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TBH, ANY class, right down to the new ones in ACG, works for a villain... EXCEPT the Fighter.

I'm sorry, but the Fighter just doesn't scream "BBEG" to me. All the other classes have something related to their backstory that can lead to being a villain.

Barbarian, Bloodrager and Skald: your typical tribal leader/warchief

Bard, Rogue, Brawler and Swashbuckler: your typical gang/thug/guild leader

Cleric, Paladin, Monk, Inquisitor, Oracle, Shaman and Warpriest: your typical religious leader

Druid and Witch: your typical witch doctor

Ranger, Gunslinger, Ninja, Hunter, Investigator and Slayer: your typical assassin/bounty hnter

Sorcerer, Wizard, Alchemist, Summoner, Magus and Arcanist: your typical evil wizard/arcane spellcaster

Cavalier and Samurai: your typical warlord/commander

and then there's:
Fighter: your typical soldier/sellsword/mercenary/guy who just knows how to wield a weapon and that he's pretty forgettable... kinda lacking here...

Look, the ONLY way to make the Fighter a good villain is if you're just about to face the master gladiator, similar to the Black Duke. However, the Fighter lacks any kind of ability that define him as a villain. The only thing that could define the Fighter as a good villain is the weapon he wields, but again, so can have any of the martial classes.

My opinion though...

Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
JiCi wrote:
Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
Well yeah, there's no doubt about whether or not they can. My question was more along the lines of how, biologically, would it work. They're internal anatomy is stone, metal, crystal, and wood, not flesh which is the usual home for the congulair symbiote.

There you go... Wood is an organic substance like flesh. A parasite can attach itself to plants and well as a plant creature.

While this isn't of what a Relluk is primarily made of, I could see the parasite feeding off the wood portions of its structure. Stone... can be a stretch... because there could be organisms that the parasite can feed on stony surfaces of it.

A living construct usually has organic materials built into it. If wood is present within a Relluk, I'd say that it can be sufficient for the parasite to latch into and survive. My theory resolves around organic tissues and sources... like wood being the flesh counterpart for a Relluk's "flesh"... or at least part of it.

Even then... the PrC doesn't require you to be immune to the Gelurot. By a strict reading, an actual construct or an undead creature could become a Congulair despite being immune to disease and not having a Constitution score.

Yeah, that's what I went with too.


Then again, There's always this reason:

PC: "Wait... How can a Relluk become a Congulair if it's a construct?"
DM: "Well, game mechanics, don't ask. XD"

Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
Well yeah, there's no doubt about whether or not they can. My question was more along the lines of how, biologically, would it work. They're internal anatomy is stone, metal, crystal, and wood, not flesh which is the usual home for the congulair symbiote.

There you go... Wood is an organic substance like flesh. A parasite can attach itself to plants and well as a plant creature.

While this isn't of what a Relluk is primarily made of, I could see the parasite feeding off the wood portions of its structure. Stone... can be a stretch... because there could be organisms that the parasite can feed on stony surfaces of it.

A living construct usually has organic materials built into it. If wood is present within a Relluk, I'd say that it can be sufficient for the parasite to latch into and survive. My theory resolves around organic tissues and sources... like wood being the flesh counterpart for a Relluk's "flesh"... or at least part of it.

Even then... the PrC doesn't require you to be immune to the Gelurot. By a strict reading, an actual construct or an undead creature could become a Congulair despite being immune to disease and not having a Constitution score.

LazarX wrote:
No... what's done is done. Rewriting now adds nothing but confusion without bringing anything new into the game.

They rewrote every dire animal as actual real-life animals instead of being bigger beasts with bony plates and horns.

I can understand if a dire animal has different traits than a megafauna animal, but the difference is almost gone.

Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:

I'm starting this thread for the discussion of the campaign materials for Alluria Publishing's Cerulean Seas Campaign Setting and it's sourcebooks.

The primary reason is to not clutter the news thread with off-topic discussion. This thread is for both crunch and fluff discussion so if you have the urge to discuss feel free to do so.

The urge huh? Ok... here comes the flood XD

1) The merfolks presented in PF really need to be addressed on how they can be added to the setting.

2) Animi based on aquatic animals are itching to be introduced.

3) While I can understand the difficulty to use a slashing or bludgeoning weapon underwater... the armory could use more weapons on that type, because getting a creature resistant, if not immune to piercing weapons is probably a nightmare.

4) That might be a real stretch here, but... how about adding fire to the mix, like a new type of fire that burns underwater, similar to modern tools, such as a flare or blowtorch?

5) Ok, this is something I really don't get: merfolk races... can never be amphibious? Anthromorphs can become amphibious using 2 feats and Feykiths are true amphibians... but your regular merfolk isn't? Kinda weird... Not that you couldn't allow merfolks to take Greater Amphibiousness and Ultimate Amphibian as a house rule.

6) I still don't get why Bards, Druids and Rangers aren't typical classes. If land creatures evolved into sea creatures over time... then how could it affect the act of singing, the art of druidism and the task of hunting? At best, I could see Siren, Kahuna and Mariner as archetypes... but that sounds a little drastic to get them as replacements.

