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Hold on... you're adding magic items that SCALE with the wearer's level?

*angelic choirs*

THANK YOU! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you :)

LazarX wrote:
JiCi wrote:

So... let me get this straight:

1) My Medium rider can be at any square within a 3-by-3 square area at any given round. I assume that once per round, I can pick in which square I decide to be until my next turn.

7 - 8 - 9
4 - 5 - 6
1 - 2 - 3

So in round 1, I can choose to be at square 2 and on the next round, I can be at square 9. Assuming that the elephant's head is in row 1 to 3, if I'm on any of these squares, I can attack opponents within my weapon's reach.

2) An elephant, being taller than 5ft., gives me the higher ground advantage.

The mounted combat rules only address the standard combination of medium creature and large mount i.e. man on horse or something very close to that in size. The DM can and should make alterations for more extreme rider/mount size differentials. i.e. man/elephant or anything more extreme. A Huge mount may very well make attacking medium creatures that are on the ground simply impossible with anything other than ranged attacks. If you're riding on the Jolly Green Giant's shoulder, you're not going to be hitting anyone with your longsword.

I assume that they only address medium riders on large creatures, the rider being one size smaller than the mount, because that's the most common thing. You see more humans on horses, halflings on dogs and hill giants on elephants... even if history has shown us that humans have been riding and attacking on the back on an elephant.

Here's my take:
- True, you're sharing the mount's space, but since there are 9 squares, as opposed to 4, it can get pretty confusing pretty fast. On a horse, you're within range regardless of where you sit on any of the 4 squares. On an elephant, you're not. It would make more sense if you had to move on the saddle in order to attack, like taking the equivalent of your 5-foot adjustment, but only within the mount's area. Furthermore, at the beginning of each round, you get to select another square, once again like a 5-foot adjustment, but that you can pick 2 squares, like going from 4 to 6... and you're still within the mount's area. As for being attacked, it would make sense that if you move from one side to the other, they can't target you.

- Depending on where you are, your 10-foot reach weapon can work.

- An elephant is... what... 10 feet tall? So you're getting the height advantage.

- Finally, well... an elehpant, at least can have more than 1 rider, 5 to be exact: 4 on its back and 1 on its neck. That does limit your movement, but it follows the same rules.

BTW, if you're "riding" on a giant's shoulder, pretty should that 1) you can't move from it and 2) you can't attack from that height.

So... let me get this straight:
1) My Medium rider can be at any square within a 3-by-3 square area at any given round. I assume that once per round, I can pick in which square I decide to be until my next turn.

7 - 8 - 9
4 - 5 - 6
1 - 2 - 3

So in round 1, I can choose to be at square 2 and on the next round, I can be at square 9. Assuming that the elephant's head is in row 1 to 3, if I'm on any of these squares, I can attack opponents within my weapon's reach.

2) An elephant, being taller than 5ft., gives me the higher ground advantage.

P. 164

Horn Harness

This simple harness, basically just a leather lash, straps a
combatant’s arm to the tusk or horn of a Huge or larger animal
such as a gorthek

Huh... the gorthek is presented as a Large animal...

Was it supposed to be a Huge one though?

Let's say you have someone riding an elephant... how does it work?
1) Considering that that an elephant takes a 3-by-3 square area, or 15ft., where's the rider? On a horse, he's on the back, but on an elephant... is he on the middle?

2) How does that same rider even attack? An elephant has a 10-ft reach, meaning that even with a lance, the rider cannot attack unless the opponents are directly in front of the elephant. But wait, what about height? Ok, an elephant isn't 15-foot tall, but still. If the rider sits in the middle of an elephant's 15ft. area at say 10 feet high, does this mean he can only attack opponents on the ground, and sides, using reach weapons? The way I see it, the rider cannot use a non-reach weapon unless the opponent is Large or larger.

3) Any way to make these problem easier to solve? I... can only see a polearm master fighter using a sarissa, which is a 15-foot long spear presented in the Giant Hunter's Handbook... or using a ranged weapon, but still, I'm looking for melee combat tips as well.

The reason I'm asking this is simple: you can fight NPCs on the back on elephants or triceratops (regular war mounts, not companions) or you can end up fighting or becoming a Mammoth Rider, which has a Huge mount. How do you use them effectively?

"Variant Multiclassing
Have you ever wanted to multiclass your character for flavor reasons—maybe pick up some bardic performances and versatile performance to represent the time you unexpectedly spent studying music one adventure—but then you realized that your character would be pretty significantly handicapped by taking those two levels in bard? It happens all the time, and it requires you to sacrifice something whichever choice you take. With the variant multiclassing option, you can choose a secondary class and trade out half your feats (3rd, 7th, 11th, 15th, and 19th) to instead gain a progression of special abilities based on which class you pick. Want to be a fighter who dabbles in divination magic such that he always acts on the surprise round or vexes his foes with hexes? You're covered. Want to be a druid who specializes in taking out dragons as her favored enemy or flies into a rage when the natural world is in danger? You've got that too. With variant multiclassing, you can open more combinations than ever before, without delaying your access to your main class's cool new features!"

THANK YOU! I was hoping to get something that isn't screwing my primary class :D

Dragon78 wrote:
They don't mix often because after 5 years we haven't gotten more then 4 CN outsiders and 5-7 LN outsiders:)

Clever :P

Dragon78 wrote:
I would also love more Aeons but it looks like this group has nobody at Paizo that is interested doing any more.

3 writers at Paizo told me that the Psychopomps simply have more importance in Golarion than Aeons, that's why they are more numerous.


Dragon78 wrote:
I have been asking for half-elemental/elemental creature based templates for a while now.

Good idea ^_^

Dragon78 wrote:
Would also love a half-chaotic and half-lawful outsider based templates as well.

