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1,199 posts. Alias of Joshua Matherne.


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I would say no, but if your gm is letting you do, it. even at level 20 you only make 40 gallons of water which is a lot to drink, but not enough to swim. to give you estimate of the volume of that. a 40 gallon water heaters are most often 5ft tall by 20 inches wide. So game wise this is being generous it would fill one square on a map with 20 inches of water. realistically it would take 4 casting to fill fill one square with 20 inches of water.

So at level 20 you can make enough water to maybe cover your body and that is it. now you could spend a crap load of rounds filling a room like that putting out 40 gallons every 6 seconds.

it can do 1.5 damage on bite if it is the only natural attack the creature has. Like T-rex, but it because of the natural attack rules not because it is a dragon.

Phntm888 there is a FAQ but it states exactly what you said 2-handed finesse able weapons get 1.5x dex damage with unchained rogues Finesse Training. they are few and far between 3 in total, the two you mention and the elven branch spear.

edit: Ninja by Lady-J

what Tarik said, what Dragons the universal monster rule is referring to are True Dragons. Basically the ones labeled: Dragon, Red or Dragon, Imperial. Half-dragons, Drakes ect. do not gain that advantage.

Voadkha wrote:
mdt wrote:
Thanks, but the Devs errata/FAQ'd the ability to be as I was arguing against. Basically, they've decided the Dhampir is Undead for targeting as well.

Sorry for the thread necro but I recently got a dhamphir boon.

The FAQ doesn't seem to change the RAW from what it was originally, but merely make it more obviously:

Nothing happens if the target is undead.
The opposite from the 'expected' (negative good/positive bad) happens if the target is living.

The FAQ doesn't mention targeting and thus it seems like mdt and Kitsune Knight had it right originally.

What am I missing?

The way I see it:

Case one: Dhamphir walks around and looks human. He's only affected when he's targeted as human (and receives the opposite effect).

1a) Evil cleric sees a party of Pathfinders and tries to hurt them channeling negative energy to harm living. All but Dhamphir are hurt, Dhamphir is healed. Evil cleric: Hmmm, that Pathfinder has NEA.

1b) Evil cleric sends in his pack of ghouls to deal with the party of Pathfinders. The ghouls start to get hurt. Pathfinder cleric channels positive energy to harm the ghouls. Dhamphir is unaffected as are all the other Pathfinders. A couple of the ghouls are almost destroyed. Evil cleric channels negative energy to heal up his ghouls. Dhamphir is unaffected as are all the other Pathfinders.

Case two: Dhamphir walks around and 'pretends' to be a vampire. He's completely unaffected if someone tries to target him with channeled energy as an undead.

2a) Evil cleric sees a party of Pathfinders and thinks they have an allied vampire (maybe the Pathfinder's have a necromancer with them?). Tries to hurt them with a channel negative energy, he expects the "vampire" to be unaffected. All but Dhamphir are hurt, Dhamphir is healed. Evil cleric now realizes the Dhamphir is not actually a vampire.

2b) Evil cleric sends in his pack of ghouls to deal with the party of Pathfinders. The ghouls start to get hurt. Pathfinder cleric channels...

In Case one you are missing the way channel functions, Channel feature positive or negative, you have to choose to do damage or heal. it can't do both at the same time.

1a) nothing happens to the Dhamphir, because he does not count as living vs negative energy. Thus he can't be harmed

1b)if the dhamphir is in the area of the channel of the cleric channeling positive energy to harm undead. He is treated as undead and take damage. then if the Dhamphir is in the range of the other cleric channeling negative engery to heal undead. Then he gets healed.

in case 2

2a, again the Dhampier does not get healed because channel was intended to do harm.

2b)this one was the closest to accurate, if the cleric actual had selective channel. if he does not, he will be hurt by the positive energy, since it was used to harm. then healed if negative if it was used to heal.

Now it can get more confusing it the Dhampier has that feats that allows them to be healed by both types of energy.

channel rules have their own specific function different from other sources of positive or negative energy. such as cure and cause wounds spells. Those spell when used against a dhampier will function as the as per negative energy affinity normal functions.

I woulds say it is only on the round the attack roll is made. So you the 1-15 points would be doubled depending on your level.

the quick runner shirts does not work any more since they nerfed them in errata for the 2nd printing of ultimate eq. It would have worked before 1st printing of ultimate eq. the Quick runner shirt was swift action move up to your movement once per day. they nerfed bat the crap out of it because they where so cheap people where buying 4 or 5 of them. and changing them out after use. So they added the have to wear it for 24 hr bit to it also to make sure it was virtual unusable expect for running away in combat 1 time per day.

