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JiCi's page

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Mark Seifter wrote:
JiCi wrote:
Mystic_Snowfang wrote:
Chuspikis.... they are FREAKING ADORABLE AND I WANT ONE!

And they're probably one of the most powerful familiars a spellcaster can get O_o

** spoiler omitted **

References to HD in a monster are for actual racial HD (not class levels, inspire greatness, phantom HD from familiars, etc), so for instance a monster with HD-based special ability DCs that took class levels would not advance those DCs. The original turnover for chuspiki actually also specifically called out that the familiar thing doesn't work, but it became vaguer at some point during the process, likely due to thinking that the overall rule I mentioned above was clearer to everyone than it is.

Oh, I see, thanks for clarifying ^_^

Mystic_Snowfang wrote:
Chuspikis.... they are FREAKING ADORABLE AND I WANT ONE!

And they're probably one of the most powerful familiars a spellcaster can get O_o

Bestiary 5's info on the chuspiki:
Basically, it's a mouse with [Aero]-Kineticist abilities that rely on its HD. No seriously, that's one of the few monsters whose abilities are clearly written that it's based on its HD. One of the rules about familiars is that the familiar has its own HD of its master... whichever is greater. Your 20th-level sorcerer with a chuspiki familiar essentially has a 20th-level Kineticist by his side. Ouch X_X

Wait until it coughs up an Air Blast that hits as hard as a fireball at this point...

The Worst Ever wrote:
- More Large 0HD races

More? I'm asking this because I don't recall any Large race, aside from the Trox.

We could use a giantfolk, half-giant, goliath... or whatever humanoid race with the giant subtype whose ancestry is traced back to giants.

Thomas LeBlanc wrote:
I wouldn't like to see any of the PC appropriate races in a Monster Codex (e.g. aasimar, catfolk, naga, teifling, tengu, etc). These are races better left to players for creating. While it would be nice as a GM for precreated NPCs, I don't think they would be as impressive when used outside of a Campaign Setting.

Goblins, kobolds, hobgoblins, ratfolks, drows, duergars and orcs are all 0HD races. While they're often used as NPCs, it's still a great deal.

No creatures made using templates. The ghoul (while not a template, they should be) and vampire sections of MC 1 were my least favorite. Ghouls were medium, except the ghoul animals. No ghasts or lacedons? Missed chance for Small and Large ghouls, any humanoid can be made into one. While the vampires had a slight size and race mix, they were disappointing to me.

The lack of ghats and lacedons is indeed questionnable, seeing that the serpentfolks and sahuagins are racial variants. Still, having more templated NPCs is a good tool for less time-consuming preparations.

No mindless or low Int (<6) creatures.

Ogres... trolls... there are many tribal races that are dumb, but that shouldn't be a limiting factor to create NPCs.

No races that are likely to be encountered solo.


I would really like to see fey represented. 1 or 2 water races. A planar race, perhaps Azer.

Those can work. The reason I've suggested a lot of aquatic races is because there's a distinct lack of representation right now.

MMCJawa wrote:
I think an "allies codex" is probably the most logical next step as a follow up to the Monster Codex. There are a decent number of races which tend to be more neutral or work as player options, which could benefit from having statted individuals and are never going to show up in a normal NPC Codex (assuming we get another one?)

I feel like it's because it's rare for players to be at odds with the standard PC races and/or good-aligned races. Most of the 1st Codex's races are kinda xenophobic to the other humanoid races. The standard PC races aren't much like that.

I'm all for more NPCs that are elves, dwarves, half-elves, gnomes, halflings and half-orcs, but I feel like they belong more for the NPC Codex, considering that altering the NPCs represented there is rather easy.

Aasimars? Hmmm... I feel like they're too urban or too blended in humanoid societies. You're not gonna find an enclave of aasimars as easily as a tribe of goblinoids. An aasimar might be the head of Iomedae's local church... but he or she might be the only aasimar of the town.

OK... time to update this thread ^_^

My list (20 species):
- Merfolks
- Adaros
- Deep Merfolks
- Ichthyocentaurs
- Dark Ones
- Hill Giants
- Stone Giants
- Harpies
- Changelings
- Catfolks
- Werewolves
- Tengus
- Kitsunes
- Deep Ones
- Firbolgs
- Animal Lords
- Liches
- Zombie Lords
- Skeletal Champions
- Mummy Lords

CerverusDante wrote:

Centaur: Clasical monster race. I would like to se feats or an archetipe who take advantage of the centaur horse hoofs, being mounted by without a real mount.

Cyclop: Cyclops have a more glorious pass, like the troglodites. I would like to know wath exactly happense with the cyclop civilization, and to see an ancient cyclop variant.

Derros: I´m interested in how derros insanity affects their society

Minotaur: Minotaur apeared alongside orcs, gnolls, goblins and the other ones in "clasic monster revised", but the where forgotten in monster codex. They merit their place. Minotaur npcs could include Baphomet priests and antipaladin.

You might want to rejoice, because these are presented in the Inner Seas Monster codex, alongside other monsters ;)

UnArcaneElection wrote:
^You probably wouldn't want a spell-like ability, because then Fighters would get nerfed by an Anti-Magic Field or Dead Magic Zone. Fighters need to be based upon Extraordinary Abilities, unless they dip or VMC in something that does otherwise, or take some weird archetype that already does otherwise, or if you are going to do something like 6th Edition D&D does and make Eldritch Knight a Fighter archetype.

Ah ah, what I meant was "a maneuver that looks like a spell, without being a spell." :P

"Spell-like" as in that is similar to the spellcasting rules" ^_^

CBDunkerson wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:
Well...part of the whole thing with Colossi is that they are "transformers". So what would for instance a Blood Colossi transform into to?
Given that the Sphinx Colossus transforms from a sphinx (statue) to a sphinx (moving statue) it seems like they've allowed sufficient flexibility for just about any golem -> colossus creature.

