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KainPen's page

1,060 posts. Alias of Joshua Matherne.


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Erik Mona wrote:
Very interesting that you ask this question now!

why is it interesting now? lol

Thank's I like the idea of Kami Shikigami, it would fit that aspect. It would also be possible to get it via leadership more then likely, that way it could level up in some classes ect and have even more abilities as a cohort.

I was looking at some the archetypes

I notice Bloodline could be stacked with Emissary or Sage

I was thinking if i was try and make D with a hand similar to his.

urban/Cross blooded BloodRager with aberrant/undead lines would be good fit theme wise

then the hand could have sage/undead bloodline. I feel sage would kind of fit as the hand is kind of a note it all.

I was just looking for general idea and ways to do this. The Doru Div is a good fit also, I like that, and alignment is not a problem improved familiar feats says alignment can be 1 step off in each axis, so the D type character could be, Lawful neutral, Neutral and chaotic Neutral and still have that little evil familiar taunting and teasing him all the time, trying to get him to succumb to the dark side.

I may use this character for evil game.

I know this is a res of this Thread, but I want to note and ask a question, as some one else pointed out to me in my thread about trying to recreate Vampire hunter D's left hand.

that the Feat Aberrant Tumor now exist, and allowing Sorcerer and blood rangers, with Aberrant Bloodline, to get a tumor familiar, but they also have arcane caster levels, so would they be allowed to take improved familiar

What improved familiar do you think would fit his left hand best. I was thinking maybe Cacodaemon daemon?

reckless aim gives you a bonus to hit, but you can hit your allies on the roll of a one.

the Queen's Raven wrote:
What ever he is, it's level 20 and tier 10 mythic.

lol true, but I think lower tier abilities just to even see if it is possible. That way it can grow it's own abilities. does not need to actual be D or his left hand. could be the hand from Paryste anime, or the chin from the other guy in it.

I will look at the Aberrant tumor.

how would you guys build it? Are there any parasite or symbiotic based monsters you can may use leadership to acquire it, it so it can cast it own spells or preform it's own functions?

It was thinking Maybe tumor familiar, but it does not really fit, is there away to get it with out being alchemist? Maybe combine it with improved familiar to have it take more then an animal shape?

note the trait also say it ignores the effects that cause it, it does not cure or remove current effect. the curse is always active so it can't be ignored. as it is already in effect.

just use from the website.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

intrigue added archtype to anti-paladin that allows LE. there is almost no change to the class other then alignment change. This was done after Way of the wicked AP came out and everyone realized a LE anti paladin still functions and functions well.

They just remove the stupid alignment restriction. Consider 1st and 2nd edition anti paladins where Lawful Evil(the typical blank knight). Was not until 3rd until they changed it into a Prestige class called the black guard that it became CE, it kind of got stuck on it's conversion over to pathfinder when it was changed to base class alternate and rename back to the original name.

Honestly if you don't have time you should limit the number of books you allow in your game, classes and feats, until you master them over time. master one book then allow another.

edit here is link to FAQ with the other changes that goes with archtype, it was minor things they forgot to change because that how trival the aligment change is. Hopeful this will happen soon to the paladin. Their aligment you have to match their God's and not limited to LG LE and CE.

See if GM will allow for gestalt Characters, Do Slayer, if you can take high jump from monks as gestalt, Or if you can find away to get fly with out wings. you maybe able to emulate something with combined efforts of sneak attack damage, study, and some feats. I know there are feats that gives bonus to hit or extra damage from higher position or something like that. I just can't recall the names.

But even then the game does not allow you to get crazy stupidly high jumps. unfortunately the only way to get the kind of damage Kain and them where doing with jump is via a lance, while mounted with sprited charge. It is just nature of the way martials get treated by pathfinder.

your best bet is to build a whole new class from the ground up. did the advance class guide have rules on this? I don't remember and don't have the books on this. If not a book maybe coming out soon on how to do this. Maybe someone can verify.

edit the feats are already posted in the thread
Branch Pounce for damage and death from above for the hit.
you need to combine it with boots of the cat, so you are not killing your self to bad and negates landing prone from branch pounce if you miss.

thegreenteagamer wrote:

If you played the classic Final Fantasy games, you know what I'm talking about. They had spears. They wore HEAVY armor. They jumped an ungodly height and came to rain death on their enemies.

