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John Mcnaught's page

90 posts. Alias of loimprevisto.


66. Well, it's complicated... maybe 72


Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot


English (native), with a smattering of Nazzadi and Tsath-yo


Semi-retired spy, Civil Militia Major (reservist)

About John Mcnaught

Human NEG Intelligence Agent
Virtue: Courteous
Vice: Liar

Agility 4 (2)
Intellect 6 (3)
Perception 10 (5)
Presence 8 (4)
Strength 4 (2)
Tenacity 7 (3)

Actions 2
Movement 13/3 ypt
Orgone 11
Reflex 5
Vitality 10
Drama 9/10

Languages: Expert (English), Student (Nazzadi), Student (Tsath-yo)
Literacy: Adept
Regional Knowledge: Novice
Hobby (chess) Student
Athletics Student
Bureaucracy Novice
Communications Student
Computers Adept (expert hacker)
Criminal Student
Intimidate Student
Misdirection Adept (expert liar)
Observation Adept
Occult Novice
Persuade Student
Pilot Student (drones)
Savoir-Faire Student
Security Student
Streetwise Novice
Surveillance Novice
Dodge Adept
Fighting (aikido) Novice
Marksman Student

Qualities & Cheats:
1 compulsive behavior - journal keeping
1 duty - civil defense militia
2 watched
2 severe phobia - The Zone
2 chronic pain
2 slow

3 commendation
3 authority - militia, GIA
2 wealth

10 skill points, Eldritch Faculties (3d10 + 7 ⇒ (3, 3, 5) + 7 = 18 insanity test vs 12)

Fear Checks ('getting used to it' pg. 136)
Eyes 1
Tagger 1

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