Just a few examples:

Blood Colossus: Blood puddle, as a Colossal ooze
Cannon Colossus: A mix between a cannon and a bombard
Fossil Colossus: Skeletal dinosaur
Coral Colossus: Fish-like creature
Carrion Colossus: Beetle-like creature

Nightterror wrote:
I hope the colossi stay rare and not all golems gain an Colossus version, I really would dislike so much simplicity. A Bone Colossus while cool, is too much like the Gashadokuro.

At the rate of 2-3 colossi per book, for all 2-4 golems we're getting in the same book, we'll be fine :P

MMCJawa wrote:
JiCi wrote:


- Clay, Ice, Adamantine, Alchemical, Carrion, Clockwork, Glass, Mithral, Bone, Brass, Cannon, Fossil, Blood, Coral, Junk, Wax, Crystal and/or Lead Colossi: Ok, hold on, I'm not asking for ALL of these, but considering that Colossi are basically Colossal golems, they... can work it out with other existing golems.


Well...part of the whole thing with Colossi is that they are "transformers". So what would for instance a Blood Colossi transform into to?

Blood puddle, gaining the ooze traits.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ah ah! Found more :P
- Giant butterflies/moths: Ok, B5 has 2 caterpillars (one small and one large). Do not, and I mean "DO NOT" tell me that these don't cocoon themselves into butterflies or moths in their life cycles :P

- Clay, Ice, Adamantine, Alchemical, Carrion, Clockwork, Glass, Mithral, Bone, Brass, Cannon, Fossil, Blood, Coral, Junk, Wax, Crystal and/or Lead Colossi: Ok, hold on, I'm not asking for ALL of these, but considering that Colossi are basically Colossal golems, they... can work it out with other existing golems.

- More Kaijus: Come on... please...

- Dragons: While I don't know what's going to be added for rules in the future, as the Esotiric Dragons are clearly releated to Occult rules, I'd like to see [Outer] Planar Dragons, like a Celestial (NG), Abyssal (NE), Axiomatic (LN), Entropic (CN) and Concordant Dragon (N).

- Animated Siege Weapons: I've seen times where the souls of dead soldiers could animate a siege weapon, espeically after a huge battle.

- More Manasaputras and sahkils: Y'know, since they are new outsider classes.

Have you ever crack open a book, be Bestiary or not, and witness a template that can become deadly when applied to the right creature?Or even better: have you seen a template that looks "harmless enough" at first, but became deadly as you found a base creature that could easily break the rules?

I'm so sorry, but... I keep finding that the Undead Lord template from Tome of Horrors can cook up some of the most ridiculous combinations ever made.

Basically, an Undead Lord makes any undead creature more powerful... with the ability to create spawns. At first, you tell yourself that applying it to a skeleton, a zombie, a ghost, a ghoul or a wight isn't too bad...

Try applying it to a Bone Ship (Bestiary 5)... or just about any giant-sized undead there is.

A Bone Ship is basially a sailing ship made of undead remains, totally eligible for the Undead Lord template. Here's the joke: Create Spawn will create MORE Bone Ships from any creature slain by the Undead Lord Bone Ship.

A sailing ship can contain 20 sailors and up to 200 passengers; a warship can contain 60 sailors with 160 soldiers... possibly more if 80 rowers are added in.

Congratulations! A single Undead Lord Bone Ship can kill off up to 220 or 300 creatures... and have its own fleet at its command in matter of minutes... because the create spawn ability doesn't state that the victim has to be of the same size, type or whatnot to become the same undead type of the Undead Lord.

Ok, while it's debatable whether or not the Undead Lord has to kill the creature itself, because a Bone Ship can aim at the hull, hit a powder keg and make the ship explode... but are creatures on board killed by the explosion or the Bone Ship that caused the explosion?

Still, so far, it's probably the template can be make things ugly in a matter of minutes.

Can unchained classes be turned into archetypes? Seems like it IMO.

An unchained fighter would be appreciated, and I see just one feature to add to make better and LESS braindead...


Instead of a Bonus Feat, give them the option to learn a spell-like ability, such as "Making a Vital Strike-like attack, dealing your weapon times your level". Ok, add "one use equals to 1 + your constitution modifier", explaining that it's a tiring move to use over and over, but still...

The fighter has so many issues right now.
- A fighter will use only 1, 2, maybe 3 weapons at most. 1 melee, 2 ranged and possibly 1 more melee for either backup or TWF. So what's the point of selecting more weapon groups, when you'll technically use only 2?

- Bravery just sucks... make it "add your fighter level as a bonus to Will saves against fear" instead of a puny +1 per/4 levels.

- Make it 4 + Int modifier for skill points, and add Perception to the list.

Another option would be to layer an archetype ON TOP of the regular class, not having the archetype replacing the fighter's features, but getting added as well.

Aeon, Othaos
Melee 4 slams +10 (1d4+4)

They should turn it into:

Aeon, Othaos
Melee 4 slams +10 [fists] (1d4+4)

Basically, they should just add what is used for the slams. Say, you have the ability to sever/cripple/injure a specific limb, you should be able to know if that limb is used for the slam attack.

Cole Deschain wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
They already started taking stuff from the Inner Sea Bestiary so that gate has already been opened;)

And I wasn't happy about that-since they only half-gutted it.

Either commit, or leave self-contained monster supplements alone.

You have to remember that the ISB has monsters that are Golarion-specific, first and foremost. It kinda takes time to readapt these monsters for a more general setting. Then again, many monsters of the ISB can be rearranged, like the races and robots.


Is it me, or is the Earth Veela missing a Burrow speed?

Dragon78 wrote:
I would like more 0HD races that are not humanoid or native outsider. I would love at least one that is aberration, one undead, one ooze, and at least one magical beast. I don't feel the need to have any more construct type ones but would love more fey, dragon, monstrous humanoid, and plant type ones.

