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It's the former, 15/15/10/5. The combat rules state that attacks occur in BAB order, and nothing in Rapid Shot contradicts that.

You could probably use Mutants & Masterminds. It's a great system for super heroes.

I personally wouldn't recommend GURPS for most super hero gaming. It tries too hard to be realistic to feel like super heroes, IMO.

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It may have been the intent to cover foci, but the RAW says it doesn't.

It's not being overly literal to interpret "material components" to only mean material components. It is a distinct game term from focus, after all.

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The Saltmarsh 6 wrote:

And so another nail is driven into the coffin of gaming

You can not and should not be able to control some aspects of gaming just like in life

If some people on the internet not playing your way is enough to be considered a nail through the coffin of gaming, I don't know what to say.

This argument of "there are things you can't control in life, so you should just deal with it" is patently ridiculous, but I keep hearing it. I don't care if I can't control stuff in life. I'm playing a game (and not the Game of Life :P). I don't want my Barbarian to be permanently crippled in what I expected him to be able to do because of one or two or three bad rolls.

Stuff happening to kill my Barbarian in the course of the game? Fine. Being useless as a frontliner because I happened to roll a 1 on just a couple die rolls? Not fine.

I'm not saying you have to take the average or whatever. Keep rolling hit points if that's what you find fun. :)

But don't pretend I'm somehow a lesser gamer because I think this particular mechanic is bad.

I can't say I'm mad about being wrong this time. Always thought the Armor Spike thing was silly, and ignore it anyway.

So, basically, your method of preventing spellcasters from stealing the spotlight is to just tell them "nope, doesn't work" with no rhyme or reason?

Is there any idea when this'll be back in stock?

Close. The feat says that you use the chosen skill for the check to create the item. Therefore, you don't need spellcraft.

However, you are correct that the DC of the craft check increases by 5 for each spell you don't have.

D&D and Pathfinder being pretty high on the system complexity scale, finding things that are simpler should be fairly simple.

For anime, I really like Big Eyes, Small Mouth a generic system designed to have an anime feel. Haven't had much chance to play it, but I quite enjoy it. It's also got a lot of optional side-bars and rules to slide the complexity and grittiness up and down.

I've also heard good things about Ironclaw for furry type stuff. Haven't read it myself, however.

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Well, if it is just a straight nerf, we just don't use it. We've already got the good Barbarian, after all.

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Ayanzo wrote:
Kot the Protector wrote:
They did try to break down the door to the processor and ended up being attacked by the orcs, dark stalker, ettin, and Kulgara while they were all confined to the tiny hallway.

"Got Rouge?"

A well balanced party is the key to success :)

How will make-up help them survive the dungeon? :P

Bob^3 covered your poison question well, so I'll just answer the treasure one.

You are correct on all your numbers (CR3 at medium advancement = 800 gp, incidental halves it and makes it 400).

The gp value you're left with is the total gold for the whole party, not per person. Just remember to throw the occasional high treasure encounter at the party to compensate for the low treasure fights.

Let the players divvy up the cash as they see fit. If they're like most groups I've seen, they'll give everyone an equal share of the cash and hand magic swag to whoever needs it most.

I think Daneel was just bringing up Staggered since the GM used the fact that Staggered specifically says you can still take Swift/Free actions while being restricted to a single Move or Standard meant that Nauseated does not allow Swift/Free actions, since it similarly restricts your actions but doesn't include the language allowing Swift/Free actions.

As the others have said, by RAW, Move actions are it. No Swifts, Frees, or whatever else.

Secret Wizard wrote:
Remember, it says nothing about REDUCING the time needed to take a 20, which takes two minutes for Knowledge checks.

Not necessarily. Making a Knowledge is listed as not taking an action, meaning it takes no time. So, wouldn't taking 20 on something that requires no action take no time (since 20 * 0 is still 0)?

ryric wrote:
We let players take 10 on Spellcraft checks to ID items. It means the caster can just tell the GM "I get everything CL X and below" and we get on with the game. Experimentation to ID items could occasionally be fun but too often devolved into a checklist of common silly things to check. I'm not sad to see it go just like describing exactly how you search the room.

