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Rynjin wrote:
Brother Fen wrote:
I've had two teenage players in my home campaign request to play half-dragons and it's one of the few race requests that I deny because they don't fit the Golarion setting. I have several dragon based adventures planned over the course of the campaign and want to keep them mysterious and evil - not friendly and ubiquitous.
But over half of all dragon types are good.

Good =/= interested to cross-breed...

Hell, you can have a white dragon who pillages nordic villages, takes the women hostage, polymorphs into a humanoid and rapes them, leading to the births of white half-dragon children.

(Ok, a little intense, but still...)

I think that it goes more into the matter of whether true dragons are close to "lesser" societies or not. Lycanthropes, for instance, are a common breed of monsters, as unfrequent as they can be. However, over time, their offsprings become less and less like their ancestors and becomes lesser versions of them, like the skinwalkers.

A human woman who has been impregnated by a trumpet archon could give birth to either an aasimar or a half-celestial human, just like an aasimar can be a descendant of half-celestial parents. The geniekins (ifrits, oreads, sylphs, undines and sulis) seem to be commonplace because of certain regions where genies are commonplace.

However, if true dragons aren't interested by how humanoids live their common lives, half-dragons might be unheard of. If a half-dragon is known, then his or her draconic parent isn't obscure either. If a village pays tribute to a dragon for protection (be by force [evil] or by equal exchange [good]), don't be surprise to see a half-dragon roaming the streets.

Still, a draconic race could be a recent discovery. Hey, if they can make shadow-touched characters to be revelant as with the fetchlings (no seriously, the Plane of Shadow isn't a common reference in Golarion), pretty sure a draconic race wouldn't be as jarring as people think.

In the end though, the half-dragon template has tired the community by a huge margin. Would people even BE interested to see a race based on the half-dragon template? (That's how I see the aasimar and tiefling now, just sayin') Paizo is a business afterall, they have to go for books that will generate a profit.

kyrt-ryder wrote:
So where's the Mystic Theurge base class?

Kinda hard to convert a PrC into a hybrid class without some backlash from the fans...

TBH, I've seen little use for PrCs when archetypes and hybrids have been added to the mix. For me, a PrC should enhance a class' feature, like the assassin does to a rogue or the dragon disciple does to a sorcerer.

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Because you basically HALT your current class to start another one, as there is no way to level both classes to a respectable level. A magus will be better than ANY fighter/wizard, just like a hunter will be better than ANY druid/ranger. Also, your primary class should increase, albeit more slowly. A fighter 10/wizard 10 should the equivalent of a fighter 15/wizard 10.

Furthermore, multiclassing often leads to one-trick ponies and/or ridiculous setups for prestige classes. The Battle Herald requires both Bard and Cavalier levels, not the most optimal combination. Same goes with the Rage Prophet, Arcane Archer, Arcane Trickster, Eldritch Knight and Mystic Theurge. If it's to give one class a bunch of features found in another class, scrap the prestige class, screw multiclassing and develop an archetype or a hybrid class instead. A Prestige Class should enhance a single class' features only, not two or even three.

The Battle Herald could be a Bard archetype, the Rage Prophet a Bloodrager archetype and the Arcane Archer a Magus archetype, while the Arcane Trickster (rogue/wizard), Eldritch Knight (fighter/wizard) and Mystic Theurge (wizard/cleric) could be hybrid classes, all leaving out multiclassing.

The Kineticist's abilities are nice, and I like the uniqueness of the Druid's spells.

While the Psychic's spells are neat (and the fact that psychic spells are emotion-based and all), the only problem I have is that most of them are exclusive to the Psychic; the other classes don't get most of the spells.

You'd think that Mind Thrust would be available to the Mesmerist as well.

Cpt_kirstov wrote:
As someone who only gets to play in PFS... More books similar to the 3.5 ones that had very little crunch. More pictures and fluff!

3.5 released a lot of books and booklets. Any of them that comes to mind?

master_marshmallow wrote:
I think more scaling items like in Unchained would actually be awesome.

I'm surprised that this concept hasn't become mainstream yet. I see no problem adding this Unchained rule as a "non-Unchained" rule.

Some items scale according to their wielders, some don't... that's it really.

