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Svilennius Tripe

Joseph Wilson's page

Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 612 posts (621 including aliases). 9 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 alias.


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Brother Fen wrote:
I have to say that I disagree with the OP. I find the in character maps to be very useful.

Agreed. The "in character" maps are, quite literally, the only maps from the Folios that I've ever found use for. Love them!

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Enlight_Bystand wrote:
Steel_Wind wrote:
Eliandra Giltessan wrote:
They didn't announce a summer Pathfinder hardcover at PaizoCon. Dunno if they did at GenCon.

They did not. There is also some uncertainty and potential shuffling of the "Encounter Codex" - though nothing definite there.

In fairness, the Gencon hardcover they did announce is the one I expect they want to get the buzz. And that's Starfinder. For all we know, that is the Gencon "Pathfinder" hardcover.

It is taking the GenCon hardcover slot.

Lisa Stevens addresses this topic in another thread.

For convenience:

Lisa Stevens wrote:

I will throw this in there. We have some books coming out in 2017 that we just weren't ready to announce at GenCon this year. Erik did a rather large change to the schedule only a few weeks before the convention and we are still figuring out how to get everything done while also launching Starfinder. We knew folks would be disappointed that there were no new announcements, especially about hardcover books, but there will be some. We just weren't ready to announce them yet and decided that, although a great venue for announcements, we weren't going to let GenCon dictate when we make our announcements. So the stuff that was ready to announce got announced. I am expecting the other stuff will get announced in the next few months as it gets firmed up.


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From Know Direction's Facebook:

"Paizo 2017 and Beyond Panel Announcements.

More details on already announced books:
Curse of the Crimson Throne Hardcover
- Two Versions, normal and a Red Leatherette cover.
- Rebalanced, new art, some content retreated. More focus on the city.

Villain Codex
- ready to go evil organizations. 20 different ones with stat blocks.

James Sutter will be working on a book all about the first world.

Jessica Price will explore Qadira in her book.

More "big" flip mats!

Blood of Beasts - playing tengu, kitsune, etc. Mark Moreland leading.

Wes will be working on the Vampire Hunter D Message from Mars Pathfinder supplement, ties into the new comics.
- 32 pages.
- D himself explained.
- new class options, feats, spells, etc...
- monsters!

Eric Mona is writing Pathfinder Worldscape. Crossover of Pathfinder, Red Sonja, John Carter, Tarzan, Thunda, Phantoma.
- four Pathfinder heros pulled into a strange world by the wizard Nex
- Full RPG appendices in back."

James Jacobs wrote:
The closest you'll get to a "written statement" is the core rulebook, which indicates that the "standard fantasy" point buy is 15 points. The APs are designed with that expectation—that, and 4 players using the medium XP track. The more you deviate from those norms, the more you'll need to adjust the encounters.

From here

Until the Core Rulebook changes, I don't see the core assumption changing. They have to build these things basically with the assumption that the group only has Core Rulebooks, a bestiary, and maybe access to the PRD for additional bestiary stats.

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Norman Osborne wrote:

They seem to think that Paizo is involved in almost everything, as they're saying that Paizo is also behind the publication of an English-language edition of Ulisses Spiele's The Dark Eye (originally Das Schwarze Auge.) I wonder how long before they make an article where they claim that Paizo is responsible for the 5e books? :P

Based on the advertising card for The Dark Eye Kickstarter that came with my Paizo subscription, and which contains both the Ulisses Spiele Logo AND the Paizo golem, I'd say that particular item is true. Ulisses Spiele does the German translation of Pathfinder. Everything (admittedly little) I've found seems to indicate that Paizo is returning the favor by helping them with the publication of the Dark Eye's English translation.

MannyGoblin wrote:
I'd like to see a variation of Jade Regent where Scribbleface survives and hooks up with Ameiko to head north.

This happened in the Jade Regent game I ran. Scribbleface remains a legendary NPC amongst my group.

Q-Workshop just posted a photo from their both at a con they are at and they had Jade Regent Dice for sale. Shouldn't be much longer now!

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James Jacobs wrote:
WormysQueue wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Furthermore... I'm also frustrated at the idea that these are "retcons" and not "errata." There's a weird disconnect RPG players have between a company fixing a rule that's broken ("Oh good, they fixed an error and now the game works better!") and fixing flavor that's broken ("What? They robbed content from my game!").

