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Jenar Hickory's page

38 posts. Alias of baldwin the merciful.

Full Name

Jenar Hickory








5'6, 115lbs



Special Abilities

Fav Enemy: Gnoll+2A/D, Fav Class +1 HP/or +1 Skill, Low light, Elven Immunities: sleep and +2 racial saves enchantment, +2 Perception, Track 1/2 lv to Survival








Common, Elven, Orc



Strength 12
Dexterity 18
Constitution 13
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 16
Charisma 8

About Jenar Hickory

Jenar Hickory is the owner and proprietor of the Sly Wink, tavern, inn and brewery. She has spent most of her life in Nirmathas and it's wilderness. One day she helped a small group of lost dwarven friars find their way and they introduced her to the honey mead that she now known for.

Jenar stands 5'6, weighs 125, and is 29 years old. She has brown eyes and hair, which tends to be pulled forward to cover a 2 inch scar running from around her left temple. Jenar wears faded floppy leather hat, leathers and a brownish, green cloak and bandoleer. Her boots are a soft supple leather that lace up to her knees. She has two finely crafted hand axes on her sides.

She can often been seen in the area carrying a composite short bow over her shoulder and a quiver on her back. Dual handaxes are on her hips, while a dagger tucked into her left boot. There is a silver dagger across her chest.

Use background only for RA game. Previous character, not selected for a Jade game. Need to update stats

AC 18, T14, FF14
HP: 20 (D10+2)(+1Con, +1 Fav Class)
Init. 6 (4Dex+2trait), Perception 9, low light vision
Saves: F 4, R 7, W 3(4 enchantment)
CMD 17

+1 Studded Leather +3AC, 4Dex, +1 magic
Elven Immunities: immune to sleep, +2 saves on enchantment.


Init. 6 (4Dex+2trait), Perception 12,Low Light Vision, Movement 30ft
BAB 2, CMB 3
Two Weapon Fighting Style.

+2 Att/Dam gnoll

+1/+2 Mwk Handax: 1d20+4; 1d6+1; (TWF 1d20+3/4; 1d6+2/3; 1d6)

Dagger: 1d20+3; 1d4+1
Silver dagger: 1d20+3; 1d4-1
Comp.Sh Bow (12str)(20Arrows): 1d20+7; 1d6
Lt Mace: 1d20+3; 1d6+1

Feats & Traits:
Weapon Focus, Hand Ax +1 Att
Two Weapon Fighting

Skill focus (racial bonus)
Reactionary +2 Init. (Trait)
Gifted Adept +1CL for one spell

6+1Int +1 race skill
+2 Undead: bluff, Know, Perception, Sen Motive, Survival (Fav Enemy)

Acrobatics 4 (4A)
Appraise 1 (1A)
Bluff -1 (-1A)
Climb 5 (+1A,+1R,+3CS)
Disguise -1 (-1A)
Handle Animal 3 (-1A,+1R,+3 CS)
Heal 6 (2 Ab +1R +3CS)
Intimidate -1 (-1A)
Know: Geography 5 (1A,+1R,+3CS)
Know: Nature 5 (1A+1R+3CS)
Perception 12 (2A+2R+3CS+2 race, +3 Skill focus bonus)
Ride 8 (4A+1R+3CS)
Spellcraft 6 (1A+2R+3CS)
Stealth 9 (4A+2R+3CS)
Sense Motive 2 (2A)
Survival 9 (2A,+2R+3CS,+2compass)
Swim 6 (1A,+2R,+3CS)


Items:(* stowed on "Sam Mule")
Msw Backpack
2 Sacks
2 Scroll/map Cases
Belt pouch
10 Torches*
10 Candles
3 Sunrods
1 Common Lantern*
10 Oil/flask(*8 of 10)
Rations (5D), Waterskins(3)(*all but one day)
5 fishing hooks and line
1 Smokestick
1 Hammer
1 Hatchet
1 Cantrop
2 Marbles
signal whistle
Holy Symbol, wooden necklace
Mallet and 6 wooden stakes
50' Hemp Rope, grappling hook*
Explorers Outfit
Traveler's Outfit*
Winter Gear*
6 Cure Light Wounds Potion

Mule "Sam Mule"
10 days feed*

0GP, 0SP, 8CP

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