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Dreamscarred Press. Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 2,236 posts. 2 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.

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Dreamscarred Press

Woot - now available!

Dreamscarred Press

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The latest in our Divergent Paths series of supplements for Path of War, the medic, is now available! The medic introduces combat healing using the Path of War maneuver system. But don't think the medic is only about healing - she can kick butt in combat, too.

Included with the medic you also get four new archetypes, new feats, alternate favored class options, and four new magic items.

You can get the Medic here from Paizo, and also from the Open Gaming Store, DriveThruRPG, and Dreamscarred.

The Medic was made possible thanks to the support of our Patreon campaign.

Dreamscarred Press

Woot! Now available!

Dreamscarred Press

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Psicrystals Expanded, the latest in our Psionics Augmented line, is now available for download!

This 13-page PDF offers a variety of new psicrystal options including alternate psicrystal forms like the crystal capacitor and the psicrystal weapon!

You can get it here at Paizo, from DriveThruRPG, or Dreamscarred Press. It will be available at the Open Gaming Store soon!

This product was made possible thanks to the support of our Patreon campaign.

Dreamscarred Press

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Oh! I did not realize this was available already! Time to spread the word!

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

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Part 2 of our Psionics Augmented: Soulknives book is now available!

This PDF includes new feats, traits, psionic powers, psionic items, and the Ashen Blade prestige class, all for the soulknife class!

Written by Chris Bennett, this release was made possible thanks to our Patreon campaign.

You can get it from Paizo, Dreamscarred, DriveThruRPG, and the Open Gaming Store.

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

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Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

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The Living Legend, the first release from our Occult Psionics playtest, is now available!

This 18-page PDF includes a transformative archetype for the soulknife class and supporting material that goes along with it, including a new crystalline focus item for the Living Legend.

You can get it right here from Paizo today!

We have a lot more coming for Occult Psionics - stay tuned for more and feel free to continue offering feedback in our playtest!

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

Due to a massive hail storm, Jeremy is dealing with extensive house repairs and having to replace his family's two cars. We're holding a sale at to help with the expenses (deductibles suck!) so now is a great chance to pick up Dreamscarred products you've been wanting to get!

Miniatures - up to 50% off!

Print Books - up to 75% off*!

PDFs - up to 50% off*!

Focus Tokens- Buy one, get one free!

GM Screens - 50% off!

Sale prices are good until May 23rd!

* Note: Path of War Expanded and Monster Classes are not included in this promotion.

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

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Welcome to the playtest for Psionics Augmented: Occult, the latest in Dreamscarred Press’ line of psionics expansions. With this project, we’re working to integrate Pathfinder’s recent book, Occult Adventures with our psionics system, bringing psionic versions of occult classes, ties to the occult for psionic classes, new feats and powers, and more.

Unlike some of Dreamscarred Press’ previous playtests, we’re trying a new model with this one. Rather than releasing an entire book worth of material for testing at once, we’ll be putting out smaller packets of rules over time. We hope that this “rolling playtest” will allow us to focus on, well, focused testing of new class options, abilities, and the like, and allow us to release them sooner rather than later. The end result will be that we can get the new stuff from the playtest to your table as efficiently as possible, without compromising on the quality you’ve come to expect from DSP. We will be periodically updating the playtest with new material, as well as keeping a close eye on the feedback we receive here.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what we’ve got to offer for this first set of new stuff:

The Gambler, a kineticist archetype focused on balancing high amounts of risk for a great reward, while delivering variable elemental damage with their kinetic blasts.

The Goetic, a spiritualist archetype who, rather than calling a phantom to do their bidding, binds seven otherworldly horrors into their body to make their power their own. This defense-focused archetype allows the spiritualist to transform themselves into horrific new forms to warp the battlefield and protect what is theirs. In addition, we have two more, less intensive archetypes for the spiritualist: the Athanic Channeler, a spiritualist who uses psionic powers rather than psychic spells, and the Crystalline Binder, who stores their phantom in a psicrystal and can cause it to transform into a heavily-armored creature of crystal and ectoplasm. Finally, we have the Unpattern, an archetype that can be applied to a spiritualist’s phantom, allowing it to tear reality asunder with its tattered form.

The Living Legend, a soulknife archetype that invokes stories of heroes and villains to gain their strength, weaving words into weaponry and creating the tools out of mental power to make their mark on the world.

The Ringleader, a mesmerist who’s always the life of the party, and can draw both allies and enemies into his festivities with a special collective called a carnevale.