I first thought dragoon fighter would do the job - I mean, in FF4, the American version translates Kain's "Dragon Knight" class as "Dragoon", and this archetype gets spear specialization with double the damage bonus...but...

...what the hell is this "mounted focus but no actual mount" crap?! No, no, no, no, that will not do at all. Unless you count the occasional Chocobo, these folks did not do mounted combat.

So I'm trying to figure if I wanted to build a lancer type, how would I do it?

I almost think a regular fighter would do it, using armor training to eliminate the AC penalty in heavy armor or get it as low as possible, and regular weapon training to boost spear damage, snag Death From Above, take Skill Focus (acrobatics) and Acrobatic or anything else that boosts jump, grab boots of striding and springing ASAP, and maybe power attack/furious focus?

yeah this is what happen when they try to mix the real world Dragg
Another route I've seen suggested is scout rogue, for the sneak attack on charges, heavy armor that way. :-/


yeah this is what happens when you try to combine real world Dragoon Noun (where all the mounted stuff came from)

plural noun: dragoons
1.a member of any of several cavalry regiments in the British army.
synonyms:cavalryman, mounted soldier; historical knight, chevalier, hussar; archaic cavalier "the dragoons charged"

and the Final Fantasy one, Spear\Lance wielding jumping Dragon Knight.

to blend the extreme fantasy with real world expectation they for some reason they hold the fighter class too. you end up with a Spear/Lance mounted Fighter (which does work well) that jumps off his mount (this is where it gets bad) to get a small bonus to hit. Most of the then the benefits of the archetype can be used outside of mounted combat,but the entire archetype is assuming you are going to be using a lance. Which give the most benefit while mounted. Then the 2nd highest level ability requires you to jump off you mount??? for only an additional +2 to hit (that still makes you take further AC penalty of another -2). That ability need to be reworked to maybe you are always considered to be mounted when wielding and lance and charging after and acrobatic check.

I have only gotten to play most of these as monsters/NPC in my games. but a few I have actually played

Arcanist: Fix to the horrible current casting system. With a next generation casting system, with out going into MP territory. I see the class as testing ground for a new much needed casting system, Sure if we ever get a pathfinder 2ed. this will be the casting system used.

Bloodrager: Still Blah no desire to play. Or even put in my game, if I want a blood line, I just use eldritch heritage feat. If am going to play a caster, I will play an actual caster.

Brawler: I use this one a lot in my games, I replace almost all monk that are not far eastern theme with these guys, fits better in the theme wise, really like the ability to pick feats on the spot too.

Hunter: still like this one, Played it and had one played in my game. They can become a problem and almost if there is more then 2 in the party that are built very similar.

Investigator: never played it no desire to. more then likely never will as I feel I have enough classes to master using already.

Shaman: Same as investigator

Skald: Still confused by this one, Guess if I wanted to play heavy metal bard, lol. Total Brutal ledge theme kind of character.

Slayer: Love this one, it has replaced any Assassin NPC's in my game as they fit better, I also always hope for a ranger Archtype that would preform like this, and get rid of spell in place of rogue talents, or sneak attack.

Swashbuckler: will more then likely never use it or play, I don't think it is bad, way better then archetype or prestige classes that try to emulated it, but feels paper work heavy. Same reason I don't use gun gunslingers. I would more then likely play in a 3 musketeers/pirate style game. I am more of a hyborian, style weapon combatant worlds. So it would never fit, theme wise. Same reason i prefer brawler over monk.

Warpriest: Still feel it was unnecessary, as it did not fill any new role, that could not have been filled by just remove alignment restriction from paladins. They are already doing this with the Anti Paladin, as we have lawful evil archtype. Time to do it to the normal paladin.

