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Divine Crusader

Joana's page

Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 9,347 posts (23,125 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 94 aliases.

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Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Please cancel my AP subscription at this time. I stuck it out for the CotCT hardcover, but the volumes of Strange Aeons I have received have only confirmed that Lovecraft is not my cup of tea. I'll most likely re-up for the hobgoblins.

Also, please cancel my Pathfinder Battles subscription.

Thank you.

Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Wow, how did I miss that this was available?

You are goblins of the Licktoad Tribe. Or at least you will be someday. For now, though, you’re whelps — ravenous, amoral, grumpy goblin children who learned to stop eating rocks only a few months ago. But with every day that passes, your whelping cage seems smaller and smaller. The outside world increasingly beckons to your goblin curiosity (and appetite), but the hateful cage bars hold you at bay.

A few other whelps flourish in the cage, even as the smaller and weaker ones are thinned out. Kettlehead stands literally head and shoulders above the competition, being a goblin of impeccable flatulence and having already fashioned himself an impressive hat from a teapot left lying too close to the cages. Even adult goblins — legendary Chief Rendwattle Gutwad among them — have taken note of Kettlehead and his advanced skills of poking the rest of you with sticks and delivering bruise-inducing noogies.

But today is special. Today, instead of a bucket of fish heads, whelp-wrangler Loptop brings a key and unlocks the door to your cage, spilling you sorry lot into the world for the first time. Other Licktoads gather around, eyeballing you and chewing on the fish heads that should have been yours. “You all is too big for cages,” Loptop snorts. “But you not be Licktoads yet. Licktoads be useful! Licktoads be tough! Licktoads earn place in tribe. That what you does now!"

All right, we have Chuffy, Reta, and Poog on board. Chiggo is filthy Birdcruncher traitor ... that is, Nazard was too busy for another game. Shall we recruit someone to play a fourth goblin?

Pregens for the prequel versions of the goblin heroes-to-be are in the back of the free PDF of We B4 Goblins! here.

I have two busy weeks staring me down right now, but we ought to be able to get started the last week of July.

Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Okay, I know this is RPG 101, but I'm having a hard time with it for some reason. Here's the situation:

The PCs are hiding in a cave waiting for the bad guys to arrive. The bad guys arrive. At this point, the PCs are aware of the other group but the bad guys aren't, so the PCs would get a surprise round if they launched an attack.

However, the PCs attempt to sneak closer to the bad guys before attacking (the better to be in range). The wizard makes a poor Stealth roll, meaning the bad guys hear something, but he still has total cover, being in the cave. Only the ranger in the front of the line of PCs is at the mouth of the cave and in the line of sight of two of the five bad guys; the other three can't see anything due to their positioning.

Do the PCs still get a surprise round, since they knew they were sneaking up on enemies and all the enemies know is that they heard something moving inside the cave?

Or does the PCs' movement in the cave, during which time the wizard failed his Stealth check, represent their surprise round (move action), and now it's round one of combat?

Or do the unseen PCs (and bad guys?) get a surprise round at the moment the wizard failed the Stealth check, while the ranger and the two bad guys who see him are waiting for round one?

Or something else entirely?

I get the feeling I'm overthinking this and would appreciate some clarity.

Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Now that Inner Sea Intrigue has shipped, please cancel my Campaign Setting subscription. Thanks!

Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I can't locate my physical copy of Chronicle of the Righteous, and I can't get my PDF personalized with the site Humble Bundled.

Can anyone help me with a little flavor to go with this Empyreal Lord? Just enough for me to fake my way through until my download goes through? I'm setting up a soup kitchen of sorts in the town the PCs are in, and I want it to be under the management of a follower of Lorris.

Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Quick note that I got two confirmations with this order. Same order number, so I don't think it duplicated, but I thought I'd let you know.

Also, when I put the items in my sidecart, it also lists Albino Wererat as in the sidecart and shipping with my next subscription as well as having shipped in December. I'm going to double-check that I did receive this mini and update you later, but I'm thinking it maybe "stuck" to the sidecart after shipping?

Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Hey, Paizo peeps! I've been trying to check out with the Albino Wererat in my shopping cart, but every time I get to the Place Your Order step, it just refreshes the page, only with the buttons missing.

Oddly, when I go to checkout, I only get 3 buttons (Shopping Cart, Shipping, Confirm Your Order). The Payment Method button is missing.

Can you submit the order from your end and put it in my sidecart for my December subscriptions?

Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Hey, Customer Service! If possible, could you ship Order 3674276 with my upcoming subscription? If it's too late to catch the October shipment, just leave it in the sidecart to ship with my November subs.

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Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Players Guides for Second Darkness and Legacy of Fire are not free, as they were Player Companions.

Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I got my authorization e-mail for order #3595470, and the Burning Brazier (Alternate) is only showing at 15% off rather than 30%.

I also just placed order #3600382 to combine with my subscription shipment, and the 30% discount didn't apply to those minis, either.

Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

When I go to check out with the items in my shopping cart, I'm not getting the option to combine them with my subscription shipment.

Also, the Battle subscription discount isn't applying to the mini.

Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Got my authorization e-mail, and the red dragon case premium is not included. Can you tuck it in there manually?

Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Greetings, customer service peeps!

I have just signed up for a Pathfinder Battles subscription, to begin with Dungeons Deep. When I added my case incentive to the cart, the price showed only the Pathfinder Advantage discount rather than the deeper Battles subscription discount. I am working on the assumption that this will correct itself when the sub actually ships, but I thought I'd drop you a pre-emptive note in case there's something buggy about my order that you can nudge into submission.


Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

A couple of questions about the new products that I could probably go find the answer to myself if I had the time:

  • Are these intended to be an evergreen line, or will they run out and not be reprinted like ordinary Flip Mats?

  • Are these reprints of early products, as the Classic tag implies, or is it new art/cartography?

  • A buzz of excitement fills the evening air in the normally sober town of Trunau, for tonight there will be a Hopeknife Ceremony. The citizens relish the rare opportunity to come together at the Commons and celebrate. There is only a skeleton crew of Patrolmen manning the gates and the watchtowers, and even those will be relieved partway through the evening so they get a chance to enjoy the festival. More, for lifelong residents of Trunau, each ceremony renews their hope, as a member of a new generation takes the Standing Vow to defend the community against any and all who threaten it. It's an evening to renew the commitments of the past and to look to the future of Trunau ... and for those who don't have any particular interest in either, it's at least an excuse to enjoy food and ale and an evening of leisure.

    You can't help but remember your own Hopeknife Ceremony a few years ago: the Councilors trying to instill in you the solemnity of the occasion and of the vow, standing at one end of a tug-of-war rope with two Patrolmen on the other end, the near-strangers that were your schoolmates swarming up awkwardly to join you, the soldiers clearly throwing the match at the end to the delight of the victorious children, Chief Defender Halgra Blackblade intoning the bromide When we all pull together we can overcome even the steepest odds while you tried not not roll your eyes too obviously. The blade was worth the charade, a finely-honed and delicately-balanced shard of steel of much better quality than any you could afford on your own. Even better, a Hopeknife is to be carried with a person at all times, giving you an excellent excuse to be armed on all occasions: no more of the schoolmaster discovering a blade tucked down your boot or under your clothing and confiscating it until the end of the day.

    That was a different schoolmaster, of course; Mr. Phillips had retired two years ago, and Brinya Kelver, who had been one of the older girls when you were at school, has taken over. Brinya always seemed to be a decent sort, from what you saw of her; no doubt, she's a better teacher than Mr. Phillips was. Ruby hasn't aired any complaints about her.

