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That kinda hit all of the sudden after checking the other hybrid classes.

Yeah, yeah, I know that the Magus was introduced before the ACG, but still...

The guy behind this web site... kinda became MIA since October 2016 O_O

Is everything alright?

How about picking 5 to 10 regional booklets and merge them into a single book? That would be a good product to have, not to mention that some early booklets could use a revision or updated lore ;)

For instance:
Guide to Korvosa
Guide to Darkmoon Vale
Into the Darklands
Guide to Absalom
Dark Markets - A Guide to Katapesh
Guide to the River Kingdoms
Heart of the Jungle
Lands of the Linnorm Kings
Isles of the Shackles
Magnimar, City of Monuments

Put these 10 booklets into one book ;)

Ugh, either it's the search bar or it's me that is cursed, but I cannot find a specific booklet about cooking up special dishes, with enhancements and such. Here's what I kinda remember:
- 20 meals presented
- there's a bard archetype in it

The rest is a huge blank spot...

Think you guys can help me with this one please?

In Pathways Issue 49, we are presented with a Daikaiju template, useful for creating your own Kaijus.

There's also a section about the Circlets of the Exalted Taskforce, 5 circlets that essentally grant Power Rangers/Super Sentai-ish powers to its wearers... including the ability to summon a huge robot, like the Megazord. Here, that robot is known as Yuush.

However, there are so many elements missing from Yuush's description that it's a real conundrum to figure it ou, let alone use it in a campaign. I'd like some pointers about Yuush. On a sidenote, I did purchase Secrets of the Iron Titan, so I have the reference if needed:

1) How have been spent Yuush's construction build points? The stats indicate that it has 28 points, but not a complete list. The only one that I've found was the Adamantine Composition.

2) What is Yuush's Dexterity score? I know that it is half-construct and half-vehicle, but the lack of a Dexterity score is puzzling.

3) What are Yuush's attacks? Aside from summoning a powerful weapon, it doesn't come equipped with a standard weapon nr does it have natural attacks?

If anyone can help me with this machine, it would be appreciated ^_^

Ok, that an animal-like creature has more than Int 2 and/or several spell-like or supernatual abilities, then I understand why it's considered a Magical Beast. A Griffon has Int 5, while a Pegasus has Int 10 and several spell-like abilities. Both the Basilisk and the Cockatrice have Int 2, but they can petrify you... as an Extraordinary ability, even when it's clearly spell-like in nature. (It's a spell... unless they can be cause a chemical reaction that calcifies a creature's body :P )

But... a Hippogriff has Int 2 and no Sp/Su ability and so does have an Owlbear.

So... mechanically-speaking, when should a Magical Beast be considered a simple animal? Is it to avoid being readily available for classes, or is it just because of the previous D&D rules?

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We have gotten a Villain Codex, so could we ever get an Ally Codex in the future? Would that even work as a book?

A church with aasimar zealots, a dwarven platoon, an elven scout team, a halfing caravan, a gnome workshop, a vigilante strike team (yes, the Avengers or Justice League for Pathfinder XD ), a former slave group turned slave savers, a Gold Dragon cult (please go with the draconic archetypes here)... it's not like there aren't NPC groups that could be used as allies out there.

Ok... elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, orcs, giants and goblinoids, for instance, are close to looking like humans, because they have similar traits. However, you look at the other humanoids, like gnolls, lizardfolks, catfolks, ratfolks, boggards, kobolds and troglodytes, they look more like bipedal animals... for the most part.

Catfolks have clearly been described as either humans with feline traits (reference to the Bestiary 3's artwork) or bipedal cats (like in the Advance Race Guide); whether or not you love or hate the artworks is not to the point here. With this statement, it means that there are multiple "versions" of the same species, as they can look closer to a human or an animal.

With that in mind, could this happen to the races? Could we get a lizardfolk that looks more like a scaly human that a bipedal lizard, or a syrinx (a bipedal winged owl-like race, from the Inner Seas Bestiary) that looks more like a human with owl traits (similar to Owlboy)?

Hey, humans are descendants from primates that have evolved over time. While we don't know if bestial humanoids have evolved in a similar fashion, maybe they're not "fully evolved" or can evolve further and eventually look closer to a human than to its animal specie.

Is there any way to make unarmed strikes as ranged attacks? The only thing I've seen was the Blood Crow Strike spell, accessible with a Quiggong Monk instead of Diamond Soul, but...

