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Thanks Kolokotroni, that are great ideas!

but he's probably a little shy and awkward wanting to RP a tragic romance with his GM's girlfriend.

Hmmm... Probably not. He is more than ten years older than me and is happily married and father to two kids. If someone is the prudish one, I would be it. :)

But maybe it is that. I cannot be sure.

Hallo to you all and Goodbye to my own players. This thread is not for you. ;)

I have a little problem and I wanted to ask for advice and experience from other GMs. Be careful, slight spoilers for Kingmaker may follow.

We play the famous Kingmaker AP with a group of four players. Two are playing druids, one plays a cavalier, the last one is a witch.
Druid 1 is a temperamentful player, who has somtimes a little trust issue with me (because of previous bad experience with other GMs) and has a great interest in epic stories. I know him for more than ten years, almost exclusively as a GM. Druid 2 is my girlfriend, who likes to play with cute animals (she just loves Perlivash and has a celestial wolf companion). The Cavalier plays a noble, slightly haughty scion of the house Surtova, him I know from the University, now for the last few years. The Witch player is a very good friend of mine, who is the most relaxed and easygoing person I know.

After many problems the group has completed the first book and is now trying to nurture their small kingdom.
Without any meddling from my side Druid 1 was deemed Marshal, the cavalier got to be general, the witch went on to be the Magister, and Druid 2 was elevated to ruler.
Druid 1 was once human but was killed in the final fight of book 1 and reincarnated as an orc.

Now, after muuuch backstory, my problem:
Druid 1 wants to slip into melancholy. He has a long-term love for druid 2, who is much less concerned with the Gozreh-appropriate balance between nature and civilization (she follows Desna). Druid 2 does not reciprocate his feelings. He feels misunderstood by all of his friends and allies and does not know what to do.
He wants to conceal his decline into melancholy before the other players and asked me to let them roll the dice to perceive it. He doesn't really want to play it out...

And now the core question: Should I let them roll and if yes, which skill and DC would be appropriate?

Just look here:

Than take Desideros Post and you know, what you want to know.

FYI, it will be ridiculy easy. Maybe give the rope a little bit of bonus to AC to emulate a moving rope if someone is hanging on to it or even a slight miss chance.

However while I think I could take it I agree its going to be harsh especially as the years pass and you bury friends/family, run out of things to learn, new things to see hence why its a price for power and not a boon.

I think you underestimate the things you can see if you have a whole world to experience.

I would take the whole deal. And then make a list of things I would like to see... Like experiencing the byzantine court, etc. pp.

To answer your second question:

From my experience, just use squares. If you are really pressed to use actual distances (when describing something) you can still convert.

1 ft. = 30 cm
5 ft. = 1,5 m
20 ft. = 6 m
30 ft. = 9 m

Especially for things like volume it would be handy to have a unit converter because thats get messy. Gallons or cubic feet are a pain in the a**.

We normally just talk about "5-ft.-step" and convert to the metric system for descriptions. But then, we use a lot of american loanwords during gaming. German translations of Pathfinder are sadly full of errors.

I'm not sure if it is possible.

But, if you want to try it:
1. Characters below 5th level and which are not clerics or paladins won't be picked up by Detect Evil, so you will not see it.
2. If they do no evil things in your sight, don't go out of your way to find out about it.
3. Speak with the other players beforehand. Try to find out what kind of conflict they are okay with and at which point they say "No". Do the same thing and ask that yourself.
4. Try to educate their characters instead of smiting. If the DM wants to help, he should be lenient with your code to allow you to say this: "I know they are not really nice people, but under my watch they are helping innocent people and won't do bad things."
5. Be prepared to either retire your character or force them to retire their character if things go sideways.

Fun fact: Problems can even arise in the same alignment bracket. In our RotRL-campaign, our Abadar Cleric was not very happy with my triggerhappy Gunslinger and our pyromaniac Sorceror for burning down a mill. We were good, but with very little regard for the Law.

You lost me. Maybe someone else can understand what you are saying.

I'm not sure, but "u" means "you", right? Sorry, my native language is not english, so I have to ask.

