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Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Jussi Leinonen's page

FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 112 posts (113 including aliases). 4 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 13 Pathfinder Society characters.

Silver Crusade

Some reported Pathfinder Society games went missing after the Core Campaign update and this problem still seems to persist. In fact, after the Core update went live, I lost two sessions, but after that one more seems to have disappeared from my list of GM'd scenarios.

I know that two of my runs of the scenario The Blakros Matrimony are among the missing ones. Other GMs have reported problems with this scenario as well. There is a workaround to the problem that was discussed in this thread, however, I purposefully didn't use it so that I would know when the reporting system was trustworthy again.

Hopefully someone is still interested in looking into this and not just leaving the system buggy. I created myself both of the events in which I ran The Blakros Matrimony, and as I mentioned, I haven't touched them since the Core Campaign update. If someone working on the PFS reporting system can use my help tracking down the root cause of the problem, I'd be happy to help: feel free to poke me and I'll PM the session details to you.

Silver Crusade ****

Tonight, Finland finally got its first in-game Venture-Captains when a party of five characters finished Eyes of the Ten, pt. IV. It was an honor for me to GM the Eyes of the Ten series for them, as these were characters who had often played with each other for a long time.

They completed most of the Season 4 high-level arc together, and defeated Krune before starting the Eyes arc. Three of them (Cadwynn, Karim and Trinie) played together already in their first PFS game, First Steps pt. 1 in October 2011, which was also my very first session as a PFS GM. Kresentius (a character dating all the way back to Season 0) and Arna joined in a bit later and they could be considered a party on their own right already a year ago.

Also, I have to say that Eyes of the Ten was an absolute blast to run. The only complaints I have are that a well prepared, Season-4 hardened party will find the encounters mostly very easy, and that with Requiem rising the bar incredibly high (please, can we have more of these?), the rest of the series can't quite reach that level of awesome.

So let me introduce and congratulate:

Venture-Captain, Eagle Knight Arna Kaarnatar - Human Fighter 1 / Ranger 12
Best remembered for: transforming Krune into a pincushion

Venture-Captain Cadwynn Ablamar - Human Inquisitor of Asmodeus 12 / Shadowdancer 1
Best remembered for: became, and still is, a member of the female sex (also: picking the Asmodean Demon Hunter trait, not encountering a demon until around level 8)

Venture-Captain Karim "Sword of the Grand Lodge" Izanor - Half-Orc Barbarian 13
Best remembered for: picking dubious targets for his bite attack while enraged, from crocodiles to ghouls

Venture-Captain Kresentius Chartagnian - Human Wizard (Conjurer) 13
Best remembered for: numerous teleportation shenanigans

Venture-Captain Trinie Valrune, Human Sorcerer 13
Best remembered for: beating a succubus in a catfight

Now I'd like to invite those members of the party who lurk these boards as characters who shared adventures with them to share some memories.

Silver Crusade ****

The chronicle sheet for the Pathfinder Module The Harrowing lists a potion of see invisibility as a found item. As far as I understand, it should not be possible to create this item, as the corresponding spell has a range of "personal". I don't suppose that the purpose of the chronicle is to allow the purchase of an otherwise illegal item, so should I just cross this item out from the chronicle sheet?

Also, since these items are found as treasure during the module, should I allow the PCs to use them during the module itself?

Silver Crusade ****

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It looks like we can celebrate the independence day of Finland by announcing the winners of our little "race" to three GM stars.

VC Jukka Särkijärvi and a GM known as Deussu on these boards, both PFS actives who have been around since Season 0, are the first in Finland to have reached 3-star status. Apparently, Jukka beat Deussu to it by the tiny margin of a single day.

I, alas, am trailing them by some ten scenarios, so my runner-up's prize is to be able to congratulate them for the achievement. Keep it up - next stop: four stars! :)

Silver Crusade ****

The Necklace of Fireballs description says:

If the necklace is being worn or carried by a character who fails her saving throw against a magical fire attack, the item must make a saving throw as well (with a save bonus of +7). If the necklace fails to save, all its remaining spheres detonate simultaneously, often with regrettable consequences for the wearer.

Do alchemist's bombs count as magical fire attacks for this purpose?

Silver Crusade ****

So... a player came to my table with an Expert character. I looked it up, nothing in the additional resources except that everything in the Core Rulebook is permitted, with specific exceptions. So with no apparent reason to disallow it, I let him play that character.

Did I miss something that would ban NPC class characters from PFS? At least they are not overpowered, and they are capable enough that if well optimized, they would still certainly wipe the floor with a badly optimized PC class character.

As for the question "why", I can only say: "because we can". (Or can we?)

Silver Crusade ****

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Is there a rule on how much damage you can do with an improvised weapon in PFS? The Core Rulebook rules are quite vague with this, saying only that you choose a comparable weapon and use its stats.

From reading the Improvised Weapon Master feat, my best guess would be 1d6 with 1-handed improvised weapons and 1d10 with 2-handed ones.

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