We look forward to your feedback, and hope you enjoy the ride.

(This project is being lead by Forrest Heck, who has also done work on our Path of War Expanded project)

Cross-posted at Giant In The Playground

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

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Chris Bennett, the lead designer on Path of War, is running a playtest for a new supplement we have in the works - Psionics Augmented: Soulknife.

As the name implies, it's a bunch of new options for the soulknife class.

You can check out the discussion in this Giant in the Playground thread or download the living playtest document.

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

The latest release in our on-going Psionics Augmented product line, Seventh Path, is now available for download and print preorder!

Psionics Augmented: Seventh Path introduces the Athanatism discipline and the conduit option for the psion, as well as archetypes for all the psionic classes, two prestige class archetypes, new psionic feats, and dozens of new psionic powers focused around interacting with the spirit world.

The book has been sent to the printer and we’re awaiting proofs before any softcovers will ship. Softcovers will be in full-color.

Designed by Andreas Rönnqvist, developed by Doug Haworth, with artwork by Joe Shawcross, J.D. Dianderas, and Jacob Blackmon.

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

My wife has launched a Kickstarter for a line of plush dolls based on fantasy RPG creatures - the first up is the Wee Manticore, based on her book, Wee Beasties: Bedtime.

The Wee Beasties Plush Kickstarter is already over 50% funded in the first week and the hope is to have multiple plush dolls in the line - an owlbear, a winged cat, a medusa, etc.

The prototype images just arrived today and should be posted up tonight to show what the plush will look like once it's ready.

If cuddling a manticore or owlbear sounds like something you'd like to do, please consider checking out Wee Beasties Plush!

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

If you’re using mythic rules in your Pathfinder RPG campaign and you use psionics, rejoice, for Psionics Augmented: Mythic Psionics is now available! (And will soon be available here at Paizo)

With over 70 pages of content, including a new mythic path, mythic feats, three hundred mythic powers, and even mythic psionic monsters, this book is essential to use mythic psionics in your Pathfinder RPG campaign!

You can get the PDF now, and soon we’ll have the softcover book available as well!

Psionics Augmented: Mythic Psionics uses material found in Ultimate Psionics and Psionic Bestiary.

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

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With Paizo’s announcement of Occult Adventures and its inclusion of psychic magic, many people were curious and concerned as to what that means for Dreamscarred Press. Indeed, I had the pleasure of discussing it with Erik Mona at GenCon 2014 in the minutes before the announcement was made.

We at Dreamscarred recognized early on with Pathfinder that our psionics niche was only there as long as Paizo didn’t decide to support it themselves. Paizo, on the other hand, recognized that psionics as we like it, with power points, augmenting, etc., isn’t something they’re very keen on. And there’s nothing wrong with that – everyone has their own preferences, and we’ve certainly benefited from them not wanting to touch a power point system! But with psychic magic, the medium, the kineticist, and the other character options that Occult Adventures will bring, it does pose a question as to how we’re going to handle it.

After discussing for a little while, our solution was to simply adapt to the change and keep on doing what we do best! As a result, we’re working on the design for Psionics Augmented: Occult (tentative title) which will include new options for the classes found in Occult Adventures, as well as occult options for the psionic classes found in Ultimate Psionics, and probably more things we dream up as we work on the project. We’re tentatively planning for Psionics Augmented: Occult to be a 32-page softcover release that will be available at GenCon 2015 to coincide with the release of Occult Adventures’ release on the same day.

Want to participate? You can be sure we’ll be posting material as it’s developed for playtesting feedback, and we’re always open to new ideas of what should be included in the book! Let us know your thoughts and we hope to see you at GenCon 2015 for the release of Psionics Augmented: Occult.

(cross-posted at

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

We are pleased to announce that The Opened Mind, the introductory adventure stretch goal from our Ultimate Psionics Kickstarter, is now available for purchase!

This adventure is designed for four 1st level characters and is intended to introduce psionics to players who may not otherwise be familiar with the subsystem.

Set in the remote town of Jace’s Stanchion, the characters will need to explore the town to learn more about the unusual events that have been occurring within its borders and the forests outside.

Included are four sample characters to create a ready-to-use, all-psionic party using the races and classes found in Ultimate Psionics.

You can pick it up here from Paizo, as well as from DriveThruRPG, RPGNow, Dreamscarred Press, d20pfsrd (soon), and Amazon.

The print version is softcover and full color.

