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Oh boy, talk about being late O_O

- They've released Remarkable Races: the Aquatic Anumi, which totally slipped under my radar.

- They announced the Morgen, the aquatic version of the Muse :D

- I'm now curious if they're going to publish a booklet about the aquatic obitu, the zef (aquatic zif) and the mogogol, considering that they're part of the main books.

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We have gotten a Villain Codex, so could we ever get an Ally Codex in the future? Would that even work as a book?

A church with aasimar zealots, a dwarven platoon, an elven scout team, a halfing caravan, a gnome workshop, a vigilante strike team (yes, the Avengers or Justice League for Pathfinder XD ), a former slave group turned slave savers, a Gold Dragon cult (please go with the draconic archetypes here)... it's not like there aren't NPC groups that could be used as allies out there.

Bought it, read it and like it a lot ^_^

Little nitpicks though:
- Many creatures have weaknesses to balance their sheer size, but it's not written in the Weakness section in the stat blocks.

- I would have loved to see variants without those weaknesses. Sure, it would break the concept for low-level Colossal creature, but as an alternate option, that would still have worked.

- Not much a fan of the "-hemoth" naming convention. One's fine, but having several of them is getting redundant.

- The Dypthera is weaker than its Larval Form... and I feel like it should the opposite.

Aside from that, I can really get some mileage out of those creatures, especially when templates are applied ;)

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N. Jolly wrote:
JiCi wrote:
I'll see what I can do for a review ;)
It's greatly appreciated. Work is still going hard on LK 2, we're going to section out this playtest since the KOP 4 playtest stalled a bit due to putting out everything we had at once, so I'd like to give people a chance to digest this all better, although the unchained kineticist will be a part of the initial playtest.

It's there ^_^

BTW, what I'd like to see for a Kineticist archetype would be something similar to the Gun Tank, for the Gunslinger. The Gunslinger is usually a nimble ranged specialist, but then that archetype trades mobility for heavy armor.

The Kineticist could use an archetype that has medium and heavy armor proficiency, martial weapons, the ability to channel blasts through weapons and armors.

Y'know, a soldier-like Kineticist that mixes blasts and weapons.

N. Jolly wrote:
JiCi wrote:

FINALLY bought my copy ^_^

Loving it... although there's one archetype that bugs me a bit...

** spoiler omitted **

All in all, pretty good booklet :)

I'll admit the name of that archetype is a little misleading, if we did something like that, it'd probably be kinetic blade related, but I think I still have some room in LK 2 to fit in something like that.

If you get the chance, please leave a review for it, and starting next month we'll be doing the playtest for Legendary Kineticists II, which will include the unchained kineticist!

I'll see what I can do for a review ;)

FINALLY bought my copy ^_^

Loving it... although there's one archetype that bugs me a bit...

War Archetype:
I feel like it's missing something to represent a soldier more than a caster. Don't get me wrong: the alternative Burn mecanic works just fine. However, I would have loved features like these:
- Armor Proficiencies (Medium, Heavy)
- Weapon Proficiencies (Martial)
- Different Kinetic Blade/Whip infusions; basically, channelling the Blast through a weapon, replacing a melee touch attack by a regular melee attack, BUT that uses the weapon's qualities and critical modifiers. Yes, essentially, doubling, tripling or quadruplying a Kinetic Blast on a critical hit.
- Same goes with armor, channelling infusions through armors
- Fighter equivalency; Kineticist level = fighter level for feats, not actual bonus feats.
- Full BAB; ok, major change here, but hey, still in line with the archetype.

That's just my opinion though.

All in all, pretty good booklet :)

Nope, it's not there either.

p.148-149 The Blight Caller and Nature's Scourge encounters aren't bookmarked (PDF version)

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master_marshmallow wrote:
Pummeling Charge for fighters would be something that fixes a big 3.x problem.

That, or you give the fighter a new feature that let him make a single attack, but that deals his weapon x his level.

Vital Strike 2.0

3 people marked this as a favorite.

