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Jeremy Foster's page

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Have been working on a pal/ES myself, though I'm going more defensive. You'll be pretty squishy for a long time with the low starting dex and the delays to heavy armor. I think the meta magic feats will be problematic with spell combat since it specifies the spell must take a standard action and the scion is a spontaneous caster (which makes most spells a full-round action). I'm pretty sure that'll be an issue in PFS but for home brew you may want to check w/your DM before you get 7 levels in. An 18-20 crit weapon is almost a must with as many crit feats as you're taking plus spell strike. I agree w/the others re: knack & fey foundling. Other than those issues, looks like a fun build!

Unfortunately, I'll be out this weekend (I ran the magus a couple of weeks ago). Sick as a dog and don't think anybody wants me to share.

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Sounds like we could do Fridays at the Griffon (or Fantasy Games?) if Friday night works for Vance, Michael and anyone else on the weekend. Otherwise I could host Saturdays.

How about we list manageable time slots, player/GM, and earliest start date available?

Jeremy - Any time Friday or Saturday, or Sunday evenings. Very much prefer to play, willing to occasionally GM to fill in in a pinch. Can start as soon as this weekend.

I can fold out a table & pay for snacks. Best group size has always seemed like 3-6 players + GM to me. Doug, your buddy still interested? Vance, still willing to make a few trips out to help get something started? With Benoc & Expert, that'd get us 4 + GM, and once we've got something started, it probably wouldn't take long to pick up 1 or 2 more.

I may be able to dig up another player. With Doug's friend, Benoc, Expert & myself, that gives us 4 to start, which is pretty good to get rolling. I've got a room with plenty of space for a big table.

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I'm also in SB & have been looking for a game, preferably PFS.

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