Is there anything else? Style feats? Magic items? Archetype class features?

I... have this character concept for a NPC about a female aasimar who's a warrior-priest, or holy warrior, for her church. Here's the catch: what's the "best" class to represent a holy warrior?

Before I forget, 2 feats will be used for Angelic Blood and Angel Wings (Advanced Race Guide). The rest? Well, all depending on the class.

Cleric has Channel Energy, which can be modified via the Channel Force feats, for aasimars. However, combat-wise, it's mostly reliant on spells.

Paladin has more martial oriented, can take Unsanctioned Knowledge to add 4 spells, would take Divine Bond (weapon), since she would have wings.

Inquisitor is more about hunting specific targets, has subpar weapon proficiencies, but the spells and judgments are pretty decent.

Warpriest is a combat-oriented cleric, but the domain abilities aren't that spectacular.

Each class has its pros and cons, but I'd like to know your opinion about the classes that could work for a winged aasimar holy warrior ^_^

The Winged Marauder gives you either a Dire Bat or a Giant Vulture, two companions that start at Medium and grow to Large; the Roc is a flying companion that starts at Medium and grows to Large.

Can a Winged Marauder select the Roc as its companion, or any other flying companion for that matter?

I keep looking for such an info in Horror Adventures... nothing :S

Are Fleshgrafts considered magic items? Can they be enhanced? Can they be possessed? Can they be intelligent?

They do take item slots, but are they magic items as well?

The idea of a claw gauntlet possessed by a demon... sounds pretty wicked >:)

Y'know, this is something that hit me recently: what do potions taste like?

If I had to guess, based of the spell's school the potion is based on:
Abjuration: Salty, mostly to differentiate a protective potion from a curative one
Conjuration: Sweet, mostly for cure potions
Divination: Bitter, to wake up the senses
Enchantment: Plain, since charm spels and other effects are supposed to be masked
Evocation: Spicy, since it resolves into a powerful effect
Illusion: Plain, since illusions are meant to go unnoticed
Necromancy: Acrid... I mean come on, death kinda tastes awful :P
Transmutation: Sour, since your body is changed

As for what tastes like what, that's up to you, but I feel like potion tastes and elixirs could be an interesting rule here ;)

I've seen poisoining drinks, but potions aren't safe from being poisoned, as any shady alchemist, merchant or brewer can slip a dose of ingested poison in a potion.

This does beg the question though: does adding a dose of poison in a potion spoil it, or does it mix unnoticed?

Back in the days :P, we had the Beast, Elemental, Giant and Shapechanger types. Beast-typed creatures became either Animals or Magical Beasts, Elemental-typed creatures became Outsiders, Giant-typed creatures became Humanoids and Shapechanger-typed creatures became... pretty much any type the base creature would be. These changes actually made sense, without any problem from my part. For instance, a Giant is a TALL "human", just like an Elemental comes from another plane.

That got me thinking: what type(s) should be switched in a later revision?

Y'know, the Animal and Vermin types really got me confused. Let me explain: most vermins are invertebrates, like insects and crustaceans. However, cephalopds (octopi and squids) are classified as Animals, which regroup the usual 5 vertebrate categories (mammals, birds, fishes, reptiles and amphibians); cephalopods are molluscs, part of the invertebrate group. This could easily be merged into one Animal type, but be divided into "vertebrate" and "invertebrate" subtypes. Beside, aren't you a bit tired that vermins get left out in favor of animals :P ? By combining them, everything wins XD.

On another note, the Aberration type... is weird... What is making them this unique to have its own type? An aboleth or naga could be a Magical Beast, a drider or sinspawn could a Monstrous Humanoid and several others could be typed as Outsiders, if the Far Realms are mentioned. According to the Bestiary, "An aberration has a bizarre anatomy, strange abilities, an alien mindset, or any combination of the three." That's... pretty vague for a typing, don't you think? Doesn't a Blink Dog (Magical Beast) count as having "strange abilities" or doesn't a Gray (Humanoid) count as having "an alien mindset"? So yeah, I feel like the Aberration type could be easily replaced by other typings AND a subtype (Aberration).

Can something affecting swarms, such as spells, items, templates or other features, can affect troops as well, and vice-versa? or are they two different archetypes, with two distinct subtypes that don't get affect by the other?