7) A Sunken Relluk as a Congulair... wouldn't be as weird as people think. You simply have a parasite living inside you that feeds on you, don't forget that Relluks are living constructs, thus having a Constitution score. They are indeed immune to the Gelurot disease... but in this case, I'd say that they become bearers of it without suffering the consequences. The parasite feeds on the Relluk, but the Relluk doesn't feel anything... or has an extremely fast regenerating metabolism that the parasite's harmful effect doesn't take effect on it.

How does a Sunken Relluk Congulair look like? Like a small tiki statue with a weird ooze-like substance on his body, similar to vines and such on old buildings and monuments. As simple as that... Don't forget also that the PrC doesn't require you to be vulnerable to disease or to cold effects. In fact, being immune to disease makes you a better Congulair.

8) I do believe that the Luminescent trait can be surpressed... I don't know if actual animals can do so, but I'm pretty sure that this is a voluntary ability and not a mandatory one.

Ok... it has been said before that James Jacobs "hates" the concept of dire animals, because over the years, there were some pretty laughable examples. In the bestiaries however, ALL dire animals are now referring to prehistoric, more primal versions of the animal in question, such as the dire tiger now being the sabertooth tiger/smilodon. However, the sub-category "megafauna" appeared in later books and... it pretty much describes dire animals in its own way.

Wouldn't you call a Megaloceros a dire elk, a Glyptodon a dire armadillo, a Megatherium a dire sloth, and so on?

So... yeah... should the actual dire animals be rebranded as megafauna animals, now that their real existance can be proven in real life and such?

They are proficient with all weapons from the Close weapon group, which includes heavy and light shields... but they're only proficient with light armors, but NOT shields???

Wait... they can use them for shield bashes, but not for armor???

Doesn't being proficient with shields include both the offensive and defensive qualities?

Unless people think that they quit, pretty sure everyone thinks that they're doing their best ;)

I know I posted before, but here's an update:
- Artificer/Tinkerer/Gadgeteer: a character who builds stuff that mimics spells.

- Swordsage/Crusader/Warblade: a fighter with essentially a spell list... but these spells are actually fiction-inspired special moves that deal a set amount of damage, but are usuable at will or requires a quick recharge time.

- More arcane spellcaster school splits: take the summoner, but change everything to match another school.

- Combat shapeshifter: you know the Totemist from Magic of Incarnum? How about a PF version?

lucky7 wrote:
No. Still want to see a Pathfinder movie though!

Isn't... there already one?

Oh, you mean without vikings and native americans XD

3 people marked this as a favorite.

My answer is No, BUT I will say that I'm all for a revision... like, dare I say it, WotC's "3.5/3.75" edition.

The system itself is fine IMO, but it's not perfect, as all things. This is why I got into PF instead of mandatorily jumping on the 4e wagon, because I love the 3e rules.

I'd love to see a revision at least, such as:
- Buffing the monk... at least the standard version, since some archetypes can do it.

- Remove some feats: ok, look... the Improved, Greater, Superior and "Upgraded" versions are annoying as all Hell to take. Please do me a huge favor and combine some of the feats into a SINGLE ONE. Case in point:

Two-Weapon Fighting
Prerequisite: Dex 15.
Benefit: Your penalties on attack rolls for fighting with two weapons are reduced. The penalty for your primary hand lessens by 2 and the one for your off hand lessens by 6. See Two-Weapon Fighting in Combat.
Normal: If you wield a second weapon in your off hand, you can get one extra attack per round with that weapon. When fighting in this way you suffer a –6 penalty with your regular attack or attacks with your primary hand and a –10 penalty to the attack with your off hand. If your off-hand weapon is light, the penalties are reduced by 2 each. An unarmed strike is always considered light.
ADVANCEMENT: If you have Dex 17 and a base attack bonus of +6, you can make a second attack with your off-hand weapon, albeit at a –5 penalty. If you have Dex 19 and a base attack bonus of +11, you can make a third attack with your off-hand weapon, albeit at a –10 penalty. If you have Dex 21 and a base attack bonus of +16, you can make a third attack with your off-hand weapon, albeit at a –15 penalty.

Now, do the same with Greater Bull Rush/Overrun/Sunder/Disarm/Trip/Feint/Great Fortitude/Lightning Reflexes/Iron Will, Lightning Stance, Spell Penetration, Etc...

Point is, if I have one of the regular feats, why WOULDN'T I get the upgrades, character build aside?

- Limiting the Christmas Tree effect... then again, each DM can handle it on his or her own.

That's about it for me.

Bottom line: I'm sticking with PF's current rules... but a revision wouldn't hurt.

Fine, ask them away... but I'm pretty sure that was intended for unarmed strikes.

Ssalarn wrote:
JiCi wrote:

People please... I honestly don't see the point of this problem.

1) Pummeling Strike requires Improved Unarmed Strike ***

Note that I agree that it's intended to work with unarmed strikes, but I wanted to point out that the above portion of your quote means nothing at all from a RAI or RAW perspective.

Improved Unarmed Strike is a prerequisite on virtually all Style chains (I think there is now one that technically doesn't have it, but it does have another prereq whose own prereqs include IUAS), regardless of whether they're primarily intended for weapons or UAS. IUAS is basically the feat that says "I have martial arts training", and that's why it's a prereq. It does not in any way reflect on the actual intent of the feat to either include or exclude use with weapons.