Perpdepog wrote:
One thing I still don't quite get though, why does the alter ego template give a creature d8 hit dice instead of d10s like all other constructs get? I'm tempted to think it's some kind of typing error, seeing as Pathfinder likes wedding certain HD to certain creatures.

Sounds to me like they were gonna go with Outsiders, or any d8 type, but changed it to Construct at the last minute.

Ashram wrote:
Yeah, let's get them to fix the first UE before we clamber for a new one.

Fix? Huh... care to explain?

Kage_no_Oukami wrote:

Honestly I'd love a new one if for no other reason that to pull all the magic items in the rest of the APs and modules into one place. There have been several magic items that I've just happened upon in looking through APs that I have given to my players because they fit the theme of the game or the character, but I would've never known about them if I wasn't just idly looking through APs which I otherwise had no interest in running. Granted that's not enough for a new full-on hardback release (and there are only so many new weapons, armor and alchemical items you can add before you're really getting into minutiae) but having a resource that puts them all together like UE did would be helpful. A player companion "Equipment of the Inner Sea" or something would work just as fine for me.

I also would've loved it they reprinted all the crafting rules together in one section in UE as that could be useful as well for creating new items but that boat has sailed.

That would be great, because I... don't think that the majority of the items presented in APs are Golarion-exclusive either.

How about it?
(going by UE's table of content)
1) New weapons and armors: what would be nice is if you could get more racial weapons (especially halflings and gnomes), as well as reprints from current booklets.

2) New gear... that I have no idea where to begin with. I think that might not be necessary, but reprints (again) would be useful.

3) New magic arms and armors: NOW we're talking! Go nuts. Maybe some weapons and armors to enhance classes from both the Advanced Class Guide and Occult Adventures.

4) Rings, Rods, and Staves: Same as above.

5) Wondrous Items: Same as above.

6) Artifacts and Other Items: How about more intelligent items, but with a longer backstory? How about making an intelligent item the catalyst of a campaign or adventure? Artifacts are pretty straightforward, but if it's intelligent, it basically becomes an NPC.

For the Kineticist, you need to add the Burn feature. That's kinda mandatory for talents ;)

shroudb wrote:

He does gain quite a few.

But a magus without the wizard evocation spells would fall really short

Ok, granted, all classes gain new spells in this book, but still... The Psychic... doesn't have many spells that would apply to a magus's abilities?

Am I the only one here that thinks that it's pretty... dumb that the Mindblade casts sorcerer/wizard spells as psychic spells instead of exchanging them for actual psychic spells?

I dunno, but it would have been more fitting if the Mindblade would gain spells from the Psychic class.

To be honest, I would have named it Blackguard and basically fuse both the PrC and the current Antipaladin class into one.

shroudb wrote:

the only thing you gain from wisdom is AC, or am i wrong? (you can still use your con OR wis to base your talents and etc)

this could mean that one could build a con based ascetic

the differances would be:
wis based: higher will, higher ac
con based: higher fort, higher hp pool, can sustain more burn

Well, having both high scores in those stats isn't a bad thing though.

Ok, let me get this straight...

1) I... misread Kinetic Fist's description, as the elemental damage is linked to your BLAST damage and not your level. If your blast equals to 10d6 points of damage, your fist deals 3d6 points of damage. If your blast is composed... composited... (whatever), using a Composite Blast, then the damage scales accordingly. If your composite blast deals 20d6 points of damage, your fist deals 6d6 points of damage. (I'm using the highest value for better understanding BTW)

*) Everyone seems to get the general idea, but I'd like to add that you cannot flurry with Blade or Whip.

2) Empower and Maximize Blast (Metakinesis) work as normal with Fist. Quicken and Twin don't... although Twin would probably allow you have 2 Blades or Whips and TWF the Hell out of an opponent. That's for another debate though. (I'm using the metamagic names [Twinned Spell being a 3.5 feat] for better understanding)

3) The Ascetic can learn composite blasts, he just can't use them. You can have a Magma Fist, a Metal Whip or a Plasma Blade, you just can't lob a globe at opponents.

That does cover these questions. Now for some other questions...

4) Does the Ascetic's unarmed strike is considered a natural weapon, as per the monk?

5) How does the AC bonus work? You add your Wisdom modifier, sure, but... it says that it increases according to your level. So... is it like a armor's Maximum Dex Bonus or something, or do you actually get 2 bonuses, one from Wisdom and one from another source?