But to your question:

In my understanding, Weapon Finesse (Mythic) works for every weapon for which you can use Weapon Finesse, which is more than only light weapons.
Also I would say that the Mythic Feat just states that you use your Dexterity Bonus instead of the Strength Bonus every time. So yes, it would synergize nicely with Double Slice.

Alas, inferiour Ioun Stones are also not Core.

The character is already in play.

My Bad! My first search only revealed a spell named exactly the same from a 3rd party source. After your second post I found the correct one.

Great idea! Thanks! As Fluff I took "Craft: Jeweler", that would be a nice use of that.

Touch of Fatigue is either 3rd party or 3.5, I'm sure this won't be allowed.

You cannot combine Hexcrafter with Kensai.

My GM did make clear what he thinks of the "Arcane Mark"-Trick. I'm thinking about "Close Range" as an Arcana on 3rd level, would you say that it is still worthless?
I'm playing as a Kensai, so I am a little bit low on spells per day and would surely like to add all of the touch cantrips to my bag of tricks.

Or is there something nicer out there?

At Level 13, misfires won't happen anymore. That is the minimum I aim for with my Musket Master.
Besides that, I like my new Snap Shot ability as well as the coolness which comes later with Improved Snap Shot and Combat Reflexes.

If you are interested in melee in the future, think about an agile weapon, with it you can use your dexterity for hitting and damage in melee.

And yeah, you'll need Rapid Shot!


two questions were unearthed during my research for a new campaign:

1. How does the Bladebound archetype synergize with the Mythic feat "Legendary item"? Not at all?

2. How would Wordcasting interact with the mythic archetypes?

If you have any idea, please tell. I know that the second question is far more "out there", so to speak. :)

Um... Not sure if the rest of the party would like to play sylphs. :)
But still interesting nonetheless. Thanks for the idea!

It got a little buried, but a little bit was oversight on my part. I'm not a big fan of tieflings myself but your idea also sounds interesting. I'm a little worried though, SLA shenannigans are frowned upon by the GM.

I was thinking about Charisma 16+2. Hm. Maybe something like this:
14, 16, 11, 10, 12, 15.
Then on Lvl. 4/8 I would raise the uneven stats.

After reading Bodhi's Guide again I am thinking again about the Archer Paladin, probably with the "Divine Hunter" Archetype. I'm not a great fun of stat dumping to 7, what would the experts advise? Int 10 or Con 10 if I pump Wis to 8?

For reference: dit

If Turgan plays the Arcane Duelist, then he has Inspire Courage.

That would ease my decision somewhat. I think we have to talk in the group a little more. But I lean more and more to the Kensai Idea.

If you will play with a ranged build I'm back to my original choices and I am still undecided between the two concepts...
Conceptwise, what would be more fitting:
- A naive young aasimar who believes in the world but is capable of great skill with his blade but wwants to be a beacon of hope on the battlefield
- An young elf who has seen the world with human adoptive parents after his mother died in Kenabres when he was young and he now wants to revenge her death by using his arcane and martial powers

The Fighter Archer would be really something. I tried to stat it out: 15, 18, 12, 12, 8, 14. Would a dump to wisdom be wise? I think about the likes of Robin Hood and such characters and he was... Not wise. But certainly fun to play.

One problem I have with the most guides is the CHA dumping. I like to play characters with a good grasp of society and have a certain presence because I do that at the game table.

What would a good archer paladin be? Archetype Divine Hunter? Could that character be a social one?

As I understand it, he is cool with the bloodlines.

Hm, Paladin Archer or Holy Gun might be something... Thanks for the Idea.

Not really. It is more a style question, I'm not a really a fan of the druid. Why, would it fit good?

I didn't think about archer... Interesting. And yes, no archer at the moment.

Zen Archer is not what I want to play. As stated previously, we are switching GMs amd starting a new campaign and in the now ending campaign we had a zen archer and it was a little bit overwhelming.

As I am still interested in something arcane-related (I just like the flavor... :) ), is the arcane archer anywhere near acceptable? Or should I go another route, like Archer Fighter or Ranger?

Hmmm... A Human Bard with Adoptive Parentage to get Weapon Proficiency for Comp. Longbow perhaps?