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

We want to include some sample characters for our introductory adventure, The Opened Mind, for players who have never used psionics before and just want to start playing, not spend the time it takes to build a character from scratch, especially when they don’t know how psionics works.

So, we're running a contest!

There are entry prizes as well as four top prizes.

Just for submitting a character, we’ll give you a 10% off coupon for any product in our store. Characters submitted must be complete and follow the rules listed in the contest to receive this prize.
If your character is selected as one of the four characters to be included in The Opened Mind, you’ll win any one PDF of your choice from the Dreamscarred store plus a PDF copy of The Opened Mind and credit as a contributing author.

You can read the full details of the contest at the new Dreamscarred website

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

One of the final stretch goals from our Ultimate Psionics Kickstarter is now ready!

Psionics Embodied is a book of 21 psionic NPCs of various levels for use in your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign. These NPCs can serve as allies or enemies and with stat blocks at levels 5, 10, and 15, can be used throughout the life of a campaign.

Each of the ten psionic classes is represented with two NPCs (the psychic warrior got three as one of our Kickstarter backers opted to get his character as an NPC), and each of the psionic races is represented, like Xelara the Dreamcatcher, a dromite dread, or Enull Battleborn, a forgeborn tactician.

With cover art by Gordon Napier, Psionics Embodied will be available in softcover, full-color print in November!

You can get it from Dreamscarred Press, Paizo, d20pfsrd, DriveThruRPG, or RPGNow.

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

Just saw this shout-out on the blog - thanks for the exposure!

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

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We interrupt your regular Dreamscarred Press updates about Ultimate Psionics, the Psionic Bestiary, or Path of War to bring you word of a book we have due out in the next two months: Psionics Embodied!

This book will contain over twenty NPCs using the psionic classes found in Ultimate Psionics. From Alhandra the Unmaker, half-elf cryptic, to Dr. Serasene Grym, the elan vitalist wearing a plague mask, this book will contain these NPCs with full stat blocks at levels 5, 10, and 15 to make them useful regardless of the level of your campaign.

You can check out the cover artwork and see Alhandra, Armite, Bass, Erana, Miraxan, Nektok, Garak-gro, Samazi, Sarania, and Xander.

Cover artwork by Gordon Napier.

This book will be available in late July or early August and will be available in both PDF and softcover print.

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

The full release of the Psionic Bestiary is now available!

This 104 page PDF includes dozens of new monsters ranging from the innocuous brain moles to the massive psionic dragons. Illustrated in full color and with individual monsters like the cerebrilith or udoroot, to the related monsters like the phrenic hegemony and the automatons, the Psionic Bestiary can offer new adversaries during random encounters or provide the premise for an entire adventuring campaign!

The monsters are listed alphabetically, along with indexes by CR, terrain, and type.

Pick up the PDF today for $14.99 or preorder the softcover and get the PDF at no additional charge!

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

The penultimate release of our Psionic Bestiary is now available, which gives six psionic dragons!

You can get Psionic Bestiary: Dragons for $4.99 or buy the entire Work in Progress for only $9.95 and get all the releases, including the final compilation PDF!

Full product description below.

Dragons are perhaps one of the most iconic monsters to be found in any bestiary, so the Psionic Bestiary would not be complete without its own set of psionic dragons!

Included in this release of the Psionic Bestiary are six different dragons. Five are themed after different aspects of psionics, such as the cypher who deals with clairsentience and the cryptic class, while the imagos is based on metacreativity and the aegis class. The sixth, the ksarite dragon, is a more bestial creature with limited intellect but formidable abilities.

Each dragon is presented with Young, Adult, and Ancient stat blocks, as well as rules for progressing to any of the different dragon age categories.

This release references material found in Ultimate Psionics.

Written by Jade Ripley, with artwork by J.D. Dianderas.

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

One of our fans (and Kickstarter backers) was VERY nice and put together an index for Ultimate Psionics.

You can download the Ultimate Psionics Index to see for yourself.

The reason I'm posting it is to see if there's any requests for any additional items to be added to the index before I finalize it for the print-ready files...

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

Since the old thread for the Kickstarter got moved here, I figured this was the appropriate place to post about it.

Dreamscarred Press is getting set to release a line of psionic miniatures, funded by Kickstarter and nearly finished in production.

You can see the raw sculpts here.

Production has begun on the first set of miniatures, with the second set still waiting on the sculpts to come in for the psychic warrior and two custom miniatures.

We'll hopefully be offering these both through our own site and here at once we have firm numbers of the production cost. :)

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

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Every year, we do a sanity check here at Dreamscarred Press (seems appropriate, no?). So let's wrap up 2013 and kick off 2014!