Diego Rossi wrote:
KainPen wrote:

The feat is already a niche feat anyway, Since they changed the SLA FAQ, and was never that powerful to start. I have rarely seen a full caster take the feat also, because they rather save their swift actions quicken spell, or class abilities. It get selected in the start of the game and quickly retrained as soon as quicken spell become a decent option. It will more then like be Nerf to even more useless and only A Melee Bard, Magi, blood ragers only ones that pick it. Caster will stop using it completely. Other Martial already got kick in the balls and are no longer allowed to get it via SLA. So why not Nerf it some more sounds like a plan.


Add ranged bard and all sort of arcane gish. Better than power attack for people with a 3/4 BAB, especially if they are limited to one handed weapons.

I should have said combat bard, because as caster focus bard or performance focused one is not going to touch the feat. Those version will use it until level 13 then it will get swapped out or almost never used, as soon as changing a performance because at swift action at level 13. It is a nice little sub for those class that don't have swift action abilities, but really how many arcane full caster level gish are there, to use it to sub out in place of power attack at the cost of a swift action. It is a handful. the feat is only worth it if you have a full caster level. if your are multi classing it is worthless.

Does it kill the game to apply it to rays nope, as the current FAQ seem to suggest it is a working function and previous DEV board comments which used to be official at that time. It is a feat that is used when you have nothing else better to do.

It already implied that with scorching ray you only apply bonus to the once per the two scorching ray FAQs, because the rays are fired simultaneous. The one about sneak attack and the one about AOO. I can't think of any fire more then one ray spells off the top of my head. I am sure there are a few but not many. limit the use of this feat even more.

I was more trying to make a joke about what ever it gets FAQ it will nerfed to be even more limited selection or limited use. Based on most recent Errata and FAQ, we have been seeing. More then like changed to something similar to Arcane Shield or Arcane Blast which requires the use of a spell level.

The feat is already a niche feat anyway, Since they changed the SLA FAQ, and was never that powerful to start. I have rarely seen a full caster take the feat also, because they rather save their swift actions quicken spell, or class abilities. It get selected in the start of the game and quickly retrained as soon as quicken spell become a decent option. It will more then like be Nerf to even more useless and only A Melee Bard, Magi, blood ragers only ones that pick it. Caster will stop using it completely. Other Martial already got kick in the balls and are no longer allowed to get it via SLA. So why not Nerf it some more sounds like a plan.


you really can't compare anime to or any fantasy novel hero a pathfinder character, because to accurately build them you are talking mythic and epic level characters. well beyond 20th level. To cover everything they can do. Conan is a good example of based his stats were actually made for 3rd edtion and publish. He was like level 25 multi class character. Gutz would be the same.

The OP need to define what he means by good. because I think they really talking about being great with two weapon or specializing with two weapons and that should be hard. I regular build character that are great with one weapon and good with 2 others. I regularly hit and able to do decent damage with those other weapons. That is what i consider good.

Since you are not using xp adding a few mooks to your boss fight is all you need. It just action economy problem you are seeing. It sounds like you are already on top of things.

For the Mooks I would suggest picking some of the weaker enemies that are the most common. Every AP has them like standard soldiers or guards. you can probably add 2 to 8 of them depending on level.

Look at how each individual party members handle that creature one on one. you should be able to tell If from the early encounters with the creature. If everyone hit one or kills them in 1rd them add 8, if only the combat oriented character are one hitting them / 1 round them add 5-6. if nobody can do it in 1 rd add 3 to 4 of them. if it take 3 or more rd to deal with it only add 2.