Hmmm... a magical beast 0HD race, huh?

Sounds like a small critter that walks on four legs, but can weild weapons by swinging them with its entire body.

Think Amaterasu from Okami ;)

Nutcase Entertainment wrote:
More dual types, like Inevitable and Android, could be nice as well, but not just "Humanoid and ..." or "... and Construct".

The problem is that most of the time, the type that isn't "humanoid" is often more powerful, leading to balancing issues. The Construct type, for instance, is more powerful than the Humanoid type. Same goes with Fey, Plant and Dragon.

By slapping Humanoid "with traits from another type", you reduce its power.

Nutcase Entertainment wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:

I am all for more kineticist's elements but what does that have to do with a B6 wish list?

The Elementals tied to said Elements.

Yep :P

Kalindlara wrote:

Castrovel's matriarchal people are the lashunta, found in Inner Sea Bestiary, People of the Stars, and Inner Sea Races.

They haven't yet been in a world-neutral Bestiary, though. ^_^

Two problems:

1) They are never depicted as violent, the females at least. In fact, the females value knowledge, scholarship and wisdom.

2) They could seriously get an overhaul thanks to Occult Adventures' physic rules :P

@MMCJawa and @Dragon78

Eh eh, thanks for your support, guys ^_^

More stuff coming:
- Wood, Metal, Void, Plasma, Sand, Sound, Light, Darkness, Negative and Positive Elementals; Ok, I might get lynched for this, but there are still elemental energies that can be turned into an elemental... if the Kineticist's choice of energy didn't give you enough cues about them already.

- Animated Totems: you know these huge pillars with many faces and powers that rotate and activate? One of those.

- Castrovel's primary residants:

The Inner Sea World Guide, p. 209 wrote:
Castrovel the Green: This planet is covered with expansive jungles and trackless swamps and ruled by a violent race of matriarchal humanoids who have mastered strange forms of psychic magic.

That warrants further expanding.

- Shark-based Merfolks: I've seen normal fishes, octopi and eels, what about sharks?

- Fishes: anglerfishes, coelocanths, name it

- Giant Non-Predatory Birds: hummingbirds, nightingales, canaries, sparrows, name it, again

- Animated weapons: ok, this oen's a weird one, but what if a spirit possesses a weapon, of a weapon gets animated by the spirit of its dead wielder?

Elementals (all Bestiaries)

Elemental Blast (Su) (CR +1): Elementals are beings of raw energy, and sometimes they manifest this power in the form of deadly projectiles, rivaling spells of their kind.

The elemental gains a Kinetic Blast, as per the Kineticist's class feature. The power of the blast depends on the elemental's size, and deals damage according to the level given below:
Small: 1st
Medium: 4th
Large: 8th
Huge: 12th
Greater: 16th
Elder: 20th

The blast is keyed to the elemental's nature:
Air: Air Blast
Earth: Earth Blast
Fire: Fire Blast
Water: Water Blast
Lightning: Electric Blast
Ice: Cold Blast
Magma: Magma Blast (as per the Composite Blast; deals simple blast damage)
Mud: Mud Blast (as per the Composite Blast; deals simple blast damage)

Hey, if Aether Elementals can have a projectile, why not the others ;) ?

Dragon78 wrote:
I would also like to see a 0HD dragon blooded playable race though I am more looking for the "Aasimar/Tiefling" version were they could look more human or more draconic depending on the player. I would also like to see fey and giant blooded 0HD races along those lines as well.

My point exactly. Can't play a half-celestial? Pick an aasimar. Dude, they even have a feat that grant them WINGS! Soemthing like either the dragonborn or the spellscale (design-wise at least) could work.

BTW, the gathlains are feys, and a 0HD race... with wings too ;) That should satisfy your need for a fey race ATM.

Giants? Oddly enough, we don't have yet a goliath or a half-giant, for that matter. The "closest" thing we could get is a Firbolg-Elven hybrid humanoid. As farfetched as it sounds, hear me out:
- Firbolgs distrust humanoids... except elves, although that's never explained why. I suspect that they can trade and help each others.
- Firbolgs can shrink in size, thanks to their reduce person spell-like ability. This can lead to... whatever comes after love.
- Firbolg possess the ability to wield bigger weapons, a trait that could easily be inherited.
- The resulting hybrid shouldn't be rejected by either clans... especially if they are in mutual respecful terms.
- 90% of the giantkin want to squash smaller humanoids. Firbolgs aren't like that. Cliff giants and some cloud giants aren't evil either, but still, tehy rarely ally themselves to humans.
- It wouldn't be a children born out of slavery or servitude... or worse. Giants enslave smaller humanoids and/or bully them. The relationship between firbolgs and elves seem to be genuine.

That's all speculation, but that could work.

Milo v3 wrote:
JiCi wrote:
Problem is, all of these aren't actual true dragon descendants.

Actually kobolds are.... That's why they have things like racial traits that give them energy resistance based on the colour of their scales, wings, feats that give them breath weapons, tail slap attacks....

Was better in 3.5e though with Dragonwrought.

Would it be too much to ask to support the idea of getting a human/dragon hybrid, that DOESN'T look like your regular annoying little critter?

Like any player would look at a kobold and say "Oh nice, that's the best draconic race I' could get to be a real dragon!"...

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Milo v3 wrote:
JiCi wrote:
You have two dragon races already, you may not like them, but we do have them. Which means, it's much less likely for another to be created.

We have goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears, monkey goblins and wikkawaks... and I don't see people clamoring for more goblinoids.

Kobolds and wyvarans are like goblins and hobgoblins. Technically, we could easily get more kobold-like creatures in the future.

Problem is, all of these aren't actual true dragon descendants. We're 5 Bestiaries in and we recently got androids, skinwalkers, astomois, calignis, deep one hybrids, ghorans, orang-pendaks, reptoids and shabtis. None of them are related to true dragons.

