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Cursed items are annoying... but that's by design. That got me thinking about which cursed item... technically caused the least amount of troubles for characters.

After some reading, the Ring of Truth doesn't seem that bad.
1) You still can "ignore" the answer. Answering "I don't know" when you actually don't know the answer won't get you in trouble.

2) It's a Will DC 20 save to refuse answering. We're not talking about such a big deal here.

3) Questions HAVE to be directed at you. You don't start answering every question you hear whether or not you get asked.

Oh yeah, one more thing, the Vow of Truth is now "justified" when you wear this ring :P

Another example is the Girdle of Opposite Gender... which seems more like a prank-like item than anything else. You changed gender, so what? Mecanically, there's almost nothing related to gender. I haven't specific spells, ietms, feats, prestige classes, archetypes and whatnot where being male or female is required. In fact, there's a little loophole here: what if the target DOESN'T have gender? A male changeling doesn't exist, so how does the cursed belt work on her?

So yeah, the gender-switching belt doesn't seem that harmful, compared to other items. Changing alignment can screw your character up, but gender? I doubt it.

Lamontius wrote:
read the skull & shackles players guide

I have yet to check it out, but I'll try to give it a look ;)

Still, with everything that was released lately, it could use an update ^_^

HyperMissingno wrote:
JiCi wrote:

I think the Kineticist struck a cord for players, because:

1) Many at-will abilities; the warlock pleased a lot of players with the Eldritch Blast class feature, which was an at-will ability. The Kineticist has similar abilities that grant at-will powers.

2) Resemblances to characters with elemental powers; while the class is inspired by supernatural misfits in fiction, it resonates a lot with characters from anime, manga, comic books, video games and cartoons as well. If you're a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender or Fairy Tail, you'll love playing as a Kineticist.

3) Lots and lots of options; so far, we have 7 elements to choose from, and 3rd-parties recently added more elements to the mix. The class on its own offers diversity and adaptability.

You forgot 4) Constitution based class; because there are defense nuts out there who love the sight of all those hit points, even with burn.

Huh... was there really a demand for Constitution-based classes? I always thought that even if Constitution wasn't used as a primary stat, it was still imperative to manage, because it governs hit points, Fortitude saves and other physical checks. Every class needs this.

I think the Kineticist struck a cord for players, because:
1) Many at-will abilities; the warlock pleased a lot of players with the Eldritch Blast class feature, which was an at-will ability. The Kineticist has similar abilities that grant at-will powers.

2) Resemblances to characters with elemental powers; while the class is inspired by supernatural misfits in fiction, it resonates a lot with characters from anime, manga, comic books, video games and cartoons as well. If you're a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender or Fairy Tail, you'll love playing as a Kineticist.

3) Lots and lots of options; so far, we have 7 elements to choose from, and 3rd-parties recently added more elements to the mix. The class on its own offers diversity and adaptability.

N. Jolly wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
If use empower or maximize metakinesis for a kinetic blade/whip full attack action does only the first attack get the empower/maximize effect or all attacks?
All of them, you're empowering/maximizing the kinetic blast, so by the wording it should apply to every attack made with it.

Great... you just made an Omnicide Blade ever deadlier :P

No seriously, as I pointed out in an earlier post, Kinetic Duelist CAN be combined with Elemental Annilihator, up to the point of getting Omnicide... and Dual Blades.

Ok, you'll probably BURN yourself out, but yiked, the BBEG might not survive 6 attacks that deal 3,150 points of damage total O_O

(10d6+10) x 1.5 [each Empowered element] = 105 x 5 [all combined] = 525 x 6 [each time you can attack] = 3,150

Oh, provided the target is immune to fire, electricity AND cold (subtracting 105 points for each element per attack), you still whack it with 1,260 points of damage.

7 people marked this as a favorite.

This is a project I had in mind for quite some time now... so might as well pitch the idea right now.

This is a topic to pitch ideas on how to make seafaring characters, especially pirate characters ;)

I'd like to take the opportunity to take that first post to highlight the basics, before you and I dive deeper into actual class builds and ideas :P

- If you plan on being an actual pirate, you're against the law, you live by your own rules and you couldn't care for the rest.
- For other seafaring characters, you can be of any alignment. It includes explorers and marine officers.