The feat requires Improved Unarmed Strike, requires to be in classes that use specifically unarmed strikes and the description is clearly intended for unarmed strikes.

You cannot be any clearer than that.

The Technology Guide is [surprisingly] in the PRD, so... I think I'm in the right place to ask for a rule clarification instead of posting in the Golarion-related sections.

The Speed enhancement can be applied to ranged weapons... except that most of them require loading in between shots that makes it kinda impossible to use it multiple times in a row. However, bows, repeating crossbows and certain firearms can be sped up.

What about Slow-Firing weapons, such as the Rail Gun, Rocket Launcher and Vortex Gun? All 3 guns have charges that work like chambers or barrels, meaning that you don't need to reload between each shot unless it's empty. However, you cannot make more than 1 attack per round with them because they take a full action to shoot.

If I apply the Speed enhancement to them how does it work? Do I get a 2nd shot with the weapons in question?

Ok, you know that feeling when you see a rule just think that it would be so much better if you could break it? I'm looking for 1001 of these.

#1 Allowing the Endless Ammunition enhancement to be added to firearms, slings and blowguns.. as well as other projectile weapons.

The Endless Ammunition enhancement can only be placed on bows and crossbows... when you could easily add them to other projectile weapons as well. A +1 Sling of Endless Ammunition isn't gonna be problematic. Feel free to make at a +3 enhancement for firearms though.

#2 Adding a third advancement for some of the animal companions, such as for bears, boars, badgers and even dinosaurs.

Ok... you can get the equivalent of a Dire Wolf as a companion... but not the equivalent of a Dire Bear, Boar or Wolverine. The wolf is the only companion that STARTS at its base size BEFORE getting bigger than usual. Note that the wolf doesn't start as a Small animal and then gets Medium, but a Medium animal that gets Large.

So yeah... at 7th-level, you could allow a 3rd advancement similar to the Beast Rider Cavalier archetype, as follow:
"Size Large [or one size larger]; Ability Scores Str +2, Dex –2, Con +2. Increase the damage of each of the mount's natural attacks by one die size."

1 person marked this as a favorite.

People please... I honestly don't see the point of this problem.
1) Pummeling Strike requires Improved Unarmed Strike as well as being either a Brawler, a Monk or a Sacred Fist Warpriest, y'know, a class that uses punches and kicks as primary weapons.

2) Yes, the feat says that "you collect all your power into a single vicious and debilitating punch", but the feat doesn't require you to have arms, just like the Punishing Kick feat doesn't require you to have legs. Ok, here's a reference from a famous video game: You know a game called Street Fighter 4? You know the Focus Attack where your character winds it up and smacks your opponent so hard that he or she falls on the ground? THAT's your Pummeling Strike. Some punch, some kick, some smack using weapons (although that doesn't count as a comparison here) and T.Hawk even headbutts. Same thing here. Wanna punch? Good. Wanna kick? Good. Wanna body slam using your chest? Good, because you can.

3) You cannot using it with any manufactured weapon, so no sword, no spear, no mace, no bow, no gun, no nothing... Only unarmed strikes using your fists, feet, elbows, shoulders, knees and head(s) can be used here. No natural attack either, because not only that it doesn't count, but since you cannot make more than 1 attack with it, it's practically worthless. Go for Vital Strike instead.

4) The ONLY way to use Pummeling Strike with weapons is if your character obtains the ability to use abilities that require unarmed strikes while using weapons, such as using Stunning Fist with a nunchuck without having the Ki Focus enhancement or being able to use the Gorgon's Fist feat using a sai.

So far, the brawler, the monk and the sacred fist cannot do so except for damage output.

My understanding:

1) I would say that you get the Wisdom bonus only once.

2) I would say that monk levels and sacred fist levels stack.

3) The feat... seems to be adamant that you must use it with an unarmed strike. If you have the ability to apply unarmed strike effects and feats to manufactured weapons, then I suppose you could pummel with them.

Slow-Firing weapon + Speed = doable?

I know a hasted creature can't fire twice, but what about a speed slow-firing weapon?

Hmmm... any monster that remains to be added for 3.5?
- Arrowhawk
- Ethereal Filcher
- Ethereal Marauder
- Fungus, Shrieker
- Fungus, Violet Fungus
- Grimlock
- Ravid

Those are all monsters that are open-sourced, but not converted into a Bestiary yet.

I keep thinking of an oar, or galley paddle.

1) He's a nature-based character, which is rarely on 2 extremes.
2) He's animal-based, like the Agathions.
3) The Stag Archon... looks like an Agathion than a LG Outsider.
4) There's no Agathion deity in the core pantheon.

May sound like nitpick, but still...

Ok, in Adventure Path #80, Empty Graves, of the Mummy's Mask adventure path, there's a chapter about Ancient Osirion deities... which are based on the real-world Ancient Egyptian pantheon.

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who's seeing a parallel with WotC D&D's Deities and Demigods, where they described pantheons based on the Greek/Roman, Eqyptian and Asgardian deities, in addition of their own D&D/Greyhawk Gods.

Seeing that Orision got an Ancient Pantheon based on the real deal, can we except Pathfinder to have info on the Olympian Gods, the Asgardians, the Babylonian Gods and even more Japanese deities?