I guess part of the problem is, that (from a customer standpoint) rule fixes actually improve the game (and apart from that, setting guys like me don't care for the rules anyway^^) while flavor fixes (as long as they don't fix glaring inconsistencies) rather change the setting in another direction. And most of the time, you don't hear from those people liking the change but from those who actually liked the former state of the art.

Though, personally, rather than complain about those minor fixes I just tend to ignore them for my own version of Golarion if i don't like them. I mean, I already change so much (i.e. integrating stuff from other settings) that it doesn't matter if you're doing some changes on your own.

In fact, I view the fixing of flavor errors (such as what happened with Erastil) as improving the game as much (if not more) than simply fixing a broken rule.

Indeed. I'm fascinated by the world content and love presenting the setting, as much as I can, in the fashion intended by the creators. Meanwhile, I pay zero attention to errata files and FAQs. If a rules question or issue comes up we just issue a ruling and move on. Nothing bogs down fun at the table more than rules discussions...


I'd have to say it's a tie between Iron Gods and Jade Regent. Love both the themes and the execution.

If I absolutely had to pick one, I'd let Jared Blando's sweet, sweet maps push me towards Jade Regent. I miss him... :-(

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An evil adventure from Stephen Radney-MacFarland?

So much death...

I just asked on their Facebook page upon their announcement of Giantslayer. They said "question of weeks now!"

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Mavrickindigo wrote:
The Golux wrote:
I don't think the ARG itself is not viable or anything, but the race builder system is really not a very good system for balancing races.
So the main point of the ARG is just worthless then, and Paizo decided to drop it? So what are we supposed to do with these overpowered Races, then, like the Munavri?

I love the ARG, and I've hardly ever even looked at the race builder chapter. I'd say opinions may vary on the "main point" of that book.

As for "what to do with these overpowered races," it's left up to each individual table/GM/group as usual.

Any update on those tantalizing Metal Gods adventures?

Sara Marie wrote:
Joseph Wilson wrote:
Just wondering if the spawning completed normally, as I have not yet received an email.
Since these are your first items after starting the subscription, they were created back when you started the subscription. Looks like your account is showing an email from 7/29/15. I've sent you another one since the price of the AP was fixed.

Got it! Thank you!

Just wondering if the spawning completed normally, as I have not yet received an email.

Super excited for this one, and just in time for me to be able to restart my sub as well!

And yes, I've been following the info for this AP since its announcement last year, and I've always understood it to be strictly Kintargo-based.

Can't wait for Volume 1!

The Nerdist ranked their top 10 D&D modules of all time, and they put Red Hand of Doom at #4. Kinda cool?

Link here

Excellent news! I just resubscribed on the strength of the two Cheliax APs, and I'm even MORE psyched for this one!

The trailer is fake. The series is real.


Pretty much what Shem said. I love the idea of Kickstarter, but I am very particular about which ones I back for these very reasons.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

This sounds amazing.

And it also makes clear the key reasons that Rob McCreary has been running the developer crew through Way of the Wicked for quite some time now...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Well said, samurai!

Thanks for all that you've done, and that you continue to do, Paizo!

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Axial wrote:
Hey Paizo, imma let yo finish, but I think that Kobold Press' Advanced Races Compendium is going to be the best Pathfinder race book of ALL TIME!

I'm sure that's going to be a great book. But it's a rules heavy, setting neutral book (with some Midgard sidebars).

I'm much more interested in a book about the races and their place in the Inner Sea.

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Depending upon which group/game I'm playing with, I intend to implement the following items from Unchained strategically. They all look fun, but I think different systems will benefit different flavors of campaign and levels of experience. I happen to play with multiple groups that greatly vary in those regards.

Rogue, Monk, and Barbarian will, generally, be open to everyone.
Summoner, I still need to look at more in depth. I've always banned the class, and while I like the flavor changes here, I'm not yet convinced that I shall lift that ban.

Skills and Options
Background Skills
Skill Unlocks, as written (free for Rogues and feat per skill for everyone else).
Variant Multiclassing (in addition to regular MC)

Stamina System will be limited to Fighters (for free) for now.
Wound Thresholds (only in my super experienced, high-powered/high level group)
Diseases and Poisons

Automatic Bonus Progression (in new and "relatively new" games; too complex to incorporate in games that have been going for a long time)

And that's where I am at for now. I'm still working my way through a lot of the sections in this fantastic supplement. I've only scratched the surface of Chapter 4, and I haven't even looked at Chapter 5 yet.