- Swim gets you out of a bind everytime.
- Knowledge (geography) is also useful.
- Survival is quasi-imperative

- If you can afford a ship, good for you.
- Water Breathing, Freedom of Movement and other such spells can save your life.
- Fire spells can be a double-edged sword, because it can't be used in water, and often resisted by aquatic creatures, but it's deadly on other ships.
- Light armors "lighten your load" while swimming.
- A backup piercing weapon is useful if you fight underwater.

P.S. Before you bring it up, yes, you can suggest stuff for the ninja :P
- It's an alternate rogue
- It can work for Tian Xian/oriental settings
- If you want to troll your GM with a ninja in a pirate-heavy campaign, might as well suggest you HOW to proceed XD

I can suggest really quick a few archetype ideas:
Barbarian: Sea Reaver, Mounted Fury (with aquatic mounts)
Bard: Buccaneer, Watersinger
Cleric: Travel and Water domains
Druid: Aquatic Druid, Kraken Caller, Shark Shaman, Storm Druid
Fighter: Corsair, Dirty Fighter, Roughrider (with aquatic mounts), Viking
Monk: Monk of the Four Winds, Sohei (with aquatic mounts)
Paladin: Divine Hunter, Grey Paladin, Holy Gun, Sacred Servant (with appropriate deity)
Ranger: Battle Scout, Wave Warden
Rogue: Bandit, Eldritch Raider, Pirate, River Rat, Smuggler, Swashbuckler
Sorcerer: Aquatic, Elemental, Marid and Stormborn bloodlines
Wizard: Siege Mage
Alchemist: Grenadier, Saboteur
Cavalier: Beast Rider (with aquatic mounts), Daring Champion, Hussar, Wave Rider
Inquisitor: Cloaked Wolf, Heretic
Oracle: Elementalist Oracle, Wave Mystery
Summoner: Naturalist, Synthesist (with an aquatic eidolon)
Witch: Beast-bonded (with aquatic familiars), Sea Witch
Magus: Card Caster, Eldritch Archer, Elemental Knight, Esoteric, Hexcrafter
Gunslinger: Bolt Ace, Buccaneer, Maverick, Musket Master, Pistolero, Siege Gunner
Ninja: -none- (no jokes, no archetype has written yet); Rogue archetypes could work though
Samurai: Sword Saint; Cavalier archetypes could work too
Antipaladin -none- (couldn't find any suitable one)
Arcanist: Elemental Master, Unlettered Arcanist (with aquatic familiars)
Bloodrager: Bloodrider (with aquatic mounts), Bloody-Knuckled Rowdy
Brawler: Steel-Breaker, Wild Child (with aquatic companions)
Hunter: Feral Hunter, Packmaster
Investigator: Conspirator, Hallucinist, Infiltrator, Sleuth, Steel Hound
Shaman: Animist, Witch Doctor
Skald: Belkzen War Drummer, Dragon Skald, Warlord
Slayer: Bounty Hunter, Cutthroat, Sniper
Swashbuckler: Daring Infiltrator, Musketeer, Picaroon, Shackles Corsair
Warpriest: Cult Leader, Mantis Zealot, Sacred Fist
Kineticist: Elemental Annihilator, Elemental Ascetic
Medium: Kami Medium, Relic Channeler
Mesmerist: Toxitician, Vexing Daredevil
Occultist: Battle Host, Reliquarian
Psychic: Mutation Mind
Spiritualist: Haunted, Shadow Caller
Vigilante: pretty much anything, since most archetypes grant a different identity.... which in turn mimics another class:
- Avenger: Fighter
- Stalker: Rogue
- Brute: Barbarian
- Cabalist: Witch
- Gunmaster: Gunslinger
- Magical Child: Summoner
- Mounted Fury: Cavalier
- Warlock: Magus
- Wildsoul: Druid/Hunter
- Zealot: Inquisitor

Luthorne wrote:
JiCi wrote:

Huh... please excuse my ignorance, but...