Before saying that it's weird enough to see that people used to worship Horus in Golarion, please remind yourself that Golarion is often associated with the Middle Ages, which usually come AFTER the Antiquity age, which used to have a LOT of pantheons in various civilizations.

On a sidenote... kudos to everyone who can match regions to Ancient Greece, Italy and Babylon.

Isn't the Blood Rager counting as both a barbarian AND a sorcerer? If he has the Draconic Bloodline and cast spells as a sorcerer... then he meets all requirements.

I'm sure that the blood rager can enter any PrC that has a bloodline requirement.

AbsolutGrndZer0 wrote:
In a Blood of Dragons supplement, I'd want to see alternate versions of the Draconic Bloodline, like say "Outer Draconic Archetype" you must be draconic bloodline, then you get some alternate abilities based on your outer dragon type... the really powerful stuff like time travel or interplanetary teleport of course would be the capstone.

That would be nice ^_^

If they could go for 3 Archdevils, that would be swell ^_^

1 person marked this as a favorite.
BigDTBone wrote:

So that 45d6 you just shot out cost you 8100gp. And it has a DC 13 reflex save. What level are you that 8100gp per shot is accessible while DC 13 is still meaningful?

Meanwhile a CL 20 scroll of disintegrate is 3000gp and has a minimum save of 19 or more if your casting stat is higher than 16. Does 40d6, and attacks a more vulnerable save. Oh, and doesn't require a huge up front investment, and doesn't require you to have a second (errr fourth?) magic item to make it work.

The cheesiest item I ever saw was the belt of battle from 3.5 magic item compendium. It gave you extra standard and full round actions once or twice a day.

For the Lightning Bolt wands, yes, it's laughable... for the powered-up Shocking Grasp however, one melee touch attack and you fry, no save allowed.

I'll be using that for my players as well soon.

Beginning: a battle erupts in Goka, the PCs band together to quell it off and someone enters them in the tournament as a team.

End: A day after they came out victorious, a Pathfinder Chronicler comes in and hire them as bodyguard as he wants to explain Tian Xia for his publications. Why not pick the tournament's champions?

If you had to pick a magic item of any kind, from either D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder (as one can be easily converted into the other), that upon studying its inner works, you just thought that it would become the cheesiest, most abusable and most broken piece of equipment ever... what would it be?

For me, it's a 3.5 item I found in Complete Mage known as the Rod of Many Wands. You know how it's possible to power-up a wand with a low-level spell enhanced with metamagic feats up to 4th level? You know how you could technically get a wand of empowered intensified shocking grasp that deals 15d6 points of electricity damage per hit up to 50 times before being drained? Now, triple that amount.

In short, the Rod allows you to activate 2 or 3 wands at once, at the increased cost of 1 or 2 extra charges for each extra wand per extra wand (2 wands into the Rod drains 2 charges per wand and 3 wands into the Rod drains 3 charges per wand). You know that wand of empowered intensified shocking grasp I talked above? Well, if you have 3 of them plus this Rod, you essentially have the most destructive tazer ever created.

Oh, it doesn't stop there. If you converted the Metamagic Feat known as Split Ray (for 2 slots, it adds an extra ray to ray spells), add it to Scorching Ray into a wand (now a 4th-level spell) and have 3 of these wands into the Rod, you essentially have a machine gun that shoots not 9 but 12 rays that deal 4d6 points of fire damage each.

Now use wands that have intensified lighting bolts, fireballs or acid breaths (each dealing 15d6 points of damage times 3), or have magic missiles... all times 3 using the Rod. You could argue that using 3 wands of cure critical wounds isn't too bad, but still... undead are dead again if hit.

Yes, it's expensive and yes, it drains the wands a lot faster... but the damage output is just insane.

So yeah, the cheesiest magic item I've found was the Rod of Many Wands. What about you?

Of all the monster templates that are published, be by Paizo themselves or by 3rd parties, which one would you consider the most uncontrollable or that you can lose control pretty quickly with it?

For me [so far], the template that can lead to brokeness is the Undead Lord from Sword & Sorcery's Tome of Horrors Complete Unlimited Edition. Why? Basically, it's your typical enhanced undead template... until you read this part:

Undead Lord wrote:
Create Spawn (Su): A creature slain by an undead lord rises in 1d4 minutes as an undead creature of the same type as the undead lord. Spawn are under control of the undead lord. This replaces any other create spawn ability the base creature possesses.

Applying it to a ghoul, a skeleton or zombie, no problem...

Applying it to a ravener... or a lich... or worst, such as Agmazar the Star Titan, y'know, ANY undead that can one-shot-kill an entire settlement? What would happen if an ravener undead lord wipes a village with its breath weapon? You would get a flock of raveners in no time. Ouch...

So yeah, while the Undead Lord is great for powering up weak undead, it's not so great for greater ones when they can turn every victim into their own powerful selves, under THEIR control.

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Emberion wrote:
Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
As far as the Anumus is concerned I believe all of the Remarkable Races should be getting aquatic variants, at least the ones that haven't already, if I recall correctly.

Yes, the plan is to have equivalents (if not conversions) of all 12 Remarkable Races. Since 3 already exist in source books (and a 4th if Viridean Veil beats the conclusion of Remarkable Races Submerged, not sure about that yet). The Mogogol, the Obitu, and the Zif(Zef) have been swimming out there a while now.