Yeah, I thought about playing an Elf, but then I probably will be a lot squishier. At the moment I am not sure if this is a good idea... Did your friends character get hit often?

Morning Folks!

After an epic conquering of a nation my group will start the AP "Wrath of the Righteous", with me taking a players seat.
Most of the other guys are pretty sure which class they will take, atm we have:
- Paladin, the player can optimize fairly well
- Wizard
- Cleric, the player has great system mastery and is a regular on this boards
- Undecided, Paladin or Cleric, maybe something else

I thought about a gish concept, but my first question: Will this party need anything else? I won't play a rogue (don't like the class), but something else sorely needed?

Then to my concepts:
I thought about two concepts, here my findings:
- Azata-blooded Aasimar Arcane Duelist, later with Elven Curve Blade and a high Dex
- Human Kensai, with a Aldori Dueling Sword, maybe as a Bladebound, also with high Dex

Both Builds would be with Str 13 for Power Attack and high Dex for Weapon Finesse. Because Mythic Weapon Finesse gives Dex-to-Damage I wanted to skip more Strength Increases.

Now my questions: Are these builds viable? Are there traps I didn't see? What would my weak points (aside from hit points) be?

Other Alternatives where I have an idea for a roleplaying concept would be a pure Bard or a Monk. For the Monk I am not sure how to properly adjust him to the level of the other characters without going Sohei or Zen Archer (first doesn't interest me, second did the cleric player in the last game). And I am not sure if they adjust well to the AP. Any hints?

Thank you for your answers!

It`s not only in the US a touchy subject. Even over here in good ol' germany not every person likes to describe such an intimate topic. Certainly we are more relaxed, in the most prominent german rpg, DSA or "The black eye", there is one goddess of love and sexuality. Her priests help newlyweds in their first night or are a first good experience for young people.
My experiences vary much from group to group. Mostly it would be fade to black.
One GM tried to interject a little more graphical description. The players were not really interested (only males, almost everybody either married or in a steady relationship) so it was dropped.
In another group my girlfriend plays a very promiscuitive character (cleric of a goddess of beauty and sex) and hooked up with another character (not mine actually). Overcoming virginity was also a topic, because there was the male nerd virgin wizard (my character...) who went into the temple of the aforementioned goddess... Again, everyone in a steady relationship or married. Even in this round it amounted to no more than "You know what happens now".

Graphical descriptions did I only encounter when I was much younger and we all had no experience. The most graphical description was between two friends of mine, male and female. It was boring because it lasted for around an hour and occupied all the spotlight.

I think there is a connection between real experience and interest in the topic during gaming. More real-life experience means less interest in graphical descriptons in the game.
That could be only my personal experience. There are certainly people out there who are interested in a little fantasy. But I think, mostly it is done in more private setting and not before the whole group.

Interesting. The question came up in my group a few weeks ago. They wanted to use "Wish" and needed a 25k diamond.
As the GM I allowed it. I don't think it is against the rules, in fact I like the idea.

Xaratherus wrote:

It would be nice to have the feat reviewed, actually. The fact that Zen Archer gets this feat and can't use it with his primary mode of attack is a little odd to me.

That said, I don't think there's any gray area regarding RAW here. For whatever reason, the feat is limited to those 5 weapons (even though it's described as affecting "monk weapons" earlier on, which tends to imply any weapon with the [Monk] quality).

The "Zen Archer" Archetype explicitly states that for them, "Perfect Strike" works with bows.

Without any research or rules statement, I play a gunslinger myself and I wouldn't accept that. As I understand Pistol Whip, you have to use a grit point for that.
Again, no rules here, just how I play a gunslinger myself.

I have 5 players myself and because I like high ability scores, they play with a 25-pt-buy. So I use the 6-player-conversion and the fight with the mites was a very close one!

Hm. I think that will be my first ever change from RAW. And I still believe that this little sentence did not belong in just a glossary of some book...

I took Miss Penya for myself... :) Anjeschka Penya, as a squire for my cavalier.


Again and again I was too stupid to find the errata listings on the HP. I will find it (even now, when I was once again not able to find them, even with google), but still. Is it me being stupid or is it really a little bit hidden?

And I don't mean the PDFs. Them I found.

The appropriate Craft skill would also fit.