What's the difference between Aether and Mind?

Aether involves moving things telekinetically. Mind involves directly assaulting someone's mind with mental energies.

Except that Telekinesis involves using your mind...

That's... why it confuses me a little :P

N. Jolly wrote:
JiCi wrote:
A new class? I'm eager to that ^_^ Frankly, I always thought that it would be easier to just add kinetic blasts and talents as new ninja tricks, but a brand new class should be interesting ;)
See, a lot of people think things like that, but there's so many moving parts that come together to make the kineticist work that just doing that wouldn't be great. You need some way to mitigate burn, some way to gauge it all, and it just becomes a much bigger process than it seems. This is something that really goes into archetype building, as the kineticist has a few pillars that are difficult to move without the entire class crumbling.

Actually, I would have replaced the Burn cost by Ki points, to a minimum of I Ki point needed ;)

Huh... please excuse my ignorance, but...

What's the difference between Aether and Mind?

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The Brawling enhancement went from +1 to +3... without any change?

At this cost I would have given Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat PLUS damage equal to the monk's unarmed damage...

Ms. Pleiades wrote:
Squiggit wrote:
Also where's the acid damage?

Sitting in the corner, crying that the development team doesn't want it to play with the other elements anymore.

Should have had it accessible through Wood, goodness knows that element desperately needs some shoring up.

Kineticists of Porphyra II has Poison as an element, using acid as its energy core. It's 3rd-party sure, but it can a decent solution.

Dragon78 wrote:
There is also room for a Ultimate Good, Ultimate Chaos, Ultimate Law, and the very misunderstood Ultimate Neutral;)

Law and Chaos can be explained with Good and Evil.

N. Jolly wrote:
Also small update, sadly the elemental shinobi archetype has been nixed. The good news is that it's going to be made into its own class, it's right now working as a hybrid ninja/kineticist.

A new class? I'm eager to that ^_^ Frankly, I always thought that it would be easier to just add kinetic blasts and talents as new ninja tricks, but a brand new class should be interesting ;)

Hayato Ken wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
What kind of mutations?

Gender changes? Some not of the same race, but unknown and or exotic alien races?

Might also involve appendixes like arms and feet?
Or tongues? Wonder how a slaat tongue would look on a human :D
Or a trunk.

Roll a die using tables that list the Race Builder's traits... Have fun :P

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ok, can we FINALLY get the REAL Tarasque, even if it needs to be renamed?

Look, if they are aiming to add real-world mythological creatures, might as well add this one.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Hmmm... let's see what else could be found here:
- Variant fear effects: shaken, frightened and panicked... We know these, but could there be any sort of alternate penalties?

- Campaign scenarios: Not hooks, but entire campaigns, like...
* The PCs wake up from a strange coma and find out that the entire world was brought to submission by a powerful villain, making everyone a slave.
* The PCs wake up from a laboratory with mutations.
* The PCs travel back in time, but their actions change the future in a bad way when they return.

- Interplanar threats: The Astral Plane, Ethereal Plane, Shadow Plane and Negative Energy Plane are all home to dangerous creatures and hazards. The Outer Planes have established threats, but these 4 rarely get any attention.

Dragon78 wrote:
I would like to see a plant or fey creature that can create any kind of Leshy(without cost/time to create) as a special ability.

A huge treant-like tree with cocoons would be nice ;)

Tuvarkz wrote:
JiCi wrote:

- Dragon-blooded animal companions

Oh, yes, I'd love me some dragon-themed animal companions; particularly if they scaled somewhat better into the late-game, no matter if we need to invest two-three feats for it.

Wyvern mounts when?


Pathfinder #103: The Hellfire Compact:
In this AP's Bestiary, there are 3 "Fiend-Bred" animals, which are animal descendants of animal-like outsiders: a Hell Hound dog, a Howler cat and a Nightmare horse.

If we can get those, I'm sure that we can get dragon-blooded animals and vermins. Granted, you can apply the half-dragon template, but that can be added to show a long-running evolutionary line of species.