That leaves 3 (or 4) spots open for entirely new and strange aquatic races that we will cap off the series with.

We WILL see aquatic etobians (with dragonfly, water beetle, mosquito +two more) forms.

We will also see aquatic squoles made of water, and taddols with sea-elven blood.

But there is so much more surprises planned that I can't talk about yet!


I really liked how you converted the Obitu and Zef for aquatic settings (technically, the Mogogol... didn't change at all, they remained the same).

I'm trying the figure out how some of the races will be converted...
- Animus: as I said above, subspecies based on aquatic animals
- Boggle: huh... I don't recall seeing ANY goblinoid yet... related to the Aglooliks maybe?
- Entobian: as you said, aquatic insects
- Kval: aquatic fiends... then again, their huge hands would be great for swimming XD
- Mahrog: your typical primitive seafolk I suppose
- Muse: aquatic feys with fin-like wings maybe?
- Numistian: huh... no clue here... unless you just replace their legs by a fish tail.
- Oakling: aquatic plants/corals
- Squole: As you said, water-based squole... although I hope that the black squoles will be mentioned as well.
- Taddol: As you said, sea-elven blood... although don't forget the sea titan blood as well ;)
- Xax: beats me... chaos can take any shape, so you could web their hands and feets and be ok

As for new races... I still surprised that you can even come up with more considering the large selection, and there are still [at least] 2 books (Celadon Shores and Viridian Veil). I... honestly don't know where you could go next, but... keep on impressing me I suppose ^_^

Emberion wrote:

The Sunken Relluk now avaialable:

The Sunken Relluk


Is it like the non-aquatic variant, with new feats, items, spells, NPC stat blocks and a prestige class?

EDIT: Please, please, please, please, PLEASE tell me that the next one is about aquatic animi, because the Animus race is severely lacking aquatic variants right now. Non-predatory fishes, predatory fishes, cephalopods, pinniped, cetaceans and even decapods could make great subspecies.

@ all 3 of you, I'll answer this all at once.
1) I'm having trouble figuring out how many AP monsters so far would be reserved for a Golarion-exclusive setting, when every one of them can be adapted to any setting the DM can think of based on the native environment alone.

2) If they are revising monsters, then I don't see why reprinting them on a compendium would be problematic.

3) If the later Bestiaries were more about new monsters than reprinted ones, then I also don't see why having a 5th Bestiary with on AP monster, only new ones would be a problem either. Budget? Huh... yeah... I don't see a big difference between having to get 90% of the artworks compared to 100%. Again, B4 had like, what, 10 monsters from AP... on 300 or so?

4) I have absolute faith in Paizo to come up with even more new creations... or else we would have never gotten monsters in APs in the first place.

5) How many monsters have been suggested in the "Bestiary 5 wish list" topic again? Believe me, they HARDLY will ever run out of ideas.

Arachnofiend wrote:
JiCi wrote:
You guys make me laugh when you request a Mystic Theurge and an Arcane Trickster... when they're ALREADY Prestige Classes. Look, they cannot convert PrCs into actual classes, ok? So let them be..
Uh... You do realize this is exactly what the Magus did with the Eldritch Knight, right?

That's almost on a league of its own... Because the Eldrith Knight BARELY give new abilities...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

You guys make me laugh when you request a Mystic Theurge and an Arcane Trickster... when they're ALREADY Prestige Classes. Look, they cannot convert PrCs into actual classes, ok? So let them be...

Honestly, for missing classes? Hmmm...
- Artificer/Tinkerer: someone who can fabricate gadgets that duplicate spells. If that's problematic to you, pretty sure Numeria would have such a class amongst their ranks.

- Swordsage/Warblade/Crusader: Yes, I'm asking this, because I really liked how Tome of Battle was written and ruled. Look, the fighter is literally paling in comparison when it comes to "having something unique". These 3 classes made an awesome alternate fighter option. Tian Xia could be loaded with these right now. Basically, give the fighter spell-like abilities in the forms of unique attacks.

(Ok, that might have been discussed a few times before, but might as well post it here for future purposes.)

I'd like to get a Compendium composed of monsters that appeared in Adventure Paths and Adventure Modules. Just so you know, some of the monsters ALREADY made it into Bestiaries 2, 3 and 4, but, considering the HUGE number of exclusive monsters, that might take forever to make them accessible to everyone via the Core Books.

Why is it posted in "Paizo Products", and not in "Pathfinder Campaign Setting Products"? As I said, several monsters were reprinted in previous Bestiaries. Also, I... don't really see the AP/M monsters as solely exclusive to Golarion, as many can be adapted to any setting. If it was the case... then why would Paizo have added some of them in Bestiaries in the first place?

So yeah, I would like to suggest one or more monster compendiums, composed exclusively of creatures that were published in Adventure Paths and Modules. Seeing that each 6-booklet series presents 30 monsters on average, they could take 9 or 10 APs, take all the monsters, remove the ones already reprinted in Bestiaries (:P), add monsters from Modules to fill the blanks... and they'll have a 300-monsters Bestiary in no time. To put you in perspective, they could take EVERY monster from Rise of the Runelords to Skull & Shackles (maybe Shattered Star since I'm sure that at least 30 monsters were already reprinted) and make a compendium with it. That tells you how huge they could make it.