Shatter defenses is kind of a hard thing to pull off also, 1st you have to intimidate, then hit again, then they are flat footed for your last attacks and Aoo's after the fact. easiest thing to do is just get wand of improved invisibility. This is why people tend not to like rogues and say they suck, because getting sneak attack on all attacks is a pain in the butt.

I actual don't like the scout archtype i think it a trap archtype, for melee build. Even more so now that it only works on the 1st attack from the 8th level ability.

Mounted was decent easy fix I had not though about, with a bow. Bow still probably is the best option for this archtype, if you get magic item sniper goggles with it you can keep out combat get full attack and get sneak attack on the 1st shot after 8th level.

We had a guy that was doing two weapon fighting rouge and was this archtype, he was getting killed left and right, because of this archtype. because rouges already have a bad ac due to limited armor selection. Then when you add in charging to get sneak attack damage it's now even lower. eventual more creatures you fight are going to have reach, so you are going to get pounded by Aoo's also. Rogue don't get a lot of hp. So you are constantly putting your self in harms way, to try and get sneak attack damage. Also the creature you are fighting is not actually flatfooted so they still get their dex to ac. when you attack them you just get to treat as if they where for damage.

Flanking with someone else and improved invisibility are the only reliable ways of getting sneak attack damage, and a full attack.

if you can't tell Paizo does not want you getting full attacks sneak attacks with out heavy feats or dangerous abilities or expensive investments. I wish ya luck.

yep it is silent on levels and the gm has to fill in that silence. The Devs have stated time and time again that, unchained is optional house rules left to Gm interpenetration, They did not have enough space to write everything or cover every little detail. They were surprised to get as much in there as they did. So it is left open intentionally for a Gm to make the call. If they were to cover every little detail, you would literally have a whole new edition of the game.

In cases for unchained stuff in PFS, the PFS community is the GM and making the calls on how it works. Every where else it the home brew GM rules. See your GM is the only valid rule answer for anything unchained related.

if your GM is doing like i am doing and using it as replacement for the entire multi-class system, it is a fair assessment to count the levels. you do give up a lot for it compared to the other system, you lose half your feats, Class skills, potential skill points, save adjustments and maybe potential hp. what you gain is a few powers and the ability to still get your capstone, which most games do go that far anyway.

like i said if your gm is treating as feat replacement option and keeping the old system then no I would say you do not get the level count. you are effective Rouge x /fighter 0

I think unchained is one of the best things to happen to pathfinder. It puts a lot of control back in the hands of GM, by leaving all these silence portions of the rule set for a gm to fill in. we don't need actual written rules for every little thing, unless we are playing PFS.

I think it depends unchained rules are optional GM rules. The book says while it does work with normal multi classing, it not recommend to do so, it was meant as replacement. So if your GM runs it as a replacement and does not use normal multi classing, I would say yes you do count as both class at your level. If it is just being used new feat option system. like most GM treat it as. Then no you don't. anything that comes out of unchained you need to ask your GM for how they are going to run it, as the entire book is optional system house rules. I run it as a complete replacement, So for my you do count as your full level.

I say it works, It works for Dhampirs, and I think there is a feat that lets you heal from negative energy, in one of the evil books, I remember one of my players found it, and all my players wanted to take it before starting Way of the wicked AP, because we had a Dhampir anti paladin in the group, but it was not in one of my allowed books. I remember one of the requirements being high con.

Properties still cause effects.

I just saw this because I though the idea of mounted scout sound cool. -archetypes/scout

according to this the 8th level ability never works with fully attack. Well only the 1st attack will get sneak attack. I remember it used to work. Because I had a guy that did mobile fighter/rouge multi class to get it off at very high level. Anyone know when this was FAQ to a change or errated out?

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Dietrich von Sachsen wrote:
KainPen wrote:
they recently fixed the eastern armor, in a Errata of the ultimate equipment book I think, or maybe it was a FAQ. they are now priced better for what they do.
Can you provide a link?

it is on the product page of ultimate equipment you have to downloadErrata or get a copy of the 2nd printing of the book. I don't think they updated the SRD yet with the changes.

