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One of the more important officers should be a half-dragon ;)

Legacy of Dragons has a TON of dragon-related stuffs :P

Tender Tendrils wrote:
Raigeki wrote:
Yes I agree I hope that the next alien archive has more creatures and or new race from that planet!!! And embroi seems super cool too. And do you think we will have mech suits?
There already are mech suits - armoury has power armour options going all the way up to gargantuan

The vehicle section also has walkers, if you want a more Western approach to mechs ;)

Sauce987654321 wrote:

It would probably work like the cluster quality for grenades, in the Armory, as in it increases the radius and save DC.

If anything, like you mentioned, it could just be a rocket launcher that consumes more rockets for each attack. Its damage would still be in line for its level, like other weapons, of course.

At first glance though, missles are purchased individually and mini-rockets are often shot one at the time.

In short, you know the missle launcher that the armors have in Anthem? Yeah... still pretty far from getting it in Starfinder :P

gustavo iglesias wrote:
In short, the crew is lvl 20 because the ship is tier 20 and this the DC to use it are huge. While the DC of a tier 20 ship is huge, because the crew is lvl 20. Creating a circular reasoning, which does not really work in the game lore

Assistance can come by as extra officers, AIs and even magic items.

While the rules never state a clear requirement for ships, it's safe to assume that an officer has more than one resource to help him or her out.

I'm looking for a specific weapon: a missile/rocket launcher that shoots multiples shots at once.

Now... you might be saying that it would be a little too broken, but some weapons consume more than a single ammo round per shot, meaning that if a launcher has 40 missiles and it consumes 5 missiles per shot, well, that counts as a volley; the damage is the total due to the grouped explosion.

While launchers "usually" shoot one round, there is the typical huge launcher that sends out 4 to 10 missiles that it causes more damage.

blahpers wrote:
Nah, it wouldn't break anything.

Ok, with a strict reading, yes, the claw blades are catfolk-exclusive. HOWEVER, I don't think that it's impossible for other creatures to use.

Like I said, catfolks can have claws, like a cat :P so it makes sense to have something about them. Changelings have claws, but... it wasn't never a focal point; you'd probably pick a changeling for the "witchy" aspect of the race. Dude, even hags themselves aren't melee combatants at their core.

I'm also asking this because the claw blades weren't re-used or reprinted elsewhere. They could have been in the Monster Codex, as a few monsters have claws. They could have been in Ultimate Equipment as well.

The claw blades are... essentially an exotic weapon similar to gauntlets. The problem is that claw blades were never expanded to other races.

It's like saying that the grenadier alchemist archetype is a hobgoblin-exclusive archetype, because it was presented with hobgoblins, or that the gutch gunner gunslinger archetype is ratfolk-exclusive. Yeah, it makes sense that they are exclusive, but at the same time, it doesn't make sense that they are.

blahpers wrote:
These subtle blades can only be used by catfolk with the cat's claws racial trait.
Seems unambiguous. Catfolk only, and then only with the cat's claws racial trait. If you like, assume that they're designed for catfolk physiology that doesn't map to other claws. Either way, a shifter cannot use claw blades--unless the shifter is a catfolk with the cat's claws racial trait.

I just feel like it's a similar situation as "racial" archetypes. For instance, the winged marauder alchemist archetype is only for goblins, but... what prevents me from using 1) a roc or giant owl and 2) any other race?

I mean, yeah, house rules and such, but... as a whole, it's not game-breaking or anything.

Advanced Race Guide, Catfolks, Catfolk Equipment wrote:
Claw Blades: These subtle blades can only be used by catfolk with the cat's claws racial trait. Bought in a set of five, they fit over the wearer's claws on one hand. The blades grant the wearer a +1 enhancement bonus on claw attack rolls with that hand and change the weapon type from a natural weapon to a light slashing weapon. Catfolk with the cat's claws racial trait are proficient with this weapon. The claw blades can be enhanced like a masterwork weapon for the normal costs. The listed cost of the item is for one set of five claws for one hand.

With these things, clawed catfolks can essentially use their claws as light weapons (with iterative attacks) instead of natural weapons (usually one attack with weapon); rules are a bit hazy on that one, but Two-Weapon Fighting might be required to use them efficiently. However, the blades are race-exclusive. For instance, the changeling, also expanded in the same book, has claws, but can't benefit from the blades. Also, well, additional races might not be available to players, basically barring claw blades if clawed races aren't allowed.