We have 6 categories of dragons already, don't tell me that they couldn't make a dragonborn-like race. In fact, if they do release such a race, they'll FINALLY fill the gap left by the lack of playable half-dragons.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Nutcase Entertainment wrote:
Milo v3 wrote:
JiCi wrote:

- Ugh... because they need to make one... a dragon-like humanoid PC race. Come on, it's long overdue...
That already exists. Also, see these guys.
Like these? Sorry, couldn't find male versions.

Ok... how about something that 1) is not related to draconic cousins and 2) that is not a dumb/cannon fodder race? I'd like to mention that the wyvarans are related to wyverns and kobolds. We're not talking about true dragon descendants here.

We have the aasimar to compensate for the inability to play as a half-celestial, we have the tiefling for the half-fiend, we have the geniekins and sulis for the half-elemental and the skinwalker for the lycanthrope.

We are lacking a PC race to compensate for the inability to play as a half-dragon.

Yeah, yeah, the half-dragon is possibly the most hated and overused template, so much that they nerfed it HARD in Pathfinder. Still, that shouldn't be a reason to not give players a draconic race. 3.5, 4.0 and 5.0 have the Dragonborns... We're kinda long overdue here.

ErisAcolyte-Chaos jester wrote:
JiCi wrote:

Got my copy! Here's my review ^_^

** spoiler omitted **

I'd give it 4.5/5 if I would review it normally, but it's too fanboyish so I'll keep myself to this post :P Overall, great work to everyone ^_^

Thraie constructors are mindless, because they are a total subservient hive mind. They only build and maintain according to the queens will, and will generally only attack in self defence. In comparison to the rest of the soldiers, queens, and dancers(which are all require a greater level of sentience and independent thinking outside of the hive mind), constructors are simply the workers. Now sometimes 1 or 2 might develop the sentience to think outside of the hive mind for itself, but in a similar manner to a bee colony, if a constructor falls out of line and starts to compromise the hive structure, they face the risk of a swift and brutal death from the queens troops to set an example. Not quite lawful evil levels, but still quite jarring to the average civilised race.

Ok, here's my reasoning behind it:

The thriaes seem to have a rigid hierarchy, WITHOUT any sign of rebellous activity. Real bees don't revolt against their queen, so why would thriaes do that? Even if a constructors would be sentient, it technically would be utterly loyal to the hive, just other thriaes, not to mention that being "smart" would make sense of a working creature. If the hive mind, or whatever authority the queen has, is THAT powerful, shouldn't it be strong enough to restraint a being as big as a constructor?

I just don't see a constructor as something that would turn against the hive because it's bigger and stronger if it was smarter.

Nightterror wrote:

The Vampire Rose revisited.

Also twins, can't believe there still aren't any twin-based monsters in pathfinder, is this too difficult to create, do the rules have problems? Mythology has Binaye-Ahani, but any twin-monsters would do for now.

Adhukait asuras are 2 beings chained into one being, but they are tightly merged.

A pair of twins would be 2 beings with two separate bodies and minds, but closely linked together. In short, a Gemini, divine twins are famous mythological beings.

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Dragon78 wrote:
I agree we need more templates that are not undead. I still would like a half-elemental and/or elemental creature template. I would like a aberrant template, ghost animal template, non-fungus/mold plant templates, cybernetic creature, alien animal template, half-ooze template, magical animal template, cursed creature template, etc.

The "problem" is that an undead creature can be anything. In fact, MANY undead could be sample creatures with an accompanying template. We're... not dodging this one anytime soon :P

I agree that we should get elemental, aberrant and cybernetic templates ;)

As for me, hmmm...
- Kineticist variants for dragons and elementals, like replacing a breath weapon by a blast and giving a blast to an elemental, like the Aether Elemental
- A fey/plant group of hybrids based on flowers; yeah, yeah, it's very girly, but still, a humanoid [female] fey mixed with a rose, a lily, a poppy, a daisy, a sunflower, a tulip, a cherry blossom, and so forth.
- Twins... or an outsider made of 2 separate being in complete unison.
- A Relic Golem, a golem made of an occultist's discarded relics
- A pair of floating eyes that belonged to a mesmerist
- A psychic's astral form
- The embodiement of a barbarian's rage; for instance, have a spell to "rip" the rage out of a barbarian and materializes it into a monster.
- Ugh... because they need to make one... a dragon-like humanoid PC race. Come on, it's long overdue...
- A vermin lord, basically the vermin counterpart of the animal lord
- A halfling/dog centaur-like creature, a "canitaur".
- A gnome/cat centaur creature, a "felitaur"

That's all I can think of ;)

Nightterror wrote:
JiCi wrote:

The Danava has 3 slams... What's the 3rd one if it only has 2 fists?

Oh my.

Yeah, don't ask XS

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Got my copy! Here's my review ^_^

Bestiary 5, good points and bad-ish points:

+ Love the art, again ^_^
+ More Aeons, finally!
+ Reprints, which are cool, even if I own Inner Seas Bestiary ;)
- The Exscinder Archon without either the Pyrokinetic Blast or Scorching Rays is... weird :P
- The Dire Polar Bear doesn't have an real-world name, like other dire animals... was it an omittion?
+ Bone Ship... Oh my O_O
+ Many monsters from WotC's 3.5 Psionic Handbook
+ More Dragons :D
+ Grim Reaper :D
+ Lots of aquatic creatures
+ Two new outsider groups (Manasaputras and Sahkils)
- Nothing about a Manasaputras-blooded Aasimar and a Sahkil-blooded Tiefling
- The Skinwalker doesn't have the 8 standard bloodlines... I feel like it should have been 2 pages
- Why did they make Thriae Constructors mindless? The Thriaes have a species that relies on unity, so there's no fear of rebelling from these beings. They should have gotten Int 8 or 10, because they look like "big, lovable giants".
- I feel like the Veela should have been reformated to have a single stat block, but with little descriptions to make all 4 variations, similar to the Wysp.
+ Loads of high-level creatures and giant creatures ^_^

I'd give it 4.5/5 if I would review it normally, but it's too fanboyish so I'll keep myself to this post :P Overall, great work to everyone ^_^

The Wood Colossus has 3 slams... but has a humanoid shape... Where does the 3rd slam come from?

