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Halfling Mom

Jib916's page

FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 179 posts (561 including aliases). 8 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 8 Pathfinder Society characters. 6 aliases.

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Fun, but those names doh

***( )( )

This is a fun scenrio that takes part in many places in Absalom.

The names of all the NPCS are WAY WAY to simular, I have never ever been so confused reading a scenrio. Way to many double takes and confsuion. (Lady, Darchana / Dimora too simualr / again Mahdi / Mezuk very simuler) Please consider using different Names for a more easier read and experence.

Besides that it is a decent investiagtion scenrio.

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Another Great Volume


I really enjoyed this book, despite the "lack of crunch".

The book is a great read. The art is incredible (The map of the Inner planes is worth my money alone =) ) There is tons of great info on how the elemental/genie races fit into Golarion, and alot of great info for building background of the races.

Though not as "crunch" heavy as previous volumes (the rules/options they are all well balanced and interesting), IMO it is still a great buy if you are interested in the Elemental/genie Races.

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Lucky Dice


Gotta love my paizo die. Rolled more paizo's (20s) on this thing than any other dice.

Nice weight to it.

Paizo purple is pretty.

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Underrated Module


Just finsihed running this mod last week and I must say I really enjoyed this module. Though it is not perfect I think it has some very enjoyable qualities/situations, interesting NPCS, and a good story.

I must admit, that as a GM I did alot of editing and work (mainly to adjust my group being 6 players instead of 4, but also fleshing out side quests etc) to make it work.


To make this module work (as a whole as well as with future volumes) I would emphasize the shadows being a huge problem (A large side quest I wrote helped with this) in Westcrown from the beginning. It also helps to throw in Ailyn Ghontsavos (The pathfinder from vol 2) in the wagon w/ Arael, establishing her as a major character from the beginning, as she does her "research".)My party also enjoyed/ understood the idea of the "children of Westcrown" and they recruited a more members into the organization. I also had them do a few side quests (Variations of suggested ones in book, plus a few I threw in) to gain some more fame in Westcrown. (as well as get a better "feel" for the theme/setting of Westcrown. I had a tiefling ambush/encounter/story(from locals) in between each side quest to build up the suspense on the final lair as well.


I really enjoyed the NPCs in the adventure. .From the Leaders Arael and Janiven, to Monosino (the boy everyone ended up loving to hate), to all the children of Westcrown and their individual personality's and motivations. There was alot of interesting stories and it was fun role playing the different personalities with my PCs. They enjoyed this as well. (All there stories also help set the tone of the city)

My Favorite NPC from the module was Thesing Umbero Ulvauno. I look forward to his reoccurring roles in future APs.

The Meat and the Bones:

This module has some fun encounters/situations.
-The sewers are fun and the randomness a nice twist (though I would recommend "building" sewers before game to save time)
-Rescuing Arael was a fun and well written encounter. One of my favorite things in the module
-The tiefling lair is well built. Many ins/outs makes the tieflings extremely mobile (ambushing the PCS!) , and lead to fun encounters and situations
-The two tiefling baddies at end were well written and fun to GM. (I recommend combing them for a particularity lethal and super fun encounter)

The back matter of this Module is worth the price alone.

--A great detailed article on Westcrown. Essential for the AP, and a good read on its own.
--An awesome article of Tieflings, including all kinds of great fluff , but also many racial options and alternative traits (100 of them!).It also includes a wonderful chart of Random tielfing features (100 again) to help flesh out what the tielfings look like visually.
--Part one of a Story by Dave Gross. Need I say more?
--A wonderful bestiary that is also very helpful for the module itself. (Adding some old favorites from 3.5 as well as some fun new monsters)

Overall I really enjoyed this Adventure Path Volume!

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Halfings are Awesome


This book is great! Great Fluff/background fitting the halflings uniquely into the Golarion world. Some really cool new slings/sling feats/sling ammo, new magic items and options, and a prestige class ! Very good quality and great illustrations. One of my favorite player companions so far!

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