This brings me to the shifter, who gains claws at first level... You see where I'm getting at? Technically speaking a shifter could use claw blades; you would just need the proper feats to wield them... and you can take them off if you're not comfortable with.

What do you think?

The Advanced Bestiary (for Pathfinder; D&D 3.5 version also available) has the Giantblooded template, but it's 3rd party, depending of what is available to you and your players.

The retractable spike would be the closest thing to a bayonet. Oddly enough, daggers (in the core rulebook) are pure slashing weapons, instead of piercing or dual typed.

The Powered Armor upgrade rule is brillant :D

I haven't read ever single entry, but as a summary, it's a great book ^_^

Metaphysician wrote:

Also technical talent. If you want to build a ship, for example, you need high skilled shipbuilders to do the job. Automation theoretically could substitute for this, but in practice it probably just shifts the skill requirements to AIs ( which are also skilled workers ) and the technical staff who build and maintain and design the machinery.

So, in a lot of cases, the bottleneck for how much you can build is "How many talented engineers do you have?"

Midboss57 wrote:

Under the same reasoning, building these ships is all well and good but you're gonna need the crew to man that fleet....

Correction, the problem is getting LOYAL crews.
Metaphysician wrote:
Loyal *and* skilled. Even the best battleship is going to be relatively wasted if the officers and men manning it only barely know what they are doing. Imagine how effective a Tier 20 battleship would *not* be, if it had only Tier 2 crew.

That would be the next step, and you need to have one crew per ship. Here is the list of roles:

Captain (only one needed, can have officers)
Engineers (any number, often with crews)
Gunners (technically one per weapon mount, often with crew)
Pilots (only one, often with a crew)
Science Officers (any number, often with crew)

As a reminder, the captain and officers are the ones rolling for checks. While no rule is given, it's save to assume that the captain should be at least of the same level as the ship's tier. Any subordinate should be qualified, but it's safe to assume, again, that they shoudl be one or more levels lower than the captain, in order to establish a hierarchy.

Some roles are beter suited for some classes, based on skills:
Captain (Diplomacy, gunnery, Intimidate, Piloting)
- Envoys; Mystics and Solarians have Diplomacy and Intimidate, but would need more ranks in Piloting.

Engineers (Engineering)
- Envoys, Mechanics, Operatives, Soldiers and Technomancers

Gunners (gunnery)
- Solarians and Soldiers; any class can technically fill this role, but as base attack bonuses are used, so the higher, the better.

Pilot (Piloting)
- Envoys, Operatives, Soldiers and Technomancers

Science Officer (Computers)
- Envoys, Mechanics and Operatives

F. Douglas Wall wrote:

I was a little disappointed to find out that ships were not purchasable items. Mostly because putting a price on it has a few implications. First of all, GMs are going to see that cost and say "If it costs this much, it must be for X level characters only," since that's how gear works in Starfinder and since any reasonable number for the cost of a ship would be huge, that would put ships out of reach of low-level players. Since a lot of the campaigns they want you to run with Starfinder involve spaceships and spaceship battles from the beginning (For example, Star Wars would suck if nobody in the party could afford the Millenium Falcon), they couldn't restrict access to them.

And if they create any financial loophole to artificially lower the price (like the fact that nobody drops the cash to buy a new car these days. It's all loans and leases), that just means that someone is going to use that same loophole to get their hands on some crazy high-level weapons or other nonsense. (Imagine getting a car loan and then buying guns with that much money.)

It's meta and not terribly satisfying, but there it is.

You mentionned the Millenium Falcon, there's a scene in Solo: A Star Wars movie, when Han finally gets into the cockpit: he's in awe. That's pretty much what they went with here ;)


O...k... O_O I stand corrected then, thanks for the info :)

Starfinder has the Sun and its own asteroid belt, the Diaspora.

So, well then, I supposed that the only resource to consider is money, but... a powerful lord wouldn't hav eto worry this much about that either :P

Isaac Zephyr wrote:
JiCi wrote:
Now I feel stupid to even question that ^^;
Don't feel stupid. It's a good question.

It was more about: "Oh right... Planes still exist in Starfinder; Golarion's gone :p"

Isaac Zephyr wrote:
However, there's also something tgat exists in the Starfinder world that we don't have: Planes. Other planes of existence like the elemental planes don't play by the same rules. Time doesn't even need to be linear, so find a plane or dimension full of the resource you need and it's just a matter of how hard is it to mine?

Now I feel stupid to even question that ^^;

The Elemental Plane of Earth has an infinite ammount of ore...