    Tonight is Ruby's Hopeknife Ceremony. While in ordinary circumstances, you might take the opportunity to ditch the earnest festival and go exploring while everyone else is at the party, you felt the need to attend tonight for her sake. She is taking the ritual more seriously than you did and was pale and clammy a few hours ago, while combing her hair and putting on her best clothes, worried that she'd lose the tug of war in front of everyone. Despite your assuring her that no one ever loses the tug of war, that it's all an act, that she has nothing to worry about, she persisted in her misgivings. "What if I'm the first one ever to fail the Hopeknife Ceremony? Would I have to leave? Where would they send me? To Lastwall?"

    You can see her now, standing nervously between Tyari Varvatos and Brantos Calderon, at the edge of the stage at the southwest end of the Commons, where the ceremony will soon take place. The Iomedaeans look placid and self-assured, not bothered at all by the extra space the Trunau natives habitually give them. You've overheard enough private conversations in Sanctuary to know that's not entirely true, that they are, in fact, slightly hurt by the cautious suspicion they engender, but their faith in the righteousness of their cause is greater than any social awkwardness they may suffer. The pair flank Ruby, standing in the position usually occupied by a Hopeknife recipient's parents, just as they did for you three years ago.

    You can't help but remember your own Hopeknife Ceremony last summer: the community coming together to support you, Chief Defender Halgra Blackblade hanging the dagger around your neck, taking your place at one end of a tug-of-war rope with a pair of Patrolmen on the other end, not entirely sure if you won't be pulling alone, as the local children are usually joined by their classmates for the contest. Then Kurst Grath leaping up onto the stage, with an uncharacteristic grin, his twin brother Rodrik right behind him, and Rabus Clarenston with a couple of the regulars from the Killin' Ground, even old Omast Frum, the retired patrol leader who spends almost as much time at the bar as you do. The two Patrolmen on the opposing team never had a chance; the lot of you pulled them off their feet and across the line on the first heave, collapsing in a heap of laughter and congratulation.

    Tonight Kurst and Rodrik are doing the honors on the far end of the rope; you can see them standing near the far end of the stage waiting for the ceremony to begin. At the opposite end of the stage, the twelve-year-old girl whose birthday it is looks pale and nervous. The Iomedaean priestess, Tyari Varvatos, and her colleague Brantos Calderon are standing with her; you remember her vaguely from your time at the temple: an orphan of some kind. You put your hand to your Hopeknife, easily the most valuable item you own. Tonight, the orphan will be welcomed into the community; tonight she'll find a family.

    Ruby Wilder looks terrified, standing at one end of the raised platform waiting for the ceremony to begin, poor kid. She's always been a bit timid; you get the feeling she doesn't fit in with the local children, but she's never said a word to you about it. Undoubtedly, being a ward of the foreigners from Lastwall and living in their church doesn't help her popularity. You can feel the mistrust yourself whenever you interact with the locals; no one is openly hostile, but there's an undercurrent of suspicion, wondering why you're here and what you have to gain by helping them.

    Even you don't know why Tyari was chosen to lead this mission: the younger sister of the Second Sword Knight of the Sancta Iomedae in Vigil in such a dangerous, out-of-the-way place. If there's any truth to the rumors that her tenure is meant to pave the way for Lastwall to attempt to reassert control over Trunau, it's above your pay grade to know about it. Personally, you think she's merely trying to find a good work to do in her own name rather than ride her sister's coattails as she would back home in Lastwall. Why Brantos is here is another story.... Look at them up there with Ruby, standing in the place of her dead parents, Tyari on one side of the girl and Brantos on the other, as if they were a married couple!

    This is tremendously exciting: your first Hopeknife Ceremony! Rodrik Grath has explained the whole thing to you, how each citizen of Trunau on his or her twelfth birthday takes the Standing Vow to defend the community from anyone who threatens it, how the Hopeknife is the symbol of their determination to fight to save their home or, if worse comes to worst, to provide a merciful death when all hope is lost, how the sacred blade is to be carried at all times and used only for its intended purpose. He drew his own Hopeknife then to show you the finely-crafted dagger.

