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JoeCargo's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 81 posts (95 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.


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OK so you add all the add ons ( I have base set, character add on and skinsaw murders) and throw them all together? I ask because I could run a scenario and if all the barriers are mixed together from every set you could get no skinsaw barriers at all and it kind of defeats the flavor.

Thanks in advance for any answers and advice. Running my first game with friends tomorrow and we are STOKED to play.

Unruly wrote:

Based on Eric's pictures it most certainly beats the ThinkGeek Bag of Holding. Or at least it beats the original version of it, which is the one I bought years ago and was massively disappointed with. It barely fits the CRB, APG, Bestiary 1, and Mythic Adventures(I dragged it out of the closet to test it), which I consider to be a minimum book load. No more books could fit at all, though I guess you could fit a folder with a few character sheets. The current version of the Bag of Holding may fare better in comparison though, since I understand they made it bigger.

However, I've since switched to using an old US Army ALICE Pack for all my bulk carrying needs. Such a simple pack and it fits SO MUCH STUFF!

I also have an assault pack from my army days. I love how much stuff I can cram into such a little pack. It's super sturdy too! Its my DM in a pack and I never to to a session without it! I really like this paizo pack though. I'm super tempted to pick one up

Hey we were all noobs at one point and this is what the boards are for. You add the strength modifier to your to hit and to your damage modifier. So + 2 more to each. Also boosts any strength related skill checks by 2 points as well

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Hama wrote:
Or just go in with two cans of air freshener and start spraying until your fingers cramp from pressing on the button.

I laughed out loud when I read this. I pictured someone in a ski mask like it was a freaking robbery and the utter look of bewilderment on everyones faces in the store

Some kind of Therion track would have been pretty sweet. Maybe Quetzalcoatl. Like the track though reminded me of the Sword and some of their tunes

Wow that sucks. Well hope all you need is some time away and find joy here once again in the future. Don't know you but I lift a beer (or 3) to you and wish you the best. Cheers!!

95. How else am I supposed to find the great pumpkin?

All I know is that humans are creatures of faith. Its takes just as much faith to not believe in god as it does to believe in god. With that I am out. Why people talk about religion on these boards I don't know. Its akin to the edition flame wars. YEESH!! Have a good weekend everybody. PEACE!!

I work outdoor sales for satellite TV providers. I run into d- bag know it alls every day. They think they "are doing fine" even when they are paying over 100 dollars for basic TV. Morons! Lol. I usually say " well enjoy overpaying for your television services" smile and walk away lol

3 sir!!

If budget is a problem than consider the PDFs. A lot less expensive than the written version. I'm old school though and love the look and feel of books lol

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You could always run modules or adventure paths too. Keep on chucking! (The dice that is)

Matthew Morris wrote:
Chrysanthe Spiros wrote:
I stepped in here, expecting to see a different kind of rise out of people...

But if you ask for a rise it's no surprise

they're giving none away.

Oh by the way which one is pink?

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Voltron? :p. AND I'LL FORM THE HEAD!!

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Can someone please make the dragonlance chronicles and not make them sucktastic? Loooong over due!

Masauwu aka the skeleton man. Hopi spirit of death, earth god and keeper of fire.

I know its forgotten realms but Jander Sunstar? Not a druid but not an entirely evil dude either

Brock F@#&ing Sampson or Baron Underbheit

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Buck Plankchest.

HAAA!!!!! One of my favorite episodes of mst3k. I miss that show

Hunk McRunfast

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master_marshmallow wrote:

the biggest thing about fighters that makes them under powered is that they are reliant on gear, and require more wealth be invested in them than other classes

in campaigns where your PCs are all selfish jerks, playing a fighter is very difficult because not only will you not have good gear, but your wizard cares more about shooting fireballs everywhere and stealing your kills than throwing you a buff, and as fa as he's concerned, you never earn your share of the loot anyway because he kills all the things anyway, making it even more difficult to play a fighter in that kind of setting

So a wizard without his gear (spellbook) is awesome? Take away a fighters weapon he has like 4 others. Take away a spellbook for a wizard and it aint pretty. Thats if u have a dm diabolical enuff to steal someones spellbook AND the player dont ward it against theft r

Threaten calibration with the nozzle

Nobody recommended the beginner box!? For shame people!! Lol. Seriously beginners box is pretty good for beginner pathfinder players. I would even say its essential for new players

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Azmyth wrote:

For $9 an issue, I'll wait for the pdf's.