Now, before saying that it would bust the idea to purchase APs and Modules, let me remind you that you're buying for the setting, the locations, the NPCs and such, NOT just for the monsters.

At best, Paizo could make an exclusive Pathfinder Campaign Setting book named "Monsters of Golarion" or "Golarion Bestiary", like WotC did with "Monsters of Faerun". My point is that Paizo could make such a book using their monthly publications.

So, what do you say?

Samy wrote:

Blood of Dragons will probably show up eventually, don't worry.

I just hope they don't make the same mistake they did with Blood of Elements, and try to put too many races in.

Well... the Half-Elemental Template had like 8 variations, plus the Half-Janni Template... That's a lot of cover.

A Blood of Dragons booklet should only have 1 [new] race and 5 bloodlines (chromatic, metallic, primal, imperial and outer), no need to add more actual races to the mix, like Kobolds and such.

The Beardinator wrote:
Its really all in how you (the GM) interprets the dragonborn. Bahamut gave people the CHOICE to become a dragonborn. It was not forced. If you wanted to rigidly enforce it, you could. As long as the dragonborn player is fighting evil dragons and protecting the lesser races from evil dragons, that should be fine. Plus, you got to choose between the awesome abilities of either wings granting flight or a breath weapon that can do any of the four basic elemental damage. The third option seemed pretty weak to me by comparison. The first campaign I ran, I allowed the party's fighter the option of becoming a dragonborn after he had performed several goodly, dragon related deeds. He loved it. He chose the breath weapon and took a couple of feats to support it and had a great time. Bahamut IMHO is a truly goodly god in that he seeks to do the most good while thwarting Tiamat. He protects the weaker masses from evil dragons and the few non-dragon worshippers he has are greatly appreciated. Hence, the OPTION of becoming a dragon based humanoid.

Ok... that it's a choice for PCs, I can accept that. You can accept or refuse. I also have no problem with the abilities it grants... except for the numerous grey zones that people keep having trouble with rule-wise.

What I had a problem with the race was with the fact that it imposes a code of conduct even MORE rigid than your standard paladin code, piled on the rule that the Template can be literally and painfully ripped from you if you don't follow that code. What if I don't GET to fight evil dragon related stuff in the current campaign?

The race wasn't lenient enough. Everything you had to do HAD to be related to your fight against Tiamat. Demons and devils? Nope, screw it, Bahamut kills you if you even care about a fiendish incursion that wipe the Material Plane and even if Tiamat is essentially living in Baator.

If Bahamut let loose a little and went for overly good deeds, NOT just for dragons, than I would have tolerated a bit more, because it would have been similar to a paladin code. Right now, Dragonsborns are for the die-hard followers who basically forsake their humanity for a single narrow-minded cause.

A DM with a Dragonborn ALMOST needs to use evil dragons and Tiamat or else a Dragonborn has little to no purpose...

Matrix Dragon wrote:
Samy wrote:
Matrix Dragon wrote:
Samy wrote:
Yeah, since Elements, I'm inclined to think one race per book anymore. With subraces/heritages, of course.
The one problem with this is that it would take years before paizo even got around to covering half of the races we want covered :(

Yeah but it's better than getting none of the races covered in sufficient depth.

I'd rather take 16 pages of one race than 1 page of 16 races each.

Yea it is kind of true. Every time a book doesn't cover races sufficently means that *at best* an opportunity has been lost for years.

This was essentially the problem with the 2 page races in the APG, abilities that should have been detailed and fun archtypes or bloodlines got watered down into weak feats due to space issues.

*points to my suggestion*


Sounds like a no-brainer at this point...

Ok... the Alchemy Handbook introduced grafts [source], more specifically fungal grafts. One of them is the Reaching Vines, which essentially gives you two vine attacks that deal no damage, but can be used to pull opponents in.

What if I could weaponize them even further?

Here are homebrewed feats that use the Reaching for more potent effects.

Whipping Vines
You have learned to use your vines as effective weapons.
Prerequisites: Fungal-grafted (Reaching vines), base attack bonus +2.
Benefit: You can use your vines as primary natural attacks, dealing 1d4 plus your Strength modifier. You can still use the pull maneuver instead of dealing damage if you wish.
Normal: The vines deal no damage and are used as secondary attacks.
Special: This feat counts as Whip Mastery for the purpose of feats, prerequisites and such.

Grasping Vines
Your vines can tighten your grip on objects you held.
Prerequisites: Fungal-grafted (Reaching vines)
Benefit: You can wrap your vines around your hands and objects you currently hold. This grants you the same benefits and properties of a locked gauntlet, with the exception that you cannot make lethal unarmed strikes. You can wrap only one of your vines around one of your hand if desired, such as to hold a one-handed melee weapon, but you can also wrap both vines to grasp a two-handed object, doubling the bonus to your Combat Maneuver Defense. Wrapping one vine is a move action and wrapping both vines at once, be for one or two objects, is a standard action. Unwrapping either or both vines at once is a move action.
Normal: The vines cannot be used to lock your objects in hand.
Special: If you possess the Quick Draw feat, you can wrap one vine as a swift action or both as a move action, and unwrap them as a swift action.