    Rodrik and his brother will actually be participating in the ceremony tonight, forming a team in a game of tug of war. Apparently, the tradition is for the Hopeknife participants friends to join her on the stage to pull against the two grown men, demonstrating the strength of the community working together. Rodrik confided that the Patrolmen always lose the contest on purpose, drawing it out long enough to make it look like a real struggle before giving in. "The lesson's what's important, and it gives the kids a thrill to think they can beat a couple of grown soldiers," he told you. You maneuver your way through the crowd to a place near enough the raised stage that you can see Rodrik and Kurst waiting to one side, the coil of thick rope in their hands.

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    Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
    SCARY RED LETTERS AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE! wrote: will be offline for scheduled maintenance starting at 4:00 PM Pacific time on Tuesday, March 31.

    The downtime is estimated to last about 6 hours. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Is anyone else slightly concerned about all this downtime just ahead of April Fool's Day?

    Welcome, invited players! My thought is that we can see what everyone wants to play and then possibly open recruitment or invite someone else to fill in any glaring holes in party composition.

    If you haven't, please have a look at the Giantslayer Player's Guide, as it has campaign traits and a gazetteer of Trunau. I have made some minor changes to Trunau as written, the most visible of which is that Jagrin Grath is now half-orc rather than human ... because Reasons. My first read-through of this module gave me a very Western vibe, so think along those tropes.

    Trunau is overwhelmingly a human town, with smaller communities of halflings and half-orcs, and a handful of dwarves, half-elves, and gnomes; I would prefer that you restrict yourselves to those races. I have a prejudice for core classes, plus oracles and witches, as I'm not as familiar with the newer classes and it's one less thing I have to research and pay attention to while DMing. If your heart is absolutely set on something else, pitch your concept and try to sway me.

    I was wondering about trying something different for attribute generation: having everyone roll 2d6+6 six times, and then letting everyone pick one set of rolls to build their character with. It's something I've been considering for my real-life group and would like to see what sort of arrays we end up with. Would you guys be okay with giving it a try? If anyone feels like they don't end up with a viable set of stats to work with, we can always give up the experiment and go with a 20 point buy.

    The most important part of building your character is this: Tell me your PC's relationship with one (or more) of the following NPCs and why you would be willing to go out of your way to do a favor for them:

    Brinya Kelver
    Kerst Grath
    Rodrick Grath
    Ruby Wilder

    Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    Hey! New subforum? Awesome! :D

    Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    As the subject line says, please cancel my Pathfinder Battles subscription. Thanks.

    Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    We just downloaded this game, having heard good things about it, but I don't know anything about the setting. Can anyone give me a rundown of the character classes and how they relate to D&D/PF classes? I get that Wayfinder looks like a druid, and Fighter, Cleric, Ranger and Rogue ought to be self-explanatory. But then they have Wizard, Witch, and Enchanter, and I'm not sure the differences between them.

    Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    Hey, customer service people!

    I know this is PaizoCon weekend and things are crazy; there's no real rush on this, as it deals with sidecarted products.

    I submitted order 3043710 to take advantage of the I'm Not Going to PaizoCon sale on one of the PDFs. The system has charged me the right price for the PDF, but one product and one preorder went into my sidecart and the subtotal for those two items isn't adding up correctly.

    Also, I chose to ship the in-stock product with my next subscription, but it didn't give me the option with the preordered item. Can you verify that it will ship with the next subscription after its release rather than on its own?

    Thanks, and have a great time at the Con!

    Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    This play-by-post game thread doesn't have a title, just a blank space where it should be. It's like nails on a chalkboard to my OCD tendencies!

    Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    Just got my authorization e-mail, and my mini case is still showing the "old" price of $399.99 rather than the new subscription discount.

    Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
    Product Description wrote:
    Combine these high quality miniatures with the 44 found within the D&D Icons of the Realms: Tyranny of Dragons booster packs to bring an exciting new depth to your D&D adventures.

    These minis actually seem to be the samples shown on the Tyranny of Dragons page. Should those photos be moved to this product description? I had been under the impression that these "PC" minis were included in the Tyranny of Dragons set.

    Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    When I'm on the current Paizo blog page and click on "Older Posts," it just takes me to a blank screen, with the "Older Posts"/"Newer Posts" footers just underneath the headers. If I keep clicking "Older Posts," the header goes from April to March, and so on, but none of the posts are loading.

    I'm using Chrome Version 34.0.1847.131 m.

    Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    Please cancel my AP subscription. Thanks!

    Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    Help me, Customer Service people! You're my only hope.

    Just as I clicked the "Submit Order" button, I realized I had forgotten to apply the Holiday14 discount code I'd been waiting for this stuff to come off preorder for so I could use.

    Can you apply it for me? Alternatively, can you cancel the order and let me place it again with the discount code? Or am I just out of luck? :(

    Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    Please cancel my Pathfinder Battles subscription. I'll undoubtedly reup for Reign of Winter and the white dragon, but my home games rarely use demons.

    Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    Please cancel my Campaign Setting, Companion, and Modules subscriptions. Thanks!

    Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    I just noticed that the filter's not recognizing the newest additions to the avatar selections. If you filter for Female and Gnome, the newest Lini avatars aren't included, or for Half-Orc, Irabeth isn't included, although they're on the first page when you sort by date without filters.

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    Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    New sidebar organization looks great, guys. Makes for a long left sidebar, but much easier to get to what you want to get to. I used to have the worst time finding stuff in the store from the messageboards.

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    Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    First, item cards and the like are still listed under the Gamemastery heading rather than the Pathfinder heading. I know the branding change is relatively recent, but new customers are likely to look for Pathfinder cards or Pathfinder maps under the Pathfinder heading. I would suggest you duplicate the listings under both headings as long as you still have the Gamemastery section active.

    Secondly, the Bestiary pawns are listed under the Pathfinder RPG section, which erroneously implies that they are part of the RPG subscription rather than the Pawns subscription. While I get their connection to the Bestiaries, which are in the RPG line, I don't think they should be listed under Upcoming Products in the Pathfinder RPG line as people tend to look at those subheadings to get an idea of what falls within what subscription.

    Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    Are the tables the same, just with newer iconics, or will this one include the Actions in Combat table that was sadly missing from the first version?

    EDIT: Meh, found the product page; looks to be the same content. Not part of the RPG subscription, I presume?

    Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    Was thinking about ordering some of these as Christmas gifts, but the store's treating them like PDFs and not offering shipping options or charges for them.

    Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    Today, when I click the "More options" choice, the box that opens up with the extra races won't go away; nothing happens when I click on the X to close it. It stays open even when I select other options to refresh the avatars or go from one page to the next, and it covers up several avatars. I'm using Chrome.

    Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    Clicking on any thread in the Online Campaigns section just takes me to a blank screen headed Online Campaigns. This was working earlier today.

    Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    Hey, Gary, I'm getting that thing again where when you try to see who favorited. It's only in blog discussion threads, so maybe it's related to this?

    I get an error screen, where I'm "Welcome, guest!" instead of being logged in, and it says:



    The requested URL was not found on this server, or you do not have permission to access this area.

    Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    Those interested in Planet Stories might also be intrigued by this project, which is apparently web-serializing and then print-publishing science fiction titles from 1904 to 1933. The focus is an earlier period than the pulp "Golden Age", but there's an H. Rider Haggard title on the list that looks like it might overlap with the Planet Stories feel.

    The sea voyage from Magnimar was a short and uneventful one; weather in the Varisian Gulf is generally pleasant this time of year, and, whether due to luck or canny connections, the Rude Curse avoided any piratical attention. The first glimpse of the massive Cyphergate towering high over the natural harbor was impressive, and Phillip and Sarien noticed several of the sailors touching lucky charms or whispering quick prayers as they passed beneath the arch, even as they went about their preparations for docking; but any awe inspired by the sight was soon overwhelmed by the stench of rotting fish and sewage that hung over the still water and the shock of fetid heat between the protection of the cliffs to either side of the city proper, cut off from the fresh, cool breezes of the gulf. Phillip and Sarien had been pleasant enough to be generally well-liked on the ship, and as they prepared to disembark, a few of the sailors sidled up to them. "Don't know where your business might be taking you, but I'd advise the two of you to stick together, at least until you're through the wharves. Keep your weapons visible and look ready to draw them; a concealed dagger's a man's friend once a fight's started, but a blade in the open will stop many a miscreant from jumping you in the first place. And steer clear of the taverns by the docks, unless you want to find yourself putting to sea again, as a swab -- or as cargo. The only safe place for a stranger in Riddleport to buy a drink is the Publican House." Giving them directions to a clapboard and shingled tavern on the far side of the river, they wish the two luck -- with a tone that says they're going to need it.