Back in WotC's Dragon Magic, we had a feline, an equine and an avian... which looked more 99% draconic than bird-like :P

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Blade Adept (Arcanist) (Advanced Class Guide)

Adept Exploits: A blade adept can select from the following additional exploits.

Eldritch Celerity: The blade adept can expend 1 point from her arcane reservoir in order to treat 3/4 of her spellcaster level as her base attack bonus (cleric's BAB progression, for instance). At 12th level, the blade adept can expend 2 point from her arcane reservoir in order to treat her full spellcaster level as her base attack bonus (fighter's BAB progression). This bonus lasts until your next turn.

That's all you need. I fail to understand why they gave a 1/2 BAB spellcaster a very martial-flavored archetype, without any ability to be a martial-flavored character. With this exploit, which is optional BTW, you can at least HIT something with your sword.

Student of Stone (Monk) (Advanced Race Guide)

Strength of Stone (Ex): At 3rd level, a student of stone learns to draw strength from the earth. So long as both he and his opponent are touching the ground, the student of stone gains a +2 bonus on attack rolls, damage rolls, bull rush and trip combat maneuver rolls, and to his CMD when resisting a bull rush or trip attempt. This bonus increases by +1 every 2 levels beyond 3rd. This ability replaces fast movement.

Ok... someone will have to explain me how can you call swapping an scaling speed enhancement for a single +1 bonus to rolls a fair trade... Yeah... oreads can now be more potent on the ground as they level up.

Bones of Stone (Su): At 7th level, as a swift action, a student of stone can spend 1 ki point to gain DR 2/magic until the beginning of his next turn. At 10th level, he can spend 1 ki point to gain DR 5/magic until his next turn. At 15th level, he can spend 1 ki point to gain DR 10/magic until his next turn. This ability replaces high jump.

You're obtaining 5/chaotic for free at 20th level, making this ability completely moot. I changed it to x/magic only.

Soul of Stone (Su): At 12th level, as a swift action, a student of stone can spend 1 ki point to gain tremorsense 30 feet until his next turn. At 16th level, the range of this tremorsense increases to 60 feet. This ability replaces abundant step.

Again, you're gaining Tremorsense 20ft. at 20th level, making this ability completely useless, even for an extra 10ft. for tremorsense. Now, spending a ki point greatly increases the sense's range, making a GOOD investment.

Dragon78 wrote:
I would change the names to Apsu Blade and Dahak Zealot. Otherwise some interesting sounding archetypes.

I'm no good at naming stuff, whoops :P

Bellona wrote:
JiCi wrote:

Wishlist? Huh... get ready XD

- Apsu, Dahak and Tiamat as deities (basically more info)

- Apsu's herald and petitioner
- Dahak's herald and petitioner
- Tiamat's herald and petitioner

Deity-wise both Apsu and Dahak have been covered in Inner Sea Faiths, complete with obediences and evangelist/exalted/sentinel boons. (But minus the sidebars detailing related traits, feats, prestige classes, etc.)

I'm not sure where their Herald stat blocks might be.

And I believe that Tiamat is not slated for much detail ever, as her best-known incarnation (Krynn's Tiamat/Takhisis) is part of WotC's IP (i.e., Krynn), and therefore not available. (Kind of like how Demogorgon exists in the Paizo 'verse as he is listed in some mediaeval bestiary or the like, but not in the snakey double baboon-headed incarnation so familiar from WotC's IP.)

Huh, I see, I should check that one out too ;)

Azten wrote:
JiCi wrote:


- Dragonrider (Cavalier)
- Apsu Zealot (Paladin)
- Dahak Blade (Antipaladin)
- Dracokineticist (Kineticist)
- Dracomancer (Sorcerer)
- Raging Drake (Barbarian)
- Blooded Wyrm (Bloodrager)
- Dragon Guard (Fighter)
- Dracochymist (Alchemist)
- Hoard Collector (Occultist)
- Draco Conjurer ([Unchained] Summoner)
I hope they do better with any dragon themed archetype than they did with the Dragon Shaman druid.

Well, change the name to "Saurian Shaman" and have the new one being "Dragon Shaman", how would that sound?

Dragon78 wrote:
if we get a magic element.