2013 was a great year here at Dreamscarred Press!

Not only did we finally finish Ultimate Psionics (now on the way to the printer!), but we launched the Path of War, bringing the maneuver-based combat to the Pathfinder RPG.

In July, we completed our second Kickstarter - this one for miniatures. And we received over seven times our funding, allowing us to create an entire product line of psionic miniatures! So far, the aegis, cryptic, dread, marksman, psion, soulknife, tactician, vitalist, wilder, intellect devourer, and astral construct have been sculpted. We still have the psychic warrior, forgeborn, duergar, phrenic scourge, psion-killer, and custom miniatures to go. These minis will not only be available to our Kickstarter backers, but will be available for anyone to purchase once they're ready to go!

Just before Christmas, we released the PDF of Ultimate Psionics. With over 450 pages, this was by far the largest book we've ever put together and we're still in the process of getting it printed. It should be done this month and into the hands of our Kickstarter supporters, preorder customers, and then to the general public. For those customers who already had Psionics Unleashed and Psionics Expanded, we also released Psionics Augmented, Volume I as a standalone release containing the 80+ pages of new material found in Ultimate Psionics. Psionics Augmented, Volume I, was also our first full-color printed book.

Beyond just new books and miniatures, we also started work on accessories for psionics. Focus tokens, Dreamscarred-branded dice, GM Screens with psionic support, psionic power cards, and psionic item cards are all things we worked on in 2013 and that we’ll have available for sale this year!

But that’s just what we finished. On to what we have planned!

Psionics Augmented wasn’t just a one-time release. As noted by the name, Volume I was the first book in the series. Psionics Augmented will include a variety of new books. First is Seventh Path, a new psionic discipline focusing around spirits, undead, and psionics. This will introduce the Medium psion to go along with the Telepath, Shaper, and the rest, new archetypes for the other psionic classes, dozens of new powers, feats, items, and more! Next is Mythic support for psionics. From a new mythic path, to new mythic feats, powers, items, and monsters, Psionics Augmented: Mythic will contain all the psionic support you need for mythic games. And we have much more planned for Psionics Augmented beyond those two releases!

Path of War will continue, with the third release focused on the Warder base class coming out in January. Path of War will be compiled into a print book later this year, as well. So far, the reviews and reception of Path of War have been overwhelmingly positive and we plan to continue the support for Path of War and martial characters throughout the year!

The long-awaited From the Deep #3 is nearly completed and should be out in February. It unfortunately got stuck in editing limbo and has nearly finished pushing through.

On the topic of From the Deep, we have our third Kickstarter planned, and it’s not a coincidence that our third Kickstarter will be for Third Dawn! We plan to kick it off in the next couple of months and have learned a lot of lessons from our Ultimate Psionics and Psionic Miniatures of what to do and, more importantly, what not to do. The Third Dawn update will include making the book available as a full-color, hardcover book. Lots more fun stuff to go over on this, but we’ll do that in separate updates.

Next, the Psionic Bestiary is slated to be finished in March! With graphics completed and most monsters written, this tome (expected to be around 100 pages) will include psionic critters of all CRs. It will be available in black & white or color softcover options.

Another book we'll be releasing in 2014 is Psionics Embodied, a book of pregenerated psionic NPCs. This will include over 20 NPCs, with multiple characters for each of the ten psionic base classes. All artwork for this book has already been completed and we'll be wrapping it up once the Psionic Bestiary is finished.

We've got lots more to come in 2014, so stay tuned!

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

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We've been getting asked about mythic psionics since Paizo announced Mythic Adventures. We're finally kicking off the playtesting!

What you can expect: a new mythic path, path abilities for the existing paths, mythic feats, mythic psionic powers, and more!

The first batch of mythic feats are now ready for playtesting!

Lots more to come as things develop - squeezing this in with all the other projects running tends to get tricky.

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

Dreamscarred Press is excited to announce that next installment of the Path of War has arrived! Building upon one of the most well-known books of the previous era, the Tome of Battle, Path of War brings martial initiators to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Path of War: The Warlord gives the players access to a whole new class, five interesting disciplines, hundreds of maneuvers in the form of strikes, boosts, stances, and counters. The warlord is a front-line fighter whose abilities not only improve his own combat prowess, but also his allies'.

Path of War: Work in Progress gives you access to the warlord, the previously-released stalker, and all upcoming material for the coming compilation, for a stunning price. Expect one more base classes, feats, archetypes, organizations, items and more!