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they recently fixed the eastern armor, in a Errata of the ultimate equipment book I think, or maybe it was a FAQ. they are now priced better for what they do.

ckdragons wrote:

I'm curious from the GM aspect on how does one handle the influx of +1 weapons/armor/rings/cloaks and +2 enhancement items that baddies usually have, particularly mooks. Do you just remove these items and adjust the mook based on ABP? Seems like more work for the GM when running a AP.

in AP, I just remove them, but I do not adjust the Mooks stats. Every now and again, I may adjust the what it is made out of if i feel some wealth needs to be added. like a level 10 rouge mook in a chain shirt, I may change it to mithril or change a weapon to cold iron ect.

I been running book version ABP for about 6 months now, not the blog post. The post seemed way to complicated. My players like it and I really like it. It make things so much easier on me. It saves time, when players go to buy stuff; because they no longer have to look at stuff they want to upgrade and figure out cost difference.

The only problems I run into with it currently, is my players tend to forget or get confused on the following things. Why they have a bonus to natural armor now, and stuff like that. I think that has to due with this being our 1st time using it, and we converted characters from already running campaign. the other is I also do my game at level +1 option because I want more wealth and power. So my players forget that when they level up sometimes.

I also run cohorts at level -1 Feels to be a good number for me in my game. This gives them a bit more longevity because sometimes they don't get geared up by the pcs, because PC tend to worry about gearing them selves up 1st.

I also find my pc's more giving of magic items to cohorts now then before. I think this is because now they don't have to sell everything to get the +x weapon or the +x belt, or cloak. They where looking to buy before. So when they find something semi cool that they don't want, they give it to the cohort to use. It does not become oh we just going to sell that at the magic mart.

Attunement does not bother me either, my player like that they can swap it out every day. Especial the anti paladin. that can cast greater magic weapon and can use in unholy bond. He cast the spell on his primary weapon, then often attunes two his secondary ones. It also makes DR little more relevant and effective. It also makes Monk, and other character that can go thru DR sooner shine a little better.

only thing I think I am going to change to these rules in my home game is Intelligent weapons and armor, and artifact type magic weapons and armor. They will function as they are, there is no need to attune to it, also means you can't make it any stronger then it already is.

both the 1st feat Possessed Hand feat, and Countanced Carbuncle feat are worded identically both granted +1 insight bonus to attacks and damage with 1-one handed or light weapons, and same bonus to some skill check. The only other feat that I am pretty sure is identical. Is the Hand's Autonomy feat. The detachment, and the knowledge feat (different skills) are slightly different, if i am remembering correctly. I will look at compare later today.

nothing stops you but, you would not get much benefit from it, since like bonus don't stack, unless they are untyped. the number bonus in the two feats chains seem to be all typed the same. It would be a huge number of feats, to build both up, to access all those things few things that are different between them. You could have two hands that have a mind of their own. It could be kind of funny, but you would have no other feats.

Now if you are asking if you can access Possessed hand feats as a by using the countenanced carbuncle feat as it prerequisite replacement and vice versa. The answer is no RAW, but in a home game GM may allow it. It still eats up a large number of feat. I don't have my pdf in front of me, but I am pretty sure the countenanced carbuncle line is 5 or 6 long feat chain. While Possessed hands feats is 4 or 5 long.

Just wanted to update everyone, they released the vampire hunter D paizo pdf from kickstarter today. he is level 20, new hybrid class, that is a mix of slayer, and Inquisitor mostly, that is specialized vs undead. he is also non mythic, but it says that he his build at this point is based on the early novels, manga, and movies. he is also built on 25 point buy unlike normal npcs and D has big inherit bonus to some of his stats. because of his lineage. As for his hand it is a large feat chain. Similar to the possessive hand chain. some of the feats are word for word the same, but it has a different name, and because of the name it open up to other feats that do competently differing things like dispel magic ect. There is also two arch types in there one for rangers to be lycn hunters and one for the spiritualist.

Just wanted to update everyone, they released the vampire hunter D paizo pdf from kickstarter today. he is level 20, new hybrid class, that is a mix of slayer, and Inquisitor mostly, that is specialized vs undead. he is also non mythic, but it says that he his build at this point is based on the early novels, manga, and movies. he is also built on 25 point buy unlike normal npcs and D has big internet bonus to some of his stats. because of his lineage. As for his hand it is a large feat chain. Similar to the possessive hand chain. some of the feats are word for word the same, but it has a different name, and because of the name it open up to other feats that do competently differing things like dispel magic ect. There is also two arch types in there one for rangers to be lycn hunters and one for the spiritualist, and a lot more stuff.

Kobold Cleaver wrote:

The guy actually had substantial system mastery, from what we've heard. He was just bad at tactics.