I concur ^_^

A manakineticist similar to the Warlock (the 3.5 class that is, not the vigilante archetype :P ) would be nice.

@ N.Jolly

I'd like to see suggestions/insights for some of the archetypes. For instance, for the Elemental Scion, I'd like to know your opinion on which element is "the best option" for it. Same goes for the Fusion Kineticist, with "the best two-elements combos".

Ok not really an URGING advice, but it would be nice to have this kind of info for the long run ;)

Gorbacz wrote:
Zaister wrote:
The only thing you can achieve by pitching something like that here is make sure that Paizo will certainly not create an adventure path in that vein.

To expand upon Zaister's thought - it's because the last Paizo wants to is to wrestle with a lawsuit.

Or rather - the last thing they want to is to have you lose the lawsuit, because of the " Users posting messages to the site automatically grant Paizo Inc the royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, nonexclusive right and license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, sublicense, copy and distribute such messages throughout the world in any media." boilerplate.

Which means that by posting here, all your ideas are belong to Paizo. So before you post any works of yours that would not fall under the OGL anyway, think twice.

None of us is doing this in order to get famous and noticed by the Paizo staff. Furthermore, I was part of the WotC message board community before, so I know the rules about whatever is written here can be used by the staff. Finally, just by taking my example, this scenario has been already used countless times in video games, TV series and comic books. So basically, I copied something that got copied again over and over.

Iron Gods is about the PCs investigating a futuristic region with aliens. Please count how many times THAT scenario got used in fantasy stories. Here's a clue: even D&D used a similar premise back in the 2nd edition.

None of us cares that much about whether or not Paizo uses those ideas for an AP. They can modify everything if they wish, if that can help them make a new AP, so be it.

Dragon78 wrote:
There is a good chance that at least some of these archetypes will be in Legacy of Dragons but only time will tell.

Was there any new booklet or book that didn't have archetypes :P ?

I'd be more surprised to see prestige classes than not seeing archetypes at all XD

Thank you, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou ^_^

I was waiting for this for a long time :D

Wishlist? Huh... get ready XD

- Dragonrider (Cavalier)
- Apsu Zealot (Paladin)
- Dahak Blade (Antipaladin)
- Dracokineticist (Kineticist)
- Dracomancer (Sorcerer)
- Raging Drake (Barbarian)
- Blooded Wyrm (Bloodrager)
- Dragon Guard (Fighter)
- Dracochymist (Alchemist)
- Hoard Collector (Occultist)
- Draco Conjurer ([Unchained] Summoner)

(Please excuse the cheesy names... not my strong suit ^^; )

Racial Traits
- Kobold
- Wyvaran
- Human

- Armors and weapons made from specific draconic materials
- Dragons as familiars
- Apsu, Dahak and Tiamat as deities (basically more info)

- Hellwyrm
- Dragon-blooded animals (suitable as animal companions)
- Golem made from a dragon's hoard
- Sentient elemental creature made from a breath weapon
- Apsu's herald and petitioner
- Dahak's herald and petitioner
- Tiamat's herald and petitioner

Of course, more feats, spells and magic items to complement everything nicely ^_^

kevin_video wrote:

Just want to drink up that there's already a Dragonslayer's Handbook. Has multiple feats, dragoncrafting using parts of a dragon, archetypes, slaying spells, equipment, and magic items.

Archetypes include dragon drinker (sorcerer), and dragon hunter (ranger), wyrm sniper (gunslinger).

I'll agree that it would be nice if Paizo released more stuff for dragons as right now it's only being covered by 3PP, such as Rogue Genius Games who have the Dragonrider (think How to Train Your Dragon), including a paladin and cavalier alternate class feature for mounts.

I'm actually talking about archetypes and features that demonstrate kinship with dragons, not how to kill them :P

David knott 242 wrote:
And there is also a Player Companion called Legacy of Dragons coming out in August. I am surprised that nobody has mentioned that book in this thread yet.

Thanks a bunch for the heads-up ^_^

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hmmm... if the book offers options similar to what WotC's Dragon Magic offered, it would be nice, especially for archetypes.

