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Hey all,

Im looking for personal opinions, do you think P.C.'s can confuse undead into believing that they are also undead, as has been tried in so many zombie movies? Or do you think undead percieve other undead on a deeper level and cannot be fooled in that way?

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I'll start,
I DMed a game a little while back, one player was running a druid, I thought as a cool story twist they would find a long extinct animal that was turned to stone. The druid rolled high on his knowledge check AND spell craft check to know what the animal was and that it was a flesh to stone spell. They brought the animal to a wizard who cast stone to flesh waking the creature from its long rest and the druid took the animal as his animal companion. All of this was planned from the start, I have never been able to correctly guess the events and actions pc's would take before but this was falling right in line... until the druid decided he wasn't happy with just the one... he decided he would polymorph into the creature, only a female version of it, do the nasty with his animal companion in hopes to get pregnant, carry the offspring then polymorph back into his original form. I admit this was beyond what I wanted to try dming so I hand waved that it worked and after approval of the other players fast forwarded a year to allow for all this to occur, they ran through one more mission as a whole group after that and the character decided he wanted to retire the druid so that he and his animal companion could start to repopulate the species. It just struck me as odd but I allowed it and now this species is rare but spreading anytime we play a game.

I'd like to play an illusionist, preferabilly a gnome illusionist, my thoughts are for him to be that old guy that has a solution for EVERYTHING because he's come across it atleast once before (and tells about that time before while taking care of the problem now)

The problem with playing an illusionist is what I call, the big four; vermin, undead, plants, and constructs. I know with sorcerers you can affect vermin by taking the pestilence bloodline and undead can be effected by both the metamagic feat and the sorcerer undead bloodline. Anyone have any ways (feats, classes, items, anything) to effect the other two? I've heard that the verdant bloodline allows you to affect plants but I looked and don't see that in there at all so if im over looking it please point it out for me, and is there anything that allows you to affect constructs?

My thoughts are to go sorc./oracle (oracle for the awesome display ability ofcourse) and then to help the two classes synergise go into mystic theurge, but I hold no aligence to anyone class that's just my first idea to beadle to affect the most and have powerful illusions. Any other ideas are appreciated my main thing I want to stick to is the character idea listed in the first section.

ability focus will it work with the heavens oracle revelation awesome display (su) in regards to color spray?

So im thinking about a summoner build for my upcoming game, it'll be starting as a 15th level character, and im looking into a mounted build. Huge size, with flight. My question is im looking into trample and pounce, would the eidolon be able to charge, trample over an enemy or two and then full attack at the end of the charge while I attack with my lance (power attack, spirited charge, vital strike)?

Aside from leveling up, and the max +3 for being old for half of them, and the max +5 inherent bonus from the books/wish/miracle AND the max +6 enhancement bonus from oh so many different items... are there any ways (temporary or permanent) to increase any ability score that stacks with the above mentioned methods?

Hey all,

Im getting ready for a low level campaign, my group normally stays to low levels and I normally play either cleric or a melee character. I've spoken to the guy that normally plays the wizard in our games about how awesome color spray is at low levels but he still wont even put it in his spell book much less memorize it as one of his dailies.
So I've decided to show him in our next campaign by playing a character that uses color spray. I want to play a rogue but the only way I know how to do both would put me either a level behind normal or put me not getting the spell till 3rdI level, a good half way through our campaign.

Does any one have a better idea how to get color spray at first while still being an effective melee character? Im even up for switching to fighter or barbarian if that would help, unfortunately magus is out of the question because dm disallowed it from an extremely powerful build I did a while back...

Any ideas?

So my group rolls for stats, this means he's not completely put together yet but...
15th level build=
URBAN BARBARIAN 12 levels/WEAPON MASTER FIGHTER 3 levels and continuing with fighter from 15 on out. Feats aren't in the perfect order to follow from 1st level but the feats and rage powers are what I dwindled a much larger list down to.