1. He couldn't Lay on Hands because he was first level.
2. He might have smited (and should have), but a small bonus to his AC might not have saved him.
3. He couldn't reach them to fight in melee. His speed was slow, which is why he never, ever should have gone so far from the party.

Frankly, if I was running a game that was intended to be harsh and deadly, I would see the CDG as an excellent move. It shows the players that if they act like fools and fail to work as a team, there will be consequences. It shows them that death is a real risk, not just something that happens to NPCs. And for Chaotic Evil enemies far away from any potential interference, it makes sense.

Remember, they were about two or three rounds' worth of paladin flight away from the party. With the snow, catching up with the paladin would have taken a lot longer. The sprite was in no danger. The paladin made CDG a pretty damn viable tactic.

yeah totally bad tactics, never ever split up at level 1. lol no one has enough hp or AC to do that.

But declaring smite attacking and moving to cover would have bumped his ac by a fair bit, combined with fighting defensively, that +6 to to all targets, Then deflection from cha mod to target of smite. odds are he not going to hit them but he not going to hit either. +6 or more to ac is massive at level 1.

Cross bow was bad choice of a weapon, should have had short bow or some spears or even rocks for throwing at that level. that way he can draw them while he moves from cover to cover to cover. It would have given him enough time to get back to the party or have them meet up with him.

Hindsight and all that.

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there is no issue it stacks it says so under defending trait that it stacks.

"A defending weapon allows the wielder to transfer some or all of the weapon's enhancement bonus to his AC as a bonus that stacks with all others. As a free action, the wielder chooses how to allocate the weapon's enhancement bonus at the start of his turn before using the weapon, and the bonus to AC lasts until his next turn. This ability can only be placed on melee weapons."

So these are the requirements for defending
1 It is placed on melee weapons, a shield is a melee weapon,
2 you must be wielding it as a weapon, thus shield will have to be used as an attack. This is fine if it is offhand because you are still wielding.
3 you must have free action that is use able (some gm limit the number of free actions you can take in a round.)
4 the weapon must have a weapon enhancement bonus. your shield is +5 weapon enhancement bonus. so yes

As long as you are doing those things you can Add to your AC, as an added bonus this untyped bonus goes to CMD and touch also.

the only way this ability could get messy and questionable is with a +5 bashing shield, +1 defending (bashing makes it +1 weapon) thus it is now qualifies for the Defensive property. Then try to combine shield master feat. Since the feat treats your defensive enhancement bonus as a weapon one. As a double dip on the defensive enhancement bonus. with out actual paying for the +5 weapon. I can see some why some gm would flat out say no that does not work.

umm the paladin did not smite to boost his AC or laying on hands to heal him self???? I am totally confused how the paladin lost. where they level 1? Sound like the guy was a total new and had no system mastery, what about fighting defensively to boost his ac. why was he using a cross bow against them instead of flying to them killing them with melee weapon and smite?? So confused by this encounter. I would have killed him to just because he Isolated him self. but I seen player do this and still take out 3 or 4 creatures before having to run.

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Let him go with it, this is a home brew game, I say go with it. it does not have to be magic, make it combo lute, and axes, make him pay master work cost for both items, and take on 50% of cost of one of them. since your are combing two item into one. in magic items their rule for this is a 50% increase on the cost of one of the items. now if he want to enchant it to amp, he can use item magic creation rules to add ghost sound at x uses per day. ghost sound is a 0 level spell so it not exactly game breaking when if it is at will because it is 1st level casting with dc of 10. command word activated is 1,800 for at will for a level 0 spell. Seem fair based on what the spell does. Just make sure you let him know at will does not mean free action it just means unlimited uses per day. it is still going to be a standard action to activate.

note even combing the items into one item he will not be able to attack with the ax and preform with it at the same time. it take two hands to perform with most instruments. his hands will be occupied doing that so he will not be able to attack. This is why most bards picking singing as their preform to if they are going to be melee combat bards.

M_78 wrote:

Taken from the Core Rules Equipment PRD Entry under: Shield Spikes "An enhancement bonus on a spiked shield does not improve the effectiveness of a shield bash made with it, but a spiked shield can be made into a magic weapon in its own right."

This says to me that you can enchant your Shield as a weapon and as a shield. Please explain how you read.

they explained my stance above, I just want to give you an example because of the wording people get confused and think they can do this.

