off balance do to the problem with the spell level. They did not fix the problem this spell is still going to be massively used in the form of potions,Scroll and Wands, just not in the form of the bracers any more.

Leave the items alone and start fixing the spells.

but it does not really free up a ring slot. because the ring pro is part of the big six and the game is made around that you get it and raise it up past +1 making the hat worthless. so you really are paying 5 grand to negate 1 critical. this may not been so bad I would see your point Rysky if you could increase the hat to +5 deflection bonus. but it does not allow that.

For those that unchained even more so, because it fixes the need of the big six which is very much needed in the game. all rings give the deflection bonus (which i use a lot less editing to AP are need with this one) or people are using auto progression get the bonus as they level up.

Rysky wrote:
Nicos wrote:
Rysky wrote:

Ring of Protection, cheaper yes, but takes up a ring slot.

you have a better idea to use the ring slot for comparable price?
Ring of Sustenance and Ring of Feather Fall immediately jump to mind.

I never buy any of those for any character. Cat boots are cheaper then ring keep ring slot open for the ring of protection. 90% of all the rings a decent are expensive, with in that price range they suck expect ring of protection.

ring of substance useless also. it has been for years. Most games don't even user food and water, it is just pointless book keeping, If not the spells get used to create it food and water daily. There no need to not sleep is also rather useless as most of the party is going to sleep and take watch shifts. that ring has almost no effect on game play.

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Braces of Falcon Aim did not need a nerf they need a reasonable price increase to some where around the tune of 10K-25K

Anyone can use a wand with UMD

Problem with the cap of the free thinker is not the price it is that all those feats and ability that let your re-roll once a day are not even worth a feat. They are worth about half a feat or back ground trait. they are utterly useless but a small fraction of the time. Same way the original iron will in 3.5 was not worth the feat. now it is acceptable as a feat, works because pathfinder double the number of feats. Those re roll feats and ability should do exactly what the hat was doing. All day take the better roll. 5th edition does this with no problems with it advantage system.

This was a really bad nerf all the way around. as other pointed out Pathfinder is going to extreme side of nerfing instead of finding a middle ground.

bracers fix option should have been several times a day as swift action, or increase the price.

Brawling armor make it +2 mod for it to be worth a +3 mod it should work on all armor types not just light.

Cap increase the price a bit more.

quick runner shirt all it needed was the 24 hour bit at it's current cost. to prevent item swamping. It was already limited to once a day and swift action. Basically all it was did was allow you to change swift action into a move action limited to movement. which is funny because if you use unchained action ECO, it was totally use item. because swift,move and standard action are interchangeable. Which is a vastly better action system.

I am surprised boot of the cat did not get nerf also. take 20 point of damage from falling 20000+ feet and land on my feet for it's cost in gold. lol

This is an older feature from AD&D you did no damage with out +x weapon and 3.0 where the weapon had to be +x and mat and alignment,to go thru DR. This created and super pricey ways to over come DR. Which is unbalance compared to caster be able to just ignore it any way. The +X was removed in 3.5 and changed to just magic. Where the items need to be mat and alignment and magic, This created the golf bag effect which was horrible, everyone was running around with like 20 +1 Alignment weapons, to over come DR. While this was cheaper then 3.0 it was This made creatures like dragons DR\magic a joke, still is and any weapon over +1 a joke or waste of money.+1 to hit and damage was not worth it when you can get the different levels of fire weapon for each of those + stacking on tons of extra d6 and d10 on critical ect.

So pathfinder took a balance between all of them and made all dr but Dr/- a joke. you can either go with the cheap +1 golf bag weapon or the +5 weapon you been building up the whole time. or the really really super cheep by casting 1 or 2 communal spells. depending on the needs.

pathfinder even turned it's own DR/EPIC into a joke with it revision in mythic adventures and beyond. now all you need is a +1 weapon with +5 worth extra's abilities or a +5 weapon with a +1 ability instead of any actual artifact that has +6 enhancement bonus or a weapon with bane property made to kill said creature. So you can see DR is meant to be cheep.