This isn't even something players need to be "let" to do. They can just do it. :)

In my game, I usually just assume that the highest spellcraft character takes 10, everybody else who can aids, then I tell them everything they identify with that spellcraft number, which is most things. The players then decide for the following days how they're going to try and identify the items.

Telling them "you identify all the swag except this one thing" usually gets them a little more interested in that one thing and learning what it is.

The ways I've seen it done (other than just taking average or average+2, that still involve rolling):

Player rolls and the GM secretly rolls. The player decides between what they know they got and whatever the GM may have got.

Roll normally. If you roll under average, roll again. Keep whichever of the two is higher.

I prefer the average or average+number methods, personally.

Look at Iron Body again. It says "you also become vulnerable to all special attacks that affect iron golems."

Negating Slow and getting healed, being positive things, doesn't sound like something one can be vulnerable to, nor attacks.

I can't agree that there's much wiggle room on that thing (whether it works), but I can see where you do.

I can agree that it shouldn't work. Because the GM should never say "okay, so a month passes" and then the Wizard does the Finger Pyramid of Evil and mutters "Eeeexcellent." :P

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Except that this literal reading of explosive runes doesn't work (the dispel magic thing). There's nothing in that sentence that says Greater Dispel Magic doesn't work, it's only explaining what happens if you screw up a dispel.

Also, yes, Greater Spell Immunity makes you immune to Dispel Magic, but not Greater, because it specifically says you are immune to the one chosen spell. There is nothing in Explosive Runes that says Greater Dispel doesn't work. Saying "you can do X" doesn't mean you can't do Y, when Y is something you could normally do anyway.

I can erase my sentence with the eraser on my pencil, but I could also use white-out if I wanted to.

Also, what Snorter said. If you have to contort this hard to prevent something you perceive to be broken from working... maybe changing the broken thing is the better solution?

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Celanian wrote:
To stop explosive runes abuse, just use a literal reading of the spell. It specifically states that only dispel magic and erase can magically trigger it. It does not mention greater dispel magic. That means you can only dispel 1 set of runes at a time. The precedent is like spell immunity which makes you immune to 1 specific spell, but not variants of the same spell.

Greater Dispel Magic says it functions like Dispel Magic. You're really grasping at straws here. Also, that line isn't there to explain you can disable Explosive Runes with Dispel Magic, since you could anyway. It's to explain what happens if you fail.

Celanian wrote:
Snorter wrote:

And on 'reading is a standard action':

If that were the case, it would make most runes, glyphs and symbol spells obsolete.
All one has to do, is stay active, while raiding an enemy territory, and you'll never have a standard action spare, to need to worry about such hazards.

Wizard: (pulls cover from ancient stone pillar) "Behold your DOOM! This site is protected by The Dread Sign of Azhogomemnon! It will drain your SOUL! Bwahahaha!"

Big Dumb Fighter: "Sorry, cant stop. Too long, didn't read. Take that"
(decapitates wizard)

Show me how a boxer is supposed to read a sheet of paper in his hand in a boxing match without the other boxer smacking him.

Ali: "Sorry Frazier, I need to read a text from my BFF for a moment"

Frazier: Punches out Ali when he looks down at his Ipad.

I keep coming back to this. You ask for rules cites and then never give one yourself. So, tell me where exactly the action required to read something is described? I don't care about your explanation for your assumption. Give a page number.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.
Celanian wrote:

4) You assume that reading an explosive rune is a free action despite multiple requests for a rules cite that you haven't responded to

I'd also like to note that you have yet to make a rules cite for your assumption that reading an explosive rune isn't a free action, either.

Agreed with Ipslore. Before trying to fix the fact that Martials don't suck when they can't Full Attack (which is a good thing and should be built into the core rules), look at what Casters can do first. Fix that.

Celanian wrote:

1) You had a mirror image up in the same round as a summon elemental. Your own words.

2) There are 2-5 images for a 5th level wizard. That's anywhere from 17 to 33% chance of a hit. That's not insignificant. And a charging monster has a pretty good range of attack..

3) Your house rules say that the elemental is literate. The specific rule in the bestiary says that it only has spoken language. Don't try and pass off your house rule that toddlers are literate as the actual rules. I'm sorry you don't like it and prefer a world where all toddlers are literate, but rules are rules.