The Elemental Plane of Fire has an infinite ammount of heat...

The Elemental Plane of Air has an infinite ammount of electricity...

The Elemental Plane of Water has an infinite ammount of chemicals...

Ok... I need to get this out of my mind...

I'm pretty sure that players and GMs alike would like to eventually build their own armada, with a lot of spaceships to conquer worlds or to explore. Dude, if you have a party of six players, there's a good chance that each one would like their own vehicle... or vehicles...

However... people seem to forget that 1) there's an actual cost to ships and 2) there's an actual building time to them :P

Yes, the universe is vast and yes, there is magic to aid technological advances, but let's face it, there is a HUGE resource management to be done when building ships, such as steel and batteries.

I haven't seen a machine/artifact that can create items out of thin air either, so unless you overmine a planet or several planets, you will never get a huge armada if you consider resources.

So yeah... how do you guys feel about this? How would you manage this issue?

Available on Paizo

Emberion wrote:
JiCi wrote:

Ok, talk about going against the currents and swimming up the waterfalls, the aqua-xax is the race in line :)

Announcement on Facebook

We had no intention of making the aquatic xax, but then one of our design team pitched the concept and the art fell in our lap, so they popped into existence as the 13th race.

Funny you mentioned swimming up waterfalls, as the tome has a magic item that well allow such a feat, Bianchini's Ferry Token.

The aqua-xax is in final editing and we should see it soon.

Meanwhile the Aquatic Entobian and the Planars are both slowly creeping forward. I want the art for the entobian to be _just right_ so it's taking a bit longer, but it will be worth it!

Keep it up ^_^

Ok, talk about going against the currents and swimming up the waterfalls, the aqua-xax is the race in line :)

Announcement on Facebook

Ravingdork wrote:

When you're in dire straights, why would you waste time and resources waiting for it to fall from orbit just so you can spend even MORE time putting it on when it arrives? You live in a world of MAGIC! Instead, have it teleport from your ship and assemble itself onto your person!

Much faster, far fewer resources/effort expended.

Tell that to your 18th-level Technomancer after seeing his bill :P

Dracomicron wrote:
One item I've been wanting is some way to call your power armor from your ship, perhaps in a drop pod. Bonus points if the pod can smash an enemy when it lands.

Titanfall ;) ?

Then again, if you're exploring a wild planet, you... might want to ride the armor as you land :P

I'd like some sort of errata as well...

VRMH wrote:
avr wrote:
Are you counting the use of one double weapon for TWF here?
Monks TWF-ing with a Quarterstaff works quite nicely.

As I said, I do not count double weapons for this topic, since it's just one single weapon.

Arachnofiend wrote:
Cestus+Shield used to be a strong combo for the Brawler Fighter. It's fallen out of favor since the release of Advance Weapon Training though since you can't use that mechanic with the archetype.

Hmmm... can you tell me more abous this?


avr wrote:
Unarmed & unarmed isn't worth using if you have some form of flurry, but there are odd cases where it is viable.

My major problem with unarmed strikes is that... the damage output justs sucks... unless you're a monk, brawler or similar.

At this point, the Improved Unarmed Strike feat should have been bundled with a damage-scaling extra.

Are you counting the use of one double weapon for TWF here?

No, because, well, it's just one weapon in the end.

I've played a dwarf ranger who used a dwarven waraxe and a light hammer - the hammer was so I had the option of throwing a weapon when short dwarven legs were too slow. Potentially also helpful vs. DR/bludgeoning though that never actually came up.

Interesting. Oddly enough, I haven't seen the axe/hammer combo that much for dwarven fighters either... or the hammer equivalent of the Dwarwen Waraxe for that matter :P

So far, when it comes to TWF, I've seen the following weapons:
- longsword & shield
- longsword & short sword
- rapier & dagger
- dagger & dagger
- longsword/rapier & hand crossbow/pistol
- sawtooth saber & sawtooth saber
- kukri & kukri
- scimitar & scimitar
- katana & wakisashi
- katana & katana

However... what other weapons actually work well when paired for TWF? Have players and GMs come up with crazy combos that ended up being surprising useful and deadly?

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Tender Tendrils wrote:
JiCi wrote:
Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
JiCi wrote:

"Six of those suits are Medium, eleven are Large, and one is Gargantuan."

Mech confirmed :D

But not a very big one.
Well, mechs come in all sizes, so :P

The height entry for gargantuan is 32-64 feet, and the RX-78 Gundam (one of the most iconic mecha) is 60 feet tall, so that's actually conceivably as big as a Gundam.