F1. Weapon finesse
F2. Combat reflexes
1. Two-weapon fighting
3. Extra rage power: superstition
5. Master craftsman
7. Create magic arms and armor (this and previous feat can and would be switched out in an ideal situation and let the magic user make the items so I could focus on hitting things but I don't know the make up of the rest of the party and need to conserve my cash to get more stuff.)
9. Improved two weapon fighting
11. Extra rage power: internal fortitude
13. Greater two weapon fighting
15. Power attack

Rage powers-
2. Beast totem lesser
4. Witch hunter
6. Beast totem
8. Spell sunder
10. Beast totem greater
12. Come and get me

The main items to get are-
+5 cloak of resistance
+6 belt of dex.
Gloves of dueling
Flawed Scarlet and green cabochon (combined with internal fortitude for rage cycling)
+3 keen furious agile rapier
+3keen furious agile rapier

Assuming an 18 in dex starting out and adding +3 with the ability bonuses through the levels that gives me a base dex of 21 or +5. Rage at that level adds +6 and with the +6 from the belt that makes the base 33 or +11, now with 15 levels, weapon training, and bonuses from the weapons enhancements and the -4/-4 for the TWF and -4 for power attack that puts me hitting with 26/26/21/21/16/16 dealing 1d6+22 for my good hand and 1d6+18 for my off hand attacks all with a 15-20x2 crit range.

So if all attacks hit its 6d6+120 if nothing crits

And a question for all commenters, do you know of any items, feats, ect. That would add to my dex and be stackable withwhat I have?

So a serene barbarian seems like a pretty cool concept, I'm thinking a two weapon fighter barbarian dual wielding rapiers and instead of raging he gets more calm and more focused, harder to hit and a killing machine, (kindof like a jedi) with the largest hit die per class to boot.

Rage powers that come to mind for this character are the superstitious line to dispel otherwise "melee character killing" magics. Along with the standard two weapon fighting feats and weapon finesse, picking up two agile rapiers is a must. And any items to boost dex will help with to hit, damage, and ac.

But I've never really built a barbarian before and normally stick with the cleric so this whole concept is a little out of my comfort zone. Does anyone have any items, feats or rage powers in mind that this build would need? And I feel like the boosted wisdom score is just going to waste, does anyone know how to add that into helping my build out in any way?

Starting a game soonish (within the next 2 weeks) and dm said to create a race using advanced race guide AND use it to make a 15th level character. I have my race made, think along the lines of a half-earth elemental, and I've decided I want to try playing a barbarian. I've seen alot of talk about AM BARBARIAN and would like to check out the build and have been searching for a few days now with no luck. Along my searches I've read up on much of the rage powers and have to admit its extremely hard to dwindle down all the rage powers I would like. I
have thinking along the lines of a CaGM build withspell sunder beast totem and a few more just one line rage powers in there like animal fury and clear mind surprise accuracy and powerful blow. I don't know my stats yet because we roll those up at first session but I can start working on rage powers and feats... can anyone help me with a build or can show me where the AM BARBARIAN build is?

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Im running a campaign and my players have a long stint of travel through what i imagine as open fields and forrested area with little to no roads coming up, and I have an idea for a random encounter.

the entry on the homunculus it says that if their master were to die they tend to go crazy and claim where ever they are as their territory. And attack any that move through it.

My idea is that an old lonely wizard created a bunch of homunculi as travel buddies to keep him company, along one of his travels he dies either by natural causes or otherwise, either way the party comes across this wizards decayed body and notice it is in what looks to be an old camp. when they search the area to scavenge what they can from the place, all the homunculi this wizard created pop out and attack.

My players are both level 10, so I know I will need around 10 homunculi to make it interesting, but is there any rule that says a wizard can't have multiple homunculi? I ask simply because i never hear about anyone having more than one, is there any reason why? Is there some un written rule somewhere? At a cost of only 1050 each im surprised there aren't 3 or 4 running around with every wizard

I was looking at the pfsrd website, and found a listing of random npcs and their cr, one (a 5th level fighter) had as his armor something called warplate, but there's no link for it nor does anything, other than the two npcs listings that have it, come up on the site when you search for it. Does anyone know stats for warplate armor or where it could be found?