6) I assume that Omnikinesis works normally, except that it applies only to what the Ascetic can do... but I'm asking if it's the case just to make sure.

Ok, basically, an elemental ascetic is a monk-like kineticist who doesn't learn Kinetic Blast and cannot learn any talent that requires a ranged attack.

Here's the source of several problems I have: the archetype doesn't replace some class features that are linked to the Kinetic Blast, which leads to several questions about how do these even work with the ascetic's features.

1) Kinetic Fist: The damage seems to be fixed to 1d6 points of [energy] damage per 3 levels. Am I to understand that you cannot alter/increase the damage? For instance, you can make a fire fist, but can you make a plasma/blue flame/steam/magma fist, thus dealing double damage (since that's what most composite blasts do)?

*) Kinetic Blade/Whip: Oddly enough, these two are straight-forward, as they replace the ranged attack roll by a melee attack roll.

2) Metakinesis: Can it be applied to Kinetic Fist?

3) Expanded Element: The ascetic cannot learn blasts... at all. In fact, that doesn't even ALLOW him to learn the regular blast. So what does he gain if he can't? Does he learn composite blasts that can be applied to Blade and Fist?

I need some answers here...

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CorvusMask wrote:

Ya, ninja archetypes would be nice indeed, even samurai have one token archetype.

A lot of people say that "Bah, ninja is already archetype of rogue" , but if thats the case paizo should just errata alternate classes out of existence already and make ninja compatible with unchained rogue :P

Would really like a reason to get chance to play with second ninja character in PFS xD I don't do same class twice because I want to try out many different things(and don't have time to try out exact same class again especially when there is limited amount of replays), but it would be nice to try out ninja again after learning about the class with my first character so trying out new archetype for one would be good excuse for me.

If the hybrid classes taught us something, it's that you can have similar classes, but it all comes down the exclusive class features. For instance, the hunter is similar to the ranger, but both are played differently.

A gripe I have is that the Samurai receive only one archetype, the Sword Saint, in Dragon Empires Primer (as you stated), but the Ninja received... ZERO archetype ever since it got added in Ultimate Combat. UC got released in 2011 and now 4 years later we have nothing for the Ninja.

Oh nice, I'm not the only one who wants Tian Xia to be expanded upon...
- 6-10 archetypes each for the Samurai and the Ninja; not for the cavalier or rogue, but these classes instead.

- 2-4 archetypes for the other classes; to balance it out. You could argue that most classes don't need more archetypes, but still... that's always welcomed:
* Bard: theater actor, caligraphist or musician
* Cleric: something about Shinto.. or its equivalent
* Druid: anything Kami-related
* Monk: (Do I need to explain?)
* Sorcerer: more bloodlines
* Kineticist: go nuts with this one; wood, metal, void, name it,

- More details on every single region; important figures, maps and adventure hooks.

- More infos on criminal syndicates; The Jade Regent and the Golden League could use some expansion.

- Expansion on the Pantheon; The Gazetteer did explain these a little, but Inner Seas Gods didn't. In Tian Xia, there are 6 regular Ineer Seas deities who are worshipped, while the rest of the Pantheon is exclusive (14 deities to be exact). So... give us 1) artworks for the deities (both human and true forms if applicable), 2) details on boons for the Evangelist, Exalted and Sentinel, 3) heralds and "associated" monsters (Inner Seas Gods had those), 4) more details on their doctrine, origins, temples and whatnot and 5) associated items. Basically, if you can squeeze content similar to Inner Seas Gods, that would be nice.

- Monsters; Very, very, VERY secondary, because the Bestiaries are loaded with these. However, encounter tables, variant summoning tables and possibly templates would be just fine.

- Details on political relationships with the Inner Seas regions; I keep thinking that Golarion doesn't KNOW of Tian Xia's existence or that they're on the verge of war with them. What regions can be considered allied nations to Tian Xia's own regions?

That's all about it really ^_^

Aren't both the Samurai and Ninja "ambiguous classes" or something? Even Paizo themselves seem to not know what to do with them. How many books have been released since Ultimate Combat? How many times have they been excluded from the archetype sections? Ok, fine, the Antipaladin isn't faring any better, but Champions of Corruption gave it more stuff.