(My take)
- Missing skills, like Perception... especially when you use the Fighter for guards that aren't good as scouting...

- Missing skill points; if d4 for hit points have been done with, so should 2 + int mod.

- Negligible bonuses for Bravery; too low for a bonus, ONLY on fear effects, doesn't do much to compensate a low Will save.

- Redundancy for Weapon Training; what's the point of learning 4 weapon groups when you're only going to use 2 at most? It doesn't help that if a weapon is classified in several groups, the bonuses don't stack...

- The archetypes almost make the original class a joke; each archetype offers a specialization, but that specialization isn't available by all means for the original class.

- Gear-dependant; perhaps more than any other class, as many of the fighter's features rely on its gear, be weapons or armors. At least I can still sneak with a rogue or cast spells with a wizard.

- No benefit from the combat feats; being a fighter doesn't add anything to the combat feats, like a bonus or something.

Milo v3 wrote:
I'm relatively sure they were official as soon as they were printed, I mean, it's not like Unchained.

WotC had some... issues with D&D when they added new rules and such. Psionics, Incarnum, Vestiges, Shadowcasting, Truenames and Maneuvers all got added, but they got barely expanded in subsequent books once they got released.

CR range was talked about abit on the Know Direction that just ended, I personally think the level range is fine since it seems more like an Arc book than a Campaign book, and for really high levels you're going to want your villain organisation to be tied to your adventures rather than using a "drop x group in" type situation.

True, but... it would still have been nice to have a strong organisation.

Milo v3 wrote:
I love that Paizo is continuing to make Rituals. Having rules for such cool and evil rituals adds so many ideas and opportunities over just "handwave".

I once asked the designers if the Occult rules were now part of the official Pathfinder rules, and they said "yes" ^_^

I downloaded the book this morning and honestly, I wasn't expecting something similar to the Monster Codex, but I'm glad that they went that route :)

One little problem though: while the Monster Codex and NPC Codex had characters ranging from CR 1 to 20, this one barely gets to CR 14. Ok, fine, I get that you can pick any NPC from the previous codexes and add it to whatever organization they fit, but still, it would have been nice to have some high-level villain NPCs.

Ultimate Religion/Belief

We have gotten Ultimate Magic... but I feel like it was more focused on arcane magic.

- Divine/religious archetypes:
* Druidic-themed Barbarian, Ranger, Oracle, Witch, Bloodrager, Hunter, Shaman and Skald.
* Church-related Bard, Fighter, Monk, any arcane spellcaster

- Rituals for divine interventions

- Details on building a campaign centered on religion

- Magic items, spells, feats, regular items

Oh, you totally changed the description to avoid spoiling the 20 organizations there XD

Ok, time for an update:

NPC Codex 2
- Characters from 1 to 20 for
* Alchemist
* Cavalier
* Inquisitor
* Oracle
* Summoner
* Witch
* Magus
* Antipaladin
* Gunslinger
* Samurai
* Ninja

- 4 sample characters for
* Battle Herald
* Holy Vindicator
* Horizon Walker
* Master Chymist
* Master Spy
* Nature Warden
* Rage Prophet
* Stalwart Defender

- Stats for the iconic characters, based on the presented classes

- A bit less content, since the NPC clases have been done, but it could be filled with eidolon samples, or even archetype characters.

NPC Codex 3
- Characters from 1 to 20 for
* Arcanist
* Bloodrager
* Brawler
* Hunter
* Investigator
* Shaman
* Skald
* Slayer
* Swashbuckler
* Warpriest
* Kineticist
* Medium
* Mesmerist
* Occultist
* Psychic
* Spiritualist
* Vigilante

- Stats for the iconic characters, based on the presented classes

- Again, much less additional content, since there are 17 classes to cover, as opposed to 11 and all prestige classes have been done. However, the vigilantes could use 2 stat blocks instead of one, to have both identities separated and ready to use without having to sort everything out on the fly. In a sidenote, archetype characters could also be statted as well.