BTW, troops are basically Gargantuan "creatures" made of 12 to 30 Small or Medium creatures, like soldier squadrons or like the mob template back in 3.5. These were introduced in AP #100 and have been used a few other times after, in addition of being set to appear in Bestiary 6.

I'd like to point out that I'm not talking about how swarms and troops generally react to spells, such as area spells. I'd like to know if effects that specifically target a swarm can target a troop, and vice-versa, since, let's face it, a troop is essentially a swarm of Small or Medium creatures, as opposed to a swarm made of Fine, Diminutive or Tiny creatures.

When you build a character, be a PC or NPC, how do you balance gameplay and flavor? I've always been curious about this. See? My players just pick whatever they want when creating their respective characters and they always have some design choices related to flavor, such as a backstory. Gameplay is often secondary... unless it's related to the backstory, which relates to flavor. A PC might use a certain weapon because he used it to escape slavery and decides to keep it, even if that weapon isn't "the best one" stat-wise.

Another example would be me making a catfolk barbarian using the Mooncursed (tiger) archetype. It may not be the most optimal build, but flavor-wise, you cannot deny that a catfolk who somehow tapped into his animalistic nature to become a tiger works great.

Yet another example would be taking the Kineticist and slapping it onto the geniekins. What's wrong with an Ifrit pyrokineticist? Maybe a few problems mecanic-wise, but flavorwise, it works.

So... what's your stance on flavor vs gameplay when creating characters, be playable or not? (GMs are welcomed to share their opinions too ;) )

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Inner Sea Faiths presented 15 different lesser-known deities for the Inner Seas region.

Tian Xia has a total of 14 exclusive deities :P While Adabbar, Desna, Irori, Lamashtu, Pharasma and Shelyn have been presented in Inner Seas Gods, the rest of the Tian Xian pantheon hasn't.

So, how about a booklet presenting the Tian Xian deities, similar to Inner Seas Faiths, with obediences, boons, items... and FINALLY a clear depiction of the deities?

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So far, the ONLY time that was possible was in Drow of the Underdark, from WotC, as a Cavestalker (PrC).

Using any of the Pathfinder rules, is there a way to wield a spiked chain one-handed... in a reasonably adequate manner?

Long story short, I plan to have a NPC being a vigilante of the Serial Killer archetype... who also happens to own a Hooked Massacre (a magic spiked chain which lets use it a Reach weapon in addition of granting you a free attack if you Drag the target.) Combined this with a second weapon, this could be a good combo.

At the very best, I use an overweight chain-wielding gunslinger known as the "Road Hog" XD

There's the paladin archetype known as the Silver Champion, presented in Legacy of Dragons; there's also the drake companion presneted in that same exact section; the drake's alignment is "any nongood"; the paladin's alignment is Lawful Good; "While she may adventure with good or neutral allies, a paladin avoids working with evil characters or with anyone who consistently offends her moral code."

So... does the drake's alignment change to LG if it's a drake mount for a Silver Champion?

Seems weird that a drake's alignment wouldn't change since it literally states that it CANNOT be of a good alignment...

Any character can just put on a disguise and bring "justice", but what would bring a player to pick the Vigilante instead of another class?

I remember reading an example, back in Examplars of Evil, about a princess (aristocrat/rogue) acting normally by day and murdering people by night as the White Lady, mostly because her younger brother accessed to the throne before her. So the concept of the Vigilante went from purely flavorful to an actual game mecanic.

In the end though, what makes the vigilante what it is? Its Social or its Vigilante identity?

Yes, it is an alternate feature for the druid back in Ultimate Magic, but come on, why not simply add vermin companion stats from Bestiaries 3, 4 and 5, as well as other sources?

I get that at its core, the druid picks animals, but these days, even in late game for D&D 3.5, vermins have become a viable option.

I get that the paladin, antipaladin, cavalier and samurai provide the character with a mount, but only for Small and Medium riders... which is understandable since, well, the 7 standard classes are either Small or Medium, and that goes as well for the uncommon and featured races.

Then there's the Trox, which is large...
Then there's the [typical Large] giant, which is large...
Then there's the Shobhad, which is large...

Huh... how does the mount feature work now?

While they say that it works like the animal companion, NONE of them gets Huge. So how does it work?

