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John Grovel's page

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Marco Massoudi wrote:

The Player Companion "Dragon Empires Primer" (between 250 and 499 left in Paizo stock) is not doing so bad, in fact it´s doing better than the "Inner Sea Primer" (more than 1000 left in Paizo Stock).
The "Campaign Setting: Dragon Empires Gazetteer" is another story, there are more than 1000 left.

That is only true if the print run for both books was exactly the same. Which I honestly doubt that is the case, given that Inner Sea Primer is supposed to be an evergreen go-to booklet on the entire setting for everyone, while the DE Primer is aimed at a narrow group of audience. In fact it would make very little sense for Paizo to print the same amount of both.

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Just play him like you would play Captain America really, honest good guy who follows the rules and always puts others before himself!!!!

Hey hey where did the 4E content go???? My DM pal isnt going to be happy, first theres no new 4E books at all and now KQ doesn't even have one article on it - mind you I love the magazine cuz Im a Pathfinder person myself so keep up the good work but no 4E stuffs goona make some ppl sad pandas!

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