Flailing Vines
You can wield a weapon like a long flail using your vines.
Prerequisites: Fungal-grafted (Reaching vines), Grasping Vines, base attack bonus +6.
Benefit: After wrapping a weapon with one or both vines, as a free action, you can choose to release it and use it similar to a flail. Your weapon attacks gain reach. If the weapon already had reach, add 5 feet to your reach. You can snap the weapon to your hands as a move action. You cannot use the pull maneuver while wielding a weapon in such a manner nor can you hold another object while the vine is extended.
Special: If you possess the Quick Draw feat, you can snap the weapon back as a swift action.

Rapid Vines
You have learned to use your vines as fast as any weapon.
Prerequisites: Fungal-grafted (Reaching vines), Whipping Vines, base attack bonus +6.
Benefit: You can use your vines to make iterative attacks. The vines are treated as light weapons and you can use both at the same time, but doing so occurs all the usual penalties from wielding two weapons, including adding only half of your Strength modifier to an off-hand attack.

Versatile Vines
You have learned to use your vines for various maneuvers
Prerequisites: Fungal-grafted (Reaching vines), base attack bonus +4.
Benefit: You can use the Disarm, Trip, Drag, Reposition and Steal maneuvers in addition of the Pull maneuver. However, you cannot let go of the vines if countered.

So, what do you think?

Name Violation wrote:

it looks like you can be a card caster and staff magus.


True, but the card master doesn't allow you to use spellstrike with melee weapons anymore, only your cards.

Please... please... please tell me that among the new archetypes, there are some of the magus that involve wielding a two-handed weapon or using 2 weapons TWF.

Peter Stewart wrote:

I'm quite amused by all the people defending the status quo... who don't actually know the status quo. Lets cover the important points real quick.

1. Recharging a staff must be done in the morning, when you prepare spells. The slot used is unavailable for the rest of the day. You cannot simply dump an unused spell slot into a staff at the end of the day at no cost.
2. You use a spell slot of the highest level available within the staff to recharge it, and said slot charges only a single charge.
3. You cannot recharge more than a single charge per day.
4. You cannot recharge more than a single staff each day.
5. You must know at least one spell that is stored within the staff.

There are a few obvious takeaways from these restrictions.

1. Staves that contain primarily spells of the same level are likely to be a better investment than those with wildly varying levels. Using a 6th level spell slot to recharge the 1st level sleep spell you used on your staff of enchantment is an awfully raw deal.
2. Staves that focus on lower level spells are probably easier to recharge - and thus more likely to see consistent use - than staves that contain higher level spell slots you may need.
3. Staves are much more useful in campaigns that involve short periods of activity followed by relatively long stretches of leisure.

Keeping these limitations - and the extremely high cost of any given staff - in mind, I don't think it's a surprise that some people feel they are a bit overly restrictive or limited. Campaigns that take a slower pace between adventures or between each adventuring day are tend to find staves more valuable, but those tend to see consistent action over long stretches of time are likely to rapidly reduce a given staff to a phenomenally expensive paperweight. In addition, the stave you find can dramatically alter your perception.

Finally, someone who understands my point.

Where are the options to do as follow:
- "I burn a 5th-level spell; I recharge my staff by 5 charges."
- "I burn 2 5th-level spells; I recharge my staff by 10 charges."
- "I burn 2 5th-level spells; I recharge 2 staves by 5 charges each."
- "I can craft a staff that recharges itself by 1 or 2 charges per day."

Yes, 3.5E staves couldn't be recharged... but they had 50 charges. You know that 3rd-level spell you had in it? You could use it 16 times. In PF, only 3 times...

Yeah, practical...

mswbear wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
JiCi wrote:

I'll drop this here.

After five booklets on templates-turned-weaker-PC-races (celestials/aasimars, fiends/tieflings, vampires/dhampirs, lycanthropes/skinwalkers, elementals/oreads, sylphs, undines and ifrits), how about addressing THE most requested PC race?

Beside, it's not like you cannot make a Dragonborn similar to WotC's now can't you...?

I wouldn't exactly call a post with 3 favorites over 4 months an indication of THE most requested PC race ;-)
I agree and honestly the whole dragonborn thing is done to death. I think that the most requested would be for kitsune. I still think that they could manage a Blood of Beasts book. (Catfolk, Ratfolk, Tengu, Grippli, Kitsune, Nagaji, Vanara)

1) Just because it wasn't that much "favored" doesn't mean it's not popular. Favoring a topic doesn't seem to be a common practice here.

2) I wouldn't call this being "done to death" when nothing has been done to make an alternative to the inability to play a half-dragon. Furthermore, aasimars, tieflings, dhampirs, oreads, sylphs, undines and ifrits weren't THAT popular to begin with... and yet, they had booklets. The lycanthrope template is popular and I could understand why it got a booklet and an alternate race.

3) Kitsune? Really now? They add the Dragon Empires books and the Advance Race Guide. There's not much to add there. The ONLY thing I would like to see for the kitsunes is a reworked Magical Tail feat so I would tyake only ONE time and have it grow along as I level up instead of taking it 8 times and screwing up my build.

You have to burn a spell to recharge ONE SINGLE CHARGE... and no, there's nothing that would allow a spellcaster to recharge a staff faster, such as a feat or class ability that allow him or her to use a spell to recharge a number of charges equal to that spell's level.

