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Dear Taku,

I'm not sure. In your scenario, how do you force the other players to play with the "group killer"? I would just smile and ignore your dice rolls. I mean, really? Escalating it in that way is just childish. And since I'm no child anymore... I just won't play with you.
PC vs. PC is not bad. But everybody should remember that it is in the context of the Ingame-World not a good idea.

That said, the OP's character would just get booted out of the group. We nearly came to that on wednesday, when my fellow players let a certain monster in a certain dam escape. Sealing us in? Without talking to us? Byebye!

As far as I know this taps can only be used in stable environments. Thats mostly because it is not just a giant metal pole, but a pipe with a special fluid in it.

Especially interesting: Would you get the 1-3-ratio for Power Attack for iterative attacks if you have Dragon Style AND Dragon Ferocity?

To the OP:
First Attack: Base damage dice + 1.5x Str + 0.5x Str.
NOT: +1x Str + 1.5x Str + 0.5x Str
NOT: +2x Str
NOT: +3x Str

The difference between 1.5+0.5 and 2.0 is obvious with STR 20: 9 vs. 10 bonus to damage.

Short question regarding "dead":
Aren't dead characters regarded objects? So they don't count as an valid target, because the domain power talks about "creatures".

Even if that would not be true, the dead condition doesn't say that you are only dead when your HP is too low. This is one way to acquire the condition, but not the only one. So even after magical healing, the ally would still drop dead after X rounds (where X is equal to the clerics caster level, because he cannot end it prematurely).

It works. A silly thing, stemming from the fact that I have two google accounts... More detailed description in the mail.

The sheet looks slick and easy to use. Also, using google it usable on my tablet. Especially the battlemap I will use a lot of times, because this is great. I plan to enhance my gaming room with a beamer and this has great potential.
Great work so far, I look forward!

Nope, I get this error when I try to create a new sheet. Or a new Map:
"Oops, it looks like you don't have access to this map."

I accepted the two questions about authentication and I don't know how to review that. Maybe you could point me in the right direction?

Only this message:
"Oops! You don't have access to this sheet."

Can you provide a little more numbers? Like Level, AC, etc. pp.?

I only know about inches and feet because of D&D/Pathfinder. And I only use it for exact measurements during fights. The height of my character, the weight of his gear, etc. is all in the metric system. I especially despise the volumetric measurements. For them I use a handy unit calculator on my tablet or smartphone.

And yes. The imperial system feels archaic. It is even used by american authors (David Weber in his Nimue Alban series) to demonstrate how backwards a society is... ;)

Orthos wrote:
Marc Radle wrote:

As others have correctly pointed out, many of these settings are closed content or otherwise unavailable for conversion.

The Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk are certainly off the table. I would imagine so are most of the others like Planescape, Dragonlance, Eberron, Spelljammer, Ravenloft, Dark Sun etc.

Not really sure what the point of this is ...

Pretty sure it's fishing for ideas of "what themes do people want more of".

I don't think anyone thinks Louis is planning on actually converting these worlds specifically. But people saying "I want more Dark Sun" gives a pretty concise way of saying "I want more post-apocalyptic, harsh worlds with a heavy focus on survival with some psionic flavor and some things I'm certainly forgetting".

Ditto with "I want more Eberron" being simpler to say than "I want advanced magical technology, non-standard monster/race alignments and associations, more complex and less absolute divine arrangements, and lots of political maneuvering between noble houses and powerful mercantile empires".

If that were true, count me out. I'm not interested in the "theme", I'm interested in the specific campaign world. If that is not possible, I'll pass.

thegreenteagamer wrote:
Forgotten Realms, but before the spellplague and all the other crappy changes that happened when they went from 3.5 to 4e.

Exactly that. I played in the Forgotten Realms with Pathfinder and I still like the world.

Sure, what Paizo has done with Golarion is great too, but still... Faerun is the RPG setting I knew best before playing RPGs! (From books and PC games)

Had that problem come up in a game. My player had IPS and the dragons had displacement.
After careful reading I decided, that by RAW, IPS would not work with displacement. I told him to get a seeking bow.

At this point the various BBEG of this region knew about this insanely dangerous zen archer (Level 15+) and took measures. Mostly he let his caster buddy destroy the displacement spell before he obliterated my dragons... It's fun to play at this level. :)

In this specific case, it can be healed:

This +1 firearm bullet deals normal damage, but when it hits a living creature, it burrows into the creature's flesh, causing wracking pain until removed or until the bullet burrows its way out of the creature. While these bullets burrow, the creature is staggered. This effect lasts for 1d3 rounds or until the bullet is removed with a DC 15 Heal check made as a standard action. Greater burrowing bullets take longer to pass though the bodies of living creatures (the staggered effect lasts 1d3+2 rounds) and are harder to remove (DC 20 Heal check as a standard action).