Aelryinth: ninja me with excellent response.

Hi, Everyone, I am looking to get two new players in my group for my Pathfinder way of the wicked AP. I had post about this last year on meetup website and someone on there joined, played with my group for a little while, but we end up having to take a brake for a few weeks and swapped to new gm and game. I never heard from the guy again. Guessing he did not fit in when our group, or game ect. Which is normal It is hard for me to find players that fit in with our group and game style. Which is why I try to let everyone know everything about the game and what to expect before handed.

But if anyone is interested, We need very experienced players with a fair system mastery. That don't mind a mostly hack and slash style game or group. I am looking for one committed person that will really try to play every game and another that will come when they can. If i can get two committed person the even better. We play every other Saturday, usually from 4pm to 9pm some times game goes later. we play one week in chalmette and the other week of the month in Kenner area. Also I run my games from D20pro virtual table top. I used to run the whole thing out of it, to keep the game running fast system, but it add time to GM work on the back end of the game. All rolls ect where all done in the system but I am changing that a bit. Be since the newer version has some new features I really want to focus on and take time on the back end. Everyone will be allow to roll their own dice at the table and the program will be mostly a visual aid. Also you are welcome to bring a laptop or ect and run the program fully if you see fit. Since one of the new feature is players are allowed to edit their characters in it. It does not have to be done on the back side anymore.

Since unchained book in pathfinder came out I have also adjust my game to use unchained action economy system, consolidated and Background skills, inherent magic item system, So you don't have to worry about the big 6 any more. Variate Muli Class system I will be testing on Cohort's and allow one more player to test out. Also due to the large number of optional rules I am running, I have custom character sheets for players to use that are in PDF format and form fallible. the Campaign as I stated before is one that was already in play, we are coming back to it after almost a year break. So you will be coming in at 10th level and at the start of Book 3 our of the 6. Another reason I am looking for very experienced players.

There are limited class and books I allow but the list will be in player packet I will provide you

Current players characters are
Variant multi class Sorcerer/Wizard
Brawler/Rouge normal multi class
I don't remember if he he is phalanx fighter or pole arm fighter.
and an Anti Paladin.

Their are 3 cohorts in use also. This AP has a ton of Cohorts to pick up so leader ship is welcome and recommed feat to pick up.
Half-Fiend oger fighter

1st game session will more then likely be sometime in July 2016. We need to finish current game we are playing 1st. If anyone is interested feel free to contact me on here.

Harleequin wrote:
I really dont like stacking archetypes at all!

I agree cause lot of chaos and confusion. I don't think it should have ever been any option. So I house ruled it out of my games and consider Archetype to be specialized version of a class So you can only have one per class. A person in my games but can still get more then one archetype but it from an archetype from another class.

but since this is in the rule section of the board. To answer the OP the archetype must be selected at the level you get the 1st ability swap for that archetype. but you can select it sooner if you want as it actual has no bearing on the abilities until a swap happens.

example your character class x has two ability at level one that are getting changed 1 by one archetype and the other by the 2nd archetype. you select both archetypes at level 1

if you character class x has 1 ability swap at level 1 for one archetype and the 1st ability swap for the 2nd archetype does not happen til level 6. you don't have to add the 2nd archetype until level 6 when that swap happens, but writing it down on your sheet before level 6 has no bearing or effect on the character so. it does not matter.

only adding archetypes after the fact does it matter, then you should be using retraining rules.

For a Summoner, i don't think it is that good of a buff, for your party members yes, but for you no. normal invisibility will be the better buff. As summoning monsters spell do not remove normal invisibility. the duration is longer and the spell level is lower. but So you can use your 4th level slots on better things. the use of the spell really depends on party and AP. if you don't actual do a lot of summoning spells, It would be a good option to take.

It is made for multi class characters and single class with less then full effective level to take. Like rangers, and I think animal oracle effective level is at -3 I think Clerics with animal domain, Paladin, ect. because all of them have less then full EDL, am not sure, because I don't have book in front of me and can't look at SRDs at the moment. to verify those actual class have less a normal effective druid level. There is also a feat that will give you an AC and EDL at -3 total character level but limit the animal selection. I took it with my most recent hell knight and took up boon to make up the those 3 levels.