4) You just admitted that you made an assumption. Now support it with an actual rules cite.

5) Multiple elementals with maximized runes as a 5th level wizard?

6) 6d6 is only 21 average damage. That's completely trivial for an eidolon at 5th level. The calculations are earlier in this very thread. And you're assuming the elemental is already summoned when handing out the rune. In an actual fight with a 5 round duration, you have to take a full round casting to get the elementals at all.

1) Mirror Image lasts minutes/level. Having it up before a fight is perfectly reasonable most of the time.

2) I wouldn't call a 33% chance to hit significant either.

3) Stop bringing up toddlers. You're the only one bringing them up, and only in an effort to make Anzyr's position look ridiculous. It's damn near the definition of a strawman. There's a huge difference between a 2 year old human reading common and a 30 year old Air Elemental reading Auran.

4) Care to do the same for your assumption that reading the letter "A" on a sheet of paper takes a Standard?

5) I'll leave Anzyr to explain that one, because I don't know either. :P

6) It's 21 damage that is getting through basically all damage mitigators (DR, Energy Resistance, etc.), with a 100% chance to hit. Regarding handing out the Runes, read Anzyr's post again. He's making no such assumptions and is summoning them the round the explosion happens. He's using Acadamae Graduate to summon as a Standard, then handing the Runes as a Move, so the Elemental can Move up and read as a Free.

If a monster isn't a character, then what is it?

I haven't read it myself, but there's a book line called DragonMech written for 3.5 that may be what you're looking for.

EDIT: Just noticed the line about not liking to buy things online. Keeping my post here just so you or others with similar ideas later can look at it.

There's a rule saying attacks score critical hits, but no rule saying Attacks of Opportunity don't.

Therefore, they do.

This is 100% houserule.

Mentioned in the OP, BBT. :)

Risen Demon wrote:
I can use any Pathfinder source book, but I am restricted to Core Races plus Orc, Goblin, Dhampir, Fetchling, Oread, Ifrit, Samsaran Sylph, and Undine.

There is one main official situational modifier: size. If you're smaller than your target, you take a -4 to the Intimidate check.

I picked up Star Wars: Saga Edition Freshman/Sophomore year of high school, and basically badgered my friends into learning the game with me. :P

Just keep letting them do as they are now.

If they're managing to succeed that often against things that much bigger than them, that means they've invested a lot into doing it. Let people who've invested a lot be good at what they want to do.

I haven't played them myself, but I know that these three modules are designed to be sequels to each other and form a complete story.

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Timtao wrote:

This particular adventure has been a little construct and undead heavy. The player of the rogue PC might well quit!

Just as a side note, the adventure being construct and undead heavy shouldn't be making the rogue want to quit. Both constructs and undead can be hit with sneak attack in Pathfinder.

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If I could change just one thing about the Rogue?

*looks at copy of the Advanced Class Guide*

*scans and prints the pages detailing the Slayer*

*pastes said pages over the Rogue pages in the CRB*

That about does it. :P

He can use each one once per day.

Ragnarok Aeon wrote:

Well... First off fumble rules are a house rule, so that is something to defer to your GM about...

** spoiler omitted **

This isn't actually a fumble house rule. When you fail your disarm check by more than 10 you drop your weapon, and Joey's wondering if checking a 1 would automatically count as failing by more than 10 (since 1s are auto-fails).

I'd say that you still add your bonus to see if you drop your weapon.

We usually just play with dice for our minis like you do, and tend to set the number facing up on the die equal to how high off the ground they are.

When it comes to facing, that only ever matters for movement, and only ever matters during your turn, so I don't worry about keeping detailed track of it. Whichever way you start moving on your turn is the way you're facing at the start of that turn. My players are usually able to remember which way they come from, so it works well enough. :P

I haven't read through the Mythic rules, but:
When building an NPC, unless there's some sort of Mythic Template you want to apply to the NPC (I do not know if these exist), you build it just like a PC. This includes choosing a path, tier, feats, etc.

Alright, that's what I thought. Thanks!