The blog doesn't claim that the game is based on Fate. It merely references Fate and Dread as other indie role-playing games.

Yeah, I asked them for an update on their facebook page. This was their update, as of March 3rd:

"Q-workshop: Hi! We had an issue with colors of Jade Regent, we admit it... It will be out really soon, we promise!"

The forthcoming novel from Dave Gross, Lord of Runes, will likely be of interest to you.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Or they're just printing the monsters that they think are the coolest/most thematic for a given volume. Once another mythological/folklore entry matches up with those subjective guidelines, I'm sure you'll see more!

QuidEst wrote:
Buri Reborn wrote:
Yup, all those things one level before a full caster. Totes broken. So broken it ruins the game. How ever will it go on? Can it be saved?! Spare me...
In all seriousness, often by banning Summoner. Which is part of why we've got Summoner in Unchained.

Yup. I've never allowed Summoners in my games for pretty much all the reasons mentioned in this thread. I'm pretty excited by what I've read over the past year regarding the potential changes coming in this book and am hopeful that I'll be able to lift that restriction.

Dave Gross wrote:

Of course, I'm biased and perhaps too close to the material to be the best describer. Perhaps some who've read a few of the novels will chime in.

As a reader, I'm happy to co-sign for you. In other words, "What Dave said!"

Thanks, Joanna. Those are the posts I got my info from as well, I just didn't have time in the moment to go through the quoting process. Hopefully that helps shed some light and clarification for Mr. Monty.

Dragnmoon wrote:
I noticed there is no Campaign Cards for this Module, are you going away with those or is this a one of?

Erik Mona addresses that question here.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Everyone I play with (at least 3 different groups, ranging from 5 to 7 players and play experience from 1 to 30 years) builds their characters based on flavor and story as opposed to how much damage they can deal. Therefore, when Prestige Classes make sense to them, the players in my groups utilize them.

It should also be noted, none of my groups have ever raised any question about entry requirements. The newest FAQ ruling falls in line with all of our base assumptions that we've been running with all along since 3rd Edition came out (i.e. nobody ever built a character based off of using SLA's to meet a prerequisite).

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graystone wrote:
thegreenteagamer wrote:

If you don't think early entry was cheesy, you're so far off the spectrum from those who do, any amount of explanations as to why it is will simply be met with blank stares, disagreements, or most probable, pointless debate that would in turn be met by those of us who do think it's stinky feta of the goat variety with the same blank stares, disagreements, and visceral returns.

This would lead to a spiraling vortex of pointlessness and about, oh if other hot topics such as rogues or alignment threads are any judge, fifteen pages or so of repeating the same tired arguments until the thread gets locked up.

Suffice to say, most of us who think it's cheesy think it's REALLY cheesy.

Well at the very least we found out it was early entry that you thought was cheesy. It's tough to debate without common ground and 'cheesy' varies SO much between person to person it needs defined for the discussion.

On early entry, before the old FAQ did you see anyone use prestige classes?

Yup. Everyone I play with (at least 3 different groups, ranging from 5 to 7 players and play experience from 1 to 30 years) builds their characters based on flavor and story as opposed to how much damage they can deal. Therefore, when Prestige Classes make sense to them, the players in my groups utilize them.

It should also be noted, none of my groups have ever raised any question about entry requirements. The newest FAQ ruling falls in line with all of our base assumptions that we've been running with all along since 3rd Edition came out (i.e. nobody ever built a character based off of using SLA's to meet a prerequisite).

chbgraphicarts wrote:

I understand this ruling. It might stink for people who were using it to get early access to prestige classes and some feats, but it's there in the title:

Spell-Like Ability.

Why does an ability that mimics a spell count as a spell for prereqs, but an Alchemists' extracts (which function much more like a spell) not count as a spell for the same prereqs?

While I can sympathize with players who got shafted by this decision, from a DMing standpoint, I appreciate it. It makes things much easier; something isn't a "spell" unless it's a proper spell - it's magic given form by a spellcaster's will. Other things may mimic and even duplicate a spell's effects, but they're not "spells" in the truest sense.