    In contrast to the experience of the Rude Curse, the Executioner had a much longer and harder journey to Riddleport, as might be expected from its origin far south in Corentyn. The initial leg through Hellmouth Gulf to Pezzack wasn't too strenuous, but from that point forward, there were no friendly ports to be found until the ship reached Varisia, and the waves in the Steaming Sea were choppy for most of the extended voyage, presenting nothing more to see than the occasional distant island and a wide vista of sky ever promising more bad weather. All the many unpleasant weeks of the journey, Braddon remembered why he hadn't taken to the sea like his father. To finally pass into the more protected waters of the Varisian Gulf was a relief, and when the Executioner passed beneath the Cyphergate, the sailors muttered prayers and kissed lucky coins with a fervor that said they weren't looking forward to the return voyage. When Braddon thankfully staggered down the gangplank to solid ground, one of the Chelish sailors, feeling sorry for the young halfbreed, took him aside and gave him the same advice Phil and Sarien had received: Try not to look like a newcomer fresh off the boat -- and patronize the Publican House.


    Although Malkith's family was bound for Ustalav, he found little trouble signing on with another caravan headed to Riddleport. Those with the Gift and their own set of cards are always welcome, both for luck while on the road and for attracting custom and coin in towns. As the wagons parked in Lubbertown to the north of the city, several of his fellow-travelers dropped by to ask him if he was sure he wouldn't rather stay with the caravan. The signs and portents had been clear, however, and he bade them a cheerful farewell. Starting down the riverbank into Riddleport proper, he wondered where he ought to begin. His family had been through Lubbertown many times but had rarely gone into the town itself, preferring to conduct their business among their own people than to risk being surrounded by outsiders and pirates while money was changing hands. There had been a few occasions, however, when the trading had gone particularly well and they had celebrated at a local tavern -- the Publican House.


    The journey had been Tendal's first by caravan, and he was not impressed by the experience. Unlike the carriages to which he was accustomed, the heavy wagons had no springs to cushion their riders from the bumps and jolts of the road; he got out and walked for as long as he could stand it -- the interiors of the wagons imprisoned some interesting smells -- but he was constantly outdistancing the slow draft horses and having either to stop and wait for them to catch up or to consciously slow his pace and both experiments were vexing. As for the company -- well, some of the girls were pretty enough, if rustic, but there was absolutely no privacy and far too many protective fathers and cousins and older brothers around. His relief when the interminable journey finally reached its end was tempered by his first view of Riddleport from the vast muddy campground peppered with precarious wooden shacks and lean-tos in the north. Gods, what a dump -- like all the worst parts of Magnimar crumpled up and tossed along the banks of a river. Up there, though -- his eye is drawn by some sizeable and elegant homes high on the western ridgeline of the city; yes, that doesn't look so bad at all. Surely Orik's father must be up there somewhere. In his pocket, he fingers the letter Orik had given him to present to his father to prove it had really been he who sent him, and he remembers his friend's advice: When you get to Riddleport, don't trust anyone. You take directions from the wrong man, and you'll find yourself led down a dark alley for all his friends to rob. Go to the Publican House; the man behind the bar will steer you right.