It is not full class druid or classes that get full class effective druid levels.

there are also lots of magic items that have a similar effect. I know there is a set of bracers or gloves that raise the effective level of laying on hands or mercies for the paladin, but I think they are limit to total character level also. but as I said I don't have books to confirm that. I could be wrong on the level limit part. but the idea of those items and feats are to help out multi class characters or character that go into presclasses.

I don't know what half these people are talking about as problems.

my group enjoyed the hell out of evil org rules. they even came up with different funny rp ways of dealing with it, when they ran legit business. They said say they where selling Marconi art. lol

they also did not even think twice about kidnapping npc to feed the monster they filled their lair with. was not until the last few weeks that it even occurred to them they could just feed the creatures live stock.

my anti paladin love playing his and had no issues with the spell list, maybe because he was also playing a Damphier and would use spells to heal him self and other things.

my fighter had no issues contributing also to the plot, +2 skill points per the player book rules help that out a lot. he was also human and use his favored class bonus for skill points. he was getting 6 skill points a level. the only books he was using also was core and advanced players.

the adventure is also very friendly for charm/compelling caster as well as blaster.

My opinion is to never mix them,it leads to way to many problems. The systems may be run near identical. but the power change is completely different. Most 3.5 feats are actual worth 2 feat in pathfinder. this is why the cleave chain was adjust in pathfinder. There are some exceptions that where just super weak in 3.5 compared to others. Those often stayed the same in the conversion. Skill also a big change with 3.5 characters specializing in a skill is vastly more powerful then a pathfinder one. but pathfinder characters are better at cross class skills. I can go on and on about,how different they are it. They don't blend well together even thou that was the original intent of the system to blend with 3.5 with pathfinder core. Pathfinder has grown so much on it's own that it really is not compatible with out major over haul to the 3.5 add on. Hell Pathfinder almost does not mesh with it's own core anymore, hence the making of the unchained book; The need of all the FAQ, erratas and blog posting.

Aelryinth wrote:

YOu can't dispel a wall of force, either. You can only destroy it. It's one of the things that stay around even in an AM shell.

And there was no upper limit to AC in 2e, only 'highest published'. Holy Sardior, someone remembered the gem dragons?!

We got a drow fighter/cleric in the Vault of the Drow down to -20 AC with spells without too much trouble. Shocked my brother when his 15th level dwarf with the dwarven thrower kept missing her!


Actual there was a limit in 2nd edition for PC on page 73 of (black DMG) under the definition of AC. the limit for pc was -10, this is also reflected in every 2nd edition video game that was ever created. While you could find enough gear to get to a -20. The games did not allow per those rules. There were only a few exception and I think almost all of them where All Dragons ages 11+ with the best AC possible in game was age 12 gold dragon, Shadow Dragon and Amethysts Dragons all had -12 AC, Red had -11 at age 12. I want to say there was only one non-dragon monster that had a -12, that was not in a deity or demi god, but I can't remember what it was.

I uselessly ask my players if they want to RP a section or just roll. It they RP it, what ever the out come of the RP is the outcome. I may give them a roll after if it was really bad, to try and sway it a better direction. If they choose to roll, what ever the out come is on the dice determines success, no second chances and I make the dialog for them.

Grace divine spell is swift action spell available to clerics, Paladins

Doesn't the ultimate campaign have rules for family and relationship? and perk or draw back that come with those. I don't have my books to check but i remember seeing actual pathfinder rules for npc relationship with pc. they where mostly minor story effects but there is stuff out there. I just can't remember the book.

not sure what Kazaan is talking about feat action, there is no such thing. But he is correct you can't combine the two. Awesome blow is a specific combat maneuver that take a standard action like, over run and grapple. It can't be used in place of an attack like sunder, trip and disarm. Which they do allow you to use vital strike with it but has no effect expect with sunder.

