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Jeff Przybylo's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 5,924 posts. 1 review. No lists. 1 wishlist. 17 aliases.

The start...

Thus it begins...

Adding for the campaign's fourth book.

So the gameplay thread has become a sort of mashup of kingdom building and kingdom RP. The dwarves event is supposed to challenge you with the various elements you will face as rulers: the River Freedoms - if you don't know them, learn them! 2) the fact that your word is not law with everyone - yet. You will have to prove yourselves. 3) There are people around you that will be eyeing what you have. Get used to it. The next three books deal in this theme. 4) Your NPC council members won't always 'fall in line'. They have goals and ideas too.

Promise I won't take this too far.

Let's go.

This is the kingdom builder thread for OGGM's Kingmaker game.

So the common bit of advice I see, or the common statement about a submission I read is:

"Look at her post count. She does/does not have a lot of posts. She will/will not be a reliable player."

As an easy metric for verifying the POTENTIAL of a person to be dependable, I understand this sentiment. But how many good players are we losing because they don't have any posting history? We all started somewhere with zero posts, and someone let us in.

I try to add someone new each time I recruit. I'd like to hear from GMs and players: what are your thoughts on this? Does a higher post count = a better and more dependable player? And how should we help build our community here?

We have lost 2 of our melee types due to RL issues. We need a strong front-line character to fill one open slot. The game thread is here.

You need to know that I did not start this campaign, I took it over from Mello of Blades, that's why you'll see his name on the first few pages. Also, it did not start out so good, a couple of player deaths in the first scene! But stay with it, I think you'll like it.

If it's something you can live with, then post a suitable character here.

The Particulars:
Front liner.
25 point buy.
Two campaign traits
Be sensible about the race, you are going to try and form a kingdom, and we already have our kobold...

Guys, do me a favor and set your avatar to have the basic information like I have in mine.

Touch / Flatfooted
Saves: f/r/w

You can enter it in your profile. The race and gender can go in their respective places, I put the rest under 'Classes/Levels'. This will speed along the game nicely.

Thank you


Scenario for Pathfinder Endless Encounters

Try this on. It ends about 1:08, so watch until then and read on in this thread.


Each letter is a color of a die in this system. Positive dice are: Ability=Green 'G', Proficiency=Yellow 'Y', Boost=Blue 'B'. Negative dice are: Difficulty=Purple 'P', Challenge=Red "R', Setback=Black 'Bk'. The die types are as follows:

Boost and Setback = d6
Ability and Difficulty = d8
Proficiency and Challenge = d12
Force Die is also a d12, we'll get into that later.

Lets use a combat example to illustrate how you build a pool:

Valkyr is firing her blaster rifle at a goon at Medium range. Looking at her skills, we see she has a Ranged(Heavy) Skill of GGYY. Which is 2d8 and 2d12. How did she get that? Ranged combat is based on Agility, and Valkyr's is a 4. This gives her 4 Ability dice or GGGG. She also has a Ranged (Heavy) skill of 2. This allows her to 'upgrade' two of her Ability dice. Ability dice upgrade from d8 (G) to Proficiency dice, d12 (Y).

With me so far? Not as hard as it sounds once you try it a bit. So Valkyr enhances her raw ability with some skill. It also works in reverse. Lets say she had a lot of practice in Ranged (Heavy), and had a skill of 4. That would give her GGGG. If she had Agility 2, she would upgrade 2 of those, and get GGYY, same as she had before. The system allows you to work both ways: raw ability modded by training, or training modded by raw ability. If you have NO training in a skill, you use your Ability score.

Back to our example: Valkyr has GGYY at Medium range. M range is an average check, adding PP. So she rolls:

Blaster Rifle: 2d8 + 2d12 ⇒ (6, 7) + (10, 4) = 27
Diff: 2d8 ⇒ (3, 8) = 11
Only the numbers matter, not the total. Refer to the dice results table in the Campaign Tab. We see Valkyr's positive dice got a (G)7, Success + Advantage; (G)6, Advantage; (Y)3, Success; and (Y)9, Success + Advantage. So far she has a total of 3 Successes and 3 Advantage.