Let's say you have two level one npcs one specializes in using color spray, the other a rogue that likes to use a sap, this pairing could be pretty deadly but two level 1 creatures makes a cr 2and right?

Now what about using a shocker lizard, one shocker lizard is a cr 22and and can zap someone for 1d8 non-lethal but throw 2 of them together and all of a sudden they can zap everyone for 4d8 lethal damage is this a cr 4?

How about a vrock, one can dance and deal 5d8 with a simi low save. But 2 or more can work with others to deal 5d8 each up to 20d8 what's the cr for 4 vrocks going by above math it would be a 36....

How do you figure cr with multiple creatures?

We have all played a game that starts off this way, its the most common rpg trope, but what are some of the best or mostthe creative ways you or your dm have introduced characters into the plot to form a group of adventurers?

One of my most memorable was one of the other pc's was playing his background out as a clumsy merchant and ended up spilling sovereign glue on his hand and when he greeted me, we were ofcourse stuck together, and it just so happened that he used the last of his universal solvent to clean us the rest of the mess.

How long does paizo wait between coming out with new material and publishing it on the d20 site free? Id love to check out the advanced race guide but im short on cash...

I would like some advice from anyone that plays in *small* groups or has had experience in such.
7years ago when I started playing we had an extremely large group made up of 10the pc's and one dm. Over the years the group has dwindled down (due to moving away/edition wars/reliability issues/growing out of gaming etc.) to myself, my original dm, and one other that was added to the group a few years back. We all enjoy playing and get together when ever scheduling allows. Each trading off dm duty keeping things at low to mid level characters.

My problem is that with only 2 pc's whomever dms almost always is forced to play a character as well to pad the group and give a little character variation. Not always a bad thing but I will be cling the next game starting in a few weeks and im looking for ways around this.

Things I've come up with is
1 putting the group against lesser cr's; the problem with that is they wouldn't gain near as much experience
2 getting the players to play 2 characters each; we've never done this before so if any one has can you tell me how that experience was?
3 giving the group a higher pc gold rate; one of the others always does this in his game but it always makes us completely over powered
4 gestalt(sp?) characters.... i have no problems telling you I am scared of this option.

Has any one tried any of these options or knows of a different route to solve my problem? All help is appreciated.


I'll be DMing a game in a few weeks and one player has expressed wanting to play an auramancer.

My problem is that I can't find anything in pathfinder or 3.5 that could be considered an auramancer, does anyone know where I could find something that would fit? Has anyone played anything like this before? I wouldn't mind homebrewing something to work but does anyone have any ideas on what said classes special abilities or spells would be?

So I'll be playing a necromancer soon, Cleric undead lord. And im very excited about it. Any one play one that can give pointers? Is it better to have a horde of 1hd creatures or 1 large hd creature? Skeletons or zombies? In your opinion what's the best undead to have under your control? I was thinking of hunting around for a plague zombie that way I can enlarge my small army without having to drop 25 gp for each minion but would they out grow my ability to control them too quickly? Any and all advice will be appreciated, please don't hold back...

I plan on playing an undead lord cleric in an upcoming campaign, unfortunately gods are slim picking when it comes to being neutral and having the death domain, since pharasma is out and the river rat god has rituals that require you to drown a party member in a certain river, the only other gods I know of that are neutral with the death domain are worshiped by giants or roamers of the uncivilized north. I actually considered asking my dm if I could just follow a set of ideas, but that raises a whole new set of questions like what's the holy symbol and what temple do I use. I heard on another post about shkya the many, an eldest of the first world but I can't find any info on her, Can anyone tell me a little about her or what book her info is in? Id hate to buy an entire book or pdf just for info on one god though.