Something is wrong there... After doing it in my head, I came up with around +6 to hit and +4 to damage (ok, you get a hit for the damage die...). That would probably be because of losing "guided" and trading it for a "+1", integrating "brawling" in the armor (elven chain!) and having a slightly higher strength.

Also, you will have four attacks at that level. It should look like this (upscaling my 4th-Level-Brawler without Flexibility):
+18/+13/+18/+13, 1d10+19 (avg. 24.5 dmg per hit).
Knockout would have a DC of 22, but you will lose Stunning Fist.
There is a belt in the ACG which gives you one more use of Martial Flexibility.
You will have less AC, propably around 1-2 pts. (Dex 14 and no Wis bonus) and a much lower will save (rest of the saves are more or less the same).
Your CMB should be much higher, around +17 in general and if you specialize, around +23 for trip. CMD would be around 35 in general and 41 for trips.
HP should also be higher, more Con and better hit die. Your Guy has very good rolls, on average he should be around 63 HP, compared to an average of around 90 HP.

This is not done properly, so you maybe would come up with slightly higher or lower values, but the gist is this:
You would do more damage and would be better in a maneuver, but you will be less protected. You will accept more punishment, but you will get it also... And you will be more dependent on your party members for protection from evil mind-bending casters.

Name: Davils Lebeda
Race: Human
Classes/levels: Kensai 4
Adventure: Worldwound Incursion
Location: Grey Garrison
Catalyst: Cultists Glaive
The Gory Details: (optional)
After walking through a door on the first level, Davils caught two Bombs with his face, which left him with 1 HP. Not to worry, the cultists won't really kill him, right? A confirmed critical with a cultists glaive later left him with -20 HP. The ensuing fight was very hard for the rest...

Hm. Everything depends on the playstyle. Our rules-heavy group did a fine job of playing from Lvl 14-18. Sure, they were Leaders of a Kingdom and did battle against enemy leaders, but still...

Mostly I worked with hitpoints and high saves, also with a few nasty Spell Turnings. But then, my high end mobs consisted of dragons, which are after all spell casters...

I don't get it. English is way harsher than german and german is much easier to speak. I think, common should be german. English could be a language with a simpler grammar, maybe undercommon?

This should not be taken seriously, of course. But I find it hilarious that someone with no knowledge of german would use it for the orcish language. Way to many words and to much grammar for that.

But hey, I am biased too. Being a german and all that. Maybe it would be easier to seperate real world languages and golarion languages?

I'm not so sure what the punishing thing is. You get 2 Unrest (because you probably didn't account for that and you have no reserve big enough) and cannot build anything this month. Thats it. It can be disastrous if you have a few more things going against you in that turn, but for itself, the biggest problem is "halting all production". But even that is unclear for me, because if you wanted to produce something big, you would have many BP stockpiled...

Food shortages are no joke for a kingdom, in the history many kingdoms were brought low by such things. And yeah, you have to deal with it, but hey, that is true for a critical hit in combat too. ;)

I would like to discuss consumption of armies.

In my previous campaign, the PCs had a very high level, so most of the time the dealt with problems themselves and had a small army for basic stuff.
Now I GM the Kingmaker AP and want to introduce mass combat earlier. My players won't be thrilled to give money away, especially each week (considering they just barely avoided a kingdom crash due to bad tax rolls, it's understandable).

Now, how do the consumption rules for armies work? I know you have to pay each week. Normal consumption is paid every month. Does this mean, that consumption reductions from, for example, farms cannot be used for armies?
I'm not sure myself. Could anybody shed a light on this matter?

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Interesting question. I would agree with your GM. The increase should be considered before applying the farm benefit. Why? I have no rational explanation, it just feels right.

From an In-Game-POV, I would also agree with your GM: A shortage means, that your previous "Just enough food for everbody"-policy was wrong in this month. Maybe more farms?

Musket Master is pretty great. I played it for 8 levels until now and it is a lot of fun.

KutuluKultist wrote:
Since there is a version of this here earth, with russians, more particularly a russian orthodox christiahn monk called Rasputin, exist in the golarion universe, I would suppose that there are russian orthodox christians, hence christians in the golarion universe.