Now lets look at her Difficulty dice: we have two (P)6s, Threat x2.

Successes and Failures cancel, and you need at least one Success to...well..Succeed. Advantage and Failures Cancel. Looking at our shot, we see Valkyr has 3 Successes and 1 Advantage left over. Her shot hits the goon, and does the weapon damage PLUS 3, one for each Success left over. Now here's where the system gets interesting, and really gets into player involvement in dice results. Valkyr has an Advantage she can use. There is also a table in the Campaign Tab that shows what you can do with them. For our example, lets say that Valkyr decides she is going to use her die to remove Strain. She might write something like:

She grins as her shot hits home, breathing a little easier about this combat. Remove one Strain

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Post your interest and thoughts...on the other hand, never mind about the thoughts, the Emperor knows what you are thinking.

<cue Imperial March>

The new campaign collection.

Your gear is available at the side gate of the Mayor's villa. Suddenly, after all you have been through, you are alone with your new companions on the streets of Magnimar.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

"Since the first days of the Worldwound, Kenabres has answered the
call to action demanded by the coming of the fiends. We opened
our gates to refugees despite the danger. We tracked down demons
hiding in the guise of men and set them alight with righteous flame.
Still, the tide of fiends never ceases. They surge pitilessly toward our
shining border, that churning throng of creatures clamoring for
virtuous blood. Kenabres is the bulwark behind which we throw our
weight. The wardstone is our shield and also our greatest weapon. As
long as Kenabres stands, we will keep the demons trapped, and our
crusaders shall ride forth and put an end to their foul existence.”

—Onevere Worin, City Defender of Kenabres

Ok, want to know about my style? Check here and enjoy!

Ok. Ready - after significant time - to go back at the PbP GM role. This is a recruitment thread for a WotR Mythic Campaign, GM'd by yours truly.

I am looking for a party of four players. I may accept five, but that's my limit. Here are the rules:

The Rules

  • Paizo only please, I have a large enough library as it is, so no 3rd party.
  • Paizo beta stuff is cool, but you play at your own risk, because changes will be enforced when it all goes official.
  • Level 1, 25 point buy. You can min/max it, but I don't recommend it.
  • Alignment must be non-evil. No arguments about Hellknights, please.
  • Core races are good, others must be approved by me.
  • Two traits, one must be from the WotR campiagn traits. You will appreciate it later.
  • Max hp at first level, honor system after that, more on that later.
  • Start with average gp
  • I'd like to avoid summoners for speed sake. Gunslingers are ok, but be aware of limitations on availability of ammo, equipment, etc. Let's discuss it first.
  • This is a roleplay-based campaign. I expect your best effort. To that end, provide a sample of your style - in character - when you submit.
  • Add a backstory, it can be simple, or not. Not everyone comes from a woe-is-me background.
  • Post your expected role in the party. I am running this on the table for my group right now, and I will tell you that balance is key.
  • Spelling and grammar are as important as a good character. Take the time to make it look good.

    That should be good for now. There are some conventions that will be used, and you should be aware of them. I will control Perception and Initiative rolls for speed sake. All other die rolls will be posted by you, using the die-roller on this site. The honor system is at work here folks. Trust me, its far more entertaining letting the chips fall where they may. we will use spoilers for posting actions and rolls when you post before your turn. This will become obvious as we start.

    All selections are final by me. If you post here, you are agreeing to several things: You accept my decisions like a good sport. You can post at least 1/day. You want to have fun and are not totally hung up on a power game.

    Make it happen.

  • To all it might concern,

    I apologize for my sudden and unexplained absence. I lost a job (write 15-year career) at the start of the automotive upheaval. With a wife and 2 kids, this was not a good thing. The after-effects of that led to some fairly serious health issues, and frankly, something had to go. Unfortunately, it was a great group of people on these boards.

    To Aubrey and the gang in the 4e Kingmaker, a very belated thanks for letting me in, and sorry.