I... don't think these mix that often with other creatures, but that's just me. I tip my hat to Paizo if they come up with something though.

Dragon78 wrote:
If/When we get new Proteans and Aeons I would like to see...

Fixed... because these twos deserve a major update. Building CN and N petitioners is becoming a little difficult due to the lack of members in these categories.

One concern I have with B5 is the lack of any idea for templates. While B1 to B4 had templates from both the SRD and the Advanced Bestiary, now Paizo can't use the remaining AB templates since they're all converted... and under a different publisher.

So yeah, for templates, I don't know what they could go for, aside from those found in APs. Still, many of them are Golarion-exclusive...

The only one that would be useful is a squadron template, basically a "swarm" made of Small, Medium or Large creatures, similar to the mob template in WotC, except more specialized in group tactics. That would be a blessing if GMs end up having to deal with PCs who can wipe entire armies.

A group of 1st-level warriors grouped together to form a huge swarm-like platoon would surely decimate the hardiest of PCs.

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MMCJawa wrote:
Well most of the conflict in these threads tends to have its source in one poster, so I don't think it's any sort of rift in the community.

Oh... I see...

I would personally prefer Bestiary 5 over another codex, but would also enjoy and probably purchase the codex as well, so I don't really have much stake in the "fight".

I'd take BOTH Bestiary 5 and Monster Codex 2 if they were released at the same time. I like both materials, because it's good to have another 300-monster batch to use and it's good to have monstruous NPCs ready to use. The latter is VERY useful for a GM like me who kinda has trouble making the most optimal NPCs. Yeah, I suck at it, I'm not perfect, whadayawannadoaboutit...

Dragon78 wrote:
I wish I could add some more things to this B5 wish list...I know I wish there was going to be a B5 this year:)

Don't we have like over 2,000 monsters listed or something? I believe that we can safety take a break from wishlisting and talk about the book in general :P

On that very same note, I'd like to see encounter tables... and possibly the artists' names printed under the artworks, if possible. If not, then how about listing the artists' portfolios in the credits... with their agreement, of course?

Combat is done by the fighter...
Skills are taken care off by the rogue...
Healing is done by the cleric...
Spells are taken care off by the wizard...

Hence the usual 4-member party...

However, over the years, has there ever being new roles that were added? Many games have more than 4 players, so having more roles to fill can help a lot.

Aside from these 4 roles mentioned above, is there new roles that a party member can fill?

Myth Lord wrote:
So because a book full of humans is easier to make I should wish for such a tome? never.

Not "wish for", but "anticipate more", like "this book is more likely to come out before that book."

Milo v3 wrote:
JiCi wrote:
I don't know how much you know about this situation, but... what IS dividing the community so much about this?
It was a joke, let it go. Either way, I'd like to see some of the outsiders from the campaign setting book in the next bestiary, like a decent amount of the psychopomps.

Could have sworn that it was a conflict here...

As for Psychopomps, these... already got a few more entries in APs, so for the neutral major outsider class, they're doing well.

Aeons on the other hand...

One thing I kinda felt was breaking my fun in Dragonmech was the fact that almost every mech in the game needed more than one crew member; there wasn't a default mech that you could control all by yourself... or if there was, I haven't seen it.

On a sidenote, there was a PrC that allowed a pilot to merge with his mech... except that on second thought, he would still need crew members to operate some of his components... which basically breaks the idea of becoming a mech that you can control on your own.

Liz Courts wrote:
Context can be hard to pick up from text—in the future, please keep this in mind before you post. Take a step back from the keyboard, read what you wrote, relax. People want different things out of this game, and that may not match up with what you want. And that's okay.

I don't know how much you know about this situation, but... what IS dividing the community so much about this?

A Bestiary is good for major and unique encounters, while a Codex is good for minor and frequent encounters. In my book (pun TOTALLY intended), both books are valuable resources for GMs.

PCs aren't monster hunters by default, they can end up fighting groups of classed NPCs, especially in a world where tribes, cabals and such are regular occurences.

Sure, it's fun to fight a HUGE dragon at one point, but fighting medium opponents that rival your skills, spells, equipments and tactics is a nice break from monotone combats.

I honestly don't get it... Bestiary lovers can have NPCs that can control these monsters and Codex lovers can have monsters that can control these NPCs.

And then there's the monster junkie who just wants more enemies to beat the PCs, like me :P

Myth Lord wrote:
And boo to JicI, Bestiary 5 wishtopic just whispered to me that you ain't welcome anymore in its wonderful presence.


I want a 2nd Codex as much as a 5th Bestiary, but considering how exponensial the work is for a Bestiary compared to a Codex, I wouldn't be surprised that a Codex would be likely revealed before a Bestiary.

Think about it for more than 2 seconds:
What's faster to make? A NPC or a monster?

A NPC requires basic class knowledge... that's it.

A Monster requires everything, including balance... which isn't something you get on your first try.

You're pretty much guaranteed to have a suitable and balanced encounter with a 10th NPC than a brand-new CR 10 monster.

Now, if you've done branding everyone with useless titles, I'll resuming discussing about what could be added in the 5th Bestiary and in the 2nd Monster Codex, thank you.

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Myth Lord wrote:
This topic is now closed to Jici, which is a traitor who allied with the NPC CODEX and MONSTER CODEX instead and who said that Bestiary 5 is unneccesairy, which is just wrong in so many ways, one can never have enough monsters, and those same old monsters getting different roles and weapons is just boring, not to begin with some humans in same colored cloths that spoil a spot for more worthy freaky monsters. :-p

Ok, this has to be the dumbest post I've seen in the ENTIRE topic.