Why has it become so hard to recharge a staff?

I'll drop this here.

After five booklets on templates-turned-weaker-PC-races (celestials/aasimars, fiends/tieflings, vampires/dhampirs, lycanthropes/skinwalkers, elementals/oreads, sylphs, undines and ifrits), how about addressing THE most requested PC race?

Beside, it's not like you cannot make a Dragonborn similar to WotC's now can't you...?

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much potential :D

Please tell me vehicles will be included, such as tanks and choppers, and please tell me that there will be animated versions of them, similar to the Animated Tack in Reign of Winter :D

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Greylurker wrote:
Kind of reminds me of the last of the 3.5 Monster Manuals only it sounds like you are doing a better job with the idea.

My thought exactly... a Monster Manual/Bestiary should be about new monsters only, not about recycling old monsters with stat blocks.

(Ok, I honestly don't know where to put this, but please change it to the right directory if necessary)

This isn't a topic about what book(s) should be considered for the future, but more what content should be added in future books. Y'know, a portion of what a book could contain. So what features, rules, abilities, items and such would you like to see in future Paizo products, be general or Golarion-specific, if judged adequate?

1) Rules to make intelligent constructs
Ok, hear me out: yes, the Bioconstruct Modification (brain) can make a construct intelligent... but I'm talking making your own construct as intelligent, Wise, Charismatic and thus independent as you see fit. What does it takes to give a construct Int 15?

2) A feat to transform breath weapons into ballistic projectiles
I think I've lost track of how many times I've seen monsters in fiction spitting out stuff as rapidly as someone firing arrows. I'd like to see either a rule or a feat that allows the creature to use its breath weapon as a ranged touch attack, instead of an area of effect, using attack rolls and such.

3) Either more weapons or weapon equivalencies
You cannot imagine Paizo listing just about every different sword, spear, axe and bow that people in history made. It's true that a few weapons can have their own entries. However, what could be useful is a list of weapons that would have the same stats as another weapon. For instance, you could have a list of 4, 5 or 6 different swords that would have the same exact stats as the standard longsword. So... if a player would like to use a specific weapon for his or her character, you'll have this to help out.

4) More combination weapons
Ok, that might be more for firearms, which might be considered "wrong" by the Pathfinder community, but in history, we've seen swords, whips and polearms with gun barrels attached (axes, shields and hammers have been listed in UC already). Then again, what about whips with hidden daggers? rapiers with hidden daggers? bows with hardened wood and spiked grip? Even better, what about pistol keys and other items that were doubled as weapons?

5) More monster variants
As with weapons, not every monster can be listed; that's why variants can be used. While that might be reserved for booklets, more variants for existing monsters would be a nice addition, based on legends or even other previous editions of D&D, if possible.

6) More racial weapons
Gnomes are familiar with... only the gnome hooked hammer. Halflings are familiar with slings and... the halfling sling staff. Orcs are familiar with greataxes, falchions and... the orc double axe. Yeah... I have a feeling that dwarves and elves have a bigger arsenal of familiar weapons than the other races. The culture is varied and the world is huge, so I'm sure that more "racial exclusive" weapons for gnomes, halflings and orcs could added to the mix.

7) Futuristic weaponry
Now before flaming the skin out of me, please note that Paizo isn't a stranger to anachronistic weapons: "Rasputin must die" has a handful of modern/early 1900s firearms and in Numeria, robots with laser guns and plasma cannons have been spotted. While I don't except a full section, these weapons could be added if time travelling and dimension hopping is done. Maybe that wasn't in the works when the Game Mastery Guide was published, but that could be revisited in a later product.

That's pretty much what i can think of. What about you?

Thanks a bunch, that's awesome ^_^

Ipslore the Red wrote:

Specifically, PrCs being the best options forever, 100 base classes and 500 PrCs, a zillion special materials, and so on.

I ask because of the paper-bound abomination known as Inner Sea Gods and the monstrosity known as Evangelist. From what I have seen of the book, namely Walter's guide to it, it seems to be almost universally terrible from a balance standpoint. Especially evangelist. You lose one level- one fricking level-of your class, and it's easy to get a feat to bring class features back to hit dice. Then you get 100% free features for another 9 levels.

And then exalted has straight spellcasting progression, permanent protect from ______, AND a free domain.

Sentinel is disgustingly cheesy as well. Bonus feats, free +1s to hit and damage, fricking LEADERSHIP for free, +4 to initiative DR, Diehard, and cure critical wounds as a swift action on yourself?

Am I overreacting or should this book never have been written and its authors terminated posthaste?

1) Pathfinder is not suffering from any bloat whatsoever. Prestige Classes have been kept "rather low" in the base game's books; Ultimate Magic and Ultimate Combat didn't have ANY PrC at all. Sure, Paths of Prestige added several PrCs, but those are often setting-specific, same goes for the other PrCs presented here and there, which aren't much numerous.

2) Archetypes are new concepts that actually avoid bloating the system with too many PrCs. In fact, MANY PrCs could have been replaced by archetypes. Right now, there is a nice balance between the two.

3) The Evangelist PrC is fine, I kinda wished that PrCs would allow you to pursue your base class instead of halting it dead.

4) The book itself is great, quit complaining...

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