Mobile fighter/human,Half-elf or half-Orc that use Spears and has quick draw make great switch hitters. Give you access to martial versatility feats you can get access to all your bonus on all your spear weapons. the Spear weapon group, it the most versatile group of weapons. Have Reach, Range via throwing and normal melee uses. Also There maybe easier way of doing that now with weapon master books. I have not really looked that book yet.

edit: Also wanted to note in the spear weapon group this is Philum I think it is called, can be used for minor battle field control or debuff, as it take out targets with a shield bonus, shield bonus or it makes them have to use a action to get it that bonus back. so it could be a great debuff or it is away of preventing full attack on your allies.

are you using xp to level up your players or adjusting treasure for the number of players you have? This is every important, because if you are actually using xp and not updating the treasure you will start to see challenge increase greatly come around level 9 or 10, on your own and even more so around around level 13. as all the character will end up being under geared at that point and under leveled. as the gear and xp are divided to many ways.

but if you are just leveling them up at set points in time. is what i recommend, and ignoring xp. I would do what other say just add a few mooks here in there it will help increase the treasure a little, but not too much, and balance the loss in gear well with the action economy problem.

lol at Imbicatus post. Too true. my pick is cat boots. I think they are 1,000gp. always land on your feat from fall and take minimum damage.

Rikkan wrote:
If he wields the lance one-handed he only gets 1x strength damage. See the FAQ:

Weapons, Two-Handed in One Hand: When a feat or other special ability says to treat a weapon that is normally wielded in two hands as a one handed weapon, does it get treated as one or two handed weapon for the purposes of how to apply the Strength modifier or the Power Attack feat?

If you're wielding it in one hand (even if it is normally a two-handed weapon), treat it as a one-handed weapon for the purpose of how much Strength to apply, the Power Attack damage bonus, and so on.

I hate this ruling as it cause so much confusion. This is referring to abilities weapon ect. that use the exact words "treat it as a one-handed weapon" The lance has different wording. it says you can wield in one hand. a one handed weapon does not = wield it and one hand.

I really wish one hand meant one handed and two hands ment two handed. it also cause problem confusion and problems with metaphysical/invisible number of hands.

I say get rid of all that crap it just cause problems. one hand is one hand, two hands are two hands.

no where does it say lance must be use from horseback? where did you get that from. Lance are listed as two handed weapons. they may be wielded with one hand from while mounted and receive extra damage from charged while mounted. but they can most certainly can be used two handed while not mounted.

As for op what Imbicatus says holds true. expect table variation. I personally would allow it as you already invest heavily to even get make it finessable. I would like to think it is in the spirit of the rules, that allow you to use a str belt to quality to use power attack, but you could not use power attack in anti magic field; or how monk or brawler can use all the two weapon fighting requirement feats while flurrying, but only while doing so, ect.

in your case you only qualify to use Finesse training while using spear dancing style. if something stop you from using that. then you can't use finesse training on said weapon.

This is the reason I would allow it, but I also see reason why others would not.

oh great necromancer. not sure OP post apply anymore as the abilities have been FAQ at some point and revealed to be it was this bad, and then revised and updated again in Errata after the FAQ. to align it better with the titan fighter archetype, who had a similar ability that actual worked.

Calth wrote:
James Risner wrote:

That short cut didn't work for courageous weapon property. It still didn't work when they shared the official email from Paizo saying their way of working in HL was correct.

People liked getting bonuses to their Str and Con when raging, and that email was a barrier to that so it wasn't "official". Just like the FAQ on this subject isn't "official".

It would have helped your point if the response herolab claimed they got actually matched the future errata, but it didn't. The herolab responses are no more official than Mark's responses. Useful to know, but unofficial and subject to change.

I actually believe it did match the future errata, but that errata was not published until last month. The Herolabs response was a direct answer from email that SKR sent them when he was a dev. which was in 2013. It is actually what sparked all the debate about it courageous property and how it worked. This is what James is saying by the short cut did not work. no one wanted to accept SKR email answer to Herolabs as official. So and official FAQ post request got made, and it was answer official from the Dev team on Jun 5, 2015 which close to two years later it was a official FAQ answer, then a close to year for Errata to be issued.

yeah seems fine to me, as long as question gets answers.

I personally can't stand hero labs, I find their character sheets leave off a ton of necessary information and I find the lay out jumbled and inconsistent. Maybe it has been fixed by now but a year ago it was a mess. I had a guy come in to our group that made a oracle, he sent me his character sheet so I could input into d20pro VTT. and I had no clue what his mystery or curse was. it listed the revelations in several different spots and immunities but not where they were from. It was also letting him pick revelations that were not part of the mystery.