PC got captured in that book? How? I don't even remember seeing that as a possible out come in the AP expect in book 1. The PC are supposed to being doing the capturing, not the other way around. They are evil honestly they let him Die, he is weak link. if you want to do rescue, I would just do and evil org check make them spend two of their actions, Make ruthless or surviablity checks with moderate DC of 15.

edit: their contract prevents the from feuding with each other, but does not mean they have to save him. I won't change the SP but reduce surviablity score of Organization. Say 2 or 3 points.

After they have the horn, they really should not even be going to town at all, and just defending the horn. There is no need to ever go to town you just send the minions and cohorts, and that what the old organization chapter in the back of the book is for. Also if they made friends with baron at the start, he can get them out automatically, unless they are caught in the act of preforming a murder.

looks to be that way, option is to use it as per PFS FAQ if you are playing with that, if not make the call as GM or ask GM for ruling since the hardness rules say GM have choices over how element damage effect objects with hardness

Gisher wrote:
lemeres wrote:
Hayato Ken wrote:

-Play an unchained rogue, get weapon finesse and DEX to damage on daggers.

-Be a halfling.
-River Rat Trait for +1 damage.
-Use Two-Weapon Fighting with deific obedience Pharasma.
-Dirty Fighting, Improved dirty Trick and greater dirty trick are great ways to get sneak attack with blinding foes. Vexing dodger archetype gets improved dirty trick as a bonus feat. If you want to multiclass, take 5 levels of unchained barbarian untamed rager archetype, gets greater dirty trick at level 5 and unchained rage works with weapon finesse.
-Deft palm and underhanded rogue tricks work great either with improved initiative and surprising combatant or betrayer feats.

I would recommend the vexing dodger archetype over the knife master.
Knife Master has the d8 on sneak attack, but vexing dodger gives you more opportunity for sneak attack and you get several advantages versus foes larger than you, which are most if you´re a halfling.
With a certain new racial trait you can also hide behind your medium sized party members.

And I thought you were suggesting hafling for risky striker.

Which is a great idea. Cause it gives you power attack like damage bonuses against anything big and beefy, and all at the cost of 1 AC.

The AC penalty for Risky Striker now increases with your BAB so it's not quite as good as it used to be.

I never noticed that feat, Does it work with power attack looks like it does. I have not played halfling barbarian since 3.5. might be a good mix with invulnerable rager archtype.

I never even noticed they had hardness, I always treated it DR as animated objects. I considers them a creature. Not much of a difference in the way they function, only the energy damage part. I think it would be clear and easier to treat them as creatures and just give them DR and Resistance and vulnerabilities per each creature, instead of hardness which is completely open ended because the GM sets vulnerability rules. But I will take note of it now and surprise my players with it. Considering I already mapped out all the immunities, vulnerabilities, based on materials, in my house rules. They will be surprised with Acid does not work Glass Statue.

"Some energy types might be particularly effective against certain objects, subject to GM discretion."

This is why you use DR for creatures, to avoid the smashing/sundering rules which are different and allow GM to decide how energy does damage. If a robot has hardness listed instead of DR it must be a typo, unless robots are not creatures in which case they should be sunders are smashed then use those rules. which means the energy damage is effective by hardness however GM says they do ignore, half, whole or double ect.

_Ozy_ wrote:
KainPen wrote:
_Ozy_ wrote:

This has been brought up before with some related input from the devs:




and I'll repeat the quote:


James Jacobs (Creative Director) wrote:

The rules for activating and unactivating a weapon's energy damage is not in the game to force users of those weapons to spend an extra action to get ready above the action of drawing a weapon. The rules are mostly there for the cases where you want to turn OFF the effect, such as if you're entering an encounter where having visibly magic weapons might be a disadvantage.
Otherwise, the game assumes that the energy damage effect is left on all the time. It's not like those weapons will run out of power if they're left on all the time, after all.

unfortunately James is not a rules guy or part of the design team. he is the creative director. He the guys that come up with idea on how stuff should be or the guy that make the flavor. He does a great job. but this is rule forum and rule question. He is stating what he think the intent of said items should be, not what the rules say they are supposed to due. Reading the rules it tell use they are not active until you activate them. I actual saw a post in another thread about the recent FAQ about being nauseated and swift and free actions. where Mark a member of design team said they can give unofficial suggestion but do not like to anymore because it cause confusion like this. If I remember correctly, in a post a while back said it should be one way. The FAQ then recently rule against him.