    To all my players in the RotRL campaign, thanks for playing, and my deepest apologies to you all. I still read that and smile, it was great fun!

    As the title says, we need a new rogue for a RotRL PBP campaign. Ours has taken ill, and while he may come back, we are moving forward.

    BTW, if he does come back, you will not lose your spot.

    Send character concept to ridersjeff (at) yahoo (dot) com. Send me the background, description, and an avatar pic (if you can). You have until Monday, April 5th.

    I would strongly suggest that you read up on where we are so far, to see if you like the style of the game. This would also get you caught up on the PCs, NPCs, and situation.

    If you are selected, you will start at 2nd level. The OOC discussion thread should be able to answer any character building questions you may have.

    EDIT: Commit to a post-a-day scehdule. On average, we hit this regularly, and we keep the story moving pretty well.

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    It's a grand day in Sandpoint. You could hardly imagine a more perfect day to hold a festival. The sun shines brightly in clear, blue skies, and a tang of sea salt is in the air as a light sea-breeze comes in from the Varisian Gulf. The sounds of the gulls mix with the buzz of the people about the square where the festival is taking place. Looking around, it would appear that all of Sandpoint is here in the square. Dressed in their festive best, mothers trying desperately to keep their children clean, while young men strut about in an effort to attract the town's young maidens.


    The smells of a dozen local delicacies waft about the square, each of Sandpoint's taverns striving to outdo the other in culinary battle. Lunch will be served shortly, and it promises to be an exquisite experience (but best of all, free!) Already the talk around the food stalls at the south end of the square is of the White Deer's peppercorn vension, the lobster chowder of the Hagfish, or (clearly the most anticipated, to judge by the talk) the Rusty Dragon's curry-spiced salmon and early winterdrop mead. Mayhap the reason for the Rusty Dragon's early lead is the proprieter, beautiful and talented Ameiko Kaijitsu. Certainly the town's men-folk are the first in the lunch line at the Dragon's stall, but even the women will grudgingly admit hers the best fare in all of Sandpoint.

    Ok, the final 6. Truth be told, I had received the last of the submissions last night, and had a tentative list, waiting to see if anymore came in today.

    This was very, very difficult, so do NOT be disappointed if you are not did not make it. In the end, I had to go to my Wednesday night group to vote on the final spots, where I just couldn't decide. So here it is:

    Pietro Venizzi
    Rogar Hammergun
    Gimblethorp Boddyknock
    Yelena Shukhov
    Torillan Ellandilas
    Khalad Orlon

    If you are not on the list, thanks again for submitting, I really enjoyed reading all of the backgrounds. Don't go anywhere. Statistically, we will lose 2 players inside of 30 days due to RL. I will post a new recruitment thread as needed.

    I will be opening the IC thread today, and beginning the story. Please create an alias for your PC, if you haven't already done so. The "official" start date is Monday, but if we are ready before then, we will go. I would like the players to begin posting with a description of yourself, and a reason you are in Sandpoint at this time. Feel free to post before your profile is finished. We can get the RP going that way.

    I will be using the spoiler codes during play, please DO NOT read them if you are not "eligible". It will be more fun if there are unknowns, trust me.

    If there are any other questions, post on this thread..


    New GM to PBP ready to take the plunge and run 5-6 players in RotRL. I've been GM'ing a long time, and want to try this method for 2 reasons: I like the RP nature of PBP, and I want to run with some players other than my normal group.

    The basics: This will be PFRPG, core classes plus advanced classes. I reserve the right to change those to "official rules" when the final version comes out. Stats can be generated in one of three ways, 20 pt buy, 4d6 method, heroic 2d6 method.

    I will be taking apps here: ridersjeff (at) yahoo (dot) com. Apps should include a character concept with an image of your char. The more well thought-out, the better. That said, I don't need 7 pages of text. 2 or 3 paragraphs will do. This won't be "first come, first serve". I'd like to get a dedicated group together, one that wants to move a PBP along. To that end, I figure anyone that puts time into a PC wants to put time into playing them. I am making the commitment, so should you.

