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Jerin's page

927 posts. Alias of terok.

Full Name

Jerinthian Kos




Wizard (FC) 11 - Enchanter




5 '6 inches 162lbs




Neutral Good






Common, Shoanti, Draconian, Thassalonian, Infernal, Abyssal, Elven, Celestial, Dwarven, Undercommon, Orcish, Ignan, Terran, Auran, Giant, Ignan.

Strength 8
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 27
Wisdom 12
Charisma 10

About Jerin

Male Human Wizard Enchanter(FC) 11
NG Medium humanoid
Init +9 ; Senses Perception +11, Darkvision via Permanency.

AC 16, touch 15, flat-footed 13 (+1 Natural Armor, Amulet, +2 Ring of Protection)
AC 24, touch 20, flat footed 19 (+4 mage armor(force), +4 shield(force), (+1 Natural Armor, Amulet, +2 RoP))
hp 74(6,3,4,3,4,3,4,3,4,3,4 +2+2+2+2+2+2+2+2+2+2+2(11-FC))
Current 74 (0 temp points)
Fort +8, Ref +9, Will +11

Spd 30 ft./x5
Ranged Touch +8

Str 8, Dex (16)14, Con (14)12, Int (27)21, Wis 12, Cha 10
Base Atk +5, CMB +4, CMD +8
Greater Spell Focus (Enchantment) (PFCR 125), Scribe Scroll (PFCR 132), Spell Focus (Enchantment) (PFCR 134), Craft Wondrous Item (PFCR 120), Extend Spell (PFCR 120),Spell Penetration (PFCR 134), Greater Spell Penetration, Persistent Spell , Heighten Spell.

==SKILLS== 80 Ranks for INT/+30 for headband
Acrobatics +2,
Appraise +12 (1 rank, +8 Int, +3 class)
Bluff +13 (9 ranks, +4 enchanter bonus)
Climb +0,
Diplomacy +8 (4 ranks, +4 enchanter bonus)
Disguise +0,
Escape Artist +14 (11 ranks from Headband, +3 dex bonus)
Fly +17 (11 ranks from Headband, +3 dex bonus, +3 class bonus)
Heal +1
Intimidate +8 (4 ranks, +4 enchanter bonus)
Knowledge Arcana +21 (10 ranks, +8 int bonus, +3 class bonus)
Knowledge Dungeoneering +21 (10 ranks, +8 int bonus, +3 class bonus)
Knowledge Engineering +14 (3 ranks, +8 int bonus, +3 class bonus)
Knowledge History +13 (2 ranks, +8 int bonus, +3 class bonus)
Knowledge Local +12 (1 ranks, +8 int bonus, +3 class bonus)
Knowledge Nature +16 (5 ranks, +8 int bonus, +3 class bonus)
Knowledge Planes +22 (11 ranks, + 8 int bonus, +3 class bonus)
Knowledge Religion +18 (7 ranks, +8 int bonus, +3 class bonus)
Linguistics +21 (11 ranks headband, +7 Int, +3 class)
Perception +11 (10 ranks, +1 wis bonus)
Ride +2
Sense Motive +1
Spellcraft +21 (10 ranks, +8 int bonus, +3 class bonus)
Stealth +2
Survival +1
Swim +0

Languages: Common, Shoanti, Draconian, Thassalonian, Infernal, Abyssal, Elven, Celestial, Dwarven, Undercommon, Orcish, Ignan, Terran, Auran, Giant, Ignan.
Dagger, Explorer's outfit, Handy Haversack, Antitoxin, potion of Shield +2 x2, potion of cure light wounds, Tanglefoot bag, Antitoxin (vial), Alchemist's fire (flask). Headband of intellect +6 (Escape Artist 10/Fly 10 ranks/Linguistics 10 Ranks), Belt of Physical Might +2 Dex/+2 Con, +3 Cloak of Resistance, +1 Amulet of Natural Armor, Ring of Sustenance, Peal of power (1st)x2, Rod of Lesser Extend. Arcane Bonded Item (Ring +2 Protection), Rod of Quicken Lesser, Wand of Shield (34).
Haversack Contains:
Spellbook, wizard's, Ink, Inkpen, 2 Sunrod, 1000gp in stoneskin materials.
Scroll of See invisible, Scroll of Glitterdust x2, Scroll of Protection From Evil, Scroll of Hold Portal, Scroll of Detect Secret Doors, Scroll of Identify, Scroll of Comprehend Languages, 2 Scrolls of Shield 4th lvl, Scroll of Mage Armor. Scroll of False Life, Scroll of Dimension Door, Scroll of Protection From Evil, Scroll of Color Spray, Scroll of Obscuring Mist, Scroll of Stone Skin x3, Scroll of Haste x4, Scroll of Heroism x1.

Cash: 20gp 2sp 0cp

==Class Abilities==
* Enchanting Smile (Su): +4 to Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate.
* Dazing Touch (Su): (10x/Day) 10 remaining.
* Arcane Bond
* Aura of Despair (Su):10(r)/Day emit a 30 aura that gives all enemies -2 on ability checks, attack, damage, saving throws, and skill checks.