Could you point me to the relevant AP or adventure? Because I want to avoid that under all circumstances.

At the moment, my players decided to deal with their unwanted "help". They will work quietly to build themselves a good, solid power base and then move to dispose them much later, when they can deal with the fallout.
At the moment they have OOC to deal with the coming withdrawal of one PC council member and the new character of this particular player. After that, I will try to let them have a few extra months before starting bigger events and before introducing Hargulka's Monster Kingdom. Which was already planned... ;)

Either way, I will try to follow a dual storyline with two enemies:
One, the easy to hate Hargulka and two, the much more difficult to capture Restover noble.
I think it could be nice to gradually build his influence up (with the opportunity for the PCs to counter that by dropping hints) and then either the PCs will confront him during the months after Hargulkas Fall or he will make a power grab during Book 3. Either way, solving VV could go a long way to soothe any difficulty with Restov about what they did against their noble.

What I have planned, in detail:

1. A few kindom turns in peace to let them gradually build up everything and get their feet on the ground.
2. They hear about an inquiry in the background of one NPC they like. If they don't stop it, slandering in the council is the first consequence. If they don't stop it there (social encounter), the council member loses standing. I'm thinking about a scale to be a little less arbitrary, but I'm not sure yet. If the council member loses all standing, they get ousted. So they have a few opportunities to stop everything.
3. Another opportunity is blackmail against the council members. For example, Jhod could maybe be blackmailed. I would build it like before, first an inquiry, than a few social encounters.
4. The whole time Hargulka will loom. In the face of this threat, their co-ruler will argue for a more human-centric barony/duchy (considering he already mentioned his disgust with the Idyllkin (aasimar) baroness because of her little fur) and will argue against any friendly overtures to various monsters like the kobolds or the fey. In this way he can be the voice of a legitimate part of the population...
5. All this will cumulate in a power grab, which will came down to social encounters, kingdom checks and, I think, a fight between baroness and baron. Like in classic fairy tale, the hero vanquishes the foe. :)
6. Oh, and don't forget Restov. It will loom in the background, always helpful if the PCs align themselves with them. I forgot at the moment, what the timetable for the civil war was, but if they come near that, Restov will get much more demanding over time...

Apocryphile wrote:
Jeraa wrote:
And any attempt to bring real-world religion into the game should be avoided at all costs. That is just begging to start trouble.
This. A thousand times this.

And this sentiment is not limited to the US. Even here in Europe that would be tricky. I myself would not play in such a setting.

Great ideas! I read a few times in Redcelts thread, I will have to do that again...

To give you a little background...

My group is still in the opening of Rivers Run Red. We use a rules set for the kingdom part, which is mostly UC, with a little customization. What happened:
The PC tanked the economy check and couldn't pay the upkeep. The also tanked the following stability check and had 1 Unrest before that. So, after one round, they went down to 5 Unrest. The next round they had a little money and build a wall to reduce the unrest...
Few months and a few very, very bad rolls later (almost every roll was way below 10) they had no money and an unrest score of 8.

As the GM I let the NPCs (Oleg and Svetlana, for example) suggest, that maybe they could loan some money in Restov. They went there and got money. But they also got the annoying aunt of one character as a diplomat and the baroness had to marry an old noble from Restov. At the moment, the swordlords have no interest in destroying the kingdom, but they certainly want to control it. Both agents (the new baron and the new chief diplomat) know that most people on the council are not their friends.

So, what should they do? My ideas were:
- Try to disgrace Lily Teskerton
- Try to disgrace Khesten Garess
- In some way destroy the Levetons marriage (Divide and Conquer!)
- Bring up the background of Jhod

How should I give my players signs of things to come? Especially the information gathering about the council members?

And I'm still not sure how to incorporate the coming doom named Grigori... That will be funny. I hope my girlfriend (the baroness) won't kill me then. ;)

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wraithstrike wrote:
Undone wrote:
Rakshaka wrote:

Its the 140 hp.. a 14th level party will chew through that in a round. I've noticed its typically really hard to Under-CR at higher levels. Other than some of the Tane (Jabberwock, Bandersnatch), there aren't a lot of monsters that are a death sentence to fight if the party is 3 levels under the CR.

Edit: Winterwight might be another hard fight, if its DCs were just a little higher.

Sweet Jesus the Magic Bane Bandersnatch is broken beyond words. That thing could wipe a full group of 20s with ease.

I doubt it. It takes more than an anti-magic field. Maybe it can survive in an enclosed area where the party is trapped, but if it is outside it will die.