I would pay you money for this.

Hm. Like that. Not sure about the ramifications...


I was unsure about that. Army Ants can cling to a creature, but they have the following sentence in their description for "Cling":
"High wind or any amount of damage from an area effect destroys all clinging ants."

Now, is the Dragon Aura from old or older dragons an area effect in this regard?

I think balancing the game has gone us from testing the skills of the players to test the abilities of the characters.

Which is a good thing. I'm here to play my character. And if he is dumb, I won't solve riddles. If player abilities are everything, I'll just play a CHA- and INT-Dump fighter and use my own brain for everything.


PCGen gives you little boxes besides your equipment, for wand charges and ammunition alike. I love that, especially now when I'm playing a gunslinger.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

1. Meh. So-to-So.
2. OK.
3. Em... Not so cool.
4. First clear problem.
5. Second clear problem.
6. Cool combats! Fully OK.
7. Yeah, your DM is right... Now everything gets clearer.

OK, you are certainly in parts correct, there is a problem. You and your DM should talk about it. The problem: Your DM ist constantly ambushed by clever tactics from you. I had this problem once and it got a little heated, but we talked about it and it was cool afterwards.

But: You are not always right! You brought up 7 points and IMO in 3 occasions your DM was right, in 2 it was a little unclear (missing circumstances) and 2 were clearly not OK. Especially the poison example smelled a little fishy from your side.

So: Discuss it like normal adults but be prepared to accept criticism and seek a compromise.

I haven't done much research yet, I've to read a few psychological books and a lot of papers about physics education, but that is entirely common for a PHD... Oh, wait a minute.

I cannot do enough research to get it really correct and even then it would be almost for nothing, just for the existence of earth-shattering magic, so I restrain myself to common fantasy tropes about kings and queens. I constantly learn something new about the middle ages or roman and greek times just by talking to my father and brother, both studied (or are studying) historical sciences and most of it is so complex it would be almost impossible for me to implement it in my campaigns.

Thats not saying I abhor it, for me it is just not sensible.

StreamOfTheSky wrote:

I've had several PF DMs -- *not PFS* -- tell me belt is the only slot for physical boosts and if I want to put dex +2 elsewhere, for example, I need to pay more.

So I do in fact think it needs to be said. Because those DMs were convinced that was the RAW, and weren't just doing it to screw me over, so a designer point blank saying you can get them at normal price in any slot would be very helpful.

EDIT: And now that I think about it... I don't recall a single PF DM I've yet had that thought what you say is "RAW." All the ones that allowed physical stats in other slots did so as a "houserule," they thought they were altering the rules by doing so.

I know it is RAW to allow that. But I don't like custom magic items very much (and don't build them personally anymore), so I'll stick to the official ones. It is the same prerogative I take with disallowing Tengu or Catfolk in my Kingmaker campaign.

Why don't I like them? In my opinion the stat boosters out of the CRB are balanced and they could get unbalanced if I am not careful with custom items.

PCGen. It is easy to use, has in the last release also the Ultimate Books and it is not as expensive as HeroLab.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

We did a certain room in the RotRL-Path last time and got *really* nailed. Incorporeal Undead and I was without magic weapon (gunslinger). Having low strength I was downed in one round (+surprise round), no chance. Ingame I didn't even know they are immune to my attacks. My mates didn't want to run for fear of leaving me down there... So the sorcerer got killed also.

Sometimes you get surprised and cannot run, even if you want to.

Ar'ruum wrote:

I don't think it's quite what you're looking for, but I just discovered this and I think it's unbelievable!

Sounds like you're looking for more of a dungeon manager though...

Thank you VERY much!


And to you also a great "Thank you"!

If you can get ist, look for the "Gerin the Fox" series:

James Jacobs wrote:

I've been wanting to do a book like this for a bit—but it wouldn't stop at giving advice to players. The focus of the book would be on providing advice to GMs on how to run high level games AND on how to create high level adventures, with a lot of handy charts and stuff to make the high level game running easier.

Let us know you want a book like this and its chances of being created improve!

Please, please, please!

I'm doing a high-level-campaign just now and it really is hard work! Especially now, when my spell-casting NPCs can easily obliterate the party.

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