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Svilennius Tripe

Joseph Wilson's page

Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 630 posts (639 including aliases). 9 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 alias.

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Fantastic book of character options!


The Advanced Class Guide is full of innovative new classes, packed with flavor and fascinating new mechanics. From the Arcanist to the Bloodrager to the Investigator to the Swashbuckler, the ACG has new character options all of your players will be chomping at the bit to explore. Add in a host of archetypes, feats, and spells that intermix these new rules with the existing classes and base rules, and you've got an essential supplement to the Pathfinder RPG, and one that you will not regret spending money on. My most highly recommended Pathfinder rules supplement since the Advanced Player's guide!

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Jam-Packed with Knightly Flavor!


Knights of the Inner Sea continues with the newly introduced Companion format that first gloriously reared its head with Varisia, Birthplace of Legends.

As it is in the 32-page Player Companion line of products, the focus here is on fully fleshing out your character's place in the world of Golarion, with any added rules content just a great added plus. In this case, the focus is on knights and knightly orders. Everything that you need to create a living, breathing character of this type is here. From Hellknights to Eagle Knights to Mendevian Crusaders and more, this book is packed with all the flavor you need to bring your knightly character's background, personality, and motivations to life.

There's even a beautiful 2-page spread detailing the myriad individual pieces of armor and horse barding to further enhance a players knowledge. There's rules for gaining and advancing a squire, along with archetypes specific to such an endeavor. There's new cavalier orders, Knightly Codes, spells, and magic items.

Need advice on how to use the countless rules that are available to you to narrow down your choices and make a nice, flavorful character? Check out the new "roles" feature, which will do just that.

These 32 pages are jam-packed with all the knightly flavor you could ever need to fit yourself right into the Inner Sea Region.

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A priceless piece of equipment for your gaming table!


I am truly enjoying this book. One night with the pdf had me pretty confident that this hardcover would quickly become one of my most heavily utilized books. Having since received my hardcopy, that opinion hasn't changed. I can't help but pick it up and thumb through every time it catches my eye. Each time I open it, I come across some great new item that has me wondering how I'm going to work it into my current campaign.

The updated layout and organization are incredibly well done and easy to read. Something very important for a catalog-style book. It could have been very easy to get lost in all of the items. All of the great new art certainly helps as well!

From mundane to wondrous to legendary, this book is truly the Ultimate statement on your Pathfinder item needs. As far as I'm concerned, it is already indispensable!

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Print Edition Unavailable

Fantastically Inspiring!


As the subject reads, I found myself truly inspired by this book. As someone participating in the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path, the knowledge of the Shackles region found in this 64-page tome is indispensable. From fleshed out information on ports such as Port Peril and Quent, to amazing adventure backdrops such as Besmara's Throne and the Cannibal Isles.

An enormous bestiary rounds out the book, adding fearsome creatures such as the mighty lusca and the horrific Blood Queen. It also contains some great sea-dwelling undead options, seafaring NPCs, and a disturbing new 0-HD race, the kuru.

If you've got an adventure coming up on the high seas, look no further for some inspiration than this book. Highly recommended!

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Best one so far.


While I have enjoyed all of the Pathfinder Tales novels up to this point, I feel no hesitation in stating that Death’s Heretic is the strongest thus far. I already knew Mr. Sutter was a strong writer from his brilliant RPG sourcebook, City of Strangers, but writing a novel is an entirely different matter. Boy, did his talent shine through.

And this is not just a great RPG novel; Death’s Heretic is a great fantasy novel, in general. Mr. Sutter has crafted an incredibly deep, complex, and fascinating character in his protagonist, Salim Ghadafar. Through Salim, Sutter explores religious and philosophical subject matter rarely broached in fantasy with such depth and poignancy. The concept of atheists living in a world where there is proof of the gods’ existence is a topic ripe for exploration, but only if approached with the care and deftness of skill that we see in Death’s Heretic.

The mystery of Salim’s background is a constant driving force for the novel that interweaves seamlessly with the main plot involving not just the murder of an aristocrat, but the theft of his very soul. Salim’s investigation of this event, alongside the persona of the dead aristocrat’s daughter, brings the pair on a roller coaster adventure from the urban intrigue at the scene of the murder to the scene of the soul theft in the Boneyard of the Goddess of Death herself, and beyond.

Each character and exotic location is fully formed and has a deep connection to the story and setting. The subtle character moments are written with the same intensity and care as the action set-pieces. Question after question gets raised and then answered in increasingly creative and unforeseen ways. It’s a mystery and philosophical smorgasbord, the likes of which I had never come across in my years of reading the genre.

I implore you to give Death’s Heretic a chance, whether you’re a fan of Pathfinder, fantasy, or just good novels in general.

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