Monster Codex 2
- Stats for
* Stone giants
* Hill giants
* Dark ones (all species)
* Harpies
* Merfolks
* Locathahs
* Shaes
* Tanukis
* Changelings
* Gathlains
* Shobhads
* Trox
* Wayangs
* Wyrwoods
* Wyvarans
* Vanaras
* Kitsunes
* Catfolks
* Celedons
* Firbolgs

- Associated creatures, archetypes, items, feats, racial traits and magic items

Planar Adventures
- Introduction to Planar exploration
- Archetypes
- Detailled description of each plane, with locales, inhabitants and encounter tables if needed.
- Magic items, spells, new creatures etc ;)

Dragon78 wrote:

"Monsters Unchained"

Alternate versions of classic D&D monsters that are closer to their mythological version. Examples would be kobolds, gorgons, orcs, chimera, manticore, tarasque, etc.

Fey variant versions of creatures such as goblins, willow wisp, centaurs, trolls, hags, merfolk, etc.

magical beast versions of nagas, couatls, medusa, etc.

Like "Classic Monsters Revisited"? Sure, why not ^_^?

Rysky wrote:
Cause they put the "Ultimate" in the name, so Ultimate 2 sounds really silly.

Really? Are we gonna this picky about that now XD ?

"Supreme" is higher than "Ultimate", last time I've checked XDD

Huh... "Ultimate Combat 2"

I don't see why they couldn't serialize these books like Bestiaries :P

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Boomerang Nebula wrote:
Jockston wrote:
Caster killing archetype, prestige class, or feat chain for the fighter. It's been years and they still don't have an option that's worth a damn.
What kind of abilities would you like them to have?

If my memory doesn't fail me, I believe he's looking for:

- resistance against spells
- bonuses on attack rolls when attack a spellcaster
- increases on Concentration DCs
- bonuses on saving throws
- ability to be "more potent" on attacks of opportunity against a spellcaster
- deflecting/reflecting spells back

Ok... elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, orcs, giants and goblinoids, for instance, are close to looking like humans, because they have similar traits. However, you look at the other humanoids, like gnolls, lizardfolks, catfolks, ratfolks, boggards, kobolds and troglodytes, they look more like bipedal animals... for the most part.

Catfolks have clearly been described as either humans with feline traits (reference to the Bestiary 3's artwork) or bipedal cats (like in the Advance Race Guide); whether or not you love or hate the artworks is not to the point here. With this statement, it means that there are multiple "versions" of the same species, as they can look closer to a human or an animal.

With that in mind, could this happen to the races? Could we get a lizardfolk that looks more like a scaly human that a bipedal lizard, or a syrinx (a bipedal winged owl-like race, from the Inner Seas Bestiary) that looks more like a human with owl traits (similar to Owlboy)?

Hey, humans are descendants from primates that have evolved over time. While we don't know if bestial humanoids have evolved in a similar fashion, maybe they're not "fully evolved" or can evolve further and eventually look closer to a human than to its animal specie.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The Witch Killer slayer archetype in Horror Adventures is close to what you're looking for. There is also the Cult Hunter investigator archetype from that same book. The Faith Hunter inquisitor archetype (Ultimate Intrigue) could also work.

I know that back in D&D 3.5, there were options to counter spellcasters, I assume you're looking for a similar thing here in Pathfinder, right ;) ?

Dragon78 wrote:
A variant version(or more types) of the beheaded undead that use monsters like hydras, dragons, winter wolves, trolls, etc.

Sounds more adequate for a 2nd "Undead revisited" booklet ;)

Ok, for your squirrel needs, there's the Sciurian in Tome of Horrors 4, which is a race of squirrel-folks.

Luthorne wrote:
JiCi wrote:


- death related to love/heart-break (similar to a succubus)

Like the erodaemon from Book of the Damned - Volume 3: Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

JiCi wrote:


- actual fire demon (counterpart for the Immolation Devil)

Like the brimorak from Book of the Damned - Volume 2: Lords of Chaos?