The Devastator attacks using "vile arms", but in the description, it's written "vile strikes". While they are the same, it is a little mistake to have 2 names.

I feel like something should be added that the Grim Reaper is constantly under the effect of haste.

The "SOLAR PITRI (AGNISHVATTA)" name is long enough to push one line down the CR rating :P

If the Shen has "all the natural attacks of a true dragon", where are the wing attacks? Something is missing that the Shen doesn't get them.

The Danava has 3 slams... What's the 3rd one if it only has 2 fists?

Shouldn't the Narwhal have a standard gore attack?

ErisAcolyte-Chaos jester wrote:

So the idea is kind of a kineticist, with a more limited range of pure kineticist abilities, but having access to the ability to wield more advanced weapons, wear more armour, and channel their powers through their Weapons to add some elemental focuses and abilities to their options.

Imagine a warrior that could super heat his sword, and then cleave his targets with the burning hot blade, or an archer that could maneuver around the battle field through the air, unloading a mix of arrows and electrically charged bolts down on foes from a incredible range.

That's the plan ^_^

The Mortonator wrote:
Speaking of, you have two things that replace or alter infusion specialization. Personally, what I would do first of all is limit it to non-magical weapons. Or, maybe you need to attune to a magical weapon and do reduced damage so that the magical weapon wielder isn't an insane nuke machine.

I'm... gonna have to dismiss the non-magical weapon requirement, because that's kinda of the point, which is to benefit from the weapon's properties, be mundane or magical.

That being said, I could always have the Kinetic Blade deal half damage, or a 1d6 base damage per 4 Kineticist levels, or have the Kinetict Blast deal damage according to half the Kineticist level (whatever you want to see it.)

Technically, a 12th-level Marshal would deal 3d6 points of base damage (plus modifiers) with a simple blast and up to 6d6 points of damage (plus modifiers) with a composite blast.

That's one way I could balance it, because as stubborn as I may sound, I want to keep the ability to wield magical weapons, be for enhancements or special materials, not to mention that being gear-dependant is kinda a "weakness/nerf" by itself when compared to a regular Kineticist.

As always, there are still more options:
- I can limit Expanded Element to the primary element, replacing the 15th-level feature by something else.
- I can remove Elemental Overflow entirely... even though keeping it would make sense considering the physical enhancement bonuses.
- I can remove Internal Buffer entirely, and rework Armor Infusion into an additional bonus grated by Overflow, BUT it is now selectable in place of the enhancement bonuses.
- I could add rules that Kinetic Blade damage doesn't stack with similar magical enhancements.

I got more things that can used to balancing it. I actually wrote this down "on a whim", vaguely trying to balance it out. That's why I'm turning to you guys to help me out for polishing it ;)

BTW, could you please define an "insane nuke machine"? Because from my point of view, that's... what a regular Kineticist can become if he starts charging into melee with a plasma kinetic blade without Burning himself out :P and it can get worse with he doubles it via Metakinesis, which might allows him to TWF... although don't quote me on that one, because I'm not sure about this tidbit XD

Y'know, the simple solution would be to worship an entire pantheon... but pantheons don't seem to exist in Golarion, safe for the Ancient Orison Gods, all modeled after Egyptian Deities.

Also, worshipping a pantheon would make your character Neutral or Lawful Neutral, because your character would have treat all ideals of the pantheon's deities as equal.

It can be done... we just don't have pantheons in the current game yet.

The Mortonator wrote:

One question:

What's the trade off?

Like, you loose a lot of Infusion Specialization, okay. But, you also gain like, a lot. I'm not seeing any downsides here. Getting a full attack off with a Kinetic Blade and magical weapon... Kinetic Blade is as strong as it is because you can't have a magical weapon. At the very least shouldn't it restrict the weapons you can wield to ones that are not magical in nature?

It is a work-in-process... just like any homebrewed rule I've seen here, come to think of it ;)

My general idea is that I want to make an armored and armed Kineticist, to break the usual unarmored and unarmed Kineticist that is often represented by the current rules. Furthermore, Kinetic Blast is often a ranged touch attack, which I changed to being a standard melee attack, or ranged attack if you channel it through a bow. Finally I made it depend on wielding a weapon. No weapon = no kinetic blade.

I can still replace some abilities like Elemental Overflow, Metakinesis and others for some that I presented here, like I could write down that Kinetic Weapon Channeling "also" replaces Elemental Overflow. See what I mean?

I see no problem at changing it, but I would like to keep the idea of focusing on wielding a weapon and wearing armor, y'know, a martial-oriented Kineticist.

Elemental Marshal
Often mistaken for magi, elemental marshals train themselves in the art of war and in the art of elemental infusion, mixing both for a deadly combination. Soldiers at heart and in soul, these are dreaded in the battlefield and blast their foes with powerful elemental blows.
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: An elemental marshal is proficient with all simple and martial weapons and all armors and shields, except tower shields. This ability alters the kineticist’s weapon and armor proficiencies.

Weapon Focus (Ex): At 1st level, the elemental marshal gains Weapon Focus for a weapon of his choice. Furthermore, his elemental marshal level counts as fighter levels for the purposes of feats and other prerequisites. The elemental marshal does not gain his selected element’s basic utility wild talent, although he still selects a primary element. This ability replaces elemental focus.

