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Jessica Price

Jessica Price's page

Contributor. Organized Play Member. 2,085 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.

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Jessica Price


My doctor says I'm probably an alien





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Create time




Redmond, WA

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About Jessica Price

I narrowly escaped becoming a lawyer when I was lured from my home on the frozen tundra by promises that 1) it doesn't snow in Seattle and 2) making games was more fun than lawyering. One of those turned out to be true. The highly improbable series of events leading to my arrival on the coast involved bees, payphones, artificial intelligences from the future, and cryptography. True story.

Along the way I played poker in graveyards, did a podcast, gained and lost a fan club, was thrown out of a convention, got a field promotion to lead designer while on a call with a movie studio, made a game that used t-shirts as a platform, got a jade amulet and cryptic blessing from a mysterious old woman in Chinatown, helped build a TARDIS, and was adopted by a cat with a hoarding problem.

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