+5 coldiron flaming spikes or spiked (a lot of people think this is a separate weapon) the spike can't actual be enchanted.
+5 shield Defending icy shield (offense)
and +5 Bashing shield (defense)

spikes are not separate weapons so they never get enchated, your shield becomes a spiked shield when you add spikes to it. the wording in them is very confusing. but you can have your spiked shield enchanted as +5 defending spiked shield(weapon) and +5 Bashing spiked shield (defensive), note that bashing and spiked do not stack to increase the size of weapon damage. you take the greater of the 2 which is bashing. But if you have improved shield bash. and this setup you can use the defending portion of the shield, shield to increase your AC further.

the ones I see most people pick are, Any 1st level buffing wands, bless, cure light wounds, ect. I often see magic missile wands but at like 5 level caster, or what ever the level is you have for 3 missiles. To do a little damage, invisibility wands are also useful, he can use it on other party members in the middle of combat. Most people stick to 1st level spell due to cost. summon monster wands also work well.

zainale wrote:
most the time when you use "craft magic item" you buy the masterwork item and just enchant that. i want to have a mage blacksmith character that makes crafting checks but instead of using a hammer to hammer the metal he uses magic forces to shape the metal like a hammer and anvil. the craft checks would determine whether you get a normal item or a masterwork item.

Actual not all items need to be masterwork, that is only weapons and armor, and there is nothing in the rules saying it has to be bought. Doing that way just make it easier, and allows you to skip a step in item creation process. you can certainly use the craft skill rules to make them. Again you just say you use a spells to forge out the master work weapon, or a normal weapon then cast masterwork transformation on it.

The system does not care how it is made either it be via magical procedure or old school weapon smiting.

They system only cares is that you Make a roll to confirm success at the times required, and that 1/3rd the cost in raw materials is used for normal crafting, and for magical properties, the cost is paid, and appropriated spells are used.

The rest is all your choice to describe, nowhere does it tell you what those raw materials are or what is used to the items magic, it can be any fluff or flavor you choose. In your case for making a sword out magic, the raw materials maybe bat poo, magic oils, coal, and unicorn farts. So long as it 1/3rd the cost of the sword. Some GM's you play with may not like this idea, only like old school, blacking smith steel production and real raw materials, and that is their choice it is their game world. Now if you are the GM you can certainly pick this as another way of doing, it. If you are not the GM then asking him if he mind you describe it this way. I don't think they are going to tell you no, so long as you paid the appropriated cost and you are in town to buy your components required.

This is what create magic item feat does or craft skill, it is up to you decided the flavor of how it is done. if you want to describe it of a person casting fireball on the weapon 80 times to heat it up or another create water to over the heated weapon to cool it. Then so be it. It is your choice to use that flavor or, skip over it and just do the required roll. It has no baring on the end result. Note also it should also have no effect on actual spell uses per day, expect when creating magic item that actual require those spells.

I am not sure it from "Seekers of Secrets", or not, but I sure "Seekers of Secrets" is a 3.5 book, if not it may need updated. Because i notice one of the abilities on Nacreous gray sphere you can get is to reduce the miss chance to incorporeal to 25%. In pathfinder you no longer have a miss chance vs incorporeal creatures. So not even sure a way-finder are supposed to work in pathfinder anymore. I am refer you to asking your GM.

I am confused by your question, if the armor is busted up and broken to the point of it not be wearing able. no one is going to be wearing it to be hit by the parasitic armor effect. there no point to even reference that. if someone is wearing the armor in repaired or broken condition use parasitic armor rules, if not see below.

This entire bit is GM call territory there are not going to be any hard rules on it. See destroying equipment rules in core rule book,you find there is a rule that says only GM decide if item actual gets destroyed. a GM can leave an item with one HP and broken status no matter what happens to it. to Destroy the Graveknight Armor, suggestions are given to gm to show how difficult it should be, just breaking it a part in to 1,000 small chucks should not be enough, but a GM could certainly rule that it is.

If it is busted up and parts of it are scatter all over the world, GM rules that is not enough for it to be destroyed, the gm picks a spot where the largest portion (similar how trolls regen to be fair on location) of the armor and grave knight is reformed in that location. Armor rebuilt in all, any remain chunks either fade way as stated by Drahliana Moonrunner or they become inactive as the armor reforms it self and the knight else where so that energy is in the new location. This could be what leads to the investigate the grave knight and how to true destroy it. By maybe the pc's having a chunk of it left with the knights banner or mark on it. This allows them to do the detective work as mention Parasitic Armor.

Also note that the rules on the GraveKnight are in two different books, one a basic monster book, and the other optional and expanded add on supplement for undead.

is the stuff from the wiki true in as in the novel sourced with quotes to prove it? Never trust anything off a wiki, as any one can edit those. I have only gotten up to book 8 so maybe they are accurate.