Some one quoted his original answer in the FAQ thread as an official answer. he had to come back and correct that saying the only official answers that should be recognized are the ones that come from the actual pathfinder design team account.

So you have to go with


by the fact that it is command word activation, but definition of

activation means

Also found in: Thesaurus, Medical, Legal, Acronyms, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia.
ac·ti·vate (ăk′tə-vāt′)
tr.v. ac·ti·vat·ed, ac·ti·vat·ing, ac·ti·vates
1. To set in motion; make active or more active."

meaning you have to speak the command word to Set in motion or make active. Thus before command word is spoke it is inactive. thus default is off.

_Ozy_ wrote:

This has been brought up before with some related input from the devs:




and I'll repeat the quote:


James Jacobs (Creative Director) wrote:

The rules for activating and unactivating a weapon's energy damage is not in the game to force users of those weapons to spend an extra action to get ready above the action of drawing a weapon. The rules are mostly there for the cases where you want to turn OFF the effect, such as if you're entering an encounter where having visibly magic weapons might be a disadvantage.
Otherwise, the game assumes that the energy damage effect is left on all the time. It's not like those weapons will run out of power if they're left on all the time, after all.

unfortunately James is not a rules guy or part of the design team. he is the creative director. He the guys that come up with idea on how stuff should be or the guy that make the flavor. He does a great job. but this is rule forum and rule question. He is stating what he think the intent of said items should be, not what the rules say they are supposed to due. Reading the rules it tell use they are not active until you activate them. I actual saw a post in another thread about the recent FAQ about being nauseated and swift and free actions. where Mark a member of design team said they can give unofficial suggestion but do not like to anymore because it cause confusion like this. If I remember correctly, in a post a while back said it should be one way. The FAQ then recently rule against him.

Some one quoted his original answer in the FAQ thread as an official answer. he had to come back and correct that saying the only official answers that should be recognized are the ones that come from the actual pathfinder design team account.

So you have to go with what the rules currently say other wise it is house rule. The rule state the magus can add the ability then to see the rules about special properties. those rule then state it a command word activation, which those rules tell you it is a standard action to activate. I actual believe those things requiring standard action is intentional to add a bit of balance and make fights last longer and make them more challenging.

yeah they can add two in a single round but all of those ability listed as options. But it also take an action to activate. because the txt says see weapon ability rules. so it just mean adding it is a swift action, not actual making the ability activate. only the burst ability auto activate on critical and the passive ability like keen auto activate. so the 1d6 damage abilities are bad choices, better to pick keen, speed all the passive options or just increasing the bonus.

what book is Haunts in? I ask because of
they don't actual list the source but their txt says

"On the surprise round in which a haunt manifests, positive energy applied to the haunt (via channeled energy, cure spells, and the like) can damage the haunt’s hit points "

maybe there was and update to the txt of that box via errata

cure light wounds is positive energy

I know their txt is correct there for that. and it says you channel positive energy, Dampiers.

@ Diego Rossi read the whole thing, 1st sentence is telling at start of battle is the only time you make a check. Sentence two is telling you initiative check is any ability score check based on dex thus it is effected by thing that effect your dex score. Sentence 3 tell you how to do the math and preform the check. sentience 4 the 1st part you have bolded out tell you how to to determine order. stop end of rule or statement. the 4th sentence, new rule or statement which you only have the 1st part bolded tells you that every round after the 1st you follow that same order with 1 exception the part in () the character choose to change their initiative via the special actions. After the 1st round the numbers don't matter because there is only one way to change your initiative via the special actions delay or ready. This is all I am going to say on it as it belong in a separate thread.