Arcadia, Azlant, Southern Garund, Casmaron, the Crown of the World, Sarusan and Tian Xia are all continents surrounding Avistan and of course, can be explored by the PCs at their leisure. However, aside from Tian Xia, the other continents barely have information on WHAT to expect. Are there civilized lands or are they barren?

Furthermore, what's the actual political relationship between them? For instance, Tian Xia is the continent that got so far the most lore, thanks to the Dragon Empire booklets. The problem is that aside from common deities in their pantheon, nothing is explained much about the relationship between them and the Inner Seas. Are we talking about peaceful, strained or hostile relationships?

Maybe I got into Psychonauts a bit too much recently, but I could see an adventure inside a victim's consciousness/dream and having to fight a nightmare creature as a final encounter.

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Just for fun ;)

#3: Vigilante
You can assume two roles as a character. You can technically play as an Aristocrat, which is a NPC-only class. The archetypes offer a LOT of diversity without sacrificing the core aspect of the class. Why? Because all archetypes only change the vigilante identity, not the social one. I feel that for someone who wants to play whatever he wants as a class, but doesn't want to tone down the roleplay aspect of his character, the vigilante is perfect.

#2: Occultist
This used to be the spot for the magus :P You gain many proficiencies, powers keyed to items and psychic spells, which 1) aren't affect by an armor's arcane spell failure percentage and 2) duplicate many actual arcane spells. I also love the relic hunter aspect of the class, which is something that is often seen in games, wandering and exploring dungeons to find interesting treasures. While I get that it's not really a fighter/wizard class nor a replacement to the magus (an occultist sadly cannot spellstrike someone with focus powers), it is a great alternative.

#1: Kineticist
This one really hit home for me. The fact that the Kineticist has an at-will primary ability really elevates a lot of troubles with micromanagement and the "saving it for later" syndrome. While the Burn is a major weakness, it's not mandatory; you don't have to Burn every time you use a Kinetic Blast, as it's all up to you. Plus, Gather Power solves this issue. Finally, the warlock had a similar mecanic in D&D 3.5 which we didn't get until now with the Kineticist, not to mention that it offers a lot of customization vis the elements and playstyle.

Can you pick VERY simple ones such as "Obey [the item's] owner"???

Sounds like a bypassing option to get at-will 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th spells...

You can create your own intelligent items, as they don't always have to be rewards, so... could you create an intelligent item which sole purpose is to obey your commands, thus use its dedictaed power(s) without any restriction?

Disarm, Trip, Grapple, Monk... all of these are weapon special features. What new weapon special feature(s) would you like to see?

Disclaimer: That MIGHT be considered a topic for House Rules, but I post it here so people can talk about that. Feel free to change the category if needed.

Paired: When you use this weapon in each hand, you treat the weapon as if it were a light weapon for the purpose of two-weapon fighting.

The Sawtooth Saber currently has this as a special exclusive feature, but I'd like to see this for other new one-handed weapons.

Feint/Drag/Reposition/Dirty Trick: When you use this weapon, you get a +2 bonus on combat maneuver checks to [Feint/Drag/Reposition/Dirty Trick].

We have Disarm and Trip, so the new tactics could be added as well.

Mounted: When you use this weapon while mounted, you can use it with one hand.

I have lost count on how many times I've seen warriors wielding a non-lance weapon in one hand while riding a mount. Maybe they could extend it to weapons from the polearms and spears weapon groups.

Fearsome: When wielding this weapon, if you are entitled to an Intimidate check, you gain a +2 bonus on that check.

This seems like a good addition, especially when displaying feats have been expanded.

At 20th level:
- 3 attacks via primary hand
- 3 attacks via off-hand and GTWF
- 2 attacks via Flurry of Stars (uses 1 Ki point)
- 1 attack via Rapid Shot
- 1 attack via spending 1 Ki point, using one of the Ki Pool's abilities

So... 10 shuriken attacks? Each potentially dealing Sneak Attack damage if all conditions are met?

Granted I need:
- Two-Weapon Fighting
- Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
- Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
- Point-Blank Shot
- Rapid Shot
- Quick Draw

But still...

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Advanced Race Guide, Featured Races, Catfolk, Equipment wrote:
Claw Blades: These subtle blades can only be used by catfolk with the cat's claws racial trait. Bought in a set of five, they fit over the wearer's claws on one hand. The blades grant the wearer a +1 enhancement bonus on claw attack rolls with that hand and change the weapon type from a natural weapon to a light slashing weapon. Catfolk with the cat's claws racial trait are proficient with this weapon. The claw blades can be enhanced like a masterwork weapon for the normal costs. The listed cost of the item is for one set of five claws for one hand.

