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Diseased Rat

Jeremiziah's page

Organized Play Member. 2,109 posts (3,745 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 3 Organized Play characters. 22 aliases.

Organized Play Characters

Kaigon the Miscreant
Grand Lodge Bittlebean Brightaxe

Male Dwarf Fighter 1 (0 posts)

Grand Lodge Gerard Fletcher

M Elf Ranger 1 (0 posts)

Liberty's Edge Brutus Detrius

Male Human (Taldan) Oracle 1 (0 posts)


Trinia Sabor
Anen Elaradre

Female Half-Elf Bard 1 (Dervish Dancer) (35 posts)
Ashia Cuésil
(0 posts)
(31 posts)
Deidre Deimos
(19 posts)
Hanspur Symbol
(408 posts)
(1 post)
Female Human

Female Human Oracle 4 (707 posts)
German Diver
Liberty's Edge His Excellency Codwin I

Male Human Alchemist 3 (25 posts)
Innocent Unsullied Maidens
(3 posts)
Jamison Walker

Male Human Cleric 2 (96 posts)
Shoanti Tribeswoman
Janiven AKA DM J
(10 posts)
Joana Fan Club
(6 posts)

Larkin Leasure, AKA "Dirge"
(14 posts)
Korvosa Guard
Lily D'Amico

Female Human Ranger 1 (65 posts)
Elvish Fighter
Messageboard Necromancer
(10 posts)
Frost Troll
Obvious Troll Is Obvious
(71 posts)
Anxious Buyer
Post Policeman
(1 post)
Random Mini
(5 posts)
Samaritha Beldusk
Seishan Flamehair

Female Ifrit Sorcerer/5 (12 posts)
Torsten Olæsson

Male Human - Ulfen Barbarian/1 (89 posts)
Samaritha Beldusk
Trista Goodheart
(27 posts)
Shanda Faravan
Winnifred McSnee
(1 post)

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