It also make it hard to make a character with house rules changes. without turning off the check system. which then leads to more mistakes on the character. I mean if I am going to have to look over a character sheet, and double check it, it may as well just be on a normal character sheet and written in by hand.

I can see why people get upset with it the process. Why not post the answer as soon as you give it or with in few days of it. Why does the answer have to come 6 months to a year down the line. letting the players debate and argue about it that whole time when you had an answer already. I think the OP has a point in asking hero labs is actual a better way of getting answer for stuff that effect character generation item functions ect., obviously the way things action economy, charging rules ect. must be handled and answered out side of hero labs.

this is not the 1st time that had happen. It happen with Courageous property for magic weapons. someone asked hero labs why it was not working on barb rage. They replied with a answer SKR gave them when he was a Dev. it started the whole debate about the weapon property, which lead to the FAQ months later, then it revision in the recent errata.

umm why not just keep them as they are??? There is a 2.0 to 3.0 conversion book out there, then convert to 3.5, then to pathfinder. No need to try to change their classes or anything. only thing you really have to do is pick feats and skills.

Also you never half the dice damage, you half the mod damage of relevant ability score or power attack.

no need to even stomp on them. if you did allow it, he would never hit anyway. he crushed his own dreams, lol you are taking -4 to use oversize weapons, then another -4 on primary hand for two weapon fighting. and another -6 i think for off handed

So you are looking at -8 total on the primary hand and -10 on the off. he not going to hit anything and do any damage anyway. he better off just power attacking.

I think they fixed the titan barb so you can do this. but I think the ability that allows you to do it does not come in until after level 4. titan Fighter may have something similar but I remember. It will not come until late.

The only way to effectively do it is with Large Sun Blades, because they are treated as Large short swords for wielding reasons. They start out as light. with effortless laces reduce the penalties.

What Chess PWN said. In my game I completely removed normal barbs and only allow unchained ones, so for me VMC Barb is automatically the unchained one.

This made me think of a old saying I heard before. That you can't fall off of anything. You can only fall while in the process of falling. because something else is always the causes you to enter that state of being. does not matter it be jumping, slipping, stepping ect. you don't have a choice in falling, it is going to happen unless you are in 0g. it does not get any more involuntary then that. lol

Falling does not cause an AoO it is consider involuntary movement. All slow fall does is slow your fall so you take less damage, it is still considers involuntary movement. The only way involuntary movement cause an AoO is if there is something that says it does, much like Greater Bull rush. I know there are more feats and ability that do so, I just don't remember the names

Central, I am looking for local players. not sure why this thing moved to online games.

yeah looking at Fretgod99 post

Charge through I remember now was a feat created to fix the current charge and over run rules, instead of just fixing the rules. edit* it is also strong evidence that you can't charge and over run something.* because you need the feat to do it.

I really think your mount needs those feats also. because according to current rules you are both preforming the charge and both having to move through the creatures square. Talk to your GM about it. it obvious the intent is your mount is not supposed to have to take them. but arggg.

I would recommend switching over to unchained action economy, if you want to see less of this. Since full attack does not exist any more. You will see less of this reaction, because he will be able to move and get two attacks off no matter what 3 if hasted. or move in attack then move away, and even doing other things.

It is an inherit flaw with the current action economy by melee's losing all their attacks by moving. only fixes are pounce and the mobile fighter archetype.

7 people marked this as a favorite.

this is called smart tactics and is normal.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

technically over run and charging does not even work in RAW. and is impossible to do. Everyone know the intent and how it should work but the way things are written you can't charge and over run. it has only been fix with the unchained rules with the unchained action economy rules.

Rules best to avoid. Anything with mounted combat and anything to do with charging outside of pounce. With out seeing major table variation because those rules are a mess.