Advanced Class Guide didn't have them, and so haven't Occult Adventures or Mythic Adventures. Ultimate Combat was released in 2011, but Paizo started released Tian Xia stuff in 2012, with the Dragon Empires Gazetteer. Yeah, we get 5 new races, but zero samurai or ninja archetypes... in a book about the Eastern Asia-like part of Golarion.

You could argue that new cavalier orders can work for the samurai, just like new rogue talents can work for the ninja (it can select a talent instead of a trick via a... trick), but still...

I was actually expecting a ninja trick about using a Kinetic Blast and Wild Talents, using Ki points instead of Burn points for the ninja... if anime and manga didn't teach us anything about that.

- The Antipaladin has 1 archetype and access to the Variant Channeling feature. It does have 4 3rd-party archetpes though.

- The Samurai has 1 archetype from Paizo and 6 from 3rd-parties. Then again... it may be possible to use a cavalier archetype for the samurai.

- The Ninja has a big fat ZERO archetype from Paizo and only one from a 3rd-party, but only for Kitsunes. I don't know if you could use a rogue archetype though.

I'm actually surprised that the Ninja didn't get any archetype... at all (from Paizo I mean). Yeah, yeah, it's a reskinned rogue, but still, with all the variant ninja legends and myths, it's pretty clear that they have a lot of materials for it.

CorvusMask wrote:

Oh yeah, sorry, forgot what op said

And that is weird indeed ._.; I wonder if there is some explanation for that somewhere...

According to the lore, half-giants were bred that sometimes results into getting psionic powers... even then, that doesn't make any sense.

VRMH wrote:
JiCi wrote:
Doesn't the Medium have the major drawback of FINDING the exact location to call specific spirits? If you don't have access to a location, you can't call a spirit.
I'd go so far as to say that effectively makes the Medium unplayable at lower levels. Let's say you're exploring a dungeon - a fairly normal thing to do for an adventurer.
  • You can't channel the Archmage: there are no libraries, schools or redoubts, and probably no "unusual magic" areas either.
  • You probably can't channel the Champion - no arenas, no battlefields and no practice fields. You might create your own "place of violence" though, but then you'd have to spend the night right there.
  • No Guardian spirit: no forts, gates, keeps or cities.
  • The Hierophant might be doable: you're not likely to find shrines, churches or groves, but you could bring your own portable altar. Provided your GM allows it - it's not really a special place by plonking down some elaborate table.
  • Council rooms? Stages? Theatres? Throne rooms? Not in any dungeon my adventures took me. So no Marshal Spirit.

"At lower levels"? More like "At any levels"...

You basically needs to teleport, or stay in a metropolis in order to access every spirit. A huge city will have a library, an arena, a gate, a church, a theater and a tavern.

A Kami Medium can build a garden with a crossroad, a bonsai tree, a pond and a gate. Only thing missing is a storm... which an Orb of Storms can provide... unless you build in an automatic weather system. This garden can be place in a demi-plane, accessible only by you.

Ok, fine, you'll need a truckload of magic items to create this, but still, ONCE you have this garden, a Kami Medium can go in this garden and call all spirits.

The Occultist's implements go as follow:

Occult Adventures wrote:
Implements don’t need to be magic items, and nonmagical implements don’t take up a magic item slot even if they’re worn. Implements that are not magic items are often of some historical value or of personal significance to the occultist, such as the finger bone of a saint, the broken scepter of a long-dead king, the skull of a mentor’s familiar, or the glass eye of an uncanny ancestor.

They don't have to be magic items, so that's one problem taken cared of... not that it's not a bad thing to have magic items as implements though. As for "historical" value, players can make up whatever to want to let their GMs accept them.

Doesn't the Medium have the major drawback of FINDING the exact location to call specific spirits? If you don't have access to a location, you can't call a spirit.

An Occultist needs specific items, but those can be cheap, let alone non-magical. Sure, the items can be lost, broken or taken away from you, but still, you can replace them easily.

A Medium without access to a battlefield... can't access the spirit related to it. From what I could read, the Kami Channeler Medium archetype can basically set up a huge garden with specific decorations (a tree, a river, a gate, etc) and call his spirits on one single location. If he sets up such a garden in a demi-plane accessible via a portal using a device, then each day he can step into that plane, call every spirit he needs and return.