Once all parts are compiled and released, the subscription will be retired, so act now!

And as we've done in the past, people who get the subscription will be receiving a discount on the printed book once it is available!

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

Woohooo! Thanks for the blog space!

Cannot wait to get Ultimate finished!

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

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Fans have been asking for us to develop rules for psionic and spiritual interaction for a long time. We are finally ready to kick off playtesting!

The first piece released is the medium discipline for the psion. Alpha playtesting is now underway, so please check it out!

We are still working on dozens of powers for the new Spiritism discipline - the so-called seventh path to go alongside clairsentience, metacreativity, psychokinesis, psychometabolism, psychoportation, and telepathy.

In addition, new feats, archetypes, items, and more, are coming!

Get ready to explore the Seventh Path from Dreamscarred Press!

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

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Finally, Dreamscarred Press is excited to announce that the much anticipated Path of War arrives for the Pathfinder RPG. Building upon one of the most well-known books of the previous era, the Tome of Battle, Path of War brings martial initiators to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Path of War: The Stalker gives the players access to a whole new class, five interesting disciplines, hundreds of maneuvers in the form of strikes, boosts, stances, and counters. The stalker is a mysterious hunter whose abilities allow him to glimpse the future and slay enemies with a single blow.

Path of War: Work in Progress gives you access to the stalker and all upcoming material for the coming compilation, for a stunning price. Expect two more base classes, feats, archetypes, organizations, items and more!

Once all parts are compiled and released, the subscription will be retired, so act now!

And as we've done in the past, people who get the subscription will be receiving a discount on the printed book once it is available!

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

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If you like us on Facebook, you may have seen the cover we posted for Psionics Augmented, Volume I

This 70+ page book will be out later this month and includes all of the new content we developed for Ultimate Psionics. Fans who already had Psionics Unleashed and Psionics Expanded requested a book of "just the new stuff" and we listened.

This material was fully playtested during our Ultimate Psionics open playtest and we're now in the final stages of layout.

Included are:
2 new races - the forgeborn and noral
30 new racial archetypes - 3 for every psionic race
18 new non-racial archetypes - 1 for every psionic class, 1 for all the base classes not covered in Psionics Expanded
40 new feats
A Game Mastery section, giving tips, insights, and instructions to GMs on how to use psionics in their games, including a treatise on changing the nature of psionics to fit your campaign style
2 new psionic powers
1 new prestige class
11 pages of new psionic items
10 legendary psionic items

With full-color graphics and a brand new layout, this is the best-looking book we've ever produced - a title which will soon be taken by Ultimate Psionics, but for now, it can have its day in the sun.

Psionics Augmented, Volume I will be available in PDF and as full-color softcover printed books.

Tons of new stuff - coming this month!

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

The other thread is pretty massive, and I want to make sure right at the top of the thread are links to our new archetypes in playtesting to get as much feedback as possible. There are about a dozen remaining archetypes to move into Beta which I'll be working on completing this week. I realized in compiling this list that the War Hulk and Kinslayer archetypes from the Half-giant had been marked as Beta, but hadn't actually been posted in Beta, so I'll be fixing that.

Racial Archetypes

Annihilator (Aegis)
Dominator (Telepath)
Mutator (Alchemist)

Swarmer (Tactician)
Vermin Rider (Cavalier)
Ninja (coming soon)

Ravager (Cryptic)
Sleeper's Guardian (Paladin)

Ascendant Psion (Psion)
Cerebromorph (Alchemist)
Pattern Wielder (Cryptic)

Forgesteed Rider (Cavalier)
Ironborn (Fighter)
Unifier (Tactician)

Thunderjarl (Psychic Warrior)
War Hulk (Coming soon)
Kinslayer (Coming soon)

Maquoran Reaver (Rogue)
Disciple of the Raging Sea (Monk)
Banshee (Wilder)

Peacekeeper (Telepath
Shadowhunter (Inquisitor)
Pacificst (Vitalist)

Fleshbinder (Egoist)
Scaled Rider (Psychic Warrior)
Serpent Lord (Druid)

Mobile Knife (Marksman)
Clan Warden (Inquisitor)
Xephyr (Soulknife)

Non-Racial Archetypes
Crystal Warrior (Aegis)
Cryptic (coming soon)
Fearmonger (Dread)
Cannoneer (Marskman)
Arcane Psion (Psion) (Coming Soon)
Pathmaster (Psychic Warrior)
Therianthrope (Soulknife)
Metanexus (Tactician)
Intercessor (Vitalist)
Contemplative (Wilder)

Non-Psionic Classes (Coming Soon)
Raging Beast (Barbarian)
Thoughtsinger (Bard)
Psionic Domain (Cleric)
Gaean (Druid)
Purifier (Paladin)
Pack Leader (Ranger)
Psychic Bloodline (Sorcerer)
Psychic School (Wizard)

New Aegis Customizations

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

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Huzzah, another in our Bestiary is out!