I know that as a GM myself I could allow it, but realistically, would claw blades work with other creatures other than catfolks?

It's a set of claws that converts natural claw attacks into iterative light slashing attacks... and catfolks aren't the only creatures with claw attacks, even as an alternate racial trait. Humanoid half-dragons and half-fiends could wear these, weretigers and werebears could wear these, Ursine Wildsoul vigilantes could wear these, babaus, hezrous, nabasus, succubi and other demons could wear these, gargoyles could wear these, etc.

See what I mean? It doesn't seem like a game-breaking rule to allow other creatures to wear and utilize claw blades.

Cursed items are annoying... but that's by design. That got me thinking about which cursed item... technically caused the least amount of troubles for characters.

After some reading, the Ring of Truth doesn't seem that bad.
1) You still can "ignore" the answer. Answering "I don't know" when you actually don't know the answer won't get you in trouble.

2) It's a Will DC 20 save to refuse answering. We're not talking about such a big deal here.

3) Questions HAVE to be directed at you. You don't start answering every question you hear whether or not you get asked.

Oh yeah, one more thing, the Vow of Truth is now "justified" when you wear this ring :P

Another example is the Girdle of Opposite Gender... which seems more like a prank-like item than anything else. You changed gender, so what? Mecanically, there's almost nothing related to gender. I haven't specific spells, ietms, feats, prestige classes, archetypes and whatnot where being male or female is required. In fact, there's a little loophole here: what if the target DOESN'T have gender? A male changeling doesn't exist, so how does the cursed belt work on her?

So yeah, the gender-switching belt doesn't seem that harmful, compared to other items. Changing alignment can screw your character up, but gender? I doubt it.

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This is a project I had in mind for quite some time now... so might as well pitch the idea right now.

This is a topic to pitch ideas on how to make seafaring characters, especially pirate characters ;)

I'd like to take the opportunity to take that first post to highlight the basics, before you and I dive deeper into actual class builds and ideas :P

- If you plan on being an actual pirate, you're against the law, you live by your own rules and you couldn't care for the rest.
- For other seafaring characters, you can be of any alignment. It includes explorers and marine officers.

- Swim gets you out of a bind everytime.
- Knowledge (geography) is also useful.
- Survival is quasi-imperative

- If you can afford a ship, good for you.
- Water Breathing, Freedom of Movement and other such spells can save your life.
- Fire spells can be a double-edged sword, because it can't be used in water, and often resisted by aquatic creatures, but it's deadly on other ships.
- Light armors "lighten your load" while swimming.
- A backup piercing weapon is useful if you fight underwater.

P.S. Before you bring it up, yes, you can suggest stuff for the ninja :P
- It's an alternate rogue
- It can work for Tian Xian/oriental settings
- If you want to troll your GM with a ninja in a pirate-heavy campaign, might as well suggest you HOW to proceed XD