1 covered

2 we need to know the ability if it is a Spell like ability then yes it will require a standard action. but i do find it funny the "a bonus for 3 rds bit" I know they have this all over the books with ability with bonus to init for number of rd, but the hard rules are once initiative is roll it is set in stone, the number hit the trash can, they mean nothing out side that 1 roll. It does not change while in play unless special actions are taken such as delay or reading. so really he has that bonus for the entire combat.

think everyone covered number 3 pretty good, but I want to Clarify, why Fernn said it takes around 3 rounds to do, it is because activating flaming or frost is a command word per each of these ability action take up a stranded action. So it can be done the fastest is 2 rounds. 1rd swift action add both frost and flame abilities to the weapons, standard action to activate one of them so they they do the d6 fire or frost ect.
on rd 2 you can spend another stander action to activate the other adding that 2nd d6. so 3rd before you can attack and get the benefit. this is an outside, just before combat buff.

4 covered

5 covered

it is exactly as it says, you get +1 skill rank for every level you are.
this comes after any penalty thou. so you are a Human fighter level 1 with 6 int and it is your favored class. fighter gets 2+int mod skill points per level, minimum of 1. an int 6 mod i think is -2
So you get the minimum of 1 skill point, +1 from being human/skilled and you choose your favored class bonus as a skill point you get 3 skill ranks at level 1

same situation but the fighter has int of 14
he gets 2+int mod of +2 = 4 then +1 from skilled and +1 from favored class = 6 skill ranks to use at level 1

that again is your GM call only he can answer it, you are not going to find any official ruling on this, because there is none. all the rules state is you can retraining a class ability, bloodlines is one of you new class ability from archtype, just as a Scorc can retrain it. see their section of retraining on what must be done to retrain bloodline. The rules don't get into the level of detail you are looking for they just say

"less stated otherwise, retraining costs gp equal to 10 × your level × the number of days required to retrain. This is normally paid in full at the start of the retraining period, but the GM might allow you to divide these payments over multiple days. At the GM's discretion, this training cost could be up to 50% higher or lower, depending on situational factors within the settlement—availability of trainers, local economy, cost of materials, and so on.

Some retraining options require you to work with a trainer. If no suitable trainer is available, the GM might allow you to retrain yourself by spending twice the normal time. Even if you train yourself, you must still pay the cost for training (though you don't double the cost as you do the time). Any option that requires a trainer also requires some kind of training facility for that activity."

basically your GM decide if you need a trainer or not and what type of trainer you need. IT could be another Magus, a Sorcerers or blood rager could do it, a expert NPC class that has knowledge bloodlines could teach you out a of book. This level of detail is out side of the rules and is left that way for gm to decide and for good reason. Some GM like to RP more then others, some just don't give a crap and just say pay the down time and cost, + 50% more because your in a town not a city because they don't want that level of detail in down time because it slows down their game.

ask your GM, retraining is optional rule in the Ul Camp book. your GM may not even allow retraining. Some gm's require to find some one of higher level to teach you, others do not. I believe the rules say you can do it your self but it take longer to do, thus costing more money.

Amazing Tools of Manufacture and Craft wand or wood worker would work well with allowing you to make a slew of wands a lot faster.

get a blink back belt instead of return on the star/cross, with quick draw feat can throw your cross more then once a round.

edit: this is a nerco thread!!! why did you bump to nerco so evil!

the amulet is still better choice magic fang does not let you by bypass all the other DRs, other then magic, meaning you still have to get amulet of mighty fist or +5 weapon at some point.

only if he has improved invisibility, invisible negates as soon as you make an attack. as others stated they would rule that the shield bash/bullrush is caused by the single attack so the CMD would be denined his dex also. but any attacks after that including AOO the target would have use of their dex. unless the attacker is under improved invisibility or similar effect.

aoo happen out side of normal time frame of attacks but still with in a time frame while the bullrush seems one attack. Same thing applies to sneak attack and invisibility you only get it on the 1st attack

actual a class can have more then 20 levels see the beyond 20 rule in core rule book, it even tells how to figure out. you just don't get anything new, this is why multi class is suggested as easier option, you still get new things. even multiclass is not a good option because all the new things your get are actual old things that are more then likely not going to be useful at that level of play any way.