1) I honestly don't care one bit whether the next monster book is the Bestiary 5 or the Monster Codex 2 or whatever; I want both... but at least I'm patient enough to wait for them to be announced and NOT make a fuzz about the next release NOT being the book you guys all want.

2) I did NOT say that the Bestiary 5 was unnecessary; I said that logically speaking, it's easier to make a Codex than a Bestiary, because a Codex requires much less new materials than a Bestiary. Also, more power to you if you want one, but as of now, I can run my game just fine with the previous 4 Bestiaries that I purchased.

3) I'm not in any kind of urge for a Bestiary; I don't suffer from a craving or such. I'll happily buy the 5th one when it'll be released and enjoy every single page of it... minus the table of contents and repeated infos :P

4) A Codex is actually just as useful as a Bestiary. Betwen spending hours to make a tribe, EVERYTHING is done for you. I swear, if I now need a lizardfolk tribe, I'll have it built up in a few minutes.

5) Finally, something I REALLY hated about WotC's Monster Manuals 4 and 5 WAS the addition of classed monsters as "new entries". We had drows, ogres, mind flayers, lizardfolks, vampires, githyankis, gnolls, orcs, yuan-tis, hobgoblins and kuo-toas INSTEAD of new monsters. I'm actually glad that Paizo splited the two kinds of entries in two separate books.

I'm branded as a "traitor" for wishing for BOTH a Bestiary 5 AND a Monster Codex 2? Ok, what got implanted in your brain to ever conceive such a twisted idea?

Kthulhu wrote:

1. None, put out Bestiary 5 instead.

2. None, put out Bestiary 5 instead.
3. None, put out Bestiary 5 instead.
4. None, put out Bestiary 5 instead.
5. None, put out Bestiary 5 instead.
6. None, put out Bestiary 5 instead.
7. None, put out Bestiary 5 instead.
8. None, put out Bestiary 5 instead.
9. None, put out Bestiary 5 instead.
10. None, put out Bestiary 5 instead.
11. None, put out Bestiary 5 instead.
12. None, put out Bestiary 5 instead.
13. None, put out Bestiary 5 instead.
14. None, put out Bestiary 5 instead.
15. None, put out Bestiary 5 instead.
16. None, put out Bestiary 5 instead.
17. None, put out Bestiary 5 instead.
18. None, put out Bestiary 5 instead.
19. None, put out Bestiary 5 instead.
20. None, put out Bestiary 5 instead.

I believe that we can still manage to make great encounters with the current Bestiaries we have at the moment; I honestly don't sense an urge to release a 5th Bestiary to be honest.

Also, as I said in another topic, I believe that a Monster Codex is easier and faster to produce than a Bestiary, since they pick a monster, class it, rince and repeat. The amount of original stuff in this kind of book is minimal, so it's not as time-consuming as making new monsters and hoping that they're balanced.

Dale McCoy Jr wrote:
JiCi wrote:

- Merfolks

- Catfolks

- Changelings

- Wyrwoods

- Wyvarans

Just so you are aware, these are 5 of the 12 races we are covering in the Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Compendium. I'm putting the finishing touches on Changelings as we speak.

Huh... Interesting... let me list that for further review. Since it's a WIP, I'll wait for the final product before taking a look, if you don't mind ;)

Got it... and loving it... especially Hubrun the Big Goblin and every single template I can layer upon to make it more dangerous >:)

Little issues though

1) I kinda wish that the descriptions were... real descriptions. What we have right now are more about a lore section. Also, some monsters don't have images... so it's kinda hard to get the idea of its look.

2) The Iron Knight... seems kinda complicated for nothing. Seems to me like it's just a "suit of armor" that "makes its wearer" a Gargantuan humanoid, using the Knight's physical stats while using the wearer's mental stats.

Aside from that, pretty good booklet :)

Dragon78 wrote:
I am still waiting for giant squirrels or giant chipmunks.

I'm still waiting for giant hummingbirds.

That sounds like it's long overdue...

Anthony Adam wrote:
Wow nice lists - I will add those to the spreadsheet too! It's becoming quite a creature reference list now :)

You're welcome ^_^

GeneMemeScene wrote:
Do you mean a drug substance that is stated out in pathfinder? Or just the idea of mutagen being addictive?

Drugging the actual mutagen, like the warrior lost a few battles WITH the mutagen until someone offered to "spice up" the formula... with something that ends up being a drug.


An alchemist managed to alter the warrior's mutagen formula to add a drug in the warrior's mutagen.

Basically a mutagen WITH a concealed drug component that takes effect everytime the warrior uses it. Ok, fine, that MIGHT be bending the rules considering tat some drugs must be inhaled or whatnot, but still...

Ok, when I saw the Mutation Warrior fighter archetype in the Advanced Class Guide, the first thing I thought was: "Well, this guy uses a drug to become better."

Let's face it... it's not far from the truth either, as such a character can become addicted and dependant to the mutagen to win his battles. However, I kept thinking about a plot device: what if the warrior's mutagen WAS drugged and that he constantly shoots himself? What if someone tricked him into adding a drug in his mutagen to become more effective... and now he pays the price of addiction?

My question is: what drug would suit best for such a character? This is mostly for a NPC, but still, that would be an interesting feature.

P.S. I say Mutation Warrior... but an alchemist can easily be in the same boat.

LoneKnave wrote:
JiCi wrote:
LoneKnave wrote:

No love for the Sohei?

Shoots the most arrows bar none AND gets the fighter's weapon training to boot.

1) Not everyone is willing to go for the mounted archer type of character... unless they find an alternate feature to replace the mount by something else.

2) The base damage of your arrows is fixed, where the zen archer can be improved via Ki Arrows.

Still, UNlike the zen archer, the sohei CAN combine Rapid Shot, Manyshot and other extra attacks when flurrying with his weapons of choice. The zen archer cannot use Rapid Shot when flurrying, but the sohei can.