I recently read a post about golems and started researching them online.

Under the shield golem it has a section explaining how they get spell storing, and how the golem can cast this spell when told or when a pr-decided event happens. So what's the ruling when that spell is "animate dead" and the pr-decided event is when someone dies. Does the golem gain control over the animated dead and thus the controller of the golem gain control over it through proxy?

Now what about when the controller of the shield golem IS the next to die and the golem casts animate dead on its controllers body? Does the golem gain control over the animated dead and is now the master, does the now undead controller gain control of itself becoming an intelligent undead, is there an earth shattering explosion killing all in the direct area and throwing those close by into another dimension like putting a portable hole inside a portable hole? What's your idea on the ruling here?

In two weeks ill be starting a new campaign, I've decided on playing a necromancer, however I don't know exactly how to start it.

We will be starting from level 1 and I know at that level, at best, you're basically running around looking for undead that are already created to take control of. But what is the best route to take to becoming a great necromancer? Cleric, oracle, wizard, sorcerer, or witch?

We normally don't get past mid levels so that alone got me leaning more towards cleric and oracle and away from wiz./sor. But I've also heard some good things about the witch that I haven't looked into at all.

The cleric archetype undead lord is what im looking into now, simply because the class starts out with one minion, but does anyone else have any better ideas?

On a normal basis there are 3 players to our group, one guy DM's and religiously plays a blaster type wizard, the other player 90% of the time plays a druid, and I normally play a melee character. The druid will stay back and cast and occasionally venture into melee and unfortunately the wizard will wade into combat about as often as he stays in long range combat. What I would like help with is for you to offer from an outsider perspective of what type of character would synergize good with the two listed above. We generally like to keep games to early levels. Right now we are at 6th level and this is the highest I remember us being in a while so please no long term builds or things that come into their power around mid levels because more than likely we wont reach that. Should I stick to melee characters, and basically protect the wizard when he ventures too close to the battle? Should I play a caster and let the wizard learn on his own not to go into melee? Would an archer build be best? Perhaps a cleric so I can do the healing so the druid doesn't have to set aside some of his spells for heals? What type character would you play in this situation and how would he synergize with the party to make it an unstoppable team?

I would like to create an intelligent weapon that can cast chill touch at will, i've seen 1st level at will spells on items created by the sites "intelligent item generator" but under the rules I don't see 1st lvl at will spells listed. How much would this cost? And what would need to be done in order to create this weapon, feats involved, caster level etc.

What would the best spells be for a rogue taking the minor magic and major magic talents? At first I was thinking vanish for the major magic but the moment you attack it drops so that would situationally only give 2 extra sneak attack opportunities, besides aren't rogues supposed to be good at staying out of sight anyway?

If I cast mirror strike as a quickened spell or have it cast on me, and then cast shocking grasp and attack with spell strike, assuming I hit both targets, would I then half the weapon damage AND the spell damage?
And question 2
If I cast levitate on something that can fly or a creature and that has fly cast on it, would I then be able to move said creature down to the ground basically canceling their ability to fly for the remainder of my spell?

What I'm looking for is a light version of a morning star, something I can use in my off hand while duel-wielding. What my idea is, is take the difference between the heavy and light mace and do that with the morningstar...


Light simple melee weapon
style-bludgeoning and piercing

Now this is basically the exact same as stats for a light mace except this costs 2 more gold and deals bludgeoning and piercing damage.

The difference between a morningstar and a heavy mace is the morningstar cost 4 gold less and deals bludgeoning and piercing.

Is adding the piercing damage type to the light mace offset by the added cost enough to make this weapon viable in game, or would I have to make this an exotic weapon?

Ok so you have a deck of many things infront of you, how many cards do you pull? Im just trying to get a general idea of how many people normally pull. Every now and then my DM likes to throw one in to toss things up a bit, he hasn't done it in a while but I just get the feeling its coming soon... what do you do when presented with one?