It's not in pacific rim or evangelion territory (though evangelion is notorious for its inconsistent scale, which range between 40 and 200 metres) (I don't know the imperial conversion for that)

I think gundam sized mecha suit in an rpg where you are on foot most the time the best, as that's the biggest mecha you can realistically interact with. The Kyokor in the alien archive gets into weird territory with it being colossal but it's attacks all still only hit on person at a time when realistically it should be able to hit entire crowds with one sweep of its claws

- Avatar's mech suits are the same size as Na'vis, and they're around 10-12 feet high.

- Pacific Rim 2's Scrapper isn't close to be as high as the regular Jeagers :P

- The Mega Man X series had mechs (Ride Armors) that were roughly twice as big as X, Zero or Axl.

- Xenoblade Chronicles X's Skells look... Huge at first glance.

- The Metal Gears in Metal Gear Solid look Gargantuan at best.

- StarCraft has the Terran Goliath, Protoss Dragoon, Terran Viking, Protoss Stalker and Protoss Immortal.

- Rumble has a small mech in League of Legends.

- D.Va has one as well.

- The Titans in Titanfall are around 24 feet high, so ;)

Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
JiCi wrote:

"Six of those suits are Medium, eleven are Large, and one is Gargantuan."

Mech confirmed :D

But not a very big one.

Well, mechs come in all sizes, so :P

"Six of those suits are Medium, eleven are Large, and one is Gargantuan."

Mech confirmed :D

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Upgrading items: a way to manually upgrade your items, such as weapons, using skill checks instead of constantly buying new ones. For instance, I'd like a rule that allows me to upgrade a 1st-level pistol to a 2nd-level one using a Craft skill check.

Mechs... need I say more :P ? I will say that powered armors... seem to be covering what mechs could be used, if the Flight Frame and Jarlslayer are good examples. Still, having 1st-levels powered armors WITH the upgrade rule would be good.

Actual Pathfinder class convertions: The Legacy chapter does explain a few things, but that's it. I feel like an actual breakdown of all classes from 1st to 20th-level would be required. They could start with the 11 core classes and move from there with archetypes, such as an Oracle archetype or a Magus archetype.

Sauce987654321 wrote:
JiCi wrote:

Aliens mixed with artillery vehicles...

C'mon, who doesn't want a dragon fused with a tank or a spaceship :D ?

A vehicle or starship in the form of a dragon/monster sounds cool, but one fused with a vehicle? Sounds kinda yikes, lol.

Just see it as a monster with cybernetics... that just happens to be wheels, treads, rotors, jetpacks and such :P

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May I ask if the book will include new rules or similar?

I'd like to see a rule which allows players to "manually" upgrade their gear, such taking a 1st-level pistol and upgrading to 2nd, 3rd and 4th via Craft checks instead of purchasing a better weapon.

I'm asking this as some players will want to keep certain items for "backstory sentimental value", but it can be hard if you just replace them ^^;

Huh... why does the Rocket Stormcaller look like a small creature :P ?

Considering that Starfinder is still recent, people just need to let the game progress.

On a sidenote, I always felt that the Solar Armor wasn't as well-scaled a Solar Weapon. I mean, you buy a regular weapon with the same damage as a 20th-level Solar Weapon, but I would have thought that the Armor would have granted +1 / 2 levels or something better.

A constrictor snake, maybe?

There's not much more to be say... basically a Rakshasa is an evil well-mannered noble with wealth, power and dominance over others.

A boar-headed Rakshasa might be crude, but... how many times have we seen an oversized noble whose sheer size doesn't rival its influence ^^; ?

pad300 wrote:
avr wrote:

The EK doesn't give any particular ability to wear heavy armor? It'd be nice sure but full plate + most sorcerers = screwed. You may be thinking of the hellknight signifer.

If you really want to wear armor rather than use spell-based protection (starting with mage armor) then either you wear one of the base +1 AC armors with no ASF, or you invest a couple of feats into arcane armor training & light armor proficiency, or you take a dip anyway and maybe mitigate the ASF a bit with arcane armor training/mastery or still spell and careful spell choice.

Or say the psychic bloodline...

Psychic =/= Arcane... A psychic spellcaster isn't considered an arcane nor a divine one when it comes to these requirements.

avr wrote:
The EK doesn't give any particular ability to wear heavy armor? It'd be nice sure but full plate + most sorcerers = screwed. You may be thinking of the hellknight signifer.