CorvusMask wrote:
Though while I still agree that tiefling/aasimar style half dragon race would be nice(well as long they wouldn't look just like humans with wings/fin ears/claws/scales/horns, that would make them look kinda like tieflings :P), they don't have to give us "half dragon" race just because they did that to other templates. I mean, like, just because D&D had half giant template and made Goliath race from it doesn't mean they will do same in pathfinder, and not just because pathfinder doesn't even have half giant template(unless you count half ogre(or even ogrekin) as one :P) I mean, I have never played 3.5, but I'd assume that if paizo would have to compensate for all half templates from it, there would be a lot of really weird races. But who knows, maybe people in the Internet just exaggerate amount of silly half template pcs xD

Like I said on my opening post:

JiCi wrote:

Is it a mandatory thing for Paizo to make?

Of course not. This isn't a demand or request, but simply a suggestion. I stated above why it would be a good idea, but I'm in no position to order Paizo around when they surely have better and more important products to work on. Such a booklet would be awesome, but it is no need a necessity. Draconic-blooded sorcerers and blood ragers, dragon disciples, kobolds and wyvarans can satisfy a player's taste for dragons in the meantime, and that's without counting what 3rd parties might have published on the subject.

Also, half-giants were psionics, while goliaths were not, so I assume that they "split" the two races to compensate banning the half-giants from non-psionic games. I honestly never understood WHY half-giants were psionics... as there weren't psionic giants to begin with. Goliaths are at least similar to stone giants.

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Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Someone else was talking about the feyborn (I think that was the name) racial rebuild options in Heroes of the Wild. Could that serve as the foundation that you could then build into a racial version of a "variant multiclass" for a half-faerie dragon?
I am certainly always watching reactions to the fey born options, which was my personal brainchild, to see if we should do something similar for other heritage options.

"Blood of Fey" would be an interesting book... although good luck selecting only a handful of heritages :P. Feys aren't grouped together like Evil or Good outsiders, they are all one of their kinds.

Also, maybe they could go with a non-human hybrid this time around. Aasimars and Tieflings are human-like, so Feyborns (made-up name) could be elven-like.

Still hoping for "Blood of Dragons" as well. If they give us one fully-born draconic race, they would supply to players' demands and possibly overcome that stygma of "hating half-dragons".

Look, the half-dragon template was overused, I witnessed it myself. However, that shouldn't be a reason to not addressing that demand. They fleshed out Aasimars and Tieflings more than WotC ever did, and they essentially became viable alternatives to the half-celestial and half-fiend templates. Skinwalkers are the same thing as a good alternative to the Lycanthrope template.

I hope that they add a "medium-sized" swarm template, similar to the 3.5 mob template. Yeah, yeah, there's the squadron template, but apparently it was custom-made for the Russian soldiers in Reign of Winter.

I want a mob/megaswarm/squadron template to challenge high-level PCs. I'm sorry, but having four to six PCs taking on an entire army by themselves is rather dumb. They're clearly outnumbered and it should be taken in consideration.

I've heard that there's something coming for the 100th AP booklet, but I do hope that it becomes mainstream in B5.

Epic Meepo wrote:
JiCi wrote:
Epic Meepo wrote:
I'll get back to you once I know what artwork I have available for November and beyond.

Please excuse my ignorance, but... you need the artwork before writing the text? I always thought that you could write your text and then add the artworks after.

Also, by what you're saying, you have... a truckload of artworks for multiple booklets in the assembly line. You mean to tell me you have a bunch of them already planned?

Damn... I'm impressed, I tell you that ;)

Most of the rules text for this series is already written, and I have about 80% of the artwork I need lined up. Getting a product in this series ready for release involves selecting appropriate artwork, writing the exact amount of flavor text needed to fill any space not devoted to graphics, and some editing passes.

Oh, so this is how it works for you ;)

Epic Meepo wrote:
I'll get back to you once I know what artwork I have available for November and beyond.

Please excuse my ignorance, but... you need the artwork before writing the text? I always thought that you could write your text and then add the artworks after.

Also, by what you're saying, you have... a truckload of artworks for multiple booklets in the assembly line. You mean to tell me you have a bunch of them already planned?

Damn... I'm impressed, I tell you that ;)

Annie as a Pyrokineticist sounds more appropriate, while Tibbers looks more like a Soulbound Doll that can become Large.