- Dragonrider for the cavalier
- Dragon Guard for the fighter
- Hoard Hunter for the rogue
- Draconic Zealot for the kineticist
- Draconic familiars
- Dragon-blooded animal companions
- Expansion for the Draconic Bloodline for both sorcerers and bloodragers
- Expansion for the Dragon Deities

Name it, they could go for something about worshipping dragons, be with or without adding a new race.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Insane KillMaster wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
It would nice for a class to get an actual breath weapon like how it is supposed to function, none of this 1-3/day but every 1d4 rounds. Though the damage should be more like the kineticist/rouge damage dice progression. This would be good for the bloodsavant, primalist, blu mage, and/or unchained sorcerer.

The X per day is there for balancing issues.

^ D12, full BaB, 3 good saves, 6+int mod skill points, Breath per day based on the Barbarian's "rounds of Rage per day", Breath damage based on Kineticist's/Rogue's damage dice progression, etc...

If a Kineticist can shoot a Blast every round without any cooldown, I don't see why you cannot have a breath weapon with a cooldown to compensate.

Seriously, the Kinetic Blast makes the Alchemist's Bomb look like a total joke...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Maybe more hybrid classes could be useful:
- Wizard/Rogue -> Arcane Trickster
- Fighter/Psychic -> Psychic Warrior
- Gunslinger/Alchemist -> Alchemical Gunner
- Druid/Summoner -> Spirit Caller
- Barbarian/Spiritualist -> Ancestral Rager
- Monk/Kineticist -> Martial Elementalist
- Ninja/Kineticist -> Mystic Scout
- Inquisitor/Occultist -> Relic Judge
- Medium/Psychic -> Fortune Reader
- Bard/Mesmerist -> Manipulator
- Oracle/Sorcerer -> Born Theurge
- Barbarian/Oracle -> Rage Prophet

The more they can make multiclassing as minimal, the better...

Taliyah, the Stoneweaver: Geokineticist... and you're set :P

Maybe not actual new bloodlines, but how about new revelations for existing mysteries, new powers for existing bloodlines, and such?

Basically, how about expanding the current ones?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it just passed the 8k mark :D

Cyrad wrote:
I don't think you understand my first point. Combat is the entire point of being a brute, but the archetype forces you to transform back to your non-combat form after every single fight. This can be crippling or tedious when you're going to be having lots of fights one after another.

Yeah, I got it, it gets tiring after a while :P

Cyrad wrote:

I studied the brute carefully and it honestly doesn't look as bad as most think. It's still a poorly designed archetype. However, you don't really address the major two issues I have with it:

1) The archetype prohibits you from using your social identity for combat. However, the brute also forces you to transform back to social after every fight. It's an antipattern. You can only do combat as your brute form, but it only lasts until the end of the fight. Then you have to waste time resting and then transforming back. This gets very tedious during a dungeoncrawl or a combat-heavy adventure. They should have designed it so that when you succeed your Will save to not pummel your allies, you can choose whether or not to change back or stay in the form.

2) You're super squishy as a brute. You have a d8 Hit Die. You take like...a -3 penalty to AC. You can't wear armor until later levels. And unlike a barbarian or an alchemist with mutagen, you don't get any natural armor or Constitution bonuses to boost your hit points.

1) Well, when you're an enraged hulking monster, I... don't think you're gonna resort to social skills in that form :P I get the omittion, but on the other hand, it fits with the concept.

2) You're right... but maybe you can go for bracers of armor, amulets of natural armor and rings of protection instead of armors. Then again, at 6th level, you take no penalty for wearing magic armor when "hulking", so it's still pretty early.

- A Combat Feat (tree if needed) to use iterative attacks with natural weapons

- A Metamagic Feat to make spells harder to identify, because they look nothing like the original

- A Combat Feat to strike multiple times with a wand, albeit higher charge costs when doing so

- A ride armor/mech armor/giant riding robot armor suit, similar to the Steam Armor in the WoW D20 RPG.

- Clockwork arm variants to finally be detailled:
* arm that can transform into a firearm (that's mentioned in Magical Marketplace)
* arm that can double as an autograpnel (Bionic Commando style)
* arm that can transform into a light/one-handed weapon

- The equivalent of specters from Forgotten Realms, which were wands/rods that could hold up to 6th-level spells and more than one.