    My philosophy has always been: play to have fun. Play the PC you want to play, everything else will work itself out.

    If you can't post at least once a day, don't apply. I can and will DMPC players as needed/requested.

    Questions? Ask away, I look forward to hearing from you.

    (not really as harsh as this sounds, just all business when setting this type of thing up)

    Ok, The title says it all. I'd like to start a PBP campaign for PF in Golarion, most likely a modified AP. I've read the sticky discussion on the subject, looked at Myth-Weaver and other sites etc. I've used CC2, and I like to add those elements to my games.


    Where to begin? And I need brass tacks info here: step 1, step 2, etc. The time commitment is not a problem, neither is the longevity issue. (my Shackled City took us 2 years, my RotRL is on 1.5) I am looking for the RP out there, I just don't get it with my current group of 12+.

    Any help is appreciated.

    <takes deep breath, clicks submit...>

    Am I missing something? Are there no penalties/potential hazards to swinging into a grapple between 2 other people? And does the grappler lose Dex bonus to AC on top of that?

    Case study: monk grapples wizard on round 1. During same round, ogre bodyguard swings and hits monk, taking him down, ending grapple with wizard.

    What are potential penalties/hazards for ogre's attack? Does the monk lose his Dex bonus to AC vs the ogre?

    Thanks for the help.

    After reading and posting to Princess of Canada's great thread: Most Amusing PC Deaths, I figured we could share those great moments in games that don't cause death, but get the table rolling anyway. Here's one of mine:

    In RotRL, the PCs are in the depths of Jorgenfist, after just beaten the jotunblood hill giant into a near-death experience. Having the melded back into the earth, the PCs are left staring at the spot he sunk into, wondering what to do now. (Warning: GM licensing here). The trigger-happy Mystic Theurge figures that the meld into earth ability is similar enough to the spell meld into stone that if he does enough damage to the earth at the right spot, he can expel the giant. Reaching for his necklace of fireballs, he yells "everyone back!" A mad scramble ensues as everyone dashes for cover/hides behind the door/counts off safe distance etc.

    The theurge then throws a 2d fireball getting exactly 3 points of damage...

    Covered in dirt, crawling out from behind pillars, picking themselves up off the floor, the entire party turned their heads toward him with a collective "wtf, that's it!?!" The Mystic Theurge suffered much ribbing at the hands of the party for the rest of the night...

    So now lets talk about what makes the fighter, the fighter. Feats. I read on these boards a statement that fighters dont get class specific items. Ive already stated what they DO get thats different, and would argue that the volume of feats is their greatest asset. Some people have argued that this isnt really an advantage, because the feats arent fighter only. I dont agree with this, if for no other reason that you cant take away from the other melee classes just to "make the fighter better." In the end, weapon specialization (and the greater version), along with greater weapon focus, are more than enough.

    Fighters get a feat at EVERY level. This allows you to create some truly unique fighters. If you believe that the sword-and-board fighter is boring, its your fault for making one. I have prototyped (in my game group, I dont claim these ideas are original) several fighter types that move away from the "classic" fighter. **these were done in 3.5, the Beta makes them even more viable**

    Archer: high Dex, decent Str, load up on missile weapon feats, and create a table on the back of your sheet for your bonuses, because you will need it. Rapid shot, many shot, precise shot, point blank shot, deadly aim, pinpoint, etc. Improved crit, power crit make you even more nasty from range, should those make it to PF (and in my campaign, they have).

    Shield Wall: dwarf with high Str, tower shield, defender weapon, shield specialization, PHII feats like active shield defense, and shield ward. Add improved bull rush and improved overrun to help move the pack forward, and you've got it.

    There are others. Spiked chain/flail tripper, spear wielder, 2-hand wielder, etc. All of which have been a blast to play. Your choice of feats is your strength as a fighter, you can create any type you can imagine if you just add a little creativity to your thought process.

    I have 2 players who swear by their fighters, they've played fighters in the last 3 campaigns, and are easily the nastiest fighters Ive seen. There isnt a single player in my group who would want to hit the bad guys without them.

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