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

And the sixth in the series is out! We're more than halfway done!

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

The sixth installment in our Psionic Items of Legend series - The Heartstaff - is now available for only $1.00! This legendary item builds on the psicrystal staff, further enhancing the abilities of the psicrystal.

Within this short book you will find the history of Heartstaff, the requirements to attune a character to it, and the abilities of it. In addition, the rules of legendary items are detailed.

Pick it up from Dreamscarred Press, (soon), Paizo, RPGNow, or DriveThruRPG for only $1.00, or get the whole subscription for only $4.99!

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

And we're officially live!

Psionic Miniatures Kickstarter

I've got a video that will be going up hopefully this weekend - I just have to finish the audio and get it uploaded. :)

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

I try to avoid starting too many new threads, but there's tons of stuff currently in playtesting and I know that big threads can tend to get less eyes on the important bits, as things get lost in the replies.

So, in the interest of getting as much visibility on our new playtest material as possible, I've started a new thread dedicated to said material!

The below are all things we have in open playtesting for Ultimate Psionics and are looking for feedback on. More material is being finalized, but we're getting close to complete with the initial design and playtesting.

Racial Archetypes

Ophiduan Druid - Serpent Lord

Duergar Cryptic

Noral Telepath

Forgeborn Tactician

Dromite Bard

Dromite Tactician

Blue Alchemist

Blue Aegis

Maenad Wilder

Xeph Soulknife

Forgeborn Fighter

Forgeborn Cavalier

Duergar Paladin

Duergar Vitalist

Maenad Rogue

Xeph Marksman

Xeph Inquisitor

Half-Giant Psychic Warrior

Elan Alchemist

Elan Cryptic

Elan Rogue

Half-Giant Ranger

Half-Giant Aegis

Psionic Class Archetypes



Vitalist Intercessor



Core Class Archetypes


Psychic Bloodline

Raging Beast

Psionics Domain


40 Feats
Elan Feats
Soothing Dreams


Ardent Legion

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

We've talked about it, we've asked for feedback, and we got lots of interest, so we're going to do it. Psionic miniatures are something missing, and who else to provide them but Dreamscarred Press?

To do it, we've sought out professional miniature sculptors to turn our iconic characters into miniature figures and have already approached a company capable of turning those figures into metal figurines.

To prove we can do it, we've already hired a sculptor to do an initial miniature. Once that's done, we plan to launch a Kickstarter to fund the remaining figures. Our estimated timeframe for the Kickstarter is May-June, pending the completion of that first miniature.

The great thing about this project is that it should not distract us from Ultimate Psionics, as neither Andreas nor myself will be doing the sculpting or production.

So, how many psionic miniatures do YOU want? Because we've got big plans depending on the support!

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

I've mentioned it in a few different forums / posts, so I figured I'd actually post a topic on it.

Later this year (once development on Ultimate Psionics is done and we're off to print), we'll be running a Kickstarter for a Pathfinder upgrade for the Third Dawn Campaign Setting. This project will include a full artwork upgrade, expanded details on the different cultures, regions, and denizens of Third Dawn, and like Ultimate Psionics will also be in hardcover.

Our earliest projected time of running this Kickstarter is April or May and we're open to hearing what sort of rewards or stretch goals people would be interested in for the project.

What would YOU like to see?

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

Endzeitgeist has posted a glowing 5-star review of Psionics Expanded.

Some highlights:

"We not only have the blank spaces filled, we have the content lavishly and lovingly reorganized, expanded and polished to the point of gleaming like a diamond."

"While the CORE-book [Psionics Unleashed] was the 3.6, streamlined version of 3.5 psionics, THIS is NEW. This is exciting. This is original. This is what identity should feel like in a product."

"at least for me, Psionics Expanded is the most ambitious project I've seen in ages, delivering classes with complex, new and exciting mechanics, massive enhancements to existing ones and balancing all of this as a Triple-A-release of the highest caliber. Designers of ANY class should take note, for here are examples on how it's truly done."