Yes, I've returned, but kinda put that project on the backburner, because Paizo keeps releasing new materials that can drastically change my original builds, like Occult Adventures :P

Here's something: the Unchained Variant Multiclassing rule can ALSO change everything.

Another example: do you make Quinn a ranger or a hunter, as both have an animal companion?

So yeah, this has become a little hard to follow both Riot's champion release schedule and Paizo's book release schedule XD

Still, this topic has been made to help people build their favorite champions and I hope that it helps players for the future ^_^

Majuba wrote:
JiCi wrote:
Like I stated, Shatter is one element, but Shout and Greater Shout, y'know, "upgraded" Shatter spells, are another element, and that's from Paizo themselves.
Elementalist Wizard isn't Core - it's just an archetype that had to fit in those spells somewhere.

That doesn't explain why Shatter is Earth while Shout is Air. Why not place Shatter in Air or place Shout and Great Shout in Earth?

So... what's next? After Goats, I mean...

Horses? Cetaceans? Snakes? Lizards? Rats? Fishes?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'll leave this here :)

MMCJawa wrote:
I already posted this in the product thread, but yeah I found this book to be a bit mixed bag. The book arose out of absence of room in Occult Adventures for a monster section, like they had for Mythic monsters. So half the bestiary are critters that basically started out as variants incorporating psychic magic rules. However when they moved them over they felt like they needed to make those entries into different creatures. Sometimes that worked...I was fine with Psychic Vampire and Lich. But other times it that fell flat. Like statwise the new intellect devourer and the old one are different, but flavor and role wise they feel the same.

I... didn't care much about not having a bestiary, mostly because I knew this Bestiary was coming, not to mention that Bestiary 5 is coming and that there will be time for the devs to add occult monsters, just like they added new Mythic monsters in B4.

As for variants, I didn't mind either. A Psychic contemplative was a no-brainer, same went with the Derro and Duergar, but I kinda expected them to be in B5, not here.

The original monsters are all for the most part really good. So I have high hopes for Bestiary 5.

Yeah, me too ^_^

I haven't seen one, so here it is!


What do you think of Occult Bestiary?

+ Great artworks
+ Great monsters
+ Great concepts

Could have been better
- Psychic Magic being like psionics with power points; a little jarring since Psychic Magic is used with standard spell slots, as described in Occult Adventures.

- Alter Ego as a construct; not feeling that one, as an alter ego is often a carbon copy of yourself, alive and kicking, not built. Outsider, maybe, but construct is just a little weird.

- The Lightning Gun is one OP item; it's not a firearm nor a standard ranged weapon with unlimited ammo, so everyone can use it... because there are no penalty for non-yithian users. This item is gonna get ugly very quick... Hope you like ray guns...

- The Xill Matriarch has... no connection to Psychic Magic whatsoever, as she doesn't have psychic spells. The rest is already though, I just think that it is missing a few psychic abilities.

- It could have used more "specific" monsters:
* A Kineticist creature that "merged" with his element or died from Burn exhaustion (aside from the Combusted)
* A Medium creature possessed with its own spirits; in fact, none of the Medium's features is present in this book.
* A golem made of an Occultist's relics; same here.
* A disembodied Phantom; we have the Unfettered Eidolon, so why not an Unfettered Phantom?

- Little grammatical errors (with fixes):
* Derro, Magister
* Duergar, Tyrant
* Hag, Dreamthief
* Baku, Dreamweaver

(I thought it was the norm to have a coma AND to list creatures according to their group.)

Aside from that... All good. There are returning creatures, but tehy're either templated or as a new subtype.

What are your thoughts (no pun intended) on this book?

"Few creatures are more feared than the lich. The pinnacle of necromantic art, the lich is a spellcaster who has chosen to shed his life as a method to cheat death by becoming undead. While many who reach such heights of power stop at nothing to achieve immortality, the idea of becoming a lich is abhorrent to most creatures. The process involves the extraction of the spellcaster's life-force and its imprisonment in a specially prepared phylactery—the spellcaster gives up life, but in trapping life he also traps his death, and as long as his phylactery remains intact he can continue on in his research and work without fear of the passage of time."

Emphasis mine...

Could that a reason to be an "unconventional" lich, as in "having unconventional reasons to become a lich"?