If I played magus kensai, then took the prestige class duelist, would I apply the int. Bonus to ac from both classes? Or would that fall into the "same bonus type" category?

Id like to play a thassilonian wizard specializing in the wrath (evocation) school, yup that's right a blast mage, the problem with it that I can see is I have to give up abjuration (mage armor) and conjuration (shield)... or is that the other way around? Any way, any mage I've played in the past has always used both those spells to up their ac when stuff gets heavy, without those two im at a loss as to what to do. I know I should pick up magic bracers and other types of armor later on but what do I do in early levels? Run and hide anytime something gets close? I need any help I can get from more experienced wizards here, should I level dip a little to boost ac that way? If so where and for how long? Im planning for a back row caster so my only problem should be from archers and other casters but with enemies like that how do I present anything above just my dex plus 10? Or do I just let the meatier characters go after them and I take out the opposition as quick as I can? I guess im looking for any helpful tactics that would go along with playing this build too. But as I said any help would be appreciated?

Im currently listening to a podcast of a group playing through the kingmaker series... in it the adventurers are exploring an area known to be inhabited by a fey creature (pixie possibly) when all of a sudden the barbarian starts to smell like wolf pheromones and low and behold they are attacked by werewolves... is there a spell that can give someone a scent like that or is this just DM fluff?

Are there any feats, items, spells, class abilities or anything to make summoned creatures last longer than 1a round per caster level? I love summon swarm because it lasts as long as you can concentrate on it + 23 rounds but it seems like that's the only summon that does that. I'd love to make a character that summons multiple creatures to do the fighting for him but early levels that seems impossible because by the time they get out they have one or two rounds to act then just dissapear. Any advice?

Looking at the spell progression for a magus if it had 7th level spells level 19 is where it would appear, just like if a wizard went into epic levels it would eventually get a 10th level spell slot even though it is not on the printed list. In the case of the wizard this tenth level can be reserved for say a quickened disintegrate, or anything that adds up to a tenth level spell. Is it the same for the magus? At 19 level does a magus get a 7th level slot but just lacks any actual spells to put in that slot thus he has to fill it with a metamagic spell like a wizard would. And if that were the case could he use magus arcana, spell blending, (I know they don't get one at this level but just amuse me for the moment) to get a 7th level wizard spell and then add it to his spell book as a magus spell, effectively obtaining a 7th level magus spell?

Let's say Im playing a multi-class wizard/fighter, I get to the point of prestige classes (for this example this would be level 6 ) and go into eldritch knight for 5 levels, but for my 12th character level I want to go back into wizard... does this make me a 9th level wizard, thus loosing out on any bonus feats, save and base attack bonuses I would have gotten if I would have stuck to straight wizard? Or would I go back to 6th level wizard and then progress normally in that class having to either suffer through "x" amount of dead levels before I gain new spells again or double up on spells from those spell levels?

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I got great rolls for my latest character, str. Of 16 dex. Of 14 con. Of 14 wis. Of 17 int. Of 18 cha. Of 13, I chose human and added my +2 to my int. To bring the total up to 20 We just made 4th level and I added my ability bonus to wis. To make it an even 18. My party desperately needed a tank so I went with first level monk and 2-4 level magus-kensai. This combination makes my AC an amazing 22 naturally (+4 from wis. +2 from dex. +1 from dodge +3 from int. And a +2 from my feats, I took the aldoli dueling sword feat tree) all of that comes before my spells, I can cast shield to bring that total up to a 26 and I just took the magus arcana to allow me to cast mage armor which will take my ac up to a 30. My DM joked tonight that he was going to find a way to deny my dex bonus (have me trapped in a mud puddle ect.) Which would drop my ac from a pr-spell 22 to an ac of a 12. (Id loose my dex. Bonus, my wis. Bonus my dodge bonus and my int. Bonus) what can I do or what item should I try to get to avoid me loosing my dex. Bonus to ac? I can't wear armor, but we are in a good point in the game to head to town. Any help is very much appreciated!