I think that anti-magic field should only add a +1 to the CR.

The main problem of the Magic Bane Bandersnatch is its lack of flying speed. I used of these as an paid assassin for my group (high optimized, APL 17) and they climbed atop a tower (open field, very small village) instead of flying away. So it could get into melee range and tore apart its enemies. A few rounds more and the Zen Archer would have brought it down, even with AMF. So, if used in a typical dungeon setting where you cannot just fly as high as you want, this thing will hit even optimized parties as a once-a-day encounter very hard.

It does work, but it should only be done if the other players are very optimized.

DungeonmasterCal wrote:

Well, I had to uninstall PCGen. It stopped working properly then crashed my computer.


Hu. I used it for years and such problems were always either an out-of-date java installation or the wrong PCGen version. I would never recommend taking the non-stable versions.

Look here:

The saved characters will be in an pcgen format. To read them without pcgen, you should export them to either html or pdf format.

Use PCGen. For my High-Level Campaign I used it for every more important NPC. It calculates everything correctly for the core classes and you can print it either as a stat block or as with a full charactersheet.


Umbranus wrote:
Lifat wrote:
Only question I have is: Why would you wait with activating arcane strike?

I'm not the original poster but some options:

- I forgot to activate it before starting my attacks
- I wanted to take another swift action after my attacks but notice the target has high DR/magic

I had the first happen to me recently when I had the first session playing a higher level pc and I wasn't used to all the stuff he was capable of. Several times I forgot to activate stuff beforehand.

Especially the first one I am very guilty of. But there are other options: Activating a magic item (some of them can be activated swiftly), activating smite evil, etc.

Cheburn wrote:
Jeremias wrote:
Snowleopard wrote:

But realise that adventurers are not Olympian class athletes, so it's unlikely they will burn more then 3000 to 4000 calories a day.

I have an issue with this statement... If you are not playing a primary caster, you will have one or two physical attribute way higher than any olympian class athlete, at least after a certain level (around Level 6-8).

The world record for a high jump is around 2,5 m for males, which is around 8 feet. That is an acrobatics DC of 32, assuming skill focus, level 8 and Dex 20 you would need a measly 13 to get that world record...
So yeah, most non-casting adventurers are probably more fit than the average athlete.
High jumping is a very specialized motion, and is not analogous to making a "High Jump" in PF (since, among other things, you're not going to land on your feet). The DC for that jump should be lower.

Probably. But I didn't want to complicate my statement any further... I already took to long using that pesky non-metric system and translating various record in it.

Snowleopard wrote:

But realise that adventurers are not Olympian class athletes, so it's unlikely they will burn more then 3000 to 4000 calories a day.

I have an issue with this statement... If you are not playing a primary caster, you will have one or two physical attribute way higher than any olympian class athlete, at least after a certain level (around Level 6-8).

The world record for a high jump is around 2,5 m for males, which is around 8 feet. That is an acrobatics DC of 32, assuming skill focus, level 8 and Dex 20 you would need a measly 13 to get that world record...
So yeah, most non-casting adventurers are probably more fit than the average athlete.

Seemingly simple questions:

Can I make a swift action during a Full Attack? For example, could I try to hit somebody, then activate Arcane Strike?

And, in my case related: If I have not enough ammunition, could I still declare a Full Attack? In my example, I want to use Rapid Shot, but I only have two shots left and would normally have two attacks (BAB +8). But rather than make a second attack at -5, I want to have two attacks at -2. Would that be possible?

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
14 sided die wrote:
Jeremias wrote:
This issue gets much stranger in german. Sorcerer is generally translated as "Hexenmeister" (witch master) and the german term for a male witch is "Hexer", for a female witch it would be "Hexe". So, as you see, you have it really easy.
I shall hereby call ALL male spellcasters I ever play Hexenmeisters, because that may be the best word ever
I approve.

Oh how much I want to hear now how you would pronounce "Hexenmeister"...

I imagine the voice of David Giuntoli from Grimm... :D

This issue gets much stranger in german. Sorcerer is generally translated as "Hexenmeister" (witch master) and the german term for a male witch is "Hexer", for a female witch it would be "Hexe". So, as you see, you have it really easy.

Consider what stands here: er-token/tree-token
and here:

It would be around 212,000 lbs or 106 tons. Yikes. This thing weighs more than a tank.

Yeah, but I'm asking if it is necessary. I already have a few feats as I am Level 8 at the moment. Maybe I can retrain my bonus feat...