I never see D wear anything out side of basic leather, so armor training is not even needed based on pathfinder rules. D most likely uses combat expertise and fights defensively almost always. thus he seems like he has a high ac.

he has failed will save before happen in 1st book if i am remember correctly. he was held and gotten staked in the heart which allowed his hand to save him.

Regen can be explained via DR in pathfinders or actual regeneration/fast healing. Which all can be gotten via feats or alternate race based traits, or magic items, even horror adventure corruptions maybe. Way of the wicked AP has a large number of feats listed in it that can slowly change you into master vampire.

Str can be attained via mythic rules, I am sure.

Superhuman Speed - is it really superhuman speed or is it an insite bonus allowing him to see it before it happens so he knows when to react. AC insite bonus reflects this. I don't think he ever actual ran at super human speed.

durability is again covered by DR

for his int, 16+ is considered genius so that is not that hard to get.

his knowledge, is just two knowledge skill, religion for undead(the nobility in his world), knowledge local for all the local lore.

Combat Experience - just mean he has a lot of combat feats and high base attack.

Marksmanship - decent dex with high base attack covers that.

Weapon Master - this is just repented by full bab class.

Master Tracker - survival plan and simple covers this, just means he has max ranks in it. maybe even skill focus.

Master Tactician - this is not used in pathfinder at all, any instances will be skill checks of some sort. Profession soldier I seen uses in adventures as a check.

Perpetual Power Growth - self imposed penalties or failures. (just means based on who he is fighting he uses, in miss or fails things are intentionally.) much like him being level 15+ but he only runs into level 7 and acts like he level 7.

Telepathy - this is covered via familiar and Possessed Hand feats has stated above. (the attacks that effect most people in city in a d world are level 1 commoners also it is explain in book 1 and 2 that most people for some reason instantly forget anything or everything about the nobles weakness, they have programmed this way. this can be explained with them be level 1 commoners and use the horror adventures fear and insanity rules.) This is why D scoff at this he is not effected like them and make his will saves. he could actual be immune to mind effect with the vampire feats.

Telekinesis- i don't remember that in any of the movies. do you remember what parts, D could easily have a ring of Telekinesis.

Reality Altering Powers - 1st level caster do this. It is one of the biggest complaint that cause martial vs casters debates. Casters narrative have power and the ability to alter reality.

Because D actual uses magic and spells ability this actual make him easier to make, then most martial base literary characters. Maybe D is level 40 pathfinder is not limited to level 20, Rules do exist for going past level 20 in the core rule book. So D is build-able

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I have a feel this is your problem have you been running random encounters as AP's normally suggest or have you been skipping them? this is often listed to do at the start of each chapter if possible often in fine print and it is easily missed. This means you have to make your own encounters and add your own created wealth to the AP also.

I have a feeling all the characters are under leveled also. them being under geared and under level may be what lead them to in TPK the 1st place. TPK's I find are very rare in Paizo's AP. Most AP by book 4 have characters at about level 10 or 11 So that is where this feeling comes from. Look at your AP and the point of the story, they are in at the front of that book, it should list the recommended level for that point. Do PC match that level? if not you have 2 options to fix

1. run some random encounters enough to get everyone back the the same treasure level and get them to the correct level.

2. This option will fix your problem entirely, remove xp from the game level the players at the set time listed in the AP and remove wealth by level completely, by using unchained automatic bonus progression. This will fix the magic item problem. every character get the same bonus at the exact same levels. With it players don't miss out on expected magic item they are supposed to have. you just have to remember to remove certain one from the AP. like +x weapons, amulets of natural armor, cloaks of resistance, ect. (I highly highly recommend doing this.) it easier to remove stuff then add stuff, and saves a ton of time and head ache for you, it just a few rule changes you have to learn.

nope I have not heard anything yet, about PDF, just that comic should be shipping soon. digital version of the comic is out already to my understanding, but I have not looked at that yet either, been way to busy to even look at it along with all the other kick starts I have backed with in the past year. They are fulling some of the physically rewards, like the sticker and patches ect, but nothing on the pathfinder add on.

edit: I just looked at the comments for the kickstarter, 7 days ago someone asked about it and they replied saying "the Pathfinder RPG supplement is not yet finished. Paizo is currently finalizing it and it should be available to backers soon. We'll post an update as soon as we have more information on it's availability."

Johnnycat93 wrote:
I think the Possessed Hand feats are a good approximation for the hand if we have to stick with Pathfinder.