None of us has seen Wood and Void elements yet, me included, so I'm just gonna go with my gut feelings and general ideas.

- talent that dampens wind strength, basically being able to to turn a tornado into a gentle breeze.
- talent that channel electricity through metal weapons (for extra damage on hit) and metal armor or shield (for extra damage on being hit)
- talent to allow an electric blast as per the Call Lightning spell, either having to split your blast into weaker bolts or all at once at a bolt that crashes on one target.
- a 9th-level talent that create a huge tornado

- talent that manipulates dirt and sand
- talent that mimics Iron Body
- talent that allows you to create pits
- talent that allows stone levitation
- talent that creates shockwaves to topple opponents

- talent that mimics Pyrotechnics
- talent that creates fire rings
- talent that detects heat signatures
- talent that ignites targets (catching fire)

- talent that create snowstorm/hail/sleet
- talent that creates whirlpools
- talent that chills metal weapons and armors
- talent that creates spikes on your body, or a layer of ice for armor
- talent that heats or cools water
- talent that cures afflictions

- talent that severs the connection between incorporeal creatures and the Ethereal Plane
- talent that allows to become incorporeal

Acid (new; Earth):
- Acidic Blast
- Poisonous Blast
- Rusting metals
- Corroding stone
- Acid resistance
- Ooze-like construct creation
- Acidic blood

Wood (new; Earth):
- B/P/S Blast
- Plant creation
- Thorn creation
- Awakening plant creatures
- Animate plants

Sound (new; Air):
- Sonic Blast
- Deafening blast
- Stunning blast
- Ventriloquism
- Silence
- Sound distortion

Shadow (new; Water):
- Shadow Blast (cold damage)
- Darkness
- Shadow control
- Shadow jumping
- Shadow conjuration/evocation
- Shadow puppet

Light (new; Fire):
- Light Blast (pure energy damage)
- Blinding blast
- Light/Daylight effect
- Undead-damaging blast
- Animated lantern-light orb of light

Positive Energy (new; own category):
- Positive Energy blast (heal living; hurt undead)
- Healing
- Removing afflictions
- Turn Undead
- Energy overload (consequence of getting double of your temporaty HPs via positive energy areas)
- Animating objects

Negative Energy (new; own category):
- Negative Energy blast (hurt living; heal undead)
- Rebuke/Command Undead
- Energy/Ability damage/drain
- Fatigue/Exhaustion
- Vampiric Touch

Knitifine wrote:
No, there doesn't have to be. Sonic is a damage type that's overlooked and underutilized by the developers, they likely have no regulations for what type of element descriptor spells with it might have beyond just [Sonic]. If you are looking for an official answer, you're not going to find one.

Woaw, woaw, hold on, I'm not demanding an explanation. I'm just looking for one.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Geniekin Kineticits archetypes/options please ;)

QuidEst wrote:
Occult Origins, coming in October. Mark at least hinted very strongly to that effect.

Fair enough.

Knitifine wrote:
JiCi wrote:
Knitifine wrote:
Magical attacks that deal physical damage have been ruled to have damage resistance applied to them, which is what balances out not hitting any energy resistance. (It would be better if we just had a system to cover all types but whatever).

True, but... DR isn't as high, in terms of damage resisted, as energy resistance. In fact, they lowered DR when they switched from 3.0 to 3.5, like from 25 to 10, but you can see fire resistance 30 a few times.

Still, Air has Electric Blast, Earth can rotate between the three damage types and Water has Cold Blast.

Earth's has three damage types due to the not having a second blast. Electricity and cold are still relatively common energy types (though not as common as fire). They are each much more common than Sonic, which I believe is only less rare than force by a singular digit worth of monsters.

Yeah, that's what I said. Technically, it you're screwed with one damage type as an Aero, Geo or Hydrokineticist, you at least got options. You're gonna cry as a Pyrokineticist though :P

I don't remember any monsters being resistant, let alone immune to sonic damage. There are, but REALLY scarce.

I can understand the omittion for being a little too powerful, but its inclusion would be puzzling. Your explanation is completely valid on why sonic should be Earth-based, like the psionic rules. However, being that it is often classified as an Air-related energy, which would make sense if we go with the scientific explanation of being a vibration in the air, makes everything scrambled.

Like I stated, Shatter is one element, but Shout and Greater Shout, y'know, "upgraded" Shatter spells, are another element, and that's from Paizo themselves.