    Desna was smiling on Daynadrian; that was certain. Not only had he managed to slip past the sentries patrolling the perimeter of Crying Leaf, but as he exited the southern edge of the Mierani Forest, he had almost immediately fallen in with a small group of the Eight Quah of Velashu, heading to Riddleport to sell horses. The Horselords have no quarrel with the elves of Crying Leaf in general, and his well-known last name was all the reference he needed to be welcomed to join them as they travelled south. Unlike the young elf, the horse traders seemed none too pleased to be heading toward the city and responded to his eager questions about their destination with shrugs and noncommittal grunts. When after setting out from camp in the morning as usual, the Horsemen called for a halt in the early afternoon and began setting up camp, Daynadrian asked why they were stopping so early. "It's only about an hour's ride to the outskirts of Riddleport," was the answer. "We'll set out again at dawn and have time to complete our business and be on the road north again before the sun sets; we'll not spend a night in town." Despite Daynadrian's attempts to persuade them, the uplanders were immovable. "You'll be in Riddleport first thing tomorrow -- and welcome to leave with us again before nightfall if you've had your fill of it." It had been the longest afternoon and evening of his life, but at last Daynadrian stood in Lubbertown, watching the rays of the morning sun glint off weather vanes and glass windows and the oily surface of the slow-flowing Velashu River. The people! And the houses! And the smell! Gods, it was glorious. He happily set out down the river into town, recalling the parting advice of his travelling companions: If you must go into Riddleport, go to the Publican House. You'll be less likely to be drugged and robbed blind.

    Power Word Discuss!

    Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    Who is trying to ruin Saul Vankaskerkin? Everyone in Riddleport seems to have a motive; you probably will too by the time you've known him a few days. But right now he's offering you a job and a place to stay, two things that can be hard to come by for a newcomer to the City of Cyphers, and all he asks in return is that you find out who's trying to put him out of business and keep them from succeeding.

    So, what's the deal? This is a game for 1st-level characters, set in Riddleport and loosely based on the events depicted in Shadow in the Sky. The mood is noir, and the format is a mystery. While there will be combat encounters, interactions with NPCs and social skills will make up a large part of advancing the plot. This is not a game for wallflowers or for people who don't like dialogue. There's always something going on in Riddleport, but if the PCs don't get out there and interact with it, they'll never know about it. I'm looking for active players who will take the initiative to make a story happen instead of waiting for the plot to pull into their station.

    Who are you, anyway? Hi, I'm Joana; I've been active in play-by-post here since March 2009, but this will be my first attempt to GM a game. I am terrified, as I have seen many excellent GMs get overwhelmed and have to walk away. As such, I am loath to overpromise and underdeliver. I am committing to run this game up to level 3 or 4. If we all have fun and none of us have a nervous breakdown, I do have ideas to continue your PCs' story past the unraveling of the mystery at hand, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

    What are you looking for? I'm not interested in numbers right now; just tell me who your PC is and how and why you came to Riddleport. You could have arrived on one of the many ships that make port every day, a sailor or pirate desiring a change of occupation. Maybe you were a stowaway, an escaped slave or just someone looking for travel or adventure. You could have arrived as part of an overland caravan, buying and selling exotic or not so exotic wares. Many dwarves travel to Riddleport seeking employment at the Gas Forges, where adamantine and other rare metals can be smelted and forged: a difficult and admittedly dangerous job but one which promises a steady income and benefits for family back home. Or maybe you're just looking to work your way up the ladder of one of the city's gangs and claim a piece of the action for yourself. Other inducements to visit Riddleport include one of the most infamous non-elven temples of Calistria in Avistan and the Cypherlodge, a mage's guild devoted to studying the Cyphergate, the ancient Thassilonian artifact that spans the harbor in a great semi-circle. Please be advised that, like many people who come to Riddleport, you may not end up doing what you thought you would there.

    Any specifics? Core races only. 20 point buy. No Riddleport natives: I want the whole party to have to navigate city politics and rumors on an equal footing. Core classes preferred. Lawful types probably won't like living in Riddleport. Two traits, neither of which has to be a Second Darkness campaign trait.