I had not seen these feat until you mention it, they do fit well. I originally was looking into it because I wanted to make creature like parasite in the Anime parasyte. That could maybe also cast dispel magic. I don't think those feats where out at the time I was looking into. It does not seem the hand can cast it's own spell thou.

Actual someone pointed out to me a while back, Blood Rager actually fits D type character very well, Dhampir Svetocher with aberrant bloodline. When I was trying to figure out how to make his left hand as tumor familiar.

D him self is not impossible to make in pathfinder when you add mythic teirs and that class.

Again the The only problem with his is his hand. Which does not fit with anything, currently. It being it own entity with own levels make a lot more sense. I thinking leadership cohort make a lot more sense then a type of familiar, This is where most of spell casting comes from.

There is already a creature that is close fit to his hand. it's Shikigami can merge with another creature or ward. The alignment is not correct but it is a close fit. you would just need to get as cohort instead of familiar so it can actual level up and get it's own abilities. Before they ruled improved familiar did not work with tumor familiar, any of the demons could have worked maybe worked also.

I actual find D one of the easier literary characters to make in pathfinder especially if have access to mythic tiers, despite how powerful he is, he can actually fits in to a single class and up to 20 levels, especial if you use unchained ABP. Because spell casting is a part of his world. There are others like Gutz from berserk that are hard to make with in 20 levels because of how many class different ability, and feat prerequisite, because he does not have spell casting abilities. to help bolster him for thou incredible things he does.

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there is an official Vampire hunter D booking coming out from Paizo via a kickstarter. om-mars/description

So we will see what they come up with. Good job on the nerco Juda.

magic tattoos are a bad idea, because there is a spell that wipes them away, with no save. It only 3rd level spell too, there is also transfer tattoo 1st spell but there is a save.

what you want to play is Mobile fighter archtype. it give you the ability to move and full attack. I seen someone play one using kukri they where devastating. you get plenty of feats, and you get bonus to hit and damage when ever you move more then 5ft, with any weapon you use. This allows you to be good with bows also for when you have to do ranged attacks.

Ascalaphus has the correct answer by the book answer, but I find most GMs completely ignore flying skill check rules unless an AP calls for a check. I think this may be part of the reason it go rolled into acrobatic in the unchained consolidated skill rules. because it just get ignored all together so no one every put ranks. The fact that the rules really don't allow a character to even put ranks into it until level 7+ also puts a dampener on the skill. As you need a reliable way to fly before you can put a rank into it. At least using the unchained rules, It is a skill almost everyone puts some ranks in so if one of those checks come up you have a chance to make it.

I also notice most GM only use altitude as a factor and some like my self even ignore that and treat it like an fly is on off switch. you can melee attack all creatures that are also in flying status, only creatures with grounded status that can attack you are those with range weapons, or those your are in melee and that have the same reach as you. This limit the focus to just the 2d map we are using any way.

All altitude add to the game is extra paper work and book keeping that slows the game down. Same with the skill checks, it just slows the game down in combat. the system already and GM already has enough things slowing it down.

Ask your GM how he wants to run the fly rules, if it is by the book or if he want to ignore them. if this is PFS you are kind of stuck. Ignore them will speed up the game and give the GM less bs they have to worry about.

ryric wrote:
The 7th level in HeroLab is probably based on using it as a mount. These things presume you're using the critter in the most optimal way the author can think of, so think of the dire wolf as a tripping mount, wearing barding, negating hits with Mounted Combat. Is that worth 2 levels of adjustment? I personally don't think so, but that's likely where they're coming from.

It would not be two levels of adjustment because an awake dire wolf is 7 hit dice, not 5 like normal dire wolf. with effective bab as 7 level 3/4 bab class with 7 levels saves, feats, and ability points.

I think Awaken Animal fit in at what ever their hit dice is to be uses as cohorts, their stats are going to be higher then normal npc, especial after they get their 1st class level in actual class and get the ability boost from that. from the monster rules "Creatures with class levels receive +4, +4, +2, +2, +0, and –2 adjustments to their ability scores."

Entryhazard wrote:
KainPen wrote:

never though about maximizing, empowering awaken spell,That makes an awesome plant companion.

As far as I know you are going to have to ask your GM normally hit dice are a reflection of level. because every 3 hit dice = 1 feat every 4 = ability point raise. But then you have this whole effective level for monster to be cohorts which is very confusing. like a Worg is effective 5 level, as leadership is concerned despite it cr 2 being and hit dice only be a 4.