In the end though, you kinda get the same character roleplay-wise, as both archetypes are for the same class.

Sohei doesn't actually get a mount, so while it has some support for it (the feats and the ki power sharing) you are absolutely not forced to pursue a mount.

Oh, thanks for clarifying ^_^

LoneKnave wrote:

No love for the Sohei?

Shoots the most arrows bar none AND gets the fighter's weapon training to boot.

1) Not everyone is willing to go for the mounted archer type of character... unless they find an alternate feature to replace the mount by something else.

2) The base damage of your arrows is fixed, where the zen archer can be improved via Ki Arrows.

Still, UNlike the zen archer, the sohei CAN combine Rapid Shot, Manyshot and other extra attacks when flurrying with his weapons of choice. The zen archer cannot use Rapid Shot when flurrying, but the sohei can.

In the end though, you kinda get the same character roleplay-wise, as both archetypes are for the same class.

BTW, I hope that your workload got lighter with all of these updates, because it seems like you've been pushing yourself a lot lately ;)

I'm eager to see that ^_^

If you could pick only one class, without multiclassing, what class would you pick to build an archer?

Yeah, yeah, fighter, ranger, rogue, hunter, warpriest, zen archer monk, that's a lot to choose from... but which one do you prefer and why?

Great work ^_^

Dragon78 wrote:
Well all so far but the Inner Sea Bestiary.

I said to myself: "Oh God... no way I'm listing the ENTIRE book..."

But yeah, all monsters in the Inner Seas Bestiary could be reprinted in a regular Bestiary... if they can make some of them generic instead of exclusive. For instance, any outsider already introduced in Bestiaries, like demon, devils, psychopomp and others, could be added, but Spawns of Rovagug wouldn't be easily "generalized".

Milo v3 wrote:
and the Platypus, don't forget the freak of nature that is the platypus.

Bestiary 4, page 96

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Last, but not the least, here's a list of monsters not reprinted from the Player's Companions:

Qadira, Gateway to the East
- Zhyen

Animal Archive
- Armadillo
- Llama
- Moose
- Panda
- Rabbit
- Squirrel

Blood of the Moon
- Skinwalker

Familiar Folio
- Cat Sith
- Caypup
- Chicken
- Ioun Wyrd
- Kakapo
- Koala
- Leopard Slug
- Mole
- Peacock
- Penguin
- Petrifern
- Popoto
- Pseudosphinx
- Pufferfish
- Wallaby

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Dragon78 wrote:

Thanks for another list JiCi.

I remember the mask golem, I was hoping it would have made it into a hardcover bestiary by now.

You're welcome ^_^

Time for the Golarion Campaign Setting books, again using the same site:

Book of the Damned - Volume 1: Princes of Darkness
- Apostate Devil (Deimauigga)
- Heresy Devil (Ayngauhaul)
- Host Devil, Lesser (Gaav)
- Warmonger Devil (Levaloch)

Heart of the Jungle
- Angazhani (High Girallon)
- Botfly Swarm
- Giant Botfly
- Tobongo (Mwangi Treant)

Misfit Monsters Redeemed
- Delver
- Lava Child
- Wolf-In-Sheep's-Clothing

Book of the Damned - Volume 2: Lords of Chaos
- Demon, Brimorak
- Demon, Seraptis
- Demon, Vavakia
- Demon, Vermlek

Lost Cities of Golarion
- Tear of Nuruu'gal

Inner Sea World Guide
- Aluum
- Charau-ka
- Spine Dragon

Lands of the Linnorm Kings
- Fafnheir
- Fey Animal
- Mountain Troll

Book of the Damned - Volume 3: Horsemen of the Apocalypse
- Erodaemon
- Lacridaemon
- Obcisidaemon
- Phasmadaemon
- Sangudaemon
- Suspiridaemon
- Temerdaemon
- Venedaemon

Distant Worlds
- Aballonian
- Dragonkin

Isles of the Shackles
- Aashaq's Wyvern
- Blood Queen
- Chickcharney
- Duppy
- Elder Nirento
- Gholdako
- Giant Sea Snake
- Kuru
- Larabay
- Lusca
- Nirento
- Sea Scourge
- Sea Snake
- Soucouyant

Lost Kingdoms
- Behemoth Golem
- Inverted Giant
- Ngoga
- Ubashki Lynx
- Ubashki Swarm
- Vescavor Swarm

Magnimar, City of Monuments
- Angelic Guardian
- Vydrarch
- Yamah

Inner Sea Bestiary
- Everything

Irrisen - Land of Eternal Winter
- Black Rider
- Boreal Creature
- Guardian Doll
- Khala
- Red Rider
- Sentinel Hut
- Ved
- White Rider

Chronicle of the Righteous
- Balisse
- Cervinal
- Choral
- Spyglass Archon
- Veranallia

The Worldwound
- Abrikandilu
- Demonic Vermin
- Derakni
- Dwiergeth
- Gallu
- Gibrileth
- Grimslake
- Kithangian
- Lilitu
- Oolioddroo
- Plagued Steed
- Riftcreeper
- Urannag
- Warmonger Wasp
- Warped One

Mythic Realms
- Agmazar the Star Titan
- Oliphaunt of Jandelay

Osirion, Legacy of the Pharaohs
- Asp
- Hetkoshu
- Jackal
- Living Mirage
- Ostrich
- Pharaonic Guardian
- Uraeus
- Sphinx Colossus