If those actually exist, I wouldn't mind a reprint :P

I'd like a booklet with more Mythic versions for B1 and B2 mosnters, like we have gotten in Mythic Adventures.

- death related to love/heart-break (similar to a succubus)
- death related to immolation
- death related to be eaten alive

- actual ice demon (counterpart for the Ice Devil)
- actual fire demon (counterpart for the Immolation Devil)
- Colossal-sized demon (doesn't have to be OP, just big)

- Incubus/Succubus counterpart
- 1 or 2 more aquatic species

- Musket/Blunderbuss sharpshooter, jolly creature from a skilled marksman
- Monk celestial, from the very enlightened masters
- Cherubin, give us a child-like winged Cupid-like archer celestial already :P

- Elephant
- Snake
- Sheep/Ram
- Monkey/Ape
- Turtle
- Pig/Boar

- Grave, variant stone or hill giants that live near graveyards
- Spectral, attuned to ghosts and spirits
- Jotunbred, half-giant Medium humanoid (giant), offspring from giants and humans

- Bone swarm, from various bones in graveyards
- Zombie troop, they said troops would be in, that would be perfect
- Ghost troop, nightmarish and OP, but still :P
- Reprint of the Combusted (Occult Bestiary), with elemental variants

- Reprints for Fiend-Bred Animals
* Hell-Bred Dog (Hellhound)
* Quillcat (Howler)
* Hot-Blooded Horse (Nightmare)
- New variants
* Crimson-furred cat (Hellcat)
* Smoke vulture (Achaierai)
* Flayed guardian (Cerberus)
* Stygian fish (shark, pirhanna, pike)

Onyx Tanuki wrote:
JiCi wrote:

I'm almost tempted to make the Wide Array feat selectable more than once or replace Favored Focus by learning the other two arrays :P

An entropist with all 12 elements... has to roll a D12... and a D3 for the Array Blast... ouch XD

Still... the Elemental Scion was for only one element, the Elemental Avatar was for 4 elements... the Entropist is also 4 elements. I feel like the Entropist can be further differenciate from the Avatar if he could learn all 3 arrays, albeit having more resources to manage.

That's actually a really cool idea. Probably not something that could make it into this book, but I'll see what I can do to get it into KoP:C if there's room.

But then there is something called "balance" that needs to be considered XD

A kineticist that have access to all 12 elements is gonna be OP in no time. Even with all preparations, planning and such, that's still quite the powerhouse.

My idea is this:
- Favored Focus is replaced with Expanded Array, which like Expanded Element, you either pick your primary array or another array. Pick another array gives you 4 other elements, you're now using a D8 and everything that goes with it. At 15th level, you can again pick your primary array or the 3rd array, now using a D12.

- Picking your primary array a 1st time gives you all composite blasts from your regular elements (Thunderstorm, Ice, Blue Flame and Metal) without giving you access to the combination blasts. The idea is that your primary array is getting stronger.

- Picking your primary array a 2nd time gives you all combination blasts (composite blasts being made of two elements). The idea is that at this point, you've mastered your array, to the point that you can mix and match elements. In addition, if your elements have 2 blasts, you gain the 2nd one: Air gets Electric, Water gets Cold, Sound gets Vibration, etc.

- Picking a secondary or tertiary array would just give you simple blasts and talents. You trade damage output for versatility. You would NOT have access to composite blasts at all, as a trade-off.

- Array Blast could cost 4 additional Burn points to add a 2nd array and then another 4 Burn points to add the 3rd array. Yes, I'm going this far... because if we can have the Omnicide, we can have a blast that can... burn you out XD

On a sidenote, for both the Entropist and Twice-Born Repenter, it would be good to have a small paragraph about alignment changes, like the Paladin.

Is there any way to make unarmed strikes as ranged attacks? The only thing I've seen was the Blood Crow Strike spell, accessible with a Quiggong Monk instead of Diamond Soul, but...