I am not sure what any of those feats do, you should provide link to them from the PRD. actual you may not even need the feats they may be required by your mount. like i said those rules are really really messy.

only way to get around the highest to lowest is with extra attacks that are not caused because of your base attack bonus, such as haste other such spells, Swift actions(mostly mythic stuff but are a few exceptions Monk ki point), Speed weapons.

See this thread for more detail

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There are a lot of problems with the Bracers of Falcon Aim, a price increase would have been the best fix. now they are worthless as others have pointed out.

That is not the real problem is not the Bracers themselves, it is the spell that is the problem, the spell should not be a 1st level spell. Edit the spell to the correct level it should be and the price would fix it self. The spell is 1st level but it is give the power 3rd level spell with the critical adjustment. See Keen edge. but the spell is also giving you +5 to perception checks and a bonus to hit. The spell level should be 4th level. Now make the Bracers as 4th level druid spell or 3rd level ranger and you have a fair price for the for what it provided. Much like how Blessing of Fervor is balanced against haste.

All items that use this spell is going to be off balance do to the problem with the spell level. They did not fix the problem this spell is still going to be massively used in the form of potions,Scroll and Wands, just not in the form of the bracers any more.

Leave the items alone and start fixing the spells.

but it does not really free up a ring slot. because the ring pro is part of the big six and the game is made around that you get it and raise it up past +1 making the hat worthless. so you really are paying 5 grand to negate 1 critical. this may not been so bad I would see your point Rysky if you could increase the hat to +5 deflection bonus. but it does not allow that.

For those that unchained even more so, because it fixes the need of the big six which is very much needed in the game. all rings give the deflection bonus (which i use a lot less editing to AP are need with this one) or people are using auto progression get the bonus as they level up.

Rysky wrote:
Nicos wrote:
Rysky wrote:

Ring of Protection, cheaper yes, but takes up a ring slot.

you have a better idea to use the ring slot for comparable price?
Ring of Sustenance and Ring of Feather Fall immediately jump to mind.

I never buy any of those for any character. Cat boots are cheaper then ring keep ring slot open for the ring of protection. 90% of all the rings a decent are expensive, with in that price range they suck expect ring of protection.

ring of substance useless also. it has been for years. Most games don't even user food and water, it is just pointless book keeping, If not the spells get used to create it food and water daily. There no need to not sleep is also rather useless as most of the party is going to sleep and take watch shifts. that ring has almost no effect on game play.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Braces of Falcon Aim did not need a nerf they need a reasonable price increase to some where around the tune of 10K-25K

Anyone can use a wand with UMD

Problem with the cap of the free thinker is not the price it is that all those feats and ability that let your re-roll once a day are not even worth a feat. They are worth about half a feat or back ground trait. they are utterly useless but a small fraction of the time. Same way the original iron will in 3.5 was not worth the feat. now it is acceptable as a feat, works because pathfinder double the number of feats. Those re roll feats and ability should do exactly what the hat was doing. All day take the better roll. 5th edition does this with no problems with it advantage system.

This was a really bad nerf all the way around. as other pointed out Pathfinder is going to extreme side of nerfing instead of finding a middle ground.

bracers fix option should have been several times a day as swift action, or increase the price.

Brawling armor make it +2 mod for it to be worth a +3 mod it should work on all armor types not just light.

Cap increase the price a bit more.

quick runner shirt all it needed was the 24 hour bit at it's current cost. to prevent item swamping. It was already limited to once a day and swift action. Basically all it was did was allow you to change swift action into a move action limited to movement. which is funny because if you use unchained action ECO, it was totally use item. because swift,move and standard action are interchangeable. Which is a vastly better action system.

I am surprised boot of the cat did not get nerf also. take 20 point of damage from falling 20000+ feet and land on my feet for it's cost in gold. lol

This is an older feature from AD&D you did no damage with out +x weapon and 3.0 where the weapon had to be +x and mat and alignment,to go thru DR. This created and super pricey ways to over come DR. Which is unbalance compared to caster be able to just ignore it any way. The +X was removed in 3.5 and changed to just magic. Where the items need to be mat and alignment and magic, This created the golf bag effect which was horrible, everyone was running around with like 20 +1 Alignment weapons, to over come DR. While this was cheaper then 3.0 it was This made creatures like dragons DR\magic a joke, still is and any weapon over +1 a joke or waste of money.+1 to hit and damage was not worth it when you can get the different levels of fire weapon for each of those + stacking on tons of extra d6 and d10 on critical ect.

