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JuliusderBastler's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 20 posts. No reviews. 2 lists. 1 wishlist. 1 alias.



Some answers? :-)


btw is somewhere an Adventure or maps about the scool?


Can someone tell me were to find the Stone of the seer Magic Guild?
In "Inner sea Magic" there is only the horrowed society of Galduria mentioned and in Magnimar there is only a short entry.

I need fame and reputation for a character trying to join the Guild.

Did I overlooked it somewhere?

Please help me a little

Best regards



Traveller in a fantasy setting? Nice :-)

I will give it a try.

I am a Traveller since first edition and a fantasy player too.



Time to go to bed here in good old germany.
Reading for tonight on my ipad: Monster Focus

I´m curious


Nice support Mr J the Minotaur


4 :-)


Is there anywhere a Map of the Rusty Dragon Inn?


Ah. And a review... :-)
same old Endzeit.





Dark_Mistress wrote:
F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
Jenner2057 wrote:
Great picture of Magnimar and the Irespan! I've been having trouble really grasping how big it is and this picture really helps.
That's from the new and improved Player Companion line debuting in just a few weeks here. If you want more shots like that of all of Varisia's major cities, you'll have to check it out!
You mean the Varisia book? and can we get the images of city skylines in larger images on the blog? pretty please :)

Yes please. Very good idea



I am playing Rise of the Runelords since some time. We are now at the middle of Part 2 Magnimar.

I need some Informations for a better understanding.

1. Galduria TwilightAkademy: Informations are in the Book -Inner see Magic
Is there a map of the town somewhere?

2. Magnimar - Stone of the seers Magic Scool
Does it appear anywhere? There is just a sentence in Pathfinder Skinsaw Murders.

3.Stone of the Seers
Are there any archetyps or a prestidge class like the cyphermages at Inner sea magic.

Does it appear somewhere? There is just a sentence in Pathfinder Skinsaw Murders.

A reference if it will appear in the new Release (Varisia Land od Legend, RotRl Anniversary or lost Kingdoms) would be helpful



Thanks End. :-) I was waiting for a review.


Its in my shopingcart but I was waiting for a review by D_M or End.
Thank you. I think I will buy it


get a copy of Burnt Offerings RoTRL 1 and begin your game with it. In June you can use the new Book.
Do not use an other Adventure bacause it will damage the first part of RotRl


Hahahahaha over 400 $ ? At once?
Has a runewell opened under Paizo or Wizkids?

Now I know the reason for the paper minis. Rich players and poor

The runelord is alive




Very Good
Will there be one for Bestiary 1?
I like the idea and I have a second free wall. XD


Oh very good

But it´s late ^^

I am starting 2 new campains next Month. XD


Oh boys. No Pathfinder Beta in Germany. We are still waiting.

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