True. In that point I'm lucky as my GM already cleared for Rapid Reload to work in the way you are depicting it. :)

I still don't understand understand why the listed reload time reflects the use of cartridges by default. Maybe this is a language thing?
And I don't mean written rules about the reloading. I mean other examples for rules like that ("You can only use X with Y, so the defining factor of X is already incorporated in the rules of Y"). Or is this a singular problem with firearms?

And "Fast Musket" (the class ability) already applies to advanced firearms:
"At 3rd level, as long as the musket master has 1 grit point, she can reload any two-handed firearm as if it were a one-handed firearm."
Problem is, one-handed advanced firearms reload as fast as two-handed advanced firearms.

Just wait till you run into a little defensive spell called "Displacement"... :D

And no, I don't think he is unreasonable. Zen Archer are very, very strong and are really hard for a GM. So, if your group is not very optimized, you shouldn't complain about a GM who tones your character down but instead try to play on the same level like the other players.

On the other side, if you are all very rules-wise, let's rock. But still, wind spells WILL COME. I did things like that all the time with my Zen Archer (OK, he and the other guys were above level 15, rulers of a country and very rules-wise).

Even if advanced firearms only use metal cartridges, that doesn't imply an automatic reflection in the reloading speed section. At the moment, no other ammunition is usable, but this doesn't mean that there never will be. So, I'm not sure about that.
So, what I basically would like to hear: Why do you think that there is automatic feedback between "use of metal cartridges" and "general rule about reloading advanced firearms"?
Maybe there is a precedent about connections like these?

And, if you are talking about common sense: My character can reload muskets (early twohanded firearm) as a free action...

Morning all!

As I understand it, this question is already in the FAQ queue, so it will get answered... in the future. But I would like to poll opinions.

Important Links:

Advanced Firearms: Advanced firearms are chamber-loaded. It is a move action to load a one-handed or two-handed advanced firearm to its full capacity.
Firearm Rules

Alchemical cartridges make loading a firearm easier, reducing the time to load a firearm by one step (a full-round action becomes a standard action, a standard action becomes a move action, and a move action becomes a free action), but they tend to be unstable. The misfire value of a weapon firing an alchemical cartridge increases as listed in each entry.
Ammunition Rules

Metal Cartridges:
These sturdier versions of alchemical cartridges serve as the ammunition for advanced firearms. They can hold either bullets or pellets.

Metal Cartridge description

Normally, between my GM and myself, we can solve every rules question. In this case, we are unsure about the following questions:
1. Are Metal Cartridges like Alchemical Cartridges in regard to reloading speed and misfire chance? The description would say so and the text about reloading speed is before the description of the various ammunition types.
2. If you say yes to the first question: Would this reduce the reloading speed of an advanced firearm (like in the case of an early firearm)? I would like to know, WHY you think it's yes or no.

I think my GM will also look at this thread. For us this will be important next tuesday as I have acquired a advanced firearm... So I hope for a good discussion.

As a side question: Is it possible to chance the material of the bullet in Metal Cartridges? Or build a Flare Metal Cartridge?

Oh yes, it needs... As stated in another thread, for me that is really an important question... (for reference: ter)

Nope, Rifles have an ammunition capacity of 1.

Oh, to add: We are in certain fort in the third installment of Rise of the Runelords. And I am at the moment a CG varisian follower of Desna, who tries to educate certain goblin children and even took over a certain sanatorium.

Morning folks,

sooo, my (very) generous GM gave me last session a +1 reliable rifle. Yeah, the same gun which is found in the "advanced firearms" section.

I play a Musket Master and up to this point I had much fun just using and unloading it to the enemies.
Now, my conundrum: A rifle can be reloaded as a move-equivalent action. Thats great. With my Beneficial Bandolier I can reload it once per round as a swift action. At the moment I am Lvl 8, so I can use my full BAB with the Bandolier.
But: With Fast Musket, Rapid Reload (muskets) and Alchemical Cartridges I could reload my musket as a free action. That enabled me to utilize Rapid Shot, Snap Shot and Combat Reflexes.

So, I now have a list of Class Features and Feats which are obsolete if I want to use the rifle instead of a musket:
- Fast Musket (Archetype Feature)
- Rapid Reload (Muskets) (Bonus Feat from Archetype)
- Weapon Focus (Muskets)

As it stands, my GM would let me retrain Weapon Focus and I was thinking about taking Rapid Reload (rifle) as a Lvl 9 Feat. My GM already said OK to the more liberal interpretation of Rapid Reload. So I could use RS, SS and CR again...