I can suggest really quick a few archetype ideas:
Barbarian: Sea Reaver, Mounted Fury (with aquatic mounts)
Bard: Buccaneer, Watersinger
Cleric: Travel and Water domains
Druid: Aquatic Druid, Kraken Caller, Shark Shaman, Storm Druid
Fighter: Corsair, Dirty Fighter, Roughrider (with aquatic mounts), Viking
Monk: Monk of the Four Winds, Sohei (with aquatic mounts)
Paladin: Divine Hunter, Grey Paladin, Holy Gun, Sacred Servant (with appropriate deity)
Ranger: Battle Scout, Wave Warden
Rogue: Bandit, Eldritch Raider, Pirate, River Rat, Smuggler, Swashbuckler
Sorcerer: Aquatic, Elemental, Marid and Stormborn bloodlines
Wizard: Siege Mage
Alchemist: Grenadier, Saboteur
Cavalier: Beast Rider (with aquatic mounts), Daring Champion, Hussar, Wave Rider
Inquisitor: Cloaked Wolf, Heretic
Oracle: Elementalist Oracle, Wave Mystery
Summoner: Naturalist, Synthesist (with an aquatic eidolon)
Witch: Beast-bonded (with aquatic familiars), Sea Witch
Magus: Card Caster, Eldritch Archer, Elemental Knight, Esoteric, Hexcrafter
Gunslinger: Bolt Ace, Buccaneer, Maverick, Musket Master, Pistolero, Siege Gunner
Ninja: -none- (no jokes, no archetype has written yet); Rogue archetypes could work though
Samurai: Sword Saint; Cavalier archetypes could work too
Antipaladin -none- (couldn't find any suitable one)
Arcanist: Elemental Master, Unlettered Arcanist (with aquatic familiars)
Bloodrager: Bloodrider (with aquatic mounts), Bloody-Knuckled Rowdy
Brawler: Steel-Breaker, Wild Child (with aquatic companions)
Hunter: Feral Hunter, Packmaster
Investigator: Conspirator, Hallucinist, Infiltrator, Sleuth, Steel Hound
Shaman: Animist, Witch Doctor
Skald: Belkzen War Drummer, Dragon Skald, Warlord
Slayer: Bounty Hunter, Cutthroat, Sniper
Swashbuckler: Daring Infiltrator, Musketeer, Picaroon, Shackles Corsair
Warpriest: Cult Leader, Mantis Zealot, Sacred Fist
Kineticist: Elemental Annihilator, Elemental Ascetic
Medium: Kami Medium, Relic Channeler
Mesmerist: Toxitician, Vexing Daredevil
Occultist: Battle Host, Reliquarian
Psychic: Mutation Mind
Spiritualist: Haunted, Shadow Caller
Vigilante: pretty much anything, since most archetypes grant a different identity.... which in turn mimics another class:
- Avenger: Fighter
- Stalker: Rogue
- Brute: Barbarian
- Cabalist: Witch
- Gunmaster: Gunslinger
- Magical Child: Summoner
- Mounted Fury: Cavalier
- Warlock: Magus
- Wildsoul: Druid/Hunter
- Zealot: Inquisitor

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Ok, the rules are simple:
1) Pick an archetype
2) Fix it... and explain the modifications
3) Keep it balance and in theme with the concept
4) Explain why you fixed it

Two-Weapon Warrior (Fighter) (Advanced Player's Guide)

Improved Balance (Ex): At 11th level, the attack penalties for fighting with two weapons are reduced by –1 for a two-weapon warrior. The penalties are reduced by an additional –1 for every four levels after 11th. This ability replaces armor training 3.

The wording was awkward to the point that wielding 2 one-handed weapons was... pointless, because this ability and Prefect Balance do the exact same thing without reducing the penalty. With this, you get up to a -2 reduction to attack rolls when TWF, regardless of what kind of weapon you have.

Perfect Training (Ex): At 15th, a two-weapon warrior can apply any weapon specific feat for its primary weapon to its off-hand weapon, such as Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization. This ability replaces armor training 4.

This is to replace Perfect Balance that got merged with Improved Balance. Also, this is an ability I've seen a few times, so...


Ok, what archetype(s) can YOU fix ;) ?

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Just like that, throw one idea (per post) for an AP, feel free to give details about locations, premises, NPCs, plot twists, etc.

[Tentative] Title: Nocturnal Alibis
Location: Any metropolis/cosmopolitan area
- (First AP) The PCs arrive at the scene of a murder.
- They are asked for help by an Investigator or Inquisitor.
- They solve the murder case, but there is something more that they find at the culprit's hideout at the end.

- (Second AP) Another murder scene is discovered. However, the PCs run into a Vigilante, or perhaps a GROUP of Vigilantes, while investigating.
- The connection between the victims is rather fine, but isn't much relevant yet.
- The PCs might be interested by the Vigilante's actions.

- (Third AP) Yet another murder scene has to be investigated, the victim being a NPC from the first AP. This time around, the PCs get to meet the Vigilante's social identity to their ignorance (or the Vigilante's group leader). The group... kinda gets into a fight with the Viligante.
- The PCs and the Vigilante try on their respective sides to solve the case, but end up stepping in each other's territory.

- (Fourth AP) The PCs either assist to a trial from one of the culprits... or end up BEING the culprits due to the Vigilante's actions. They have to defend themselves or might have to speak as witnesses.
- The culprit's associates are scheming something else in the background, such as exposing the Vigilante as the murderer, or freeing the culprit on trial.
- Witnesses have to be defended, the jury can be manipulated, a lot of influence can be done to falsify the trial.