Is there anything else? Style feats? Magic items? Archetype class features?

I'm almost tempted to make the Wide Array feat selectable more than once or replace Favored Focus by learning the other two arrays :P

An entropist with all 12 elements... has to roll a D12... and a D3 for the Array Blast... ouch XD

Still... the Elemental Scion was for only one element, the Elemental Avatar was for 4 elements... the Entropist is also 4 elements. I feel like the Entropist can be further differenciate from the Avatar if he could learn all 3 arrays, albeit having more resources to manage.

DM Beckett wrote:
The DM could slip the party an evil item (or even perhaps something like a wand of Infernal Healing) which might ping as Evil, and cause some degree of mistrust in there. ("They managed to hide their wickedness well, but missed something. What else are they hiding or blocking. . .")

Hmmm... interesting ;)

Still, two LG characters can fight each other if they're at odds on a subject, decision or whatever. Or even better, if your PCs tick off the law, guess who they might have to fight XD

Dotted ;)

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Interesting take on a Bestiary here, folks ^_^

I'll check it out when I have the chance.

Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
Suthainn wrote:

If you're looking to be more of a holy warrior than a priest, I'd suggest thinking about Paladin and going all the way with the Aasimar racial feats theme, pick up both Angelic Flesh and Metallic Wings. This will net you two extra attacks that (even as secondary) will still hit all the time thanks to the bonus from Smite and will *destroy* any enemy you encounter with the damage you're doing plus a two hander (which basically only requires Power Attack as a feat, leaving you plenty of room for the racial ones).

In the air? On the ground? A pack? A single tough enemy? Doesn't matter. You can kill pretty much anything that refuses to see reason and wants to fight you.

If you're going aasimar paladin, I'd say use the angelic aspect spells and forget about the wings feat. Yes, it's not always on, but you get a better flight speed, and nice defensive bonuses to boot.

*coughcoughpermanencycoughcough* XD

Deadmanwalking wrote:
Then I'd definitely not have them be a Paladin or especially Inquisitor. Detect Evil and especially Discern Lies ruin that plot pretty thoroughly.

How? Detect Evil isn't a sure-fire way to detect everything wrong with a person and while Discern Lies helps in investigations, it often doesn't "count" as a valid source when compared at actually saying the truth. Spells are almost as valid as the lie detector in court: it works, but not reliable.

Eben TheQuiet wrote:
Approaching this decision from another angle, what role do you want her (as an NPC) to have with your group? Does she need to play a secondary, support role? Is she more of a DMPC who will be fully engaged with all of the party's adventuring? Does the group need some front-line muscle? Or is there any other role that needs filing that one of these options may help with?

I... plan to have her as an antagonistic role.

She's dedicated to her church and she's righteous... but it just so happens that the PCs... kinda need to protect someone who ends up as her target.

You know the idea of good PCs having to fight good NPCs, because they just don't get along? That kind of scenario.

The NPC's a skinwalker wrongly accused of a crime, but hey, you're "a werewolf", so you must be the culprit... while a REAL werewolf is scheming something else.

ChaosTicket wrote:

1 Well a Paladin is technically a full warrior with some "holy" powers.

2 A Cleric is a tier 9 caster devoted to one god.

3 a Warpriest is essentially a Cleric that traded a huge number of spells for some useful class features and proficiencies, which the Cleric lacks.

Cleric would eventually be the most powerful because of its assortment of spells, but hurts very early on mainly because of MAD problems and lack of proficiencies.

Honestly as you have to wait until level 10 for Wings where Spells would be alot more important, but if you want a WARRIOR then pick Paladin. Its full BAB.

A "warrior" can have either full BAB or 3/4 BAB these days, so it all comes down to any of the four classes' features.

james014Aura wrote:

Do you intend to go for an alternate heritage on your aasimar? If not, then +wis/+cha is best inclined to a cleric. If alternate heritages, then Angelblood paladin would match the feat names and be stat-inclined towards paladin.