Inner Sea Gods
- Accomplice Devil (Hesperian)
- Psychopomp, Ahmuuth
- Ataxian
- Burleev
- Chalkost
- Angel, Dapsara,
- Angel, Iophanite
- Karumzek
- Kyton, Lampadarius
- Orsheval
- Pavbagha
- Sarcovalt
- Stag Archon
- Demon, Swaithe
- Qlippoth, Thognorok
- Azata, Thyrlien
- Vendenopterix
- Xocothian
- Yhohm
- Zentragt

Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars
- Arachnid Robot
- Bloodbrush
- Capacitor Ooze
- Gray Goo
- Mannequin Robot
- Mutant Creature
- Robot Golem
- Scrapyard Robot
- Targotha
- Torturer Robot
- Zhen Worm

Lost Treasures
- Champion of the Gilded Host

Belkzen, Hold of the Orc Hordes
- Ankhrav
- Bristle Boar
- Bull of Zagresh
- Burning Child
- Dahzagan
- Floodslain Creature
- Juggerloathe
- Warcat of Rull
- Whisperfall Vulture

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Using the Archives of Nethys again, here's the list of monsters found in Modules that aren't reprinted in a Bestiary yet:

Hollow's Last Hope

Crown of the Kobold King
- Forge Spurned

Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale
- Roseblood Sprite

Seven Swords of Sin
- Granule Construct Swarm
- Nightmare Bats

Gallery of Evil
- Shadowy Lurker

Entombed with the Pharaohs
- Osirion Mummy

Into the Haunted Forest
- Wooden Protector

Carnival of Tears
- Dark Ice Creature
- Frosty Chiseler

Guardians of Dragonfall
- Arcanaton
- Tongue of Rebuke
- Wings of Protection

Hangman's Noose
- Croaker
- Gutdragging Lurcher

Crucible of Chaos
- Shoggoth

Rivers into Darkness
- Fell Flotsam

The Demon Within
- Chatterer Swarm
- Son of Perdition

Revenge of the Kobold King
- Azlanti Chariot Beetle

Flight of the Red Raven
- Hoary Muntjac
- Snowdrifter

Tower of the Last Baron
- Crepitus

Treasure of Chimera Cove

Hungry are the Dead

The Pact Stone Pyramid
- Ghalshoaton

Clash of the Kingslayers

Blood of Dragonscar
- Bloodless Vessel
- Hungry Mist

Beyond the Vault of Souls

Crypt of the Everflame

Carrion Hill

Masks of the Living God
- Mask Golem

Realm of the Fellnight Queen

City of Golden Death
- Golden Guardian

From Shore to Sea

Masters of the Fallen Fortress

Curse of the Riven Sky

The Witchwar Legacy
- Abyss Gigas

The Godsmouth Heresy
- Rune Guardian

Cult of the Ebon Destroyers

Tomb of the Iron Medusa
- Nemhain

Academy of Secrets
- Garipan

We Be Goblins!

The Harrowing
- Mute Hag

Feast of Ravenmoor
- Blightspawn of Ghlaunder

The Ruby Phoenix Tournament
- Shenzuzhou

The Midnight Mirror

No Response from Deepmar
- Cytillesh Zombie
- Cytillipede

Dawn of the Scarlet Sun

The Moonscar
- Somalcygot

Murder's Mark
- Panotti

Broken Chains
- Demon, Yaenit

Fangwood Keep
- Barrow Hound

Doom Comes to Dustpawn

We Be Goblins Too!

The Dragon's Demand
- Grioth
- Yangethe

Wardens of the Reborn Forge
- Capramace
- Clockwork Snail
- Gunpowder Ooze

Tears at Bitter Manor
- Abandoned One
- Caliban
- Deadfall Dweller
- Delgeth
- Embalming Bear
- Ephemeral Echo
- Leechroot
- Tizheruk

The Emerald Spire Superdungeon
- Bone Priest
- Caustic Stalker
- Emerald Automaton
- Lava Lurker
- Moon Spider
- Shadowfire Creature
- Xiomorn, Vault Keeper
- Xiomorn, Vault Builder

Risen from the Sands

Plunder and Peril
- Incutilis Lord
- Karkinoi Brood Swarm
- Onwu Azu

Enjoy ^_^

Set wrote:
JiCi wrote:
Using the Archives of Nethys as a database, here's a list of all monsters that aren't in any Bestiary, [SNIP]

Thanks for that.

As another maker of lists for no reason, my OCD salutes your OCD.

Huh... well... the topic of getting AP monsters in B5 got brought up, but no one was able to pinpoint which monsters were already reprinted, so... a list was kinda required.

It just happened that I had a lot of free time ^_^

Dragon78 wrote:
I would prefer a bestiary with at least 50% new but would take 100% reprints over another NPC Codex.

I didn't see anything wrong with the NPC Codex TBH... It's just for a quick access for encounters.

Dragon78 wrote:
Well they could start a new line for the reprint book and call it the "AP Bestiary Compendium" or something along that line.

I actually thought about that, but in end... might as well call it Bestiary 5, considering that previous Bestiaries had AP monsters... because I'm pretty sure that almost every buyer will not notice that they are reprinted, unless they bought each and every AP. Even then, even if you noticed that you already saw this monster in one of your APs that you bought, you might not have seen the other 299 monsters.

Myth Lord wrote:
These are the only ones I'm hoping to see in future bestiaries, all others I don't care for.

Each wishlist is gonna be different from yours... but at least there would be something for everyone.

Kthulhu wrote:

There would be a few benefits to putting AP monsters in a bestiary:

1. Obviously, they would then be added to the PRD.
2. If you're looking for a specific one, it's easier to remember which Bestiary it's in rather than which AP volume it's in, given that there are about 10+ times as many AP volumes.
3. It would presumably be easier for Paizo to put together a fully-AP Bestiary than one that was mostly composed of new monsters.