I'm not sure I could have put this any better.

I just bought this so hard.

Irnk, Dead-Eye's Prodigal wrote:

Mikaze wrote:
(plz never lose the NPC appendix entries though! Those are rock solid!)
Seconded. I cannot tell you how many times I have read through AP issues predating Jade Regent & wished Paizo had started that before then.

I'll third that. While I've already voiced my support for the magic item change, I would be sorely disappointed if we lost the NPC entries. While the magic items can be seamlessly integrated into the body of the adventure, as has been done here, I don't see that happening with the NPCs, given the word counts.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

The necessary new magic items are still called out in their own sidebars, it's just that they now appear where they show up in the adventure. I actually prefer this new way of doing it. Less page flipping.

Way to continue innovating and improving the format, Paizo!

Kurzon Bloodfist wrote:

I played 3E D&D for many years, so am not new to RPGs or DMing. Just new to Pathfinder.

I have been checking out Rise of the Runelords and the other adventure paths, and they all seem great. But I thought that there would be campaign settings published by other companies as well, because of the whole open content thing? Or am I confused?

You're not confused, but if you're specifically looking for 3rd Party stuff, you'll probably have more luck in that section of the forum.


Enevhar Aldarion wrote:

Sort of an off-topic question for this, but this is the first I heard about this going the Kickstarter route. Was it done that way just because Green Ronin felt like doing it that way or was it done that way because Green Ronin is in financial trouble and could not afford to make such an expensive book without having backers first?

Oh, and I have the 3rd edition version of the setting and I think it is great and really hope Green Ronin will be able to update it to 5th edition rules one day. :)

If memory serves, it was done via Kickstarter primarily to assess interest, since Green Ronin hasn't ever done much in the way of Pathfinder releases.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

This hit me pretty hard today. Out of nowhere, RWBY became an obsession of mine over the past year. The combination of story, humor, originality, visual spectacle, and general creativity just struck all the right chords with me. It served as a new focus and positive distraction at a point when I was having a really tough time.

Naturally, I became a huge fan Monty by extension. Only 33, and now in a fleeting moment, again out of nowhere, he's passed on.

Just one more reminder to appreciate everything we do have in the moment; to dwell on the positive rather than the negative; and to continuously embrace happiness as a state of being. Although it was sudden and unexpected, I hope Monty died happy. At the very least, he died a creative inspiration to hundreds of thousands of people.

I just wanted to chime in and say thanks for this review. I started running this campaign, and the group had a great time. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the game came to a screeching halt as we started book 3.

In the back of my mind, I always hoped I might be able to pick this one back up. This review reignites that excitement!

Marco Massoudi wrote:

Also i just noticed that paizo changed the Pathfinder Journal article from a six part story to single 6 stories by different authors...

That's how it was in the early APs as well. Can't help wondering if this marks the return of Mr. Eando Kline...

I highly recommend checking out the GM Reference threads for each of the adventures. There's lots of good recommendations, pitfalls, additions, etc. in those.

Starting with Fires of Creation

captain yesterday wrote:
I have 59 AP books, i'm very happy with the quality:-)

Indeed. The thing that I want from an adventure is NOTHING BUT for it to be fun to read and play.

That is why I continue to purchase and run Paizo adventures.

Berselius wrote:
AP is written assuming 4 PCs, and usually tops out at 17th level +/-

Is that stated specifically for this particular AP? I thought Paizo Publishing announced that all future AP's and Modules would be fitted for parties of SIX PC's instead of just FOUR?

That was just for Pathfinder Society Scenarios.

Lord Snow wrote:
People have recommended Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson already. I would also like to recommend Warbreaker and Elantris by him, since both have female leads (both have multiple POVs, but in each case 50% are female) that are strong.

Just want to jump in and say, "YES!" to this.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
MrNastyButler wrote:
Is Paizo still going to release a players guide for this one or are we required to buy the Giant Slayer's Handbook for the traits?

There will be a free Player's Guide. They've been doing two-page spread previews in the associated Player Companions since Shattered Star.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The maps in Paizo adventures are not really compressed or shrunk. How they appear in the books is the size that the cartographer created them (and how Paizo commissioned them). In other words, what appears in print is about the highest resolution that the maps exist in.

Finally! :-)

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