"Experience Points

To gain a level beyond 20th, a character must double the experience points needed to achieve the previous level. Thus, assuming the medium XP progression, a 20th-level character needs 2,100,000 XP to become 21st level, since he needed 1,050,000 XP to reach 20th level from 19th. He'd then need 4,200,000 XP to reach 22nd level, 8,400,000 XP to reach 23rd, and so on.

Scaling Powers

Hit dice, base attack bonuses, and saving throws continue to increase at the same rate beyond 20th level, as appropriate for the class in question. Note that no character can have more than 4 attacks based on its base attack bonus. Note also that, before long, the difference between good saving throws and poor saving throws becomes awkwardly large—the further you get from 20th level, the more noticeable this difference grows, and for high-level characters, bolstering their poor saving throws should become increasingly important. Class abilities that have a set, increasing rate, such as a barbarian's damage reduction, a fighter's bonus feats and weapon training, a paladin's smite evil, or a rogue's sneak attack continue to progress at the appropriate rate.


A spellcaster's caster level continues to increase by one for each level beyond 20th level. Every odd-numbered level, a spellcaster gains access to a new level of spell one above his previous maximum level, gaining one spell slot in that new level. These spell slots can be used to prepare or cast spells adjusted by metamagic feats or any known spell of lower levels. Every even-numbered level, a spellcaster gains additional spell slots equal to the highest level spell he can currently cast. He can split these new slots any way he wants among the slots he currently has access to.

For example, a 21st-level wizard gains a single 10th-level spell slot, in which he can prepare any spell of level 1st through 9th, or in which he can prepare a metamagic spell that results in an effective spell level of 10 (such as extended summon monster IX, or quickened disintegrate). At 22nd level he gains 10 spell-levels' worth of new spell slots, and can gain 10 1st-level spells per day, two 5th-level spells per day, one 7th-level and one 3rd-level spell per day, or one more 10th-level spell per day. At 23rd level, he gains a single 11th-level spell slot, and so on.

Spellcasters who have a limited number of spells known (such as bards and sorcerers) can opt out of the benefits they gain (either a new level of spells or a number of spell slots) for that level and in exchange learn two more spells of any level they can currently cast.

You might want to further adjust the rate of spell level gain for classes (like paladins and rangers) who gain spells more slowly than more dedicated spellcaster classes."

best option and maybe you should suggest to gm is use 20 level and the mythic stuff after, it plays as little nicer with the system as a whole.

Ditto on what Imbicatus said, permanence is really only good if you get from a 20 level caster scroll. Amulet of Mighty fist is the way to go.

let him die lesson learned,the player actual gains xp points lol, I think you are risking much send your familiar in there. your basically voluntarily choosing to fail the cmd check to get your self swallowed, while you could get out of the situation easy by reactivating freedom of movement it going to take you two or more rounds to get out per the shallow hole rules. "If the swallowed creature escapes the grapple, success puts it back in the attacker’s mouth, where it may be bitten or swallowed again." going to take meaning you going to take damage 2 times once while entering taking crushing damaging, this would be DC on concentration check so best option is a wand so 1d8+1. ending round 1 then in round 2 you will have use freedom movement to break the grapple. this put you in the mouth, that is your standard action you are still considered grappled for the time being. you have move action left but really can't do anything with that while grappled. where the creature turn will automatically fail grapple check to maintain vs you, thus free you from it's mouth but it can just bite you and BAM almost dead familiar if not dead.

this is based on if the GM lets you get away with failing the grapple check for being swallowed. if not that means you have to deactivate freedom of movement that i think is standard action, another standers action to reactivate it. that means 2 rounds of auto damage on you.