Yeah... Reducing arcane spell failure by 5% per EK level would have been great...

That and that your EK level stacks with classes you're pick before entering.

Cuàn wrote:

I guess the issue comes from the very first sentence in that class feature.

Planar Adventures wrote:
At 5th level, a gloomblade gains weapon training, except that he does not select a weapon group; instead, the bonus applies to the shadow weapons he creates.

You could read that in two way I think.

1: You don't select a weapon group, it is selected for you. Namely Shadow Weapons.
2: You simply don't select a weapon group, meaning you don't get any. The weapon training bonus applying to Shadow Weapons is a replacement for that.
So I guess the intention is quite interesting here and not just the wording.

But I agree, many GMs will probably be fine with combining it as long as you don't go Weapon Sacrifice and possibly Fighter's Finesse.

Well, further back, it does state that he can form any melee weapon which he is proficient with. It even includes melee weapons that can be thrown, but not thrown weapons that can only be thrown.

I... never thought that one of the Ganzi's oddities would replace an entire requirement :P

Still, the main appeals of the EK are that you can wear heavy armor while still casting spells and the higher BAB. However, like any other PrC, it halts your progress for whatever classes you choose. I've stated this in another thread that the EK's Diverse Training only applies to feats and it doesn't count for class levels.

Let's say you want to play a Gathlain, a Strix or an Aasimar which will later take the Angel Wings feat, what classes (and archetypes) take advantage of the fly speed?

I'm looking for options in any role BTW, so it can be for a warrior, healer or spellcaster. However, I'm having trouble finding stuff about it... considering that winged races weren't the norm at first.

Cuàn wrote:
While I really like the Gloomblade it lacks one thing for me: The ability to treat your Shadow Weapons as a Weapon Group with Shadow Weapon Training.

Hmmm... the features says that it alters Weapon Training, as opposed to "replace".

Then again, how would balance it? It would sound like Shadow Weapon Training replaces every single other training feature, as if you meet every melee weapon training requirement.

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Gloomblade for me... since it offers a LOT of versatility in terms of weapons :)

Ok, so you might not be able to form ranged weapons, but you can form thrown weapons ;)

Dark Midian wrote:
Damn, that was super fast. Good job.

My thought exactly; the book just came out this Wednesday :O

If "hybrid" classes are intended, I'd like to see a mix of soldier and mecanic, so we can get a driver class, with a scalable vehicle, spaceship or powered armor, similar to a drone.

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CorvusMask wrote:
To be fair, not all tales are probably true. Like, Planar Adventures turns the "Groetus eats atheists" into a legend :p

What would be so "legendary" abour Pharasma having an affair with Desna, considering that Desna herself is in a polyamorous relationship :P ?

(Ok, fine, maybe Pharasma wants to keep it to herself, considering her gloominess and seriousness ^^; )

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Rysky wrote:
Cole Deschain wrote:
The deity sections aren't so much long on new information as concisely informative about the general state of a deity's business, which is something I appreciate.
We do now have in-canon confirmation that Sarenrae, Shelyn, and Desna are lovers, which is nice to see ^w^

Well, at least they finally confirmed it. Seriously, that was speculated for far too long now :P

Here's something that surprised me:

Planar Adventures, p. 211, Cynosure:
The Song of the Spheres is absent from Cynosure more often than not, preferring to wander the cosmos. When present, Desna prefers privately hosting friends or lovers rather than holding court. While Black Butterfly and Pulura are the most common of these, many deities have been known to accept Desna’s invitation, from Sarenrae to Shelyn to Calistria; tales hold that even Pharasma, wearied by her eternal duties, once left her throne for a time to find solace in Desna’s realm (and, some whisper, in Desna’s arms).

Even Pharasma might be getting a taste for Desna.

Gisher wrote:
Gloomblade is awesome! (Not surprising considering who wrote it.) I wonder how well a Gloomblade/Shadowdancer would work.

The only issue is that PrCs halt all progress of whatever base class you pick...

Archon, Bastion CR 20 LG Huge outsider (archon, extraplanar, good, lawful)

THANK YOU! I was wondering when we would get the powerful archon :D !

Sirrush CR 21 NG Gargantuan dragon (extraplanar, good)

Huh... call me old, but... wasn't there a Sirrush in the Epic Level Guidebook with looked like a scaled panther which was hunting dragons :p ?

Aliens mixed with artillery vehicles...

C'mon, who doesn't want a dragon fused with a tank or a spaceship :D ?

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