Ultimately, cleric and warpriest can get wind walk (though warpriest rather late), so the wings would be only one level (if you can somehow get it at 10th) before being able to already fly if a cleric (or 6 for warpriest) - or they can cast Angelic Aspect at 9th or 13th, meaning Angel Wings are redundant at most levels on cleric and warpriest.

Inquisitor could be fluffed as a holy warrior with relative ease, but I think Paladin is probably the best - they value their spell slots enough that angelic aspect isn't something they'd be able to just prepare normally.

So, I recommend Angelblood Paladin, especially for the vivid imagery (only problem is the armor and wings)

I... am not fond of relying on spells for movement. Even if Wind Walk and Angelic Aspect provide flight, I prefer actual wings than spending a spell.

As a proud owner of Blood of Angels, I'm open to bloodlines ^_^ She can have cat eyes like an agathion, green feathers like a garuda or fiery-like hair like a peri.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
JosMartigan wrote:

Are you OK with LG? Paladin is strictly LG which could be a deterrent.

I would say multi-class Warpriest/Cleric or Warpriest/Cleric Archetype that fits the concept.

Well, she's an aasimar, and while she could be of any alignment, I do plan of keeping her in line with her celestial heritag ;)

BTW, in addition of not being able to multiclass warpriest/cleric since warpriest has already cleric as a parent class, I... don't like multiclassing as a general idea :S

bitter lily wrote:

Which deity?

How heavy-handed a warrior? (2-H weapon & heavy armor or light weapon(s) & light armor, or inbetween?

I do intend to have her of a Good alignment, so deities can be of "any Good alignment". As I stated, the only thing that I plan to have is the wings, so two-handed weapons, sword and board, archery... No restriction here.

I... have this character concept for a NPC about a female aasimar who's a warrior-priest, or holy warrior, for her church. Here's the catch: what's the "best" class to represent a holy warrior?

Before I forget, 2 feats will be used for Angelic Blood and Angel Wings (Advanced Race Guide). The rest? Well, all depending on the class.

Cleric has Channel Energy, which can be modified via the Channel Force feats, for aasimars. However, combat-wise, it's mostly reliant on spells.

Paladin has more martial oriented, can take Unsanctioned Knowledge to add 4 spells, would take Divine Bond (weapon), since she would have wings.

Inquisitor is more about hunting specific targets, has subpar weapon proficiencies, but the spells and judgments are pretty decent.

Warpriest is a combat-oriented cleric, but the domain abilities aren't that spectacular.

Each class has its pros and cons, but I'd like to know your opinion about the classes that could work for a winged aasimar holy warrior ^_^

The Pathfinder elves are rather different from the D&D elves. In D&D, they... kinda look down upon humans, since they live much longer. Pathfinder elves seem to be more humans to relationships on any kind with humans.

Still, half-elves are STILL "a thing", but I really doubt that humans and elves can't live/co-exist together.

Say... did we ever get a Jester creature, similar to the Gray Jester (Heroes of Horror)?

There's your clown monster there people ;)

Here's one way to fix the Silver Champion:

Drake Mount (Ex): At 5th level, a silver champion gains a drake companion. Unlike a standard companion, the drake is either Medium (for a Small champions) or Large (for Medium champions), following the drake companion's increased size rules. The drake mount does not increase in size regardless of the drakerider's level. The drake mount may increase its size by one category instead of selecting a drake power. However, a silver champion doesn’t gain additional uses per day of smite evil at 4th, 10th, and 16th levels, and doesn’t gain mercies at 6th, 12th, and 18th levels. Also, the drake mount's alignment is within one step of Apsu's, which is Lawful Good, Neutral Good or Lawful Neutral.

Eliandra Giltessan wrote:
JiCi wrote:

I'd like to see a booklet about the Tian Xian Gods and Faiths, like take the idea of "Inner Seas Gods" and "Inner Seas Faiths" and apply it to the Dragon Empire deities. Obediences, boons, portfolios, spells, items, actual depictions, name it.