Kinetic Weapon Channelling (Su): At 1st level, the elemental marshal gains the kinetic blade form infusion and it costs 0 points of burn instead of 1 point of burn. However, the infusion works differently, as the elemental matter does not form a blade, but instead surrounds a weapon. The elemental marshal can only use the infusion while wielding a weapon with the Weapon Focus feat, be a melee or a ranged weapon. Also, any attack delivered with the weapon is considered a regular melee or ranged attack, regardless if the element would make it a standard or touch attack. Finally, the attack benefits from the wielded weapon’s properties, such as reach, bonuses to maneuvers, range (if it’s a ranged weapon), materials and enhancements. Each attack that connects discharges the energy as per the regular Kinetic Blast, it behaves similarly to enhancements such as flaming. He can’t use his kinetic blast without a form infusion, nor can he ever use his kinetic blast with the chain, extended range, extreme range, foe throw, flurry of blasts, many throw, or snake form infusions, or with any other form infusion that requires a ranged attack roll or ranged touch attack roll. This ability alters kinetic blast and the 1st-level infusion.

If the elemental marshal learns the kinetic whip infusion, it follows the same rules as kinetic blade, with the exception of the extended reach. If the weapon already has reach, the reach extended by 5 feet when using this infusion.

Armed Gather Power (Su): The elemental marshal can gather energy when wielding a weapon with the Weapon Focus feat, regardless if it is a light, one-handed or two handed weapon. This ability alters gather power.

Infusion trade-off (Ex): At 3rd level and every level which the elemental marshal can learn an infusion, he may select either an infusion or a combat feat. Once the decision is made, it cannot be changed. This ability alters infusions.

Weapon Specialization (Ex): At 5th level, the elemental marshal gains Weapon Specialization as a bonus feat. At 11th level, he gains Greater Weapon Focus. At 17th level, he gains Greater Weapon Specialization. He must meet the requirements for all feats. This ability replaces infusion specialization.

Armor Infusion (Su): At 6th level, as a full-round action, the elemental marshal can accept 1 point of burn to infuse an armor or a shield, to a maximum of 1 point total per item. This maximum increases to 2 points per item at 11th level and to 3 points per item at 16th level. Each point grants the elemental marshal energy resistance 10 to the marshal’s primary element. These don’t stack if the marshal infuses both an armor and shield, but if the marshal has access to another element, he may select that element for a resistance. This resistance lasts for 24 hours, after which it fades away. This ability replaces internal buffer.

Infusion Specialization (Ex): At 8th level, the elemental marshal gains infusion specialization, and he reduces the burn cost by 1 additional point at 14th and 20th levels. This ability alters infusion specialization.

Basically, what if the Kineticist was a soldier with elemental affinity? Critiques are welcomed ^_^

N. Jolly wrote:

I'm not arguing that wood is a basic element in some mythos, I don't know why you think I am. I'm arguing that the kineticist's wood element is redundant due to what it does. Wood brings nothing new to the table that its sister element earth doesn't already provide.

It's lacking in anything that makes me want to play it or suggest it to others, and that's not what I'm looking for in an element. Can it be played? Sure, probably as well as a discount earth, and since earth's probably my fave element, it can do decently as long as there's a solid amount of forest in the game. Is it better than any other element to the point where I'd suggest playing it over them? Right now, that answer's no, and really it'd take some pretty creative thinking to change my mind.

You... could look at it from another angle, because even if some talents are redundant, sometimes the element itself offers other talents in return. Earth and Wood are similar, but in the end, the other talents make them different.

N. Jolly wrote:
JiCi wrote:
I would say that the limited amount of pages in Occult Origins is the reason why Void and Wood aren't as "complete" as the elements in OA. Even then, the Kineticist got 4 pages, while the other classes got only 2 :P
The problem is that there was too much ambition in those 4 pages. There shouldn't have been two elements, full stop. There should have been void, and some feats, because as I've said before, this class NEEDS more/better feats.

More feats? Like which ones?

Void feels like an idea dump more than an element, and while I like some of the ideas in it, that's what it seems to be. Negative Energy and Gravity are odd choices to combine. Nothing too strange, but odd enough where it feels like there were ideas for both, but neither had enough to make a full element, thus being pushed together into Void.

1) Void has been a primary element in oriental mythology.

2) A void is often seen as a black hole, which is a gravitational force, not to mention that Darkness is often associated to negative energy
3) Both negative and positive energies are viable elements for a Kineticist to wield.


Wood should have been scrapped, pure and simple.

I hope we see void expanded on, although wood can take a dirt nap for all I care.

Wood, like metal, is a primary element. Dude, we even have magic schools for both metal and wood for wizards.

I could have seen it as an alternate energy for Earth, but they did separate it anyway. Not complaining though.

CalethosVB wrote:
They probably wrote Void and Wood that way so they aren't the overwhelming favorite in comparison to the OA 5 elements. Right now they've got lots and lots of flavor, but neither is the "winner". None of the elements are clear winners, as in, "This is the best/only way to build a Kineticist." They all have a pretty good flavor with a decent-ish (still small) collection of useful abilities that you can mix and match to find a combination that works for you and your team.

I would say that the limited amount of pages in Occult Origins is the reason why Void and Wood aren't as "complete" as the elements in OA. Even then, the Kineticist got 4 pages, while the other classes got only 2 :P

Ravingdork wrote:
JiCi wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
JiCi wrote:
You mean to tell me that getting a ray that deals 1d4+10 points of damage at 20th level has to be restricted to minimum 3 times per day... when your Kineticist at the same level to shoot a Kinetic Blast that deals 10d6 points of damage at will?
Respectfully, a 20th-level kineticist will be dealing a LOT more damage than that. It would be more like several hundred damage each round.
True, but Burning isn't unlimited. You cannot Burn ad nauseum... because you'll exhaust yourself. Still, I used the basis, but a Kinetic Blast (unlimited use) will always outweigh a cheap bloodline power (limited use).