He is dead anyway unless your tigers full attack can get you them out before worms next turn. you already did your party in trying to save him, by using the tiger. no point in putting anyone else at risk, best bet it to focus on killing it as fast as possible. Also remember your tiger is considered grappled inside the gullet of the worm. So it can use it rake attacks also so you have 5 attacks all that do slashing damage, good chance of getting out and doing a lot of damage. your tiger could end up killing the creature inside out, it choose the wrong creature to try and eat. lol much like that picture of giant snake that ate a porcupine.

yeah, even though they are in the FAQ, they are still not clearly spelled out and are confusing. They are heavily implied, that hands are metaphysical. it a rules that require you to sift through all the FAQ on it. you have to combine all the FAQ to come up with the answer. The one about lances and i think power attack, the ones on bastard swords, the one about twf with great sword and armor spikes, ect. Thus why people call it an unwritten rule, and they are still cause of much debate, I know there was thread not that long about duel wielding lance, while mounted.

lol the rule about everyone in pathfinder world being ambidextrous is another one of the rules that is unwritten, but it take interpretative reading of the FAQ on using several weapons and two weapon fighting to realize this is actual a rule.

This why see your GM is best answer to give on anything like this, and your safest bet assuming your GM reads these boards and FAQs is going rule that you can't duel wield two handed weapons via arms.

It really not best thing to do you are going to be taking what a -6 to all your attacks while twf. So I don't see anything game breaking about it. your not going to hit enough for the extra damage to really even be effective, when compared to a two handed fighter archetype. I don't get while people get all crazy about not allowing it.

if you really want to use get away with use 2 large swords save up for two sunblades, they count as both bastard sword and short sword. you could wield two of those at only -2 from twf, you could even make a large one and actual and still use it 1 handed.

because the Metaphysical rules are written, via FAQS, but no where in 6 prints of core rule book have they actual been printed. So if you never look at the FAQs you never know these rules exist.

Yes the two handed weapon rules prevent you from using stuff in one hand with an out exception.

The Titan Mauler has ability that will let you use normal two handed weapon in 1 hand as a 1 handed weapon. Not sure about the titan fighter, some weapons will do it on their own when a feat is taken, such as bastard sword, dwarven war ax, don dugar ect. but they all state it function as a one handed weapon as I point out being the nature of the whole issue. thus the conflicting FAQ about using a Lance 1 handed while mounted getting 1.5 str and Titan Mauler only getting x1 str mod when wielding 1 handed. as i stated earlier the game treats "as a one handed weapon" and "wield in one hand" are two different things.

I think they final fixed titan mauler and titan fighter archetypes to allow you to use large two handed weapon with two handed.

no rules the actual hands, only metaphysical ones, because those are the only ones that actually matter to the rules. Just talk to your GM about it. If it is for PFS you have to go with the metaphysical rules.

they stick to the metaphysical ones because now the question is what kind of damage do you do with a two-handed weapon in the off hand. 1.5 str damage or .5 str damage. it stop that question from even happening.

they go out of the way to make sure only in extreme or specifically called out ways can get a person get x2 ability score to damage.

that what it really is all about.

the wording here is hands that is the problem lord, the Kasatha call out that the other arms are also treated as off handed. thus giving them additional number of invisible hands. there is an unwritten rule on handiness that is only found in FAQ as being a thing. I think it is stupid also, and just cause more confusion then what it is worth. much like "as a one handed weapon" and "wield in one hand" are two different things. which also goes back to what you are point out in the ves arms. wielding is different from having extra hands. the number of arms you have does not matter only invisible number of handed matter.

This is why I tell the OP to talk to his GM about it. GM may think it is stupid just like me and house rule the invisible hand rules out. and treat the number of arms/limb/ect as your number of hands. which makes a lot more sense.

I say the rouge just cut his way out, sure he has a dagger, cure light not going to be enough to mitigate the damage. is't it automatic sneak attack since the inside has no dex. not to mention if their is a dire tiger in there why has it not cut it self out yet, slashing around in there with all it's natural attacks. tiger could be out with a single bite attack, not to mention it out in 1 full round of attacks for sure then the worm can't eat nothing for a while.

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