- Item sets, such as Regalias (crown, specter, orb)

- Items that can allow iterative attacks with natural weapons (gauntlets for claws, mask for bite, etc.)

- Magical siege weapons

- More weapon and armor qualities related to acid and sonic; seriously, those two are ALWAYS left out for some reason.

Brute (Vigilante) (Ultimate Intrigue)

Brute Talents
Lucid Regression (Ex): The Brute has trained himself to better control his Brute Form after heated battles. The Will Save DC to avoid attacking allies and bystanders, after all enemies are gone, is reduced by 10. At 18th level, the Brute doesn't need to make a save anymore to avoid attacking others. A brute must be at least 10th level to select this talent.

This is probably the most problematic aspect of the Brute, being the equivalent of the Frenzied Berserker. Unlike the Wild Rager archetype, this state is not similar to a confusion effect. With this talent, which is totally optional to the player, the Brute won't cause to kill other PCs.

Raging Brute Powers (Ex or Su): The Brute can tap into his inner rage to gain extraordinary powers. He may select a Rage Power from the Barbarian class list, using his Vigilante level as his Barbarian level. He must have the required level to select certain powers.

Ok... the Brute is a raging viligante... without any rage powers... Yeah, I think it's weird... This new talent solve this. Again, talent = optional.

Brutish Strength (Ex) The Brute has learned to bulk up his form and tapping into his inner rage. Upon assuming his vigilante identity, the Brute gains gains a +4 enhancement bonus to his Strength and Constitution. A brute must be at least 12th level to select this talent.

I get that it might be too powerful to grant size bonuses to stats when assuming the Brute Form, but it shouldn't have been left out either. This talent grants enhancement bonuses as an option.

Monstrous Wielder (Ex) The Brute uses his immense strength to lift and wield objects that no person would be able to. He can wield weapons up to one size larger without penalty from wielding inappropriate sized weapons. The weapon category (light, one-handed, two-handed) is not affected. For instance, the Brute using a Huge Greatclub would be using it a two-handed weapon. A brute must have the Sizing Equipment talent before selecting this talent.

This is another ability that suits the Brute pretty well, so I've made it into a talent.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Ok, the rules are simple:
1) Pick an archetype
2) Fix it... and explain the modifications
3) Keep it balance and in theme with the concept
4) Explain why you fixed it

Two-Weapon Warrior (Fighter) (Advanced Player's Guide)

Improved Balance (Ex): At 11th level, the attack penalties for fighting with two weapons are reduced by –1 for a two-weapon warrior. The penalties are reduced by an additional –1 for every four levels after 11th. This ability replaces armor training 3.

The wording was awkward to the point that wielding 2 one-handed weapons was... pointless, because this ability and Prefect Balance do the exact same thing without reducing the penalty. With this, you get up to a -2 reduction to attack rolls when TWF, regardless of what kind of weapon you have.

Perfect Training (Ex): At 15th, a two-weapon warrior can apply any weapon specific feat for its primary weapon to its off-hand weapon, such as Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization. This ability replaces armor training 4.

This is to replace Perfect Balance that got merged with Improved Balance. Also, this is an ability I've seen a few times, so...


Ok, what archetype(s) can YOU fix ;) ?

Goth Guru wrote:

An alchemist monster like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

The human side becomes more and more pacifist while the monster becomes more violent. The unfortunate discovery of fracturing mutation causes them to have an inherent repeating mutation that stacks with another mutagen, which will the same type. All the bombs and extracts the alchemist prepared will be abused by the violent personality.

Sounds like a combination between the Ragechemist and Master Chymist.

Rysky wrote:
Okay, that offsets it slightly, but most group don't start at level 20, they start at level 1.

True, but for a DC 20 Will save, you can lean on a high Wisdom score, the Iron Will feat and the Aid Other action. Just with the last two, that can be a bonus +8 to your save (assuming that you have 3 allies). I know it's a pain in the you-know-where, but it's not like you can't crank your Wisdom score from the get-go, depending on your stat rolls.