That's some high praise and I know I am humbled by the stellar review.

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

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2012 was a huge year for Dreamscarred Press, and has set up 2013 to be even bigger.

In 2012, we launched several product lines and released quite a few books. The first was the launch of our Psionic Bestiary line of micro-PDFs in February, which has given us a way to expand the psionic monster options in bite-sized pieces. We expect to have the Bestiary finished in early 2013, when it will be compiled into a single, full-color softcover book (with B&W available, as well).

We also launched our Power Cards accessories line, which put the psionic powers in printable card format for easier use at the game table. These will continue to be something we release as new powers are developed and we hope people find them as useful as we do!

Next we launched the Psionic Items of Legend series of micro-PDFs, which we also expect to complete in early 2013 and compile into a single PDF. This product line gives one legendary item per release and also includes any appropriate support material (new weapon or armor special abilities, new feats or powers, and the like).

We continued our From the Deep adventure path with adventure #2 - Ruling Three - and expect to have adventure #3 out in early 2013. With a total of six adventures in From the Deep, we hope to speed up the release cycle for the remaining adventures to wrap up the adventure path in 2013.

After years with our original logo, we held a contest to redesign our company logo and selected the winner by Timothy Wickham. This new logo now graces our website and products.

Finally, we finished Psionics Expanded, which we started in 2011, with the compiled PDF and printed release in late 2012.

We also saw continued support by other publishers in using Psionics Unleashed as the de facto psionic ruleset for Pathfinder with releases such as Waves of Thought by Alluria Publishing.

But the biggest piece of 2012 by far was our Ultimate Psionics Kickstarter, which raised over twenty times our funding goal and gave us the financial resources to produce a top-quality color, hardcover book. Our art budget on this project is higher than our earnings for previous years, and that's in large part to your support of psionics. Work continues on Ultimate Psionics, and we are estimating an early-to-mid 2013 release date for it and all the additional material that was unlocked by our stretch goals.

For 2013, our plans are to wrap up all of the remaining projects and product lines (Psionic Bestiary, Items of Legend, Ultimate Psionics and all related material, and From the Deep) and start work on our next big project - the rerelease of the Third Dawn Campaign Setting! We are tentatively planning a Kickstarter in the second quarter of 2013 to help raise funds for the production of the Third Dawn Campaign Setting, which include full-color maps, full-color artwork, a complete upgrade to Pathfinder, and funds to hire on freelance writers to expand the campaign setting.

That Third Dawn Kickstarter won't start until we have sent off everything from Ultimate Psionics to production, so there's still quite a bit of time before we expect to launch, but we love the Third Dawn Campaign Setting and have learned a lot in the years since its first release. We plan to go over the existing campaign with a fine-tooth comb to bring it up to the quality level our fans have come to expect from our books, and that is no small task.

Finally, despite the success of our Kickstarter in 2012, we've found that our marketing reach is something we need to work on, so that will also be a focus in 2013 - so that all of our current and potential fans find out about our books, contests, and updates as quickly as possible.

Thank you all for an amazing 2012 and we're looking forward to continuing the momentum in 2013!

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

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It's been almost three months since our Kickstarter closed, I figured it was a good time to do a public update on the status of the Ultimate Psionics hardcover book.

Our two new races - the forgeborn and noral (aka the dreamscarred) - are finished. Both were designed using the rules in the Advanced Race Guide, with some additional psionic abilities added in.

You can see the artwork for the new races here: forgeborn and noral.

Both pieces of art are by Joe Shawcross.

We have our elan and half-giant archetypes in playtesting. The elan archetypes are in Beta, while the half-giant archetypes should enter Beta soon. The xeph archetypes should start to enter playtesting next week. As with all of our other player content since we started on Psionics Unleashed, the playtesting is completely open to the public.

Elan - Cerebromorph, Menteur, Pattern Wielder
Half-Giant - Battle Paragon, Kinslayer, War Hulk

The new tactician archetype, the Metanexus, is in playtesting, as well.

We've posted the artwork for three of the monsters in the Bestiary. One of them, the Phrenic Scourge, isn't new - but the artwork comes from the stretch goal to upgrade all of the B&W artwork to full color.
Deranged Trepanner
Mathara Plant
Phrenic Scourge

All three monster images are by Rick Hershey.

We've identified our forty new feats and have posted a partial list as we sort out names for the additional feats. Playtesting on those should start next week.

The GM section has had its first portion posted for preview, the section dealing exclusively with the Nova Phenomenon.