There are 14 Tian Xian deities, including 6 Inner Seas deities that are also worshipped in Tian Xia; Inner Seas Faiths had 15 :P The thing is that these deities have slightly different portfolios, which they could go into details.

I am largely Tian Xia neutral, but this thread has come up with some ideas that I would love to see. This is one of them. An AP or module about what happened to Hao Jin is another, because Hao Jin is freaking awesome.

I also really like the idea of a Tian Xia story that starts in New Oppara, that would allow people to play Tian characters or Avistani/Garundi characters and explore Tian Xia from there.

I'd like to see some sort of alliance between the Inner Seas and Tian Xia, say for an outside threat. I don't know... something similar to the githyanki incursion back in a Dungeon magazine. Does Pathfinder ever introduce a conquering planar or extra-terrestrial race/creature? Well, there are the Hive monsters, but they're more driven on instinct than on ideals; I'm talking about a race similar to the githyankis who are conquering worlds for their lich-queen.

On a sidenote, the Tian Xian deities could have some interesting alliances/vandettas with the Inner Seas deities. Okay, so Desna and Shelyn are worshipped, but what about Iomedae and Sarenrae? How are they percieved? Does Shizuru approve of their Western ideals? What about General Susumu and Gorum?

On another sidenote, come on, I think it's time to see HOW do the Tian Xian deities look like.
- The 6 Inner Seas deities might have oriental designs.
- Several exclusive deities have 2 forms. Susumu has a humanoid form and a dragon form, both of which could be depicted.

I'd like to see a booklet about the Tian Xian Gods and Faiths, like take the idea of "Inner Seas Gods" and "Inner Seas Faiths" and apply it to the Dragon Empire deities. Obediences, boons, portfolios, spells, items, actual depictions, name it.

There are 14 Tian Xian deities, including 6 Inner Seas deities that are also worshipped in Tian Xia; Inner Seas Faiths had 15 :P The thing is that these deities have slightly different portfolios, which they could go into details.

Deadmanwalking wrote:
JiCi wrote:

There's the paladin archetype known as the Silver Champion, presented in Legacy of Dragons; there's also the drake companion presneted in that same exact section; the drake's alignment is "any nongood"; the paladin's alignment is Lawful Good; "While she may adventure with good or neutral allies, a paladin avoids working with evil characters or with anyone who consistently offends her moral code."

So... does the drake's alignment change to LG if it's a drake mount for a Silver Champion?

Seems weird that a drake's alignment wouldn't change since it literally states that it CANNOT be of a good alignment...

Neutral Alignments are 'nongood' and thus Paladin safe. That's half the alignments available to a Drake. Heck, default Paladin mounts are all Neutral (since they're animals to start with and nothing makes them anything else).

Having an Evil mount would be bad, but nothing remotely necessitates that.

The regular mounts for paladins are animals though. The drake has a mind of its own.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ultimate Exploration would be more appropriate.
- Tips and tricks for exploring new regions
- Archetypes based on regions (arctic, jungle, desert, underground)
- Detailled features on each regional "archetype"
* includes underground environment
- Feats, equipment and magic items for exploring

Cole Deschain wrote:
Maybe retrofitting the Starfinder robot-builder in some fashion...


I get that there's the Promethean Alchemist alchemist, but... your homunculus doesn't receive any new feature similar to an eidolon's evolutions.

Raving Nerd wrote:

What is a fantasy heartbreaker?

This essay is about some 1990s games I'm calling "fantasy heartbreakers," which are truly impressive in terms of the drive, commitment, and personal joy that's evident in both their existence and in their details - yet they are also teeth-grindingly frustrating, in that, like their counterparts from the late 70s, they represent but a single creative step from their source: old-style D&D. And unlike those other games, as such, they were doomed from the start. This essay is basically in their favor, in a kind of grief-stricken way.
I think Pathfinder is a fantasy heartbreaker. It tweaks the rules of 3e a bit here and there, but it's the same game under the hood. That's the intent of the rules, but it seems that Pathfinder could break away from that and becomes its own game.