Spellbook 1 (96 pages):
lvl 0: all non necromancy, Transmutation.
lvl 1 - Charm Person, Color Spray , Comprehend Languages, Detect Secret Doors, Feather Fall, Grease, Hold Portal, Hypnotism, Identify, Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Obscuring Mist, Protection from Evil, Shield, Sleep, Vanish.
lvl 2 – Bears Endurance, Bulls Strength, Darkness, Darkvision, Daze Monster, False Life, Fox’s Cunning, Hideous Laughter, Invisibility, Knock, Mirror image, Scorching Ray, See invisibility, Web.
lvl 3 - Deep Slumber, Dispel Magic, Displacement, Fly, Fireball, Haste, Heroism, Hold Person, Lightning Bolt, Non-Detection, Stinking Cloud, Summon Monster III, Tiny Hut, Water Breathing.

Spellbook 2 (99 pages):
lvl 4 - Arcane Eye, Black Tentacles, Charm Monster, Confusion, Dimension Door, Dimensional Anchor, Fire Shield, Improved Invisibility, Stoneskin, Wall of Fire.
lvl 5 – Cone of Cold, Hold Monster, Hungry Pit, Mage’s Private Sanctum, Permanency, Teleport, True Seeing, Wall of Force.
lvl 6 – Chain Lightning, Contingency, Heroism Greater, Mislead.

DC 18 (20 Enchantments) lvl 0(4): Detect Magic, Light, Prestidigitation, Read Magic
DC 19 (21 Enchantments) lvl 1(7): Grease, Magic Missile x3, Obscuring Mist, Protection from Evil, Shield**, Vanish
DC 20 (22 Enchantments) lvl 2(7): Invisibility, Knock, Mage Armor**, Mirror Image, Scorching Ray, See Invisibility, 1 slot open
DC 21 (23 Enchantments) lvl 3(6): Displacement, Fly, Fireball, Heroism, Stinking Cloud, Tiny Hut
DC 22 (24 Enchantments) lvl 4(6): Black Tentacles, Confusion, Dimension Door, Hideous Laughter***, Improved Invisibility, Wall of Fire.
DC 23 (25 Enchantments) lvl 5(4): Charm Monster****, Hold Monster, Hungry Pit, True Seeing (Will have teleport in this slot the first day to Kaer Maga).
DC 24 (26 Enchantments) lvl 6 (3): Chain Lightning, Heroism Greater, Mislead

*C=Spell has been cast already
**Extended with Feat

Alternate List:

DC 17 (19 Enchantments) lvl 0(4): Daze, Detect Magic, Light, Mage Hand
DC 18 (20 Enchantments) lvl 1(7): Grease, Mage Armor*C, Magic Missle x3, Shield**cast X2 1 left, Vanish
DC 19 (21 Enchantments) lvl 2(7): False Life***, See invisibility.
DC 20 (22 Enchantments) lvl 3(7): Bears Endurance (2)*** & **, Summon Monster IIIx2, Protection from Energy.
DC 21 (23 Enchantments) lvl 4(6): Fly**x2, Stoneskin, Summon Monster III**, Dimension Door .
DC 21 (23 Enchantments) lvl 5(4): Cone of Cold, Heroism**, Dimension Door.
DC 21 (23 Enchantments) lvl 6(3): Charm Monster** (used on Reaver), Heroism, Greater, Dimension Door.
*C=Spell has been cast already
**Extended with Feat
***Opposite school 2 slots

• Reactionary – due to the abuse at the Acadamae, Jerin is used to looking over his shoulder and reacts a little quicker than his peers.
• Magical Lineage – his mother was a talented spell caster before her death, even though she never gained real power, he often saw her use a very useful spell, shield, for very long periods of time. It was the first spell he learned and is able to apply metamagic feats to this spell as if it is 1 level lower.

Jerinthian Kos
Jerin had been at the Acadamae for what seemed like an eternity. His father’s promise of a wonderful school in the city to hone his innate arcane skills had not turned out the way he expected it too.
As soon as he arrived at the Acadamae he knew he wasn’t going to fit in. Most of his classmates were on the darker side he had remarked to himself on many occasions. The greater wizards seemed to lust after the power promised to them by the Devils he had seen some of them bind. The younger students aspired to be what they saw to be the great power at their finger tips. Jerin had been brought up as a simple merchants son, his father was successful, but was sure to keep Jerin grounded. He had been taught that hard, honest work would bring you what you needed.
He survived the taunting, the threats, and the disappointment from his teachers. All of the star students of the Acadamae were Summoners, or Wizards who specialize in summoning. He just could never connect with the creatures that the Acadamae taught, at least not to the strength that many of his “school-mates” did. Secretly, Jerin started to look through some of the arcane tombs that were in the library. After a long time as an unsuccessful student, he found that he had plenty of time on his hands.
So he dedicated himself to study the arcane tome he had found, one that unlocked the key to Enchantments at the expense of Necromantic and Transmutation magic. In secret, he studied until he could no longer hide behind his failures. He found that he easily mastered the basic forms of the magic contained within the tome. When he was finally discovered and kicked out of the Acadamae Jerin wasn’t sure what to do. He didn’t want to go back to his father a failure but didn’t know what else to do.
It was just after this time that all hell broke loose in Korvosa. The king had died! Riots, burning, looting had broken out. By chance Jerin happened upon some Korvosan Guardsmen in dire need of help against an angry mob. He couldn’t stand by while they were overrun so he stepped in and with several spells was able to help the Guardsmen gain control of the mob. That day he met the powerful leader of the Korvosan guard, Cressida Kroft who offered him a job. With few other options he accepted and wondered what his role might be in these uneasy times.

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