Actually it's 1 feat every 2 hit dice starting from 1 (so every odd)

yeah I was thinking 3.5 not pathfinder on that portion. more feats in pathfinder, another thing that support hide dice are their actual levels is base attack and saves are also based on it as well as most spell like abilities. There a few exceptions like Ogre-mage oni cast as 9 hit dice even thou they are only 8 hit dice.

nope no predator stuff, they are not even in the list of their horrific inspirations. Maybe because Predator is more action movie with slasher horror elements. The closest thing in the book that could be useful for a Predator Implacable Stalker template, but it is a bit supernatural heavy, works better more inspired of Jason, Micheal Myers and Freddy, since the thing returns to life based on characters nightmares. You could always swap that for maybe innate invisibility, I say A Orc/with Ranger or Slayer levels, with that template but remove Nightmare Resurrection and swap for invisibility, for them

Raving Nerd, I am not sure what your are talking about difficulty of CMD checks and moving in combat? CMD is not effected at all by moving in combat, unless you are entangled or fatigued ect. but it not the moving cause it, it is the other conditions are you talking about choose to fight defensively or go full defensive, and use the dodge bonus granted by that, which is higher if you have 3 ranks acrobatics to raise your cmd. If so yes that can be done. Also combat expertise also applies. Remember all dodge bonus stack so long as they are not from the same source, but they can also be lost by being caught flat-footed or things that normally deny you your dex bonus.

CMD is very easy to raise. deflection, insite, favored class bonus, race bonus, the list goes on and on. there are more ways to raise your CMD then there is to raise your CMB hence even a specialists at the upper levels can have problems against CMD. Mid levels it tend to work very well against humanoid creatures.

check out horror adventures, as The 20 STR Aristocrat, suggested it is the Alien Xenomorph, rules you need, the only thing different between hive and Xenomorph are the description slightly. there is even a hive template you can apply to other creatures to give the effect mention from alien 3 with Ripley describing, how that one moved and looked different due to it coming from dog or cow depending on what version of the movie you see.

never though about maximizing, empowering awaken spell,That makes an awesome plant companion.

As far as I know you are going to have to ask your GM normally hit dice are a reflection of level. because every 3 hit dice = 1 feat every 4 = ability point raise. But then you have this whole effective level for monster to be cohorts which is very confusing. like a Worg is effective 5 level, as leadership is concerned despite it cr 2 being and hit dice only be a 4.

Buri Reborn wrote:
Mind you, you can get crafting progress out of a 4 hour window with a higher DC. Idk about you, but I don't spend 8 hours eating, bathing, and so on. Adventurers don't need day jobs. That is their day job.

you also live in a house, with modern convenience. Think of it like going camping, how long does it take to setup a old time tent, gather fire wood, setting up fire pit, starting fire, cooking your food, then eating your food. even in the modern world average cooked meal takes 20-30 mins to cook and most people spend about 30 mins eating.This included talking. It also include modern temperature control devices and a lot of premade food items. now make something from scratch. you have to add food prep time in there also. if you have meal that require boiling water that is another 15 to 20mins. just to boil the water that is does not include going to get if from stream or water source provided you can find one. Same goes for the bath, you have to get to the water. Now lets add the time to get in and out of armor before and after bathing and sleeping. It is very easy to see how 4 to 6 hours of the day can be used up, just to take care of every day things that needs to be done. This is with out just time to relax.

I don't even use height in my games, I treat flying as a on/off state. It too much of a pain to have to keep track of all of that. It just slow the game down to me. I know some a lot of my group has at one point got a pack of 36 six sided dice. The cube that they come in they just place their mini on top of that. I have also see people just place their characters on top of a 6 side dice. When we actual use minis. I use VTT d20pro personally and they have status you can place on the character tokens to keep track.

you are using unchained optional rules, which are all GM territory, so ask your GM to make a call, or if you are gm make the call your self.

welcome to a poorly made feat. the only really use is for when people try to run directly past you. most often it will happen because of charge or if you are in the middle of a 15ft hallway. Even withdraw easily stop this feat from working. It is just to limited to the squares adjacent to you. Even reach does not help with this feat. the only things that help this feat function,in any way is terrain, or increasing your size so it makes it hard for people to just walk around your. Also another bad thing about it is a normal CMB check no way of really increasing it. While CMD gets bonus from deflection dodge, ect. I house ruled it in my game to work with any square you can reach.

With unchained it's revised action economy it is up to you to decide, but, I do the same thing Zenogu does and treated them as two weapon fighting, with many shot having the same function as improved two weapon fighting.

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