So pathfinder took a balance between all of them and made all dr but Dr/- a joke. you can either go with the cheap +1 golf bag weapon or the +5 weapon you been building up the whole time. or the really really super cheep by casting 1 or 2 communal spells. depending on the needs.

pathfinder even turned it's own DR/EPIC into a joke with it revision in mythic adventures and beyond. now all you need is a +1 weapon with +5 worth extra's abilities or a +5 weapon with a +1 ability instead of any actual artifact that has +6 enhancement bonus or a weapon with bane property made to kill said creature. So you can see DR is meant to be cheep.

Aelryinth: ninja me with excellent response.

Hi, Everyone, I am looking to get two new players in my group for my Pathfinder way of the wicked AP. I had post about this last year on meetup website and someone on there joined, played with my group for a little while, but we end up having to take a brake for a few weeks and swapped to new gm and game. I never heard from the guy again. Guessing he did not fit in when our group, or game ect. Which is normal It is hard for me to find players that fit in with our group and game style. Which is why I try to let everyone know everything about the game and what to expect before handed.

But if anyone is interested, We need very experienced players with a fair system mastery. That don't mind a mostly hack and slash style game or group. I am looking for one committed person that will really try to play every game and another that will come when they can. If i can get two committed person the even better. We play every other Saturday, usually from 4pm to 9pm some times game goes later. we play one week in chalmette and the other week of the month in Kenner area. Also I run my games from D20pro virtual table top. I used to run the whole thing out of it, to keep the game running fast system, but it add time to GM work on the back end of the game. All rolls ect where all done in the system but I am changing that a bit. Be since the newer version has some new features I really want to focus on and take time on the back end. Everyone will be allow to roll their own dice at the table and the program will be mostly a visual aid. Also you are welcome to bring a laptop or ect and run the program fully if you see fit. Since one of the new feature is players are allowed to edit their characters in it. It does not have to be done on the back side anymore.

Since unchained book in pathfinder came out I have also adjust my game to use unchained action economy system, consolidated and Background skills, inherent magic item system, So you don't have to worry about the big 6 any more. Variate Muli Class system I will be testing on Cohort's and allow one more player to test out. Also due to the large number of optional rules I am running, I have custom character sheets for players to use that are in PDF format and form fallible. the Campaign as I stated before is one that was already in play, we are coming back to it after almost a year break. So you will be coming in at 10th level and at the start of Book 3 our of the 6. Another reason I am looking for very experienced players.

There are limited class and books I allow but the list will be in player packet I will provide you

Current players characters are
Variant multi class Sorcerer/Wizard
Brawler/Rouge normal multi class
I don't remember if he he is phalanx fighter or pole arm fighter.
and an Anti Paladin.

Their are 3 cohorts in use also. This AP has a ton of Cohorts to pick up so leader ship is welcome and recommed feat to pick up.
Half-Fiend oger fighter

1st game session will more then likely be sometime in July 2016. We need to finish current game we are playing 1st. If anyone is interested feel free to contact me on here.

Harleequin wrote:
I really dont like stacking archetypes at all!

I agree cause lot of chaos and confusion. I don't think it should have ever been any option. So I house ruled it out of my games and consider Archetype to be specialized version of a class So you can only have one per class. A person in my games but can still get more then one archetype but it from an archetype from another class.

but since this is in the rule section of the board. To answer the OP the archetype must be selected at the level you get the 1st ability swap for that archetype. but you can select it sooner if you want as it actual has no bearing on the abilities until a swap happens.

example your character class x has two ability at level one that are getting changed 1 by one archetype and the other by the 2nd archetype. you select both archetypes at level 1

if you character class x has 1 ability swap at level 1 for one archetype and the 1st ability swap for the 2nd archetype does not happen til level 6. you don't have to add the 2nd archetype until level 6 when that swap happens, but writing it down on your sheet before level 6 has no bearing or effect on the character so. it does not matter.

only adding archetypes after the fact does it matter, then you should be using retraining rules.