The cover is awesome, but after seeing an unveiling of #1, I'm not sure it holds enough value for me to bother.

The age of print periodicals is dead.
Sad, but true.

It is sad. Its a generational gap i guess. I like thumbing through a book and the heft and heck even the smell of books. I love walking into a barnes and noble and wander around for a few hours enjoying the environment. I guess im a 38 yr old grognard lol :p

WOOOOOT!!!! That cover is tiz-ight! Haha :

Edit: reminds of the brothers hildebrandt artwork i grew up loving

Martin Kauffman 530 wrote:
Paizo needs to publish it's own magazine, devoted completely to Pathfinder. Kobold Quarterly failed because it was too diluted- attempting to give coverage and support to too many different games; and not concentrating on in-depth support of one system. Dungeon and Dragon magazines succeeded; and now Pathfinder has taken the place of D&D, so why cant it have it's own magazine. I even have a suggestion for a name: "Golarion-world of roleplaying wonder"

Idk about that. The old dragon magazine used to have more than just dnd material in it and it sold. I miss kobold already though. :(

Im using baby gloves with my group. 4 newbies. Dont be afraid to drop hints at things their characters can do. They r having w blast and love it so far and they r only in part 2 of chapter 1. Congrats paizo u got your hooks in more people lol :p

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I dont think about hp at all like that. Just sit back and enjoy the game for what it excuse to hang out with friends and roll some dice. Reality goes out the window in any setting. Star wars, middle earth, indiana jones, ghostbusters and so on and so forth. I think you are just over thinking things. Relax and enjoy its just a game :).

NOOOOOOO!!! I love this magazine! It filled the void when dragon went under. Sad face indeed! :( :(

Im hoping because he stopped the posts after my last suggestions it was one of mine but its wishful thinking lol :p

The chaos crusade

Crusade of chaos

Legion of chaos

Blight of the righteous

March of the black brigade

March of the blight brigade

Where art thou mercy?

War wounds

If this has been suggested I'm sorry just not going through 400 posts lol :p

Scars of sacrifice

(The) demons dirge

Dirge of the demon lords

Ode to ruin

Rulers of ruin

Lords of lament

Lords of a scarred land

And for some metal references :
Seasons in the abyss
Harvester of sorrow

Vows of violence

Vows of vengeance

The twice damned land

When demons laugh....

Of Plagues and prayers

Oath of the fallen

Evil exodus or exodus of evil

Zaister wrote:
JoeCargo wrote:
Scourge of the righteous
That sounds wrong somehow. We don't want to scourge the righteous, we want to scourge the demons! :)

Ahh but thats what the demons want to do. Makes it sound like it an epic uphill climb foe the partyi think

Plague of sorrows

Omen(s) of the lost lord(s)

Scourge of the righteous

Let there be blight :p

When gods weep

Grace no more

Sorrow and grace

Tears of the faithful

Abyssal scars

Siege of the demon lords

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Land of the linnorm kings for sure. Vikings are awesome (unless from Minnesota ) GO LIONS!! :p

Im getting ready to run a whole group of newbies through rise of the runelords. My goal is to keep it simple and keep it fun. Most of all i need to be very patient. None of these new players have tabletop experience. Lord what is this burden i have taken upon myself? Lol. Wish me luck! :p

All i know is getting a christmas card said alot to me about this company. Little things like that make a difference. The sense of community here is second to none and the customer service AND products are top notch.

Stay the course of awesome paizo.

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Welcome to pathfinder and the boards! Now just give paizo your credit card number and let them take all Your disposable income. Dang u paizo! :p

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