Then there's Sonic being its own thing, but if it's so tied to either air or earth, then why sonic spells aren't either air or earth subtyped?

There HAS to be some sort of clear distinction here.

QuidEst wrote:
Physical blasts resolve against full AC rather than touch and deal with DR. I sonic damage were not balanced out in some fashion, it would be strictly better than any other energy type.

Fair enough though... Your armor can save you from receiving a boulder on your chest :P

Knitifine wrote:
Magical attacks that deal physical damage have been ruled to have damage resistance applied to them, which is what balances out not hitting any energy resistance. (It would be better if we just had a system to cover all types but whatever).

True, but... DR isn't as high, in terms of damage resisted, as energy resistance. In fact, they lowered DR when they switched from 3.0 to 3.5, like from 25 to 10, but you can see fire resistance 30 a few times.

Still, Air has Electric Blast, Earth can rotate between the three damage types and Water has Cold Blast.

QuidEst wrote:
...and wood and void are coming.

Woaw, woaw, woaw... come again???

Imbicatus wrote:
Not all energy types need to be tied to the classic four elements. That's not even taking into account Wood, Metal, and Void.

Wood = Earth, Metal = Earth (dude... Metal Blast?), Void = Negative Energy.

Then again, the five elements theory has wood and metal as separate elements from earth... while air is removed completely.

QuidEst wrote:
Solution: make sonic a replacement composite blast for air/earth. It deals damage like Force Blast. Acid is rarely resisted, and sonic is almost never resisted, so they were probably left out for balance.

Sonic is often ruled to deal one die category less in damage. Dude, the psionic rules made sonic mainstream, despite being resisted by nobody.

Many new sonic spells have popped up at the same levels as other spells that deal fire, cold, acid and/or electricity damage.

I don't see sonic as OP by any mean. An air, earth or water blast deals physical damage, energy resistance be damned. That doesn't make any of these OP.

Knitifine wrote:
I have always considered sonic to be earth related (in fact I often replace acid selection for earth with sonic as acid does not makes sense to me as earth-related), but it's the most nebulous and unrecognized energy type in the system so it's more or less up to you.

Well, let me ask you this: Why Earth? What's your explanation?

Ok, sonic damage has been a little... puzzling lately, because I have no clue where to classify it.

When I looked in some sources about Sonic, even the system itself doesn't know where to put it.

Sonic is often a separate energy source, so far that's good. However, if I take the Elementalist Wizard spell list, here's what I found:
* Shatter is a 2nd-level Earth spell.
* Shout is a 4th-level Air spell.
* Greater Shout is a 8th-level Air spell.

Here's something else I found:
* The Crystal Primal Dragon, an Earth subtype creature, has a Sonic breath weapon.
* Sonic is used as one of the selectable energy types for many psionic powers, as an Earth-related energy.

Sound is a vibration in air, but some are linking sound to resonating crystals, yet even in some points, it's own thing...

If I were to homebrew a Sonic Blast for the Kineticist (yeah, obvious omittion there Paizo :P; same goes with acid, but that's beside the point), would I place it in Air, even if they have 2 blasts already, or Earth, since they could use one more blast and that the Crystal Dragon has a sonic breath?

Sonic is a spell type, without being combined with another one, but even then, it's still confusing.

Milo v3 wrote:
I was considering a battlehost lich who has his panoply bond with his phylactery blade as a major villain.

Oooooooooooooooooh... nice >:)


"The most common form of phylactery is a sealed metal box containing strips of parchment on which magical phrases have been transcribed. The box is Tiny and has 40 hit points, hardness 20, and a break DC of 40.

Other forms of phylacteries can exist, such as rings, amulets, or similar items."

If you want your sword as your phylactery, does this mean you'll have to use the sword's original hardness and hit points?

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Justin Riddler wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
What Rasputin does when he's not TPK'ing people.
Don't forget about this

Move over, I won XD

Here's yet another question: how come he's wielding a modern firearm... without any Weapon Proficiency feat?

Liz Courts wrote:
JiCi wrote:

I have like... 3 ideas... which got me thinking...

Is multiclassing allowed?

See this post.

Fair enough ^_^

I have like... 3 ideas... which got me thinking...

Is multiclassing allowed?

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