    Anything else? I was an English major, so spelling, punctuation, and grammar all count. Heaven knows I've blushed over enough mistakes in my own posts after the editing window has closed, but I expect everyone to make an effort. We all, I believe, know that the English language uses capital letters and punctuation marks, for example.

    No dialect. If your PC has a heavy accent, that's fine; mention in your first few dialogue posts how hard they are to understand, but I do not want to have to interpret phonetic spellings every time your character speaks.

    Actual girl gamer here. In my experience, the number of men who can believably play a female PC is much lower than the number who think they can. I have had the pleasure of gaming with several who are up to the challenge, but please think several times before pitching a cross-gender character. If you find yourself describing a potential PC as "buxom" or "curvy" or "sensuous," ask yourself if you have any male PCs whose genitalia you feel the need to qualify in the descriptive text; if not, you don't need to be specific about the female body either. It's squicky.

    No RPing amongst yourselves in this thread. I don't recruit in your gameplay thread; please don't roleplay in my recruitment thread. Posts can easily get lost in the banter, and more importantly, the PCs' meeting for the first time will be handled in-game; I don't want you all "getting to know each other" in some make-believe tavern in the recruitment thread. The tavens in the gameplay thread are all entirely nonfictional, of course. ;)

    Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    Hey, Customer Servants!

    In another thread, Ross Byers wrote:

    At the top of your My Subscriptions page, you should have the option to hold for monthly shipments or ship things as they are released. Since the Comics and Minis are shipping later in the month, we're holding your other subscriptions (Ultimate Equipment and the like) until we get the comics, to be shipped together after GenCon.

    If you select Never Hold Anything, you'll receive two shipments in August (your other subs sooner and the comics later.)

    I would like to go ahead and ship my non-minis subscriptions, without holding them for the minis. If I change my settings to Never Hold Anything now and then change it back to Hold for Monthly Shipment after my subscriptions ship, would my minis wait for the September shipment or still ship on their own?

    Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    Gary, that thing is back where I get a security warning every time I add a new post:

    Your connection to is encrypted with 256-bit encryption. However, this page includes other resources that are not secure. These resources can be viewed by others while in transit, and can be modified by an attacker to change the look of the page.

    Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    Since at least the weekend, and I think a few days before that, I've been getting the message that the posting page is unsecure. This is the message Chrome is giving me:

    Your connection to is encrypted with 256-bit encryption. However, this page includes other resources with are not secure. These resources can be viewed by others while in transit, and can be modified by an attacker to change the behavior of the page.

    IE gives me a pop-up bar saying "Only secure content is displayed." Not sure what element is unencrypted, but this is new behavior since last week.

    Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    Hey, Gary, just in case you're looking for something to fiddle with while snowed in, the "Online Campaigns" in the upper left corner of the campaign threads leads to, which is a blank page, rather than, which is where I assume it's supposed to go.

    Similarly, the "Paizo People" link in the same position on an alias page goes to the blank I'm not sure where it's meant to go, actually.

    Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
    Creature Subtypes wrote:

    Elemental Subtype: An elemental is a being composed entirely from one of the four classical elements: air, earth, fire, or water. An elemental has the following features.

  • Immunity to bleed, paralysis, poison, sleep effects, and stunning.
  • Not subject to critical hits or flanking. Does not take additional damage from precision-based attacks, such as sneak attack.
  • Proficient with natural weapons only, unless generally humanoid in form, in which case proficient with all simple weapons and any weapons mentioned in its entry.
  • Proficient with whatever type of armor (light, medium, or heavy) it is described as wearing, as well as all lighter types. Elementals not indicated as wearing armor are not proficient with armor. Elementals are proficient with shields if they are proficient with any form of armor.
  • Elementals do not breathe, eat, or sleep.
  • It doesn't say elementals aren't subject to nonlethal damage, but ... really? It can't be stunned or put to sleep or sneak attacked, but I can hit a creature composed of earth or fire or air over the head with a sap and knock it unconscious? That seems just really, really weird. Am I missing something somewhere?

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