A 20th-level kineticist can completely ignore 10 points of burn, so I don't think that will be a problem.

6 infusion specialization
2 gather power/supercharge as a move action
1 composite specialization
1 metakinetic master

That's enough to allow for an empowered composite blast with 7 burn worth of infusions on top of it for free EVERY SINGLE ROUND.

That's not even accounting for limited resources like the internal buffer, which can allow for even larger novas a couple of times a day.

If one of those infusions is kinetic blade or kinetic whip, then he can make a full attack for gads and gads of damage (though his free burn limit will be a little lower since he can't gather power in the same round).

I agree with you.

My point was that a Kinetic Blast is far more powerful a bloodline 1st-level power, and the latter has limited uses.

Ravingdork wrote:
JiCi wrote:
You mean to tell me that getting a ray that deals 1d4+10 points of damage at 20th level has to be restricted to minimum 3 times per day... when your Kineticist at the same level to shoot a Kinetic Blast that deals 10d6 points of damage at will?
Respectfully, a 20th-level kineticist will be dealing a LOT more damage than that. It would be more like several hundred damage each round.

True, but Burning isn't unlimited. You cannot Burn ad nauseum... because you'll exhaust yourself. Still, I used the basis, but a Kinetic Blast (unlimited use) will always outweigh a cheap bloodline power (limited use).

I have another rule that I kinda hate:
The fact that 1st-level abilities for domains, bloodlines, magic schools and whatnot are limited per day... when their respective abilities aren't game-breaking to warrant not having unlimited uses.

For instance:
From the Sage bloodline:
Arcane Bolt (Sp): Starting at 1st level, you can unleash a ray of magic force as a standard action, targeting any foe within 30 feet as a ranged touch attack. This ray deals 1d4 points of damage + 1 for every two sorcerer levels you possess. This damage is treated as a spell of a level equal to half your sorcerer level, and is a force effect. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier. This bloodline power replaces arcane bond.

You mean to tell me that getting a ray that deals 1d4+10 points of damage at 20th level has to be restricted to minimum 3 times per day... when your Kineticist at the same level to shoot a Kinetic Blast that deals 10d6 points of damage at will?

Yeah, for those abilities, the damage, the effect and/or the duration don't really weigh in to justify a limited use. Just have them being unlimited at 10th level and you wouldn't see much of a difference, since your actual spells have more potential than these abilities.

Rednal wrote:
Goodness knows the original was popular enough to be used by Paizo itself on a fairly regular basis. XD It's definitely the kind of product you'd want to have the ideas for before you started funding, but let's just say I wouldn't object...

Well, you can't have too many templates :P

As far as class features, though, the Monster Codex has Simple Class Templates that already do that (although there could be some room for expanding on that with the abilities of other classes).

True, but... I feel like it could be further expanded, like to make them a real rebuilding template instead of just a simple one.

shady18 wrote:
JiCi wrote:

- A "Robotic" template for constructs, like turning a Golem into a Robot.
There's a subtype (as opposed to a template) that does exactly this, in the Numeria setting book.

Actually, the subtype is for certains creatures. I'm talking to take an actual non-robot construct and to make it into a robot.

Kvantum wrote:

I second the idea of a second Advanced Bestiary. As far as Simple Class Templates for the non-Core classes go, Rogue Genius Games released a pdf compilation for them earlier this year. The Genius Guide to Simple Class Templates for Monsters is actually on sale right now.

(But seriously, Advanced Bestiary II! I'm down for another hardback as soon as the Kickstarter gets rolling... assuming everyone involved is up for it.)

I... wasn't aware of that booklet. I'll check it out when I get the chance ^_^

My perspective about the book's popularity is that it got kickstarted fast when it got announced. There is a fanbase and/or a market for 1) template books and 2) Pathfinder-converted books.

Rednal wrote:
Truthfully, I'd actually prefer fewer Dread Undead templates myself. XD; They always felt a bit more... constraining... than most of the other options, and took up quite a lot of the first book. I'd expect some to be in the book regardless, but for me, it'd ideally be no more than half a dozen or so.

For my part (and I actually talked about it in another topic), I always felt like most undead creatures should be templated, because unless it's a rolling mass of negative energy, bones or corpses, an undead creature is a reanimated body or a restless spirit, and that can be from ANY living creature, "not just humanoids". That's what I like about the Dread templates, you can have custom ghouls, allips and wights, but in the end, they still remain "legit" creatures. It doesn't come out as weird to see a ghoul wolf, a hill giant shadow or a lacedon bronze dragon when you know that any living creature can potentially be reanimated.

BTW, I have yet to see a Dread Nightshade :P

Owen KC Stephens wrote:

While an Advanced Bestiary 2 may well be in the cards eventually, we first want to produce the 6-adventure Return to Freeport series, convert all the Freeport monsters that already exist to Pathfinder (and likely expand them with other appropriate creatures), and worl on a World of Freeport book.

But, we plan to support Freeport for a long time to come, so there are plenty of opportunities for more products down the line.

As always when I suggest a product, it is never an emergency or a mandatory thing to do ;) I am not in a dire need for another template book and if I was, I... would probably need a check-up XD

I may not be a writer, but I think I can wrap my head around the fact that writting a book isn't easy, especially a rule book (that is what templates are, afterall: a collective of alternate rules for monsters).

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Considering the success of the Advanced Bestiary, now converted to Pathfinder, are there plans to make a sequel to it, with new templates?

I understand that there is no small feat to create template, there are a few more that could be added. Here are a few suggestions.
- More Dread [Undead] templates... especially with those added in Bestiaries 2 to 5
- Templates related to Aeons, Psychochomps, Inevitables and other outsider groups.
- A "Robotic" template for constructs, like turning a Golem into a Robot.
- Class templates, like giving a creature class features from the Fighter [Martial], Rogue [Stealth], Cleric [Devoted] or Wizard [Arcane], for instance.