So, my conclusion at the moment would be to learn RR next level (which is probably in only one or two play sessions) and stay on the gunslinger course... Or to to something completely different. I thougt about multiclassing in some other class but I am not sure if that is feasible from a RP or rules-wise Point of View.

What I'm asking, is this: What would you do in this situation? Bear in mind, I already a top-tier DPR monster. So, more options would certainly be more interesting than sheer firepower...

At least +1 Greatsword, lets say +2. Weapon Focus, Greater Weapon Focus, Weapon Spec.:
Attack Bonus:
8 (lvl) + 5 (Str) + 2 (WF, GWF) + 2 (weapon) - 3 (PA): +14/+9
Weapon Damage:
2d6 + 7 (Str) + 2 (WS) + 2 (weapon) + 9: 2d6 + 20
So yeah. Better to hit and more damage.

By using the DPR formula I get, against AC 20, 47.25 damage vs. 35.4375, so the monk does 75% damage. Even considering 4 attacks. Against AC 26, the monk does 53% damage.
With his Ki Point, the monk does (vs. AC 20) still only 98.3% of the damage of the fighter.

As I don't know anything about TWF, I cannot do the same. Expect figures which will be more on par with the monks damage output.

Oh, and remember: The monk can only use his Ki Points for 4 rounds per day because of his low wisdom.


Played around with the DPR formula a little bit: While using his Ki, the monk can slightly outdamage the fighter if the enemy has low AC. Between 19-20 AC, both are about the same, against an AC of 15 the monk does 8.4% damage more, against AC 10 it is 17.5%.
Without Ki, the monk will stay, even at an AC of 8 (or lower, it doesn't change anymore), at 98.3% damage of an level comparable fighter.

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Just to give you a comparison, the aforementioned gunslinger from Turgans Group, equal level, one of two damage dealers:

Level 8 Musket Master (one permanent negative level because of ressurection)

Hitpoints: 54
Initiative: +5
Speed: Walk 30 ft.
AC: 23 (touch 17, flatfooted 16)
Attacks: *Musket +2 +16/+11; *Musket +2 [Deadly Aim] +10/+5; *Musket +2 [Rapid Shot] +14/+14/+9; Dagger +8/+3; Dagger (Thrown) +13/+8; Masterwork Rapier +9/+4;
Damage: *Musket +2 1d12+7; *Musket +2 [Deadly Aim] 1d12+13; *Musket +2 [Rapid Shot] 1d12+7; Dagger 1d4; Dagger (Thrown) 1d4; Masterwork Rapier 1d6;
Vision: Low-Light Vision
Face / Reach: 5 ft. / 5 ft.
Special Qualities: Bleeding Wound, Bonus Feat, Bonus Feats, Cheat Death, Deadeye, Dead Shot, Death's Shot, Deeds, Deeds, Evasive, Expert Loading, Fast Musket, Grit, Gunslinger's Dodge, Gunslinger Initiative, Gunsmith, Gunsmith, Gun Training, Lightning Reload, Menacing Shot, Musket Training, Nimble, Pistol-Whip, Quick Clear, Rapid Reloader, Skilled, Slinger's Luck, Startling Shot, Steady Aim, Stunning Shot, Targeting, Weapon Proficiency
Saves: Fortitude: +9, Reflex: +13, Will: +8
Abilities: STR 10 (+0), DEX 20 (+5), CON 12 (+1), INT 12 (+1), WIS 18 (+4), CHA 14 (+2)
Skills: Acrobatics: 14; Appraise: 1; Bluff: 14; Climb: 0; Craft (Alchemy): 5; Craft (Untrained): 1; Diplomacy: 10; Disguise: 2; Escape Artist: 6; Fly: 5; Heal: 4; Intimidate: 7; Knowledge (Engineering): 6; Knowledge (Local): 8; Linguistics(Goblin): 2; Perception: 15; Perform (Untrained): 2; Perform (Wind Instruments): 4; Ride: 10; Sense Motive: 16; Sleight of Hand: 9; Stealth: 5; Survival: 9; Swim: 0;
Feats: Armor Proficiency, Light, Combat Reflexes, Deadly Aim, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Firearms), Gunsmithing, Martial Weapon Proficiency, Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Reload (Musket), Rapid Shot, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Snap Shot, Weapon Focus (Musket)

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By RAW, Smite Evil overcomes any DR. As I understand it, RAI should be the same. If anyone would disallow that, it would only be fair to inform a paladin player before.

And yes, I had too easy encounters because of that. I still allowed it (I was the GM).

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