1) Agreed... but like the others have said before, some... kinda can't be converted into "generic" monsters, as they are tightly tied to Golarion. But yeah, a lot would be added.

2) True... although remembering 1,200 monsters across 4 books is just as tricky.

3) That's what I think as well. However, I don't know if such a book would be profitable enough to warrant even a release. Finally, making a Bestiary with only new monsters... isn't gonna be the easier task. You can even argue that the first Bestiary was easy since all they did was to take the OGL monsters and simply convert them. I'd love to see a Bestiary with only new monsters... but they might need to announce it with a 3 to 5-years production time.

Speaking of which... would people even COMPLAIN about B5 being nothing but AP monsters? Would people even COMPLAIN about getting 300+ reprinted monsters in one single book? For simplicity's sake, I don't see a problem. You get a monster compendium... which is a problem because of what exactly?

While they're working on other books, APs included, they sell that compendium for a few bucks, which at its core, shouldn't cost that much to produce.

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Dragon78 wrote:
Well even without the Golarion specific creatures we still have more then 150 monsters here.

Get this: I have 357 monsters in this list... using an Excel sheet to count (thank God for simplicity XD ).

Minus the Heralds and a few other Golarion-exclusive monsters, they can easily make a COMPLETE Bestiary with these monsters alone, considering that Bestiaries have around 300 monsters.

Oh BTW, that list is ONLY from the APs, I haven't listed the monsters found in Modules, Player's Companions and Campaign Setting books... although the last source group would likely be, y'know, exclusive; I would list them for completion purposes though.

Point is that is they still have PLENTY of material to make a full Bestiary or to fill 40 to 50% of a regular one.

My personal opinion is that if they ever make a Bestiary comprised solely of AP mosnters, I wouldn't mind at all, I would buy it anyway because I love to get more monsters to pit against my players... and to toy with templates if possible >:) I don't think it would be considered a cheap product in terms of quality, but it would definitely be a "cheap" product when talking about cost and how much work would need to be put in it. I mean, copy-pasting monsters from one source to another isn't the most complex job and all that's left is to edit the pages to make it look decent.

Still, if they ever do that (major wishful thinking), at least for the book after it, they could go all out with brand-new creations for the most part. B5 has all AP monsters, B6 is nothing but brand-new monsters... or at least has a good chunk of yet-to-be-converted monsters.

On another sidenote, is Fiend Folio open-source? Because a lot of monsters in Paizo's books have been printed in WotC's book.

Dragon78 wrote:
Nice list though you should leave out the heralds because they are campaign specific would not be in a campaign neutral hardcover book.

True, but like I said, I listed every monster that wasn't in a Bestiary yet, regardless of their nature; the Heralds aren't reprinted in Bestiaries... except the Tarrasque, but that's REALLY debatable :P

I do admit that several monsters are Golarion-exclusive, but a good chunk of them isn't. TBH, what they should do is to take AP monsters from 1) existing categories. For instance, take every Demon, Devil, Demodand, Agathion, Kami, Oni, Daemon, etc. (mostly outsider categories from every alignment), and add them in. These monsters are frequent, so expanding them with AP materials wouldn't hurt much. Also, 2) vermins and animals, especially the aquatic ones found in Skull and Shackles, should be featured as well, as they are pretty much universal. Finally, 3) any template should be reprinted, because, again, they can be easily adapted. As an example, the Man-Eating Animal template requires Baphomet's "intervention" (an item known as the Blood of Baphomet); what luck has it that Demon Lords aren't Golarion-exclusive after getting three of them in B4. Those are possibly the most common monsters we get in Bestiaries, so going with these would be a good start.

On a sidenote, Grim Reaper? Not added yet? BLASPHEMY!

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Using the Archives of Nethys as a database, here's a list of all monsters that aren't in any Bestiary, although a few may have been reprinted in another related book.

Rise of the Runelords:
- Sandpoint Devil
- Carrionstorm
- Argorth
- Black Magga
- Skull Ripper
- Smoke Haunt
- Forgefiend (Scanderig)
- Shining Child of Thassilon
- Ercinee
- Night Monarch
- Yethazmari
- Crag Spider
- Harridan
- Hungerer
- Kuchrima

Curse of the Crimson Throne:
- Dream Spider
- Daughter of Urgathoa
- Lawgiver
- Achaekek, the Mantis God
- Beatific One
- Rajbut Ambari
- Sikari Macaque Swarm
- Bonestorm
- Cinder Wolf
- Havero
- Red Reaver
- Chained Spirit
- Danse Macabre
- The Prince in Chains
- Akaruzug

Second Darkness:
- Darklands Sentinel
- Flesh-Eating Cockroach Swarm
- Monstrous Cockroach
- Swamp Barracuda
- Thais
- Blast Shadow
- Cutlass Spider
- Deep Crow
- Menotherian
- Treerazor

Legacy of Fire:
- Buraq
- Edimmu
- Sunlord Thalachos
- Unchosen
- Emkrah
- Hadhayosh
- Coeurl
- Miengu
- Black Jinni
- Get of Iblis
- Ahriman, Lord of All Divs
- Gandareva
- Sruvara
- Xotani (The Firebleeder)
- Zahhak

Council of Thieves:
- Shadowgarm
- Tinder Devil (Ukobach)
- Torble
- Torble Swarm
- Giant Stymphalidies
- Hand of the Inheritor
- Salikotal
- Stymphalides Swarm
- Aspidochelone
- Idol, Bone
- Chortov
- Idol, Jade
- Lar
- Idol, Stone
- Idol, Wood
- Cabal Devil (Uniila)
- Malbolgian Cerberi
- Spartolos
- Basileus
- Calikang
- Possession Devil, Greater (Gidim)
- Possession Devil, Lesser (Gidim)
- Vrykolakas
- Advodaza
- Ebon Acolytus
- Ephialtes
- Gigas, Hell
- Behemoth, Ravener