Guru-Meditation wrote:

Templates are fine if the Undead still has some aspects of the personi it was in live.

If the Undead aspect overrides all what was once the person now transformed, then going for the general monster stats in the better solution. It is just " a thing" that looks a bit like Uncle Bob, but isnt really.

That was my statement.

I know that it's good to have a sample creature for quick encounters, but most undead creatures seem to be dependant on a base creature of some sort.

As a topic for Halloween night, I alays wonder this: should undead creatures be made as templates instead of unique monsters?

Yes, we do have vampires, ghosts, zombies, skeletons and liches, (just to name a few), but most of the time, an undead creature is "simply" a reanimated corspe or a restless spirit... of a humanoid character. Many undead look like human and/or has a human-like structure... when you could clearly get a dragon wight, a hill giant shadow or a worg wraith.

Yes, the Advanced Bestiary has a ton of "dread" undead templates to apply for living creatures, but at its core, an undead creature is often a "fixed" unique creature. This does anwser my question "what if the undead creature isn't humanoid?", but it does beg the other question about whether or not undead creatures should have been templates in the first place.

Number of pages and flavor text aside, what could be keeping them to have templates for custom banshees, dullahans and dybbuks?

On a sidenote, I do exclude obvious examples of undead creatures. When your monster is essentially a pile of bones shaped into a snake (Boneyard; Libris Mortis) or a pile of corpses like Legion, you kinda don't need a template for that.

Texas Snyper wrote:
While new kineticist elements could be nice, I feel like too many would spread it too thin. Instead I'd like the current elements to get some more utility and/or infusion love, especially the new ones that only got light touches. I'd like to see an actual composite blast between void (gravity and/or negative) and aether because I feel like they should have a special interaction with each other since they both function similarly.

I don't think that "too many elements" would qualify as "spreading it too thin". Think of it like evocation spells. In fact, we have 9 magic schools, so having 9 elements wouldn't be that thinned out.

What I'd really like is some broader love. A couple of feats that are more than just "you get an extra low level wild talent" and an item that you can't use because it clashes with a core function of the class.

A feat that allows you to gather Power with your hands full would be useful indeed, as would a "Extra Blast" feat.

But mostly, my biggest complaint about the class is the penalty for branching out. Instead of rewarding kineticists for staying within the same element (reward is only seen at 15 if you stay fully single element) you get punished for getting a 2nd and/or 3rd. Our 3rd level and 7th level infusions are delayed at by at least two levels unless we stay in element. The +attack, damage and caster level are nice at 15 but why don't we get it at 7 as well? And why do we suffer if we branch out? Foe Throw, Magnetic, Impaling and Whip are all strong 3rd level infusions that can't be picked up til level 9 unless you stay in your primary element. I know a change like this is most likely not going to happen though.

I could see as a new option that selecting Expanded Element (your primary element) a 2nd time should grant you more benefits from it.

I listed a few of them above :P

Dragon78 wrote:
Well I doubt were getting another new element so many maybe an expended list of existing elements and/or some feats.

Pretty sure that they can add new composite blasts to the mix... maybe when you have expanded elements for two elements, such as:

Metal + Blue Flame
Thunder Storm + Ice
Force + (any four... or six if you include Void and Wood)

Ok, THAT would require a new feat, like a "Extra Expanded Element" feat or something, but still, it could open up for more.

Come to think of it...
- We don't have elemental composite blasts for Aether yet.
- We don't have elemental composite blasts for Void yet.
- We could get "branching" composite blasts, such as a blast which requires Electric Blast as a requirement instead of Air Blast. Thunder Storm Blast would still work if you have either Air or Electric Blast, but this new one would require a specific simple blast. Same goes with Cold instead of Water, same goes with Negative Energy instead of Void.

- Both Acid (Acetokineticist) and Sonic (Sonokineticist) could be made into simple blasts, Acid for Earth and Sonic for Air. If so, this could lead to new composite blasts and talents as well.
- Positive Energy (Vitakineticist) has yet to be made into a malleable energy. We have Negative Energy, so Positive could be next.
- Light (Photokineticist) doesn't have a category yet, as Darkness does with Void. I would see Light as an alternate blast for Fire IMO.

Look, the Kineticist basically opens a TON of possibilities for new blasts and talents. The designers could "simply" pick a spell and convert it into a talent.

This is basically what I'm hoping to see in Occult Realms really.

David knott 242 wrote:
JiCi wrote:

Ok, maybe it's a little overkill to get such an archetype, however...

- Have a... 2nd upgrade for your element, like taking Expanded Element for the same element a 2nd time; name it...
* ignore energy resistance or damage reduction completely
* composite blast damage (basically double damage)
* becomes a supernatural ability
* can Gather Power for this blast while your hands are full
* can channel it through weapons
* etc... (pick one, or two, or three...)

YES, it may sound stupid to focus on one element... but it should be available anyway IN CASE someone wants to go that direction. A Pyrokinesis uses fire, so why WOULD he ever...

Whatever you pick would be a replacement for what you already get for selecting the same element at 15th level that you picked at prior levels, which by the current rules is +1 to attack and damage as I recall. Or (since that doesn't really give you much room for upgrades) I guess you could go with infusions that have various composite blasts as prerequisites, favoring those that double up on the same element for your particular goal.

I'm all for more blasts, talents and infusions, especially for making specialized version of the Kineticist.

The lack of it as of now is a little annoying though.

Myth Lord wrote:
I really hope this books has some Unicorn breeds, I mean we get 100 different snake-ladies, winged ladies, humanoid skeletons, humanoid spectres and humanoid constructs, but only 1 horned horse while mythology is teeming with awesome Unicorns that make paste from the rather dull white D&D Unicorn!

Weren't there actual variants in previous D&D editions, or even in old Dragon magazine issues?

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