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The Rot Grub wrote:

By the way, these abilities do not seem like fun for the players. I'm inclined to give an extra save per round to the players. How are other people running this?

At these levels, in my experience, abilities with saves are unlikely to work (though Unity has exceptionally hard saves, so those might) and abilities with fear or charm saves are REALLY unlikely to work. If you get one PC with either of these you're stunningly lucky.

Unity got off a meteor swarm vs. my PCs which was actually somewhat effective, but that was the first and only thing in Divinity Drive which was. It has been a huge problem that resist fire and resist electricity make you essentially immune to the vast majority of ranged attacks here. Those are not difficult to come by for such high-level characters.

I gave the gargoyle clerics Dispel Magic and they did manage to hurt one PC with massed dispels followed by massed laser fire.

Curaigh wrote:


Can a critter be treated to an awaken spell?
No. A) Awaken is a 5th level spell & there should be no 10th level casters. B) An awakened critter is a template. C)

You should be aware that an Aranea, from bestiary 2, with 6 levels of sorceror could be counted as an 11th sorceror for casting purposes (for example the Aranea sorceror in Paizo's Jade Regent AP).

You may want to add to the rules, that even critters that "cast as a Nth level casting class" do not add their N to any class levels they may acquire if that's your intention.


I'd like to propose amending the rules to also ban swarms.

I think the Vescavor Swarm from bestiary 5 will prove to be a rather unfun combatant against many other builds.

I also think the Wihsaak Sahkil's at will vomit swarm ability will leave many combatants at a loss.

What do other's think?


Nice rule set, clean and simple. Sadly I need to ask about a few complications. In particular, are companion critters allowed (like a druid or ranger's animal companion)?

The next 3 questions are variations on "do companion creatures count as normal PC-type combatants?"

Can they "control an Emerald Cloud"?

Do they benefit from the Emerald Cloud's fast healing and death resuscitation effects?

Does their death grant the opposing PC-combatant 2 points?

Finally, is the prestige class Shadowdancer's shadow companion an exception to the no undead rule?



Curaigh wrote:

Aye some pre-gens will be provided. I am balancing the use of ACG right now, I may want to restrict them for balance.

Bestiary Bash 4714 for the rules from the last run & potentially FAQ.

So CR6 critter should only have CL4. HD partially determines CR. EDIT: templated monsters have always done poorly, don't think about them.

If anyone is interested in assisting with GMing, please let me know. :)

Just making sure, bestiary 5 is okay to use?