Calex wrote:
Kthulhu wrote:
The real BESM isn't a d20 system.
I was one of the few that got the BESM 3rd ed. in hardcover, just after Guardians of Order folded and White Wolf snapped up the property. I was on the pre-order list for 2 copies plus all the pre-order swag. WW refused to fill all the extras, and instead simply doubled your pre-ordered book amount as compensation. So I ended up with 4 copies!

4 copies? Wow. Until drivethrurpg got it to be print on demand, I couldn't even find one for less than, like, $300.

Do you still have any extras? :3

Edited to actually talk about the topic:
One RPG that I really like that hasn't been mentioned yet (unless I missed it/forgot about it) is Anima: Beyond Fantasy. Really crunchy, poorly indexed, with important rules tucked away into a single place only kinda related to said important rules. Kinda like Pathfinder, really. :P

Do effects like Fire Storm that let you create multiple areas with the spell, can you overlap them and have the spell hit the same area multiple times?

Similarly, would something like the

Rapustin Must Die:
troops' Fusillade ability, that lets them create four lines that each require a save and do 6d10+6 damage
work the same way (whether the answer is yes or no that they can overlap), or would it be different? If it is different, why?

My players are going to be starting on Kingmaker soon, and I was hoping to run Way of the Wicked as a sort of sequel to it, where we jump forward in time and have their new PCs tearing down the kingdom they spent so much time building. There's a few big issues I'm having on figuring out how to change Way of the Wicked to have Talingarde be the PCs future kingdom.

The first, and biggest, is the geography. From what I can tell, the Kingmaker kingdom is pretty landlocked, while Talingarde is a huge island. Any advice on either A) Converting the Way of the Wicked story to work in a land-locked environment or B) Coming up with a good explanation for why the kingdom got moved out to sea?

Other things, like location names and history, should be fairly easy to rejigger, but, from what I've gathered, Talingarde being an island is fairly important to the plot of the AP.

A friend of mine is playing a Titan Mauler and saw the "Titanic Rage" feature they get at level 14.

PRD wrote:
At 14th level, a titan mauler may choose to gain the benefits of enlarge person when she enters a rage.

And he was thinking that meant that he only got the benefits of Enlarge Person, not the penalties. I feel that when the ability says "gain the benefits of enlarge person" that basically means "enlarge person is auto-cast on you," but he says it means "I get the +2 to strength and reach, but not the -2 to dexterity or the -1 to AC and attack."

I can kinda see his side, as it says "gain the benefits of enlarge person" rather than "be affected as if by enlarge person" or something similar.

Which is correct?

If there's still one left, I'd love to take a look at Elspeth Black, Executive Officer of Blackblade.

6 people marked this as a favorite.

Tabletop RPGs are weird. They're the only genre of gaming on the planet, that I know of, where some people actively oppose balance.

Unklbuck wrote:


Exotic Weapon Proficiency - Aldori Dueling Sword - Allows use of Weapon Finesse
Weapon Finesse
Slashing Grace
put a 13 into Strength and Add power Attack - one handed only but still good

Don't forget Weapon Focus - Aldori Dueling Sword

I think there's two main reasons for it:

1. If you're Spring Attacking, you aren't Full Attacking, which is chopping your damage output considerably.

2. It's the third feat in a feat chain, and the two feats needed to get it (Dodge and Mobility) are meh at best.

For me, it's the second reason that's the biggest one. If it was a single feat, or the Prerequisites were good too, I'd consider picking it up now and again.

Nicos wrote:
Athaleon wrote:
Lemmy had it right when he said the only reason so many feats have Combat Expertise as a prerequisite is its name. If it had a name that more accurately reflected what it does (e.g. Defensive Stance) you wouldn't see it nearly as often.
Indeed. Not sure how to make the Devs know that making it prerequisite for so many combat styles is jsut horrible.

Unless I'm wrong, people have been complaining about CE being used as a prerequisite for so many things since the done of 3rd Edition, or at least the dawn of Pathfinder. If their minds were gonna be changed on this, they would've been changed a long time ago.

The Haste and Blessing of Fervor would definitely grant the Shadow an extra attack, but it seems to me that a touch attack like that a Shadow has does not get any extra attacks from a high BAB, as I think it is a natural attack. I'm basing this on the fact that a Greater Shadow has a +6 BAB but still just the one touch attack.

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