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Jimbli Willit's page

21 posts. Alias of BinkyBo.


TEAM 3 Male Halfling


psion (nomad)/rogue(cutpurse+scout) 3

About Jimbli Willit

Jimbli Willit
Male Halfling Nomad/Cutpurse Scout 3 (Gestalt psion/rogue)
CG Small Humanoid (Halfling)
Init +4; Senses Low-Light Vision; Perception +8
AC 18, touch 15, flat-footed 14. (+3 armor, +4 Dex, +1 size)
hp 25
Fort +5, Ref +8, Will +4
Spd 20(30)ft.
+1 Shortsword +8 (1d4+1, 19-20 x2)
+2d6 sneak attack
Dagger +7 (1d3, 19-20 x2)
Str 10, Dex 18, Con 10, Int 16, Wis 13, Cha 12
Base Atk +2; CMB +1; CMD 15
Feats Fey Foundling, Speed of Thought, Weapon Finesse, Fast Step
Traits Focused Mind, Well-Informed
+10 Acrobatics 3(+4/+3)
+ 7 Appraise 1(+3/+3)
+ 5 Autohypnosis 1(+1/+3)
+ 7 Bluff 3(+1/+3)
+ 6 Climb 3(+0/+3)
+ 5 Diplomacy 1(+1/+3) (+1 to gather info)
+10 Disable Device 3(+4/+3) (+2 with tools)
+ 6 Disguise 2(+1/+3) (+2 with kit)
+ 8 Escape Artist 1(+4/+3)
+ 7 Know(psionics) 1(+3/+3)
+ 9 Know(local) 2(+3/+3)+1
+ 8 Perception 2(+1/+3/+2)
+ 6 Sense Motive 2(+1/+3)
+10 Sleight of Hand 3(+4/+3)
+ 7 Spellcraft 1(+3/+3)
+13 Stealth 2(+4/+3/+4)
+ 5 Survival 1(+1/+3)
+ 4 Swim 1(+0/+3)
+ 6 Use Magic Device 2(+1/+3)

Languages Common, Dwarven, Elven, Goblin

Combat Gear Leaf Armor, +1 Shortsword, Dagger (in spring-loaded wrist sheath)
Other Gear Pickpocket's Outfit, Wand of cure light wounds (30 charges) Adventurer's Sash (7.25lbs) (16.25 total)
Rations, trail (per day) (3), Rope, silk (50 ft.), Waterskin, tinderbox, mwk thieves's tools, bedroll
Gold 78g
Swift as Shadows - reduce penalty to stealth for moving by 5, for sniping by 10.
Fearless +2 morale bonus to fear saves
Halfling Luck +1 to all saves
Fey Foundling +2 per die to all magic healing received, suffer +1 to all cold-iron weapon damage.
Evasion - take no damage instead of half on successful Ref saves.
Nomad's Step - if focused, move action (with Fast Step feat) teleport 20' LoS. (carrying up to medium load)
Measure the Mark - mark rolls perception before steal attempt. may opt against attempt, bluff vs sense motive to avoid suspicion.
Stab and Grab - full round action. free steal attempt with successful sneak attack.
Rogue Talent - Finesse Rogue
bonus feat - Speed of Thought +10 to movement if focused.
Detect Psionics (at will)

Talents (at will if focused)
Catfall - reduce falling damage as if height were 20' less.
Burst - Auditory, swift action, +10' movement for one round.

Power points 15 (15/15 remaining)

Sense Link - Visual, std action, Range Medium (130 ft.)Target One willing creature,Duration Conc, up to 3min, use one of target's senses.
Power Points 1 (A) +2 to reverse
Dimension Swap - Visual, std action, Range (30 ft.) Targets You and one ally in range, or any two allies in range, Instantaneous, swap positions
Power Points 3
Missive - Mental, std action, Range (30 ft.), Target One creature, Instantaneous, Mental message up to ten words delivered to subject
Power Points 1 (A)
Telepathic Lash - Material and mental, std action, Range (30 ft.), Target One humanoid creature 4 HD or less, Duration 1 round, DC14 Will negates (PR yes), dazes target
Power Points 1 (A)
Distract - Mental, std action, Range (30 ft.)Target One creature, Duration Conc up to 3min, DC14 Will negates (PR yes), -4 to perception and sense motive
Power Points 1
Cloud Mind - no display, std action, Range (30 ft.),Target One creature, Duration 3 min, DC15 Will negates (PR yes), make yourself undetectable to the subject
Power Points 3
Thought Shield - Auditory, immediate action, Duration 1 round, gain PR 13 against all mind-affecting powers.
Power Points 3


Jimbli was found in the woods by a pair of old gnome thieves... legendary thieves, they would add. Toothless Miles and Miggi Longfinger. They raised Jimbli, and taught him everything they knew. First, they worked him into grifts, but with his quick learning and growing addiction to the deceptive arts, they soon moved him on to more advanced work.
They ended up trying to steal from the wrong person, and were captured. All three were sentenced to death that night. The moment when the guards came for them is when Jimbli's mental powers first manifested. They hadn't opened the bars yet - the jailer was still fumbling with his keys - and he found himself out of his cell on the other side of them ... running.
Jimbli got away, but left his fathers to die. The few days it took for him to learn what he was capable of was a few days too late.

Since then, Jimbli has kept in touch with his gnomefathers' old-timer contacts (and has done quite a few favors for them and their kin) While usually left to working as a lookout, his specialty is liberating... keys, gold, and (on a good day) decent people who are imprisoned and would prefer not to be.
Trouble has found Jimbli. His unwillingness to complete a recent job (which would have involved "permanent damage" to an innocent) has put him at odds with apparently powerful people based in the warrens. Although he survived a retaliatory hit, he knows it's not over. He realizes there is little he can do on his own. Joining the watch gives him some protection, and an opportunity to go up against the nefarious nogoodniks - with the law on his side.

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