- Brush Thylacine
- Drekavac
- River Elk
- Thawn
- Rorkoun
- The Grim White Stag
- Blodeuwedd
- Clawbat
- Stygira
- Bog Strider
- Calathgar
- First Blade
- Greater Verduous Ooze
- Irlgaunt
- Verdurous Ooze
- Dweomercat
- Dweomercat Cub
- Spark Nettle

Serpent's Skull:
- Bluetip Eurypterid
- Common Eurypterid
- Glass Urchin
- Hunter Urchin
- Ochre Eurypterid
- Quetzalcoatlus
- Rhamphorhynchus
- Spear Urchin
- Spiny Eurypterid
- Spitting Eurypterid
- Tuyewera
- Undead Ningyo
- Biloko
- Bloodhaze Mosquito Swarm
- Chemosit
- Personification of Fury
- Camulatz
- Megapiranha Swarm
- Mokele-Mbembe
- Piranha Swarm
- Tribal Totem
- Umasi
- Vireseed Swarm
- Impundulu
- Obambo
- Tikoloshe
- Arcanotheign
- Inkanyamba
- Umdhlebi
- Emperor of Scales
- Lesser Hollow Serpent

Carrion Crown:
- Choleric Ooze Swarm
- Melancholic Ooze Swarm
- Phlegmatic Ooze Swarm
- Sanguine Ooze Swarm
- Boruta
- Skin Stealer
- Steward of the Skein
- Vilkacis
- Weaverworm
- Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath
- Dimensional Shambler
- Gnoph-Keh
- Spawning Canker
- Hollow Helm
- Mother's Maw
- Phantom Lancer
- Four-Armed Gargoyle
- Grim Reaper
- Minor Reaper

Jade Regent:
- Belostomatid
- Giant Hellgrammite
- Demon, Hala
- Water Strider Swarm
- Yamabushi Tengu
- Gare Linnorm
- Nogitsune
- Spirit of Adoration
- Atamahuta
- Frostfallen Creature
- Saumen Kar
- Kami, Dosojin
- Kami, Fukujin
- Oni, Ja Noi
- Kami, Kaminari
- Kami, Suijin
- Chon Chon
- Chon Chon Swarm
- Oni, Earth Yai
- Kijimuna
- Raiju
- The Old Man
- Oni, Wind Yai

Skull and Shackles:
- Dwarf Caiman
- Giant Isopod
- Kelpie’s Wrath
- Seal
- Tidepool Dragon
- Sea Urchin, Giant, Black Spot
- Canopy Creeper
- Dunkleosteus
- Giant Blowfish
- Great Diadem Urchin
- Ravenous Urchin Swarm
- Swordfish
- Tiger Fish
- Varisian Hagfish
- Angustiden
- Bottled Armada
- Hammerhead Shark
- Helicoprion
- Jigsaw Shark
- Ship in a Bottle
- Ship Sentinel
- Voidstick Zombie
- Coral Capuchin
- Deinosuchus
- Marine Crocodile
- Oracular Cyclops
- Saltwater Crocodile
- Tetrolimulus
- Blue Whale
- Crimson Whale
- Narwhal
- The Stabbing Beast
- Addu
- Faceless Whale
- Gargiya
- Kronosaurus
- Nothosaur
- Zeuglodon

Shattered Star:
- Bishop Agathion
- Fleshdreg
- Fleshdreg Swarm
- Melfesh Monster
- Devil, Nupperibo
- Skvader
- Wolpertinger
- Bogwid
- Bogwiggle
- Bronze Sentinel
- Grand Defender
- Marble Sentinel
- Chrestomath
- Clockwork Familiar
- Polevik
- End's Voice
- Qlippoth, Gongorinan
- Psychopomp, Kere
- Yamasoth
- Kurshu the Undying
- Living Rune
- Mezlan
- Azata, Raelis

Reign of Winter:
- Domovoi
- Dvorovoi
- Frost Fir
- Greater Witchcrow
- Ovinnik
- Polar Bear
- Timber Wolf
- Witchcrow
- Courage Heart
- Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga
- Dawn Piper
- Mirror Man
- Winter Fey (Redcap)
- Demon, Andrazku
- Azgenzak
- Kokogiak
- Sangoi
- Svathurim
- Stormghost
- Triaxian
- Ursikka
- Wolliped (Combat Trained, Domesticated, Wild)
- Animated Tank
- Fext
- Daemon, Genthodaemon
- Trench Mist
- Trench Zombie
- Coven Ooze
- Crone Queen
- Hag Eye Ooze
- Poludnica
- Storm Hag

Wrath of the Righteous:
- Herne
- Sin Seeker
- Demon, Ulkreth
- Xoveron
- Man-Eating Animal
- Shax
- Thoxel Demon
- Vescavor Queen
- Drocha Swarm
- Fallen
- Worm that Walks, Locust Variant
- Demon, Shachath
- Sifkesh
- Demon, Cambion
- Lamhigyn
- Demon, Larva
- Nocticula
- Putrid Ooze
- Shamira
- Baphomet
- Labyrinth Minotaur
- Stringy Demodand
- Demon, Vilsteth
- Corpse Lotus
- Deskari
- Demon, Katpaskir
- Devastator