Squiggit wrote:
tl;dr Brute Vigilantes aren't even that good at pretending to be the hulk and even if you want to play one you should probably just go dex also why does this archetype have so many downsides eugh.

I feel like you should rank up your Wisdom first and foremost, to avoid berserking on your allies.

There are ways to help:

- The Brute has +6 for a Will Save by 20th level, because of Brutish Fortitude.
- Iron Will adds +2 to Will Saves
- A Cloak of Resistance adds up to +5 to saves
- A defiant weapon would help, up to +5 for non-epic levels. However... 1) it would have to be a gauntlet to take advantage of the unarmed strike and 2) it's a bit unclear if defiant would apply to that condition. Is it a mind-affecting effect?
- Good Wisdom score, say 20, for +5.

6 + 2 + 5 + 5 + 5 = +23 for a Will Save by 20th level... and you would need to roll 7 or higher.

Furthermore, if you're in a party of 4, you included, the other 3 can Aid Other for +6 to the Will Save.

23 + 6 = +29 for a Will Save by 20th level... and you would need to roll 2 or higher.

Yes, it's expensive to the extreme, but if it's to avoid one-shotting your own party, I'd say that the investment is worth it.

Couldn't some of the suggestions be converted into archetypes instead? I feel like some do.

MMCJawa wrote:
Mechagamera wrote:
Thus B6 will be the intrigue bestiary.
Assuming we get one this year, which I am skeptical on.

B3 was released in 2011, B4 in 2013 and B5 in 2015... I think that they rearranged their schedule to have a Bestiary at least 2 years apart now (2017). We'll probably get either a 2nd Monster Codex or NPC Codex in the meantime... which I hope we get.

As for the theme, while we did get "Intrigue", "Horror" is coming out this summer, so... maybe these twos themes will get them more inspiration than only either one.

Four Horsemen—Famine wrote:
JiCi wrote:
stuff about the original French water dragon
I say you get the book, build the mythological creature, and show it off on our page. I think that would be fun.

I'll see what I can do ^_^

My review for KoP3 is up on Paizo ^_^

chibiamy wrote:
Something that can play to Vigilantes?


Give us an AP that puts the PCs at odds with a Vigilante, or even a TEAM of vigilantes.

Would B6 have an overall theme to it? I do recall that B3 had a LOT of oriental creatures.

Planar Adventures would be nice, so we could get more info on the planes.

Four Horsemen — Pestilence wrote:
JiCi wrote:

Well, my point was that the Tarrasque started as an invincible killing machine, then it got upgraded to Spawn of Rovagug status... and THEN you guys layered an even more powerful template on top of it.

I've seen madness before, but this? Are you guys D&D fans who got annoyed by the introduction of Kaijus in B4, so you wanted to keep the Tarrasque up to speed :P ?

Might as well strap a huge laser cannon on...

And it is a excellent point. What we are trying to explain is that we didn't set out with the idea of making the King of All Tarrasques, for the sake of having the biggest creature ever. We did it because we were testing out the monster builder system, and needed to push it to the absolute limits. That meant, making a creature that was CR 34 and Colossal. If we were going to do that, we might as well make it the tarrasque since being the biggest scariest thing in the Bestiary is its deal. If we were going to make all of these monsters as part of the playtesting process, we might as well include them in the final book.

It is also important to stress that there were no templates applied to the monster, and it was created from the ground up using the Talented Bestiary system. You could just as easily make a CR 2 Small-sized baby tarrasque, a CR 15 Huge-sized intelligent tarrasque with acidic skin and a prismatic spray gaze, or a CR 20-something tarrasque that pretty closely resembled the original.

Oh, don't worry, I'm not complaining about it one bit; I'm just baffled that you guys just picked one of the OP creatures in D&D history... and made it even MORE OP than usual XD

Although... one major complain I do about the Tarrasque is that it wasn't based on the original mythological French creature, which was a six-legged demonic humanoid-headed turtle. If the D&D version was named differently, I wouldn't even have noticed, but now, it's like a huge "lost in translation" problem :P

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