The thing is that WotC ditched the 3.5 system in favor of the 4e and now the 5e. They're not going back to it anytime soon, but the OGL still applies to the 3.5 system anyway.

Furthermore, Paizo published and worked with WotC for the Dungeon and Dragon magasines. So I'm pretty sure that they had an agreement about Pathfinder using the 3.5 system.

Finally, let's face it, the 4e didn't please everyone, so much that it lasted 6 years, 2 years shorter than 3e, before they released 5e back in 2014. A lot of the complaints I've heard were about the major MMORPG feel of the new system. Sure, you could change the rules as you see fit, but... there's a design problem when you have to do this...

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I'd like to see a class, most likely a wizard/summoner hybrid class, where you build your own custom golem. Yeah, I literally want a class with your own golem companion ;)

I know that familiars are often the usual sidekicks for spellcasters, but come on, golems and contructs need some time in the spotlight.

Upgrading your golem with various features, weapons, size upgrades and such :D

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Nah... give me Planar Adventures next... unless there's a really good topic to abort in an Ultimate book.

Sure, I've suggested a while back "Ultimate Villainy", but... both Ultimate Intrigue and Horror Adventures covered a LOT of that, so...

Non-Magic: Ninja
Arcane: Magus
Divine: Warpriest
Nature: Druid
Occult: Occultist

Hayato Ken wrote:

That´s right, archetypes can change a lot and we saw a lot of awesome archetypes.

On the other hand, many of those archetypes aren´t exactly what people want or come with a lot of restrictions.
Samurai class and the sword savant archetype come to mind there.

Well... yeah... sure, because we can all see what can be wrong with archetypes. Considering the rules, it can be hard for anyone to come up with archetypes that don't break them.

My most irritating gripes are toward both drake-riding archetypes from Legacy of Dragons, because you cannot ride your drake until 13th level ¬_¬;

Dragon78 wrote:
Considering how disappointing most archetypes are and many wishes are too complex for a simple archetype to even come close to what is asked for.

That... depends on a lot of things. If it's swapping class features from one class to another class, it's rather simple.

Dragon78 wrote:
JiCi, Those examples are not even close to what I am asking for. Also I haven't liked a prestige class since dragon disciple.

Hey, I didn't say that they would be perfect now, didn't I ;) ?

BTW, your Wildling is said to be raised in the wild and fight with his fists with an animal companion. The Brawler archetype, the Wild Child has this line: "The wild child works with his sworn animal friend to conquer the challenges that lay before them. This kinship could come from being lost in the wilderness and raised by animals or growing up with an exotic pet."

C'mon now, you got to give me credit for being close XD

Dragon78 wrote:
The inventor/engineer class looks like it will be in Starfinder but if the rules are too different then it will not be worth the work to try to use that one.

We'll have to wait and see. I went with a [very] old Prestige Class called the Gnome Artificer, from Magic of Faerun (yeah, I'm that old XD ). The Artificer literally could craft devices that replicated spells from its own custom spell list, each device using the wand crafting rules.

Without going deeper into the mecanics, I think your inventor would technically work as an archetyped alchemist. Hey, if they can now craft a mecanical mount via the Construct Rider archetype, pretty sure that they could craft more devices ;)

Dragon78 wrote:
Yes, I want a positive energy based element for kineticist, but it would not be an archetype. Though I doubt it will be a great healer option, at least compared to spell casters. The Vivifier would at least be a non-spell casting healing class by base design and there by a good option for a healer.

First off, if Positive Energy ever becomes a selectable element for the Kineticist, no archetyping would be required ;) Also, this element would need its respective talents, which would possibly be focused on healing, perhaps more than Water currently does, hence not being a spellcasting healer per se. Finally... "positive energy blast"... you cannot ask for a better class than the Kineticist here, dude :P

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