We are continuing to brainstorm the 20 NPCs for the Book of NPCs stretch goal, and artwork orders for that will be going out in January.

We've just about wrapped up the psionic character sheets - pending some minor revisions from the initial preview.

We've finalized our layout format - and if the feedback from our backers is any indication, it's a hit.

And the first panel of our four-panel GM screen has been completed, with the second expected in the next week or two!

Lots and lots of work being done. Still a lot left to do, but we're steadily chipping away at it.

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

Thanksgiving and Black Friday have come and gone - it's time for the Cyber Monday sale! Here at Dreamscarred, we're having a sale on our Pathfinder products!

All of the following are 30% off! If you've been waiting to get any of them, now is the time!

Psionics Unleashed - PDF, Print, and Combo
Psionics Expanded - PDF, Print, and Combo
Psionic Bestiary Subscription
Psionic Items of Legend Subscription

Psionic Power Cards: Psion/Wilder
Psionic Power Cards: Psychic Warrior
Psionic Power Cards: Psion Discipline Powers
Psionic Power Cards: Psionics Expanded

From the Deep: Uncertain Futures - PDF, Print, and Combo
From the Deep: Ruling Three - PDF, Print, and Combo

In addition - any printed book order made during our sale will receive a free focus token included in your shipment!

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

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Dreamscarred Press is pleased to announce the release of our fourth Psionic Item of Legend - Severis, the Scourge Slayer, an axe that grants its wielder special abilities to fight against the phrenic scourge, but which comes with the burden of drawing the creatures to the wielder like iron to a lodestone.

Included in the release are the history and rules for Severis, as well as a new psionic weapon special ability - scourgebane.

You can get Severis, the Scourge Slayer for $1.00 from Dreamscarred Press, Paizo, RPGNow, or DriveThruRPG!

Dreamscarred Press

Our third release in the Psionic Bestiary project is now available, giving four additional psionic creatures for use in your games!

This release introduces the Ir’LLanthaal, Khurduzal, Saurood, and Therchias Hound - two species of humanoid psionic creatures, a psionic plant, and a six-legged beast.

You can get this here from Paizo for $2.50 or get the entire project for only $9.95! With dozens of psionic monsters planned for the Bestiary project, you'll get each individual release and the final combined Bestiary!

Dreamscarred Press

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The Alpha document for Advanced Elan Options is now available for playtesting.

As with our other playtests, please feel free to give any and all feedback either directly in this thread, in the original linked thread, or in a private message or email to me if you'd rather give feedback privately.

This is the first playtest release of many - we will be doing the 8 core psionic races, as well as potentially new races, and later, giving the psionic racial options for the Race Builder rules!

So come play in our latest completely free, open playtest!

Dreamscarred Press

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With Psionics Expanded done, we couldn't be bothered to take a break. There's still way too much support left to be done for psionics!

So this month, we'll be kicking off yet another open playtest project, this one for our Advanced Psionic Races book. As with our other playtests, this will be 100% free and open to the public. You don't have to buy anything, you don't have to sign up for anything, you just review the material and give us your feedback!

This will be a serialized series of products, and unlike our other open playtests, we'll be doing Alpha and Beta releases that contain all the material in a given book as one playtest document. It was too easy with everything posted separately to lose track of valuable feedback.

Each book will be around 10 pages in length, with each psionic race receiving its own release. Each release will include alternate racial traits, favored class options, racial archetypes, feats, powers, and equipment.

The first release in the series will be on the Elan race and should be out for Alpha playtesting in the next week or two.

Dreamscarred Press

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Later this month, we will be starting our very first Kickstarter project for Dreamscarred Press. We got some great feedback from you all on what you'd like to see in the project and what you don't want to see in it, we watched what other folks did in their Kickstarters, we spent a LOT of time hammering out the reward tiers, the potential stretch goals, and we think this is something that folks are really going to be excited about.

So consider yourselves warned - this isn't going to be some small project - this one is going to be HUGE!

Dreamscarred Press

You can now get all 100+ psionic powers from Psionics Expanded in handy card format.

No longer do you need to flip back and forth between book pages to remember the details. If you want all the powers your character knows at your fingertips then these Psionic Power Cards are just for you!

Each card contains the rules and description of a single psionic power. If you play a psion, then this product is a must-have!

You can get Psionic Power Cards: Psionics Expanded for $3.99 from Dreamscarred Press, Paizo, RPGNow, and DriveThruRPG

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