Mummy's Mask:
- Ahkhat
- Ground Wasp Swarm
- Guardian Scroll
- Plague Locust Swarm
- Scarab Swarm
- Shasalqu
- Sun Falcon
- Esobok
- Sha
- Sunbaked Zombie
- Tekenu
- Giant Assassin Bug
- Giant Ground Wasp
- Giant Walking Stick
- Mummified Animal
- Serpopard
- Shalkeshka
- Thriae Dancer
- Cynosphinx
- Estuarine Worm
- Panthereon
- Stranglereed
- Elder Sphinx
- Hanshepsu
- Living Sandstorm
- Ossumental (Air)
- Ossumental (Earth)
- Ossumental (Fire)
- Ossumental (Water)
- Ammut
- Festering Ulunat (The Unholy First)
- Mummy Lord
- Neshmaal
- Set Guardian
- Shabti

Iron Gods:
- Collector Robot
- Ghelarn
- Petromin
- Pilo
- Sorico
- Tsaalgrend
- Latten Mechanism
- Observer Robot
- Observer Robot Swarm
- Rhu-Chalik
- Rust-Risen
- Irradiated Dead
- Thorgothrel
- Thought Harvester Robot
- Warden Robot
- Reclamation Robot
- Shipmind
- Ugothokra
- Yah-Thelgaad
- Gammenore
- Gravedragger
- Juggernaut Robot
- Surgeon Robot
- Director Robot
- Evaluator Robot
- Feranth
- Marax
- Yarahkut

You're welcome :P

Huh... how old is the witch iconic?

MMCJawa wrote: PRD for Golarion specific books. at which point one wonders whats the point of then graduating them from their existing AP/module/CS volumes.

The PRD... never bothered much, because I own all the books in the site, so... They do have a very legit point to "force" people to buy the Golarion-related books; that's the point of building a library.

Myth Lord wrote:
3Rd party bestiaries never warm me up, not even D&D monster manual compare anything next to Paizo Bestiaries.

I like the Tomes of Horrors and Alluria's bestiaries. I also agree that Paizo knocked the ball out of the park when it comes to presentation for bestiaries.

- 1 page for standard monsters, 2 pages for elite monsters, 1 page to EXPLAIN a subtype
- Great artwork
- Great editing; the MM were all over the place

Deadmanwalking wrote:
There are 11 classes in the corebook. 10 in the APG, UC, and UM (including Samurai and Ninja), and 10 in the ACG. That's three books total, not two, and a solid idea. We'll probably even get them eventually, though it might be a while.

Don't forget that Occult Adventures is coming with 6 new classes.

I could see 2 more books though. They'll need to find new materials since the next books wouldn't have the equivalent of the NPC classes.

Shillelagh doesn't work on magical staves and clubs... so you can't use it on a magic staff.

Alex G St-Amand wrote:
JiCi wrote:

BTW, an AP Monster Compendium... is logically possible and totally feasible by all standards. It wouldn't be as acclaimed, but considering the sheer number of it, they could just shear 10 AP bestiaries off their list and package them in a single compendium. That can be done with modules and companions as well.

Especially the older ones...

That, and could also be made in the Campaign Setting line (it has Hardcovers once in a while) instead of the 'Rule' line.

I don't see why it should remain exclusive to the Setting when several AP monsters already made into Bestiaries.

Then again... like people would actually COMPLAIN about this...

It's not like people cannot adapt the Inner Seas Bestiary to their own game already...

Then why do people flip out when a new book that isn't B5 comes out?

What's the problem at getting other books instead of B5?

It seems to me that everytime something new is announced, it is considered a "replacement" of another yet-to-be-revealed product... when it's definitely not the case.

I want a cool-looking 5th Bestiary as much as the next player... but come on, I'm not flipping out when I see something else announced.

BTW, an AP Monster Compendium... is logically possible and totally feasible by all standards. It wouldn't be as acclaimed, but considering the sheer number of it, they could just shear 10 AP bestiaries off their list and package them in a single compendium. That can be done with modules and companions as well.

Especially the older ones...

Racial traits aren't the only thing that players need to look for when making their characters. Options must be considered too. You say that catfolks are weak... except not when you look at their racial feats, equipment and archetypes.

Same goes with kobolds and goblins.

Myth Lord wrote:

Please no, I would hate that , so cheap...

Bestiary 5 should be a mix again.

But because Cthulu already is in Bestiary 4, I guess bestiary 5 will be made with relaxing thoughts and come to us (if the world still exists) in 2017.

Well, apparently, you guys are so desperate to get a Bestiary 5.

Occult Bestiary isn't "replacing" B5, especially with just around 50 monsters, when a Bestiary contains 300+.

If Paizo really wants to calm you guys down, they could technically make a Bestiary 5 with reprinted AP monsters. There's enough to fill 4 books like this anyway. Since these are just reprints, it would be faster and cheaper to make. Take the first 300 monsters you find in APs and voilà, you're done with B5. Take another 300 monsters and voilà, B6 is ready after 2 months. Sure, it's nothing original, but hey, it's an easier product to make than having to create from scratch 250 monsters and hope that they are balanced.

Seriously, people here see every new book as replacements for a Bestiary 5. The guys at Paizo might be building it, but 1 monster at the time, in addition on working on APs, modules, companions and other core books.

Myth Lord wrote:
JiCi wrote:

Ok, where did they ever rule out a Bestiary 5?!?

It's just a booklet people, calm down. Nothing makes it clear that we won't get a hardcover Bestiary this year.

Forgot about the small 40-monsters inner sea bestiary? That one also replaced the Bestiary that year, so big chance.

Replace what? Where is it written that Bestiaries should be annual releases and that any book is "replacing" another?

They can take as much time as they need to make a 5th Bestiary, I'm not pushing these guys to release half-baked and rushed products. We'll get a 5th book when it's ready to be released, not on a set date.

Set releases are the worst kind of releases anyway. We already have games and movies that do that, I don't need to see this happening for PF books.

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Ok, where did they ever rule out a Bestiary 5?!?

It's just a booklet people, calm down. Nothing makes it clear that we won't get a hardcover Bestiary this year.

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