For a Summoner, i don't think it is that good of a buff, for your party members yes, but for you no. normal invisibility will be the better buff. As summoning monsters spell do not remove normal invisibility. the duration is longer and the spell level is lower. but So you can use your 4th level slots on better things. the use of the spell really depends on party and AP. if you don't actual do a lot of summoning spells, It would be a good option to take.

It is made for multi class characters and single class with less then full effective level to take. Like rangers, and I think animal oracle effective level is at -3 I think Clerics with animal domain, Paladin, ect. because all of them have less then full EDL, am not sure, because I don't have book in front of me and can't look at SRDs at the moment. to verify those actual class have less a normal effective druid level. There is also a feat that will give you an AC and EDL at -3 total character level but limit the animal selection. I took it with my most recent hell knight and took up boon to make up the those 3 levels.

It is not full class druid or classes that get full class effective druid levels.

there are also lots of magic items that have a similar effect. I know there is a set of bracers or gloves that raise the effective level of laying on hands or mercies for the paladin, but I think they are limit to total character level also. but as I said I don't have books to confirm that. I could be wrong on the level limit part. but the idea of those items and feats are to help out multi class characters or character that go into presclasses.

I don't know what half these people are talking about as problems.

my group enjoyed the hell out of evil org rules. they even came up with different funny rp ways of dealing with it, when they ran legit business. They said say they where selling Marconi art. lol

they also did not even think twice about kidnapping npc to feed the monster they filled their lair with. was not until the last few weeks that it even occurred to them they could just feed the creatures live stock.

my anti paladin love playing his and had no issues with the spell list, maybe because he was also playing a Damphier and would use spells to heal him self and other things.

my fighter had no issues contributing also to the plot, +2 skill points per the player book rules help that out a lot. he was also human and use his favored class bonus for skill points. he was getting 6 skill points a level. the only books he was using also was core and advanced players.

the adventure is also very friendly for charm/compelling caster as well as blaster.

My opinion is to never mix them,it leads to way to many problems. The systems may be run near identical. but the power change is completely different. Most 3.5 feats are actual worth 2 feat in pathfinder. this is why the cleave chain was adjust in pathfinder. There are some exceptions that where just super weak in 3.5 compared to others. Those often stayed the same in the conversion. Skill also a big change with 3.5 characters specializing in a skill is vastly more powerful then a pathfinder one. but pathfinder characters are better at cross class skills. I can go on and on about,how different they are it. They don't blend well together even thou that was the original intent of the system to blend with 3.5 with pathfinder core. Pathfinder has grown so much on it's own that it really is not compatible with out major over haul to the 3.5 add on. Hell Pathfinder almost does not mesh with it's own core anymore, hence the making of the unchained book; The need of all the FAQ, erratas and blog posting.

Aelryinth wrote:

YOu can't dispel a wall of force, either. You can only destroy it. It's one of the things that stay around even in an AM shell.

And there was no upper limit to AC in 2e, only 'highest published'. Holy Sardior, someone remembered the gem dragons?!

We got a drow fighter/cleric in the Vault of the Drow down to -20 AC with spells without too much trouble. Shocked my brother when his 15th level dwarf with the dwarven thrower kept missing her!


Actual there was a limit in 2nd edition for PC on page 73 of (black DMG) under the definition of AC. the limit for pc was -10, this is also reflected in every 2nd edition video game that was ever created. While you could find enough gear to get to a -20. The games did not allow per those rules. There were only a few exception and I think almost all of them where All Dragons ages 11+ with the best AC possible in game was age 12 gold dragon, Shadow Dragon and Amethysts Dragons all had -12 AC, Red had -11 at age 12. I want to say there was only one non-dragon monster that had a -12, that was not in a deity or demi god, but I can't remember what it was.

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