- (Fifth AP) The PCs and Vigilante(s) have to team up to solve yet another mystery, but this time, the stakes are higher. NPCs can't be trusted anymore, the PCs' reputation take a hit and only the Vigilante can help them out, as he does need their help as well.
- The team get their hands on the second-in-command of the one who has orchestrated the murders since the beginning.
- The team discovers something even dire that has been planned in the shadows.

- (Sixth AP) The PCs and Vigilante arrive in time and save the next victim. They do investigate on their own to trace the assassin back to his lair.
- The team discovers the main villain, who is the investigator's/inquisitor's assistant. Basically, the assistant wnated to take revenge on the victims due to being ostrisized.
- Furthermore, s/he used a drop of each victim's blood for a summoning ritual. S/he wants to level the city in order to complete his/her vengeance.
- The summoning ritual can conjure a high-level fiend. Whether or not it actually crosses the planes depends on the PCs' actions.
- If the ritual is foiled, the PCs have the choice to kill the assistant or to arrest him/her. The Vigilante can decide otherwise.
- In the end, the Vigilante can become a helpful source of intel in the city, but any of the assistant's minions could come back with their own agendas.


Yeah... guess which Pathfinder book I got my inspiration from :P

But, yeah, a mix between a d20 adventure and a modern mystery comic book series, it could be a nice run ^_^

Anyway, I've pitched my idea, what about yours?

Ok, the vigilante gets an archetype called the Brute, which is basically a reference to the Hulk. You get a transformation into a larger creature and deals tons of raw damage, except that you're a little... frenzied...

Yeah, that's my major issue here: the Brute is VERY similar to a PrC back in D&D 3.5 known as the Frenzied Berserker. The Frenzied Berserker was a Barbarian PrC which you received a Frenzy. Frenzy was an upgrade to your Barbarian Rage, except that after each fight you had to roll in order to calm down or else you could end up killing your own allies.

I see similarities to the Brute as of now, so I was wondering if there was something to prevent that. I'm a little surprised that the Brute doesn't get a Talent related to that, like a high-level talent which he learned how to control his Brute Form, only saving to avoid hurting others if he unwillingly transformed.

I'm looking at the Vigilante's civilian identity and a LOT of social talents refer to renown, celebrity, network and such, similar to how an aristocrat is more of a social-based class.

The Vigilante, however, offers an alter ego with combat abilities, something the aristocrast doesn't normally have.

That got me thinking: is the Vigilante an answer to have a playable Aristocrat? I'm not saying that every noble is a Vigilante (that would be scary :P ) or that an Aristocrat NPC can't fight... but the parallels between a Vigilante's social identity and an aristocrat are similar.

Or was the class built as a "lone wolf" type character?

In short, does the class feel more like Batman (who's relunctant to work with a team) or like Captain America (who's the leader of a team)?

Does... any of these come with their respective weapon and armor proficiencies? If I apply the Fighter Creature template on, say, an advanced Medium Fire Elemental, does it gain proficiency with all simple and martial weapons, as well as all types of armors and shields?

Bestiary 5, Tsukumogami, p. 253:
Ability Scores: A tsukumogami has a 15 Intelligence, 17 Wisdom, and 14 Charisma. A Medium tsukumogami receives a +4 bonus to Strength, a +4 bonus to Dexterity, and a Constitution score of 19. These ability scores are adjusted for size.

Emphasis mine... How does it works???

An Animated Object already gets adjusted scores depending on its size, so... what about here? I can understand that the Constitution score decreases or increases depending on size, but I don't get it for the Strength and Dexterity modifiers. Do both stay fixed or do they decrease or increase again with size?

Ok, little confession here, I'm a sucker for podcasts, which I listen while working, web-surfing and/or driving (not all at once though XD).

So... I was wondering if Paizo hosts a podcast about Pathfinder/D20, be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. I remember seeing an interview on YouTube... once... on YouTube... and then I have seen nothing after :P

I'd like to bring you this little tidbit from the Technology Guide, pg. 61, at the end of the Powered Armor description:

Technology Guide, pg. 61 wrote:
Rumors persist of variant forms of powered armor, including suits sized for giants or that can function as vehicles for multiple creatures.

So yeah, after seeing Colossi, Kaiju and one too many Giant Robot-focused video games and animes, I'd like to build a mech as a lost treasure in Numeria... or a super-weapon being developped by a cabal of AI-corrupted androids as part of a mass production for war. The question is that: Do I make it a vehicle or do I make it a creature?

Vehicle: A character could pilot it. However, Vehicle rules don't cover mechs... yet... so it would need a set of custom rules, such as STR and DEX scores, how the pilot's stats affect the mech (mental scores, skills, feats), damage thresholds and attack actions. The upside is that it fits well as an artifact... or a very expensive vehicle and can be fully-customizable. (I know that DragonMech has rules, but man, these are complex as heck)

Creature: As a creature, the mech is a Construct (Robot), thus a sentient being. A character cannot control it unless that is a pilot compartment and that the pilot succeeds a skill check against the robot. Furthermore, AIs can be inserted and can take control over it. Then again, how many times have we seen machine AIs in fiction :P ? Piloting/controlling it would require rules... although it could work like Possession (rule-wise), except that the pilot can utilize the robot's special abilities, regardless of their nature (Ex, Sp or Su). Finally, the CR would be... rather high, considering the size and technology added on top.

So yeah... which option to pick ^_^ ?

Ok, I was checking the Swordtrained racial trait in the Race Builder... and I noticed that something was eeriely missing: a list of swords. They do list some, but not all.

That got me thinking: could we get a Sword weapon group? Right now, swords are spreaded across the Light Blades, Heavy Blades and Monk groups, if not more.

Axes, bows, spears, hammers and flails got their own, so why not swords? Sure, Light and Heavy Blades are there, but... why only put the greatsword in the same group as the scythe, or only put the rapier in the same group as the sickle?

So yeah, would it be okay to have a new weapon group dedicated to swordlike weapons?

Beside, Swordtrained would now be "automatically proficient with weapons from the Sword weapon group". That would be much easier to understand.

Ok, I'm aware that PLAYING a race has guidelines, such as adjustments to your starting level if you have a more powerful race, but what about ENCOUNTERING a race member?

Let's say that I (as a GM) want to have my party encountering a squadron made of humanoid creatures that are actually "super-soldiers". According to the Builder, my homebrewed race would have 40 rps. As a Playable Race, a super-soldier would have to be 3 levels lower for up 5th level, 2 for up to 10th, 1 for up to 15th and none for up to 20th.

But what about CR? Is it +1 CR for 10 rps above 10 rp (+1 CR for 20 rps, +2 CR for 30 rps, +3 for 40 rps)? Is there no adjustment to CR afterall, since it's built as a PC race?

I am talking about a 0HD race here. Think of humans genetically engineered/bred for war, with enhanced abilities and such.

Can you apply more than one? Can you have the monster take class levels (be in another class that isn't a template) as well?

Say I have a Stone Giant (12 HD, CR 8). Can I apply BOTH the Ranger and the Rogue templates (both at +2 CR, be a 10+HD creature)? If so, I'm at CR 12 (8 + 2 + 2). On top of that, could I have it take class levels in another class normally, like Druid or Barbarian? I'd take it that the class templates wouldn't become stronger since they depend on racial HD, but still... by CR 20, this stone giant is gonna be Barbarian 9th-level with the equivalent of also being 12th-level in both Ranger and Rogue.

Ok, I got an idea for an encounter: a construct (type to be determined later) ends up being possessed by an incorporeal creature. Here's the problem: constructs are immune to mind-affecting effects AND necromancy effects, meaning by stuff like magic jar and possession don't work >:(

You can have a robot being overtaken by an AI, but you cannot have a golem being overtaken by a ghost or shadow demon...

Here's my inquiry: is there any way to "possess" a construct? To me, that sounds like a no-brainer, considering that most of them are mindless and wouldn't put much of a fight against outside control... except that they are immune instead of being vulnerable...

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The Gnome Flick-Mace, Khakkhara and War Flute... don't have their damage type listed... at all.

Sure, you can obviously tell that all 3 are bludgeoning weapons, but still...

Type two-handed melee

should be written:

Type two-handed bludgeoning melee

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"Lance: A lance deals double damage when used from the back of a charging mount. While mounted, you can wield a lance with one hand."

Emphasis mine...

If you can wield a lance with ONE hand, you could wield ANOTHER lance in your OTHER hand, all while mounted... right?

Yeah, yeah, totally not practical for 2 copper due to action limits with charges, but still... can it be legally done?

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